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Descendants of David NEFF

Generation No. 1

1. David1 NEFF was born 1799 in Maryland, and died Aft. 1880 in Osceola, Clarke Co, Iowa. He married Susan WAITMAN Bef. 1824 in Ohio. She was born 1802 in Montgomery County, Ohio.

Notes for David NEFF:

In household of his son in 1880 census

More About David NEFF and Susan WAITMAN:

Marriage: Bef. 1824, Ohio

Children of David NEFF and Susan WAITMAN are:

+ 2 i. John2 NEFF, born 1824; died 01 Mar 1890.

+ 3 ii. Henry NEFF, born 22 Apr 1829 in Montgomery Co., Ohio; died 04 Mar 1903.

4 iii. Susan NEFF, born 1834.

+ 5 iv. Joseph NEFF, born 1834.

6 v. Lydia NEFF, born 1843.

Generation No. 2

2. John2 NEFF (David1) was born 1824, and died 01 Mar 1890. He married Elizabeth KEPHART 29 Mar 1846 in Henry Co., Iowa.

Notes for John NEFF:

Children's names and ages derived from 1880 census along with Susie HENTHORN age 14, listed as to raise.

More About John NEFF:

Burial: COX Cemetery, Clarke Co., IA

More About John NEFF and Elizabeth KEPHART:

Marriage: 29 Mar 1846, Henry Co., Iowa

Children of John NEFF and Elizabeth KEPHART are:

7 i. Alvin H.3 NEFF, born 1858; died 1928 in Osceola, Clarke Co, Iowa.

8 ii. Harvey NEFF, born 1862; died 1929 in Osceola, Clarke Co, Iowa. He married Charity.

More About Harvey NEFF:

Burial: Maple Hill Cemetery

9 iii. Frank NEFF, born 1873.

3. Henry2 NEFF (David1) was born 22 Apr 1829 in Montgomery Co., Ohio, and died 04 Mar 1903. He married (1) Barbara SHIVELY 20 Jun 1848 in Henry Co., Iowa, daughter of Joel SHIVELY and Naomi ARNOLD. She was born 19 Apr 1831 in Scioto Co., Ohio, and died 30 Jun 1876. He married (2) Harriet Catherine PANGBORN 30 Apr 1879. She was born 30 Jun 1834, and died 15 Mar 1917 in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.

Notes for Henry NEFF:

NEFF, Henry married SHIVELEY, Barbry on 20 Jun 1848. He married Harriet PANGBORN secondly. He is located in the 1880 census in Dry Creek, Pierce, Nebraska. Sons William and John were born in Iowa.

More About Henry NEFF:

Burial: Shively Cemetery, Wayland, Henry Co., Iowa

More About Henry NEFF and Barbara SHIVELY:

Marriage: 20 Jun 1848, Henry Co., Iowa

Notes for Harriet Catherine PANGBORN:

Widow of Newton MCCLINTOCK

More About Harriet Catherine PANGBORN:

Alt. Burial: Forest Home Cem, Mt Pleasant, Henry Co, Iowa

More About Henry NEFF and Harriet PANGBORN:

Marriage: 30 Apr 1879

Children of Henry NEFF and Barbara SHIVELY are:

10 i. Isaac3 NEFF, born 28 Aug 1849; died 29 Apr 1853 in Henry County, Iowa.

+ 11 ii. Susan NEFF, born 27 Aug 1852; died 21 Feb 1917 in Henry County, Iowa.

12 iii. Sarah Margarette NEFF, born 27 Aug 1855; died in Henry County, Iowa.

+ 13 iv. David SHIVELY NEFF, born 20 Feb 1858; died 10 Jul 1926 in Henry County, Iowa.

14 v. Armina Naoma NEFF, born 10 Jul 1861; died in Henry County, Iowa.

+ 15 vi. William E. NEFF, born 07 Sep 1863 in Clark or Lucas Co., Osceola, Iowa; died 19 Nov 1942 in Henry County, Iowa.

+ 16 vii. John Oscar NEFF, born 15 Jul 1869.

5. Joseph2 NEFF (David1) was born 1834. He married Sarah Ann ERBE 07 Jan 1858 in Lucas Co., Iowa. She was born 1842.

More About Joseph NEFF and Sarah ERBE:

Marriage: 07 Jan 1858, Lucas Co., Iowa

Children of Joseph NEFF and Sarah ERBE are:

17 i. Martha Dora3 NEFF, born 1862 in Lucas Co., Iowa. She married Joseph NOBLE 01 Sep 1883 in Lucas Co., Iowa.

More About Joseph NOBLE and Martha NEFF:

Marriage: 01 Sep 1883, Lucas Co., Iowa

18 ii. Ethzelda NEFF, born 1864 in Lucas Co., Iowa. She married John C. Clapp 22 May 1884.

More About John Clapp and Ethzelda NEFF:

Marriage: 22 May 1884

19 iii. Lowry C. NEFF, born 1867 in Lucas Co., Iowa.

Generation No. 3

11. Susan3 NEFF (Henry2, David1) was born 27 Aug 1852, and died 21 Feb 1917 in Henry County, Iowa. She married Phillip HYDE 04 Aug 1870. He was born 04 Apr 1850, and died 18 Jan 1890.

More About Phillip HYDE and Susan NEFF:

Marriage: 04 Aug 1870

Children of Susan NEFF and Phillip HYDE are:

20 i. Maggie4 HYDE, born 09 Nov 1871.

+ 21 ii. Mary HYDE, born 17 Mar 1874; died 24 Aug 1938.

22 iii. Caroline HYDE, born 25 Nov 1875.

23 iv. Alonzo HYDE, born 1878; died in Jefferson Co., Iowa.

13. David SHIVELY3 NEFF (Henry2, David1) was born 20 Feb 1858, and died 10 Jul 1926 in Henry County, Iowa. He married Margaret Ann KURTZ 12 Mar 1879. She was born 23 Jun 1859, and died 23 Jul 1943.

More About David NEFF and Margaret KURTZ:

Marriage: 12 Mar 1879

Children of David NEFF and Margaret KURTZ are:

24 i. Isaac R.4 NEFF, born 03 Dec 1879; died 06 Jul 1952. He married Lou Sylvia; born 08 Feb 1881; died 10 Jan 1948.

+ 25 ii. Henry R. NEFF, born 23 Sep 1881; died 01 Oct 1964.

+ 26 iii. Jesse C. NEFF, born 14 May 1883; died 20 Jan 1946.

+ 27 iv. Fred S. NEFF, born 24 Jul 1885; died 08 Sep 1962.

+ 28 v. Lillie Rose NEFF, born 11 Feb 1887 in Henry County, IA; died 23 Jun 1949 in Henry County, IA.

+ 29 vi. William Harrison NEFF, born 03 Apr 1889 in Iowa; died 30 Sep 1978.

30 vii. Lydia Ruth NEFF, born 08 Mar 1891; died 22 Jan 1913.

31 viii. Anna Margaret NEFF, born 02 Feb 1893; died 18 Dec 1958.

+ 32 ix. Frank D. NEFF, born 21 Nov 1894; died 1986.

33 x. Sadie NEFF, born 30 Nov 1897; died 02 Dec 1897.

34 xi. Bessie Edith NEFF, born 24 Oct 1904.

15. William E.3 NEFF (Henry2, David1) was born 07 Sep 1863 in Clark or Lucas Co., Osceola, Iowa, and died 19 Nov 1942 in Henry County, Iowa. He married Alice Bell SNIDER 05 Aug 1885, daughter of George SNIDER and Martha DAVISON. She was born 28 Jul 1867 in Coppock, Washington Co., Ia., and died 08 Feb 1945 in Wayland, Iowa.

More About Alice Bell SNIDER:

Burial: Finley Chapel Cemetery Wayland, Iowa

More About William NEFF and Alice SNIDER:

Marriage: 05 Aug 1885

Children of William NEFF and Alice SNIDER are:

+ 35 i. Eva4 NEFF, born 29 Jun 1886; died 03 Sep 1975.

36 ii. Infant NEFF, born 19 May 1888; died 20 May 1888.

+ 37 iii. Benjamin Harrison NEFF, born 15 Jun 1889 in Jefferson Co., Iowa; died 05 Oct 1969 in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.

38 iv. Infant NEFF (Source: 1900 census of Henry Co., Iowa.), born 21 Jul 1891; died 30 Jul 1891.

Notes for Infant NEFF:

Cemetery records indicated this infant died a few days after birth. However, the 1900 census shows a son Clarence NEFF b. Nov. 1891, and 8 years old in 1900. Clarence was probably born in 1890 or 1892 rather than 1891.

+ 39 v. Lester NEFF, born 30 Jul 1895; died 20 Dec 1963.

+ 40 vi. Addie NEFF, born 09 Mar 1898; died 13 Apr 1979 in Coppock, Washington County, Iowa.

41 vii. Clarence NEFF, born Nov 1891; died Aft. 1900 in 1900 Census.

16. John Oscar3 NEFF (Henry2, David1) was born 15 Jul 1869. He married Sallie. She was born Feb 1875.

Children of John NEFF and Sallie are:

42 i. Charley4 NEFF, born Feb 1891.

43 ii. Nora E. NEFF, born Jan 1893.

44 iii. James A. NEFF, born May 1895.

45 iv. Robert NEFF, born Aug 1897.

46 v. Andrew NEFF, born Dec 1898.

Generation No. 4

21. Mary4 HYDE (Susan3 NEFF, Henry2, David1) was born 17 Mar 1874, and died 24 Aug 1938. She married Walter M. CAMPBELL 26 Dec 1894. He was born 08 Apr 1871, and died 31 Aug 1940.

More About Walter CAMPBELL and Mary HYDE:

Marriage: 26 Dec 1894

Children of Mary HYDE and Walter CAMPBELL are:

47 i. Lemley5 CAMPBELL, born 08 Feb 1896; died 23 Aug 1929. He married Anna May CHRISTNER 22 May 1915; born 21 Feb 1896; died 20 Mar 1971.

More About Lemley CAMPBELL:

Burial: North Hill Cemetery, Washington Co., Iowa

More About Lemley CAMPBELL and Anna CHRISTNER:

Marriage: 22 May 1915

48 ii. Mabel Viola CAMPBELL, born 27 Jan 1901.

25. Henry R.4 NEFF (David SHIVELY3, Henry2, David1) was born 23 Sep 1881, and died 01 Oct 1964. He married Lydia Elnora Tucker 08 Oct 1902 in Washington Co., Iowa, daughter of William TUCKER and Lydia Davison. She was born 1886, and died 1980 in Buried Cottonwood Cemetery, Henry County, Iowa.

More About Henry NEFF and Lydia Tucker:

Marriage: 08 Oct 1902, Washington Co., Iowa

Children of Henry NEFF and Lydia Tucker are:

49 i. Ann5 NEFF. She married Glen GARRETT.

50 ii. Eva NEFF. She married (1) George Lorel GARRETT. She married (2) George Lorel GARRETT 09 Aug 1935; born 27 Feb 1916; died 14 Apr 1971.

More About George GARRETT and Eva NEFF:

Marriage: 09 Aug 1935

51 iii. Walter NEFF, born 11 May 1910; died 29 Apr 2000.

52 iv. Sam NEFF. He married Virginia May DAVISON 09 Oct 1940; born 1923; died 1944.

More About Sam NEFF and Virginia DAVISON:

Marriage: 09 Oct 1940

53 v. Forrest NEFF, born 23 Oct 1920 in Wayland, Iowa; died 19 Jan 2007 in Washington, Iowa.

Notes for Forrest NEFF:

Forest "Dude" NEFF, 86 of Wayland, died Friday, Jan. 19, 2007 at the Washington County Hospital.

Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Tuesday, Jan 23 at Cottonwood United Methodist Church west of Wayland, with the Rev. Hyeumee KANG and the Rev. Gerry KLOPFENSTEIN officiating. Burial will be in the Cottonwood Cemetery. Visitation began at noon today at Beatty Funeral Home in Wayland, where the family will be present from 5 to 7 p.m. Memorials may be made to the Parkview Home.

Mr. NEFF was born Oct 23, 1920 in Wayland, to Henry and Elnora (TUCKER) NEFF.

Mr. NEFF was a member of Cottonwood United Methodist Church an lived his entire life in Wayland. He worked on the family farm with his father. After his father's death he worked as a day laborer helping area farmers. The annual Midwest Old Threshers Reunion in Mt. Pleasant was very important to him, and in later years he had teh responsibility of sitting with antique machines in the Old Threshers Museum A.

Mr. NEFF moved to Parkview Home in Wayland 29 years ago, and enjoyed being a helper while he was still able.

Surviving are one brother, Sam NEFF and wife Helen of Washington; one siter Eva GARRETT of Washington; sisters-in-law, Ivy NEFF and Evelyn NEFF, both of Washington; and several nieces and nephews.

Mr. NEFF was preceded in death by his parents; four brothers, Charley in infancy, Elmer, Walter and Don and three sisters, Mae ALLIMAN, Anna GARRETT, and Ruth TUCKER.

54 vi. Infant NEFF.

55 vii. Elmer NEFF, born 20 Feb 1908 in Wayland, Iowa; died 10 Jul 1988 in Wayland, Iowa. He married Maude WINTER 08 Oct 1927 in Wayland, Iowa.

Notes for Elmer NEFF:

Obituary - Washington Evening Journal, Card file in WCGS Library. Killed while on a tractor on the roadway and car struck tractor throwing him off and killing him.

More About Elmer NEFF and Maude WINTER:

Marriage: 08 Oct 1927, Wayland, Iowa

56 viii. Donald H. NEFF, born 14 Jun 1916 in Henry Co., Iowa; died 31 Jan 1975 in Washington Co., Iowa. He married Evelyn SMITH 20 Jul 1941 in Yahoka, Mo.

Notes for Donald H. NEFF:

Smith – NEFF Marriage 1939


"Reveal Marriage Of Evelyn SMITH And Donald NEFF.

Mr. and Mrs. Milton SMITH announced the marriage of their daughter, Evelyn, to Donald NEFF, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry NEFF of Wayland.

The marriage ceremony was solemnized Sunday, July 20, in Kahoka, Mo. The couple was attended by Ruth NEFF and Arnold TUCKER.

The bride was attired in a street length dress of white sahara crepe with matching accessories. Miss NEFF’s street length dress was of blue crepe with which she wore white accessories.

Mr. and Mrs. NEFF are living temporarily with Mr. and Mrs. Glen GARRET in Washington; Mr. NEFF is employed on a farm south of Washington."

Source: Newspaper clipping (no name) with handwritten note of "1939" found in a scrapbook in the possession of Deborah NASH.

Donald H. NEFF died January 31, 1975 in Washington County, Iowa. He was born June 14, 1916 in Henry County, Iowa, the son of Henry and Elnora (TUCKER) NEFF. He married Evelyn SMITH on July 20, 1941 in Yahoka, Missouri. They had four daughters: Mrs. Charles (Joyce) FORDS; Mrs. Eugene (Nancy) BOOCK; Mrs. Ed (Linda) SINN; and Mrs. Sandra RICHEBERG. Also surviving were four brothers, Elmer, Walter, Forrest, and Sam and two sisters, Eva and Ann GARRETT.

More About Donald NEFF and Evelyn SMITH:

Marriage: 20 Jul 1941, Yahoka, Mo

57 ix. Ruth Vaugn NEFF, born 14 Aug 1922 in Henry County, Iowa; died 06 Nov 1962 in Crawfordsville, Washington Co., Iowa. She married Arnold Francis TUCKER 26 Jul 1941 in Wayland, Iowa; died in Elkhart Co., Indiana.

Notes for Arnold Francis TUCKER:

NEFF – Tucker Marriage 1939


"Announce Marriage of Ruth NEFF to Arnold F. Tucker.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry NEFF of Coppock announce the marriage of their daughter, Ruth, to Arnold F. Tucker of Washington, son of Mr. and Mrs. CLARK Tucker of Elkhart, Ind.

The wedding ceremony was performed by Justice of the Peace George L. Moore in Kahoka, Mo., on Saturday, July 26. Their attendants were Mr. and Mrs. Glen Garrett; Mrs. Garrett is a sister of the bride.

Mr. and Mrs. Tucker left Sunday afternoon for Elkhart, Ind., to visit his parents."

Source: Newspaper clipping (no name) with handwritten note of "1939" found in a scrapbook in the possession of Deborah Nash.

More About Arnold TUCKER and Ruth NEFF:

Marriage: 26 Jul 1941, Wayland, Iowa

26. Jesse C.4 NEFF (David SHIVELY3, Henry2, David1) was born 14 May 1883, and died 20 Jan 1946. He married Ida Maud BAIN 04 Sep 1900 in Washington, Iowa. She was born 06 May 1883, and died 08 Apr 1962.

More About Jesse C. NEFF:

Burial: Elm Grove Cemetery, Washington, Iowa

More About Ida Maud BAIN:

Burial: Elm Grove Cemetery, Washington, Iowa

More About Jesse NEFF and Ida BAIN:

Marriage: 04 Sep 1900, Washington, Iowa

Child of Jesse NEFF and Ida BAIN is:

58 i. Violet5 NEFF, born 23 Dec 1914; died 11 Oct 2004.

27. Fred S.4 NEFF (David SHIVELY3, Henry2, David1) was born 24 Jul 1885, and died 08 Sep 1962. He married (1) Esther M.. She was born 17 Feb 1877, and died 17 Mar 1936. He married (2) Alice M.. She was born 04 May 1911, and died 01 Jul 2000.

Children of Fred NEFF and Alice M. are:

59 i. Fred A5 NEFF.

60 ii. Lois A. NEFF, born 10 Jul 1943.

28. Lillie Rose4 NEFF (David SHIVELY3, Henry2, David1) was born 11 Feb 1887 in Henry County, IA, and died 23 Jun 1949 in Henry County, IA. She married William Edgar ALLRED, son of Renne ALLRED and Roxie ROCKWELL. He was born 04 Feb 1881 in Wayne County, IA, and died 30 Oct 1960 in Henry County, IA.

Children of Lillie NEFF and William ALLRED are:

61 i. Bessie Aleda Grace5 ALLRED, born 27 Feb 1908 in Henry County, IA; died 18 Apr 1981 in Iowa City, Ia. She married Max MCGUIRE 17 Nov 1926; born 12 Nov 1908; died 10 Mar 1976 in Mt Pleasant, Ia.

More About Max MCGUIRE and Bessie ALLRED:

Death of one spouse: 10 Mar 1976, Wayland, Ia

Marriage: 17 Nov 1926

62 ii. Esther Elizebeth ALLRED, born 25 Jun 1912 in Henry County, IA. She married Eugene Mann 22 Apr 1932; born 01 Feb 1909.

More About Eugene Mann and Esther ALLRED:

Marriage: 22 Apr 1932

63 iii. Wilma Irene ALLRED, born 27 May 1914 in Henry County, IA; died 25 Sep 1991. She married Lawrence CAMPBELL 23 Dec 1933; born 16 Oct 1915; died 28 Sep 1989.

More About Lawrence CAMPBELL and Wilma ALLRED:

Marriage: 23 Dec 1933

64 iv. Harold Alvin ALLRED, born 11 Dec 1915 in Henry County, IA; died 19 Jan 1945 in Luzon Island, Phillipines. He married Mary DAVISON 09 Nov 1940.

More About Harold ALLRED and Mary DAVISON:

Marriage: 09 Nov 1940

65 v. Luther Quenten ALLRED, born 03 Nov 1918 in Henry County, IA; died 14 Nov 1918 in Henry County, IA.

29. William Harrison4 NEFF (David SHIVELY3, Henry2, David1) was born 03 Apr 1889 in Iowa, and died 30 Sep 1978. He married (1) Grace A.. She was born 07 Jun 1903, and died 09 Apr 1991. He married (2) Effie. She was born 18 Jan 1888, and died 28 Oct 1916.

Child of William NEFF and Grace is:

66 i. Mary Ruth5 NEFF, born 18 Apr 1923; died 23 Apr 1923.

32. Frank D.4 NEFF (David SHIVELY3, Henry2, David1) was born 21 Nov 1894, and died 1986. He married Mayme E.. She was born 1898, and died 1974.

Child of Frank NEFF and Mayme is:

67 i. David5 NEFF, born 28 Dec 1933; died 1963. He married Arline L..

35. Eva4 NEFF (William E.3, Henry2, David1) was born 29 Jun 1886, and died 03 Sep 1975. She married (1) ? Burky. She married (2) Charles S. EDWARDS, son of Iven EDWARDS and Sarah. He was born 03 Feb 1884, and died 05 Dec 1923.

More About Eva NEFF:

Burial: North Hill Cemetery, Wayland, IA

Children of Eva NEFF and ? Burky are:

68 i. Gratice5 BURKY.

69 ii. Mamie BURKY.

70 iii. Zella BURKY.

37. Benjamin Harrison4 NEFF (William E.3, Henry2, David1) was born 15 Jun 1889 in Jefferson Co., Iowa, and died 05 Oct 1969 in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. He married (1) Eliza M. HUNT 02 Dec 1908. She died 10 Jul 1910. He married (2) Barbara CHRISTNER 08 Feb 1913. She was born 1894, and died 22 Mar 1963. He married (3) Sarah WIENEKE 06 Aug 1964, daughter of John Wieneke and Sarah Hostetler. She was born 31 Aug 1908, and died Mar 1980 in Wayland, Iowa.

Notes for Benjamin Harrison NEFF:

Marriage records, obituaries, death records.

Wayland News 16 October 1969

Wayland News October 16, 1969

Benjamin HARRISON NEFF died October 5, 1969 in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa and was buried in North Hill Cemetery. He was born June 15, 1889 in Jefferson County, Iowa, the son of William and Alice (SNIDER) NEFF. He married Lydia HUNT on December 2, 1908, she died July 10, 1910; he married Barbara CHRISTNER February 8, 1818, she died March 22, 1963. He married Sarah WIENEKE August 6, 1964, she was the daughter of John and Sarah (HOSTETLER) WIENEKE and was born August 31, 1908 and died March 1990 in Wayland, Iowa

More About Benjamin Harrison NEFF:

Fact 1: Oct 1969, Buried North Hill Cemetery

More About Benjamin NEFF and Eliza HUNT:

Marriage: 02 Dec 1908

Notes for Barbara CHRISTNER:

Wayland News

Wayland, Henry, Iowa

Feb 16, 1928

B. H. NEFF and family spent Sunday at Jake CHRISTNER’s.

More About Benjamin NEFF and Barbara CHRISTNER:

Marriage: 08 Feb 1913

More About Benjamin NEFF and Sarah WIENEKE:

Marriage: 06 Aug 1964

Children of Benjamin NEFF and Barbara CHRISTNER are:

71 i. Myra Thelma5 NEFF, born 30 Nov 1913.

72 ii. Osie Leota NEFF, born 14 Jun 1916.

73 iii. Wilma Arlene NEFF, born Apr 1919; died 1930.

Notes for Wilma Arlene NEFF:

11 years, 2 mo, 22 das.

More About Wilma Arlene NEFF:

Burial: North Hill Cemetery, Wayland, Iowa

74 iv. Evelyn June NEFF, born 02 Feb 1926.

75 v. Oneida Jean NEFF, born 05 Oct 1929.

39. Lester4 NEFF (William E.3, Henry2, David1) was born 30 Jul 1895, and died 20 Dec 1963. He married Anna E. COCHRAN 09 Dec 1914 in Wayland Washington County, Iowa, daughter of William COCHRAN and Lucy BROWN. She was born 17 Sep 1894 in Coppock, Iowa, and died 14 May 1986 in Wayland, Iowa.

Notes for Anna E. COCHRAN:

NEFF, Anna E. (nee Cochran)

Anna E. NEFF died May 14, 1986 at Wayland, Iowa. She was born September 17, 1894 at Coppock, Iowa, the daughter of William and Lucy (BROWN) Cochran. She married Lester NEFF, on December 9,1914 near Wayland. He died January 20, 1963. Survivors include a son Harold NEFF of Sigourney; a brother William Cochran; a sister, Lucy JARRARD of Chester, Calif. A son, Duane preceded her in death. (Ref: Washington Evening Journal)

More About Lester NEFF and Anna COCHRAN:

Marriage: 09 Dec 1914, Wayland Washington County, Iowa

Children of Lester NEFF and Anna COCHRAN are:

76 i. Harold5 NEFF, born 02 Nov 1918; died 19 Dec 1991. He married (1) Vivian ZEAR; born 10 Jun 1910; died 07 Sep 1976. He married (2) Vivian ZEHR; born 07 Jan 1910; died 07 Sep 1976 in Sigourney, Keokuk, Ia..

Notes for Harold NEFF:

In Sigourney, Iowa when his mother died.

77 ii. Duane R. NEFF, born 20 Sep 1920 in Wayland, Iowa; died 25 Jul 1984 in U.S. Naval Hospital, Norfolk, Virginia. He married Arlene Berry.

Notes for Duane R. NEFF:

Obituary Washington Evening Journal. Card File in Washington County Genealogical Society Library.

Winfield Beacon/Wayland News

December 8, 2005

Sixty Years Ago – Dec. 6, 1945

Letter received from Duane NEFF who was at sea, telling of war stories and hoping for an end to “all of this”.

More About Duane R. NEFF:

Military service: 1945, World War II

78 iii. Gerald Leroy NEFF, born Abt. 1922. He married Mary Josephine STALDER; born 19 Jan 1918; died 23 Mar 1999 in Iowa City, Iowa.

40. Addie4 NEFF (William E.3, Henry2, David1) was born 09 Mar 1898, and died 13 Apr 1979 in Coppock, Washington County, Iowa. She married Homer Oscar DAVISON 19 Feb 1916 in Henry Co., Iowa, son of Henry DAVISON and Luella HESSER. He was born 01 Feb 1895, and died 01 Nov 1960.

More About Homer DAVISON and Addie NEFF:

Marriage: 19 Feb 1916, Henry Co., Iowa

Children of Addie NEFF and Homer DAVISON are:

79 i. Dale William5 DAVISON, born 02 Aug 1917. He married Marjorie DAVISON 02 Aug 1943; born 18 Nov 1925.

More About Dale DAVISON and Marjorie DAVISON:

Marriage: 02 Aug 1943

80 ii. Arthur Jerald DAVISON, born 28 Mar 1919. He married Grace Magdalena WITTIG 09 Feb 1939; born 10 Jan 1920.

More About Arthur DAVISON and Grace WITTIG:

Marriage: 09 Feb 1939

81 iii. Kenneth Howard DAVISON, born 05 Feb 1921 in Wayland, Iowa; died 06 Jun 1997 in Iowa City, Iowa. He married Virginia E. SOWASH 05 Jul 1941 in Kahoka, MO.

More About Kenneth DAVISON and Virginia SOWASH:

Marriage: 05 Jul 1941, Kahoka, MO

82 iv. Allie Luella DAVISON, born 23 Jan 1924. She married Glen GUENGERICH 27 Feb 1943; born 14 Apr 1909 in Kalona, Ia.

More About Glen GUENGERICH and Allie DAVISON:

Marriage: 27 Feb 1943

83 v. Dorothy Marie DAVISON, born 10 Aug 1926. She married (1) Leo WAGNER; born 28 Dec 1916; died 19 Feb 1980. She married (2) John Christian Hinkle 19 Jun 1981; born 15 Jun 1926.

More About John Hinkle and Dorothy DAVISON:

Marriage: 19 Jun 1981

84 vi. Dean Dennis DAVISON, born 10 Apr 1929. He married Marilyn GRABER 21 Jul 1952; born 07 Nov 1930.

More About Dean DAVISON and Marilyn GRABER:

Marriage: 21 Jul 1952

85 vii. Phylliss Ann DAVISON, born 11 Oct 1930. She married Max GRABER 06 Aug 1950; born 04 Sep 1928.

More About Max GRABER and Phylliss DAVISON:

Marriage: 06 Aug 1950

86 viii. Erma Maxine DAVISON, born 08 Apr 1933. She married Duane ALLIMAN 03 Jul 1951; born 23 Sep 1930.

More About Duane ALLIMAN and Erma DAVISON:

Marriage: 03 Jul 1951

87 ix. James DAVISON, born 17 Nov 1935. He married Patricia BOWER 07 Jun 1957; born 03 Mar 1939.

More About James DAVISON and Patricia BOWER:

Marriage: 07 Jun 1957

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