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From "The History of Henry County, Iowa.
Containing a History of the County, its Cities, Towns and Census."
Chicago: Western Historical Company, 1879.

Transcribed by Conni McDaniel Hall, Oct 2017

Abraham C. Dover came to Henry County, from Illinois, in the fall of 1833, and established a claim on the present site of New London. The next year, he was followed by his brother, Solomon H. Dover. Others came, and soon the first Dover conceived the idea of laying out a town.

In the year 1837, the original town site was laid off by Benjamin Matthews, the first Surveyor in this section, and who was employed by the owner of the land for that purpose. The prospective town was called after its founder - Dover. Some time after the plat was surveyed, on which then stood four or five cabins. Jonathan J. King bought eight acres of land of Dover, including the town site, the name of which was then changed to New London, and made an addition to it.

In 1837, Abraham C. Dover was appointed Justice of the Peace, his securities being Jesse S. Burge and James Gray. They also furnished him the first case.

While coming home from Burlington, on the day of Dover's installment, his sureties fell into a dispute and finally would up by fighting. They were arrested and brought before him whom they had "in penal sum, etc.," sworn to back, and were fine $1 each.

John H. Kincaid was the first Postmaster at New London, having been appointed by James K. Polk in 1838.

Thomas Hedge kept the first store there in 1838. He soon contracted with two partners, and the firm became Dixon, Hedge & Sears.

In those days, the umbrella was in its infancy, so far as the supply was concerned in this part of the country, and as soon as the Indians laid eyes upon them, all who could afford it, had one. The common price for a rain-shedder was $20. It is averred that at one time Hedge held notes on the Indians to the amount of $20,000; but which sum was subsequently reduced by the Indian Commissioner to $18,000.

This store was a regular visiting-place for the Sac and Fox tribe, and Keokuk and Black Hawk were frequent callers, until the establishment of the trading post at Agency City.

Hedge was fond of telling a story, illustrative of some of the peculiarities that possessed the people of that day.

An old lady from the head of Flint, one day rode to town on a horse-back, removed the saddle from her beast and entered the store. Taking a huge pipe from its hiding-place, she filled it, began to smoke, and then asked to see some "cheap caliker." At length she ordered a yard and half wrapped up. She, at the same time, reached her hand into her bosom and drew forth a half dozen eggs. Calling for some other commodity in stock, she producedc another half dozen eggs from the same locality as had come the former. This was repeated, according to the tale as told by Hedge, she had produced two or three dozen eggs. Suddenly she said:

"Mr. Hedge, won't you throw in some thread with this ere caliker?"
"I have n thread; I am out."
"Then," she replied, producing some home-made thread, "I've some here I'll sell yer and ye can throw it in with my goods."

The first blacksmith-shop was build in 1838, by some one whom the New Londoners characterized as indolent - too much so to attend to his business. His name has passed from memory. He was succeeded by a man named Tilley.

City Government.

The place was incorporated in 1861, at which time there was a population on 300 people. The first records contain the following:

"A number of citizens of New London, having petitioned the County Judge, praying that said town might be incorporated as per plat and survey annexed, according to the statute of the State in such cases made and provided, on the hearing of said petition, after the requisite preliminaries had been done and performed, the Court granted their prayer and the said town of New London was declared incorporated. Whereupon, the citizens of the said corporation, on the 11th day of March, A.D. 1861, proceeded to elect by ballot, a Mayor, Recorder and five Trustees as officers of said corporation, due notice of the same having first been given. The officers of said corporation , due notice of the same having first been given. The officers chosen to conduct said election, Adam Miltenberger, James Cramer and John Edger, were qualified to act as Judges, and C.W. Smith and William Workman to act as Clerks of said election, all of whom were duly qualified to perform their several duties."

The result of the election was as follows: Mayor, Benjamin Matthews; Recorder, James Piper; Trustees, Hugh Gilmore, James Cramer, W.D. Walker, Thomas H. Brestor and William Allen.

The Postmaster at New London is Adison Chandler, who received his first appointment under President Lincoln, in 1861.


The first mill built in the place was by Broad & Hager, the millwright being W.E. Tomlinson, of Shields & Tomlinson, owners of the present mill.

The capacity of the mill is 100 barrels of flour per day, and 1,200 bushels of corn. The property is valued at $12,000. The storage capacity is 5,000 bushels.

The first birth was W.L. Dover; the first death, Henry Blanchard; the first person married, Samuel Holland and Minerva Walter.


The earliest meetings held by the Methodists were in 1838, at the house of W.W. Steele, the Rev. Mr. Arrington preaching the first sermon. Afterward (1839), a log building was put up by Solomon H. Dover, Jonathan Kane, William Hardin and John E. Lynn, each man building one side of the church. The place was also used as a schoolhouse. A new church was erected in 1846. The congregation is small, yet doing good work.

The Protestant Methodist society was organized in 1858, and for a number of years held meetings at places the most convenient to be had. In 1867, the society purchased the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, in which meetings were held until the year 1873, when steps were taken to erect the church now owned and occupied by the society. The church was completed the same year, at an outlay of $4,000. The first sermon preached in the new sanctuary was by the Rev. J.L. Walker, of Illinois. The society now have a membership of eighty, with a Sabbath school, the attendance upon which is about the same.

A Baptist society was organized at the old Presbyterian Church in the fall of 1855. The original members of the Church were Charlotte A. Snyder, Mrs. Mary Jane Brenton, Jonathan Philpott and wife, and John Otto and wife. These few held meetings in the Presbyterian Church and at private hoouses, and in the spring of 1855, the society having increase materially in numbers, it was decided to build a church. This was made ready for occupancy during the winter of 1856-1857, and the church property of the society was enhanced to $5,000. The Rev. Mr. Eggleston, who was ordained here, preached the first sermon in the church. The society ceased holding meetings in April, 1878. The Rev. I.H. Denton was the last minister.

The Campbellite or Christian Church was organized in 1848, and services were held by the society in the schoolhouse. The Rev. Alexander Pattison was the first Pastor. In 1849, the society built a church at a cost of $1,500. There is a Sabbath school in connection with the church. The Rev. R.J. Dillon is Pastor.

The Presbyterian Church was organized on March 8, 1856, with the following members: Thomas Donnell, Ruth A. Donnell, Thomas H. Antrobus, Elizabeth E. Antrobus, Valentine Shearer, Mary Shearer, Sarah C. Shearer, Hiram Dicus, Lucy A. Dicus, Rhoda J. Wilson, Emily Wilson, Joseph W. Wilson, Harriet Wilson, W. B. Porter, F. P. Law, Maria Ritchie and Sarah M. McBride. At that time, Hiram Dicus and Valentine Shearer were elected Ruling Elders. The Rev. J. B. McBride preached for the congregation every alternate Sabbath until January, 1860, during which time twenty-four were added to the membership by certificate and ten by profession. After many trials, the Church was re-organized in the fall of 1868, when Thomas H. Antrobus was elected Ruling Elder. In the spring of 1874, the society decided to begin building a church, and the result was that by May 9, 1875, a house of worship was completed, at a cost of $6,000, and on the date named dedicated, free of debt. The Rev. W. G. Craig preached the first sermon. At that time, the society had twenty-five members — twenty-one females and four males. On the Sunday after the dedication, the pulpit was supplied by the Rev. Thomas L. Sexton, who has continued as Pastor until the present time. The church membership is sixty-eight. A Sabbath school has been in operation since the dedication year of the church.

In 1846, the Cumberland Presbyterian Church was organized, and, two years later, a church was built. The society disbanded in 1867, and their church-building was sold to the Protestant Methodists.


New London was organized as an independent school district in the year 1857. No records were kept, and the names of the first officers cannot be given. The present officers of the Board are George Van Beek, President; William T. Cabeen, Secretary ; William Workman, Treasurer.

The first school in the place was taught in a building put up for the Methodist Church, in 1839, by Solomon H. Dover, Jonathan Kane, William Hardin and John E. Lynn, each man building one side. The structure was of square logs. The first teacher here was Jonathan Roberts. The public schoolhouse was begun in 1856, and completed in 1859. N. R. Cook was the first teacher. The structure is of brick, and cost $4,500. The Principal at present is J. H. Griffin, assisted by Miss Olive Hine. The scholarship attendance is 125. In addition to the public school is a union schoolhouse and an academy, both devoted to the interests of affording education facilities to local scholars.


New London Lodge, No.28, A., F. & A. M., was opened under dispensation on the 3d of February, 1851. The officers were : W. D. McCord, W. G. M.; Jacob Hare, S. W.; Jacob Burkey, J. W.; P. F. Anderson, S. W.; Moses F. Shin n, Secretary ; Samuel Hutton, Treasurer; Henry Swineheart. Tiler. The Lodge received its charter on June 4, 1851, when the following were made officers : P. Yeoman, W.M.; P.F. Anderson, S. W.; Samuel Hutton, J. W.; Joseph Burkey, L. W.; Jacob Hare, Secretary; W. R. Crain, S. D.; James Robertson, J. D.; William Barrister, Tiler. The present officers are : W. H. Hampton, W. M.; Munroe Swift, S. W. ; John A. Douveman, J. W.; R. H. Peterson, Treasurer; W. T. Cabeen, Secretary; M. B. Gladman, S. D.; H. T. Wilson, J. D.: C. L. Kincaid, Tiler; Ledorus Swift, S. S.; Mark Lyman, J. S.; A. R. Brown, Chaplain. The Lodge membership is seventy- seven.

Charity Lodge, No. 56, I.O.O.F., was instituted October 26, 1854. The charter members were Charles Hendershott, W. C. Hobbs, James Telfer, Benjamin King and J. H. Philpott. The officers were : Charles Hendershott, N. G. ; W. C. Hobbs, V. G. ; J. H. Philpott, Secretary ; Benjamin King, Treasurer. The present officers are : A. H. Gabbert, N. G.; George Shane, V. G.; James Telfer, Treasurer; J. L. Shields, Secretary. The membership is forty-five.

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AMBLER, P. S., New London.
Anderson, C, far., Sec. 34; P.O. New London.
Anderson, E., far., Sec. 28 ; P.O. New London.
Anderson, S., far.. Sec. 10; P.O. New London.

ALLEN, WILLIAM, HON., druggist and grain-buyer, New London; was born in Warren Co., Ohio, May 28, 1 826, and received his education at the Spring Grove Academy, Ohio; he emigrated in 1850 to Franklin Tp., Des Moines Co., Iowa, where he engaged in farming for six years, then removed to Defiance, in New London Tp., Henry Co., where he remained for two years, then removed to the town of New London, and engaged in the grocery, grain and stock business, in partnership with Capt. John Thompson, which he has continued for more than twenty years. In the year 1872, Mr. Allen was elected a member of the Board of Supervisors for Henry Co., and served a full term of three years; in 1875, was elected a member of the Legislature, and reelected to the same office in 1877, and served the second time. Married Elizabeth Mullen in 1849 ; she was born in Ohio; have one child — Hiram, aged 28 years.

Andrews, D. G., far., S. 17; P.O. New London.

ANDREWS, HARRIET, MRS., See. 31 ; P. O. Mt. Pleasant; was born in Chittenden Co., Vt.; her maiden name was Harriet Farr; she married Isaac Andrews, a native of Richmond, Vt., in 1833; they came to Iowa in 1853, and located where Mrs. Andrews now lives, and engaged in farming; lived here twenty-five years. He held town and school offices; he died Aug. 26, 1878, leaving an estate of 200 acres of land; they had five children, four of whom survive — Hiram D., salesman for Newbold & Houseman; John W., in Nebraska; Virginia, now Mrs. Deitrich; Lucy A., now Mrs. Alsop; John W. was in Co. D, 4th I. V. O, and served four years; Horton M. Deitrich, who married Virginia, was in Co. D, 4th I. V. C.; Ralph Alsop, who married Lucy, was in seven battles, and wounded at the battle of Black River Bridge.

ANDREWS, M.L., farmer, Sec. 20 ; P. O. New London; was born in Trumbull Co., Ohio, March 16, 1836, and lived there until 17 years of age; then came to Iowa to this county, in 1854; after a few years, then removed to the western part of the State. He enlisted in the army in August, 1862, in 29th Regiment I. V. I., and was commissioned Captain, Co. B; he was in a number of battles, and was in the service for three years. After the war, he settled in Little Rock, Ark., and engaged in real estate and insurance business, and held office of Police Judge for four years, and was appointed State Land Agent. He returned to this county and engaged in farming; has 270 acres of land. Married Miss Maria Deming, from Trumbull Co., Ohio, Feb. 11, 1858; they have six children — Florence E., Mary F., Rosella M., Marquis D., Walter G. and Sarah H.

ANDREWS, WELLS, farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 20 ; P.O. New London ; was born in Trumbull Co., Ohio, April 10,1810; he was raised and lived there until 1837, when he came to Iowa, and arrived in this country in July, 1837, and located on the place where he now lives, buying the claim and entering it from Government when it came into market. He and his brother used to bach together here after they came; he has lived on this place nearly forty-two years. He married Laura Brockway, a native of Ohio, in 1839; she died in 1854, leaving four children — Asa E., Nelson B., Albert D. and Emma L. Mr. Andrews afterward married Mrs. Helen H. Beach, formerly Miss Helen H. Holcomb, a native of Connecticut, June 21, 1860, They attend the Methodist Church. Mr. Andrews is an old and honored resident of the county, and retains his activity and vigor of mind to an unusual degree; owns 450 acres of land. His son Asa was in the army, in Co. D, 4th I. V. C, and was wounded near Raymond, Miss., and was taken prisoner.

BACON, S. B., far., Sec. 23; P. O. New London.
Baker, L., blacksmith, New London.
Bangs, John, far., Sec. 3G; P. O. New London.
Bangham, J. P., fur., Sec. 29; P. O. New London.

BANGHAM, S. F., farmer and stock dealer, Sec. 29 ; P. O. New London; born in Cass Co., Mich., Nov. II, 1844; he was brought up and lived there until 1807, when he came to Iowa, and located in this county, in the city of Mt. Pleasant; the following year, he engaged in farming, and owns 200 acres of land; for the past six years, he has been engaged in buying and shipping stock. He has held office of School Director and School Treasurer. He married Miss Emma A. Swartout, a native of Jefferson Co., N. Y., Sept. 21, 1858; they have one daughter — Mary Ella.

BANNING, HORATIO, far., S. 2 ; P. O. New London; owns eighty acres, valued at 835 per acre; born in West Virginia in 1834; came to Iowa in 1837. Married Sarah J. Evans, born in Des Moines Co, Iowa. Had six children — Olive L., Maggie E., Ross E., Minnie A. ; two died — M. A. and Ida E., both died young. Members of the M. E. Church.

Barr, John, far., S. 27 ; P. O. New London.

BAXTER, JAMES, far., S. 24 ; P. O. New London; clerking in drug store, at present; owns 1 00 acres of land, valued at $40 per acre; born in Westmoreland Co., Penn., in 1842. Married Mary E. Thompson; she was born in Des Moines Co., Iowa; Mr. B. came to Iowa in 1852. They have four children — John A., Cora, Martha, Alice. Members of the M. E. Church ; Republican, and served three years in the army; participated in eight battles, and came out unharmed.

BECKER, JOHN, far., S. 18; P. O. Mt. Pleasant; born in Schoharie Co., N. Y., April 15, 1818; moved to Ontario Co., near Geneva; he lived in the State of New York thirty-five years, then went to Indiana and lived there until he came to Iowa in 1805; he located on the old Prof. Howe farm, where he now lives; is engaged in farming and stock-raising. When Mr. Becker began life he had not over $300; he now owns 383 acres of land, and has held town and school offices. He married Miss Christina Silvermail, from Schoharie Co., N. Y., in 1839; they have nine children — John, Frank, William, George, Mary, Erskine, Jacob, Elizabeth, Riley, Delia. Frank and George were in the army.

Beeler, S.,far., S. 17 ; P.O. New London.

BEYER, HUGO, cultivator of vegetable and flower seeds, S. 10 ; P. O. New London; born in Prussia March 21, 1830; was brought up there, and came to America in 1854; he came to Iowa and located in this county in 1856, on the place where he now lives, and engaged in cultivating vegetable and flower seeds ; he is the oldest seedsman in this State, and has built up a large business; he has demand for his seeds throughout this State and Missouri, and as far west as California; Mr. Byer is very successful in keeping plants through the winter without fire — a method peculiarly his own, and which keeps the plants nice and fresh and far more healthy than the old way. He married Miss Bertha Schael, from Prussia, April 16, 1868; they have two children — Herbert and Oswald; they have lost two children — Hugo and Max.

Beyers, J. D., for., S. 21 ; P. O. New London.

BISHOP, I. C., MRS, for ; P.O. New London; owns eighty acres, valued at $40 per acre. Mrs. B. was born in New Jersey in 1829. Married Walter Bishop in 1849; he was from New York; they came to Iowa in 1855. Mr. B. was a Methodist minister; was ordained about 1874 in New London; died Sept. 13, 1878. Mrs. B.'s maiden name was I. C. Parke; have eight children — Charles E., Mary E., Arthur M., Alice I., John A., Sarah C., Sherman and Francis B.; two. dead — William P. and Clarissa A. Charles E. Bishop was born in Fairfield Co., Ohio, in 1849; came to Iowa in 1855. Married Miss Ellen Wellington in 1875; she was from Michigan; have two children — Mary B. and Ervill.

Bristor, Thomas H., wagon-maker, New London.
Brown, T., wagon-maker, New London.
Buckingham, J., butcher, New London.

BURGE, JEREMIAH J., far., Sec. 22 ; P.O. New London; born in Licking Co., Ohio, April 11, 1831; his parents removed to Sangamon Co., Ill., when he was 2 years of age, and they came to Iowa and located in this county in May, 1835; the subject of this sketch was brought up on the farm where his mother now lives; after reaching manhood, Jeremiah went to California in 1850, and remained there about four years, engaged in mining ; then returned, and since then has been engaged in farming; Mr. Burge does not feed his grain, but holds it frequently for several years, until the price suits him, before selling; when he began life for himself, he had very little, and now, by industry and good management, he owns 6OO acres of land, with fine improvements; what is a very rare fact, he has never run a store-bill, but always pays cash. He has held town and school offices. He married Mary Ann Lawrence, a native of England, March 1 , 1855; they have six children — John W., Alfred H., Jeremiah, James F., Mary E. and Alvina L.

BURGE, RACHEL, MRS., Sec 27 ; P. O. New London; was born in Perry Co., Ohio, and was brought up there. She married Jacob Burge, a native of Pennsylvania, and they came to Iowa with an ox-team, and arrived in this county May 1, 1835; they were among the earliest settlers in this county; they settled on the place where she now lives, he having made the claim to some of it and also bought a claim; they had little or nothing when they began here, living in a room made of rails; then they made a log cabin, and afterward a hewed-log house, which, in later years, gave place to the present large and commodious house. Mr. Burge died Aug. 24, 1870, leaving a large estate; they had eight children only four of whom survive — Jeremiah, living in this county; Nancy, now Mrs. Prickett ; Rachel, now Mrs. Kirkpatrick ; Emeline, now Mrs. Blacker; Mrs. Burge owns 1 54 acres of land. Her son Jacob M. was in the army.

Butterfield, John, wagon maker, New London.
Canterbury, C.C., lumberman, New London.
Cabeen, W. T., tinsmith, New London.
Campbell, D. M., far., S. 31 ; P. O. Mt. Pleasant.
Campbell, James, far., S. 31 ; P.O. Mt, Pleasant.

CAMPBELL, THOMAS J., buyer and shipper of stock, Sec. 6 ; P.O. Mt, Pleasant; born in Ashland Co., Ohio, April 20, 1830; he was brought up there, and removed to Illinois; remained there for two years; then came to Iowa and located in this county in 1862; engaged in farming; for the past twelve years, has been engaged in buying and shipping stock; owns a farm of eighty-five acres. Married Miss Addie Kean Dec. 23, 1867; she was a daughter of Thos. Kean, Esq., one of the earliest settlers of this county; she died in December, 1877, leaving one child — Willie; they lost two children — Belle and Frank.

Cavance, Sol., far., S. 6; P. O. Mt. Pleasant
Chambers, Thos., far., S. 7 ; P. O. Mt. Pleasant.
Chandler, A. B., far., S. 19 ; P.O. Mt. Pleasant.
Chandler, A., Postmaster, New London.
Chandler, B. C, far., S. 10 ; P. O. New London.

CHANDLER, J. M., physician, New London; was born in New York State in 1827, and was 10 years old when he left the State; he received his education, partly under Prof. S. L. Howe, of Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, then went to Bethany College, Virginia; received diploma in the Eclectic Medical Institute of Cincinnati, Ohio; practiced three years in Enon, Ohio; went to Charlottesville, Ind., and practiced eleven years; moved to Iowa in the spring of of 1842, and conducted a farm four years, then to New London, where he is now in practice; his business averages from $5 to $25 per day. Married Sarah H. Whitney, from Ripley Co., Ind.; have three children — Edwin S.; George W. and Jessie M.; one died at the age of 16 months. Mrs. C. is a member of the Christian Church; Republican.

Chichester, J., carpenter, New London.
Chrisinger, A., far., Sec. 9; P. O. New London.
Clements, J., Sec. 23 ; P.O. New London
Clements, T. J., far., Sec. 24; P.O. New London.
Coad, E., far., S. 4 ; P.O. New London.
Coates, S., far., S. 4 ; P.O. New London.
Codner, H. H., far., See. 21 ; P.O. New London.
Codner, J. C. far., Sec. 26 ; P.O. New London.
Collins, L. S., far. ; P.O. New London
Colton, S muel, carpenter, New London.
Cone, I. P., far., S. 15 ; P. O. New London.
Conklin, W. W., far., S. 15 ; P.O. New London.
Copelin, D. B.. S. 3 ; P.O. New London.
Cornick, A. J., far., S. 30; P. O. Mt. Pleasant.

CORNICK, CHARLES, far., S. 18; P O. Mt. Pleasant; born in Chester Co., Penn., Feb. 1, 1809; when 5 years of age, he went to Ohio, and was brought up in that State; he came to Iowa in 1856; located in this county, and engaged in farming; when he began life, he had very little capital, but, by good management, he has been very successful; he has divided a part of his property among his children, and still owns over three hundred acres of land. He married Miss Euieline Youmans, from Ohio, in 1837; they have five children — Emily (now Mrs. Hinkson), Nelson, Albert, Jason and Amanda.

Cornick, Nelson, far., S. 18; P. O. Mt. Pleasant.

CRANE. W. R., far., S. 28 ; P. O. New London; born in Perry Co., Ohio, Feb. 15, 1820; he was mostly raised there, and served an apprenticeship in the cabinet-maker's trade; he came to Iowa, and arrived in this county July 15, 1845; engaged in working at his trade. He held office of Postmaster. He is now engaged in farming, and owns 100 acres of land. Has held office of Assessor six years, School Treasurer for twelve years, and was Master of a Masonic Lodge for seven years. Married Miss Hannah Griffith, from Perry Co., Ohio, in 1845; they have five children — Walter, Mary, E., John, Celestia, Eveline; they lost two children.

CRAWFORD, J.M., lumber-yard, buys grain and stock, and stock farmer, Sec. 25 ; P.O. New London; owns 400 acres of land, valued at $50 per acre; born in Howard Co., Mo., 1825; came to Iowa, 1836; has lived twenty- seven years in New London; was not worth $500 when he came here. Married Miss L E. Abney, from Illinois; had two children — Mary Jane and Elizabeth. Mrs. C. died Nov. 6. 1876. Mr. C. married Julia A. Weller,a native of Iowa; have three children — Charity B., Anna J. M. and Frankie. Mr. C. served several years as School Director and Supervisor, and six terms on the Grand Jury. Indians were numerous when he came here; he used to trade with them. Members of the Christian Church, he has been for thirty-five years.

DAILY. CALEB, restaurant, New London.
Daniels, J., far., Sec. 34 ; P.O. New London.
Davis, W. H., far., Sec. 6 ; P.O. Mt. Pleasant

DENNY, JAMES, farmer, Sec. 27; P. O. New London; owns 160 acres of land, valued at 840 per acre; born in Mercer Co., Ky., in 1S15; went to Putnam Co.. Ind., where he married Miss Jane McCarty, in 1839; she was born in Indiana; came to Iowa in 1841. Crossed the Mississippi at Burlington, and settled in London Tp.; he was at the treaty at Agency City, where he saw about three thousand Indians. They have six children — Joseph F., Elijah M., Mary A., George W., Samuel R., James L.; four dead — Lewis, William B., Samuel R., Sarah A.; William B. died seven days before the fall of Vicksburg, in the service of his country ; enlisted in July, 1862, died in June, 1863. Members of the Baptist Church.

Dillon, A. J., Notary and attorney, New London.
Doolittle, J., far., Sec. 10 ; P.O. New London.
Dover, J. M.. far ; P. O. New London.

DOVER, S. H., far., Sec. Z6 ; P.O. New London; owns 153 acres of land, valued at $50 per acre; born in North Carolina, in 1806; went to Kentucky, lived there twelve years; thence to Tennessee; then to Illinois, from there came to Iowa, Henry Co. Married Matilda Davis, from Tennessee; had fourteen children; she died in 1870, leaving ten children — Andrew J., Salini, F., Sarah C, Joel M., Cyrus W., Z. T., Winfield S., Laura M., Henry A., Hattie; four dead, Louisa, Ellen E., John and William L. In 1873, Mr. Dover married Eliza Beardsley; they have one child — Lulu Bell. Members of the M. E. Church ; Republican.

Doverman, J., far., Sec. 23 ; P. O. New London.
Drewer, H. J., far., Sec. 12 ; P.O. New London.
Drewer, J. S., loans money, New London.
EDGAR, JOHN, far., Sec. 8; P.O. New London.
Edgar, Thomas, far., Sec. 17 London.
Elkins, David, far., Sec. 1; New London.
Elkins, D. L., plasterer, New London.
FARR, H. L., far., Sec. 31 ; P. O. Mt. Pleasant.
Ferrell, Cornelius, far., New London.
Ferrell, James M., far New London.
Ferrell, T. H., far., Sec. 11; P.O. New London.
Ferrell, W. P., far., Sec. 13 London.
Fitzpatrick, James, far., New London.
Foggy, John, far., Sec. P.O. New London.
Foggy, Wm, far., Sec. 3; P.O. New London.
Foster, Alonzo, far., Sec. 15; P.O. New London.
Fowler, Wm., dealer in stoves and tinware, New London,
Fox, Nathaniel, far.; P. O. New London.
Fox, N., retired far.; P.O. New London.

FRANK, C. S., breeder of high-class poultry, Berkshire hogs and Scotch terriers, New London; Mr. F. was born in Chautauqua Co., N. Y., Nov. 8, 1847; came to Iowa in 1857. Married Miss Fannie A. Morehouse in 1868; she was from Norwalk, Ohio; they have two children — Edward Ray and Edna May. Mr. F. is a great fancier of fowls; has been raising for six years the partridge Cochin, Houdms, D. Brahmas buff Cochins, P. Rock, Pekin and Rouen ducks; has fine yards. Members of the Baptist Church; Republican.

Frank, Perry, druggist and dealer in boots and shoes, New London.
Fuller, Joseph, teamster, New London.
Gilbert, H.B., far., Sec. 31; P.O. Mt. Pleasant.

GEDDES, S. J., Methodist Episcopal minister, New London; born in Noble Co., Ill., in 1849; was ordained Sept. 10, 1876; his first charge was at Attica, Iowa; next at Milton, Van Buren Co.; came to New London Sept. 27, 1878; have a fine brick church, with it membership of eighty, and the church society are about out of debt. Trustees, John Doverman, James L. Shields, John Buckingham and Henry Wilson. Democrat.

Gilbert, Miller, far., Sec. 31 ; P. O. Mt. Pleasant.
Gilbert, W. M., far., Sec. 31 ; P.O. Mt, Pleasant.
Goss, Daniel, carpenter, New London.
Grant, R. R., far., Sec. 7 ; P.O. Mt. Pleasant.
Greenfield, J. W., far., S. 30 ; P. O. Mt. Pleasant.

GRIFFIN, J. H., teacher, New London; born in Richmond, Ind.; came to Iowa about 1856; received his education at Whittier College, Salem, Iowa. Mr. G. intends to make teaching his business; has a birthright in the Quaker Church; at present, is Principal of the public schools in New London.

HAMPTON, W. H., blacksmith, New London.
Hardin, J. H., retired, New London.
Hardin, M. D. L., far., S. 26 ; P.O. New London.

HARDIN, WILLIAM, far., S. I 14; P.O. New London; owns 115 acres, valued at $50 per acre; born near Lexington, Ky., in 1806, Feb. 12; thence moved to Indiana, and from there to Iowa in the fall of 1839; says there were numbers of Indians here at that time. Married Prudence Walker, from Tennessee; had three children — Thomas B. L., Rebecca A., S. C. Lee; four died in infancy; Mr. H. married Louisa King in 1877, also from Tennessee; have been members of the M. E. Church for years. His son John Wesley was in the army three years as 1st Corporal 1st I. V. C, Co. E; was wounded in a skirmish in Arkansas; lost one eye; taken prisoner and held until the close of the war; the ball was never removed from his head.

HATHAWAY, HURRY, far, P.O. New London; owns eighty acres, valued at $30 per acre; born in New York State in 1835; came to Iowa with his parents in 1841. Married Miss E. English in 1872, from New York State; they have three children — Thomas A., Frank U., Murry Hubert. Mr. H. enlisted in Co. D, 4th Regiment of I. V. C, 25th day of November, 1861, to serve three years; was discharged Dec. 5, 1864 at Memphis, Tenn.; was in several battles.

Hankins, J. G., far., S. 11 ; P.O. New I London.
Hawkins, M., New London.
Henderson, J. W. far., S. 5 ; P.O. New London.
Hennesy, Pat., far., S. 34 ; P. O. New London.

HINE, OLIVE. HISS, teacher in public schools, New London; born near Zanesville, Ohio, in 1854; came to Iowa in 1858; she was educated in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa; commenced teaching in 1873 in Henry Co.; in New London, in 1875; has an average attendance of forty scholars. Member of the Presbyterian Church.

Hitchcock, C, carpenter, New London.

HOLLAND, JAMES M., farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 31; P.O. Mt. Pleasant; was born in New London Tp., Henry Co., Iowa, March 30, 1838; his parents were among the earliest settlers in this county ; his father, Samuel Holland, came here in the fall of 1835. before the Indians had left, and helped to build the first cabin in Burlington. He held the office of County Supervisor, and was one of the oldest and best known of the early settlers; he died Nov. 11, 1867. James M. was brought up and received his education in this county; after reaching manhood, he engaged in farming and stock-raising; owns 388 acres of land; there are few natives of this county as old as he. He was elected Justice of the Peace, and has held school offices. He married Miss Cynthia Spearman, a native of Des Moines Co., Iowa, Feb. 1, 1860; they have four children — Louisa C, John E , Clara L. and Mary E. His mother is still living, and resides with him.

Holland, Z., far., S. 4 ; P.O. New London.
Hubson, T. J., far., Sec. 27; P.O. New London.
JACKSON, ALEX., farmer, Sec. 9, P.O. New London.
Jacobs, N. N., far., Sec. 17 ; P.O. New London.
James, Elias, shoemaker, New London.
James, S., shoemaker, New London.
John, J. L, far., Sec. 23; P.O. New London.
Johnson, T., retired, New London.
KEISER, SAMUEL, farmer, Sec. 26 ; P.O. New London.
Kenyon, W., far, Sec. 28; P.O. New London.
Ketcham, John, New London.
Keteham, P., Sexton, New London.
King, B., far., S. 10; P. O. New London.
Knickerbocker, L., far., S. 27 ; P.O. New London.
LAIR, JOHN, farmer, Sec. 9 ; P. O. New London.
Laish, J., far., S. 3 ; P.O. New London.
Lamont, J., far., Sec. 20 ; P.O. New London.
Laughlin, J. L., far.. Sec. 8 ; P.O. New London.
Laughlin, 0. B., fruit-grower, S. 26 ; P.O. New London.

LEE, ALLEN, farmer, Sec. 12; P. O. New London; owns 113 acres, valued at 825 per acre; was born in Henry Co. in 1856. His grandfather, Frederick Lee, and wife, live with him; Frederick Lee was born in 1800; came to Iowa in 1835, to Henry Co.; his wife was born in Tennessee; have been married fifty-three years; had seven children — Ann, John J., Irven P., Mary J.; three dead — Green, Jerry, Frederick; Mr. Lee is 80 years of age, and in pretty good health. Mr. and Mrs. L. are Christians; their grandson, Allen Lee, is a member of the M. E. Church.

Lee, F., far., S. 12 ; P.O. New London
Lee, J., far.. S. 12 ; P.O. New London.

LEE, JOHN J., far., S. 12; P.O. New London; owns fifty acres, valued at $40 per acre: born in Henry Co., Iowa, in 1836, on the section where he now lives. Married Miss Addie O'Neal in 1862; she was from Des Moines Co.; have three children — Harvey P, Charley A. and Rosa A. Mr. Lee has been Road Supervisor; is School Director. Members of the United Brethren Church; Republican.

Lee, J. M., far., S. 12; P.O. New London.
Lee, S., far , S. 12 ; P.O. New London
Lee, T. B., far., S. 12 ; P.O. New London.
Lee, Wm., far. ; P.O. New London.
Leech, W., lab., New London.
Leedham, E., far., S. 20 ; P. O. New London.
Leedham, Ed., far., Sec. 32 ; P. O. New London.
Leedham, E. J. D. W., far., S. 20 ; New London.
Lewis, S., far., Sec. 33 ; P. O. New London.

LINN, JOHN E., far., S. 23 ; P.O. New London; owns 280 acres, valued at $50 per acre; born in Bedford Co. Penn., in 1798; in 1813, he went to Bedfordtown and was bound out to learn the tailor's trade; his employer took him to Winchester, Va.; thence to Georgetown, D. C.; when his time was out, in 1819, went to Ohio; lived there twenty years; came to Iowa in 1839. Married Miss Elizabeth Swinehart in 1823; she was from Pennsylvania; they had nine children — Emeline, Elizabeth, Martha, Ethan A. and Sylvana J., and four dead; in 1846, Mr. Linn married Rhoda Moreley; she was born in Pennsylvania; they have five children — Catherine, Irena, Alma, Jennie and Mary L. Mr. L. has been Justice, and raised a company of 183 men in 1863 to protect the laws of his country; was out 100 days.

LAWRANCE, H. S., physician, New London; born in Hardin Co., Iowa, in 1854; received his diploma at the American Medical College, St. Louis, Mo., in 1876; practiced in St. Louis two years; came to New London in 1878, and intends to make it his permanent home. Is a member of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church ; Republican.

Lyman, G., far., S. 23 ; P.O. New London.

LYMAN, M., MRS., far, S. 24 ; P.O. New London; owns 220 acres, valued at 860 per acre; Mr. L. was born in Delaware Co., Ohio, in 1825; came to Iowa in 1855. Married Miss Mary Nutt in 1848; she was from Ohio; have two children — Mark, 25 years old, and Alma, 21 years old; Olive died at the age of 22 months. Mr. L. served as Road Supervisor; also on the grand jury, Mr. L. and son went to Missouri with a saw-mill; just got to running, when he was taken sick; his son started home with him; reaching Burlington, was unable to proceed farther, and died there the second day of congestive chills, on the 28th day of September, 1878.

Lyon, H. T, far, S. 10; P.O. New London.
Lyons, W, far , S. 1 ; P.O. New London.
MCCLELLAND, JAMES, merchant, New London.
McCullough, W. S, far, S. 1 ; P.O. New London.
McGrew, Simon, far, S. 16 ; P. O. New London.
McLellan, J. M, mer. New London.
McNeal, N. B, grain-buyer, New London.

MAGERS, T. H., blacksmith, New London; born in Knox Co., Ohio, in 1815; came to Iowa in 1849; helped build the second shop in New London. Married Miss Elvina Shopbell in 1846; she was from Pennsylvania; have one child — Lewis M., in his 30th year. Mr. and Mrs. M. are members of the Methodist Church. Mr. M. has served on the grand jury, and is a horse-farrier. Always votes the Democratic ticket.

Majors, Milton, blacksmith, New London.

MALLAMS, JOHN, far., S. 29; P.O. New London; born in England, Newcastle-on-Tyne, June 29, 1820; when 11 years of age, his parents emigrated to America, and lived in the State of New York, where he was brought up; he came to Iowa in 1855, and settled in this county and engaged in gardening and farming; he owns 140 acres of land, and has held school and road offices. He has been married three times; his present wife was Matilda Daniels, from Virginia; they were married in 1875; he has four children — Sarah, John, Mary C. and Anna

Martin, Samuel, far., Sec. 12; P.O. New London.

MATHEWS, FRANK, farmer and stock-raiser. Sec. 5 ; P.O. Mt. Pleasant; born in Wayne Co., N. Y., Dec. 3, 1829; when 9 years of age, his father come to Iowa; located in Henry Co., at Lowell, June 5, 1838; he made a claim and built the first house in Lowell ; he was an old contractor on the Erie Canal, and, after coming here, superintended the building of the dam at Lowell. After reaching manhood, Frank was engaged in lumbering, on the river and was connected with building railroads; had a contract for ties when the C, B. & Q. R R. was built. He married Miss Amelia J. Patterson Jan. 4, 1854; she was a native of Indiana; came to Iowa in 1840; after they were married, Mr. Mathews engaged in farming, and has been very successful; he owns about three hundred acres of land. He has held office of Justice of the Peace for eight years, Town Trustee and other town and school offices. They have seven children — Jay M., Emory A., Ettie A., Nora M., Harlan F., Jennie A. and Lulu D.; have lost four children.

Mayer, James, far., See. 2tt ; P.O. New London.
Maynard, J. W.,far., Sec. 22 ; P.O. New London.
Mehan, John, far., Sec. 16 ; P.O. New London.

MEHLER, FRANK C, physician, New London; born in Prussia May 15, 1845; came to America October 5, 1848; received his medical education at Rush Medical College, Chicago; graduated Jan. 21, 1863; before graduating, was Assistant Surgeon at Camp Douglas, U. S. Army; after graduating, at Mound City, Ill.; then at Paducah, Ky.; in April, 1864, went to Nashville, Tenn., as Surgeon in Quartermasters Department. In 1865, went to Chicago; was in Rush College during winter of 1865; was promoted to the Sector Chair of Anatomy and Assistant Demonstrator; came to Henry Co. in 1871; has a practice of from $2.000 to $3,500 a year. Married Miss L. E. Bristor, from Danville, Iowa; they have one child — Frank Raymond, born in New London May 22,1874. Members of the Presbyterian Church. He is raising, for amusement, dark Brahma and Buff Cochin poultry.

Miller, Charles, far., Sec. 26 ; P. O. New London.
Miller, C. C, far.; P.O. New London.

MILLER, N., farmer, Sec. 13 ; P. O. New London; Mr. M. owns 1673 acres of land, valued at 865 per acre; born in Perry Co., Ohio, June 7, 1822; came to Iowa in 1841. Married Miss Mary Morris, in 1847; she was born in Kentucky; have seven children — Samuel, Malinda, Jacob W., May E., Sarah J., Thomas H., William G.; three dead — W. A., Aramintha. Nicholas H. Mr. M. has been School Direct or twenty-five years, Constable two years, and on grand jury. Mr. M. drilled the first men that went into the army. Mr. M., wife and eldest daughter, are members of the M. E. Church; he votes the Republican ticket.

Miltunbergcr, A., far., Sec. 2 ; P. O. New London.
Miltonberger, J. F., far.. Sec. 2 ; P. O. New London.
Moore, J. M., far., Sec. 14; P.O. New London.
Moorehead, J. S., far., Sec. 19; P.O. Mt. Pleasant.
Morrison, S., far., Sec. 84 ; P.O. New London.
NELSON, NATHAN, far., Sec. 32; P.O. New London.

NEW, JOHN, farmer, Sec. 2; P.O. New London; owns forty acres of land, valued at 840 per acre; born in Indiana; came to Iowa in 1847. Married Catherine Williams in 183G, from Knox Co., Tenn.; have seven children — Daniel M., George W., William H., Stephen F., Sarah E., Jennie M., Kate ; three dead — John W., James P., one infant. Members of the Baptist Church.

Nicewaner, D. A., laborer, New London
North, T. J., far., Sec. 25 ; P.O. New London.
Nugen, C.,far., Sec. 8 ; P.O. New London.
Nugen, D., far., Sec. 21; P. O. New London.
Nugen, J., Sr., fur., Sec. 36; P.O. New London.
Nelsen, J., Jr., far., Sec. 22; P.O. New London.
Nugen, John, far., S. 28; P.O. New London.
Nugen, John C, far., S. 16 ; P.O. New London.
Nugen, Richard, for.., S. 23 ; P.O. New London.
Nugen, Silas R., Jr., far., S. 10; P.O. New London.
Nugen, William, far., S. 21 ; P.O. New London.
OBEKMIRE, W., far., S. 13; P.O. New London.
Oren, B. F., far., S. 29; P.O. New London.
Oak, J. S., far., S. 7 ; P.O. Mt. Pleasant.
Orn, Peter, carpenter, New London.
PETERSON, A., far., S. 34; P.O. New London.
Peterson, P. E., far., S. 3.1 ; P.O. New London.
Peterson, R. H., merchant, New London.
Philpot. J. H., physician, New London.
Philpot, J. H., far., S. 26; P. O. New London.
Pierson, A. G., far., S. 2; P. O. New London.
Pierson, John, far., S. 13; P. O. New London.

PIERSON, J. Q. A., stock farmer, Sec. 24 ; P.O. New London; owns 245 acres, valued at $50 per acre, and one of the best stock-farms in Henry Co.; Mr. P. was born in Washington Co., Penn., in 1844; came to Iowa when young; married Miss C. E. Mains in 18G7; she was from Indiana; had one child — John William. Mr. P. lost his first wife, then married Miss M. M. Whitaker; she was born in Richmond, Ind.; they have two children — Emelie Grace, 3 years old; Charles, 3 months old. Mr. P. served five months in the rebellion, in Co. G, 45th I. V. I. Mrs. P. has taught school in three counties, and carries first-class certificates; has taught about eight years.

PIERSON, SAMUEL J., stock-farmer, Sec. 24; P. O. New London; owns 190 acres, valued at 850 per acre; was born in Des Moines Co. in 1838; moved with his parents to Pennsylvania, then to West Virginia, and lived there about nine years, then came to Henry Co.; when a lad he used to carry water to the Indians to keep them from coming into the house. Married Miss Elizabeth E. Nugent in 1805; she was born in Indiana; have four children — David Abner, Nancy Jane, Mary Etta and James Franklin. Mr. P. has been President of School Directors and Supervisor; was in the army nine months — 25th Reg't, Co. K.

Pontius, J. R., far, S G; P. O. Mt. Pleasant.
Powell, J. R., far., Sec. 4 ; P. O. New London.

PRICKETT, JACOB, farmer, Sec. 12; P.O. New London; owns 128 acres, valued at $35 per acre; an old settler of Iowa; came in 1835 to Henry Co.; was born in Georgia Feb. 21, 1803, and lived there until 15, when he moved to Bond Co., Ill., thence to Iowa. Married Miss Jane Lee; she was born in Illinois; had eight children — Nancy, Elias, Caroline, John, Jane, William; two died, Mary A., 22 years old, and Julia A., same age. Mr. P. lost his first wife, then married Sarah Daniels, from Pennsylvania; had seven children — Moses F., Smith A , George A., Carrie B.; three have died — Mary E., James and Maggie. Mr. P. has been School Director, Road Supervisor, and several times has served on the grand jury; has been Class-Leader in the M. K. Church for years; members of the M. E. Church; he was a member of the first class ever held in New London.

PRICKETT, JOHN, farmer, Sec 13; P. O. New London; owns 169 acres, valued at $45 per acre; was born in Bond Co., Ill., in 1834; came to Iowa in 183ti; married Miss Nancy C. Burge in 1845 ; she was born in Henry Co , Iowa; have eight children — Rachel J., Elias W., Emma J., Mary E., Ida F., Jemima B, Laura M., Maggie E.; one died at the age of 18 months. Mr. P. has been Road Supervisor; members of the M. E. Church.

Prior, A., far., S. 28; P.O. New London.
Prior, J., far., S. 28; P. O. New London.
REESE, J. G., farmer, Sec. 35; P.O. New London.
Richards, Elijah, capitalist, New London.
Roach, P., far., See. 33 ; P. O. New London.
Roberts, J. D., far., S. 2 ; P.O. New London.
Roberts, I. P., far., S. 30; P.O. Mt. Pleasant.
Roberts, R. P., far., S. 8 ; P.O. New London.
Roberts, T. L., far., Sec. 3 ; P.O. New London.

ROBINSON, W. B., teacher, New London; born in Jefferson Co., Iowa, in 1856; he has taught school two years; received most of his education in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. Mr. R. has an average attendance in his school of thirty scholars. Has been a member of the Methodist Church five years; always votes the Republican ticket.

Rowland, J., carpenter, New London.
SEYMOUR, J. W., wagon-maker, New London.

SCOLTY, H. H., far, S. 24 ; P. O. New London; owns 194 acres, valued at $40 per acre; born in Germany in 1818; came to America in 1845; came to Henry Co. in the spring of 1859. Married Mary Smith Feb. 8, 1853; she was from Germany have seven children — B. H, John, Caroline, Clarence, Andy, Francisco and Margaret; three — Stephen, Charles and Mary — died in infancy. Members of the Catholic Church.

Shaner, I. V., saddler, New London.
Shaner, Samuel, merchant, New London.
Shannon, William, merchant, New London.
Shaver, George W., merchant, New London.
Shepard, B. S., butcher, New London.
Shepard, L, cabinet-maker, New London.
Shields, J. L., miller, New London.

SHOPBELL, JACOB, stock raising, feeding and shipping stock, S. 5; P.O. Mt, Pleasant; born in Knox Co., Ohio, May 2,1844; when 12 years of age, he came with his parents to Iowa; they located in this county, where he was brought up, and is engaged in stock-raising, reeding and shipping; he owns 180 acres of land. Married Miss M. A. Stewart, a native of Ohio, Jan. 22, 1879. His father died in 1872; his mother living with him, and is now 73 years of age.

Shulte, H. H, far, S. 24 ; P. O. New London
Sickler, William, far, S. 26; P. O. New London.
Smith, V, W, merchant, S. 20 ; P. O. New London.
Smith, David, harness-maker, New London.
Smith, Guy W, far, S. 10; P.O. New London.

SMITH, JAMES W., far; S.17; P. O. New London; born in Schuyler Co., Ill., Nov. 9, 1829; when 4 years of age, his parents came to Iowa; located in Lee Co.; in 1835, they came to Henry Co. and settled at Lowell, Baltimore Tp. His father built the mills there, and started them in 1838; he died in 1840; he was a great friend of Black Hawk, the Indian Chief, and, perhaps, few settlers knew him better. Of a family of five children, James is the only one who survives; he was brought up and learned the milling business in Lowell, and continued in it until the past six years, when he has been engaged in farming; owns 100 acres of land. He married Charlotte M. Clark, a native of Indiana, Nov. 27, 1859; she died Nov. 30, 1867, leaving three children — Francis P., born Sept. 10, 1860; Ida C, born Aug. 18, 1862, and Fred H, born Jan. 13, 1866. He married Mrs. Olive Kirkpatrick Sept. 20, 1868; they have one daughter — Mary V., born July 27, 1869. Mrs. Smith is a native of Indiana ; she married C. H. Kirkpatrick, a native of Illinois, April 9, 1860; he died June 9, 1862, in the army; he enlisted in the 2d Minn. V. I.; left one son — Thomas H.

Smith, E., far., Sec. 17; P.O. New London.
Smith, N. R., retired, New London.
Snyder, A., hotel-keeper, New London.
Snyder. G., cabinet-maker, New London.

SNYDER, N. F., hotel, New London; owns the house, valued at $3,500; born in Germany in 1832; came to America in 1850; lived six years in Cincinnati, Ohio; moved to Wisconsin and was engaged in farming and logging twenty years; came to Henry Co. in 1876. Married Miss Augusta Rodka in 1856; she was born in Germany; have three children — August F., Charles F., Emma ; two deceased. Democrat.

Spaulding, R. C., Sr., mason, New London.
Springton, P., New London.
Stabler, John, laborer, New London.
Stafford, G., far., Sec. 12; P. O. New London.
Stephens, T. E., far , Sec. 7 ; P.O. Mt. Pleasant.
Stevenson, E., merchant, New London.
Stoddard, M. M., merchant, New London.

STOW, BENJAMIN F., Professor, New London; was born May 7, 1847, in Adams Co., Ill., where he lived on a farm until 14 years old; then moved with his parents to Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. Enlisted as musician in Co. H, 45th I. V. I., in the spring of 1864. Learned the tinner's trade at which he worked in Mt. Pleasant, New London, and in Quincy, Ill. In the winter of 1868-69, Mr. Stow taught his first term in Hancock Co., Ill.; the following summer and fall was in the employ of William Garretson & Co., then of Galesburg, Ill., where he gained valuable business experience. Mr. Stow was in Quincy in the hardware trade; his health failed; he had a desire for a better education, and returned to Mt. Pleasant, where he attended the Howe Academy; he taught in Trenton successfully; received the most valuable part of his education at the Illinois Normal University in 1872-73-74, where his talents as a singer soon gave him a position in the best society. Prof. Stow married Miss M. A. Mount, an accomplished lady with fine abilities as a teacher. Prof. Stow is Principal of the New London Academy; also acting as S. S. Superintendent Presbyterian Church; President of the R. R. Club; Vice President and Conductor of the Progressive Musical Association of New London.

Summers, Samuel, Jr., far., Sec. 29 ; P. 0 New London.
Summers, George, far., Sec. 30 ; P.O. Mt. Pleasant.

SWIFT, ESTIS, miller, New London ; born in New London in 1856; commenced to learn his trade with his father in 1872; completed it in 1877. Married Miss H. C. Fowler Oct. 21, 1877. Mr. S. is employed in the mill of Messrs. Shield & Tomlinson, in which mill he learned his trade. Republican.

SWIFT, MONROE, miller, New London; was born in Ripley Co., Ind., in 1832; came to Iowa in 1854. Married Sarah J. Courtney in 1853; she was born in Illinois; have five children — Sadoris, Estis, Mary E., Frank and Anna Bell. Mr. S. is Alderman, and has served three years. Members of the Baptist Church; Republican.

TELFER, HENRY, blacksmith, New London,
Telfer, James, blacksmith, New London.
Telfer, J. W., law student, New London.

TELFER, MARY, MRS., physician and midwife, New London; Mrs. T. was born in Scotland in 1820; came to America about 1845, to Henry Co. Married James Telfer in 1843; her maiden name was Mary Farquharson. Mr. Telfer was born in Scotland in 1817; have five children — James W., Charles A., Henry, David A., Ella A.; three dead— C. F., M. E., Alice. Mr. Telfer is a blacksmith. Members of the Methodist Church.

Telfer, Z. A., New London.
Thompson, John, grain dealer, New London.
VANDERBERG, JOHN, far., Sec. 34; P.O. New London.
Van Trump, I , far., Sec. 15 ; P.O. New London.
WALKER, E. L., far., Sec. 15; P. O. New London.
Walker, Geo., far., S. 9 ; P.O. New London.
Waller, W. D., nurseryman, New London.
Waller, Wm. L., far., S. 26; P.O. New London.
Warren, A. R., mail-carrier, New London.
Warren, M. E., New London.
Waters, Samuel, far., 8. 9; P.O. New London.
Watkins, T., far., S. 25; P.O. New London.
Waugh, Wm., far., S. 30; P.O. Mt. Pleasant.
Wayman, 0. G., school-teacher, New London.
Weller, Chas B., merchant, New London.
Weller, Wm. L., far., S. 1 ; P.O. New London.
Willey, Ears. 32; P. O. New London.
Willey, J., far., S. 34 ; P. O. New London.
Willey, John, far., S. 28 ; P. O. New London.
Willey, L., far., Sec. 31 ; P.O. Mt. Pleasant.

WILSON, FRANK B., physician, New London; born in Springfield, Penn., in 1855; came to Iowa in 1856; received his education at the State University, Ann Arbor, Mich.; graduated in 1873; commenced practice the same year in Panora, Guthrie Co., Iowa; remained there about four years; then came to New London in 1877; commenced practice and opened a drug store; makes prescriptions a specialty. Married Miss Louisa Bryan in 1876; she was from Guthrie Co., Iowa; they have one child — Frank B., born Nov. 23, 1877. He has a practice of $1,500 a year.

Wilson, H. T., far. ; P.O. New London.
Woolberton, L. W., laborer, New London.
Workman, W. S., far., S. 27; P. O. New London.
Wright, B., far., S. 14 ; P. O. New London.
Wright, W. S., far., S. 19; P. O. Mt. Pleasant.
YOUNDT, ANDREW, Justice of the Peace, New London.

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