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Diary Notes

by M. Louise Hall Clark


The Teenage Diaries of M. Louise Hall Clark

February 23, 1924 to February 22, 1926

Transcribed By Marilyn Clark Hills

Edited by James Clark


By James Clark
August 2012

These dairies of my mother, M. Louise Hall Clark, were transcribed this year by my sister, Marilyn Clark Hills, from the original diaries in her possession. The diaries cover a two-year period from her 15th birthday to her 17th birthday. She recounts many adventures “North East Gang” and some minor and major tragedies. The impetuous, mischievous, fawning teenager depicted herein bears little resemblance to the strict, loving, force of nature we remember.

Louise Hall married Thomas Clark June 7, 1935. The marriage was blessed with four children: Margaret, Marilyn, Madeline and James. The family lived in several towns around Iowa as Tom was reassigned by the Bell Telephone Company in his job as a lineman. After Thomas died in 1949, the family returned to Mount Pleasant and the family home at 800 N. Lincoln Street, the setting for these diaries. Louise began teaching freshman English in the high school that she writes about. With the help of her parents, she provided for her children in an atmosphere where we had little, but never knew it. She taught her three youngest children and continued teaching 9th grade English into the early 1970s.

Marilyn diligently reproduced the diaries verbatim, including our teenage mother’s spelling and grammar errors with the (sic) notation. Mother also consistently wrote compound words as two words, a practice which may have been common in 1925? Louise passed away on August 8,1994; nevertheless, this edited version spares our English teacher mother the after-life embarrassment of divulging these errors in publication and spares the reader some comprehension problems as well. However, punctuation is left as is, except where it impedes understanding. No other changes have been made to her words.

When referencing people, the dairy plentifully employs first names, various abbreviations and a few codes. This version attempts to more-fully identify the people in the flow of the text when it can be done simply (and when known) and employs a glossary, if you will, to more fully identify the context of friends and relatives mentioned. When a person is a relative, the dairy usually identifies them as such, but if not, a “(R)” will appear after the name so those interested will know to seek more information in the glossary. This version also adds come context and background when known and believed helpful to comprehension.

At the end of February 1924 as the diaries begin, the Hall household at 800 North Lincoln Street, Mount Pleasant, Iowa, includes Frederick Ford Hall and his wife, Nellie Clarke Hall, and their seven children: Helen (age 18), Clarke (17), Louise (15), Edna (12), Joe (11), Betty (5), and Dick (just turning 3).



“Grandpa” was Horace Clarke, Nellie Clarke Hall’s father. He owned a hardware store in Lyndon, Kansas for many years. He passed away May 8, 1926, soon after the diaries end.

Aunts Kit (Keturah) and Dora are Fred Hall's sisters.

Aunt Kit was Mrs. Clem Tucker. They lived in Glendale, California, but her visit back home in 1926 was cause for a big Hall family reunion.

Aunt Dora was Mrs. Wilbur Ross. They lived in Superior, Wisconsin.

Aunt Nellie is Nellie Leach Hall, the wife of Fred Hall's brother, Jim. They lived at 414 North Broadway in Mount Pleasant.

Ruth and Molly: Ruth is Ruth Hall Taylor, James & Nellie Leach Hall’s daughter. She married Ware Taylor. Molly is their baby (Mary Jean).

Aunts Alice, Jennie, Mary and Stella are the Comstock sisters – actually Louise’s great aunts -- the sisters of Nellie Clarke Hall's late mother, Laura Aurelia Comstock Clarke. Nellie Clarke had no siblings.

Aunt Alice Comstock never married and lived in Chicago, probably with her widowed brother Henry, in 1924. Alice would die of a heart attack at age 71 on 2 December 1936 in Lakeside, Michigan, moments after finding Henry dead of a heart attack.

Aunt Jennie Comstock married Ernest Cole and lived in both Chicago and Lakeside, Michigan in 1924. The July 30 letter mentioned in the diary was from Aunt Jennie sending for her niece, Nellie, as she was near death. She would die soon after the visit, on 17 Sept 1924. The Cole family members that Nellie and Louise saw in Lakeside were Jennie's children, Genevieve (Vevie/Vieva), Margaret, Cliff and Ernie; Margaret's husband Malcolm and their children Malcolm and Bobby; and Ernie's daughter Cordelia. While Nellie and Louise were there Vieva got word that Mrs. Elliot, her mother-in-law, had died.

Aunt Mary Comstock married "Uncle Charles" Traxler. In 1924 they were living at the Harlan House Hotel in Mount Pleasant. Their children include son John Traxler and daughter Marian Traxler Beman. Spencer and Jerry are Marian and husband Spencer Beman's children. They lived in New Trier, Illinois, a Chicago suburb.

Aunt Stella lived in Lincoln, Nebraska, and was divorced from Monte Saunders before 1910. She died there on 6 April 1927. Monte lived in Mount Pleasant during the diary, dying on 26 May 1926.


Atwood: Mrs. Grace Atwood, a high school teacher and mother of Eula and Mabel.

Berdine: Berdine Coles, high school Grammar teacher.

Bernice: Bernice Huffman, a friend of Louise’s sister Helen. Bernice would go on to be a Latin teacher at Mount Pleasant High School alongside Louise. She never married.

Mr C: Teacher J. R. Carlson

Miss Crane, the teacher that Louise was so infatuated with in her diary, is Frances Crane. She was 25 at the time. She is the daughter of Fred Crane and sister of Baron Crane of Crane Jewelry, a long-time fixture on the Mount Pleasant square. She was also Frances Salzman, wife of Art Salzman. She remained a good friend of Louise’s the rest of her life. I believe she lived to be 100.

Dana/Dana C: Dana Crane, the younger sister of Miss Frances Crane. She would have been about 18 in 1924.

Charlotte: Charlotte Myers, a friend and classmate, daughter of Art and Edna Percival Myers. They livined outside of town and farmed.

Collie: Ida Jennie Collins, a life-long friend. (See I. J.)

Ethel or Ethel J or EIJ: Ethel Johnson, a best friend and classmate, daughter of Fred & Alice Johnson, 500 E. Henry.

Ethel Van or E. Van or EVH: Ethel Van Hon, a life-long friend, daughter of the late Frederick Van Hon and the widowed Marjorie Steadman Van Hon of 304 N. Van Buren Street. She would marry Gilbert I. Garretson. She died 29 Feb 1980.

Ethel Williams, friend and neighbor, daughter of Samuel and Nellie Williams of 413 N. Lincoln.

Eula Atwood and Mabel Atwood, daughters of the widow Grace Atwood & lived at 600 N. Adams St. Mrs. Atwood taught at the high school.

F. Is code for the beloved teacher, Miss Frances Crane.

Flo or Florence: Florence Hedlund, Margaret Hedlund’s younger sister. (See)

Gertie: Gertrude Weston, a friend a couple of years younger than Louise, more Edna’s age. Daughter of Frank and Gertrude Weston of 205 Broad St. Her sister Catherine was Louise’s age.

Gladys H.: Gladys Hoffman, a friend of Louise’s sister Helen. Daughter of Oliver & Ozora Fankhouser Hoffman of 315 Division St. He was a dairy farmer. Gladys was a cousin of Mildred Place.

Hazel or Hazy/Hazie: Hazel Kracaw, a friend and classmate, daughter of Harry and Nora Said Kracaw of 401 N. Lincoln St.

Helen H.: Helen Holland, a classmate, daughter of A. W. & Frona Holland of 507 Webster.

Miss Heuser/Heuer; Algebra teacher.

I.J./IJC: Ida Jennie Collins, a life-long friend. Daughter of Frank and Rosa Collins; younger brother Jack. They lived at 415 N. Lincoln St.

Mr. L or B.W.L.: Teacher Bill Livermore. Louise had a love-hate relationship with him. He lived at the Harlan House Hotel.

Lois/Lois B. Lois Bishop, friend and classmate; daughter of the late Howard Bishop and Nellie Dawson Bishop. Two older siblings are Virginia and Harold. They lived at 206 Franklin St. By 1930 they had moved to Madison, Wisconsin.

M or MEB or Margaret B.: Margaret Bell, a life-long friend and daughter of IWC professor Willis Bell & Mary Bell. The family lived two blocks west of the Halls at 108 Second Street.

Margaret Hedlund, a classmate; sister of Florence Hedlund. In 1992 Betty Hall, after her first husband (Willard “Bill” Hatfield) died, would marry their younger brother Claire for the last year of his life.

Margaret M: Margaret Myers, living with the Lawrence family at 506 W. Henry in 1925 at age 17.

M.D.R.S.: a favorite teacher, Miss Smith.

Mildred P.: Mildred Place, a classmate. She and her younger sister Irene lived with her mother’s sister and husband, Edna and Charles Fankhouser.

Miles: Miles Byrum, a friend of her brother Clarke.

Ralph Scarff, a classmate, about 15 in 1924, was the son of J.T. and Orpha Scarff of 804 Broadway.

My Diary

Volume I

Started on My Fifteenth Birthday
February 23, 1924 ~Louise Hall

Feb 23, Sat. It has snowed most all day. Ethel J. (Bobs, Babs?) came down for supper and is going to stay all night or rather is staying. After supper I was kissing her. Miles and Clarke looked in the window and saw me. They said, “Don’t you know any better?” Ethel (J.) brought me an awful nice present, a weekend set. Toothpaste, powder, cold cream, etc. Mr. Johnson sent a game down with Ethel for me. We went for a walk. We threw snowballs at Bishop’s house but nobody would come out. Virginia peeked out the window we think. Bernice (Huffman) was here for supper too.
Last night I went to the Y.W.C.A. thing at the High School with Charlotte and Margaret Myers, Mildred P. and Margaret Hedlund. Had a swell time. Got home about twenty minutes to twelve.

Feb. 24, Sun. It snowed a little bit today. Ethel J, Edna and I went to Sunday school. Charlotte came down this afternoon. We went walking. The footprints Ethel and I made when we peeked in the Bishop‘s window were almost gone. Ethel found out this morning that Beans [?] was not home when we were over there. We had Dick’s birthday cake tonight. He got a policeman bank and a snake that runs when you wind it up. Miles Byrum took my vanity case so I hid his coat in the cupboard. He got his coat but I never got my vanity case back yet. Ethel got his knife away from him. He thinks he lost it. ‘Tis only half past eight, but I am going to bed any way. Aren’t I good?

Feb. 25, Mon. The snow is melting a little today. I gave a picture of Ralph Scarff to Edith S. today to look at. She showed it to Ralph. He wanted to keep it but I got it back. Edith and Ethel want it. I don’t know what I will do with it. Edna went down to Weston’s but I have the headache so didn’t go. The two Hedlunds, Louise Gottschalk, Gertrude Weston and Eula Atwood were here after school while mother was down town. She got Dick a new suit. He was tickled to death. We didn’t do much but dance and eat apples. I was holding Dick. He slid off and my knee went through my blue wool skirt.
Good night.

Feb. 26, Tues. The Hedlunds, Gertie and I went to the show. It sure was good. Raymond took us down and back. I had to get my lessons after I got home but was cheered up when Helen made cocoa and sandwiches. It is about twelve so will stop. Anyway nothing else special happened only I have Miles’ knife and he won’t get it till he gives me my vanity case.

Feb. 27, Wed. I went to Girl Reserve. I am on the president committee. We made triangles and Margaret Bell and I have to stand at the head of the stairs and pin them on the Freshmen girls when they come in to the assembly. It is to make them come. The cards have “At the meeting of the Siouxs You can drive away the blues” on them. I also got my vanity case back. We were passing a hair pin around, making a wish and passing it on. I gave it to Edith S. And told her to pass it on to Ralph Scarff. He kept it and put it in the collar of his coat. Cut my finger with the bread knife last night. Ethel and Paul Green sure have a case on hands. Ethel bought a cigarette from Paul Phelps for a penny. Her Latin book smelled like ____. That’s where she kept it. Frances Evans and Ralph Blake were married. Happy returns of the day (wedding day).

Feb. 28. Thurs. A whole gang of boys, Dee Dold, Elmer Lyons, Frank Phyllis, Lloyd C. and Paul Green were here. Clarke told my fortune (every one else’s too). He said I was going to be an old maid. I said it pleased me. Paul Green slapped me because I said Clarke must have been telling Paul’s fortune because his hands were dirty. Paul wasn’t mad though because he laughed or grinned. You should have seen Paul and Clarke dance, it shook the whole house almost. Helen made some candy.
I wrote a note to Edith S. in study period and stated Ralph Scarff had two shirts on. He reads the notes over her shoulder but he only saw his name in that one I think. Anyway he asked what I said about him. He is a lot of fun. Ethel and Paul sure write notes a lot. Joe McCain said Margaret Holmes had a beau. He said he (the beau) took her home from the show the other night. I think it was Frank. I don’t believe I would walk home from the show with him if I had to.

Feb 29. Fri. It is getting warmer all the time. Last night Ethel heard their door bell ring. She went to the door. Walter Craig was there. He wanted her to go to the game tonight. He said Frank Phyllis was going to take me. Ethel shut the door and said no. Frank never asked me though. I would not have gone if he had. We beat Washington tonight anyway 10 to 6 I think. Dad and Mother went. Edna went to the show. Margaret and Florence (Hedlund) came down. Florence even asked me to make candy. I didn’t do it though. She sure believes in being frank with you. When I first knew her she even told me she didn’t have a good time when she went home. Bells moved into their new house today. Kasiskas moved yesterday.

March 1, Sat. I worked pretty hard today. Went down town about four o’clock with Margaret Hedlund. Margaret Myers got her hair bobbed. I met them down town. I never was so startled as when I saw her. I didn’t notice it right away. I got a letter from Esther. She didn’t say much but she wrote one sheet of it in our code. I asked Edna if she wanted to read Esther’s letter. She was quite tickled. I gave her the one written in the code. She was pretty angry but she tried not to show it. She tries to tease me by saying I can’t read it either. I washed my hair tonight.

March 2. Sun. I went to Sunday school this morning. I sure is nice weather so Margaret, Charlotte, Mildred, Ethel and I went for a walk. We walked all after noon Went to the Candy Kitchen and got some gum. Still got it. When I got home my feet were so sore I could hardly walk on them. I have about five ingrowing toenails. They were sore, the nails weren’t but the toes were and so were my heels. I sat and soaked them in hot water for about thirty minutes. It made them feel better but they still hurt.

March 3, Mon. I have a cold so won’t write any more.

March 4. Tues. It’s getting a little colder today I got 89% in my English test. In Latin today she Mrs. Atwood had us each decline a word. She gave us the English for it. Lots of kids didn’t know the Latin for it so failed. She happened to give me one I knew, so after while she told us to go to the board. The she told Ralph Shultz, Mildred, Irma Smith and I that we were excused from that work because we had declined the words good. She had them write the vocabulary, She made several stay in because they didn’t know the vocabulary well enough. If I had hadn’t had to go the board I sure would have had to stay in because I just happened to know my word because it is the same in Latin as in English. It was sure luck on my part. Mother just cut my hair so it looks a lot better. My lips are sure sore. Looks suspicious don’t it?

March 5, Wed. This morning Margaret Bell and I stood at the head of the stair and put those blue triangles on the girls. After school Mr. Dyall took the freshman class picture for the target. Then we wet to the G. R meeting. We acted out a bible story. I was a priest. A bunch of boys are down stairs now playing cards. Dee Dold’s voice certainly sounds like a girl’s.

March 6, Thurs. I went to the declamatory contest. Hazel Kracaw got first and Adele, second. Ethel Van Hon got first and Ida Jennie Collins got second in the humorous. They all did fine. Daniel F. ___asked me to go but I said I was going with some other kids. It was in Physiology class. First he asked Bertha Lyons. She said no and told him to ask Ethel Van Hon but he asked her my first name. I thought I would croak when she told me he had asked her my name. Alice, Catherine, Bertha and I were laughing fit to kill as it was then he asked me. Alice about croaked. Ethel and Mildred both played fine. They clapped for Ethel to come back but she didn’t have any more pieces.

March 7, Fri. I went down town with Ethel tonight. I got weighed. I weigh 122 ½ lbs. We took our algebra and Latin six-week tests today. Algebra was easy but the Latin was kind of hard. Clarke went to Fairfield. We won in the game this morning. The tournament [was] at Fairfield you know. We play again tonight.

March 8, Sat. I didn’t do much today but clean up the house. We play Fairfield in the final tonight. Not much chance of our winning though. I hope we don’t because if we do we wouldn’t play down here and we won’t get out of school. O yes, I dressed a chicken today for the first time. It was quite a bit of fun. Clarke hasn’t come home yet. I wonder what he is doing. I got a letter from Ida Roberts. She has moved again. The second time I guess since she went to Chicago.

March 9, Sun. I went to S. S. this morning. Clarke came home last night at mid night. He sure had a good time. Fr. night a whole gang of boy slept in one room that Leo Kennedy and Tom S. had in a hotel. It must have been fun. I went over to Margaret Bells this afternoon. We played Summer Sault. It is lots of fun. Mildred, Margaret, Gladys, and I went to Epworth League tonight. Mildred was over at Margaret’s too. Margaret’s (Betty’s) Aunt Eda thought that Mildred and I looked alike. I wonder if we do. I put powder in my hair so it wouldn’t be so oily. It sure smells. I hope it is all gone by tomorrow. I brushed it out of course.

March 10. Mon. I dreamed about Ralph Scarff last night. I dreamed I was running down a creek with a lot of fish which I had just caught. Ralph wanted them so he was chasing me in a truck in the middle of the creek. I told Edith that and she told Ralph. He said it was a pretty good dream. I suppose he would like to chase me like that. We got our Latin and Physiology papers back. I got 75% in Latin and 95% in Physiology. I guess I will get my tournament ticket tomorrow. Miss Heuser sure gave me a dirty look this morning in Algebra when I was trying to tell Gladys K. something.

March 11, Tues. I put a band on my skirt tonight after school. I got 91% in Algebra six-weeks test. When I was sewing tonight Miles wanted to thread my needle. Clarke, Miles and Floyd Buck were all trying to help me. I sure had enough help.

March 12, Wed. Miss Crane wanted me to write a story for the target. I don’t have time to do it as I am going to the tournament so I gave them the one I wrote for the essay contest or rather I got third on it here. Now it is at another one but I have not much chance there. We got our card today. I got some bum grades. None of them below eighty though. Mrs. Atwood graded everyone crazy this time. She failed Paul Phelps in Latin and Physiology both. He asked her about it and he was supposed to have 72% in Physiology. I always thought he was pretty good in Latin. In Physiology class someone said the pancreas looked like a dog’s tongue. Joe McKane turned to DeVere and said, “Let me see your tongue.” He sure is crazy. He is a good kid though because he and Paul R. put the same sentence on the board today in Latin and they both had the same mistakes. She asked if they had worked together. She sure looked hard at Paul. Then Joe said that he had copied it off Paul’s at the board. It was the truth, too. But I think it was nice of Joe to tell on himself to keep Paul out of trouble.

March 14, Fri. I went to the tournament last night after school and after supper. I went this afternoon too. We beat Mediapolis too. It sure was good. I have a headache and am tired so didn’t got to night, but we play Moravia tonight. The boys who are staying here are from Bloomfield. They got beaten last night. Their suitcase is gone so we think maybe they have gone home. There sure are some good looking boys on the teams over there. No. 1 on Ainsworth especially.

March 16, Sun. Last night I was down at Ethel’s. Burlington won the tournament. Margaret Myers, Mildred Place and I sat up stairs and hung our feet over. The Burlington people sat right under us. There was one little girl that acted so crazy. She put on boy’s coats and strutted around. I’ll bet she walked out of the door eight times. We wrote a note to her and dropped it down. She didn’t get is (it) so we dropped some more. She thought we were just teasing her. There is a girl from Burlington visiting the Myers kids. We wrote a note and gave it to her to give to this girl. I went to Sunday School this morning. Opal Carlson stayed at Ethel’s too. She was so hoarse she couldn’t speak above a whisper. I felt awfully bad yesterday. You know quite a while ago Ethel said I was going to stay down at her house one night during the tournament, so I expected her to ask me again to come last night. She didn’t so I asked her to come here and she had asked Opal. I guess I didn’t say much so she asked if I was mad. I felt so funny. I didn’t know whether I was mistaken about it or she changed her mind. I am sure she intended to ask me because she talked about it a lot. Then later she called me up and asked me down if I would sleep three in a bed. I didn’t know what to say. She acted as if she had never intended to ask me. I went because I was afraid she would think I was mad. I washed my hair today and got my algebra. A nice job for Sunday. I don’t feel so tired after the tournament as I expected to. I suppose it is because I went to bed so early Fri. night and got up so late Sat. morning.

March 17, Mon. I took the goods over to Mrs. Rich for her to make my dress. It is greenish blue satin and crepe de chene. I skipped chorus. Mildred, the girl visiting the Myers kids said that girl at the tournament that acted so crazy was kind a tough. One of the Burlington boys got run over by the train Saturday night. Not a basket ball boy though.

March 18, Tues. I went to the doctor again tonight about my side. He said if I didn’t watch out it might go into appendicitis. Pity me. Ethel got her trombone last night and can play five notes. I have been reviewing my book report.

[Editor’s note: Louise will mention her side hurting several times in the diary. In a later memoir she would relate this story:
“What excitement there was when Papa brought Buster home. He was a beautiful brown pony, though he was as big as some horses. Helen seemed to be the one he liked best. Once he tried to brush me off against a cedar tree in the front yard. He knew I wasn’t sure of myself and he wanted to show how sure he was.
Another time when he was running free in the pasture west of the house, Clarke and I caught him. We were better acquainted by this time. I climbed onto his back even though he was not saddled. After a few times around the lot I fell off. As Buster went on, he stepped on my middle. It hurt terribly, but I did not dare tell anyone, for we were not supposed to ride Buster bare-back.
In later years I remembered this when I had surgery in 1926 to see why I had such pain in my right side. My appendix was healthy, but I had a lot of adhesions – no doubt from being stepped on by Buster. “]

March 20. Thurs. Excuse me for not writing last night please. I started my book report yesterday but finished it today. I had my dress fitted today. Can get it tomorrow afternoon.

March 22 I got my dress today.

March 23 Sun. Yesterday was Helen’s birthday. We had cake today though. Marion, Hattie, Bernice, her mother, and Harold were here. Mrs. Huffman brought her a cake. It was pink. We had pink rose buds candlesticks and 20 yellow candles. I didn’t go to Sunday School. It’s the first time I have missed for a long time. I started to dress a chicken, but Helen took it away from me. Helen asked Bernice to dinner because she didn’t know we had asked the kids for supper. It was sure funny. She came both times.

March 25 Tues. I sure felt awful this morning. I was sick in the stomach. I missed school this afternoon. Lo and Behold! I will have to make 85%. Poor me. I sure will have to work. I got 83% on my card last time in Latin. I guess I can raise that if I can keep up my other grades but I have been so tired. I bet Miss Crane thinks I don’t care anything about helping by writing a story for the Target. She asked me about it again and I told her I wasn’t going to do it. I bet I took enough medicine this afternoon to supply a drug store. A little exaggerated, of course.

March 26, Wed. I didn’t go to school at all today. I got up about nine thirty. I made a strawberry roll this morning. I studied all after noon or rather most all of the time I was looking at the Pathfinder. I saw an advertisement about a thing that makes you throw your voice and a book of tricks for 10 cents. I sent for it. Mother and I are going to keep it a secret. Then when it comes we will have some fun.

March 27, Thurs. I went to school today. Miss Heuer said she was glad to see me back in school. Mrs. Atwood didn’t make me recite in her classes.

March 28, Fri. It has rained most all day. Elmer Lee asked Mildred Place for a date for the class party. She said, “No.” The Sunday School Party was tonight at Bell’s. We made Easter Bonnets out of tissue paper. Gladys H. chose Margaret B, Lois, Margaret M. and I as the four best then Mrs. Bell chose Margaret M. as the first and me as the second. Margaret got a rubber sponge man with a green hat and buttons. Then Lois, Margaret B, and I had to choose for the booby prize. We gave that to Katherine Ayre. It was a little roly-poly. I hunted Easter eggs, met the Jones family and played another game. Had a swell time.

March 29, Sat. It has been a terrible day. It even hailed then snowed. I went down town in it all with Ethel and Mildred. Bernice is here. Florence, Margaret, and Gertrude came down. Bernice and Helen dressed up as men and entertained us.

March 30, Sun. I went to Sunday School. Mildred has a new coat. It sure is a beauty. After Sunday School I went to Bell’s and stayed a while because her folk were at church. This afternoon Ethel, Mildred, and Margaret B. came up. We played checkers and marbles. Clarke is champion in checkers and Margaret in marbles. It was the first time we girls had played marbles. It sure is fun. About six, Mildred, Margaret B., Gladys K., and I went to Epworth League. We then went towards home. Margaret’s folk were again gone so I stayed there till about nine-thirty, and Good Night.

April 2, Wed. I didn’t go to school yesterday morning. Neither did Clarke. He went to the dentist. Mother met Miss Heuer on the street today and was talking to her. She said she wasn’t surprised when she saw me gone because I had not been looking well. (First time I knew I looked sick) but when she saw Clarke gone she thought something must be wrong. Ha Ha. I got a new gray straw poke bonnet hat. I only got fooled once on April 1.

Apr. 4, Fri. We got out of school yesterday afternoon and today because of a teacher’s convention. Ethel and I went down town yesterday also we went to the Candy Kitchen and got some cherry sundaes. Last night Mr. Lee and Mr. Perry stayed here. They sleep in my room so I slept with Helen. They talked so much that I threw a can of powder at the double doors between the rooms. One of them reached up and knocked on the door. They told the folk about it this morning only they thought it was a shoe. They said that last night when they heard some one coming up stairs whistling they thought it was Clarke (it was Helen), but when they heard some one come up four steps at a time they thought sure that was Clarke (it was I). After supper tonight I went over to Bell’s. We also went for a little walk, Margaret and I.

Apr. 6 Sun. Ethel came down at about four yesterday. I had a headache. It kept getting worse all the time. I woke up in the night and wanted a drink. I was so dizzy that I couldn’t get it so Ethel got it. I had a fever too. I was sick all day today too. Ethel and Edna went to Sunday School but I did not. Ethel went home at about half-past four this after noon. I still feel kinda balmy. I don’t think I will go to school tomorrow.

Apr. 8 Tues. I didn’t go to school yesterday, but I did today. I wrote a book report after school tonight.

Apr. 11 Fr. Last night I went to the Epworth League Party. We had a swell time. We walked all over the church in the dark. Tonight Florence, Margaret, and Gertie came down and some boys, too. We burnt a big pile of brush and smoked some tassel cigarettes. O! Boy!

Apr. 12, Sat I didn’t get up till about ten this morning. Didn’t go any place, but stayed home all afternoon. Mother and I took turns and scrubbed the hardwood floors. We got most all of those black marks off with Dutch Cleanser. I bet I find out this time how they get there. We scrubbed until we ran out of Dutch Cleanser.

Apr. 13, Sun. I went to Sunday School this morning. Mildred, Margaret B. Ethel, and Ethel Van, and I went for a walk. We also went to Epworth League this evening. O by the way, it is a lovely day out. Just like summer. On the way home from League I stopped in to see Ruth and Molly, but Ruth was putting her to bed so I got to see neither. Ruth just came up for a special Alpha meeting. She has her hair bobbed. Mother and Dad were down town all afternoon. Aunt Nellie is so worried about my side. Lo! and Behold! I cut some bangs today. Papa said, “What did you cut those hairs off up there for?” I mean Bernice cut them for me. Part of them I mean. After I got home from League I hunted up my stuff for a theme.
P.S. I just found a great big blister on each heel (one is broken) because I wore Helen’s slippers today and they are almost too big.

April 14. Mon. It is fine weather. My side has hurt quite a bit today. I got a new blue middie tonight. On the way home I stopped to see Ruth. She sure looks good with her haircut. Molly certainly is cute; she is kind of pigeon-toed. She laughs almost all of the time, but she can’t talk.

Apr. 15, Tues. I got a letter from Esther today, but she didn’t write in the code. I don’t know why. I wrote a letter to Mary tonight. The class party is to be Friday for sure. We had our physiology test today. It wasn’t very hard.

Apr, 16 Wed. We had our Latin test today. When we got out of school it was pouring down. We wanted to go to G. R. so M. Myers, M. Bell and I started over to M. M’s aunts to get a bumbershoot (?). We started across the yard; I slipped on the mud and sat down. It sure was awful. DeVere had dates with three different kids for the party. They all found out he had one with the others so now none will go with him. The big nut. Why did he ask so many. It serves him right.

Apr. 17 Thurs. I went down town after school tonight. I started a letter to Esther yesterday in study period and finished it last night, but I haven’t sent it yet. Paul Green has a date for the party with Thoe. Gladys says she doesn’t care. Ha Ha.

Apr. 19, Sun. Went to the party last night. Everyone looked fine. And I had a scrummy time. I stayed at Ethel’s all night. Going home we walked behind Beryl DeVere, and Margaret Bob. They didn’t know we were there. They sure talked loud. M. said, “do you dare me to carry out that dare?” We are still wondering what the dare was. We got up about seven this morning. Ethel took her lesson at ten, so I came with her. She came up this after noon and we dyed the Easter eggs. I also made Edna’s birthday cake; but it fell flat, so I got one downtown tonight.

Apr. 21, Mon. Yesterday I asked some girls to come down for Edna’s birthday. They surprised her all right. Mrs. Atwood’s father is sick so Bernice is teaching us this week. We sure have fun. We had chorus then I went to Gladys Hoffman’s and planned for a picnic.

Apr. 24 Thurs. We sure have fun in Latin and Physiology. Paul P. changed his seat to the one behind me. He writes with chalk on me and everything. He, Joe, and DeVere sure are funny. Bernice sent Paul out yesterday so he got zero on the test we were taking. I got 90%. DeVere got 50% and then acted like it was 100%. Last night I went to the show with Lois and Margaret B and Mother. It was the ‘White Sister”. It was sure good. I was sad but I didn’t cry. Aren’t I good. I am surely tired.

April 28 Mon. I am improving greatly. ___ I stayed for chorus tonight. Yesterday I went to S. S. In the afternoon we went our to Hickory Grove and got a few flowers. Not much else doing.

May 2 Fri. A circus is in town. If we took excuses to school we didn’t have to go in the afternoon. I took one but I didn’t go to the circus. Mrs. Atwood wrote one for Mabel and Eula, and they didn’t go either. Hardly any one was at school this afternoon. We got out early this morning for the parade. Ethel came down this afternoon. I sure am tired.

May 4, Sun. It sure is a nice day. I went to S. S. Gladys read those things to us for our contest. I have won 20 points already. Randall’s came but I went to M. Bell’s anyway. I also went to League. On the way home some boys stopped and asked us to go for a ride. The big nuts.

May 7, Wed. It is a very nice day. I went to G. R. after school. Beryl tried to trim my hair but the scissors were not sharp enough. I am going to make candy up there Sunday and have a sale. Mon. Or Tues. I have my English notebook ready. Such a relief.

May 8, Thurs. It is rather chilly. I went to the recital with M. B. and M. P. Dana Crane and Ethel Williams played. They both got some sweet peas and roses.

May 11, Sun. On Friday I went to The Junior stunt and then stayed all night with Helen Holland. Had a swell time. She curled my hair Sat. morning. I got home about twelve thirty, but Mother didn’t say anything. I worked all afternoon. I went to Sunday School today. Mildred came home with me for dinner. We ordered Ethel’s flowers. We went down to the Y. room and made candy then M & I came home, ate some cake and went to League. Good night.

May 14, We practiced for thing Mon. & Tues. with the boys. Got 92% in an algebra test. I went to G. R. tonight. Only five there. We are going to have a sandwich sale tomorrow. Helen H. and I well on the Boy’s side.

May 15, Thurs. We made $4.90 at the sale tonight. Ethel’s recital was tonight. It sure was swell. She sure looked sweet. She got our sweet peas and roses from her folks. Helen Holland is staying all night with me.

May 18, Sun. Yesterday I went down to Ethel’s about seven. We started to the show. It was just misting so we went on. Pretty soon it began thundering. We didn’t get scared. We were about two blocks from the show it began pouring. We ran. Mr. Johnson was there waiting. We got in and went home. We read all evening and had a good time. This morning we went to S. S. I went back for dinner and ate my first strawberries for this season. After dinner we read then went to see the Masonic Building. It sure is nice. We went to the library and read. We then went home, read, ate supper, and then went to League. I came home from there with M. Bell. After league a [?] I went through the Masonic Building with Mildred and M. Bell. I forgot, E. V.Hon, Ethel J and I went to the Candy Kitchen after we came from the Masonic Building.

May 22, Thur. Uncle Charles came Tuesday afternoon.

May 26 Mon. Oh! Boy! I got out of my exams. Now no more school for me till next Sept. Saturday we had our C . We all got free season tickets for the May Festival. Helen H. and I went this afternoon. It was sure good.
Yesterday I went to Sunday S with the Hedlunds so if those people from Galesburg called up R. could come and get us. Some people from Galesburg were coming as far as Burlington and Hedlunds that far too, and have a picnic. Elmer G, M. F & R. Hedlund and I were going. They didn’t call so we didn’t go. I stayed there for dinner. After dinner we all went to Rome with the Westons. Got back about six. Then the whole gang came down to our house for supper and stayed till ten thirty.

May 28, Wed. I went to the Sioux Banquet tonight. My toast went pretty good. I got kind of balled up at the last though. M. Bell, Helen Holland and I stayed to do the dishes. Lucy Lawrence did the cooking. We took Helen a piece. Lloyd Estis kept watching us through the cars, finally he ran after us (this was after Helen left us.) He went behind us till we got to a streetlight, then he went in front and stood and peeped at us. He began to laugh and ran back. I sure hope he found out who we were. I had a notion to say, “I hope you find out who we are.” But I didn’t. Wish I had.

May 29 Thurs. I went to visit college with Helen this morning. We went over to the Hall first to Marian’s room. Betty Evans and Marian were there. We all went to Russell’s and got some peppermints. Marian introduced me to Truman Hobson as her sister. I don’t know whether he believed her or not. I went with them to English class.
Mother is pretty sick. The doctor came this afternoon. I guess she’ll be in bed about a week.
Tonight I went to the Graduation Exercises. We could hardly get seats. It was real good. Phil W. gave a speech. Dana C. [Crane] did well. All of them did.
P.S. Bernice has her hair bobbed. She looks cute. She was here for supper and is still here.

May 31, Sat. Helen bobbed her hair yesterday or rather Marian did it. She looks like me, poor thing. Mother got up this afternoon. The Leisenrings were here tonight. I went with Helen Holland to mail a letter and got back as they were leaving

June 2, Mon. Yesterday I went to S.S. John Wilson came down Fri. and Joe went back with him Sun. morning. They are coming back again Tues. Yesterday afternoon Mildred and I went out to Holland’s. I took Betty along. I went to League and to M. Bell’s after that. Today I got up at 5:30 and went back to bed at 7:00 and then got up about 9:00. It is fine weather. Mother and I went downtown this afternoon. Stanley, Gertie, Florence and Margaret came down tonight. You know a long time ago when M. went home she said she didn’t have a good time so tonight she asked Edna if Edna had a good time at their house yesterday. I said, “She wouldn’t be apt to tell you she didn’t.” She said, “She might if she didn’t.” I said, “No one with any manners would.” She went home then. I don’t know whether she knew what I meant or not. I just couldn’t resist saying that to her. She gets me.

June 6, Fri. I slept most all afternoon. Yesterday we had planned to go down to Oakland but it rained buckets so we had dinner on our front porch and went down to Weston’s in the afternoon.

June 8. Sun. I didn’t go to S.S. today. Ethel came down. She stayed for supper. She sure is fun. We just stand and say mean things to each other, in fun of course. Mrs. Johnson said once that if some one heard us they would think we were enemies, any thing but. Margaret Myers called me up. I sure like her. We went to League. Jessie Ford led. She was good. I’ve read ever since I came home. I stood on the corner with M. Bell for about . Guess I’ll read some more.

June 11 Wed. I slept most all afternoon. I lay down first on the floor in the hall but just rolled out of the way in time when Uncle C. [Charles] went up stairs. He very likely would have stuck his cane in me. I certainly am bound to come in contact with him. After supper Betty was going to take him for a walk. There was a piece of something white on his hip so I thought I would pick it off. I went too deep and pinched him. He said, “Who’s that? Dick?” Betty said, “No, he isn’t here.” I laughed till I cried, so did Mamma. I bet he thinks some one around here is mean. The Hedlunds, Gertie, Slan, Pinky came down and we played hide & seek. Florence and I were it twice in succession.

June 13, Fri. Last night I went to the first Band concert. I didn’t do much today. It rained a little. I am going to take Violin lessons from Ethel as soon as I can get Warren’s violin.

June 14, Sat . I went down to Ethel’s this afternoon. I took her some big strawberries because it seemed a pity to smash such beauties. She treated me to some cake which we ate on the way down town. We each got a maple nut ice cream cone at the K. K. Clarke brought the violin in. The sounding post is out, but that can be fixed. We went down town tonight and got some new slippers. I like mine pretty well. I again had a cone but tooty fruity this time.

June 15, Sun. It poured last night. I got up at nine and went to S. S. This afternoon Lois, M. Bell and I went to call on a shut in, Mrs. Baker, but we couldn’t find her, so we went to Adele’s. M. Myers called up but I wasn’t here. I saw her at league. We stayed for the Children’s Day Program. It was real good. It seemed funny to be with Lois because she never goes anyplace on Sunday.

June 16 Mon. It rained a little this morning. Ethel came down and fixed my violin all up for me. Nobody was here but we two and Edna asleep. We ate some strawberry shortcake. Tonight Mother and I went to the show. It sure was good. It was “Boy ‘O Mine”.

June 17, Tues. Uncle Charles [Traxler] ordered something. They came today. It was a whole lot of cookies from the Sunshine Biscuit Co. The league picnic was postponed. Mr. Lee fixed my violin for me. After supper M. Bell and I went down town.

June 18, Wed. I took my first lesson today. We went out riding tonight with C. Weston.

June 20 Fri. The P.E.O. thing was last night. I stayed at Bell’s till nine then I came home and read up in Mamma’s room till they served then I went down with Edna & Alice. I didn’t do a thing today. Got up at 11:30, ate a piece of bread, went up stairs and practiced 15 minutes, read some and so on till I had practiced an hour or more. I then went down stairs at about 2:00. Ate some more bread and adjourned to M. Bell’s where I picked cherries and stood around till about five. We then [word obviously left out] around down town where I purchased some shoestrings and some candy. We then walked home. I was met at Leist’s corner by Betty & Dick by whom I was accompanied home. In the evening I went to Hedlund’s, Atwood’s, Weston’s and home. We played a while each place except Atwoods. Bernice is here now.

June 21, Sat. Last night Edna & I had the most fun after we had gone to bed. One of us would yell something crazy like ‘green grapes’ and the other would answer anything that entered our heads, like “Uncle Charles’s alarm,” Bernice and Helen thought it was a game and got so excited. They wanted us to show them how to play it. This morning we told them it was a secret code. They say they are going to get one. I went down town tonight. I call (ed) M. Myers up, but she wasn’t coming to town.

June 22. Sun. I slept most all afternoon. I went to league and church.

June 23, Mon. I bummed around down town for a while this afternoon and then went to Ethel’s. From there I went to Gladys H’s to plan for a picnic. Tonight we had a lemonade party. We had lots of fun. Danced on the porch for a while. Made up a swell dance.

June 25, Wed. I took my lesson. Ethel said it was good. Mable did stay to listen. Ethel came down this afternoon. We didn’t do much. We took her home in the car. G., F., M., & I went down and got ice cream & candy. We had a pretty good time.

June 28 Sat. It is 12:00 and we just got home from Mary’s party. The show was pretty good. We had ice cream and cake. One box was full so we had to sit downstairs. Ed and Jean sure have a case for each other. All they did was sit with their arms around each other.
We sure had fun at the picnic yesterday. We had a crate of pop (24 bottles). There were eight there, 3 apiece. Mildred and I went in the pool. I can swim now O Boy! It is fun. After supper we went down the track aways. Gladys sure is fun. Sure had a fine time.

June 29, Sun. It didn’t rain today but it has rained enough to last a long time. N. Big Creek bridge almost went over with the water. It was up even with the bridge. Water was over Oakland bridge. We went down to see it this after noon. Mildred, M. Bell, H Holland and Bernice came down. M. P. couldn’t go, but the rest of us went. Clarke drove. We had a swell time. M., H., & I went up over the hill and got some flowers. Lover’s Land is all covered. The water has gone down a lot but is still high. We went down a path to the water and picked stones out of it. Two would hold onto the other in turn until we all got one. We keep them for a keepsake. When we had rambled up the hill we saw a man and got scared and scrambled down. I never laughed so hard. We ran so we could hardly stop. We got home about seven. The kids stayed until about nine then Clarke and I took them home. We sure had a fine time. Only I wish Mildred could have gone.
P. S. I have my hair shingled.

July 1, Tues. Mary Smith came Sunday night. She called me up Mon. morning. Last night M., F., G., & M. Newburgh and E. & I had a bunk party on our parlor floor. We sure had fun. Went to sleep at about two or after and got up at 4:30. We went to the grove for breakfast. We had a fine time down there too. We tried everything around there. We got home about ten. I almost didn’t get here. I was so tired. Mary and E. Van Hon came over this afternoon, but didn’t stay long because it rained. I certainly feel sorry for Ethel. Mary is sure sloppy. Edna said she was awful. I think she is too. Of course I like her awful well but her hair is so long and messy. Her hands were about black too. She is worse this summer than last summer. Well, last summer she was real good. You know what I mean. It is only 8:00 but I am going to bed. Stanley didn’t go home after all. I think he’s funny not wanting to go home. You’d think he would want to see his mother sometime. He’s been here over a year. Well, I glad he didn’t go. I bet Flo is too.

July 3, Thurs. It is like Dec. almost. I took my lesson this morning. I went to Mary’s this afternoon. I certainly changed my opinion of her. She was not half as messy as she was yesterday. Her hands were clean and her hair was neat. She must have been in a hurry yesterday. I tried to get her five times tonight to ask her to go to the band concert. I bet she thinks I’m goofy because she expected me to call. Helen was supposed to meet me but didn’t so I had to come alone. Two boys came up to H. Holland and I three times while we were in the park waiting for Helen. The third time I said “I wish you would leave.” One said, “You go to .’ I sure was mad. They wanted us to go riding. The big . Stanley and Flo traded rings. O! Boy!

July 4, Fri. Had a swell time. We kids in the neighborhood went to Oakland on the K. We came back some in Hedlund’s car and some on the K. We went to the show. Whee! It was sure good. “The Call of the Canyon”. It was great.

July 6, Sun. I went to S. S. M. Myers was in. Ethel, F., M., G., and the rest were down. All stayed for supper. Went to League. Bernice, Helen, & Ethel Miller put on a stunt for us when we got home.

July 9 Wed. I have not written for quite a while. Went downtown yesterday with Flo and Ethel. Ethel came home for supper and stayed all night. Marian Melvin came Tues. morning. Helen and Marian, Ethel, Flo, Margaret, Gertie, Edna and I went to the show. Got back about 11:00. Sure had fun and am sure tired.
M. Bell, E. Johnson, H. Holland, L. Bishop and I dressed as Japanese girls and served at a Missionary meeting at Miller’s. Sure had fun. Had our picture taken afterwards.
Aunt Mary, Marian [R], and Spencer [Beman] came this afternoon. I wish they had brought Jenny along but they only brought Spencer.

July 15, Tues. Marian B. is a peach. Spencer sure is cute. Marian M. went home Sunday. Marian and Spenc went this morning. Aunt Mary has some swell rooms at the Harlan House. Last night we had a “Lemon Ade Party”. Had a pretty good time. Today the N.E. Gang had a picnic but the Queen Esthers asked me to go to theirs first so I went. I came home with the Gang though. Had a fine time. Flo is here all night. She and Edna traded places for tonight.

July 17, Thurs. Yesterday morning Florence went with me to take my lesson. Today Marian B (R) sent ten dollars to H, E, & I. She said she was going to get us some presents but didn’t have time. We each got a short sleeve sweater. I had a with my side this morning. Aunt Mary told of some medicine that cured her, so I am using that now. It’s called “Golden Seal”.

July 18, Fri. Flo traded again with Edna. She is sitting here acting like the dickens. I took my sweater back because it was too small and got another. It is yellow. Edna’s is green. We played out. Mary S. served pop and sandwiches. James Newburgh spoiled the evening for me. No, he didn’t either. I enjoyed myself anyway if I leave him out. He is such a nut. I don’t see how Mary S. can stand him.

July 21, Mon. Coming home from League M. Bell suggested to me that we have a birthday party for Gladys. Ethel, Lois, Marg. & I planned it today. It is to be here. The gang came down tonight. I rained hard about seven. It is sure hot.

July 26, Sat. Wed. Ethel came down for supper and then we went to the show, “Girl Shy”. Thurs I went to a party at Rogers. Thurs night I went to band concert. Fri. afternoon I went to Olds with Ethel to see some folk. Last night we played out. Marg. and I traded beds. This afternoon we were down at Hedlunds.

July 27, Sun. Went to S. S. Ethel came down. Stan sure acted crazy. Had raspberry ice cream and cake for supper. Went riding when we took Bernice home.

July 28 Mon. We had a surprise party for Gladys H. Helen asked her to come up here to see her then we were all here to surprise her. M, E, L, M, & I planned it and asked the rest of the S. S. class. Hazel K. gave a reading. We had a fine time. Joe and Stanley served in white aprons. Gladys was sure surprised.

July 30, Wed. We got a letter from Aunt Jennie and Vevie [her daughter, Genevieve] sending $20 and asking Mother to come. She is going to take me with her. We are going next Wed, She is in Lakeside [Michigan] now. We are going to have a picnic tomorrow. Marg. is staying here all night. The rest are at Hedlund’s. Got a headache.

July 31 Thurs. I got a letter from Mary Smith the other day.
We had a fine time today but am too tired to write about it now. It is 8 and I am going to hit the hay.

Aug. 1, Fri. I’ll write about the picnic now. It was about seven miles west of town on J. Hedlund’s farm. It sure was pretty. On the river. We ate in the cabin. They all hiked but Marg & I. We rode with Mrs. Hedlund. They started at six. We started at eight. Gertie started to step into the boat but the boys pushed off and she stepped in up to her knee. Edna went in with her hands. We ate at eleven. There was the prettiest “lookout”. We stayed up there a long time. We forgot to take water. The boys went down to a branch to find the spring. They brought some and we drank it. Later Marg. And I wandered off. The branch is all rock bottom. Some of it has sharp stones. We went in wading. We also found the spring. We called the kids and here come to find it out they had gotten the water out of the branch and not the spring at all. My feet are sure sore. I cut them on rocks. We started out all twelve in one car. Went a ways and had a “blow out”. Edna, Flo, & Gertie started out to walk while we fixed it. We had to pump it up twice again. The last time we were at the bottom of a hill so all the boys but Pinkie walked up. A car came by and picked them up. When it got a little farther they picked up the girls. In a little while we met Mr. Weston. He took the girls out of that car. We started out in one car and ended up in three. Sure had a swell time.
Esther gave a surprise party for Stanley tonight. I am too tired to write any more than that we had a fine time. He was sure surprised. We, the N.E. Gang gave him a pencil.

Aug 2, Sat. Stanley was going Sun. but we got him to wait until Wed. Now his mother telephoned to him not to come because they are moving. He won’t get to go with us after all
I took Uncle Charles to Chautauqua this afternoon. I sat with Ethel and Charlotte. I just love Charlotte. I used to think she didn’t like me very well, but I guess she likes me alright, at least she acted that way this afternoon.
I wrote at letter to Mary S. and to Esther S. tonight. A good job done.

Aug 4, Mon. Today was Betty’s birthday. I made her cake then went down town. I sure worked hard. Virginia, Jane C., and little girl at Virginia’s were here for supper. We got her a pocket-book and some garters. Virginia and Mary gave her handkerchiefs, Jane gave her and an empty vanity case. We went to “Captain Applejacks” tonight it sure was good. Sure hot weather.

August 7, Thu. We got here [Lakeside, Michigan] last night at ten and left home at ten. It rained most of the way over. We came from Chicago in the car. We stopped at Mich. City for supper. Margie is kind of pretty. We went to a swimming party today. Had a fine time. We were at Pretzel’s for dinner and supper. I met Florence Pretzel, Mary, Elouise, and Dorothy . This place is a wonderful place.

Aug. 9, Sat. Ernie and Cordelia came last night. Margaret and M. came this morning. We went swimming this afternoon and went to see the big sand dune. Cordelia had been sick. I read to her some. She is better now.

Aug 14, Thur. P.M. So much has happened. Sun. morning most of us went in swimming. When we came back Vieva had gotten word that Mrs. Elliott had died, Malcolm was going to Chicago, so he took Vieva and the kids. They didn’t expect to be able to come back for about a week. Ernie went home in the afternoon. The Culbersons came for dinner. Tee is sure cute. Mon. Margaret taught us to play Mah Jong. Margaret was planning to start Tues. morning with Cordelia and meet Malcolm at Cliffs and then take Cordelia home. Marian wanted Mother and I to come there. Margaret wanted me to go to Milwaukee with her and then go on the train to Miriam’s when they left for their trip to Aunt Alice’s and Iowa. Then she wanted me to go on the trip with them. We left Lakeside Tues. morning and carried out the plan as I have written them. Marian wasn’t home, but Spencer showed me all over the house and Jenny. The house is wonderful and Jenny is cute. We got here in time for dinner. I’ve seen so many interesting sights that I can’t remember them. We washed yesterday and ironed this morning. Bobby calls me Wittle Wese part of the time. He sure is cute. We expect the Culberson’s today. If they don’t come we are all going to a circus.

Aug 16. Sat. We did go to the circus. It was fine. The Culbursons came so Margaret didn’t go, but Mrs. Mertis took us. Went down town yesterday for lunch and a show.
Mrs. Culberson had her operation this morning. Tee left for Cliff’s. She surely is sweet. I like both of the girls. Tee is awful slim. I washed my hair this morning. Got a letter from Ethel Van and Charlotte.

Aug. 18, Mon. We are at Aunt Alice’s now. We left Milwaukee at six A.M. Sun. and got here at 5:30 P.M. Uncle Will took us riding on the lake last night. The house is sure cute. Aunt Alice and I slept at Berries, some neighbors. The roads were bum part of the way, but part of them were good.

Aug. 26 Tues. We left Aunt Alice’s Wed. morning and stayed all night at Dubuque and got to Oskaloosa Thur. afternoon. I fainted when we got there. They put me to bed and called Dr. Johnson. I was on a liquid diet for twenty-four hours. I got up Sat. morning. Marg was bitten on her foot by a deer fly at Aunt Alice’s. It was all swollen up. She had to lay with it up and an ice pack on it, fun, we went to the country club for dinner then went to Ottumwa where I got on the train and came home. I sent a telegram but it didn’t get here till Mon. Got home safely though. Gang came down tonight and I told them about Lakeside lions. Stanley hasn’t gone home yet I doubt if he ever leaves. Fredrick Butler is seventeen and awful good-looking. He has black curly hair. I didn’t get to see much of him because I was sick, but had fine time when I did. He went to the train and waved at me a long time. I was very much thrilled.

Sept. 2, Tues. Margaret and Malcolm stopped Sun. on their way through. Sure was glad to see them. Went down town this afternoon. Ethel came to supper. Gang came down.

Sept. 3, Wed. I had a great time today. Ethel, Mildred and I went out to Charlotte’s today. Had a great time. I rode Tony and Bird (horses) Mid and I, and Ethel and I rode way down the road a long ways. I galloped, ran and trotted. It bounced my side up some, but it doesn’t hurt now. We went to the river and took some pictures. Got back so late that we stayed for supper. It was great. We got back about 9:15. Marg H. is here staying all night. Marg Myers is at Charlotte’s, but is pretty sick. We went up to see her for a while. I had such a good time that I can’t wait to write it down so you will have to imagine the rest which is wonderful. Charlotte is the same.

Sept. 5, Fri. Some old friends of the folks, the Bonnifields, were here for supper. The gang came down and we played “Run Sheep Run”. I went to put on my new peach colored dress and Lo! and Behold! My head wouldn’t go through the neck. Helen jerked in front and Edna in the back until it went on. I was awful hard to get it off. My head aches from it. I guess I’ll split it on the shoulder and put in hooks and eyes.

Sept. 9, Tues. Ah! The old days began yesterday. It is kind of fun going over to Senior High. I like all of my teachers so far. Miss Coles (English) is always smiling. Miss Walker is all right. She is geometry. Miss Smith (Caesar) is kind of young. Mon. she didn’t crack a smile. Today she smiled half the time. Caesar sure is awful because I’d forgotten so much. I’ll review then it will be better. Our friend Miss D. Craig is very sweet. I believe she remembers me. I can’t remember whether it was she that came home with Helen several time or Hazel. It may have been both. I expect is. Any way I’m quite sure she knows me. I made some fool mistakes today and yesterday, but won’t write them all down. I went to class and sat down and come to find out it was the annex. I came out of all the mixes all right though.
Marian (R) came today and brought Spencer and Jerry both. They are staying with Aunt Mary, of course. I haven’t seen them yet, but Mother and Dad are there now. I guess they are coming for supper tomorrow.

Sept. 13, Sat. Marion went home today. Thur. night after school we kids went to Mr. Van Hon’s funeral. I sure feel sorry for poor Ethel. I couldn’t bear to look at her, poor dear. The class sent flowers.
I lost my bet to Helen about Loeb and Leopold’s sentences so I had to take her to the show Wed. night. It was great. “Going Up” was the name. The whole Traxler family were here that night for supper.

Sept 15, Mon. Not much to tell. Ethel Van started to school today. She surely is brave about it.

Sept. 20. Sat. Last night I went to the League party. Had a fine time. To night I went to Don Taft’s birthday party. We had a fine time there too. I am just roasting.
Aunt Jennie passed away Fri. morning. Ella Leisenring [a cousin of Louise’s mother died] this morning.

Sept, 21, Sun. Went to Sun. S. I had intended to go Ethel’s today but she excused we so I could go nutting. We went to Hickory Grove. We got about four bushels. I sure was cold coming home and after we got here too. It was roasting this morning. Some change.

Sept. 23, Tues. Elsie S. [Saunders (Aunt Stella Comstock’s daughter)] came last night. She drove from in her car, or rather Frank Thompson drove over and went back at midnight. Ella Leisenring’s funeral was today. I met the train with Momma but there wasn’t room for me to go out with them. Ethel asked me to go to the show and stay all night, but I couldn’t on account of the funeral. I had the satisfaction of knowing she asked me first. I guess Charlotte went.

Sept. 30, Tues. I haven’t written for an age. Aunt Jennie’s funeral was last Thur. There were beautiful flowers on the grave. About twenty-one or more were here for dinner. Sunday I was at Ethel’s for dinner and supper. We went out riding and played Parcheesi. We had a fine time. Each of us girls got one of Aunt Jennie’s handkerchiefs for a keepsake. Margie and the rest were here. I had my wish about the rest of the folks seeing her. Vieva has reduced an awful lot. She is awful pretty now.
Frank Thompson came for Elsie last night, but they aren’t going till tomorrow morning. Aunt Alice, Aunt Mary, and Uncle Charles were here for supper in his honor. Elsie is just about engaged to him.

Oct. 10, Fri. I have so much to write I don’t know what to say. I guess I’ll begin at the beginning. Ethel’s folk left Oct 1, Wed morning for Ill. You know she was to stay with me. E. Van wanted us to come there Wed. night so we did. Ethel J. had a date for the show with Curley England, but she wouldn’t go unless we let her pay our ways to the show too. We went down there for supper. Charlotte came too. C. came for E. at about 7.20. We couldn’t leave till he came for her so we were late. The first thing we saw when we went in was Curly & Ethel on the next to the back row. We sat right behind them. We sure had fun. Whenever a lady with not much on came out he would say, “I can’t see” and would lean way over. We sure teased Ethel afterwards. They left before we did. We went to the Kandy Kitchen and then went home, but they weren’t there yet. They came about ten. E. sent him home because he is a foot ball boy. We had some more fun then. We got about five hrs. sleep if that. We started out with C. Van & I in a bed and E. by us on a cot. In a little bit Van went down to E and slept. The crazy!
The next night Ethel was here. It rained so after school that we had to stay at the library till almost six. If it hadn’t stopped then we were going to the Dairy for supper. Ethel & Mildred went there for dinner and Curly treated them to ice cream. It rained all evening so we didn’t do much.
Sat. night Esther took me to the show. Helen went too.
Fri night E & I went to the library to walk home with Helen. We bummed around until she came.
Sat. Burlington beat us.
Sun. We went to S. S. That after noon we had intended to go to Ethel’s and make candy with Charlotte, Margaret Myers, Mildred, but Ethel’s folks came home about 2.30 so we went for a walk. Ethel came for me in the car and we went to league. I sure had a fine time while she was here. I think she is getting cuter every day. She is afraid she’s going to get like M. Holmes just because she had a date. She has had another since.
We didn’t have school Tues. afternoon on account of Teacher’s Meeting. I hope they have those Merry Gatherings often. We have a great Romance between Miss M.D.R. Smith and Mr. Bill Livermore. He is in her room half of the time. Oh! Boy! They are both cute. She has five pairs of shoes as far as I have counted and cute clothes too. Miss Crane & G. Hagie took Carlson and Livermore to an Alpha party. We are trying to fix up a romance between Miss F. Crane and Mr. J. R. Carlson. Carlson is a preacher on Sundays. Isn’t that strange. I’d never have thought it. I sure like to fix up a romance for Berdine for I’m sure she can’t do it for herself. O by the way, she was at the show the eventful Wed. night with an elderly man. I wonder who the poor thing was. She’s pretty good though. Funny as you make them. When something funny happens in class and she laughs, everyone else laughs twice as hard.
Last night I made a cake, Helen and I took it to Aunt Mary for her birthday. She is sixty-five. Marian sent her a “Cross Word Puzzle Book” for her birthday. She was tickled with both presents. Of course I put candles on it. One for every ten years and one for every other year. It made eleven.
Now for tonight. We had “pep” meeting then I met Florence at the library and went home with her for supper. Had plenty of fun then. We went to the show. It was pretty good. Edna & Edith Pettus (girl that lives where Lynchards did.) went to the library to meet Mary S, Gertie, and M. Newburg. Florence, Marg, and I went on. We met Mary and the others at the Auditorium. They hadn’t gone to the library. Edna had my money. The others wouldn’t wait but went on in and left me standing there. I sure was mad and still am. I went to the library and got Edna and Edith and then we went to the show. After the show we met the others, and started home. I should have kept still but couldn’t. We stood on Jr. High corner and talked a while. We couldn’t decide when to go. Mary was going to stay at Hedlunds. Mary & Hedlund took M. Newburg home and the rest of us including Don, Stan and Ted Greig, came north. I had more fun then than I had all evening. We climbed the Conservatory fire escape and acted crazy on the campus a while and then went home. Good Night.
P.S. Aunt Alice went home Tuesday night.

Oct. 14, Tues. Sun. Mildred and I went to Burlington with Ethel and her folk. We had a fine time. John Traxler came to Aunt Mary’s Fri night and went back Sun. night. Everyone but Betty, Dick and me went down to cut Aunt Mary’s cake. I went to bed. They were here for dinner. Sun. I am getting vain. John told Aunt Mary that I was awful pretty. I sure feel flattered.
We had Caesar test today. You know, we have been using last year’s book and I couldn’t find mine so I am way behind. I am sure I flunked. We are done with those books now. Some of the Alpha girls are here now practicing songs. I suppose they will play and sing me to sleep.

Oct. 16, Wed. There is a big K. K. K. parade on now. We can hear the band from here. I would have gone but my side hurts pretty bad. I was asked to sing in the doings out at the fair grounds tonight, but I couldn’t. I sure wish I could see the parade.
Mrs. Wilson (Pinkie’s Mother) died at about 2:00 this morning. She has been sick for a long time. Once before they thought she would die, but she got better. They took her some place in Ill.

Oct. 18, Sat. My sides have been hurting quite a bit so we went to the doctor last night. He is giving me electrical treatments now. I took one today. I don’t know whether it will help or not. I haven’t done anything worth mentioning all day, except writing letters to Aunt Dora and Mary Smith.
Wesleyan beat Mo. State Teacher’s yesterday in football. Score 6 to 7. Last Sat. we, H. S. beat Fairfield. Score 3 to 6. We played Ottumwa today, but I haven’t heard the score. I’ll leave a space for it. Score: 6 to 0 in O’s favor.

Oct 20 Mon. Yesterday the folk went nutting, but didn’t get many. Mother thought it wouldn’t be good for me to ride so I couldn’t go. Ethel knew I couldn’t go away so she called up and said she’d come down and keep me company. Wasn’t she sweet? (Berdine wouldn’t approve of all these contractions) Bernice wanted to go with the folk nutting, but couldn’t because she had to take her father’s lunch to the train. He is the mail clerk, you know. Ethel and I took it so she could go. I didn’t go to S.S. nor League. It was Rally day and we had 554. Don’t you think that was pretty good? Well, it was anyway. Dad sent a terrible picture of just my top part to Aunt Kit. I must write to her and tell her it isn’t any good, or she might think I looked like that.
Helen got my fountain pen Sat. night. I used it for the first time tonight, or I should say tried to use it because it won’t hold ink at all. I’m going to take it back tomorrow. Didn’t do much to day. I finished a swell book, “Romance of Billy goat Hill”.

Oct. 26, Sun. I went to S. S. today. M. Myers came down and cut my hair, but she had to meet Charlotte at four. Then we went out to the farm.
Last night the “Gang” party was here. We had a fine time. The night before I went to the League party at the church. Hardly any one knew me, but some did. Had a fine time there too. My head aches.

Oct. 27, Mon. The most thrilling thing happened today. We have been planning a long time to do it. We (Ethel Van, M. Bell, Lois B, Hazel K & I) got a 5-cent bunch of violets and had them delivered at 15 till eleven in our class to Miss Smith. She got so red in the face. We had them write ‘Open immediately” on it, so she did. Every one just roared. After class Josephine Byers asked her if Livermore sent them. She said, “He probably did.” Later she said probably the third period class sent them. We are trying to keep it a secret. She forgot to assign us a lesson she was so excited. When we came up at noon she and Carlson were standing at the head of the stairs. She said to him, “From the smiles you can almost tell who sent them”. O Boy. It sure was fun. She is the berries. We have a great Romance up there. I’ll write about it next time.
P.S Went to M. Bell’s to study tonight.

Nov. 5, Wed. The elections were yesterday. Coolidge got in. He got more than both the others together.
Well, I will tell about the Romance. Miss Smith and Livermore are crazy about each other. One day V. Bishop was talking to her after school. She was fooling with her glasses case. A stay came out of the back of it. She said it wouldn’t look very nice in the wastebasket so she tiptoed across the hall and slid it under Livermore’s door. The other night I dreamed that Livermore was married and had a little girl. I told E. Van this and dared her to tell Miss Smith. I never thought she would, but she did and even told her that I dared her to tell. Then Miss Smith told Livermore. She never told him my name though. She sure is nuts.
A week ago tonight we had a wiener roast at Gladys Hoffman’s. It was a S. S. one. We told ghost stories and had a fine time,
The night before that Edna’s S.S. class party was here. Gertie came down and she and I dressed as ghosts. We did about the same thing we did at the Gang party.
Last Mon. night I went to a party at H. Hollands. Had a pretty good time. A lot of the kids danced while the rest of us played other games. Sam Ewart was the only boy that didn’t dance. He’s some nut. Ethel Van stayed here all night. M. Bell and I had promised to take her home. When we saw how far it was I made her come here. Nothing else much has happened.

Nov. 11, Tues. Last Fri. Ruth Brown came up from Burlington to visit E. Van. Ethel Van had a dinner at the tearoom Sat. night for her. She invited just the kids that are acquainted with her. She asked H. Holland too because H. had just asked her to one. Lois, M. Bell, Hazel K, I. J. Collins, H. Holland, and I were there and of course Brownie and Ethel Van. We had a swell time. We all went to the show afterwards. “The Lone Star Ranger”. It sure was good.
Sunday Ethel and Brownie came to the M. E. church for SS. Sunday after noon we (Brownie, Collie, Van, Hazel, M. Bell and I) went up to the greenhouse to a flower show. We found some green paper. We tore it in strip s and pinned some on each of our backs. We walked in couples and tied our paper together and each couple drove the couple in front of them. Everybody thought we were crazy. I don’t blame them. I went to League.
Last night Collie, Hazel, Charlotte and I went to “The Covered Wagon”. It sure was good. Hazel about squeezed my hand off she got so excited. Charlotte stayed all night with me, so I wouldn’t have to come home alone. We studied in my room and then went to bed about 10.30. I don’t think I went to sleep until after eleven anyway because every time we would get settled, Charlotte would say something or else I would. I sure like her. She is the most fun. I think she is pretty too. I sure was sleepy today. I even went to sleep while I was taking my treatment.
P.S. Brownie had her picture taken up at that “6 for 10 cent” place where I did, you know. E Van is going to get them for her and give them to us kids in exchange for our pictures which she will send to Brownie. I gave mine to Brownie Sun. We went over to get her pictures tonight but they weren’t ready.

Nov. 16, Sun. I didn’t go to S. S. today. Betty Goan and another Hall girl stayed all night over here last night so that they could have dates. I went over to Bell’s for supper. Ethel J. was there. We made candy. They didn’t have any syrup so we put honey in it. It sure tasted funny. We went to league. I didn’t do anything much but pass notes for P. Myers and Ethel and try to tie Mrs. Chittuim’s belt around the leg of the chair with my feet. I had almost succeeded when we had to stand up and sing or something so, of course, it all came undone. P. Myers is sure naughty. He almost pulled M. Bell’s chair out from under her several times. He sat behind us. I’m sure glad he could not reach me so easily.
Fri. Edna and I each got a new sweater. Mine is peachy. It is gray and green. One of those boyish one’s. Edna’s is just like Ethel’s only a different color. Perhaps you don’t remember what Ethel’s is like, but I assure you it is very pretty. Good Night!

Nov. 19, Wed. From the looks of things I guess Miss Smith and Livermore have fussed or something. Ethel Van came out late this noon. She was in the cloakroom when both S. [Smith] and L. [Livermore] came out of their rooms. He spoke to her. She spoke back real sharp and turned down the hall when he tried to catch up with her. She started down stairs, but stopped and talked to Mrs. Thomas when he tried to walk with her. It looks kind of dark. I suppose they will make up though.

Nov. 22. Sat. M. Bell was here for supper, then the Gang came down. M. B was showing me a dance that they danced in a play. We were doing dishes. She was hopping away there and sat down in a crock of milk. I laughed until I cried. When we were coming home from down town, Van, Bell and I, it was about 5:30. Kind a dark. When we got to Merittz where Miss Smith stays, we decided to serenade Miss S. We did so. She didn’t look out the window when we yelled so we went to the door and asked for her. She wasn’t home. We sure left. I bet they thought we were crazy.
Oh! I found out which room Livermore has in the Harlan House. When I was leaving Aunt Mary’s the other day he came out of the toilet and went into his room. I showed the kids his window. The next morning we looked at it and can you imagine what we saw. Pink and blue kid clothes or blankets. They must have been airing. We thought at first that the bed was in front of the window and hadn’t been made, but it isn’t because a chair is.
Miss Crane and Carlson are getting on fine as far as we know. The other night a bunch of kids stayed after gym to practice basketball, E. Van among them. It was dark when they quit. Miss C. had to go up to the third floor you know, to her room. She said, “I hope Mr. Carlson is up there. Just when I want him to be, I suppose he won’t be”. Or something to that effect.
Another time Mr. B. and Van were up on third floor. They went past Carlson’s room and saw Miss C in there. They walked back again. That time Mr C. was with her. They were awful close together. He was blushing as usual. His dimples showed too. She was standing there smiling at him. Neither said a word. The kids walked past again. He was holding her hand and pouring something into it. They sure were close together though. Then the kids went down to see Miss Smith. There were some kids in there so when they left, they took her out in the cloak room and told her they had something to tell her about Mr. C and Miss C. She jumped up and down and said to tell her quick. They told her all of it except that he was pouring something into her hand. She didn’t act jealous when they told her that so we know she doesn’t like Mr. C. She blushes whenever we speak of Livermore so we are quite sure she likes him.
You know, I told you they are mad, I guess. Well we want to know why. We have a theorem to be proved. We are going to typewrite it out and send to Miss Walker to prove as in geometry. Here it is.
Theorem. If she repulses him in public he kissed her in private. Head and shoulders drawing of the two kissing
Given: She repulses him
To Prove: He kissed her.
Don’t you think we are good?

My Diary

Volume II.

Started on my Sixteenth birthday
February 23, 1925, ~Mary Louise Hall

Feb. 23, 1925, Mon. I have had a very happy birthday. Ethel J. gave me the cutest little compact. Mother made me an awful nice cake and Helen frosted it.
Helen, Hattie, and Bernice came to Caesar class. Our reception was there, but M. D. R. Smith didn’t do her part. We, I mean MEB wrote it, wrote a letter telling of her th husband’s death. It was in an envelope from a life insurance company. It was one of Dad’s envelopes with out his name but had the stamp and marks on it and everything. It had one of those oblong transparent things on the front for the address. Nothing happened though. She probably read it after class. Helen and Hattie went to Eng. class, but Bernice went down town. Helen says Berdine is crazy. I second this motion. Sh – h – h. She has worn the same dress ever since Xmas vacation. It is going on eight weeks now. I’m sure sick of it.
I forgot to mention that last Thur. Ida Jennie, M Bell, Hazel, and I served at a Missionary supper at the church. We had five different kinds of salad and a pineapple whip. O. J. says only four salads, but I say five. Of course we had other dishes also. After that I. J. and I went to the recital. E. Van did fine. Good Night.

Feb 26, Thur: Well I’ll begin with last Tues. which was Dick’s birthday. Marian Melvin gave him a duck that squeaks. She got it at a Xmas party last Xmas. He got a nice pink toothbrush. He is very proud to be able to count to 13.
Hazel brought a clipping to me from the paper. It was concerning whoever had a birthday on the 23rd. It said I had an extra amount of conceit and a lot more.
Wed. I went over to MEB’s to study Latin that night. We talked about as much as worked. We turned summersaults every time we came to the end of a sentence. The lesson was terrible long.
Today. Uncle Charles asked me to come up after school and clean things up for Aunt Mary as we expected her at midnight. I swept the kitchen at noon then went up after pep meeting. Aunt Mary was already there. Of course, she didn’t let me finish the cleaning.
The pep meeting was dandy. Naturally, look who gave it. The Sophomores.
Miss Crane is just darling. Wed. in gym she could only find one ball. She trotted clear up to Livermore’s office, in her gym clothes, and brought him down behind her. Imagine it. I supposed she wouldn’t let anyone especially him see her in those clothes, since she is a teacher and supposed to be modest. I suppose she knows that she looks cute in them, for she does. Again today she ran him down in her clothes. Not him in her clothes but he in them. He sure smiled at her sweetly. I don’t blame him much. She looks just like a little girl when she is in gym also when she happened to be else where in gym clothes. She has awfully pretty legs. He probably noticed them.
E Van got the part of Judy in the operetta. Livermore was a judge. E Van is nutty about him. She even expects to send her ring back to David. Because she is more interested in P.P. Box 24 which is Livermore’s. She says she looked right at him all the time she was trying out for Judy. She doesn’t know what she likes. I mean which. Livermore or David. Poor thing. I hope I’m never in such a position. It would be just dandy if L. liked her, but we can’t tell. She thinks he’ll speak to her too, when he is with Carlson, since the “try out”. (doesn’t really make sense)

I think Livermore likes Miss Crane better than Miss Smith. I don’t know which I want him to like. E Van I guess better settle it for them all.

Feb 27, Fri. E Van won in the declamatory contest. It was grand. Charlotte Davis got second.
March 4 Wed. Just think we heard the inauguration today. We all went to the assembly at 11:00 and stayed until 12:50. Some stayed later. School didn’t start until 1:30.
We had gym today. It was great fun.
Guess what happened yesterday March 3. Well, the Sophomores beat the Seniors. It sure was an exciting game. Carlson told Miss Smith that it was the best girls game of the season. Score was 33 to 31. Elizabeth Wherle made all but 5 points. Thoe made the others of course. Lois didn’t do any thing at all. She had to play against Virginia. I wonder if that was the reason. They put Katherine Eyre in after a while. Then there was some thing doing. It sure was great.
Sat. I took Dick down and had his picture taken. I haven’t gotten them yet.
Sun. Hazel and I went to Bell’s. We wrote a letter of congratulations to E Van in invisible ink. You have to hold it over the fire to read it. It is made from soda and water. The letters turn brown when over the fire. We also sent Mr. Carlson that poem that E V H wrote about his dimples. Hazel printed it so he wouldn’t know whom it was from. I wonder what he thot when he got it.
We had Glee Club Mon. I am in “The New Dance” chorus in the operetta. M. E. B. is too. It’s great fun.
I must say some more about the Declamatory contest. E. Van was perfectly grand. She got a new dress for winning. It was awful close between Charlotte and the winner, which was Helen Kitch. She was dandy.
Grace sat by us. She said that Bonnie’s sister, Migen Rhys and Maxine some one were in my class. They will be in college and Alphas the same time I am as they are sisters of alphas.
Did I mention that we are going to take the Greek letters for P. and G. and call our club that. As it extends from Australia to U. S. we have names suitable for Australia MEB’s is Kan. Mine is Gay. Van’s is Riiii or Ruu. Kangaroo is it in the end or first which ever it is. Don’t you think that is a bright idea? ( have no idea what this is about)
Edith Pettes stayed here over the weekend. She’s a good kid Her folk have moved to New London. She can only stay here to finish the six weeks.
Last Friday I got sick so Mrs. Thomas excused me at end of first period. I went to Aunt Mary’s and slept it off. I woke up just in time and hurried to Dyall’s. I got there just in time to get in the Glee Club picture I’ll bet I look sleepy in it. I went back to school and handed in my Eng. and Geom. papers. Miss Coles asked where I’d been. I told her. She didn’t seem very sorry. I don’t blame her as I looked rather crazy as I had on MEB’s coat which was rather short. She had on mine. It didn’t look so bad. I told Miss Smith that my coat had shrunk. I thot she’d have a fit laughing. By the way, she had two candy bars in her waste paper basket today that she’d taken away from some one. She is getting hard-boiled as she said she would. She has the cutest new ensemble suit. It is henna and blue. Awful cute.
There is a new boy in school. His name is Charlie Paxter and is at least six feet if not more. In Eng. he stuck his finger in the ink well and didn’t know it. He then rubbed it on his face. It stayed there the rest of the morning too. Miss Walker said she supposed all of us girls would fight to sit by him. He took Charlottes seat in 2nd period Study Hall yesterday. She told Mrs. T. who moved him back one. The Poor Nut, he took it again today. Charlotte didn’t say anything but took another one. He sure is nutty.
See you soon, I hope.
Good Night.

March 5, Thur. We had Pep meeting tonight. Livermore talked. He sure is fine. I’ve been reading Mother’s date book tonight. It sure is fun. Some one showed her how to play craps she said. Whee.
We drew Washington in the Fairfield tournament but had to do it over. That time we got New London. I guess we can beat them.
Daddy came home from Chicago last nite. He got pretty good markets. He brought five pairs of stocking, silk, home to us and a suit for Dick. He was to get each of us girls a heavy sweater. He only brought one and it was the wrong kind. He’s going to take it back next time.
Miss Smith has awfully pretty lips.
My legs and arms are stiff from taking gym yesterday. We had to do all sorts of things with our legs, arms, and head.

March 7, Sat. Dear Diary, we have had a grand day to day. I guess I had better tell about yesterday first. Here goes.
We played the Junior’s Fri night and beat them 40 to 20. It sure was grand. Elizabeth is grand at baskets.
I got Dick’s pictures, too. They are all good. MEB and I wanted to go to the Rebbecca Hazie May read. Mrs. B. wouldn’t let MEB go so I went over there. I also stayed all night. Mother said I could stay if I got home by 8 o’clock this morning. We lay in bed and made poems up about Miss Crane and Miss Smith. We sure had fun. I got home at 8:45 this morning.
I worked awful hard and then at about 11:30 I took some cheese over to Bell’s. It is a grand day. Just the kind for hikes. MEB was drying her hair outdoors. We, then and there, decided to go on a hike at 4:00 this afternoon. I rushed home and obtained permission to do so. I called I. J. Collins, but she couldn‘t go. We hadn’t decided yet where to go. MEB called Hazie May. She could go. I called E. V Hon. Her mother was home, so she said she’d call me when she came. (doesn’t really make sense – probably intended to say her mother wasn’t at home)
When she called can you imagine what she said. Well, Her mother would go with us if we wanted to hike to Oakland and come back on K line. You may be sure we went. We started at about 3:00. No, we left town at 3:30. There were six of us. Helen V. H. went along. We had great fun going down. We got there at 5:25. We sat on a boat turned up side down. H. [Helen] Hallowell came over and talked to us when they stopped at the store.
Well, we started for the piano box (depot. It looks like one). Mrs. V. H. wanted to know if the K was on time so Van and I started for the store to ask. Hazie and MEB joined us. We each had our banana there. Hazie suggested that we trade our bananas for something. We had to wait a long time. Van had to have some one behind her to hide the split in her knickers. He finally told us that it usually came in a 6:10. We started out, but Van put her banana on the counter and asked how much he’d give her for it. The rest of us finally added ours and he gave us fifteen cents worth of candy. We got “all day suckers” and some more junk. Imagine 15 cents for four bananas and Hazie’s was rotten at that. He told us we’d better hurry to catch the train so he left with all of our spoils. I laughed until I cried. We heard a cowbell and thot it was the K whistle, so ran most of the way to the depot. We had to wait along time then.
When we finally did get on we tried to ride for ten instead of eighteen cents. Van lost her dime, but got it again by crawling under a seat. We four girls sat at one end of the car and Mrs Van Hon and Helen at the other. I gave him forty-five cents and said it was for all of us. I expected a nickel back. Wow! He said it wasn’t enough. Van said it was all our mamma’s gave us and began to cry. We offered him our sucker and some crackers, but no good. Finally MEB gave him another penny. He said he couldn’t let us go on ten cents so finally Hazie produced another quarter. Wow! Again! We lacked one cent. I think he might have given us that, but no, we had to get it from Mrs. V. H.
The window wouldn’t stay up so I put two sucker sticks under it as props. It was nice after that. We got in at about seven. Mrs. V. H. was so turned around that she didn’t know the way home. I finally got home and I guess the rest did too.
The team went to Fairfield Fri for tournaments. We beat New London 23 to 17. We played Fairfield today and got beat 18 to 16. At the end of the first half it was 8 to 1 in our favor, but it didn’t last. The second team got beat at Salem with score 16 to15.
I’m tired after such an exciting day. Good n-i-g-h-t.

March 9 Mon. Brownie came up Sat. afternoon, but we didn’t get to see her until Sun. morning at Sunday School. After S.S. we walked around a while before we departed for our homes.
Sun. afternoon Hazel and MEB came for me. Then we went for I.J. We went for a walk and passes Crane’s twice. Then we went to E V H’s to see if Brownie was still there. She was there for dinner. She had just left. We stayed any way. EVH’s dress, that she got for winning the contest, is awful pretty. It is dark blue and white.
Hazel, I. J., MEB and I went to BYPU at the Baptist church because Mr. Carlson led the meeting. I called up to ask Miss Smith to go along, but she was out of town. She was in Galesburg. Rev. Carlson is real good. DeVere wore a red necktie so I.L. says she likes them now.
I told Miss Smith that I called her up to ask her to go. She said that if she had known that he was going to do it she’d have come home earlier on the 4:04 instead of the midnight.
She took a pony away from Harold Lamm today in Caesar class. I’ll bet he felt foolish. She made a lot of fun of him, too.
I got between 85 & 90 % in Caesar test. She didn’t tell the exact grade. I got 85 in % in Geom. and 93% in English. Oh: Yes. At the Junior and Soph. game Fri there was a strange man. We thought at first it was Livermore’s father. Livermore was at the tournament in Fairfield then, but we thot maybe his father had missed the train.
We saw Berdine standing around him so then we decided that he was Berdine’s widower. When we went down to see the kids after the game, EVH asked Berdine if he was hers. She laughed and said there was as much difference between them as nite and day. She also said she’d show him to us some day. The man turned out to be Elizabeth’s father.
That’s all for now.

March 10, Tues. I feel so simple. I’ll never be able to face Miss Crane again. I wrote a poem about her and MEB showed it to her. She said it made life worth living even if she did know it was all slush. I’d sure like to tell her it isn’t slush. I meant every bit of it.
I wrote a letter to Mary Sherrill in Domestic today.

March 12, Thur. The tournament began this afternoon. We kids went down at 3:00. MEB and I left at 5:00 and went back at 6:30. The MPHS band played for about half an hour.
Oh Joy I sat next to Dana Crane. Why couldn’t Miss F Crane have been along? Dana is awful nice. She gave me some candy. I sound like some little kid.
We beat New London 13 to 10. It was terrible exciting.
We play Brooklyn next. Burlington’s second team beat Muscatine. It was pretty close.
Our B.B. Boys didn’t come. I don’t know why either – I guess they had more room than boys. Rah! Rah! Mt. Pleasant.

March 13, Fri. Ra! Yah! M.P.H.S.! We beat Brooklyn 22 to 8. It was great. The second team played the last quarter. We play Columbus Jct. next. I wanted Olds to beat but they didn’t.
We have not heard from the declam contest in Bur. Yet. Ra! Yah! Ethel Van Hon.

March 15, Sun. Morn. 12:30 Ra! Yah! We played in the finals and got a cup. We beat Burlington. 12 to 20. Ya! Bo!
Wyman beat us 15 to 19. It was a grand game. No.1 on Wyman. He is grand looking and a grand player too. His name is Bill Dunn. Whee. Of course we beat Columbus Jct. this afternoon, I mean yesterday after noon.
I’ll write the details some other time. Ra! Yah! M. P. H. S.

March 18, Wed, I guess I had better tell about sweet Burlington and their two teams. The first team went to Oskaloosa and second team came here, 2nd team beat until they came to us. At about 4:30 Sat. when Bur. was playing the outcome of the Ottumwa and Bur. game at Oskaloosa came. Ottumwa beat. [Whatever that means!]

That night word went around that the first team was coming on down to beat our tournament. We didn’t see how they could so almost forgot it. At the end of 3rd quarter we were four ahead of Bur. It was just about to begin again when a boy ran across the floor from out side. A lot more, whole first team, followed. It was terrible. The most people cried MEB & Hazel nearly caused a flood. Nellie Nick was worse. Coach Meade got the rulebook. I guess they tried to keep them from going on, but couldn’t. Bur. sure thot they were cute. The second team sat and laughed. Of course, every one thot Bur. would beat. But No, our boys played great. They ran the score up and came out two ahead in the end. I was so happy I could have hugged any one. I tried to yell with the rest but choked. I never before cried at a game, and this time it was for great joy. Dear Diary you have never beat Bur. so you know not what it is. We went for a drink. H. Lamm came up to get one at the same time. He sure was happy.
Before the finals we had music and stunts awful good.
Then came the finals. Our boys were dead tired and Wyman’s were pretty nearly fresh. Their other game was before ours. They did their best which was pretty good for being so tired. The Wyman coach, C. Minear, said himself that our boys were better players than Wyman’s. He said if they’d have been as fresh as his boys they’d have won.
Then the trophies. We got a grand cup for winner of class A. Wyman got a cup for winner of class B and then the silver basket Ball . Burlington didn’t get anything but a basket Ball, for running the score up. After trying to win two tournaments, they sure felt silly. The capt. wouldn’t even go for the ball. Everyone yelled, ”Go get your ball,” All of them just sat and looked sillier.
After that we met at H.S. and yelled. We blocked the traffic up on the N. E. corner of the square. The B. B. boys were at the Oxford so we went down and gave yells for them. We yelled for Wyman. We are good losers if I do say so. Capt. of Wyman (No.1) carried the silver Ball all over town with him. I got home at 12:30.
John Ewart got on the all tournament team. Isn’t that great. H. Lamm and M. & L Carnahan got honorable mention. I guess we have a star team this year even if we have (haven’t?) beat a game until now. Aunt Mary used to say it was a disgrace, but she can’t say it anymore. Every one was surprised.
Sun. MEB and I went over to Betty Blagg’s room for Hazie & I. J. All three of them are crazy about her. I really don’t see so much in her. Of course, I admire her, but no more than I do lots others.
We four are or were the CAC the Crane Admirers Club. The other three have added Betty to it now.
We wrote (MEB & I) a letter to the Bur. kids and told them all about it. We called it a note of condolence, but I fear there was not much condolence in it, just the opposite. We addressed it to Ruth Dana. We didn’t know her address so we rushed up to Miss Crane to get it (We could have gotten it from EVH. But just an excuse to see Miss Crane. In fact EVH started to tell it to us but we stopped up our ears and fled.) She said it was Woodlawn Ave. But wasn’t sure of the rest. That didn’t make a bit of difference. We went up again at noon. She had forgotten to get it. She said she’d call up and find out and come in the assembly and tell us. Finally she came in. As I was right under her she didn’t see me. She asked if MEB had the letter, after she found MEB, MEB said I did so Miss C. looked around a little and with the help of MEB found me. She told me the address which was exactly was what she thot it was. 101 Woodlawn Ave. I thanked her and got excited. It is a wonder I had the presence of mind to do that.
After school, no glee club practice, we four went down to the gym to see her. I.J. was going to show her a poem that MEB wrote at the tournament. We told her all about our club. She seemed tickled. She wants us to put all our poems in a book for her to read when she is blue. Wonder if she still thinks they are ‘slush’. Hope not.
MEB & I started down town MEB said she was going back to see Miss Crane again. I said I’d come back for me. I went back, but couldn’t find her. I asked Miss C. if she had been there, but she hadn’t. I rushed over to the dairy and got some stuff. I decided to go look some more and met her on the way back. We had just decided that MEB should run up to Miss Crane and ask if I’d been there and act as tho she’d been hunting me. She started back just as Miss C came out of the building and went down Jefferson (South) We went to the Post Office then down Jefferson (North). She came out of Huling’s as we came there. She was hunting for shamrocks. She talked to us a while then started on to hunt some more. We wanted to meet her again, but never supposed it would be so soon. I sat down on the Y. W. stairs so I’d get to see her pass. Now what did she do but come back. I jumped up and pretended to be going up. That’s where she was going. I sure felt simple. She said to come on up that no one much was up there. I said I didn’t need to very badly. She had found some green chickens but no shamrocks. She went up to Y. W rooms to see if they would do. She was getting them for a Business Woman’s Club party. MEB went into Anderson’s, when we saw Mother in there getting weighed. We had just decided to go down to Looper’s to see for Miss C. if they had shamrocks when she came down stairs again. We nearly croaked. She told us it was about time to stop pacing the streets. We stayed in a door way until she was a ways down the street. Then we followed. She went to the Bee Hive and got some. We were just crossing the street to the library when she came out again. I nearly croaked. I didn’t tho, but went into the library. MEB just walked on behind me laughing like a nut. I was laughing too. I’ll bet Miss Crane thinks we are nuts, sitting on YW. Stairs and following her like a couple of poodles.
I stayed up until after 11 o’clock making some posters to advertise the Y. W. play which I am in.
Tues. We practiced the play. We couldn’t get the church so had to do with out it. I. J. asked Miss Crane her favorite colors, which are blue and gold. Her birthday is July 15, a long way off.
Today I had gym. I was so thrilled at seeing her that I didn’t have good sense. She smiled at me once real sweetly. I nearly passed out. I could do the exercise fairly well, but when she looked at me I got all mixed up. I suppose I’m a nut, but I can’t help it. I took a shower with M. Myers then went up to practice for the operetta. We didn’t start for a long while tho. EVH went up to third floor. She looked all around. No one was looking so she prepared to slide down the banister. Just as she was nicely posed with one leg up and on the way over, Mr. Carlson came out of his room. He looked at her and laughed. He blushed something awful and went back again. Von came down and told us about it. He came down, so she ran. We sat down in some seat in from of the desk. He came in to see Mrs. T. We began laughing. He blushed a gain and laughed. I nearly choked, I laughed so hard. Every time we met him after that he kind of smiles and gets pink. Such a pretty pink.
Did I ever tell about Van hitting Livermore? Well, one day she was standing at the top of the stairs on 2nd floor and taking exercises with her arms. She didn’t see Livermore coming behind her so kept it up. He tried to pass. She threw out her arms and hit him square in the mouth. He sneezed. Van looked so funny. So did he. I’ll never forget it. He laughed and Van murmured an apology. She surly is fun.
Livermore and Carlson go after their mail at noon, so does EVH. She says she goes after mail (male, you are supposed to take it either way, probably both)
Did I mention that EVH didn’t get placed in the contest. Helen Kitch got first in Dramatic and a Bur. girl in Humorous.
Van was talking to Berdine while there and said something about Livermore being engaged. Berdine said he wasn’t. She said she couldn’t tell how she knew, Then she said, ”Drink postum. There’s a reason”.
Oh! Yes! I must not forget to mention that she has worn that crazy wool dress for ten weeks straight without changing until last Monday. It surely was a relief to see another dress on her. She wears a sweater and skirt now. They are real cute. Only I hope she doesn’t wear them ten weeks.
Last nite after play practice we went into Miss Smith’s room. She wasn’t there but we wrote some crazy stuff on the board. We got caught. Livermore peeked in but went away again. In a little bit he started in again, but Martha Crane began talking to him. We left while he was busy. I kind of wish he had come in and said some thing to us. I’m sure E Van wanted him to. My lead is about worn off.
We went down stairs then. We saw the Domestic Room door open and out came Miss Smith’s head. I yelled, “There she is”. She told us to come there, so we did. She was trying to sew and the machine wouldn’t go right. I fixed it and she proceeded. She was to be in a play of some sort at the church that nite and was just making her dress. It was an Indian dress, brown trimmed in red and fringed around the neck, sleeves, and bottom. We fringed it for her or rather helped her do it. I tried it on and danced around like a nut. She said I could wear it to school if I wanted to. She said first she was going too sic. Of course neither one of us did.
Livermore and Carlson drove up. MEB said, “Here come the “its”. That’s what we call them ” 1st & 2nd its.” I say Livermore is 1st it, but MEB says Carlson is. Of course Miss Smith wanted to know about it so we told her. MEB asked which she would put first. M.D.R.S. said she had no preference. We had great fun. Miss Crane went by and MEB most fell out of the window.
The St. Patrick League Party was last nite, but Helen and I went to the show (I’m getting dizzy writing. I can’t write straight). It was real good Especially the comedy. It was an “Our Gang comedy”. On the way home Miss Smith and another teacher walked behind us. They were coming from being Indians. I didn’t know it was she until I heard her laugh. I said, “Hello, Papoose“. She nearly fell over. She said “Were you there?” I assured her that I wasn’t. I must say that she is cute, but I don’t admire her like I do Miss Crane.
Katherine Kracaw is going to Col. for her health Friday. They had a “farewell” party for her last night. Hazel says the rest of them are going out next summer to stay and live. I doubt if they will go. Hazel’s married sister, Norine, lives there, so Katherine will have some one to live with.
Well since I have written twenty-three pages I guess I ought to stop or I won’t be able to write tomorrow. I forgot to say that Miss Smith went away during the tournament. Miss Crane did too. She went to Chicago. We thought maybe she would come back on the 4.04 Sunday so we moseyed down to meet it. Sad but true she didn’t come until midnight. The Ainsworth B.B. boys went on the 4.04.
John Ewart and Red Hallowell brought two Wyman boys to S.S. Sunday. Don’t you think that showed good sportsmanship. No.1 didn’t go tho. I don’t care. I wasn’t there. It was over before I was up. I got up at 11 o’clock and spent the rest of the morning talking about the Bur. game. I crowed all day. I’ll bet Mother knew about every detail about the game.
It is ten o’clock, I have been writing for one hour and a half. The most I have written since Heck was a pup. Pardon me for using slang.
We watch Livermore and Carlson play baseball with some more boys thro the transom. We watched thro the transom. They didn’t play thro it. Carlson made a home run.
It’s twenty-five pages now.

March 21, Sat. I’m supposed to be sweeping my room. It’s about 3:00. I have come to the conclusion that EVH made all that up about her ring and David H. because one day MEB was letting me read some of her diary. Suddenly she took it away from me. I just saw part of it. It said something about aiding and deceiving. I’ll bet she is helping EVH. I’m not sure but I wouldn’t be a bit surprised.
Ethel Johnson hasn’t been here for ages and I haven’t been there for ages. I wonder why. I’m still crazy about her. You know it’s hard to tell who you like best. I guess I like them all best. It is certainly strange. I wonder if the reason I go with MEB so much is because she lives so close or if it is because I like her so well. Of course I like her. She goes with Hazel and I never went with Hazel until MEB did. It’s funny.
I’m very happy because Ethel J. is coming down tomorrow. I wonder if it really is the reason. I guess it must be because when I was talking to her I almost choked when she said she’d come. Every thing seems so strange. I wonder if Ethel will walk in or know when she comes. I hope she walks in without knocking. She did once, I remember, and I felt so happy about it. It made me feel so good when she gave me a birthday present. I can’t help it I am crazy about her. I love her.

March 29. Sun. I have sadly neglected you, my dear, I am tempted to tell about the party and today first, but I’ll start with last Sun. where I left off.
You know the kids added Betty Blagy to the string. As I said before I do not admire her any more than a lot of others. I shall tell them I am a __ A. F. A. and not tell them what
¬__ . Stands for. Hope they don’t guess.
Well, last Sun. I went to Sun. School which I did not do this Sunday. Ethel came down. It was Helen’s birthday so Aunt Mary and Uncle Charles were here for dinner. I have started coming home for dinner now. She had to practice to play at church so later she went there. Ruth Brown came down about 1:00. She called up and wanted to go walking. We met then & went. Helen Holland was with us, too. She’s nutty sometimes. Ethel went to the church then. We walked all over. We went to the P.O with EVH to get some mail. Livermore & Carlson came at the same time. We had to go to the church to see if E. J was thro every once in a while. Brownie had to start back at five so I parted from her with a kiss and left for the church. I kissed EVH, too.
Harold H. & John E. were supposed to practice, but they didn’t come until after Beans had left so Ethel’s waiting was for no good.
We then rushed to Ethel’s. She changed her clothes, because she had to play at league, and then they took us to our house for Helen’s cake. Bernice and Hattie were there, too. Mr. J. was to come for E. at 7.30. He came at about 7:20, so E had to leave before she was thro eating. We wrapped her cake up and sent her off.
MEB was sick all over that weekend. We both got excused from chorus Mon. because of colds. Hazel was at school until Wed. I guess it was. I guess nothing happen Tues.
Wed. I had gym. We went down to the old Central grounds. I walked with Charlotte in front of Miss Crane. M. Myers got to walk with her both ways. The big pig. I talked to her a lot. She asked when we were going to give her the book of poems. When we played “Slap Jack” she slapped my back. I got to shake hands with her. When she slapped my back I was so excited that I forgot which way to run.
I don’t remember anything happening Thur. We practiced the Operetta either Wed. or Thur.
Fri. We had a terrible test in Caesar. No, that was Thur. Well, Fri, we had oral themes in Eng. It was over part of our classic. Every single person in the Sophomore class had to stay in, because none suited her. I wish she’d get married and leave.
I wasn’t on the refreshment committee for the party Fr. which was at Gillis’s, but I helped make sandwiches. We had great fun doing it. Oh! Yes! I wrote a poem about Berdine. It was before I got mad at her.
Here goes.
“There was a young(?) lady Berdine
Never another like her have I seen.
She seems to be very smart
Even to catching a certain man’s heart.
Oh! The wonderful heartbreaker, Berdine.”

Charlotte gave it to her. She didn’t tell who wrote it tho Berdine kept it to remember Charlotte by.
I won’t another which she does not see.
It is rather late so I’ll wait until some time later to discuss the class party and today.
Did I ever tell about giving our Y.W. play? I think not, so I’ll say a little about it. It was great fun & pulled off pretty good. We sure looked cute in our short dresses and overalls.
Miss Crane was there. I guess most of the teachers were except the men. We made around $30 after all the expenses were paid. We had dress rehearsal Fri. night after school & gave it Fri. at 7:30.
I went to bed at 7:30 last night. It’s only 9:00 now, but I’m sleepy from riding writing? so much.

April 1925

April, Thur. I’m very sorry to have neglected you so much, but you can’t imagine how busy I am. I had better tell about the class party first. It was March 27 at Jean Gillis’s. Morine, Florence Forbes and I went out in Bill’s car. I can’t say much but that we had a perfectly grand time. Miss Crane made it grand. She & Miss W. chose up sides for a game and Miss C. chose all of us kids except I.J. who Miss W. got first. We sat by her most or rather all of the time that we could.
Miss Smith was sure cute. We went into one game together with our arms around each other. Wonder if I’ll ever get to do such with Miss Crane. I’m crazy about Miss S. but I don’t admire her like I do Miss Crane. Miss Smith seems like one of us, but Miss Crane seems like some super being.
I don’t remember what happened Sat. March 28
Sun March 29, was a grand day too. E.I.J. asked me to go riding, which I did. We went to the new bridge west of town, back to town, to Oakland and back. At Oakland we had a picnic of bananas and cookies. I stayed at Johnson’s for supper and until about eight o’clock.
Don’t remember anything important happening on Mon. March 30
I found out something great to day. It happened Sun. March 29 as far as I know. Mr. Livermore and Carlson took Hattie and Marian to Burlington and to a show that night. Helen told me. I nearly fell over. That same afternoon L & C took two teachers to Ft. Madison. I guess I’ll ask Miss S. if she was in Ft. Madison March 29.
On Tues March 31 Charlotte stayed home with the mumps. I wrote a letter most every day to her and sent it by Percival. He brought several back to me too.
Oh Yes! On Monday Edna and I went to the Junior Class Benefit show. It was real good. L & C were there.
Now for the eventful day April 1. Or April Fool’s day. It surely was on an April Fool’s Day for most of us. MEB and I were leisurely walking to school when we met two girls running north. They said, “No School”. We didn’t pay much attention, but went on. At Seeley’s corner we met Gladys K. she said that some one had gotten in and put L. cheese behind the radiators and had torn everything up, so there would be no school.
We went on any way. It was true. I won’t explain everything. The boards were painted. Berdine’s grade book torn up and the books mixed. Not much damage done. The boys were caught. I mean some of them. Imagine! Clarke was one of them. I nearly fell over. Roy Estes told on them. Wesley got expelled. He never can come back. Clarke, Dee Dold, Orville Edwards got suspended. Ervin Berrier can go to school (because he’s a Senior) but he can take no part in any of the activities. He can’t even go to the graduating exercises. A detective was hired. He laughed at Mr. Cruikshank and said he was crazy for sending for him, and left. Not $3.00 worth of damage was done and it cost $200 to hire the detective. Clarke is hunting for work now. That gang didn’t do it all. There were two groups. All that they did was the cheese.
Well, to go on. We stood around for a long time. MEB, EVH and I did. We asked Miss Crane to hike with us when she came out. She couldn’t so we decided to go any way. We started home to prepare when we met Hazel, I. J. and Katherine Eyre. They were all prepared to hike. We turned a round and went to a drug store. There we telephoned that we were going to hike. No one objected so we six went down the K line to Oakland. We left at about 10.30 and got there at about 15 till 12:00 o’clock. I haven’t time to tell it all. We bought some dinner and ate it in the covered bridge. Then we went on. We started to go to Denova but changed our minds. We climbed the hill to the cemetery. EVH. & K.E. went ahead while we read the tombstones. They came running back and said that they saw Mr. L. & C. We all ran as fast as we could. I mean I did.
There they were sitting on the bank by the river. We ran down that steep hill into the Club House Yards.
L. &. C. had a gun and were shooting into the water. We asked (EVH did) if we could pass if we put up our hands. C said we could so we passed and journeyed down “Lovers’s Lane”.
Prof. Bell came for MEB, but the rest of us hiked back. When L. & C. passed us in the car we told them their tire was flat & that their back tire was loose. They nodded as tho they agreed and went on. We bo’t some cookies and started home. Curlie England & Lloyd C. met us in C’s car. They stopped. We talked to them a while. We each shot at a tree. I hit it. Now comes the exciting part. C. Tried to kiss EVH. He didn’t tho. She got aful mad. The next day he appologized sic.
I wasn’t much tired when I got home. That day I hiked 14 mi.
Thur. We started school again.
Fri. EVH, MEB and I hiked to the covered bridge. 5. Miles. Oh Yes. I joined the hiking club.
Sat. I.J., Hazel, MEB, EVH and I hiked out to the farm and a little more. 12 miles in all.
We made EVH a pledge to the B.A.F.A. Society. You just have to have the F. part to belong. EVH. has it kind of so she is a pledge until she has it more than kind of.
We ate dinner in the school house. We wrote a note of thanks plus some more on the board.
The pledging ceremony (?) took place on that house foundation at the West Place.
We got in at just 6:00 Sun. Mrs. V.H. hiked to the Scout Cabin with us. We started at 1:30 and got in just at 6:00. 12 miles. Had great fun.
Fri. as we were leaving to hike. Mr. L. came out of the Harlan House. He put 2 suitcases in his car and drove off. Wonder where he went. Bet Mr. C. was lonesome over the weekend.
I guess nothing happened Mon. except Glee Club.
Nothing happened Tues either I guess except practice for New Dance. Every time we practice it is different. MEB is my partner. We have it pretty good now.
Wed. we had gym. Wed night we had full rehearsal at the Auditorium.
Today we had New Dance practice again.
The funniest thing happened. EVH was just coming from the cloak room where two mushy Junior girls went past Livermore’s door. They stopped, looked at the door and signed like they were lovesick or something. At the same time L. came out of that closet in the hall and saw them. EVH said he looked so funny. Then he looked at EVH. She laughed and so did he. Imagine how he felt. I have to laugh every time I think of him.
Gladys H. came to visit school this morning.
It rained a little yesterday, but it poured to day.
After gym yesterday I took a shower. Miss Crane let us out early to take a shower, because we got so hot. I think only two of us took one. I was in the east dressing room. I had every thing off except my bloomers, when I noticed that the curtain in the west room wasn’t pulled. I went over and pulled it. On the way back I slipped on soap, I suppose it was soap, in the shower and sat down, no fell down, on my left side. It skinned my knee and I got my bloomers sopping wet. The skinned part doesn’t hurt, but another part does. I could hardly bend my knee last night. I could hardly dance at the rehearsal. I soaked it in liniment, so it is about all right now.
The kids have been telling me about something that they wrote on the board at Hickory Grove last Sat. They won’t tell what it is, only that it is a joke on me. They say I looked right at it, but didn’t notice it. It contains six words and it is some thing that I had been moaning about. They won’t tell me until I tell them what B stands for - for me instead of Betty. We got a letter from Betty the other day. It came to Hazel but was to all four of us. She is about over the mumps.
We are having our kitchen done over.
Our S. S. class served at the Board meeting at the church Mon. night.
I guess eighteen pages is enough for one night. If I don’t watch out I’ll not be able to write any tomorrow.
Harold Bishop goes to a music contest at Iowa City tomorrow. Hope he wins. He’s better than I am, I think.

April 12 Sun. Happy Easter. Yes, it was a very happy day. I went to S.S. and church. At about 2:30 I went to Hazel’s. She was at I.J.’s when I got there, so I sat on the porch and waited. They came back after a while.
We went in the house and heard a knock. It was Ruth Dana. She came up yesterday. She just came in to see us before she left. She said, “I was up to see you.” I don’t know whether she meant me or I. J. Hope it was I. She is real pretty. Last time I saw her, her face was in bad shape. She had a lot of pimples. Now tho it is in good shape she is really pretty.
Hazel, Maxine L., EVH and I met at the library at 4:30 and went out to the State Hospital and around some more and back. We counted it 5 miles. Mrs. V. H. went along. I stayed for supper at Hazel’s and then went to league.
Ethel J. had a new spring coat and hat. Real cute.
The things we ordered from The National came yesterday. My dress just fits. It’s burnt orange. I wore it this after noon.
I got some new slippers last night. They’re quite nifty. I didn’t think so tho after walking in them all afternoon.
Mrs. V. H. calls me “Long Hall” because I take such long steps in our hikes.
Margaret McNaughton sent a box of things. One dress just fits me. She started to make it, but didn’t finish because she cut it too small. I’ll finish it and have a new dress.
I wrote a letter to B. Blagg Fri.
Well, I found out what was so funny that happened at H. S. schoolhouse.
I had written on the board then later I noticed a sign written up there saying not to write on the board. I was about to erase my writing, but didn’t. I think the teacher had written it. EVH had.
I told the kids’ the initials of the person who B. stood for were A.O. (any one)/ O mean that they change. Sometimes it is Miss S. sometimes B. Blagg Sometimes a lot more. MEB guessed it right away, but Hazel had to be told.

April 25 Sat. I don’t remember a thing that happened week before this one ending now. I hadn’t realized that I had not written for so long.
We practiced every night for the operetta at the auditorium I mentioned one night that Miss S. was my “B”. The crazy kids went and told her that. I said she was a “B”. Of course after that she demanded an explanation. They told her every thing. Of course, I am crazy about her, but I didn’t want them to tell. I might change some time. Ever since the operetta practicing I have annexed Joy Hall as another “B”. She is just darling. She looked a lot cuter in the operetta than Jessie Ford did. I can’t stand Jessie.
Last Sat. Mother was talking to me. I was raving about Joy being so cute, sweet, and a lot more. She rushed to the phone and called up Mrs. Hall. She told how glad she was that Joy is to be a P.E.O. and most every thing I’d said about Joy.
Mrs. H. said Joy tho’t she wasn’t any good in the operetta. Mother said that according to me she was wonderful. I felt so thrilled. I wonder if Mrs. H. passed it on to Joy.
Well, we gave the thing out at the Insane Hospital Monday night. We met at H.S. I went out in E.J.’s car. We had great fun. I congratulated Joy about being asked to be a P.E.O. She acted real tickled. We talked quite a while.
I stayed all night with Charlotte. E.J. took us home. Had fine time there.
That night Dr. Edwards, Dr. Smith’s Lines, and that drug store all burnt. C. and I went to see it next morning.
Finished my domestic dress Monday, too.
I had swimming Monday but I didn’t have a suit so didn’t go in. (Of course). Miss Crane is a dandy swimmer.
Wed. night we gave the Operetta at the Auditorium. It came off real good Miss Smith painted me up. We had lots of fun with her while the band was playing.
We saw F. come in. The rest saw her in side but I couldn’t find her to save me. She was sitting two seats from Dana and I looked all around that spot every time I went on. We saw her leave too.
After it was over Mother and I went up to Aunt Mary’s with her for a while. As we went in a coupe (Ford) stopped out in front. They kind of laughed at me. I was all dressed up in my (tiny stick figure drawing) dress, you know.
Before we left I took off my band from my hair. I probably looked awful then.
I was going down stairs and holding my skirts up in the back. My ribbon from my hair was around my neck. In walked Mr. L. He took off his hat, spoke to me and smiled. I guess that is all he did. I most fell down stairs.
I skipped last Sunday. Brownie came down. The B.A.F.A’s all went to EVH’s. We pledged Brownie and each received a club pi. Guess where we got the. Don’t tell anyone and I’ll tell you.
We took up a chain belt of E VH. They look like this (tiny drawing of two concentric rings suspended by a tiny bar coming from a smaller ring) fasten by that ring. (arrow pointing to smallest ring). The other part is solid with stuff on it.
We got a letter from Brownie Tues. It was addressed to the B.A.F.A. Society in care of Miss F. Crane, Room 9 (Livermore’s room)
M. Myers went up to speak to her. She gave it to M. and told her to give it to one of the members. M. gave to Miss Walker to give to MEB. It sure was funny when Miss W. gave it to her.
R. Dana wants to be a member although she doesn’t know what it means. We’ll probably let her. Charlotte does too. We took the letter to “F” after school and let her read it.
We planned the following on Sun.
EVH as a pledge was to take a bouquet of violets and dandelions to Miss Crane. Gold and blue are her favorite colors so they are our club colors. I/we chose blue and gold flowers.
With the flowers we sent a note in invisible ink.
She took them Thur. “F” has a gym class then. We had forgotten it, EVH went up stairs. The door was locked. She gave them to Mr. L. and asked if he would give then to her and not tell who they were from.
He promised. Later we heard wild stories from 1st period Senior Eng. Class. They said she came in late. When she saw the flowers she got awful mad and threw them in the wastebasket.
We got terrible scared.
That afternoon we each wrote a letter to her apologizing if we had offended her. Hazel delivered them when she went to gym.
Miss C. explained to H. all about it on the way to Central. Hazel told us that night and next day.
Fri. noon MEB was out in form. Miss C. came up. She said to MEB,”Margaret, I guess I will have to write you a letter.
She did.
Before seventh Period I was going out in the hall with MEB No, she went with me. We met G.K. She said she had some thing for me.
As soon as we saw who it was from we rushed back to the assembly. I read it then passed it down the line.
It was wonderful. She explained all about it to us and signed it, Your “F”.
She went to class late. She saw the flowers but tho’t T. Johnson had put them there as a joke. She had no time for jokes so threw then in the basket with a lot of papers.
After class. F. Johnson said that she had better investigate because he hadn’t put them there. She did and found the note.
She didn’t get to read it all because it caught on fire. She said a lot more, you know. We immediately put the “letter” in the treasury. As MEB was Treas, then she carried it around with her every day. Beginning with today I.J. is Treas. Hazel Pres I, Vice Pres, and MEB Sec.

It was addressed like this
The B.A,F,A’s
%Louise Hall, Sec.
I felt so thrilled.
Last night EVH called up. She asked if our News had come. I said, “Yes.” She said, ”Read the editorials.” That’s about all she said.
I rushed and got the paper. In the first paragraph it said all about the teachers for next year. It said Mr. Carlson wasn’t coming back. I already knew that tho. It also, said Miss Frances Crane wasn’t coming back although she was reelected.
I called M/E.B. right away and told her where to read. She nearly had a fit.
Hazel said today that Mrs. Frericks had been talking to Miss C. Our “F” said she was so surprised to read that. She hasn’t decided whether to come back or not. It’s surely a relief. We are going down Mon. and decide for her.
E.J. came down today and gave Edna a lesson. She stayed a while, too. She wanted me to go some place with her but I couldn’t.
Good Night. I’m surely tired. Edna was fourteen last Monday. She started a diary.
MEB and Hazel happened by. They stopped and explained some more about the mistake in the paper.

April 26. Sun. I went to Sunday School and stayed for church. We, MEB, Hazel, Marine and I, sat in front of Betty B. and some girls.
At a quarter till two I picked up MEB and Norine. We went to the Hill and got Betty. Then we went to V.H.’s and got Hazel, E.VH. and Mrs, V.H. I took my skirt off there and wore knickers. EVH and I were the only knickers in the crowd.
We went out Henry St. all together we hiked ten miles. We got great bunches of lilacs.
I really do like Betty awfully well, but she can never equal Our “F”. EVH is siding in with Hazel, I guess. I’m crazy about B. when I’m with her.
MEB and Hazel came here for lunch. We got to league so late so we didn’t go in. We waited out side and gave some special kind of pansies to Betty when she came out. We have decided to change our flowers to that particular kind of wild pansy. All the petals are the same color and it has a big yellow center.
Helen got a lot of wild pansies at Pansy Hill today. I guess I’ll take some to “F” in the morning. (At the bottom of the page she writes “I did” and draws a line to the above sentence.)
We went out past “F’s” house. It is 602 instead of 608. They have it wrong in the phone book. We saw her lying in a chair. We weren’t sure whether it was she or Mr. Crane.

April (May) 10. Sun. I have not written for so long that I don’t know where to begin.
Miss Crane signed her contract last Thursday on May 7. Her contract to stay here I mean.
I got sick in the pool last Mon. and had to get out. Every time that I’ve been in I’ve gotten sick. Miss C. said to get out after this when I begin to feel sick.

Guess I’ll tell about our Wyman trip. Hazel, K. Eyre and I left our house at 8:05 on Sat., May 2. We got to Prairie Gem School at 10:00. At Swedesburg at 11:00. We got two rolls apiece there and ate them in from of the church. We got to Olds at 12:00. Our menu was 5 cents of crackers. 10 cents can of sausages, 10 cents of potato chips, 3 bananas. I cut each thumb trying to open the sausage. Finally a man called to us from a store window. He finished opening it. We ate on the bandstand steps.
You know how we carry our sweaters when we hike. We roll them down and tie them around us with the sleeves. A young fellow said he was going to run us out of town because we were creating too much excitement. He said they weren’t used to such thing as us. He then asked us why we carried our “back porches” with us. We nearly busted laughing. Here after our sweaters are back porches. I got a bottle of pop & a ice cream lolly-pop. The others got two ice-cream lollypops apiece. We fooled around there a long time, then finally left.
We wanted to call Edith as soon as we got on a Crawfordsville line, because she didn’t know we were coming. We went up to about every house for a long way. No one was home or else they had no phone. We finally got her at a house after we had turned the road east. She said she’d sent Neil to meet us if he wasn’t busy. Her uncle, Will Cannon, came to meet us. We gladly rode. We were to the city limits tho, I guess. Neil lives 1 ½ mi. the other side.
We had saved some money so we could buy some thing in the store at Wyman, but we rode straight thro. We didn’t even get to see Bill Dunn, then.
We got to Neil’s at 3:15. Pretty good 20 mi. in 7 hrs. & 15 min. We were pretty tired too. Jimmie Dunn is a little younger than Bill. He must be 16. Bill is 18. Well, Jimmie called up (He didn’t know we were there) and said he was coming down and work on Neil’s radio with him.
I’d like to beat up Neil. He told Jimmie not to come because he had to go to Winfield. We got after him all right. He said he didn’t believe that it was a fit place for Jimmie to come to.
We listened on the radio until nine o’clock. We got six different stations, I think it was. We got Pittsburgh awful plain. We washed our feet in hot water and went to bed. We all three slept in one bed.
We woke up at about seven and got up at about eight. We wore our knickers up and carried a dress. I took my orange crape one.
“Uncle Will Cannon” came for us at 9:30. We got to Sunday School in good time.
Mrs. Allen, minister wife and our S.S. teacher, introduced us to about every one. Even Bill Dunn. When he came in I pinched Hazel. He smiled at us so sweetly. My heart went Pitter Patter. We met his sister, Mary. She is awful sweet and pretty. Bill has more freckles than I tho’t he had. We met Margaret Graves. I found out later that she was or is Bill’s girl. She wears glasses, has straight, brown, bobbed hair. She is real cute. She has awful cute clothes.
Bill sat right behind me so I couldn’t see him. He is the Sect’y. There were twenty three present. He passed the papers. Hazel was on the end. When he came to us, he started to give her one. He looked at Mrs. A. She said, “Yes, Yes,” so he gave it to her and one to the rest of us. He sure looked silly after she said that. He’s awful good looking.
He was standing out in front after S.S. while we were waiting for Neil. We talked about hiking so He’d know why we didn’t look nice like the rest who had nice clothes. We did look pretty crazy.
Hazel and I each wore a bunch of violets to S.S. I left mine on a cap on the bench in the front hall. I didn’t see Bill carrying one, so maybe it was his. I hope so. I hope he knows who left them there.
We had to come home in the morning because Everette and Hazel’s cousin came down from Washington. We got home at about twelve.

Sun. 3 in the afternoon EVH, Mrs. V.H., K. Eyre and I hiked to Oakland and back. We went to V.H.’s and had ice cream and some more. It rained and the wind was awful.
I don’t like Mr. Livermore anymore. I’ve been hearing such crazy things about him. He goes with far too many girls. E.V. H. says he makes her sick.
Miss Smith said she was crazy about radishes. Jessie Lauger had some and gave me one. I ate part of it and then put the rest in Miss S.’s mouth. I offered it to Miss C. but she wouldn’t take it. The next day I brought Miss S. four of them in an envelope with some salt. She is great fun.
I went to the Y.W. party Fri. night. Misses Crane, Coles, Walker, Mendenhall, and Mrs. Thomas were there. Miss M. has resigned.
Miss Coles sure was simple. Every one of them was great fun. Miss Crane sure was. MEB forgot to wear an underskirt.
Sat. night we were going night prowling with Betty Blagg, but she had to go to Fairfield. Edna and I went to the show, It was “Charlies’ Aunt.” It was great. I don’t know when I have laughed so hard.
Today Mrs. V.H., E.V.H, MEB, K. Eyre and I went to Webster’s bridge and past and back. I have made my 100 mi. at last. Made 12 miles today making 106 miles since April 1.
Today is Mothers Day. Clarke gave her a big box of candy. I priced some flowers last night, but didn’t have money enough. I wish I could have gotten some. I would have made her feel so nice. She was awfully tickled about the candy.
Mrs. Thomas told Mrs. V.H. that I was a very sweet girl. I feel quite flattered. I’m surely tired. Good Night.

When Betty Blagg went home last weekend I got a card from her. Each of the B.A.F.A.’s did.
I didn’t tell about Hazel. She resigned and handed in her pin, because we did not make the B as important as the F. and were substituted for the B. We are reforming and she is again one of us.
Marian was here for dinner today.
One morning I took some stuff to Aunt Mary. She gave me a magazine to me to give to Mrs. C. to give to her mother.
When I took it to her MEB went along, “F” gave us a quarter and four letters. She asked us to stamp and mail them. We were surely thrilled.

May 13, Wed. I am tickled to pieces. I’ve been asked to serve at the Junior and Senior Banquet. It is really a great honor to be chosen one of the twelve to serve. The others I know of are: M.E.B, Margaret M, Charlotte, Lois, Mildred, Hazel, Margaret Holmes, Alice Dulton, Catherine Lindsey, EVH and my self. Ethel J. was asked, but she refused because she tho’t it was this coming Sat. She could have done it on the 23rd but they had already filled her place. I don’t know who it is. Helen Holland is quite mad I guess, because she wasn’t asked.
I had a cold Mon. that was left over from the Mon. before when I got chilled in the pool, so I didn’t go in swimming. She told MEB I was getting on finely. She has a perfectly darling dress. It is pink broadcloth.
I took gym with MEB. Tues. night. She has to take it with the 7th grade kids because when the Senior High classes meet she can’t go. A lot of Senior High girls were in that class last Tues, making up work. We went down to Saunders and jumped with MEB but MEB beat. We had lots of fun.
MEB and I took a shower so we had to wait until everyone had left. “F” told us that she’d let MEB and I teach her gym class next Tues. Isn’t she great. We have it all planned out how we are to do it.
I have started to keep track of all the books I read. I have a little book and as I read them I’ll write them down. I just put “Great Pearl Secret, The” under the G’s. I was surely a good book.
Helen told me the funniest thing yesterday. She remarked that Livermore must be Carlson’s boss. I said he was I guessed. L. is always one step ahead of C. when they walk. C. always has to ask K, about it before he can buy a ticket for any thing. I call him L.’s puppy, because he tags along behind. Here’s what Helen told me. L. & C. were going to a picnic of some sort. L. asked Suzanna (How is it spelled?) Barnes, a college girl. C. wanted to ask Miss Smith. L. said, “You take a college girl or stay home.” I suppose C. took a college girl.
May 20 Wed. Last Fri. E.J. took me riding in their new car. It is a Dodge and it sure is a
beauty. Sun. Charlotte and I were down there. We went riding all over town.
They asked me to stay for supper, but I didn’t.
Hazel was over at MEB.”s They called up and wanted me to go to league with them. I didn’t want to go. Hazel said she would come after me. I didn’t think she would, but pretty soon MEB and Hazy came walking in. They had had supper at MEB’s. I served them some salad and sandwiches. We then went to Hazel’s. She served up each two big dishes of pop corn. It was
some progressive party.
I was surely good Sunday. I went to S.S., church and league.
Burlington won first in the track meet Sat. R. Brown bet me a ten page letter on plaid stationary that B. would get first. I bet one on pink paper that they wouldn’t. I wrote the letter last night. I mixed the pages all up. It is very hard to read. Hope she doesn’t get lost in it.
Mon. we tho’t there was to be a picnic for the Sioux S.G.R. Reunion, but it wasn’t. MEB didn’t know it so she took her stuff to school with her anyway.
There has been no gym this week at all. We went down to get our belongings out of our lockers after school. Miss C was a lot of fun. I started to get something out of MEB”s sack. She wanted some, so we spread it all out and had a regular picnic of five sandwiches and about eight little cakes. “F” had to leave. We left two cakes in her locker with a note for her. She was
quite pleased. I said the cakes were from MEB but I was in on the love.
Tues. we went down with Hazel to get her stuff. We had some more fun, then. With Miss Crane.
I won’t go into detail, but Hazel finally got MEB’s book of poems about “F” to “F” while I held her down stairs.
Today “F” gave it back to her. She had written a poem in it for MEB. It was great. If only she would write such a one for me. She said she loved MEB. I wonder if she really does care any thing about me. If only she knew what I think of her. I don’t express my self and carry on about it as MEB does, but I love her just as much. MEB did make me feel terrible today. I told her if she knew how I felt she wouldn’t rub it in so much.
I admit I feel inclined to be jealous of MEB when it comes to “F”. I know I should not be, but I can’t help it. I was so miserable today that I cried after I left MEB on the way home. I suppose no one will ever understand how I feel.
I wrote a poem about it today. I could not study so I wrote this poem.

My Feelings
Though I try with all my might
I never, never can or could explain
The feeling in my heart so light
Some people think I am not sane
When I rave about that plight.

I have tried in almost every way
But no one seems to understand
No matter what words or phrases I say.
If only some of her affections I could land,
Never would I wish for more pay.

When I think of certain things I cry
And wish this person could only know.
I suppose some people wonder why
I rave and say I love her so
And at her feet I’d love to lie.

I think I’ll write some more to it some day. It is a poor poem, but it will have to do.
Congratulate me. I am the new Y.W. Treasurer. MEB and I were nominated. It was a tie first. EVH didn’t vote. They voted again. EVH voted for me. I came out three ahead.
Tuesday, Mother spilled some hot coffee on her hand. It was a pretty bad burn. Helen had
to stay home. She couldn’t mover her fingers at first. It is about all right now.
Charlotte’s aunt, Mrs. Coleman fell and broke her ankle Tues. It was awful. The bone
went through the flesh. She is in the hospital. Charlotte & Percival go out home every night now
and come in in the morning. I asked her to stay here Thurs. night. I hope she can.
Good night.

May 21, 1925 – end of second diary

May 21. Thur. Charlotte is here staying all night. We just got back from the first band concert. It was pretty good.
MEB, Hazel, Charlotte and I made our aprons after school tonight, that we are to wear to serve at the banquet.
Just think only one more day of school, if I escape the exams.

May 24, Sun. Last Fri. nite the “Gang” plus some more came down.
Sat. was the wonderful day. I slept part of the time in the afternoon. Then I took a bath and went to the banquet. It was great. We had lots of fun. Mr. Carlson was a regular nut. He had three cups of coffee at once.
Twice, once when Hazy and once when MEB took her plate, F leaned over toward Livermore next to her and laid her head in the plate. (Or it could be bead instead of head. Neither really make much sense!)
L. took her olive. He said he liked them awful well, and that Olive was the name of the girl that he took to the banquet when he was a Junior. Miss C. took his olive, too. He said if she’d give him one that he’d never eat another until next fall. I wonder if he will keep his promise.
Miss Smith’s toast was good. It is the only one that I heard.
The only thing I regretted was that if I had not promised to serve there, I would have gotten to serve at the Alpha Xi party at the hospital. Ethel J. did. She surely had a good time. I’m glad she got to. I hope she’ll be one some day. Maxine Fullmer and Migen Ryae (Maybe I didn’t spell the names right) came from Ottumwa and Helen Kitch came up to serve. I have always wanted to meet Maxine & Migen. Helen took me over to the Hall this afternoon. Ethel went along. She brought her car to take them over the town. It was late so they didn’t have time to go riding. We took them to the train, 4.04.
I am crazy about both of them. Maxine is taller than I and is awful pretty. She has wonderful eyes. Just like Virginia Fullmer’s. Her hair is light.
Migen is rather short. Her hair is dark and inclined to be curly. She is perfectly wonderful, darling. Ethel likes Maxine the better, but I’m not sure about my self.
After that we rode all over town until 5:00. E.J. is getting in good with the Alphas. She took Freda A. Gweni Ryse, Louise W. Virginia F and Helen with her on our tour about the city.
I’ll go back to this morning now. The old Y.W. cabinet gave a breakfast for the new cabinet. It was great. Before breakfast, which was supposed to be at 7:30, Miss Crane came and sat beside me. We had a fine talk. Her dog, Goldie, followed her up there and wouldn’t go home.
EVH pres., Miss Crane, Miss Walker, and Margaret Rommel, old Pres. Each gave a toast. “F” was the best of course. It was about “The Set of the Sail.”
After that Hazel & I went to S.S. and church.
I left out something about the banquet. Raymond Hall asked Charlotte to go to the second show and told her to get some one for Raymond King. She asked me. I said I couldn’t go because MEB would have no one to go with. She told them that. She didn’t get her date either because it was R K’s car. I guess Mable Atword likes R K. pretty well. I wonder what she’d have tho’t if I had gone. I wish I had gone.

May 25, Mon. I forgot to mention “No more school for me.” I escaped the exams. All of my “gang” did. It sure felt good to be able to sleep late this morning. We got our Targets today. They are dandy. To day is MEB’s birthday. She is only fourteen. Such a baby. I got her a present but lost it before I got it to her. I’ll get her another tomorrow.
Certainly turned cold all of a sudden. Sat. night at the banquet is it was terrible hot. We didn’t wear any wraps there either. By Sun. morning it was awful cold. It froze last night. I guess most of our garden is ruined.

[Handwriting has changed and is quite sprawled, but darker, thank goodness.]

May 27, Wed. Aunt Kit came today. Mother knew that she had come, but didn’t tell any one but Dad. Edna answered the phone when she called up, so she knew. We tho’t all the time that a man was coming. Mother certainly has us off of the track.
The Sophomore picnic was to be today but it rained.
Yesterday was to be the installation of Y.W. officers and awarding of letters. I was sick so couldn’t go. Only fourteen were present so they are going to do all of it Sun.
I got MEB another present today. We went up to see Miss Crane after I took my stuff to the Domestic exhibit. We wrote in her Target.

May 31, Sun, I guess I didn’t do much of any thing Thurs except work. I went to the commencement exercises Thur. nite. The Glee Club sang.
Fri. was the picnic. The Juniors and Sophomores had it together. We met at the H.S. and went out in cars after we got our cards.
We got to the picnic place. It is past Oakland some place. A lot of people didn’t like it, so we left but turned around and went back to the same place. Miss S. and some kids went for a walk. Two of them. I gave her a train letter. Then a man chased us back. We ended up at the Scout Cabin. We ate most every thing for dinner so we didn’t have any supper.
We went for a walk down the river with Miss Crane. She took our pictures. If only K. Eyre had not been along one of the pictures would have been of the B.A.F.A’s.
I won’t go into details but we had lots of fun. Miss W. asked
Us to come to N. London and she would take us out to the lake. Miss Coles was lots of fun. Misses Crane, Smith, Craig, Jackson left at 2:00 to see Mrs. R. off. Miss S. went on the 2.02. I wrote her a nice long letter to read on the train.
We went to Kracaws at Oakland at about 6:00. The kids, K. Eyre, I.J.C. Hazy, MEB, & Maxine tried to initiate me into the S. Club. They formed it on the way home from the Y,W, picnic Tues. It is the [long blank line]. It probably won’t last long. They led me around blind folded. We came to a bank. They said to step down a little. I did and fell. I sat on my left ankle and rt. knee wrong. My knee didn’t hurt until today, but my ankle did. It hurt all that night. Sat. I could hardly walk on it. It I rubbed liniment on it Sat. nite and soaked it in hot water today. It is about all right now. I’ll bet the kids don’t initiate anyone else like that.
Bell’s came for us. We got home at 8:00. The gang came down but soon went home much to my relief. Sh! I didn’t do any thing much Sat. except sit around and hold my foot.
I didn’t go to Sunday school. John T. came Sat on No. 9. Aunt Kit was gone so we didn’t have any dinner. Mother stayed in bed until 5:00 P.M when Aunt Mary and John came down. I didn’t go to S S. because Mother was afraid my ankle would swell up again if I walked too much. I went down to I.J.C. about 3:00. Ethel Williams took us riding, Then we went to the Y.W. rooms. I am now the H.S.Y.W. Treasurer. The hiking letters were given or rather all of them but the 100 mi. ones. They have not come yet.
After that Miss Crane, IJC, Hazel, and I all went in Cranes car up o the Hall to see Betty. MEB went to Cedar Falls today. I’ll bet she wishes she had been along with us today. We had great fun with “F” and Betty.
Miss Crane took us home at about 6:30. Just think I rode in Crane’s car. Won’t MEB be mad that she went away.
Maybe F is going to summer school here or maybe at Iowa City. I hope it is here.
Oh! but I am tired
Good Night.

June 11, Thur. I don’t remember much that happened last week except my poison ivy. Mildred P. and I both got poison ivy at the picnic. Mine is about all gone now, but Mildred’s is still pretty bad.
Sat. afternoon Ruth Dana called up and asked me to go to the show. I said I couldn’t because of my poison. Later I changed my mind and went. EVH, MEB, Mary W. Ruth and I went. The show, “New Toys” was good. I had great fun.
Sun. I didn’t go to church once. We had the family reunion here in the yard. The whole family connection was here. I won’t name them, but there were around thirty-six present. Aunt Mary has gone after Spencer and Jerry. Marian leaves Mon., I think, for New York. I don’t know when they said.
Clarke left home Tues on June 11. He went to Lyndon, Kans. to Grandpa’s. He intended to go on to some town in western Kans. And work north with a harvest gang.
He wrote that he would stay in Lyndon until Sun. Then the next week, that’s this week he would work on a farm near Lyndon. The next week he would work on a paving gang in Lyndon. Then he would go west.
At about 1:30 a telephone call came from Lyndon. Central would let no one talk but Dad. He was way out in the county. Mother was about wild. She was so worried, because she knew that it was about Clarke or Grandpa. She finally got Dad on the phone. He came in right away and went to the telephone office so he could hear better. The call had been reversed, so he called Lyndon.
Clarke had an attack of appendicitis and they wanted permission to operate if necessary. Dad gave it. Mother tho’t maybe that she’d go. Then when we didn’t know that he was very sick she decided not to go.
About 9:30 P.M. Mon. they called again. They said they were going to operate at 10:00 Tues. morning and would call after the operation.
Mother decided to go. Because of train connections she could get there now quicker than by leaving at midnight Tues night.
Tues. at about noon the call came. They said he was very bad and small chance of his recovery. They didn’t have time to find about much else. Dad told them both he and Mother were going. He ate, then went to the station to see if there way any possible way of getting there sooner. The only way was to catch the 3:10 train at Ft. Madison.
They threw some stuff in a suitcase. That was at about 1:30. They left in a taxi at 1:50 for Ft. Madison. They made 50 mi in 1 hr. and 20 min. Gordon Gillis drove. I bet they went fast.
Then we didn’t hear until today now. Mother wrote that he was as bad as any one could be and live. The appendix had burst. The abscess was pretty bad and gangrene had set in in his bowels. They said there was one chance in a hundred but that was a strong one. If he were to change for the worse it would come yesterday or today. They didn’t phone so I suppose he is getting along all right. She will write every day.

Editor’s Note: Clarke did survive, but in a weakened state. He would live only three more years. Clarke died in his bed in the early morning hours of Sunday, November 25, 1928, of a heart attack. The account of his death in the Mount Pleasant News states as follows:

While his death is a great shock to his friends over the city, his family has known for some time that he was in very frail health. Three years ago he was stricken very suddenly with appendicitis and an operation was performed. He did not recover from the effects entirely until it was found that a second operation was necessary. From that time on he has been ill the greater part of the time and on one or two occasions had slight heart attacks.
In the night Mr. and Mrs. Hall heard him up but only for a short time and they thought nothing of it. They were in the custom of allowing him to sleep as late as he wished in the mornings because of his frail health, so were not alarmed when he did not arise with the rest of the family. About ten o'clock Mrs. Hall went to the head of the stairs and called to him and upon receiving no response went to his room where she found that he had passed away. Physicians were summoned but stated that death had occurred about six hours before he was found. Evidently he had passed away without a struggle as his bed clothes were not disarranged.

Miss Crane is going to Iowa City. We went on a picnic Mon. for R. Dana. All of the B.A.F.A. were present plus H. Holland and Mary W. We had lots of fun.
We initiated R. Dana behind Crane’s big car. F was down there with some picnickers. We had quite a talk with her.
Ruth called up Sun or else Mon. morning and said that “F” said she would tell her whether she qualified for the B.A.F.A society if she would tell her every thing we said about her.
Ruth told her a little bit but not all.
F also said that she tho’t the B.A.F.A.’s were the silliest club in town.
With that and Hazel’s actions I’d like to quit. Hazel is mad now because we initiated Ruth although she does not qualify for the B. I forgot all about that part. I am certainly disgusted with the whole out fit.

Feb. 7, 1926.
My! I have been neglecting you shamefully since June 11, 1925, haven’t I?
I guess I won’t write all about what has happened since then. Every one is well now and coming along finely.
Miss Crane spent the summer on Elkhorn Ranch in Mont. I got several letters from her while she was gone.
Miss Mary Covert has taken Miss Mendenhall’s place in the Y. W. rooms but not in our hearts. No one likes her as well as Miss M.
Hazel has moved to Bolder, Colo.
It might be well to say that the B.A.F.A.’s are no more – as far as I am concerned. R. Dana did something very strange, but I won’t write it down. I guess she is all right now.
M.P.H.S. is third in the little six now. We beat Ottumwa Fri night. 20 to 11.
Burlington beat us one point. We were the first ones to come within ten points of them. Rah! Rah!
I had better mention my teachers. First semester I had as follows,
2nd Per. Methods I – Miss Walker
3rd. Algebra – Mrs. Whipple
5th History – W.S. Livermore
7th Amer. Lit – Mrs. Shaeffer.
I got out of my exams.
The Second Semester I have as follows,
1st Per. Grammar - Miss Coles
2nd - Psychology - Miss Walker
4th - Civics - W.S. Livermore
7th - Arithmetic - Mrs. Whipple
I am certainly glad I got changed to Berdine’s class.
Mr. Cottrell, he took Mr. Carlson’s place, got married Xmas vacation. Every one likes him very much. [I guess Mr. Carlson got married.]
I have been reading in my other volume and this one. I certainly made a lot of mistakes in grammar.
Oh! I mustn’t forget the B.E.C.’s The Better English Club consists of Ethel Van Hon, Margaret E. Bell and M. Louise Hall – original members and Ida Jennie Collins. We are fined one penny for every mistake made in English. Since Nov. first we have made about forty-five cents worth. We go to Berdine or F. Crane in case of a dispute. Our Motto – Better English or Bust.
Oh! Yes, I wear glasses, now. EVH says that they make me look studious. Imagine.
I have served at both Alpha parties this year. We had lots of fun both tines. The first, just a party, was at Pres. U.S. Smith’s. The second, rushee party, was at Mrs. R.S. Galers. Eight of us served and gave a Rase Dana. [No idea what this means. The writing is clear.] F. Crane trained us. Our dresses were the best part. They gave them to us, too.
[She has a small drawing of a dress. The top is labeled green. The skirt is labeled pink rose petals. She writes:] Made of crape paper on stiff cheesecloth.
MEB served at two other rushee parties, but the Alpha party was the best.
Feb. 11. Thurs. Nothing much has happened this week. I have a terrible cold. My right eye cries all of the time. When I got up to recite in civics, I began to cry. I’ll bet it looked funny. It hurts awful and the tears roll out. M.D.R.S. was affected the same way when she had a bad cold.
Boyce Oldt’s funeral was today. Clarke said the church was clear full. I certainly feel sorry for Ruth. They had only been married six months.
Ethel V. H. and Florence Forbes both got their seats changed in 3rd period Study Hall (Livermore). I guess we had too much fun there in a bunch.

Feb 21. Sun. Margaret and I.J. came over today and we played cards and did some interpretive dancing. I dressed up in a green silk smock and a red plume in my hair and a red hat. I was all painted up. Couldn’t find the lipstick so I used cake coloring. Helen dared me to wear the dress to League, so I did. Of course I took off all of the extra junk.
Helen went to Miss Jackson’s for dinner today. Most all of the female teachers were there. Miss Crane told them all about her new horse, Dude. Some name. It is a registered horse, but they can’t find the register.

Aunt Stella came a week ago yesterday. She stayed here awhile, then Aunt Mary claimed her and she will hardly let her come out here to see us. Aunt M is getting to be . [Lightly penciled in on the line are the words “won’t say it”] We get quite provoked at her.
Listen to the latest. Mr. Livermore had a date with Verla Kirby. We don’t know whether to believe it or not. Her brothers tell every one about it but some one said that V. paid them to tell it. He doesn’t surprise me much anymore.
EVH wanted her seat moved in 3rd period S.H. and he would not let her do it. He moved her down in front before, you know. She told him she was going to ask him every day until he let her. She did it. One day she called him Prof. Livermore and asked. He let her do it. He is getting dumber all the time. He sat next to MEB at the show last night and he howled all of the time. MEB said it wasn’t a bit funny. Dumb man. They say he is going some place next year where he can get married wages. Wonder why?
Feb 22, 1926, Mon. Tomorrow is my birthday. I always start a new volume on my birthday. I looks like I’d have to do a lot of writing if I expect to finish this tonite.
This noon M.D.R.S. went after her coat in Livermore’s office. She keeps it there all of the time.
Just as she was coming out he started in. They demonstrated the bear-hug for the audience, which was EVH. Mary D R. began laughing, naturally W.D.L. [Livermore] said, ”Why –Why- Why - Mary.” EVH just roared. Then M.D.R.S and Livermore went back into his office and stayed a long time. I know because MEB and I were waiting outside to ask her something. We got tired and left. They are certainly crazy.
Van Hons have sold their house and are building a new eight room house on the lot next to it, south. They are moving into the Episcopalian Rectory while it is being built.
I read back in this volume and found out a lot of stuff I had forgotten all about. Such as W.D.L.[Livermore]’s love for olives. I agree with him for once.
Oh! My picture is in Dyall’s window. It is worse looking every time I look at it. Wonder how it will look in the Target.
I guess we kids are going together and get a Target for Hazel’s birthday. March 20.
Ethel J. has a new name for me. She calls me Late George because I came a day late. Bright girl.
Sezui Yammamatoo (probably misspelled) is a Jap from Burlington that goes to I.W.C. The businessmen of B. are putting her thro. I expect they want her out of town. She is a hot one. We got mixed up with her in B. Blaggs room once last semester and almost had to take her to visit school. It was a narrow escape.
I am not liking this year.
I started out but decided that I have too much to do.
I meant to say that I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if W.S.L. dated with Sezui. Some one even said he had one with Miss Covert. I never saw any one who could talk so long and say so little as Miss M. Covert can. She says every thing over about three times and more over, she stops a long time between each sentence to let it soak in.
Fairfield beat us 22 to 18. Fr. night. ¬_ _ _. Only one more game. It is with Burlington in Burlington. Ruth Brown asked Margaret and me down, but neither of us can go. I guess. I wish some one would give me two dollars for my birthday. I did my best to give hints to Aunt Mary and Aunt Stella, but they did not take them.

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