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From "The History of Henry County, Iowa.
Containing a History of the County, its Cities, Towns and Census."
Chicago: Western Historical Company, 1879.

Transcribed by Conni McDaniel Hall, Oct 2017

There are 300 inhabitants in the busy little town known as Win- field. It is constantly improving, and has taken a renewed start since the Burlington & Northwestern Railroad ran into the place two years ago. For a time, the village was severed of all connection with the outside world, except it might be by team and conveyance ; but the thrifty inhabitants of town and township, desirous of improving the traveling the getting-out and getting-in facilities, went to work and raised $25,000 of stock, and upon the heels of their effort a railroad was built, and the trains began rolling and puffing in. Since that time, a constant improvement has marked the place with the growth of years.

The first physician here was R. D. Middleton.

W. G. Lauder was the first blacksmith.

J. B. Lynch kept the first hotel.

The first birth was probably a child of William Clayton. The first death was the demise of the wife of Henry Ruth. The first marriage ever solemnized was between Henry Ruth and Rachel Myers.

There are in the place at the present time, two drug stores, two dry goods and general stores, one grocery store, two" hotels, two blacksmith's shops, one wagon-shop and three physicians.

Winfield has made but one attempt at publishing a newspaper. It was called the Winfield Press, and was edited by H. G. Rising. He started the paper on June 17, 1876, and continued it exactly one year.

There are three churches at this place. The Methodist was the oldest, and had its organization with the beginning of the town. Private houses and rented buildings were used for services until 1864, when the society built a church. The Rev. John Orr was the Pastor at the date of building.

The Old-School Presbyterian Church society were organized in 1856, and until 1864 they used the schoolhouse, three miles out of town. In the latter year, a new church was erected, Rev. H. M. Corbett being the Pastor.

The United Presbyterians were organized and built their church in 1844, Rev. J. M. Henderson being the Pastor at that time.

This school community is known as Subdistrict No. 5. There has been a school here in active operation since 1857, when a frame building was put up and Kate Craven engaged as teacher. A new schoolhouse replaced the first built, in 1873.

In 1872, the inhabitants of the town, laboring under a disadvantage and a twenty-miles travel whenever they went to mill, determined upon having a grist mill of their own. Accordingly they purchased the machinery of the mill at Marshall, brought it to town and set it in motion. The mill is a corporation concern.

The casualties of this place are few. The only happening out of the usual line was the burning of the dwelling of T. M. McClelland in 1866, and the dwelling of Robert Jackson in 1877.

There are two lodges here. The Winfield Lodge, No. 154, I. 0. 0. F., was organized and the charter granted on October 27, 1867. The charter members were Dr. John Wertz, N. G.; Ed. Siberts, Washington Mullin, N. Crowell and J. N. Malone.

The present officers are F. Chamberlain, N. G. ; Dr. John Wertz, V. G. ; H. Mundorff, P. W.

The Lodge numbers fifty-two members; they have a library of 150 volumes.

The Winfield Lodge, No. 235, A., F. & A. M., was organized April 3, 1868. The charter officers were George Hammond, W. M.; R. C. Jackson, S. W.; P. W. McNair, J. W.; H. R. Lyon, Secretary ; George Hull. Treasurer.

The present officers are George Coop, W. M.; E. G. Jackson, S. W.; D. M. Rittenhouse, J. M.; H. R. Lyon, Treasurer; Dr. John Wertz, Secretary; Al Borton, S. D.; J. W. Murphy, J. D.; John Babcock, Tiler.

The membership of the Lodge is thirty-seven.

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ALBERTSON, T. C, far., Sec. 34 ; P. 0. Mt. Union.
Andrews, E. C, far., S. 22; P. 0. Winfield.
Andrews, L. W., far., S. 22 ; P. 0. Winfield.
Andrews, J. M. F., far., Sec. 28 ; P. 0. Winfield.
BABCOCK, JOHN F., teamster, Winfield.
Baldwin, I. B., far., S. 14 ; P. 0. Winfield.
Barkuff, W. H., blacksmith, Winfield.
Barr, J., far., S. 31 ; P. O. Winfield.
Barthlam, L., far., S. 24 ; P. 0. Winfield.

BASHFORD, WILLIAM, farmer, Sec. 19 ; P. 0. Winfield ; born May 20, 1821, in Jefferson Co., Ohio; when a year old, went with his parents to Marion Co., Ohio ; afterward, Mon roe Co.; in 1854, to Cedar Co., Iowa; in 1855, came to Henry Co.; he owns 100 acres of land. Has been Township Trustee and School Director. Married Nellie J. Tuttle April 10, 1851; she was born in 1831 in Washington Co., Penn.; have six children Melissa (now Mrs. Penshaw), Ella, John, William, Lana and Lavina. Democrat; member Presbyterian Church.

Beam, A. J., far.. 8. 11 ; P.O. Winfield.
Bennett, M., far., S. 23 ; P.O. Winfield.
Bennett, Wm., far.. Sec. 33 ; P. O. Winfield.
Blackburn, Robert, far., Sec. 18; P. O. Winfield.
Brereman, J.B., hardware, Winfield
Brewington, H., far., Sec 8; PO Winfeild
Brewington, W.S., far., Sec. 18; PO Winfield
Browning, I.J., far., Sec. 12; PO Winfield
Browning, R.F., far., Sec. 7; PO Winfield

BROWNING, WILLIAM M., See. 27 ; P. O. Winfield ; born Sept. 20, 1810, in Montgomery Co., Md.; when a child, he came with his parents to Brooke Co., Va.; to attend school, he was obliged to cross the Ohio River from Brooke Co., Va., to Jefferson Co., Ohio ; at 19, he removed to Washington, D. C; remained there two and a half years, except about three months spent in Baltimore ; he then went to Leesburg, Va.; remained there about nine months ; in 1832, he went to Ohio; in 1841, went to Lewis Co., W. Va.; in 1844. to Brownsville, Penn.; in 1847, to Belmont Co., Ohio; in 1854. came to Henry Co.; they own 120 acres of land. Married Eliza Johnson May 10, 1832; she was born Nov. 20, 1810, in Ireland ; came to this country when a child ; had eight children, five living Margaret, Benjamin F., William S., Robert F. and Martha. At the age of 19, Mr. Browning embraced religion and became a member of the M. E. Church; in 1832. he commenced in Belmont, Co., Ohio, as a local preacher, and continued for about four years ; he then joined the M. P. Church, and commenced traveling regularly under the Pittsburg Conference for seven years, after which he was employed by the Trustees of the Cambridge College, Guernsey Co., Ohio, to collect money to build the college; he then commenced farming on account of ill-health ; he studied medicine for about twelve years, when in Ohio and Pennsylvania, and practiced in Harrison Co., Ohio; during 1805, he was engaged in the Bloomfield Circuit M. P .Church, having given up his farming interests to his sons; he now holds two certificates, bearing dates of Dec. 17, 1846, and Feb. 27, 1847, embracing two regular courses of medical lectures at Pittsburgh, Penn., delivered by W. Beach, M. D., of New York.

CANBY, WM. H., far., S. 17 ; P. O. Winfield.
Chamberlain, Geo. W., far., S. 33; P. O. Winfield.
Chrissinger, R. V., far.,S. 13 ; P. 0. Winfield.
Clark, S. A., far., S. 40 ; P. O. Winfield.
Coerter, R. J., far., S. 10; P. O. Winfield.
Colvin, W. I., far., S. 32 ; P. O, Winfield.
Condit, E., far., S. 7 ; P. 0. Winfield.
Condon, W. D. M., far., S. 35 ; P. O. Mt. Union.
Cooper, A. M., far., S. 19 ; P. O. Winona.
Counter, Peter, far., S. 14; P. 0. Winfield.
Cox, Jessie, far., S. 18 ; P. O. Winfield.
Crellen, E. M., far., 8. 30 ; P. 0. Winfield.
Culbertson, H., proprietor Hawkeye Hotel, Winfield.
Cummings, J. M., far., S. 1 ; P. 0. Winfield.
DANAHOO, W. P., far., S. 3; P. 0. Winfield.
Davidson, Jas. T., far., S. 23; P. 0. Winfield.
Deal, J., far., S. 34; P. 0. Mt. Union.

DEYARMAN, W. C, proprietor of American House, Winfield ; born Jan. 8, 1843, in Fayette Co., Penn. ; in 18(57, came to Henry Co., and commenced his present business in 1875. Married Amanda B. Nixon in September, 1 862 ; she was born in March, 1843, in Fayette Co., Penn.; have six children -Louisa, Anna V., Charles A., Harry, Jessie and Eva. He enlisted in 1862 in Co. E, 14th Penn. Cav. ; served to the end of the war; engaged in the battles of Droop Mountain, Virginia, White Sulphur Springs, Lynchburg, Stanton, New Creek and others. Republican; Presbyterian.

Dryden, W. K., far., P. 0. Winfield.
EAGAN, B. F., far., S. 28 ; P. 0. Winfield
Edgar, D., far., S. 1 ; P. 0. Winfield.
FARR, H.H., far., S. 12; P. 0. Winfield.
Farr, R. J., far., S. 12 ; P. 0. Winfield.
Faster, J. & E., S. 28 ; P. 0. Winfield.
Fox, J. M., butcher, Winfield.
Freeman, A., far., S. 1 1 ; P. 0. Winfield.
Freeman, M., retired, Winfield.
GALLIGHER, JOHN, far., S. 8; P. O. Winfield.
Gambell, C. W., far., S. 13; P. 0. Win field.
Gamble, J. C, far., S. 14 ; P. 0. Winfield.
Gladd, A, far., S. 18 ; P. 0. Winfield.
Glass, S. B., far., S. 16 ; P. 0. Winfield.
Goodspeed, J. H., Postmaster and station agent, Winfield.
Griffith, W. S., far., S. 20 ; P. 0. Winfield.
HAIGHT, E. F., wagon-maker, Winfield.
Hale, P., far., S. 3 ; P. 0. Winfield.
Harkness, W. R., far., S. 2 ; P. 0. Winfield.
Harper, J. A., merchant, Winfield.
Harpester, C. P., laborer, Winfield.
Henderson, W., far., S. 32 ; P. 0. Winfield.
Hinkel, C, far., S. 14; P. 0. Winfield.
Hibbetts, J. 1., far,, S. 29; P. 0. Winfield.
Hibbetts. R, fan, S. 29 ; P. 0. Winfield.
Hobert, J., far., S. 18; P. 0. Winfield.
Hockreider, Ed. & J. H., fare., S. 9 ; P. 0. Winfield.
Holloway, W., far., S. 7 ; P. 0. Winfield.
Hunt, V. 0., far., S. 6 ; P. 0. Winfield.
Hutchcraft, R., far., S. 1 ; P. O. Winfield.
IRWIN, G. W., far., S. 28 ; P. 0. Winfield.
Irwin, I. T., far., S. 21 ; P. 0. Winfield.
Irwin, J. H., far., S. 26; P. 0. Winfield.
JOHNSON, LEWIS W., far., S. 18; P. O. Winfield.
Jones, R. B., far., S. 8 ; P. O. Winfield.
Jones, R. R., far., S. 8 ; P. 0. Winfield.
Johnson, L., far., S. 32; P. O. Winfield.
KELLY, F. D., agricultural implements, Winfield.
Kennedy, M. W., far., S. 31 ; P. 0. Mt. Pleasant.
Kepper, S., far., S. 23 ; P. 0. Winfield.
Kirkpatrick, IL, undertaker, Winfield.

KIMMEL, B.G., physician and surgeon, Winfield; he was born April 22, 1842, in Mercer Co., Penn.; when a child, he came to Ohio with his parents; he commenced the study of medicine in I860, and graduated in the winter of 1869 and 1870 at the Miami Medical College, at Cincinnati ; in the fall of 1870, removed to Winfield and has been in constant practice since. Married Miss M. A. Orrison Nov. 19, 1872; she was born in 1840, in Loudoun Co , Va.; they have two children Orrison T. end Bertha R. Republican ; member of the Presbyterian Church.

Kimmel, C. D., farm laborer; P. 0. Winfield.
Kimball, J. D., far., S. 5 ; P. 0. Winfield.
King, G. A., far., S. 36 ; P. 0. Mt. Union.
LANE, R. W., far., S. 28; P. 0. Winfield.
Latta. A. D., far., S. 3 ; P. 0 Winfield.
Latta, M. M., far., S. 3 ; P. 0. Winfield.
Lauder, W. G., retired, Winfield.
Lauder, W., far., S. 35 ; P. 0. Winfield.
Lee, J., far., S. 15; P. 0. Winfield.
Legressly. P., far., S. 12; P. O. Winfield.
Letuan, W., far., S. 5 ; P. 0. Winfield.
Leslie, T. D., merchant, Winfield.

LINDLY B.B., grocer, and engaged in farming ; P. O. Winfield ; born Aug. 21, 1841, in Washington Co., Penn.; in 1860, came to Winfield ; he owns 280 acres of land. Married Clara Hanna in 1863; she was born in 1841 in Washington Co., Penn.; have two children John M. and Jennie. Is a mem ber of the session of the Presbyterian Church. Has been Township Clerk.

Linn, A., far., S. 32; P. 0. Winfield.
Lyman. E. C, far., S. 24 ; P. 0. Winfield.
Lynn, R. H., far., S. 17 ; P. 0. Winfield.

LYONS, H. K., farmer, Sec. 29 ; P. 0. Winfield; born July 10, 1825,in Belmont Co., Ohio; in 1 855, came to Henry Co.; owns 325 acres of land. Married Elizabeth McKee Sept. 1, 1847; she was born in August, 1828, in Coshocton Co., Ohio; had eight children, seven living Robert M., Sarah M., Gilbert H., Henrietta P., Lizzie A., Minnetta A. and Addie L.; lost Mary A. in 1855, aged 5 months. Has been President of the School Board, and has held about all the township offices; has been County Supervisor and has represented this county in the Legislature. Is one of the Elders of the Presbyterian Church.

MCALLISTER, A., far., S. 31 ; P. 0. Winfield.
McCaffertv, M., far., S. 1 0 ; P. O. Winfield.
McCreight, E. P., far., S. 21 ; P. O. Winfield.
McCreight, W. S., far., S. 9 ; P. 0. Winfield.
McCully, G., far., S. 4; P. 0. Winfield.

McCULLEY, J. P., farmer and fine stock-raiser, Sec. 4 ; P. 0. Winfield ; born June 22, 1833, in Green Co., Ohio; in 1836, moved to Illinois with his parents; in 1838, came to Henry Co.; he now lives on the land entered by his father; owns 300 acres; one of the best improved farms in the township ; he is largely engaged in raising short-horn cattle and Poland-China pigs, and has always taken the first premium in Louisa and Des Moines Cos.; he raised the first short horn cattle in Henry Co. Married Nancy Maxwell March 6, 1861 ; she was born March 2, 1838, in Harrison Co., Ohio; have six children Anna M., Robert M., Mary I., Lizzie B, John B. and Glenn C. Is a member of the Breeders' Association. He has held most of the township offices. Republican; member of the M. E. Church.

McCully, J., far., S. 4 ; P. 0. Winfield.
McGlade, Wm.. mason. Winfield.

MAIDEN, WILLIAM B., far., Sec. 2 ; P. 0. Winfield ; born Feb. 3, 1808, in Rockingham Co., Va.; in 1834, moved to Ohio; in 1844. to Illinois; in 1848, to Indiana; in 1S52, came to Henry Co.; he owns 130 acres of land. Married Margaret Sellers, Dec. 6, 1839; she was born in 1808, and died Nov. 15, 1871; have ten children Simeon B., Caroline. M.. Elizabeth F., Rebecca A., Henry H., William T., John T., Jacob B., Zachariah T. and James M. Second marriage to Mrs. Adams Nov. 5, 1877; she was born in 1838 in Hamilton Co., Ohio; she has eight children by two former marriages. Republican; member of the M. E. Church.

Malone, J., boots and shoes, Winfield.
Mickey, J. M., far, S. 24 ; P. O. Winfield.
Moorley, D., far., S. 20 ; P. 0. Winfield.
Morford, Wm., retired. Winfield.
Morrow, W, far, S. 25 ; P. 0. Morning Sun.
Mullen, B, far, S. 13; P. 0. Winfield.
Mullen, J, far, S. 15 ; P. 0. Winfield.
Mullen, W, miller, Winfield.
Myers, G, far, S. 9 ; P. 0. Winfield.
Myers, M, far., S. 17 ; P. 0. Winfield.
NASH, ED, laborer, Winfield.
Nixon, P. B, far, S. 30 ; P. O. Winfield
Norton, G. W, far, S. 7 ; P. 0. Winfield.
PATTERSON, JOHN D, Sec. 33; P.O. Winfield.
Patterson, T. J, far, S. 33 ; P. 0. Winfield.
Payne, A, far, S. 23 ; P. 0. Winfield.
Plants, E, far, S. 17: P. O. Winfield.
Plants, W. C, far, S. 8 ; P. 0. Winfield
Powless, J, far, S. 35 ; P. 0. Mt. Union.
Pratt, A. C, harness, Winfield.
Pierson, J., far, S. 19; P. 0. Winfield.
RENSHAW, J. L, far, S. 27; P. 0. Winfield.
Ringland. T. 15, far, S. 20 ; P. O. Winfield.
Ritner. S. H. C, far, S. 19 ; P. 0. Winfield.
Rittenhausc, H. G., retired, Winfield.

ROBERTS, E. W., farmer, Sec. 13 ; P. O. Winfield; born Aug. 24 ; 1837, in Greenville, Ind.; when about 3 years old, moved with his parents to Illinois; in 1S44, went to Ohio; in 1850, came to Henry Co.; owns 160 acres of land. Married Catharine Abraham Jan. 1, 18G3 ; she was born in 1841 in Henry Co., died Aug. 19, 1871 ; second marriage, to Mrs. Poland Nov. 7, 1872: she was born in 1839 in Muskingum Co., Ohio, died March 31, 1878; have three children Alta K., Alma C. and Flora May. Republican; M. E. Church.

Rockafellow, J., far., S. 6; P. 0. Winfield.
Ross, I., far., S. 12 ; P. 0. Winfield.
Ross, J. Q., far., S. 27 ; P. 0. Winfield.
Ross, J. M., far., Sec. 1 ; P. 0. Winfield.
Rummell, Ed., laborer, Winfield.
Ruth, A., far., 8. 6; P. 0. Winfield.
SAYERS, S. K., farmer, Sec. 34 ; P. 0. Mt. Union.
Schenk, C, far., S. 1 ; P. 0. Winfield.
Serviss, J. T., far., Sec. 36 ; P. O. Mt. Union.
Shockey, D. B. M., physician, Winfield.
Shockey, S., retired, Winfield.
Siberts, C, far., Sec. 28 ; P. O. Winfield.
Siberts:, E., far., Sec. 10; P. 0. Winfield.
Siberts, H., far., Sec. 28 ; P. 0. Winfield.
Simpkins, E. A., far., Sec. 19 ; P. O. Winfield.
Smiley, W. M., far., live-stock, Winfield.
Smith, E., far., Sec. 8 ; P. O. Winfield.
Smith, John, carpenter, Winfield.

STEWART, W. H., druggist, Winfield; born March 30, 1850, in Lawrence Co., Penn.; when an infant, moved to Mahoning Co., Ohio, with his parents; in the fall of 1876, came to Winfield. Married Ina M. Lewis Feb. 14, 1877 ; she was born Oct. 5, 1859, in Washington Co., Iowa; have one child S. L. Republican.

Stewart, William, retired, Winfield.
Swan, C. A., far., Sec. 25 ; P. O. Morning Sun.
Swearengen, C. H. & G. S., fars., Sec. 14 ; P. O. Winfield.
Swortz, C, far., See. 15; P. 0. Winfield.
TAGUE, JOSEPH A., far., Sec. 7 ; P. 0. Winfield.
Tithen, Wm.. far., S. 12 ; P. 0. Winfield.

THOMPSON, JOHN, far, S. 11; P. O. Winfield; born May 18, 1810, in Ross Co., Ohio; in 1839, came to Louisa Co.; in 1871, to Henry Co.; they own 440 acres of land. Married Sarah Nichols in May, 1838 ; she was born in 1820 in Ross Co., Ohio; have five children Henry, Baylis, John W., Lucinda and Sarah J. Has been School Treasurer, when in Louisa Co. Republican; M. E. Church.

TITHEN, JOHN, deceased ; he was born March 6, 1820, in Ohio; in 1867, came to Henry Co.; he died Oct. 3, 1878. He married Mary J. Crooks in 1847 ; she was born Jan. 23, 1832, in Virginia; they own 160 acres of land; have ten children Jasper, Casper, William I., John, Mary J., Edward, Nancy , Ann, Sarah E., Amanda and Charles E. The family reside on S. 13; P. 0. Winfield.

VANOSDEL, JAS., far., S. 5; P. 0. Winfield.
Vansyoe, Harrison, far., S. 10 : P. 0. Winfield.
Vansvoc, H. B., far., S. 30; P. O. Winfield.
Vansyoe, M. N., far., S. 30 ; P. 0. Winfield.
WERNER, D. and FRED., fars., S. 30 ; P. 0. Winfield.

WERTZ, JOHN, physician and surgeon, Winfield; he was born July 15,1829, in Westmoreland Co., Penn.; in 1830, came to Ohio with his parents; in 1858, came to Keokuk Co., town of South English; thence to Washington Co.; in 1864, removed to Henry Co.; in 1869. returned to Washington Co.; remained there till 1874, when he came to Winfield ; he commenced a regular course of medical study in the spring of 1863, and graduated in May, 1864, at the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Keokuk, Iowa; has been in constant practice ever since. Married M. J. Brooks July 4, 1864 ; she was born Aug. 21, 1842, in Licking Co., Ohio; have four children Edwin S., John B., Agnes, aged 4 years, and Lillian, aged 4 months. Republican.

Wiley, A. W., far., S. 33; P. 0. Winfield.
Willis, George, far., S. 25 ; P. 0. Winfield.
Willis, John, far.. S. 25; P. 0. Winfield.
Willis, J. S., laborer, Winfield.
Wilson, George W., far., S. 7; P.O. Winfield.
Wise, Morgan, drayman, Winfield.

YOUNG, EDWARD D., far, 1 S. 1 ; P. 0. Winfield; he was born Aug. 29,.1839, in Schoharie Co., N. Y.; in 1865, he removed to Henry Co.; thence to Louisa Co. in 1866; returned to Henry Co. in 1874. He owns 160 acres of land. Married Sarah C. Thompson Sept. 16, 1863; she was born March 17, 1839, in Montgomery Co., N. Y.; have six children Edward J., Frank L., Jennie Z, Clarissa, Anna J. and Luella May.

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