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Family Notes


Written by Great granddaughter, Betty Dillon Campbell


     Andrew Jackson Dillon was one of New London, Iowa’s early settlers, coming to this beautiful settlement in 1842 along with his young bride, Letitia Riggs, the daughter of Stephen Riggs, an early surveyor of Burlington, Iowa.
     Andrew, commonly called A.J., was born in  Davidson Co. Tennessee, November 6, 1816.  Sad to say but his first twenty years of life remain  very much a mystery.  In 1838 he located for a brief time, married Mary Weatherford on May 6, 1838, in Macoupin Co. Illinois, became a father to George Washington Dillon in 1839 and buried Mary in September.
     Grief stricken he wandered into Des Moines County, Burlington, Iowa - met, courted, and married Letitia Riggs on November 24, 1841. Letitia was the daughter of Stephen and Elizabeth Riggs.  This young family migrated to the growing community of New London in Henry county, where they raised their family of eight children, George, Amanda, Julie, Frances, James, Martha, William and John.
     A.J. was an avid sportsman, hunting and fishing often with his good friend Blackhawk. 
     He was an honest, hardworking man and raised his children to appreciate a good day’s work for a great amount of self satisfaction.  A.J. participated in a variety of working situations.  In New London politics he was at one time Justice of Peace, notary,  and lawyer.  He not only worked as a plasterer, but was an auctioneer, and even a watch repair man.
     His family attended school in New London.  The girls became school teachers and or dressmakers and the boys worked diligently as farmers and ore carpenters.
     Both he and Letitia were active church members attending the Christian Church.  They owned the house where they lived .  It was purchased  for the sum of $300, a good price for property on block 6, Lot 9 in the city.
     He joined the Infantry in Macomb, Illinois, 16th Regiment of Company B and spent four years in the Civil War.
     The last three years of his life he suffered apoplexy and died Nov 26, 1897 at he home of his daughter, Martha Dillon in Burlington, Iowa.


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