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From "The History of Henry County, Iowa.
Containing a History of the County, its Cities, Towns and Census."
Chicago: Western Historical Company, 1879.

Transcribed by Conni McDaniel Hall, Oct 2017

ALBERT, HUGH, farmer, Sec. 5; P. 0. Mt. Pleasant.

ALTMAN, GOTTFRIED, farmer, Sec. 35; P. 0. Lowell; born Oct. 17, 1818, in Prussia; in 1836, came to Henry Co.; owns 140 acres of land. Married Augusta Pohl in 1854; she was born Nov. 5, 1822, in Prussia; have one child Paulina. He is School Treasurer and Director. Republican; Lutheran Church.

ARCHIBALD, E., physician and surgeon, Lowell: born May 26, 1808, in Middlesex Co., Mass.; in 1819, moved to Indiana; in 1830, to Hamilton Co., Ohio,and commenced the study of medicine with Dr. Church; in 1836, he came to what is now Henry Co., and has been in almost constant practice since coming here; he laid out the town of Lowell in 1840, and owns the greater portion of it; he has deeded a portion of it to his children; he has been about fifteen years in the milling business. Has served as County Commissioner six years, and was Justice of the Peace when this was a Territory. He married Belinda Calhoun Dec. 4, 1827; she was born in 1808 in Indiana, died in January, 1873; had five children, three living Alva, William and Sarah E. (now Mrs. Gregg); second marriage, to Mrs. Margaret E. Abbe, daughter of J. M. Wilson, March 19, 1877; she was born Aug. 15, 1840, in Henry Co.: she has four children by a former marriage Birdie, Nancy, Manota and Rosalie. Republican.

Archibald, W., S. 20 ; P. O. Lowell.
Ashmead, C, far., S. 3 ; P. O. Lowell.
BADLY, JOHN, far., S. 35; P. 0. Lowell.
Barney, F., far., S. 10; P. 0. New London.
Beery, L. L., far., S. 7 ; P. 0. Lowell.
Berry, S., far., S. 21 ; P. 0. Lowell.
Binford, E., far., S. 32; P. 0. Lowell.
Box. T. S, far., S. 32 ; P. O. Lowell.

BOX, J. P. A., farmer, Sec. 32; P. 0. Lowell; born Nov. 11, 1799, in Lawrence Co., S. C. ; in 1809, moved to Tennessee; in 1820, to Kentucky in 1833, to Hancock Co., Ill.; in 1834, came to what is now Henry Co., Iowa; he is the oldest settler in Henry Co.; his son T. S. is the first white male child born in this county; his wife was the first white woman living in this county ; she was here three months before she saw any others of her sex; he owns 200 acres of land which he entered from the Government. Married Sarah Gray in 1825 ; she was born Aug. 2, 1803, in Virginia; died in 1832 in Kentucky. Second marriage to Elizabeth Melton June 17, 1834; she was born March 3, 1816, in Warren Co., Tenn.; died June 19, 1876; had ten children, eight living Thomas S., N. J., F. M., A. J., J. R, Jane (now Mrs. Canaday), F. Eliza (now Mrs. Lyal), and Rachel (now Mrs. Snook); Hiram died in infancy; Margaret M., died May 17, 1869, aged 29 years. Democrat.

Brereton, F., far., S. 28 ; P. 0. Lowell.
Brereton, R., far., S. 18 ; P. 0. Lowell.
Brigemeyer, E., physician, Lowell.

BROWNE, JOSEPH, farmer, S. 33; P. O. Lowell; he was born May 18, 1807, in Fayette Co., Penn.; when about 2 years old, came with his parents to Harrison Co., Ohio, thence to Jefferson Co., Ohio ; in 1842, came to Lowell, Iowa; has resided here since; in 1832, he started a woolen factory in Jefferson Co., Ohio; continued this business about eight years; sold out his interest in 1844; in 1843, he engaged in the saw and grist mill business, owned then by Smith & Angel, and afterward constructed a grist-mill across the river; completed it in 1852; in 1861, sold out to Smith & Jackman; since has been engaged in farming; he owns 240 acres of land. Has held all the school offices; he was elected in 1S00 County Supervisor for Baltimore Tp.; re-elected in 1861; served three years. The original name of Lowell was McCarverstown. Mr. Brown proposed changing the name to Lowell on account of its superior water privileges, and in the fall of 1842 the name was adopted; he selected this point as a good location for manufacturing purposes on account of its local advantages. Married Jane Alexander in- 1839; she was born in 1808 in Maryland; died in December, 1840; second marriage to Mary Smith in August, 1843; she was born in 1808 in North Carolina;-died in January, 1860 ; have one child Elizabeth (now Mrs. John Jackman); third marriage to Hannah Brown April 7, 1862; she was born in 1825 in Mt. Pleasant, Ohio; have two children Justus C. and Amelia H. His parents and grandparents were members of the Society of Friends; he left this society on account of a quarrel among themselves, and attached himself to the Presbyterian Church in 1838; is still a member.

Brown, S., far., Sec. 4 ; P. O. New London.
CARSON, J. W., farmer, Sec. 21 ; P.O. Lowell.
Carter, J., far., S. 2 ; P. O. New London.
Chandler, J., far., S. 26; P. O. Lowell.
Coilins, J. C, far., S. 30 ; P. O. Lowell.
Collins, W. P., far., S. 32 ; P. O. Lowell.
Conner, M. G , far., S. 34; P. O. Lowell.
Cook, H., far., S. 9 ; P. 0. Mt. Pleasant.
Cornwell, W. C, far., S. 6 ; P. 0. Mt. Pleasant.
Cramblet, S., far., S. 28 ; P. 0. Lowell.
DIETRICK, JACOB, farmer, Sec. 6 ; P. O. Mt. Pleasant.
Dobson, W., far., S. 13; P. 0. Lowell.
Dunn, G. W, far.. S. 17 ; P. 0. Lowell
EATON, N. T., farmer, Sec. 22 ; P. O. Lowell.
Emerson, S., far., S. 22 ; P. 0. Lowell.
Emerson, W., far., S. 22 ; P. O. Lowell.
English, J. W., far., Sec. 3 ; P. 0. New London.
FALSOM, ED., farmer, Sec. 34; P.O. Lowell.
Fetterman, D., S. 15 ; P. 0. Lowell.
Fetterman, J., far., S. 15 ; P. O. Lowell.
Fiftencot, J., far., S. 31 ; P. 0. Lowell.
Foster, N. P., far., S. 30; P. 0. Lowell.
Francey, W. J., far., S. 20 ; P. 0. Lowell
Fuller, C, far., S. 31 ; P. 0. Lowell.
GILL, GEORGE, farmer, Sec. 23; P. O. Lowell.
Griffin, I., laborer, Lowell.
Grimstead, R., far, S. 22 ; P. 0. Lowell.
Grubb, A. W., carpenter, Lowell.
Guinn, L., far., S. 15 ; P. 0. Lowell.
Gulick, F. M. & A., fars., S. 9 ; P. 0. Lowell.
HALL, CHARLES, farmer, Sec. 22 ; P. 0. Lowell.
Hall, E., far., Sec. 22 ; P. O. Lowell.
Hall, G, far., Sec. 21 ; P. O. Lowell.
Hamell, S., far., S. 3; P. 0. New London.
Hand, J., far., S. 9 ; P. 0. Lowell.
Harrison, F., far., Sec. 7; P. 0. Mt. Pleasant.
Harry, J., far., S. 23; P. O. Lowell.
Hestr, B., far., S. 15 ; P. 0. Lowell.
Hestr, L., far., S. 1 ; P. 0. New London.
Hilliord, H, far., Sec. 5; P. 0. Mt. Pleasant.
Hoagland, I., far., S. 26 ; P. 0. Lowell.
Holmes, J. P., far, S. 24 ; P. 0. Danville.
Howe, W, S. 8 ; P. O. Mr. Pleasant.
Hutchinson, S. S, far., Sec. 24; P. 0. Lowell.
Hutchinson, W. A., far, S. 30 ; P. 0. Lowell.
JACKMAN, A, farmer, Sec. 11; P. O. New London.
Jackman, C, miller, Lowell.
Jackson, W, far, S. 10 ; P. O. Lowell.
Johnson, It.. J, far, S. 21 ; P.O. Lowell.
KERR, EDWARD, farmer, Sec. 32; P. O. Lowell.
Killbourne, C, far., S. 19; P. O. Lowell.

KIRKPATRICK, WILLIAM, farmer, Sec. 34; P. 0. Lowell; was born Feb. 23, 1806, in Madison Co., Ill.; in the fall of 1834, he moved to Lee Co.; in 1S53, he came to Henry Co.; he owns 144 acres of land; he first entered 320 acres in Lee Co., which he improved and afterward sold. Married Mary Pratt in 1831; she was born in 1810 in Cincinnati, Ohio; they have ten children Susan J., Charles T., Maria M., Mary L., Martha L., Margaret C, Elizabeth E., Sarah C, W. R. and J. R. Democrat.

Kleinkopp, B., far., S. 36 ; P. O. Lowell.
Krickerboker, P., far., S. 25 ; P.O. Lowell.
Krekel, H., far., S. 8 ; P. O. Mt. Pleasant,
LAREW. WILLIAM, farmer, Sec. 14; P. 0. Lowell.
Linkins, G. W., far., S. 3; P.O. Mt. Pleasant.
Linkins, S.,far., S. 3; P.O. Mt. Pleasant.
Linkins, W.. far., S. 3 ; P.O. Mt. Pleasant,
Logan, R.,far., S. 15; P. 0. Lowell.

LYLE, WILLIAM, retired, Lowell; was born April 16, 1820, in England; in 1837, emigrated to Knox Co., Ohio; in 1841, he came to Henry Co.; returned to Ohio in 1842, and came here again ; returned to Ohio in 1845 ; located in Henry Co., and engaged in farming till 1876, then sold out his farm, and lives retired ; he still owns property in town. Married Ellen Reed in April, 1845; she was born in 1826, in Guernsey Co., Ohio ; have three children John H., Melinda and Louisa. Democrat; Methodist.

Lyman, A., far., See. 3; P. 0. Mt. Pleasant.
McCABE, JOHN, farmer, Sec. 12; P. 0. New London.
McDonald, J. E., far., S. 1 ; P. 0. New London.
McDonald, 0., far., S. 1 ; P. 0. New London.
McFarland, R. G.. far., S. 27 ; P. O. Lowell.
McKinnon. T. D., far.,S. 21 ; P. 0. Lowell.
Marcurn. R. A., far.,S. 35 ; P. O. Lowell.
Marley, 15. D ., far., S. 15; P. 0. Lowell.

MELCHER, EDWARD, retired, Sec. 36 ; P. 0. Parrish; he was born April 17, 1817, in Baden, Germany; in 1845, emigrated to Burlington; in 1852, came to his present farm, consisting of about one hundred acres of land; he commenced to learn the pottery trade with his father in 1835; worked at it about ten years before coming to this country; in 1853, he commenced the pottery business here, and has carried it on extensively and successfully; has now rented out to his son-in-law his business, and lives retired; they manufacture flower pots, stoneware and tile He married Clara Melcher in 1844; she was born Aug. 22, 1818, in Baden, Germany ; have eight children Robert, Mary E, Edward, John, Emma, Caroline, Frances and Julia. Democrat; Roman Catholic Church.

Millet, W. J., far., S. 14 ; P. 0. Lowell.
Mochn, far., S. 21 ; P. O. Lowell.
Myres, J., far., S. 21 ; P. 0 Lowell.
PARRIOTT, W. A., farmer, Sec. 12; P. O. Danville.
Peak. C. E., fur., S. 15 ; P. O Lowell.
Peak, D., far., S. 15; P. 0. Lowell.
Pero, O., far., S. 21 : P. 0. Lowell.

PICKLE, JOSEPH, farmer; P. O. Lowell; born March 19, 1819, in Union Co., Penn.; in ,1854, came to Illinois; in 1865. came to Henry Co.; he owns 225 acres of land. Married Mary J. Whitaker in 1847; she was born in 1827 in Union Co., Penn.; had six children, five living Catharine M., William H., John S., Benjamin F. and Jacob R. Republican.

Pickle, W. H., far., S. 31 ; P. O. Lowell.
Price, T. J., miller, Lowell.
REED, J. P., farmer, Sec. 10; P. 0. Lowell.
Rains, Z., far., S. 4 ; P. O. Mt. Pleasant.
Rock, A., far., S. 2; P. O. New London.
Root, E. C, far., Sec. 7 ; P. O. Mt. Pleasant.
Rowe, E. G., far., Sec. 24; P. 0. Lowell.
SHELLEDAY, C. D., tar., Sec. 29; P. O. Lowell.
Shepard, Allen, far., S. 9 ; P. O. Lowell.
Shepard, J., far., Sec. 13; P. O. Lowell.
Shidler, G. B., for.., S. 28; P. O. Lowell
Shipley, J., far., Sec. 14 ; P. 0. Lowell.
Shipley, S. C, far., S. 14; P. O. Lowell.
Short, T., far., Sec. 14; P. 0. Lowell.
Shryer, J., far., Sec. 16; P. 0. Lowell.
Schubert, G., far., Sec. 31 ; P. O. Lowell.
Smith, O., far., Sec. 18; P. O. Lowell.
Smith, W. A., far., S. 22; P. O. Lowell.
Speidel, J., far., Sec. 36 ; P. 0. Lowell.
Stacker, G., far., Sec. 18 ; P. C. Lowell.

STONE, SAMUEL, deceased; he was born Dec. 25, 1817, in Perry Co., Ohio; died in 1849. He married Susannah Hawk in 1840; she was born Aug. 4, 1818, in Vinton Co., Ohio; they came to Henry Co. in 1842; she owns sixty-two acres of land; have five children John, Catharine, Rebecca, Caroline and Jacob. The family reside on the farm on See. HO ; P. 0. Lowell.

TAGUE, HENRY, far., S. 23 ; P. 0. Lowell.
Tapue, J. H., far., S. 27 ; P. O. Lowell.
Tague, J., far., S. 23 ; P. 0. Lowell.
Taylor, H., far., S. 17 ; P. 0. Lowell.
Thill, J., S. 21 ; P. 0. Lowell.
Thomas, G., far., S. 6 ; P. 0. Mt. Pleasant.
Tryer, J. F., far., S. 21 ; P. O. Lowell.
Tucker, T. J., far., S. 16; P. 0. Lowell.
Tull, W. W., far., S. 29 ; P. 0. Lowell.
Turley, C. M., far, S. 30; P. O. Lowell.
WALKER, F. S, far, S. 17 ; P. 0. Lowell.
Warren, H, far, S. 2; P. O. New London.

WALZ, DENNIS, farmer, Sec. 35 ; P. 0. Lowell; born Oct. 9, 1829, in Baden, Germany; Nov. 5, 1852, arrived at New York City; thence moved to Stark Co., Ohio; in 1857, came to Henry Co.; he owns 211 acres of land in this and Des Moines Co.; also property in Burlington. Married Caroline Herrmann in February, 1854; she was born Nov. 4, 1830, in Baden, Germany; have five children Julia, Peter P, Mary, Francis and John. Democrat; member of the Roman Catholic Church.

Weeter, W, far, S. 26 ; P. O. Lowell.
Wellington, J., far, S. 1 0 ; P. O. Lowell.
Wellington, W. A, far, S. 9; P. 0. Lowell.
Williams, S, far, S. 13; P. 0. Lowell.

WILLIAMSON, A., Postmaster, and dealer in general merchandise, Lowell; born Sept. 16, 1842, in Lee Co., Iowa; engaged in farming till 1862, when he went to Idaho, where he engaged in packing and selling to miners; continued this till 1866, when he returned to Lee Co.; in 1868, he removed to Missouri; in 1871, returned to Lee Co. and bought a farm of 120 acres; engaged in farming till 1877, when he came to Lowell and bought out the business of T. J. Price, general merchandise. He was appointed Post master April 23, 1878.

Woodsmall, W. W, far, S. 14; P. 0, Lowell.

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