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Harrison County Iowa Genealogy

excerpts from the 1891 Harrison County History

That part of township 80, range 45, east of the Missouri River, in Harrison County, is known as Morgan Civil Township, except four sections from off the north line which belongs to Little Sioux Twp. In addition to the territory divided Morgan also takes in five sections from off the west line of range 44, township 80. The Missouri River makes a great bend to the east, giving Morgan Township an uneven line for its western border. North of Morgan is Little Sioux Township; east is Raglan Twp; south is Clay and a part of Taylor Township; and west is the Missouri River, dividing Iowa from Nebraska.

Morgan was organized in 1867. It was named from Morgan County, Ohio, from which locality Capt. John NOYES, one of the early settlers in Harrison County came. Mr. NOYES settled in this township, hence it was named for his old county in Ohio. In 1890 the population was 751.

The western half of this township has a rough surface. Heavy native timber is found along the Missouri River. There are no streams of any considerable size. There are a few lakes, the largest of which is Round Lake, a little north of the center of the township.

The Sioux City & Pacific Railroad passes through the eastern part of the township, from north to south, entering on section 12and leaving from section 31. The only town within the territory is Mondamin, on section 30. Mondamin is Indian for corn.


Prior to 1857 the principal settlers were as follows: A man and his sons, named ORINDER, settled about 1854, remained a short time and moved to Kansas. A big settlement came in from Ohio in 1856, among them were: Capt. John NOYES and family, who located on the southwest of section 20; John HENDRICKSON, of section 10, remained till the 60's; Solomon and David GAMET, of section 35; Richard MORGAREIDGE and his son John and family, settled on section 25, where they still reside.

E.J. HAGERMAN and family made thier settlement on the southwest of section 25; the father and mother both died in 1891.

Samuel MORGAREIDGE was a young man who came with his parents, in 1856, from Ohio, and after his marriage located on the northeast of section 26. At the close of the war he moved to the Pacific Coast.

Jacon KENNISON came with Capt. John NOYES to the county, and went with him to Texas, sawing ties for the railroad company.

David GAMET settled near Magnolia in 1853, and in 1857 came to section 35; he now owns 805 acres of land in the county, and in 1886 embarked in trade at Mondamin.

Henry MCNEELEY came in from Ohio in 1857, and settled on the northeast of section 13, where he died in the 60's.

David WORK came in the spring of 1857, and located in Calhoun Twp, but finally settled in Morgan, and still resides in the north part of the township.

Clark RUFFCORN came from Ohio in 1856, and in 1858 began to improve land on section 24, where he now owns 380 acres.

William CLINKENBEARD came from Indiana, in 1864, and located on section 35.

John H. NOYES, of section 33, came in 1862, and is still a resident. He was a soldier in the Twenty-ninth Iowa Infantry.

James O. PUGSLEY came in 1866, located on secion 26, where he now owns 400 acres.

Andrew J. BURCHAM came to Harrison County in the spring of 1853, and is now a resident of Morgan Twp. George H. BURCHAM was a pioneer of 1853. He was a native of Kentucky, born in 1807. He died here August 3, 1870, and was buried in Magnolia Township.

One of the 1885 settlers was Dr. John W. DREW, who is now a resident of Mondamin.

H.D. LEWIS came to the county in 1881.

The druggist at Mondamin, Thomas MACFARLANE, is a native of Ohio. He became a resident of Harrison County in 1878.

Peter NOYES, deceased, became a resident of the county in 1867. He was born in 1816, and died February 2, 1887. His son, Winfield S., came to the county with him. Lafayette H. NOYES also dates his settlement from 1867. In 1877 he became a grain dealer in Mondamin.

Z.T. NOYES, the leading merchant of Mondamin, came to the county with his parents in 1856, and has been identified with the business interests most of the time since that date. He is considered one of the most thorough business men in the county.

John J.C. WELDON, who was in the late war, has been a resident of the county since 1868.

Maj. H.P. KIDDER settled in section 25, in 1875. He is a prosperous farmer of the township to-day.

John J. THOMAS, a native of Ohio, came to the county in the 70's. He now has a fine farm home on section 26.


Capt. John NOYES brought a steam saw-mill to the county from Ohio, and placed it in operation a mile and one-half west from where Mondamin now stands, about 1858, and continued to run it until after the war period, when his sons purchased it, and after a few years they disposed of it and it was taken to Nebraska.

Others who have from time to time ben engaged in the sawmill business within the township, may be named David GAMET, David FLETCHER, Isaac GAMET, William COLERICK. J.O. JOHNSON, now operates a portable sawmill, is the only one within the township.


The first schoolhouse was built on the northeast corner of section 26, in 1859; it was a rude frame building. From time to time, as the township developed school-houses were provided, until to-day there are eight, including Mondamin. The total enrollment of pupils in 1890 was 208. Much pride has ever been manifested in the selection of good instructors and general maintenance of schools.


Mondamin, which is the Indian name for corn, was thus named on account of its being situated within the greatest corn belt of all Western Iowa. It was platted, as a station on the Sioux City & Pacific Railway, in September, 1868, on sections 25 and 30, by John I. BLAIR, for the railroad company.

The first to deal at this point was D.W. FLETCHER, who ran a general store.

The early hotel was conducted by E.M. HARVEY; the building is now used for a residence.

E.W. OAKLY embarked in the hardware business, and shortly sold to SPOONER & GARRISON. The business is now conducted by P.C. SPOONER.

The pioneer blacksmith was James HANER.

In 1868, Capt. John NOYES put in a general store, and also bought grain and sold lumber.

The pioner furniture dealer at this point was C.S. STOWELL, who was succeeded by the present dealer, L.S. HAGERMAN.

The earliest live-stock men were John NOYES & Co. and J.D. GARRISON. Mr. GARRISON first came to Mondamin, and engaged in buying pork and grain, but later engaged in the agricultural implement business.
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