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From "The History of Henry County, Iowa.
Containing a History of the County, its Cities, Towns and Census."
Chicago: Western Historical Company, 1879.

Transcribed by Conni McDaniel Hall, Oct 2017

ABLES, JOHN, far, S. 10; P. O. Mt. Union.
Allen, Andrew, far, S. 11; P.O. Mt. Union.
Antler, Henry H, far, S. 13 ; P. O. Mt. Union.
Alter, Joseph, for, S. 7 ; P. O. Mt. Pleasant
BAYER, FRANK, far, S. 34; P.O. Mt. Union.

BARCLAY, W. R., deceased; he was born March 10, 1831, in Greene Co., Penn.; in 1853, came to Henry Co.; died Oct. 3, 1875. He married Emeline Patterson in 1853 ; she was born Jan. 10, 1833, in Greene Co., Penn. She owns 100 acres of land; have three children William P., Henry P. and George R. Member of the Presbyterian Church.

BAXTER, A., far, S. 24; P.O. Mt. Union; born Sept. 16, 1812, in Westmoreland Co., Penn.; in 1852, came to Henry Co. ; owns 200 acres of land. Married Matilda Crawford Oct. 11, 1838; she was born in 1811, in Pennsylvania, died in 1854; have three children Robert, James and Elizabeth; second marriage to Catharine Zolers in 1856; she was born April, 1812, in Westmoreland Co., Penn.; Robert and James served in the late war. Has been County Superintendent four years, also, Township Treasurer and School Director. Republican; M. E. Church.

Beard, James, far, S. 1 ; P.O. Mt. Union.
Bonar, George, far, S. 13 ; P.O. Cotton Grove.
Bryson, H. 0, far. Sec. 34 ; P.O. Cotton Grove.
Bryson, J, far. Sec, 15; P.O. Cotton Grove.
Buige, G, farmer, Sec. 2; P.O. Mt. Union.
Burkhart, C, far. Sec. 19 ; P.O. Cotton Grove.
CABLE, D. B, far. Sec. 26 ; P.O. Mt. Union.
Cartwright, H. W., far., Sec. 15 ; P.O. New London.
Cheneoweth, T., Sr., Sec. 19 ; P.O. Mt. Pleasant.
Chrissinger,G. M., far., Sec. 14 ; P.O. New London.

CHRISSINGER. W., far., Sec. 33 ; P. O. Cotton Grove; born Dec. 11, 1840, in Elizabethown, Penn.; in 1842, came with his parents to Ohio; in 1855, came to Des Moines Co.; in 1860, went to Illinois, the same year, to Henry Co.; owns eighty acres of land. Married Isabella Holmes Dec. 25, 1864; she was born Jan. 5, 1846, in Illinois; had five children, four living Willis M., Addie R., Emery P. and Maudie M.; lost Mary in infancy. Has been for the past four years School Director and Treasurer. Republican.

Coad, H., far., Sec. 10 ; P. O. Mt. Union.
Coad, T., far., Sec. 36 ; P. O. Mt. Union.
Cockayne, S. W., fur., Sec. 15; P.O. Cotton Grove.

CORKHILL, THOMAS E., Jr., farmer, Sec. 24 ; P.O. Cotton Grove; born Aug. 14, 1846, in Harrison Co., Ohio ; in 1849, came to Henry Co.; owns 160 acres of land. Married Eloise Hinman Jan. 2, 1871; she was born Jan. 1, 1853, in Lansing, Mich.; have two children Edith M. and Edward C. Republican.

Corkhill, W. H., far., S. 21 ; P.O. Mt. Pleasant.
Courtney, J., far., S. 35 ; P.O. Cotton Grove.
Cozier, H., far., Sec. 18 ; P.O. Cotton Grove.
Crane, S. R., far., S. 32 ; P.O. Mt. Union.
Cunningham, J., far., S. 23 ; P.O. Cotton Grove.
DAVEY, JESSE, farmer, Sec. 27 ; P.O. Cotton Grove.
Davey, L., far., S. 27 ; P.O. Cotton Grove.
Davis, J. H., far., S. 31 ; P.O. Mt. Pleasant.
Deal, N. H., farmer, Sec. 2; P.O. Mt. Union.
Doolittle, C., ar., S. 10; P.O. Mt. Union.
Down, I. N., far., Sec. 18 ; P. O. Cotton Grove.
Dutton, D. W., far., Sec. 1 ; P.O. Mt. Union.
Dwyer, J., far., S. 19 ; P.O. Mt. Pleasant.
EHRETT, SAMUEL, farmer, Sec. 4 ; P.O. Cotton Grove.
Eilers, J., far.. S. 14 ; P.O. Cotton Grove.
FIELSKASKIE, M. E. & A. farmers. Sec. 34 ; P. O. New London.
Fleagle, F. R., Postmaster and merchant, Cotton Grove.
GAVIN, D., farmer, Sec. 29 ; P. O. J~ Cotton Grove.
Gavin, J., far.,S. 29 ; P.O. Cotton Grove.
Gavin, T. R., far., Sec. 16 ; P.O. Cotton Grove.
Goolden, M., far., S. 31 ; P.O. Mt, Pleasant.
Gilmore, C. E. & J. H., fars., S. 34 ; P.O. Mt. Union.
Gilyeart, J., far., S. 2 ; P.O. Mt. Union.
Grier, J. A., far., S. 3; P. O. Cotton Grove.
HALE, JAMES M., farmer, Sec. 11; P.O. New London.
Hale, J. D., far., S. 26 ; P.O. New London.
Hale, L., far., S. 25 ; P. O. New London.
Hale, R. E., far., S. 25; P.O. New London.
Hamilton, W. L., far., S. 24; P.O. Mt. Union.
Harlison, M. R., far., S. 26 ; P.O. Mt. Union.
Havenga, E., far., S. 22 ; P.O. Cotton Grove.
Hedges, T., far., S. 1 1 ; P. O. Mt. Union.
Henderson, J., far., S. 5; P. O. Winfield.
Hiendle, J., far., Sec. 15 ; P. O. Cotton Grove.
Hilliard, Lewis, far., Sec. 3 ; P.O. Cotton Grove.
Hobbie, E., far., Sec. 27 ; P. O. Cotton Grove.
Holland, A. N., far., Sec. 33; P.O. New London.
Holland, Alva W., for., S. 27 ; P.O. New London.
Holland, G. M., far., Sec. 19 ; P.O. Mt. Pleasant.
Hauck, T., far., Sec. 4 ; P.O. Cotton Grove.
Hunt, S. G., far., Sec. 9 ; P. O. Morning Sun.
JACKSON, JOHN W., far., Sec. 23; P.O. Cotton Grove.
Jenkins, R. F., far., Soc. 17 ; P.O. Mt. Pleasant
Jennings, Isaac, far.. Sec. 23 ; P.O. Mt. Union.
June, E., far., S. 7 ; P.O. Mt. Pleasant.
KEEGAN, BERNARD, farmer, Sec. 6 ; P.O. Mt. Pleasant.

KENYON, EDWARD, deceased; he was born Aug. 2, 1812, on the Isle of Man; in December, 1857, came to Mt. Pleasant; died July 7, 1870. He married Lydia Reed Sept, 23, 1843; she was born Oct 5, 1825, in Wayne Co., Penn.; had three children, one living William C.; lost one child in infancy; John W. died May 12, 1874. Mr. Kenyon has been a member of the Board of Supervisors, Postmaster, and Justice of the Peace; M. E. Church.

KNEEN, WILLIAM, farmer, Sec. 9 ; P.O. Mt. Union; born July 24, 1818, on the Isle of Man; in 1826, came to Carroll Co., Ohio; in 1852, came to Scott Co., Iowa; in 1850, to Henry Co. ; owns 320 acres land. Married Letitia J. Fawcett in 1847 ; she was born June 10, 1827, in Carroll Co., Ohio; had seven children, five living Charles F., John A., Letitia J., Ella G. and Alice ; lost William H., aged 10 years and 6 months, and Mary M., aged 4 years. Has been School Trustee and Township Assessor. Republican; M. E. Church.

Krudopp, H., far., S. 5; P.O. Cotton Grove
LAKE, JOHN, far., Sec. 4 ; P. O. Mt. Union.

LAWRENCE, JAMES, farmer, Sec. 33 ; P.O. Mt, Pleasant; born June 4, 1826, in England; in 1848, came to Henry Co., Iowa; owns 140 acres land; he built the first house in Canaan Tp. Married Elizabeth Strange in 1847; she was born in 1821, in England, died Oct. 20, 1876; had six children, two living. Ellen J. and Emily E. Republican.

Layman, J., far., Sec. 29 ; P.O. Cotton Grove.
Lease, James N., far., Sec. 35 ; P.O. Mt. Union.
Lee, Thos. A., far., Sec. 32; P.O. Mt. Pleasant.
Lutis, Aaron, far., Sec. 33 ; P.O. Cotton Grove.
Lynch, John, far., Sec. 20 ; P.O. Cotton Grove.
Lyons, S., far., S. 1 ; P.O. Winfield.
MCALLISTER, JOHN, farmer, Sec. 7 ; P.O. Mt. Pleasant
McCormack, M., far., S. 18; P.O. Cotton Grove.
McCormack, L. D., far., S. 16; P.O. Cotton Grove.
McCosh, Benj., far., S. 5 ; P.O. Cotton Grove.
McKinzie, Frank, far., S. 5 ; P. O. Cotton Grove.
Martin, Israel W., far., S. 28 ; P.O. Cotton Grove.
Mathews, Chas., far., S. 14 ; P.O. Cotton Grove.
Mathews, Ed., far., S. 3 ; P. O. Mt. Union.
Mathews, Hiram, far., S. 22 ; P.O. Cotton Grove.
Mathews, Jesse, far., S. 21 ; P.O. Cotton Grove
Morrison, Alex., far., S. 3 ; P.O. Cotton Grove.
Mulligan, Mike, far., S. 15 ; P.O. Cotton Grove.

NIXON, EDWARD, far., S. 28 ; P. O. Cotton Grove ; born June 3, 1815, in Washington Co., Ohio; in 1833, removed to West Virginia; in 1851, came to Jackson Co., Iowa; in 1865, came to Des Moines Co.; Jan. 15, 1867, came to Henry Co.; owns 170 acres of land. Married Mary Phelps April 2, 1840; she was born in October, 1817, in Massachusetts; died Sept. 28, 1863; had six children, five living Edward H, Mary V. (now Mrs. H. Cozier), Samuel E. (now a physician at Burlington, Iowa), and Sarah; lost Thomas C. in 1846, aged 18 months, and William A.; second marriage to Hepsy Phelps in June, 1865; she was born in November, 1815, in Massachusetts. Edward H. enlisted in February, 1863, in Co. A, 9th I. V. I.; served to the end of the war; he is now a resident of Western Idaho. When in Jackson Co., was Justice of the Peace and School Director; he was appointed to fill the vacancy of Edward Kenyon, deceased, as County Supervisor; has been School Director, and is now Justice of the Peace, having been elected in 1872. Republican; M. E. Church.

PENNEBAKKH, H. L., farmer, Sec. 10 ; P. O. Mt. Union.
Patterson, W. B., far., Sec. 5 ; P. O. Mt. Pleasant

PENXEBAKER, JOHN H., farmer, Sec. 35; P.O. New Loudon; was born April 26, 1823, in Kentucky; when 1 year old, he came with his parents to Indiana; in 1845, came to Henry Co.; owns 245 acres of land. Married Maria Lee in 1846; she was born in 1825 in Illinois, and died in December, 1847; have one child Hezekiah; second marriage to Mary A. Herrel February, 1849; she was born in 1824 in Kentucky; have seven children William F., John D., Uriah B. Phebe J., Cordelia C, Daniel, Albert C. and Emma L. Has been Township Trustee. Democrat; Baptist Church.

Pennington, J., far., S. 13 ; P.O. Cotton Grove

PORTLOCK, JAMES L., farmer, Sec. 27 ; P. O. Cotton Grove; was born Oct. 16, 1833, in Shelby Co., Ind.; in 1844, he came to Illinois, and, in 1872, came to Henry Co ; owns 160 acres of land. Married Elizabeth M. McCarty Jan. 1, 1858, in Fulton Co., Ill.; she was born Nov. 15, 1833, in Washington Co., Penn.; had two children, one living Frank L., born Dec. 25, 1858; lost Anna M. in infancy. Has been School Director, and is Township Trustee. Republican. Mrs. P. is a member of the Presbyterian Church.

Pruett, R , far., S. 10; P.O. Mt. Union.
RASMUS, PETER, farmer, Sec. 10 ; P. O. Cotton Grove.
Rasmus, W. M., far., S. 22 ; P.O. Cotton Grove.
Redfern, J., far., Sec. 36 ; P. O. New London.
Redman, P., far., Sec. 15; P.O. Cotton Grove.
Robinson, J. Q., far., Sec. 32 ; P. 0 Mt. Pleasant.
Rockafellow, J., Sr., far., Sec. 4 ; P. O. Winfield.
Rodgers, W. H., far., See. 12; P.O. Mt. Pleasant
Riepe, P., far., S. 26; P.O. New London.
Rithemeir, J. A., far., S. 34 ; P. O. New London.
SALLODAY, ISAAC, far., Sec. 27 ; P. O. Cotton Grove.
Sater, Jas. W., far., Sec. 13; P.O. Mt. Union.
Sater, J. R., far., S. 11 ; P.O. Mt. Union.
Sater, J. L., far., Sec. 13 ; P.O. Mt. Union.
Scales, J., far., Sec. 2 ; P.O. Mt. Union.
Seberg, A., far., Sec. 6 ; P.O. Swedesburg.
Shopbell, H., far., Sec. 12; P.O. Mt. Union.
Short, J. W., far., Sec. 14 ; P.O. Cotton Grove.
Skipton, F., far., S. 18; P. O. Mt. Pleasant.

SMITH, GEORGE M., Postmaster and dealer in general merchandise, Mt Union; born Feb. 14, 1841, in Jefferson Co., Ohio; in 1855. Came to Mt. Pleasant; in 1871, went to Nebraska; in 1876, returned to Salem, then to Mt. Union; was appointed Postmaster in February, 1877. Married Miss Lizzie Mathews March 19, 1868; she was born Nov. 20, 1845, in Lowell, Iowa; have three children Herman, Francis M. and Louis A. Is one of the Trustees of the M. E. Church ; Republican.

Smith, M. &. J. D., fars., Sec. 12 ; P.O. Mt. Union.
Snider, A., far., S. 25 ; P.O. Mt. Union.
Snyder, J., far., Sec. 25 ; P. O. New London.
Spainhour, A., far., Sec. 25 ; P. O. New London.
Stuck, P., far., S. 36 ; P. O. New London.
Sullivan, A., far., S- 21 ; P. O. Cotton Grove.
Sullivan, J., far., S. 16; P.O. Cotton Grove.
Swearingen, M., far., Sec. 16 ; P. O. Cotton Grove.
THOMAS, JAMES, far., S. 21 ; P.O. Cotton Grove.
VANDYKE, WM. F., far., S. 32 ; P. O. Mt. Pleasant.
Vansyoc. A. L., far., Sec. 4; P.O. Winfield.
Vansyoc, M. M., far., Sec. 6 ; P. O. Winfield.
WALKER, JESSE, far., S. 36; P. VV 0. Mt. Union.
Waters, S., far.. Sec. 33 ; P.O. New London.
Wells, L. M., far., S. 8; P.O. Mt. Pleasant.

WICK, JOHN, far., Sec. 11; P.O. Mt. Union; born Feb. 14, 1834, in Germany; in 1855 came to New York; thence to Missouri; in 1857, came to Mt. Pleasant; owns eighty acres of land. Married Hannah E. Eekey in 1870; she was born in 1S50 in Germany; have four children August, Anna M., Clara and Bertha. Republican; Lutheran Church.

Williams, H.R., far., S. 7 ; P.O. Mt. Pleasant.
Wright, N. C, far., Sec. 29 ; P.O. Mt. Williams
Winters, C., far., S. 18; P.O. Mt. Pleasant.
Wolf, J., far., S. 7; P.O. Mt. Pleasant.
Wright, N.C., far., Sec. 29; P.O. Mt. Pleasant.
Yancy, Ambrose, far., Sec. 30; P.O. Mt. Pleasant.
Young, J.W., far., Sec. 26, P.O. Cotton Grove.

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Peter Stuck, farmer, Sec. 36, Canaan Township; P. 0. New London; owns 160 acres of land, valued at $50 per acre ; born in Germany in 1828 ; came to America in 1852; to Henry County in 1854. Married Miss Augusta Courts, of Germany; had four children P. Henry, Clara A., Mary W.; Alice died at the age of two years. All members of the M. E. Church.

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