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From "The History of Henry County, Iowa.
Containing a History of the County, its Cities, Towns and Census."
Chicago: Western Historical Company, 1879.

Transcribed by Conni McDaniel Hall, Oct 2017

H. Williams, J. Plunkett, Zeno Plunkett, "Lee Plunkett, R. N. Pickett, George Warren and Charles Plifton were the first inhabitants who came to Marshall.

The town was laid out September 24, 1851.

The first store was kept by R. N Pickett, who was also the first Postmaster.

A Mr. Roberts kept the first hotel, and John Henyman had the first black smith-shop.

The first doctor was H. H. Cohee and the first Justice, A. W. Mason.

The town at present contains 200 inhabitants. There are two general stores, one drug store, two inns, a harness and two blacksmith shops.

There was a grist-mill erected here in 1859 or 1860, by Thomas Tucker. It was run until 1872, when the machinery was taken to Winfield and a mill started there.

In addition to a saw-mill that was built in 1856, W. Williams erected a woolen-mill here in 1861. Both the mill and factory were closed in 1866.

Marshall has an independent school district and a fine schoolhouse. The first schoolhouse was of logs, and erected in 1844—45. This was replaced by a brick one in 1849. The increase of scholars and the dilapidation of the old forty-niner, made it necessary to build anew and enlarge, and this was done in 1868, when a graded school was built. The first teacher who ever taught in this district was W. P. Howe.

There is but one church here, Methodism holding sway. The society was organized with the town. The pulpit of the old log house, the first scene of preaching, was supplied by itinerant ministers. In 1858, a church was built. the Pastor at that time being Rev. A. Kirkpatrick. The Church is in a prosperous condition.

A Masonic lodge began work under dispensation in October, 1857, and was chartered June, 1858. under the name of Adoneram Lodge, No. 120. The first officers were: J. McClellan, W. M.; H. W. Stone, S. W.; J. D. Bryan, J. W.; Thomas Tucker, Treasurer: M. M. Cook, Secretary; A. W. Mason, S. D.; J. Perkins, J. D.; M. Z. Bain, Tiler. The other charter members were W. H. Nickell, H. W. Thomas, J. H. Taylor, E. R. Barton, J. Deweese, J. S. Reeves and S. M. Cook. The Lodge was burned, with total loss, in 1808, and was rechartered in June, 1859. The present officers are: A. G. Brown, W. M.; E. James, S. W.; H. H. Mathews, J. W.; P. Frisbee, Treasurer; M. M. Cook, Secretary ; L. T. Warren, S. D.; J. B. Reel, J. D.; R. R. Bowl, S. Steward ; D. Niswanger, J. Steward ; H. Magdefrau, Tiler. Present member ship, thirty-two. The Lodge owns its building and lot, and is well off financially.

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ADAMS, AMOS, far., S. 13; P.O. Marshall.
Adams, Mike, fan, S. 13 ; P.O. Marshall.
Allen, A. S., far., S. 9 ; P.O. Marshall
Allen, I. W., far., S. 16; P.O. Marshall.
Allen, Jackson, far., S. 17 ; P.O. Marshall.
Alters, F. H., far., 8. 21 ; P.O. Marshall.
Alters, F., fan, 8. 21 ; P.O. Marshall.
Arnold, D.
BAILEY. J. P., Marshall.
Bain, A. J., far., S. 16 ; P.O. Marshall.
Barr, D. H., far., S. 21 ; P. O. Marshall.
Bashart, Chris, far., S. 25 ; P. O. Trenton.
Bigler, Chris, far., S. 28 ; P. O. Trenton.
Birchall, T., far., S. 21 ; P.O. Marshall.
Brannan, J., far. S. 17 ; P.O. Marshall.
Brooks, Geo., Marshall.
Brooks, J. J., far., S. 2 ; P.O. Marshall.
Brooks, Thos., Marshall.
Brotzer, Alois, far., S. 31 ; P.O. Trenton.
Brown, A. G., Marshall.
Brown, S., Marshall.
Brown, Wm., far., S. 29 ; P.O. Trenton.

BIRROWS, CALVIN, farmer, Sue. 14; P. O. Marshall; owns 310 acres ; was born in Connecticut in 1 821 ; removed to Monroe Co., N. Y., in 1827. He married in 1846 Azuba Wilcox, a native of Cumberland Co., N. Y.; born in 1826. They removed to Illinois in 1857; to Henry Co. in 1858; they have two children — Louise E., born in 1851 ; and Francis M., born in 1857; Isora, born in 1846, died in 1850. Members of the M. E. Church.

Burrows, W., far., S. 13; P.O. Marshall.
CAMPBELL, J. H., farmer, Sec. 19; P.O. Trenton.
Clark, Jared, far., Sec. 19; P.O. Marshall.
Clark, Wm. J., far, S. 20 ; P.O. Marshall.

CLIFTON, MARY E, Sec 4; P. O. Marshall ; was born in Berkeley Co., W. Va., June 6, 1819; removed with her family to Vermilion, Ill., in 1836, and to Jefferson Tp., Henry Co., in 18-57, where her father resided till his death, in 18(i.'5. His first wife, the mother of Mrs. Clifton, died in 1827. Her father, Mr. Henry Payne, married again in 1829, Margarette J. Boak, who still survives him. When Mr. Payne came to Henry Co., Iowa was a part of Wisconsin ; was separated from that Territory in 1838. Mrs. Clifton married in 1840 Mr. Charles Clifton. Mr. Clifton represented Henry Co. in the Legislature of 1845-46 ; he was a Whig, afterward a Republican ; he died in 1855. Mrs. Clifton has three children — Mary J., born in 1840; Charles C, born in 1847; Wm. H., born in 1848 ; lost three children — Elisha P., born in 1842, died at West Plains, Mo., in 1862; he belonged to the 4th Iowa Cav.; Esther A., born in 1843, died in 1864; John H., died in infancy. Mrs. Clifton has a good memory and narrates many interesting incidents of her pioneer life. It may be added that she is the only survivor of nine children.

Cohee, H. H., far., S 4; P.O. Marshall.
Cole, R. S., far., S. 19 ; P.O. Marshall.
Coleman, J., far.. Sec. 25 ; P.O. Trenton.
Connell, J., far., Sec. 21 ; P.O. Marshall.
Conover, G. H., far., S. 24; P. O. Trenton.
Conrad, M., far., Sec. 20 ; P.O. Marshall.

COOK, MORRISON M., Justice of the Peace and collector; P. O. Marshall ; was born in Knox Co., Ohio, in 1829; came to Henry Co. with his parents in 1845 ; his father first located in Marion Tp.; Mr. C. came to what is now Marshall in 1850; at that time the post office of Crooked Creek was located here. He married in 1855, Margaret E. Pike, who died in 1862 ; he married, the same year, Mary A. Bailey. He had three children by first marriage, only one living ; had six children by second wife ; two living. Mr. Cook's father died in 1865 ; his mother is still living.

Cox, J., far., S. 30; P.O. Trenton.
DARNELL, HARVEY, far., Sec. 16; P. O. Marshall.
Davis, D., far., S. 4 ; P.O. Marshall.
Davis, E., far., Sec. 4; P.O. Marshall.

DAVIES, HENRY, far.,S. 4; P. O. Marshall ; was born in Wales in 1800 ; came to Jefferson Tp., Henry Co., in 1854. He married, in 1827, Elizabeth Jenkins, a native of Wales; she died of cholera on their passage to this country ; Mr. Davis has nine children ; all were born in Wales — David, Henry, Mary, Elizabeth, Dinah, Han nah, Evan and Winnie; Sarah died Dec. 19, 1876; two children died in infancy in Wales. Mr. Davis and his daughter Winnie visited their native land in 1873.

Davis, H., Jr., far., S. 9 ; P.O. Marshall.
Dill, J., far., S. 25 ; P. O. Trenton.
EARNEST, EMANUEL, former Sec. 33 ; P 0. Trenton.
Earnest, J. M.,for., S. 27 ; P.O. Trenton.
Edwards, E., far., Sec. 6 ; P.O. Marshall.
Eicher, D., far., S. 5 ; P.O. Marshall.
Ereland, J., far., S. 28; P.O. Trenton.

EVANS, EVAN, farmer, Sec. 27 ; P.O. Trenton ; owns 225 acres ; was born in Montgomeryshire, Wales, in 1820; cam" to America in 18-H), and located in Henry Co. in 1847. He married, in 1850, Ann Williams, who was born in Wales in 1828, and who came to Henry Co. with her parents. They have six children — Sarah J., Eliza A., D. Webster, Mary W., E. Marion and K. Norah ; John H. and Winnie E. died in infancy. The parents of Mrs. Evans, Hopkin and Winnie Williams, emigrated from Wales , to Ohio in 1832 ; came to Henry Co. I in 1835, among the very oldest settlers of Henry Co. Mrs. Evans remembers but one other family living in Jefferson Tp. at the time her parents came here — that of Mr. Berry Jones; deer, wild turkey and other game, were abundant ; Indians were quite numerous, and Mrs. Evans testifies to the good character and honesty of these natives, with whom they were always on friendly terms. Mr. Williams always treated the Indians with kindness, and was kindly treated in return. Mr. Williams died in 1803; his wife in 1877.

EVERTS, JOHN R., farmer, Sec. 20 ; P. O. Trenton ; owns 300 acres. Mr. Everts was born in Tomp kins Co., N. Y., in 1814; came to Henry Co. and settled on the farm he now owns in 1842. He married, in 1843, Lydia Holloway, who was born in Clark Co., Ohio, in 1820. They have five children — Aranthus. Franklin, Velma, Parker and Helen; lost two in infancy. Mrs. Everts is a member of the M. E. Church. Mr. Everts is engaged in general farming and stock-raising.

EvarLs, P., for., S. 25 ; P. O. Trenton.
Everts, P. E., far., S. 5 ; P.O. Trenton.
FAY, M.. far.. Sec. 29; P.O. Trenton.

FARMER, RENJAJIIN F., farmer, Sec. 9 ; P. O. Marshall ; was born in Illinois in 1837; his parents, Lewis W. and Nancy E. Farmer, came to Henry Co. the year of his birth ; they are now residents of Marion Tp., Henry Co. Benjamin F. married, in 1859, Frances E. Moshier, a native of Henry Co.; she was born in 1839 ; they have eight children. The mother of Mrs. Farmer, Mrs. Elizabeth Moshier, was born in Pennsylvania in 1797 ; with her husband, Mr. Thurston Moshier, came to Henry Co. about 1837. The parents of both Mr. and Mrs. Farmer were pioneers of the county. Mr. Mo shier died in 1875.

Fleagle, C, for., S. 32 ; P.O. Trenton.
Fleagle, H., far., S. 32 ; P.O. Trenton.
Fleagle, W., far., S. 32 ; P.O. Trenton.
Flowers, V. D., far., S. 14 ; P.O. Marshall.
Frienberger, J., for Sec. 5 ; P. O. Marshall.
Frisbie, P., far., S. 15; P.O. Marshall.
GARRICK, PETER, farmer, Sec. 29 ; P. O. Trenton.
Gerig, S., far., S. 14; P.O. Marshall.
Goldsmith, J., fort S.35 ; P. O. Trenton.
HARPER, E. E., far., Sec. 32 ; P.O. Trenton.
Hartsler, W. H., far.. S. 20 : P.O. Trenton.
Hayes. David, for., S. 18; P.O. Marshall.
Haynes, Abe, far., S. 7 ; P.O. Marshall.
Heuss, Wm., Marshall.
Hopfa, Christ, for., S. 12 ; P.O. Marshall.
Howard, G. H., far., S. 30 ; P. O. Trenton.
Howenstein, J., far., S. 1 ; P.O. Marshall.
Howenstein, J., Jr., far., S. 10; P.O. Marshall.
House, J. M., for., S. 29; P.O. Trenton.

HULL, A. H., A. M., H. D., Marshall ; born in Washington Co., Iowa, in 1849; is the second son of Marcus Hull, who came to Iowa in 1833 or 1834. He was educated at Iowa City ; taught school for a while, and was one year Superintendent of Webster City public schools; turned his attention to the study of medicine in 1871 ; he worked four years in the chemical laboratory of the Iowa State University ; received the degree of Bachelor of Philosophy in 1875; attended the medical department of the Iowa State University during the winter of 1875-76. In August, 1876, married Miss Ella Willis, and graduated from the College of Physicians and Surgeons at Keokuk, Iowa, in 1877. he settled in Marshall and began the practice of medicine in July, 1877.

Hulme, S., far., S. 34 ; P.O. Trenton.
JARED, B., Marshall.
Jeffries, F. J.,far., S. 19 ; P. O. Marshall.

JESSUP, OLIVER, farmer, Sec. 2 ; P.O. Marshall ; owns 200 acres ; was born in Indiana in 1835; he came to Henry Co. with his parents in 1850. He married in 1865 Kate Adams, who was born in Iowa in 1844; they have five children — Fannie, born in 1806 ; Ruth, born in 1868; Allen, born in 1870; Louis, born in 1872; and Edith, born in 1877. Mr. Jessup is a son of the late Mr. Levi Jessup. His wife is a daughter of Mr. Amos Adams; both are children of early settlers of Henry County.

JESSUP, WM. A., far., Sec. 12; P. O. Marshall ; was born in North Carolina in 1821 ; removed with his parents to Indiana while an infant; came to Henry Co. in 1849. Married in 1851 Julia A. Roads, who was born in Ohio in 1827. He has 210 acres of land ; they have two children — Viola, bmn in 1850, and Ada, born in 1858; lost six children in infancy. The father of Mr. J., Mr. Levi Jessup, was born in Surry Co., N. C, in 1792; his mother was also a native of North Carolina, born in 1795 ; they removed to Indiana in 1821 ; to Henry Co. in 1850; he was a member of the Legislature of Iowa, elected in 1S52; belonged to the " Gray Beard " regiment during the rebellion. Mr. Wm. A. Jessup was a member of the Board of Supervisors at the time of the railroad war of 1857.

Johnson, D, far., S. 13 ; P. O. Marshall.

JOHNSON, ADDISON, farmer; P. O. Marshall ; owns eighty acres ; was born in Hendricks Co., Ind., in 1837 ; came to Henry Co., Iowa, in 1857. Married in 1857 Veturi Harlan, who was born in North Carolina in 1835; they have five children — Harvey A., born in 1858; William E., born in 1862 ; Jonathan, born in 1864 ; Harlan, born in 1868; Ada, born in 1876 ; lost two children in infancy.

Johnson, F. A., far., S. 34 ; P.O. Trenton.
Johnson, J., Marshall.
Keith, J. W. far., S. 26 ; P.O. Trenton.
Kendricks, J. C, Marshall.
Kephert, L. N., far., S. 32 ; P.O. Trenton.
Kurtz, Henry, far., S. 8; P.O. Marshall.
Kurtz, John, far., S. 7 ; P.O. Marshall.
Kurtz, Wm., Marshall.
Kyes, Benj., far., S. 32 ; P. O. Trenton
LAND, MATHEW. far.. S. 8; P. O. Marshall.
Lunbeck, I., far., S. 19 ; P. O. Marshall.
Leeper, J. A., far., S. 1 ; P. O. Marshall.
Leeper, R. H., far., S. 2 ; P. O. Marshall.
Leichty, Chris., far., Marshall.
Lerick, S., far., S. 31 ; P. O. Trenton.
Livingston, William, Marshall.
Loder, W. D., far., S. 20 ; P.O. Trenton.
Lute, Daniel, far.. S. 8; P. O.Trenton.
Lute, J. H., far., Sec 7 ; P. O. Marshall.
McCLINTOC, M., far., Sec. 5 ; P. O. Marshall
McClintoc, N., far., S. 4 ; P.O. Marshall.
McCormack, J. G., far., S. 33; P.O. Trenton.
McCuen, John, Marshall, Maudefrau, H., Marshall.
Mallem, Mat., far., S. 15; P.O. Marshall.
Mallem, Robt., Marshall.
Manning, J. W., far., S. 31; P. O. Trenton.

MANNING, REIBEN, far.. S. 32; P. O. Merrimac; owns 170 acres; was born in Baltimore Co., Md , in 1807. Married in 1836 Hannah Cooper, a native of England; removed to Indiana in 1836, and settled in Randolph Co.; he came to Henry Co. in 185S; Mrs. Manning died in 1865; in 1866, he married Mrs. Ann D. Harper, a native of Pennsylvania, born in 1817: Mr. Manning had seven children by first marriage— Augustus W., Martha A., James W., Eliza J., Eva, Hannah D. and Elizabeth J. ; the last named died about 1854; Mrs. Manning, formerly Mrs. Harper, has six children — Davis A., Eliza A., William J., Emma L., Margaret and Eli E.

Martin, A. C, far., S. 10; P.O. Marshall.
Martin, D., Marshall.
Mason, W. R, far.. S. 7 ; P.O. Marshall.

MATHEW, H. H., far., S. 3; P. O. Marshall ; owns 112 acres; was born in Van Buren Co., Iowa, in 1844 ; went to Washington Co. in 1852, then to Indiana in 1801. He enlisted in 1802 in the Oth Ind. V. Cav. ; served under Gen. Stoneman in the Army of the Cumberland ; participated in thirty-two engagements; was twice taken prisoner " — first, at Richmond, Ky.,and paroled; again, on the Chattahoochie River, dur ing Stoneman's raid into Georgia ; was confined in Andersonvllle and Florence for six months ; Mr. Mathew's army experience was a thrilling one, and illustrates what dangers a man may en counter, and yet escape comparatively unharmed. He married in 1808 Mary C. Parent; Mrs. Elizabeth Parent, the mother of Mrs. Mathew, resides with her daughter; she was born in Virginia in 1803 ; married in 1830 Levi Parent; they settled on the farm now owned by Mr. Mathew in 1838 ; Mr. Parent died in 1841.

Mathews, M., far., S. 2 ; P. O. Marshall.
Mathews, M. C, far., S. 3 ; P. O. Marshall.
Meeker, A. L., far., S. 10 ; P.O. Marshall.
Morgan, J. R., Marshall.

MOORE, JACOB, farmer, Sec. 22 ; F. O. Marshall ; owns 243 acres; was born in Fayette Co., Ind., in 1819 ; lost his parents when quite young; started out for himself when 16 years of age ; he wandered about for some time before locating permanently; went from Indi ana to St. Louis, up the Mississippi to Glasgow, then to Macon City; in his wanderings, he struck an Indian trail that brought him to Mt. Pleasant; then went to Burlington, and up the river to Galena, thence to what is now called Dixon, Ill,, and to Indiana again. At this time he was but a boy, and these travels were performed on foot, and alone. He returned, and settled in Henry Co. in 1830 ; he has been on the farm he now owns for thirty-four years. He married, in 1844, Sarah Cole, who was born in Indiana in 1820; have three children — Jennie, born in 1845; William A., born in 1851 ; Ella, born in 1858; lost three — David, born in 1840, died in 1853; Eliza Ann, born in 1849, died aged 6 months ; John, an infant, died in 1854. Mr. Moore has been for many years largely engaged in stock dealing.

Montgomery, J. S., far., S. 21 ; P. O. Marshall.
Moore, W., Marshall.
Morris, B. F., Marshall.
Morrison, A. C. Marshall.
NEFF, HENRY, farmer, Sec. 6; P.O. Marshall.
Nicholson, A., far., S. 31 ; P.O. Trenton.
Nickell, J. F., far., S. 3 ; P.O. Marshall,
Nickell, J. M.,far.,S. 11 ; P. O. Marshall,
Nickell. T., far., S. 25 ; P.O. Trenton.

NOBLE, ELIJAH S., far., S3; P.O. Marshall ; owns 240 acres ; was born in Franklin Co., Ohio, in 1820 ; he came from Ohio to Henry Co. and settled on his present farm in 1853. He married in 1847, Phebe Turney; who was born in Ohio in 1821 ; they have three children — Laura E., born in 1848; Clayton G., 1852, and Alvin, 1802; lost two children — Bion L., born in 1857, died in 1850, and Julia E., born in 1858, died in 1801. Mr. No ble has served as Township Clerk and Trustee ; also, as Assessor of Jefferson Tp. He is engaged in farming ; engaged extensively in the cultivation of sorghum and the manufacture of sirup; has made during the past year over sixteen hundred gallons.

Noel, Wm, Marshall.
Norton, A., far., S. 19 ; P. O. Marshall.
Norton, D., far., S. 31 ; P.O. Trenton.
Norton, John, Marshall.
Nott, A. B., Marshall.
Nott, Henry, Marshall
OSCEWALT, ELLIS, far., S. 20; P. O. Marshall.
Oxley, John, Marshall.
xley, M. S., far., S. 3; P.O. Marshall.
Oxley, Nathan. Marshall.
Oxley, Wm., Marshall.
ANGBORN, C. B., far., S. 21 ; P. O. Marshall.
Pangborn, J. S., Marshall.
Payne, C. H., far., S. 22 ; P. O. Marshall.
Payne, C. W., far., S. 30 ; P. O. Trenton.
Payne, H. N., far., S. 20 ; P. O. Trenton.
Price, J., far., S. 7 ; P.O. Marshall.
ROTT, JOHN N., f r , S. 13 ; P.O. Marshall.
Raymond, I. W., Marshall.
Reel, J. B., far.. S. 2 ; P.O. Marshall.

RESSEL, WILLIAM. Sec. 3; P. O. Trenton ; owns 342 acres ; was born in Pennsylvania in 1827 ; removed to Ohio with his parents about 1835 ; to Indiana in 1843; came to Henry Co. in 1855. Married in 1857 Sarah Tedrow, who was born in Pennsylvania in 1836 ; removed to Indiana when she was very young ; they have six children — Mary (J., born in 1858 ; Margaret J., born in 1860 ; George W., born in 1862; Sarah A., born in 1866, and Lizzie B., born in 1870; lost one child — Philip, born in 1864, died in 1865. Mr. Ressel is engaged in feeding and shipping stock.

Rich, Joseph, far., S. 11 ; P. O. Marshall.
Rich, N. far., S. 15; P. O. Marshall.
Rider, J., far., S. 15 ; P. O. Marshall.
Rider, J., far., S. 15 ; P.O. Marshall.
Riley, Richard, Marshall.
Rieley, W.. far., S. 6 ; P.O. Marshall.
Ross, E., far., S. 29 ; P.O. Trenton.
Ross, George, Marshall.
Ross, John H., far., S. 32 ; P.O. Trenton.
Ross, Jos., far., S. 33 ; P.O. Trenton.
Ross, N., far., S. 13 ; P.O. Marshall.
Ross, W., far., Sec. 28 ; P. O. Trenton.
Roth, C, far.. Sec. 16 ; P.O. Marshall.
Roth, C. far., S. 18; P.O. Marshall.
Roth, J., far., S. 9; P.O. Marshall.
Roth, N., Car., S. 1 1 ; P.O. Marshall.
Roth, Peter, Marshall.
SAMPLE, ELIJAH, farmer, Sec. 8; P.O. Marshall.
Saunders J., Marshall.

SAYLES, AHAB, farmer, Sec. 2; P. O. Marshall ; owns 217 acres; was born in Chautauqua Co., N. Y., in 1817 ; went to Crawford Co., Penn., in 1828, in 1833, to Wayne Co., Ohio; in 1855, to Henry Co., and located on the farms he now owns. He married Isabelle Davis, a native of Ohio, born in 1820 ; Mrs. Davis died Jan. 18, 1878; Mr. Sayles has three children — George L., born in 1842; Edward, born in 1849; and Mary, born in 1852; Ellen, born in 1854, died in 1861 ; another died in infamy. Mr. Sayles has been Assessor of Jefferson Tp , for eight years. Member of M. E. Church.

Sayles, Z. C, Marshall.
Schlagle, J., far., S. 11 ; P. O. Marshall.
Schlarbaum, J., far., Sec. 15; P.O. Marshall.
Schauntz, P., far., S. 3; P.O. Marshall.
Scott, H. R., far., Sec. 5 ; P.O. Marshall.
Shelton, Wm., far., Sec. 16; P.O. Marshall. S
herman, Barnul, Marshall.

Sherman, Barnul, Marshall. SHIVELY, JACOB, farmer, Sec 6 ; P. O. Marshall ; owns 286 acres ; was born in Jefferson Tp., Henry Co., in 1851. He married, in 1871. Harriet P. Stone, who was born in Ohio in 18")1 ; they have three children — Anna, born in 1872; David, born in 1875, and Eva, born in 1877. Mr. Joel Shively, the father of Jacob, was born in Stark Co., Ohio, in 1808, and came to Henry Co. in 1840; he married, in 1830, Naomi Arnold, born in Scioto Co., Ohio, in 1810; they have had eight children, only three of whom are living — Sarah A., born in 1835 ; Elizabeth D., born in 1S43, and Jacob, born in 1851 ; Thomas, born in 1833, died in 1872; Margaret, born in 1838. died in 1860; Rachel, born in 1841, died in 1863; Barbara, born in 1831, died in 1876; Eliza, born in 1846, died in 1850. Mr. Shively has been a minister of the United Brethren Church for thirty-five years, and has endured all the hardships incident to the life of a pioneer preacher.

Smith, J., far., Sec. 32; P. O. Trenton.
Stockton, A., far., S. 17; P. O. Marshall.
Stones, J. F., far., Sec. 18; P. O. Marshall.
THOMPSON, M., farmer, Sec. 32 ; P. O. Trenton.
Tower, Samuel, Marshall.
Troutman, Jacob.
Try, G., far., Sec. 31 ; P.O. Trenton.
Turner, J. P., Marshall.
Turner, R., far., Sec. 18 ; P.O. Marshall.
Turner, T., far., Sec. 31 ; P.O. Trenton.
Turner, Wm., Marshall.

TURNEY, DANIEL, far., S. 27; P.O. Trenton ; owns 400 acres ; was born in Franklin Co., Ohio, in 1815. He married in 1839 Lovilia Wilcox, who was born in Ohio in 1819; they came to Jefferson Tp. in 184H; had eight children — Charles C, Laura E., Darius P., Joel, Theodore, Sarah E. and George; Cynthia Ann died in 1858, aged 14 years ; Mrs. Turney died in 1865. Mr. Turney married in 1867 Eliza Wheeler, who was born in Coshocton Co., Ohio, in 1830 ; has two children by last marriage — John W. and Hattie M. Mr. Turney came to Henry Co. while Iowa was yet a Territory, and had the experience incident to a pioneer life ; his improvements have all been made by himself. He is engaged in farming and stock-raising.

Turney, Zeo, Marshall.
VANSANT, I., Sr., far.; P.O. Marshall.
Vansant, I., Jr., Marshall.
Vogle, John, far., See. 27 ; P.O. Trenton.
WAITMAN, F. M., far., Sec. 33; P. O. Trenton.

WALKER, ARTHUR, farmer, Sec. 21 ; P.O. Marshall ; owns 320 acres of land ; he was born in Kent Co., England, in 1810. He married in 1841 Ann C. Gravenor, also a native of Kent Co., England; born in 1810; they came to Ohio from England in 1842, and settled in Jefferson Tp. in 1852; they have five children — Ann E., Alice, Charles, Miles and Frederick W. Their son Edwin, aged 18 years, was killed by lightning in May, I860. Member of the M. E. Church.

Walker, F. B., far., S. 10; P.O. Ma shall.
Walker, M., Marshall.

WALLBANK, JOHN H., merchant and farmer ; P. O. Marshall ; was born in England in 1837. He married in 1860 Martha Whitwam, a native of Yorkshire, England ; they have five children — Sophia, Eliza, Nellie, Anna and James. Mr. Wallbank, has traveled much, visiting New Zealand, Australia, and many other islands of the South Pacific Ocean, but prefers America to all the countries he has seen. He was employed in the internal revenue depart ment of the British Government for six years. On coming to this country, he located in Trenton, Henry Co.; came to Marshall in 1872. As a merchant, he has been successful, and has- built up a fine trade. He has 300 acres of land, located near Marshall.

Warren, Dennis, Marshall.
Warren, L., Marshall.
Warren, Samuel, Marshall.
Weatherwax, H., far., Sec. 28; P. O. Trenton.
Weaver, D., far., S. 6 ; P.O. Marshall.
Wenger, C, far., S. 10 ; P.O. Marshall.
Wenger, J., far., S. 3; P. O. Marshall.
Werry, Christian, Sr., far., S. 28 ; P.O. Trenton.
Werry, C.,far., S. 33; P.O. Trenton.
Werry. J., far., S. 20 ; P.O. Marshall.
White, L., far.. Sec. 34 ; P.O. Trenton.
Wideman. P.. Marshall.

WIGGINS, L. D., DR.; Marshall ; was born in Tompkins Co., N. Y., in lw21 ; was a student of Groton Academy ; he attended medical lectures at the Geneva Medical College during the winter of 1842-43; began practice near Penn Yan, Yates Co., N. Y.; removed to Lexington, Richland Co., Ohio ; came to Henry Co., in 1849; returned to New York, but finally settled in Marshall in 1852. He married in 1844 Sarah Ncwcomb ; fhe died in 1848 ; he married in 1854 Sarah A. Johnson, who died in I860 ; married Esther A. Williams in 1864; he has four children- — Frank, born in 1845; Hiram, born in 1856; Mary, born in 1866 and Harvey ; two children of the second marriage died in infancy. Dr. Wiggins enlisted in 1861 in the 1st I. V. C. and remained in service over three years; was discharged Sept. 23, 1864.

Wilkinson, David, Marshall.
Williams, B., far., S. 4 ; P.O. Marshall,

WILLIAMS. WM., Sec. 3 ; P. O. Marshall; owns 200 acres; was born in Wales in 1830 ; his parents emigrated to Ohio in 1832; came to Henry Co. in 1835, and located on Sec. 3, where William has since lived for forty-three years. He married December. 1858, Jael Howard, a native of Cincinnati, Ohio; she was born in 1831 ; they have one child — Mary H., born March 16, 1861; John H., born May 13, 1864, died in September of the same year.

Wise, J., far., S. 10 ; P. O. Marshall.
ZEHR, J., Sr., Marshall.
Zehr, J., Jr., Marshall.

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