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From "The History of Henry County, Iowa.
Containing a History of the County, its Cities, Towns and Census."
Chicago: Western Historical Company, 1879.

Transcribed by Conni McDaniel Hall, Oct 2017

In the spring of 1836, Michael Crane, from Illinois, came here and made the claim where Trenton now stands, and laid out a village and called it Lan caster, after the place of the same name in Pennsylvania. The following year, Samuel Brazleton, Col. Parker and George Miller bought the claim, had it resurveyed and relaid out, and at the suggestion of the Hon. James C- Green, named it Trenton, after the capital of New Jersey. Some two or three years later, George Miller purchased the interest of Col. Porter and Gen. Brazleton, and became sole proprietor.

In July, 1836, there was not a cultivated field in all that region now known as Trenton. The first people who came were, Hon. James C. Green, James McPherson, J. H. McPherson, George Miller, Joseph, Jacob and Perry Morrison, Isaac Jordan, J. and B. B. Allender, Absalom Leeper, John Kephart and A. Updegraph, besides those whose names follow in other connections. Of all these persons, James C. Green is the only one now left in the township.

In 1836, there was but one house in the vicinity, and that was uninhabited.

The village of Trenton was laid out on May 27, 1837.

Timothy Gaskell kept the first store.

Samuel Morrison was the first Postmaster.

The first doctor was William Finley; and A. Updegraph was the first Justice of the Peace. Hon. James C. Green was the first and only Notary ever in the township. He was also the second Justice.

The first hotel in the place was kept by James Connor.

The village now has a population of one hundred and fifty inhabitants. It supports three dry goods stores, one grocery, one hotel, three physicians, three carpenters, and four blacksmith-shops.

For a number of years past, Joel Turney has had in successful operation a wagon-factory. He built this up by his industry, and now employs fifteen hands, turning out about two hundred vehicles yearly.

There is but one church here the Presbyterian. The society was organ ized thirty years ago; and, twenty-five years ago, they erected their first church. A new church was put up ten years ago, which has served since.

The educational accommodations of Trenton are worthy of comment. The beginning of the school facilities was in 1839 or 1840, when a log building served the district. Soon afterward, a brick house was put up. In 1868, an effort to erect the present schoolhouse was a successful one. About $6,000 were expended, and a large, fine building was the result.

There is a lodge of Odd Fellows here, the style of the Order being Trenton Lodge, No. 57, I. O. O. F. The charter members were: John Creal, N. G.; Hon. James C. Green, Isaiah Beem, Andrew J. Wilson. The Lodge now numbers fifty members. The officers are : Thomas Jay, N. G.; David Golson, V. G.; Henry Hipwell, Sec, and Andrew J. Wilson, Treas.


The village of Trenton can boast of an enterprise of which there are few duplicates. This is the "Henry County Institute of Science."

The Institute is for the purpose of promoting the literary tastes and desires of the villagers. They hold literary meetings the first Saturday in each month. The building occupied by the society was erected in the year 1869, by George Miller, at a cost of $(!,000. He died at midnight, between the years 1869 and 1870, having donated the building for the purpose named, one month prior to his death. The Institute now has 1,010 volumes in the library, and at the regular meeting held the first Saturday in January, an order was passed appropriating $150 more for books, nearly all of which have been added since 1870. The library is open to the public twice a month. Sarah M. Green is the Librarian. The first President of the Institute was Hon. James C. Green.

The Institute is controlled by a Board, consisting of five Directors, the names of whom are Francis McCray, Hon. James C. Green, William Baker, Robert Brown and Abner Lane. The Institute was established under a general act of incorporation.

The building is a large, square structure, two stories in height, built of brick, and well lighted. The arrangement of the rooms is simple, yet gives ample accommodation to the members of the Institute. Entering the building from the front door, one is led through the ballroom to a hall with a broad staircase running to the grand library-room. This contains cases of books, a case of specimens and curiosities, statuary, hanging portraits, landscapes, etc., beside tables and ample seating facilities. The Institute is well patronized, and is the pride of the village.

The lodge of the I. O. O. F. is located in the library-room of the building.

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ALCORN, WM, far., S. 12.
Allender, B. B., far., S. 25 ; P 0. Mt. Pleasant.
Allender, J. E., far., S. 25 ; P. O. Mt. Pleasant.
Alleuder, T. G., far., S. 24 ; P.O. Trenton
Andrews, N. B.,far., S. 23 ; P.O. Trenton.
Arnold, F., far., S. 18; P. O. Trenton.
BATES, E., far., S. 23 ; P.O. Trenton.
Bates, Wm., far., S. 23 ; P.O. Trenton.
Beaber, 1). C, far., S. 16 ; P. O. Trenton.
Beaber, Jacob, far., S. 33 ; P. O. Rome.
Beaber, J. D., Justice of the Peace, far.
Beaber, W., far., S. 14 ; P.O. Trenton.
Bender, D., far., S. 11 ; P. O. Trenton.

BENJAMIN, CHARLES E., M. D., born in Wayne Co., N. Y., in 1854; his parents removed to Michigan the same year ; was educated at Hillsdale College, Michigan ; attended medical lectures in Keokuk, Iowa ; graduated in 1878. Married, June, 1878, Mary Rankin, of Keokuk. Settled in Trenton in July, 1878.

Bereman, T. H., far., S. 35; P.O. Mt. Pleasant.
Bixler, Levi.
Black, A., est., far., Sec. 12; P.O. Trenton.

BLACK, ELIAS. far., S. 13 ; P. O. Trenton ; owns 155 acres ; born in Champaign Co., Ohio, in 1835; came to Henry Co., with his parents, Daniel and Elizabeth Black, in 1836 ; Mr. Daniel Black had nine children, eight of whom are living ; he died in 1878, his wife in 1856. Elias married in 1857 Elizabeth Traxler, born in Pennsylvania in 1837 ; they have five children Nancy G., George O, Maggie J., John C. and Elizabeth A. The parents of Mrs. Black, Jacob and Elizabeth Traxler, came from Pennsylvania to Henry Co. in 1853.

Black, John, far., S. 13; P. O. Trenton.
Black, Joseph, far., S. 13 ; P.O. Trenton.
Black, T. A., S. 21 ; P.O. Trenton.

BONE, ELAM. far., S. 4 ; P.O. Trenton; owns 150 acres ; born in 1814, in Warren Co., Ohio. Married in 1837, Jane E. McCray, who was born in Ohio, in 1813; they have seven children Cynthia, May, Frank, Sarah, Eva, Martha and Emma. Mr. Bone came from Ohio to Jefferson Co., Iowa, in 1S44; in 1845, to Trenton Tp., Henry Co., where he has since resided.

Bone, F., far., S. 4; P.O. Trenton.
Brown, R., far., S. 4 ; P. O. Trenton.
Buffington, W. B., far., S. 27 ; P.O. Mt. Pleasant.
Bushart, P. E., S. 23 ; P.O. Trenton.
CAMPBELL, ISAAC, far., S. 1 ; P.O. Trenton.
Carper, Samuel, far., S. 10 ; P.O. Trenton.
Christner, J., far., S. 9 ; P. O. Trenton.
Cole, S. A., Constable, Trenton.
Conrad, Jacob, far.. S. 12 ; P. O. Trenton
Conrad, P., far., S. 12 ; P.O. Trenton.
Cook, James, far., See. 4 ; P.O. Trenton.

CRAWFORD, PERRY, far., S. 29 ; P.O. Rome; owns 4 (10 acres of land ; was born on the farm he now owns, in 1848 ; his parents, Samuel and Maria Crawford, were early settlers of Henry Co. ; his father died in 1849, on his way to California, at the sink of the Humboldt; his mother still resides at Rome. He married in 1872, Celeste C. Clark, a native of Hamilton Co., Ohio, born in 1841 ; had two children Willie E., born in 1873, and died the same year, and Arthur, born in 1874, died in 1878.

Crowell, John, far., Sec. 9 ; P.O. Trenton.
Cubbison, L., far., S. 12; P.O. Trenton.

DAVIS, FARLOW, far., Sec. 25 ; P. O. Mt. Pleasant ; owns 158 acres of land, valued at 835 per acre ; was born in North Carolina in 1809; thence removed to Indiana at 14 years of age. Married Sophia Spoon, who was born in North Carolina in 1809 ; they came to Henry Co. in 1 847 ; have seven children Enoch, born in 1830, died in 1868; Nancy Jane Nix on, born in 1 833 ; Sarah Nepton, born in 1835; Wm. H., born in 1838 ; Sarelda Lee, born in 1840 ; Lorena, born in 1843; Pharady A. Campbell, born in 1847 ; Elizabeth Alice, born in 1851. Mr. D. is engaged in general farming, and giving considerable attention to thorough-bred cattle.

DOUTHART, J. I., M.D., Trenton ; Dr. Douthart was born in Dearborn Co., Ind., in 1843; he came to Van Buren Co., Iowa, with his parents in 1846. He enlisted in 1861, in the 14th I. V. I.; served three years; was in all the battles in which that regiment took part ; was taken prisoner at Pitts burg Landing, 1862; was a prisoner eight months, confined most of that time in Macon, Ga. ; discharged in November, 1864. He attended his first course of medical lectures in 1867, at Keokuk, Iowa; graduated in 1870. He married, 1870, Ella Hapkirk, who was born in Fayette Co., Penn., in 1843; they have three children Leilah F., born in 1874; Clyde, born in 1875 ; and Lulu, born in 1877. The Doctor practiced medicine in Rome for six years, and settled in Trenton in 1876.

ELLIOTT, WM., farmer, Sec. 3; P. O. Trenton.
Enswinger, P., far., S. 15 ; P. O. Trenton.
FELGAR, J., farmer, Sec. 2; P. O. Trenton.
Felgar, S., far., S. 11 ; P.O. Trenton.
Fitch, P., far.. S. 20 ; P. O. Trenton.
Ford, L, far., S. 14; P.O. Trenton.
GARDNER, B., far., S. 8 ; P. O. Trenton.
George, Jacob, far., S. 19 ; P. O. Trenton.
Gholson, David, far., S. 25 ; P. O. Mt, Pleasant.

GREEN, JAMES C, farmer, Sec. 10; P.O. Trenton; owns 320 acres, also land in Boone and Ringgold Cos. ; was born in Bucks Co., Penn., in 1815 ; lost his parents when quite young, and started out alone ; when about 20 years of age, came to Henry Co. ; in 1836, located on the tract of land a part of which he now owns, and where he has since resided ; Mr. Green has enjoyed the pleasures, and suffered the hardships which are inseparable from the life of a pioneer. He married, in 1839. Jane Morrison, born in Pennsylvania in 1814; have had nine children, seven now living Sarah M., born in 1840 ; Anna P., born in 1841 ; Samuel, born in 1843; Charles, born in 1 845 ; Joseph M ., born in 1850; Alice R., born in 1851, and James C, born in 1854; Emma P., born in 1847. died 1876; Frank, born in 1850, died 1875. Mr. Joseph M. Green, an older brother, has lived with Mr. Green since he first came to Henry Co.

Green, J. M., far., S. 10 ; P.O. Trenton.
Green, S., far.. S. 10 ; P.O. Trenton.
HAIFLEY, S. P., far., Sec. 4; P. O. Trenton.
Haines, J., far., Sec. 26; P.O. Mt, Pleasant
Haines, S. R., far., Sec. 26; P. O. Mt. Pleasant.
Halloway, F., Sr., Sr., S. 13 ; P.O. Trenton.
Hallowell, A. R., far., S. 20 ; P.O. Trenton.
Hite, D. T., far., Sec. 3; P.O. Trenton.
Hite, John, far., Sec. 2 ; P.O. Trenton.
Hite, Samuel, Trenton.
Himbell. E., far., Sec. 19; P. O. Rome.
Hipwell, Henry, shoemaker, Trenton.
Hoffman, P., far., S. 6 ; P.O. Trenton.
Holloway,M. C, far., S. 13; P.O. Trenton

HOWARD. HIRAM, retired far. Trenton ; was born in Lancashire, En gland, in 1801. He married in 1820 Mary Hall, a native of the same county he came to the United States in 1826 landing in New York ; thence to Philadelphia, from which he took a trip on foot over the mountains to Pittsburgh thence, by river, to Cincinnati, visiting his brother near that city; returned to England in the fall of 1826, but came back to the United States in 1830 ; located in Cincinnati, where he worked at his trade of mason till 1838 ; again went to England with his family wife and child; he returned to this country in December, 1838; in 1839, came to Henry Co. and purchased 400 acres of land in Jefferson Tp. on which he settled in 1840 ; remained till 1876, when he sold 300 acres of this land for $13,000; he still owns the balance, be side other land, and has a fine home in the village of Trenton, where he now resides. Mrs. Howard died in 1852, leaving three daughters Joel, Sarah and Martha A. Mr. Howard married Elizabeth Hulme in 1854.

Hunteinger, S., far., S. 28 ; P. O. Rome.
JACKSON, W. H., far., S. 33 ; P. O. Rome.
James, S., laborer, Trenton.
Jay, H. W., far., S. 22 ; P. O. Trenton.
Jay, J., far., S. 26 ; P. O. Mt. Pleasant.
Jay, Lavton, far., S. 27 ; P. O. Rome.
Jay, L. W., far., S. 27 ; P. (). Rome.
Jay, T. M., far., S. 22 ; P.O. Trenton.
Jefferson, J. M., far., S. 35 ; P.O. Mt. Pleasant.
Jeffries, J., blacksmith, Trenton.
Jennings, J. B., far., S. 2l ; P.O. Trenton.
Johnson, Ben, merchant, Trenton. KELLEY, ROBERT, lab., Trenton.
Kelton, J., far., S. 16; P.O. Trenton.
Kesselring, M., Cooper, Trenton.
King, Peter, far., S. 16; P. O. Trenton.
Kinney, D, far., S. 33; P.O. Rome.
Kinney, M. L., far., S. 23 ; P.O. Trenton.
LANE, ABNER, far., S.-4; P.O. Trenton.
Lane, J. M., far., S. 21 ; P.O. Trenton.

LEE, JOHN, far., Sec. 36; P.O. Mt. Pleasant; was born in Berkeley Co., Va., in 1805. Married in 1832 Margaret Kean, a native of Cumberland Co., Penn., born in 1804. He came to Henry Co., and located on the farm he now owns in 1837, where he has since resided ; he went to California in 1849 ; remained six and a half years, engaged in mining. He has two children John William, born in Elkhart Co., Ind., in 1833, and Thomas A., born in 1835; the former resides near his father ; the latter lives in Canaan Tp. Mr. Lee has retired from the active duties of farming ; his sons conduct the business.

Leeper, A., far., S. 5 ; P.O. Trenton.

LEEPER, J. A., M. D., Trenton ; was born in Montgomery Co., Ohio, in 1824; came to Trenton Tp., Henry Co., with his parents in 1837 ; his father Mr. Absalom Leeper, was born in Pennsylvania ; his mother, a native of South Carolina; the Doctor has been a student of medicine from a boy, becoming familiar, when a youth, with the names and uses of the various plants used in the botanical system of practice, and not infrequently treating, successfully, various ailments, long before he had attended a course of lectures in the science of medicine; he attended lectures at the Eclectic Medical Institute, at Cincinnati, from the spring of 1851 till 1854, graduating in the latter year ; he first located in Brighton, Washington Co.: remained three years; he came to Trenton in 1857, where has since been. He married in 1854 Julia A. Morrison, daughter of Mr. Joseph Morrison ; they had one child, which died in infancy.

Lewallen, J., far., S. 5; P. O. Trenton.
Lewallen, R. W.,far., S. 5 ; P.O. Trenton.
Logsdon, Wm., far., S. 24 ; P.O. Trenton.
Louther, Wm., far., S. 28 ; P. O. Rome.
Lusk, S., far., J. 36; P.O. Mt. Pleasant.
McBETH, H., lar.,S. 24; P. O. Trenton
McBride, S. A., far., S. 21 ; P. O. Trenton.
McCormack, (Geo., lab., Trenton

McCRAY, FRANCIS, far., S. 3; P.O. Trenton; owns 150 acres; was born in Warren Co., Ohio, in 1815; went to Warren Co., Miss., in 1840, where he resided two years; thence to Henry Co., Iowa ; returned to Mississippi ; finally, settled in Henry Co. in 1844; moved to the farm he now owns in 1850. Married Esther M. Van Boast, who was born in Indiana in 1833 ; they have seven children Orlando P., born 1851 ; Sarah F., born 1855; John, born 1857; Mary E., born 1859; Martha J., born 1862; Joseph, born 1864, and Frank, 1866; Albert F., born 1853, died 1865.

McPherron, F. T., carpenter, Trenton.
McPherron, I., far., S. 14 ; P. O. Trenton.
McPherron, J. H., far., S. 15 ; P.O. Trenton.
McPherron, J. W., far., S. 14 ; P.O. Trenton.
Mallory, D., far., S. 22 ; P.O. Trenton.
Mallory, L. J., far., S. 15 ; P.O. Trenton.
Menafee, P. R., far., S. 22 ; P.O. Trenton.
Messer, A., Trenton.
Messer, H., far., S. 17 ; P.O. Trenton.
Messer, C, Trenton.
Messer, J., far., S. 8 ; P.O. Trenton
Messer, John A., Trenton.
Messer, Job, far , S. 15 ; P.O. Trenton.
Messer, J. T., far., S. 1 ; P.O. Trenton.
Messer, M., far., S. 17 ; V. 0. Trenton.
Miller, E. P., Trenton.
Miller, John, blacksmith, Trenton.
Miller, V., Trenton.
Miller J. F., far., S. 28 ; P. O. Rome.
Miller, John, far., Sec. 8; P. O. Trenton
Miller, L., Trenton.
Miller, It., far., S. 16 ; P.O. Trenton.
Miller, Wm., far., S. 13; P.O. Trenton.
Miller, John, far., S. 15; P.O. Trenton.

MILLSPAUGH, SARAH ANN, farmer, Sec. 31 ; P.O. Home ; Mrs. Millspaugh was born in Ohio in 1813. Married, in 1834, Harvey Millspaugh, who was born in Orange Co., N. Y., in 1808 ; they came to Henry Co. in 1856. and settled in Mt. Pleasant; they resided at and near Mt. Pleasant and in Tippecanoe Tp. till they came to their present location in 1866; the farm on which the family now reside consists of between eight and nine hundred acres ; they also have a flouring- mill on Skunk River, near residence. Mr. Millspaugh was killed in a saw-mill on Cedar Creek in 1861. Mrs. Millspaugh has five children George W., John R. Electa, William S. and Thomas. John R. enlisted in the 1st Iowa in 1861, and served three months under Gen. Lyon.

Moag, N., far., S. 5 ; P. O. Trenton.
Morehead, J., far., S. 4 ; P. O. Trenton.
Morehead, W., far., S. 4 ; P. O. Trenton.

MORRISON, ALBERT, merchant, Merrimac ; born in Jefferson Tp., Henry Co., in 1848 ; his father, Mr. Jacob Morrison, was one of the pioneers of Henry Co. Mr. Albert Morrison was married in 1867 to Carrie M. Young ; she was born in Cincinnati, in 1854 ; they have two children Ora H., born in 1870, and Stella, born in 1872. Mr. Morrison commenced the mercantile business at Merrimac in June, 1878.

Morrison, J., far., S. 2 ; P. O. Trenton.

MORRISON, JACOB, merchant and Postmaster, Trenton ; was born in Somerset Co., Penn., in 1819; he came to Henry Co. with his parents in 1838, and located in Trenton Tp. He married in 1842 Margaret McCormick, a native of Indiana ; they have three children Ashbury C, born in 1845 ; Albert R., born in 1848, and Mary B., born in 1850. Mr. Joseph Morrison, the father of Mr. Jacob M., died in 1868 ; his mother died about 1861. Mr. Morrison has been engaged in the mercantile business in his present location for twenty-five years ; has been Postmaster for twelve years.

Morrison, P., far., S. 2 ; P.O. Trenton.
Mosier, D., far.. S. 33; P.O. Rome.
NICKERSON, J. A., far., S. 27; P.O. Rome.

NOEL, SARAH, nee Cassada, Trenton; Mrs. Noel was born in Tennessee in 1818; came to what is now Merrimac, Jefferson Co., with her parents in 1844. Married in 1846 Q. M. Noel, who was also a native of Tennessee; born in IS 10 ; they came to Trenton in 1847; she has three children Elizabeth J., born in 1847 ; John C, born in 1848, and Leonidas, born in 1853; Byron in born 1851, died in 1853. Mr. Noel died in April, 1867. Elizabeth J. married Mr. A. T. Rogers, resides is Mitchell Co., Kan.; J. C. married Miss Eva Munsinger, resides in Boulder Co., Col.; Leonidas lives with his mother.

Noel, Lee, painter, Trenton.
PANGBURN, W. A., far., S. 7; P.O. Trenton.
Payne, E. M..far., S. 1 ; P.O. Trenton.
Peck, J. H., Justice of the Peace, Trenton.
Peterson, F., far., S. 31 ; P.O. Rome.
Pfoutz, Jacob, far., S. 30; P.O. Rome.
Pierson, J., far., S. 16 ; P. O. Trenton.
Postlewaite, A. E, far., S. 34; P. O. Rome.
Pratt, Geo., far., S. 3 ; P. O. Trenton.
Pratt, John, far., S. 5 ; P. O. Trenton
Pratt, Louis, far., S. 10 ; P.O. Trenton.
Price, Daniel, far., 8. 22 ; P.O. Trenton.
RENNER, L., laborer, Trenton.
Russell, Win, far., S. 3 ; P. O. Trenton.
Richards, C, far., S. 5 ; P.O. Trenton.
Roach, John, far., S. 6 ; P. O. Trenton.
Roberts, Robert, mason, Trenton.
Ross, M. and J., fare., S. 26; P.O. Mt. Pleasant.

ROTH JOHN, far. Sec. 8; P. O. Trenton ; owns 280 acres; was born in France in 1804; came to this country in 1825, and located in Berks Co., Penn.; removed to Ohio in 1831. He married Catherine Gruber, who was born in France in 1813 ; they came to Henry Co. in 1 849, and located on the farm he now owns ; he has nine children Michael. Nancy, Peter L, Mary, Lydia, Joseph, David, Catherine and Elizabeth ; lost three children M. Jacob, Daniel and John.

Roth, J. K, far.. S. 9 ; P.O. Trenton.
Roth, Peter, fai, S. 9 ; P.O. Trenton.
Roth, P. L, far, S. 8; P.O. Trenton.
Rupp, C, far, S. 19 ; P.O. Trenton.
SCARFF, JOHN, far, S. 10; P. O. Trenton.
Scarff. J. H, far, S. 20 ; P.O. Trenton.
Scarff J. W, far. S. 9 ; P.O. Trenton.
Scarff. S. G, far, S. 21 ; P. O. Trenton.
Scarff, Wm, far, S. 16 ; P.O. Trenton.
Schlattan, J, far, S. 1 ; P.O. Trenton.
Schlater, A , far.; P. O. Trenton.
Scott, J. D., far , S. 10 ; P. O. Trenton.
Shoot, J far, S. 8; P.O. Trenton.

SHARP, WM, P., REV., S. 25 , P. O. Mt. Pleasant; owns 1 19 acres ; was born in Monroe Co., Ind., in 1820. Married, in 1840, Mary G. Findley, who was born in Tennessee in 1818; she is a cousin of the Rev. J. B. Find- ley, the pioneer preacher of Ohio. Mr. Sharp claims to have built the first house on the prairie, one and one-half mile from the timber, between Big Creek and Crooked Creek ; his house was used as a place of worship for various denominations for many years. The M. E, Baptists and Cumberland Presbyterians held their services there. Mr. Sharp has five children George J, Alonzo W., Francis M, Sarah A and Mary E. ; David F. was drowned in Skunk River in 1870 ; Martha J. died in infancy.

Shepard, J, far, S. 20 ; P. O. Trenton.
Shoemaker, H, far, S. 18 ; P.O. Trenton.
Shoemaker, J. H, far, S. 7 ; P.O. Trenton.
Shultz, Isaac, far, S. 18; P.O. Trenton.
Simmaker. F, Rome.
Smith, B. F, far, S. 34 ; P.O. Rome.
Smith, Peter, far, S. 34; P. O. Home.
Smith, Wm, far, S. 20 ; P.O. Trenton.
Snyder, Henry, far, S. 22 ; P.O. Trenton.
Soper, Wm, far. ; P.O. Trenton.
Stutsman, S, far, S. 1 ; P.O. Trenton.
Sumter, W, Trenton.
THOMAS, D. L, far. Sec. 27 ; P.O. Rome.
Trautman, John, far, S. 2 ; P.O. Trenton.

TURNEY, JOEL, wagon-maker, Trenton ; was born in Ohio in 1827 ; came to Trenton in 1848, where he has since resided. He married in 1854 Sarah M. Parent, who was born in Harrison Co., Ind., in 1831 ; they have three children Clayton, born in 1855; T. Ellsworth, born in 1861; and Dillon, born in 1865 ; lost two children Elmer, born in 1857, died in 185S; and Jessie, born in 1863, died in 1864.

UMPANHOURER, A, far. Sec. 25 ; P.O. Mt. Pleasant.
Upton, E, far, S. 10 ; P. O. Trenton
Upton, H. W., far, S. 10; P.O. Trenton.
VAN WINKEL, AMOS, far. See. 10; P. O. Trenton.
Vanwinkel, J, far, S. 6 ; P.O. Trenton.
Vorhees, D. J, far, S. 19 ; P. O. Trenton.
WARD, ROBERT, Trenton.

WALLBANK, JAMES, merchant, Trenton ; burn in Lancashire. England, in 1814. Was married about 1830; came to Trenton in 1869; has two children John H, born in 1837, and George, born in 1843; the former is engaged in the mercantile business at Marshall, Jefferson Tp.; the latter resides in England. Mr. Wallbank has been engaged in business in Trenton for about nine years.

Warner, A., far.,S. 20; P. O. Trenton.
Weinier, John, far., S. 32 ; P.O. Rome.
Whipple, C, Trenton.
Whipple, J., far., 8. 28; P.O. Rome.
White, Ed., far., S. 16; P. O. Trenton.
White, J. N., far., S. 16 ; P.O. Trenton.
Wicks, James, far., S. 28 ; P.O. Rome. .
Wilson, A. J., hotel-keeper, Trenton.
Wilson, D.. fur., S. 3 ; P.O. Trenton.
Wilson, W. M., Trenton.
Wise, J. F., far., S. 30 ; P. O. Rome.

YOUNT, THOMAS J., far., S. 24 ; P.O. Mt. Pleasant ; born in Indiana in 1839; came to Henry Co, Iowa, in 1847. Married in 1875 Margarette R. Sater, who was born in Ohio in 1 845 ; have one child Thomas R., born May 5. 1876. Mr. Young is a graduate of Rush Medical College, Cues of '77 and '78. Enlisted in 1861 in the 14th Indiana ; was transferred to the 16th Indiana ; mustered out in 1862; re-enlisted in the 25th I. V. I., and served till the war closed. Was in in all the battles that this regiment took part in ; was twice wounded ; his brother, Isaac, was killed by his side at the battle of Chickasaw Bayou.

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