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From "The History of Henry County, Iowa.
Containing a History of the County, its Cities, Towns and Census."
Chicago: Western Historical Company, 1879.

Transcribed by Conni McDaniel Hall, Oct 2017

ABRAHAMS, JOHN, farmer, Sec. 25

ABRAHAM, LOT, farmer and stock-miser, S. 36; born in Butler Co., Ohio, April 18, 1838; his parents came to Iowa when he was 3 years of age, and located in this county ; his father died in 1843, soon after they came here, and Lot was the oldest son living at home. He enlisted in the 4th I. V. C, as private ; he was promoted to 1st Lieutenant with the consent and by vote of his company ; was afterward commissioned Captain ; he was in fifty-four battles, fights and skirmishes ; he was in the service about four years. He re turned and engaged in farming ; owns 340 acres of land. Married Miss Sarah C. Alden Sept. 13, 1865; she is a native of Marietta, Ohio, and is a direct descendant of John Alden, who came over in the Mayflower ; they have four children John G., Sarah, Mary and Katie.

Ambler, P. S., far., Sec. 35.
Andrews. N. B., far., Sec. 13.
BACKUS, J. R., farmer, Sec. 29.
Barnes, Mat. H., far., S. 23.

BARTLETT, JOHN WES LEY, far., S. 26 ; born in Frederick Co., Va., May 8, 1807; he lived there until 21 years of age ; then went to Ohio, where he lived two years ; then moved to Indiana, where he lived until he came to Iowa and located in Henry Co., in 1856, and engaged in farming; he owns 174 acres of land and has held school and road offices. Married Catherine Carmichael March 1, 1830 ; she was a native of Pennsylvania, and was brought up in Ohio and Indiana; they have five children Mary, William, Catherine, Jesse D. and Maggie ; lost five children in infancy.

Barlett, J. D., far., S. M.
Barton, J., far., S. 17.

BAYLES, RICHARD, far., S. 11; born in Newtown, N. Y., July 19, 1805; when 10 years of age, his father moved to Adams Co., Ohio, where Richard was married to Miss Polly Thomas, a native of Brown Co., Ohio, Aug. 19, 1829; they came to Iowa and arrived in Mt. Pleasant March 22, 1849 ; the same year, moved on the farm where they now live and engaged in farming; have lived here for thirty years ; he is the oldest settler now living on this road ; owns a farm of 120 acres and has held town offices. Mrs. Bayles died Feb. 16, 1877, leaving five children Abraham M., Joseph F., Mary M., Richard W., Matilda C. ; they have lost six children. Mr. Bayles had two sons in the army ; Joseph enlisted in the 14th I. V. I. ; was wagon-master ; Washington enlisted in the 4th I. V. C. ; was taken prisoner at Black River and held three months ; was in the service thirty-four months ; Joseph F. Morrison, who married Mary M., enlisted in the 4th I. V. C, Co. K, and died from disease contracted in the army, leaving two children Allie and Richard M., who, with their mother, live with Mr. Bayles.

Beardsley, J. L., far., Sec. 29.
Beck, John, far., S. 7.

BLAKMORE, JAMES, farmer, Sec. 23 ; was born in West Virginia Sept. 4, 1814, and lived there twenty - seven years ; he came to Iowa and located in Henry Co. in January, 1843, and is one of the early settlers, and has lived here over thirty- six years ; he bought a claim and en gaged in farming ; he owns 1 51 acre s. He married Mary Elliott, of Ohio, March 13, 1851; they have four children - William F., Jesse H., Sarah E. and Mary I. ; they have lost one son, James E., who was drowned.

BLAKMORE, WILLIAM A., farmer, Sec. 23 ; was born in Ohio Co., Va., Dec. 1, 1811. He married Rebecca Roberts, a native of the same place, April 21, 1836; they came to Iowa, and located in this county in 1843, and engaged in farming ; were early settlers, having lived here over thirty-five years ; he owns a farm of seventy-three acres ; has been connected with the Methodist Episcopal Church over forty-two years. They have four children Sarah E., born Aug. 22, 1842, wife of Thomas J. Stansbery, of Kansas; Rebecca J., born Dec. 17, 1845, at home ; Francis E., born Dec. 2, 1848; he married Miss Annie Booten ; they have one child Lizzie E. ; Catharine A., born Feb. 17, 1859, wife of James Chandler. Mr. and Mrs. Blakmore have lost three children, Caleb S.. James M. and William F.

BROOKS, MARTIN, farmer, Sec. 10 ; was born in Prussia March 7, 1827; emigrated to America in 1854, came to Iowa in 1855, and to Henry Co. in the spring of 185G ; he was engaged in quarrying stone and burning lime, and was clerk in a store ; then engaged in farming ; he owns a farm of eighty-four acres near city of Mt. Pleasant. He married Miss Susan Strow, from Germany, in November, 1855; they have eight children William, Martin, Annie, Rose, Dora, Emma, Albert and Susan.

Bosworth, S. H., far., S. 4.
Broshuahan, B. J., far., S. 33.
Broshuahan, C, far., S. 20.
Broshuahan, C. J., far., S. 17.
Broshuahan, D., far., S. 33.

BROWN, HENRY C, farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 14 ; was born in Warren Co., Ohio, Jan. 3, 1832; he was brought up there and in Montgomery Co.; he came to Iowa, and located in this county in the fall of 18515, and engaged in farming and stock- raising ; he has given considerable attention to sheep-raising, and very few farmers have been more successful in this branch of stock-raising ; he owns 100 acres of land. He has held office of Township Trustee, Director of the County Farm, and other town and school offices; he is public spirited, and identified with the interests of the county. He married Miss Bailie Humphrey, from McDonough Co., Ill., in March, 1859 ; they have eight children Harry, Belle, Laura, Edwin, Frank, Lou, Carl and Pearl.

Buehannan, O. H. P., far., S. 10.
Buck, L. G., far., S. 3.
Burk, W., far., S. 33.
Burns, E., Sr., far., S. 34.
Burns, E., Jr., far., S. 34.
Burns, W., far., S. 27.
CAMPBELL, DANIEL, farmer, Sec. 12.
Campbell, W., far., S. 23.
Carnahan, E. F., far., S. 10.

CARRON, ROBERT, farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 2 ; was born in Washington Co., Penn., Oct. 12, 1812; lived three miles from the town of Washington until he came to Iowa in 1839 ; he selected the lands where he now lives ; remained here during the winter to attend the land sales in the spring of 1840, when he entered over five hundred acres from Government ; then return to Pennsylvania, and remained four years ; came to this county May 18, 1844, and settled permanently and engaged in farming; he is one of the early settlers, and there are few here now who were here when he came ; he owns 800 acres of land. He married Miss Jane Munce, of Washington Co., Penn., in October, 1849; they have three children Leslie J. (at home), Mary E. (now Mrs. Thornton Willets, of this county) and Robert M., who lives on the old home place in Washington Co., Penn.

Cavanagh, P., far.. S. 12.

CAILK, BENT, farmer, stock dealer and stock-raiser, Sec. 5 ; was born in Guilford Co., N. C, in 1827 ; he came from Illinois to Iowa by wagon with Col. Porter and Brazleton ; arrived here May 27, 1836 ; his father bought 1,000 acres of land and settled on the farm where he now lives ; there were numbers of Indians here then, and they traded with them ; he soon learned the Indian language, and could speak it as readily as English; he engaged in farming, and also in buying and shipping stock for the past twenty years ; he is one of the oldest settlers, and owns 325 acres of land. He married Miss Elizabeth Jane Moore October 27, 1852; her father was one of the earliest settlers; came here in 1835 ; went to California in 1849, and with one of his daughters and a grand daughter sailed for New York on the vessel Meteor, and were lost at sea ; neither vessel nor passengers were ever heard from. Mr. and Mrs. Caulk have two sons Charlie and Frank.

Chandler, G. L., far., S. 22.
Chandler, L. R., far., S. 23.
Chandler, T., far., S. 22.
Coranee, Eli. far., S. 3.
Cormick, C, far., S. 32.
DAWSON, JOHN, Sr , farmer, Sec. 33.
Deal, James I., Sec. 3.
Doan, A., far., 8. 32.
Doan, M., far., S. 31.
Doan, Zach, Sec. 32.
Donahy, M., far., S. 16.
Downey, F., far, S. 15. EASTMAN, SOL, Sec. 21.
FARISS, ADAM, far., S. 3.

FARBER. M. W., farmer and fruit grower, Sec. 16; born in Berkeley Co., Va., Nov. 15, 1819 ; he lived there until 14 years of age; went to Ohio in 183:!, and lived in that State until 1849. Married Miss Rachel Johnson in De comber, 1843; she is a daughter of Judge Johnson, of Miami Co., Ohio; they came to Iowa in 1 S 19 ; spent one winter in Keokuk ; settled in Lee Co., and lived there until April, 1865, when they came to Mt. Pleasant, and located where they now live, just out of the city, on a farm of forty-seven acres, largely devoted to orchard and fruit- culture ; one part of it is well adapted for a fishery, which Mr. F. at one time intended starting. Mr. Farber is a natural mechanic, and has recently received patents for a combined ditching machine, and also for a self-adjusting wheel scraper. They have had seven children, none now living.

FARR. FRANK S., farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 36 ; was born in Vermont Jan. 29, 1823; he lived there until 1851 ; went to California and remained over three years and returned to Vermont ; on the 1st of November, 1855, he started for Iowa ; he arrived in this county and bought the farm where he now lives Nov. 5, 1855; he has been engaged since then in farming and stock-raising. Mr. Farr began life without anything, working at 511 per month; by industry and good management, he now owns 230 acres of land ; he not only holds the title of it, but there is not a claim of any kind against it. He has held school and road offices. He married Miss Amy Gilbert, a native of England, Jan. 1, 1850 ; they have two children Hattie M. and George H.; lost one daughter Charlotte.

Faucett, J. J., far., S. 17.
Faulkner, 0. F. A., far., S. 30.
Forbes, J. F., far., S. 32.
Forbes, J. D., far., S. 32.
Forbes, Riely, far., S. 27.

FORBES, COLLIN, farmer, Sec. 35 ; was born in Oneida Co., N. Y., May 7, 1803; when 10 years of age, he went with his father to Ohio; in 1824, they moved to Fountain Co., Ind. There he married Miss Jane Johnson, a native of Tennessee, Jan. 1, 1829 ; they came to Iowa by wagon; arrived here May 28, 1837, and are among the oldest settlers now living here ; he bought a claim and engaged in farming; he hauled the first load of brick that was every brought to Mt. Pleasant, Mr. and Mrs. Forbes have passed their golden wedding-day, which occurred Jan. 1, 1879; they have lived a long, peaceful, useful life ; they have six children Edward, Angelitie, Sarah, Albert, James and Perry, and have lost four children.

Fowler, J. H., far., S. 21.
GILLIS, C. B., far., S.8.

GEESEKA, RUDOLPH, farm- er, Sec. 2 ; was born in Prussia in 1815 ; served in the Prussian army four and a half years ; he came to America in 1838 ; lived in New York some time; came to Iowa in 1852; settled in Lee Co., and engaged in farm ing ; he lived there twenty-four years, then came to Henry Co.; he owns a farm of 120 acres. Married Miss Louisa Duderstadt, from Germany, in September, 1852 ; they have seven children Otto, Hugo, Egmont, Rudolph, Emma, Flora and Alvina. Mr. and Mrs. Geeseka attend the Presbyterian Church.

Giblin, Thos., far., S. 34.
Grant, R. R.,far., S. 12.
HAMM, JOHN B., farmer, Sec. 27.
Haunifee, P., far, S. 28.
Harris, Win, far, S. 29.

HANSON, JOHN M., farmer, Sec. 10; born in Franklin Co., Mass., July 25, 1807 ; lived there and in Shelburne, and learned the trade of cabinet-maker ; after working in various places, he located for a time in Ohio ; in 1830, on account of his health, he started with a span of horses for the West; he came to Chicago, and thence to Joliet, where he traded his team for wild land ; he came to Iowa and arrived in Henry Co. in September, 1830 ; is one of the old est settlers ; few are now living in the county who were here when he came ; made the claim where he now lives ; at that time there was not a settler on the prairie east of him to the Mississippi River ; he engaged in farming. It was a journey to go to mill in those days, and he used to pound corn in a hole burned out of the end ofa stump. He sold fifty hogs to Presley Saunders at SI. 50 per cwt., and only got one-third cash ; two-thirds he had to trade out in dry goods, with calico at 25 cents a yard. He was engaged in chairmaking and turning for some years ; went to California in 1852, and remained there six years. After the Henry County Agricultural Society was organized, he was its President, when the first county fair was held. He was elected Representative to the State Legislature in the fall of 1871, and has held town and school offices. He owns a farm of over one hundred acres ad joining the city of Mt. Pleasant. Mr. Hanson has been married three times. On the 8th of January, 1832, he married Miss Laurette Smith, a native of Massachusetts ; she died Aug. 18, 1839 ; they had three children ; two survive Lucy and William ; on the 10th of Feb ruary, 1841, he married Laura A. Woods, of this State; she died Feb. 24, 1852; they had six children ; four survive Charles A., Laurette A., Henry W. and John C. He married his present wife, Eliza Farr, from Vermont, June 10,1862.

HARRISON, CHARLES P., farmer, and raiser of fine stock, Sec. 20 ; born in Delaware Co., Penn., Sept. 15, 1820; when 12 years of age, moved to Ohio; he came to Iowa in 1850, and located in this county; he was among the first to introduce fine stock in this county, bringing them with him when he came from Ohio; he located where he now lives, and engaged in stock farming. He had very little when he began life ; by industry and good management, he now owns 300 acres of land. He has held town and school offices and is actively identified with the interests of the town and county. He married Miss Catharine Muiray, of Clark Co., Ohio, Nov. 14, 1852; they have seven children Murray, Lizzie, Fred, M. Park, Vinnie, Willie and Annie. Coal has been discovered on Mr. Harrison's farm ; also a superior quality of potter's clay, and there is a tile-factory in operation on his farm.

Hart, J. B., retired, S. 21.
Hawkins, Eli, far., S. 21.
Heally, Tim, far., S. 28.

HEDGES, WILLI AM, farmer and stock-raiser, S. 12 ; born in Pickaway Co., Ohio, Dec. 13, 1824 ; he came to Iowa by team, and at rived in this county in September, 1850, and has lived here over twenty-eight years ; he settled upon land his father entered from the Government, in the spring of 1S51 ; he had just got his shanty ready to live in on the evening of the last day of May, when the largest or main portion of it was entirely carried away by a hurricane, but, very fortunately, his wife and children were not injured; Mr. Hedges has been successful in life; his home farm contains 320 acres, and he owns 420 acres in all. He has held school and road offices. He married Miss Louisa Pritchett, of Pickaway Co., Ohio, Dec. 22, 1846 ; they have nine children John, Zachary P., Jabez, Maria, Mary, William, Emma H., Thomas J. and Louisa B.

Helphrey, F. P.. far., S. 3.
Higgins, P., S. 16.
Hills, Samuel, far., S. 6.
Hitt, E. F, far.. S. 22.
Hobbs, Albert, far., S. 30.
Hockett, Eli, far., S. 31.
Holmes, Jeremiah, far., S. 18.
Hoover, Andrew, S. 34.
Houseman, Jacob, far., S. 26.
Hughes, John D., far.
Hughes, W F., far., S. 5.
Hulings, John, far., S. 32.
Hurley, C, far., S. 27.
Hurley, Daniel, far., S. 33.
Hutton, William, far., S. 8.

HUTTON, WILLIAM M., far, S. 8; born in Sangamon Co., Ill., July 4, 1832 ; when only 3 years of age, his parents came to Iowa with ox-teams ; located in this county, on the farm where Mr. Hutton now lives, in the spring of 1835 ; Indians were numerous then, and settlers few; William has al ways lived in this township, on the farm he now owns, except a few years spent in Mt. Pleasant ; he is engaged in farming and stock-raising, and owns 225 acres of land. He married Miss Mary E. Watson, a native of Van Buren Co., Iowa, in September, 1861; they have seven children Charles,. Tames, Alvin, Ben ton, Etta, Emma and Lilly. Samuel Hutton, the father of William, was born in Pennsylvania in 1785 ; he died September 12, 1857, 72 years of age ; his wife, Polly Hutton, was born in 1793, and is a native of North Carolina; they had nine children, six of whom survive ; Mrs. Hutton is now 86 years old, and is living with her son William.

JEFFRIES, J, far, S. 3.
KERFUS, ANDREW, far, S. 33.

KEAN, THOMAS L., far, S. 6 ; born in Berkeley Co., Va., Feb. 18, 1818; when 14 years of age, with his parents, went to Clark Co., Ohio ; lived there eight years ; came by wagon to Iowa, and arrived in this county in the fall of 1838; located on the farm where he how lives ; he bought the claim and entered the land from the Government at the first land sale held at Burlington, in 1840 ; he has sold wheat for 25 cents per bushel, and $1.12 perewt. for pork; owns farm of 2(10 acres, and has held town and school offices. Married Miss Sarah Ann Rose July 22, 1843 ; she was two native of Pennsylvania, born a a few miles from Philadelphia ; after ward lived in Virginia and Ohio ; they have three children Margaret Jane, Isabel and Frank ; lost two daughters Adaline and Sarah Ann.

KEAX. WILLIAM, farmer, Sec. 7; born in Berkeley Co., Va., Nov. 15, 1815; lived there until 18 years of age; went to Ohio in 1833, and lived there five years; he came to Iowa on horse-back , and located in Mt. Pleasant in October, 1838 one of the earliest settlers; the Indians used to pass through here every year on their way to visit Flint Hills, now Burlington ; when his brother came to this country, he built a very substantial log house, to be used as a fort for protection ; they killed a large ox, raised it up in the house and left it hanging there until it was used up; it was frozen, and they would shave off the beef as they wanted to use it. Mr. Kean entered land from the Government, and engaged in farming ; has sold wheat at 25 cents a bushel and pork at 81.25 per hundred. He has held town and school offices. He owns 185 acres of land. Married Miss Matilda McMillin, of Worcester, Wayne Co., Ohio, in March, 1842; they have three children Mary, Charles and Laura ; lost one son Willie.

KNOX, THOMAS, farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 15 ; born in Washing ton Co., Penn, Dec. 4, 1816; lived there until 30 years of age ; removed to Ohio ; remained twenty years ; then came to Iowa, and located in Henry Co, where he now lives, in November, 1866, and engaged in farming and stock- raising; he has given considerable attention to sheep-raising ; he owns over three hundred acres of land, and has held town and school offices. He married Miss Sarah Ann Ely, of Washington Co, Penn, Oct. 2, 1845 ; they have eight children four sons and four daughters ; lost one daughter.

Lawler, Daniel, far , S. 6.

LOOM IS. ALVIN T., farmer, Sec. M ; born in Bradford Co., Penn, Feb. 18, 1846; when 6 years of age, he came with his parents to Iowa ; they located in this county, and he has lived here since; is engaged in farming, and owns 113 acres of land. He was in the army; enlisted in Co. A, 45th Iowa V. I. Married Miss Fidelia Cure, of Bradford Co., Penn, in March, 1868; they have three children Ernest, Guy and Otto; lost one son.

Lyon, R. B, far.. S. 22.
McCRAY, JOSEPH, far., S. 14.
McClay, William, far., S. 28.
McDonald, James, far., S. 13.
McDowell Joseph, far., S. 30.
McGeer, Arthur, far., S. 16.
McHuih, Martin, S. M.
McKinley, M. E., far., S. 3.
McLaughlin, John, far., S. 15.
McMillan, Charles, far., S. 5.
McMillan, Thomas, far., 8. 5.
McNeally, Jeremiah, far., S. 7.

McNEELEY, JEREMIAH, farmer, Sec. 7 ; was born in Lewis Co., Ky , Oct. 26. 1812; his parents moved to Ohio when he was an infant, and he was raised there, and taught school He married Miss Drusilla Springer from Brown Co., Ohio, Sept. 24 1835; came to Iowa by wagon and arrived in this country in May 1849, and the following year moved where they now live, and engaged in farming and teaching school; owns a farm of eighty acres ; they have four children Nancy, George, Elizabeth and Flavius ; they lost one son, Uriah, who was in the Co. I, 14th I. V. I. ; he was taken prisoner at the battle of Shiloh, and died in prison ; George was in Co. G, 11th I. V. I., and was slightly wounded and taken prisoner at Atlanta ; Flavius married Miss Elizabeth Jane Hobbs, from this town and county, Oct. 8, 1874 ; they have two children Ona Lillian and John Thomas.

Maulding, Alexander, far., S. 19.
Morehead, T. P., far., S. 14.
Morrison, J. E.
NEAL, JESSE, far., S. 8.
O'CONNER, CHARLES, far., S. 16.
O'Conner, Dennis, S. 20.
O'Connor, Michael, farmer, Sec. 20.
O'Connor, Pat, farmer, Sec. 21.
O'Connor, Thomas, laborer, Sec. 16.
O'Herron, Thomas, See. 16.
Oneal, Daniel, farmer, Sec. 16.
PALMER, HARRIS, farmer, Sec. 16.
Patton, James A., farmer, Sec. 1.
Parkins, Stephen, farmer, See. 8.

PURINE, JACOB, farmer, Sec. 18 ; owns 160 acres; was born in Wayne Co., Ohio, in 1839 ; he came to Henry Co. with his parents in 1851; he married in 1863 Martha Iowa Maul ding, a native of Henry Co., born in 1844 ; they have six children Laura, Alvin, Alice, Cora, Josie and Walter; Martha died in infancy. Mr. Perine is a member of the firm of Caulk & Perine, stock dealers.

Perine, Jacob, farmer, Sec. 18.
Pierce, S. H., farmer, Sec. 29.
Pritchett. V. B., farmer, Sec. 1.
RAINEY, J. J., farmer, Sec. 24.

RANDOLPH, JOSEPH F., farmer, Sec. 36 ; born in Butler Co., Ohio, May 15, 1809 ; he lived in Ohio until he came to Iowa in 1852, when he located in this county, Jackson Tp., and engaged in farming ; he has lived on his present farm for the past nine years. He was elected Representative to the State Legislature in October, 1857, the first session held at Des Moines after the adoption of the New Constitution ; he has held town and school offices. Mr. Randolph has been married three times , his first wife was Sarah Woodmansee. from Ohio ; she died Dec. 26, 1854, leaving seven children, five of whom survive Columbus, William, Daniel, Thomas and Ann : Benjamin died in the army ; his second wife was Mary Ann Lynch, from Kentucky ; he mar ried his present wife, Mrs. Rebecca Gardner, formerly Miss Rebecca Paine, in October, 1 866 ; she was a native of Virginia, and came to this county with her parents in 1837; they have one daughter Nevada M. Joshua Gardner, the former husband of Mrs. Randolph, was in the army ; he was Second Lieut, of Co. K, 4th I. V. C, and was killed while in the service. Mr. and Mrs. Randolph are connected with the M. E. Church ; Mr. Randolph has been a member of this Church for fifty-nine years.

Pheinhemier, L., laborer, Sec. 36.
Roberts, D., farmer, Sec. 10.
Roberts, Edward, farmer, Sec. 15.
Robinson, John, farmer, Sec. 28
Rodgers, Hugh, farmer, Sec. 28.
Rork, Theodore, farmer, Sec. 19.
Rose, George H., Sec. 4.

ROSS, ELIZA, Mas Sec. 11; Mrs. Eliza Ross, nee Knox, is a native of Tennessee ; when only 3 years of age, her parents came to Miami Co., Ohio, where she lived until her marriage with Samuel Ross, of Pennsylvania, May 18, 1843 ; they came to Iowa in their own conveyance, having a carriage and lumber-wagon, and arrived in this county Nov. 9, 1848; they bought the farm where Mrs. Ross now lives and engaged . in farming. Mr. Ross held the offices of County Supervisor, Township Trustee, and other town and school offices. He died Sept. 12, 1872, leaving three children Demaris (now Mrs. Bereman, of Atchison, Kan.), Margaret E. and Frances at home ; also, a stepson, T. Scott, living in Boone Co. ; he was in the army in Co. B, 25ih I. V. I. Her son, Mathew, was in the 4th I, V. C., Co. K ; he was in the service four years and died from disease contracted in the service. Mrs. Ross owns 233 acres of land.

Ross, M. E., Sec. 11.
Roth, John, farmer, Sec. 26.
Ruby, Elias, Sec. 19.
Rudd, Thomas, farmer, Sec. 28.
Rudolph, J. F., Sec. 36.

RUKGABER, JOHN, stone- quarrying and cutting stone, Sec. 17 ; born in Germany Aug. 19, 1828; learned there the stone-cutter's trade ; he came to America in 1853, and lived in Richmond, Va., three years ; worked on the Treasury Building in Washington, D. C, for two years ; came to Mt. Pleasant in 1858 ; has been en gaged here in quarrying stone since 1865. Married Annie Rupprecht from Prussia, Oct. 1, 1853 : they have six children Rosa, Annie, Joseph, Albert, Johanna and Johnnie.

SEXTON, M., farmer, Sec. 32. S1
Shaffer, Jacob, farmer, Sec. 25.
Shane, John T., farmer, Sec. 7.
Slattery, Timothy, farmer, Sec. 28.
Smith, H. W., farmer, Sec. 30.
Smith, J. O., farmer, Sec. 29.
Smith, Levi, farmer, Sec. 29.
Stansbury, John, farmer, Sec. 24.
Stevens, D. B., brick maker, Sec. 16.

SPEARMAN, CORNELIUS F., farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 23; born in Morgan Co., Ill., near Jacksonville, Feb. 3, 1831; when 6 years of age, his parents removed to Des Moines Co., Iowa ; came to this county in April, 1840 ; in 1852, he went to California and was there three years engaged in mining ; he returned here in 1H55, and was en gaged in the livery business in Fairfield and Mt. Pleasant. He enlisted in Sept. 1861 ; he was elected and commissioned Captain of Co. D, 4th I. V. C ; he was promoted to Major in 1863 ; was in the siege of Vicksburg, and many other battles and skirmishes ; served three years. After his return, engaged in farming; he owns 253 acres of land, and has held town and school offices. He married Miss Julia A. Coiner, of Ross Co., Ohio, in 1859 ; she died July 17, 1878, leaving five children Artie, May, Julia L., Frank C. and Paul.

Sullivan, Henry, Sec. 3.
Summers, E. M., far., S. 27.
Summers, J. B., far., S. 27.
Summers, W., far., S. 27.
Swan, H., far., S. 6.
Swan, H. B., far., S. 5.
TAFT, T. V., farmer, Sec. 16.
Talbot, G. L., far., S. 16.
Tash, N, far., S. 28.
Taylor, W. H., far., S. 16.

TOLLE, WILLIAM, far., S. 13 ; born in Fleming Co., Ky., April 10, 1801; came to Iowa in April, 1849; was a pioneer settler; he bought the land where he now lives, moved on it the following July, and engaged in farming ; Mr. Tolle has always been interested in the welfare and progress of the county ; has been Vice President of the Henry Co. Agricultural Society, and connected officially with the Society for ten years ; in the early days, he was a member of the Vigilance Committee ; although over 77 years of age, he is still active and smart ; he owns a farm of seventy-one acres. He married Miss Sallie Ringo, from Fleming Co., Ky., Feb. 13, 1823 ; she died June 26, 1870 ; they had four children, two of whom survive Mary A., now Mrs. Grant, who lives in Nebraska, and Lucy A., now Mrs. Grant, living in this county ; they lost two sons Francis H. and Joel D. ; Mr. Tolle married Mrs. Mary A. Brown, of this county, but a native of Kentucky, Nov. 27, 1870.

Toomey, P., S. 16.
Tracey, J. W., far., S. 4.
Trobridge, J. D., far., S. 22.
Trump, H., far., S., 25.
WALLACE, DAVID, farmer, Sec. 2.
Waugh, R., far., 8. 24.
Waugh, Robert, far., S. 13.
Weith, Charles. Weith, G., Sr., far., S. 16.
Williferd, H. M., far., S. 22.
Williferd, 8., far., S. 32.

WILKINS JAMES S., far., S. 25; born in Hamilton Co. Dec. 3, 1834 ; he was brought up and lived there until 1860, when he came to Iowa, and located in this county, and engaged in farming and stock-raising; he owns 120 acres of land, and has held the office of Justice of the Peace. He married Miss Emeline Miller Dec. 3, 1862 ; she is a native of Rush Co., Ind, and came to Iowa in 1853 ; they have six children Delora, John, Mary, Bertha, Annie and Jessie.

WHITE, GEORGE, far., 8. 16; born in Germany in 1810 ; emigrated to America in 1842; remained in Ohio one year; came to Iowa in 1843 and settled in this county ; he was engaged in farming for many years; his sons are now living on his farm; he owns 287 acres of land. Married Mary Nau, of Germany, in 1841; she died in 1868 ; they had six children, four of whom survive Charles, George, Louisa and Otilda.

WILSON, JOHN MILTON, far., S. 36 ; born in Wayne Co., Ind., March 13, 1816 ; he learned the trade of brick maker ; he came to Iowa on horse-back, and arrived in this county April 27, 1837, and is one of the oldest settlers now living here ; the first season he came, he engaged in making brick ; he made the first brick that was used in Mt. Pleasant ; he afterward engaged in farming, and has also been engaged in burning lime for over twenty years. He has held the office of Justice of the Peace for sixteen years, and elected first in 1852; he has also held other town and school offices. He has disposed of his land, except forty acres, where he now lives, and his lime-kilns. He married Nancy P. Ross, from Missouri, in 1839; she died March 3, 1871 ; they have eight children Margaret E., Olive, James K. P., Charles C, Amy A., Missouri, Miller W. and McClure ; they lost one daughter Birdie ; July 16, 1874, he married Mary J. Trump, a native of Ohio. Mr. Wilson had one son, James K. Polk, in the army.in the 45th I. V. I., Co. A. Mr. Wilson was a Democrat until 1856, and since then he has acted with the Republican party.

Wilson, J., S. 16.
Wilson, John, far., S. 20.
Wilson, J. M., far., S. 36.
Winters, Jesse M., far., S. 11.
Wood, C. D., far., S. 21.
Wood, D., retired, S. 29.
Wood, D. C, far., S. 29.
Woodcock, Thomas.
Woodsworth, J. B., far., S. 14.

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