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Above photo taken and contributed by Conni McDaniel Hall.

Oak Grove Cemetery

Marion Twp, Section 17 & 20, Henry County, Iowa

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"Oak Grove Baptist Church and cemetery in Stringtown [sometimes known as Traxler] northwest of Mount Pleasant.  Picture taken in 1945."
Note:  The church is no longer standing, but Oak Grove Cemetery is located on Hickory Avenue, Section 17/20, Marion Twp.

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As of May 29, 2004

ANDERSON                    Ora
ANDERSON                    Elizabeth
COX                         Rebecca
CUBBISON                    James
CUBBISON                    Lydia
ELLS                        Sarah
FARLEY                      Tomie Guy
FARLEY                      Mary E.
FARMER                      Daughter
FARMER                      Lewis W.
FARMER                      Lewis W.
FARMER                      Nancy
FARMER                      Lewis
FARMER                      Nancy
GHOLSON                     David
GHOLSON                     Mary C.
GHOLSON                     Fredie
GHOLSON                     Wesley
GHOLSON                     John T.
GILLASPEY                   Sarah A.
GILLASPEY                   Roxanna
GILLASPEY                   Herman
GILLASPEY                   George W.
GILLASPEY                   John
GILLASPEY                   Rachel
HEATHERINGTON               Pharaby
HEATHERINGTON               Pharaby
HENRY                       Musgrove
HOLLOWAY                    Marquis
HOLLOWAY                    Walter N.
HOLLOWAY                    Willie N.
HOLLOWAY                    Ellen
HOLLOWAY                    Vertie
HOLLOWAY                    F.
HULL                        Henry C.
HULL                        Henry C.
HULL                        John
HULL                        Sylvester
HULL                        Sylvanus
HULL                        John T,
HULL TRAUT                  Ettna M.
HUTTON                      Willie T.
HUTTON                      Anna E.
HUTTON                      Jennie
KELLEY                      James P.
KINNEY                      Emaline
KLOPFENSTEIN                Ann
KLOPFENSTIEN                Joseph
KLOPFENSTIEN                Anna
KLOPFENSTINE                Michael
LAWRENCE                    Elizabeth A.
LEACH                       Emma
LEACH                       Daughter Of
LEACH                       Martha
LONG                        Socelia
LYON                        Peter
LYON                        Catharine
LYON                        Frank H.
LYON                        Maria
LYON                        Iddie Mae
LYON                        Iddie Mae
LYON SCHEFFET               Lila
MARSHALL COX                Rebecca
MILLER                      Sarah
MILLER                      William
MILLER                      Charley
MILLER                      William
MILLER                      Sarah
MILLER                      William M.
MITTS                       Anna A.
MITTS                       James
MITTS                       Elizabeth
MONTGOMERY                  Sarah C.
MURRAY                      William L.
MUSGROVE                    Elizabeth
OLINGER                     Lena May
OLINGER                     Samuel W.
OLINGER                     Nancy
RAMEY                       William
RAMEY                       Elizabeth
ROACH                       Eva L.
ROWLAND                     J. B.
ROWLAND                     Sarah
ROWLAND                     Thomas
SALYER LYON                 Maria
SATER                       Amanda
SATER                       Infant Son
SATER                       Thomas
SATER                       Elizabeth
SATER                       Rebecca J.
SCHEFFEL                    Amy
SCHEFFEL                    Iva
SCHEFFET                    Jacob
SCHEFFET                    Lila
STANSBURY                   Henry
STANSBURY                   Catherine
STANSBURY                   Henry
TRAUT                       Grover C.
TRAUT                       Ettna M.
TRAXLER                     Ruth
TRAXLER                     Isa
TRAXLER                     I. N.
TRAXLER                     John
TRAXLER                     Emma
TRAXLER                     Glen
WRIGHT                      Rebecca
YOUNT                       B. F.
YOUNT                       Elizabeth
YOUNT                       Emma Sarah
YOUNT                       Thomas J.
YOUNT                       John P.
YOUNT                       Mary
YOUNT                       Charles G.
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