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Harrison County, Iowa Surnames

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ALEXANDER see Bio KY>IN>IA Colleen Lovan
ALLEE 1819-1997 IA>PA>CA Tom Welch
ARCHER 1700-1997 ENG>VA>IA Judith Parker
ARMSTRONG 1871-1940 IRL>NY> NJ>VA> TX>WY> KS>IA MomAddis@aol.com
BABE 1805-1998 IRL>WI>IA Michael Babe
BAKER 1890-1910 MO?>Logan,IA Richard Johnston
BALDWIN 1838-1980 CAN>IA Darleen Berens
BARDSLEY 1850-Present ENG>IA Neil Bardsley
BARNES 1828-Present
see Bio
PA> IL> IA Sharon Kelley
BAYS c1765-1905 ENG>SC>KY>TX>IA William Jentzen
BELT 1888-1979 Harrison Co, IA Carey Cheney
BERENS 1846-1955 GER>PA>IA>WA>CA Darleen Berens
BERGER 1810 SWT Janette Lager
BINDKE 1820-1850 GER Janette Lager
BONNEY 1880 IA Janette Lager
John Joseph
1857-1985 Germany> Harrison Co., Ia. Rochelle Roulette
BRACE 1882-1995 IA Mary Stewart
BRODERICK 1880-1917 IA Darleen Berens
BROWN 1800-1998 UK>CAN>PA>IA William Delbert Brown Jr. Pls contact our coordinator to update your email address Alvin.
BROWNING 1600-Present ENG>MD>VA> NC>KY>IA Steven D. Loose
BRUMMETT 1780-1900 TN>AL>MO>IA Janette Lager
BRUNER 1825-Present PA>IA Barbara Smith
BRYCESON see Bio ENG> MO> UT> LA> IL> IA Kelley Velasco,  Pls contact our coordinator to update your email address Alvin.
BURCH 1830-1900 OH>MO>IA Janette Lager
BURCHAM see Bio KY>OH>VA>IA Elizabeth L Smith
BURGER 1810 SWT Janette Lager
BURGESS 1790-1890 TN > IA Janette Lager
BUSSELMAN 1800 GER Janette Lager
CARMAN see Bio MI>IA Keith Carman
CARMICHAEL 1836-1936 SCOT>IA Darleen Berens
CHAMBERLIN 1849-1910 IL>IA Darleen Berens
CHAPMAN 1725-Present CT>NY>OH>IL>WI>IA Debbie Chapman
CHILD 1867-1933 ENG>MA>NH>IL>IA>WA Elizabeth Engle
COBB 1810-1850 VA>OH Janette Lager
COBBS 1876-1881 SC>GA>TN>MO>IA Jack Glasgow
COFFMAN 1800-1870 VA>TN>AL>MO>IA Janette Lager
COLERICK 1830-Present OH>IA>NE>IA>NE Mark Grassman, Pls contact our coordinator to update your email address Alvin.
COLTON 1849-1996 DEN?>NY>IA Janice Meyers
CONDIT 1638-1997 NJ>OH>IA>ID David Condit
CONYERS 1717-1997 IRL>VA>TN>IA Larry Vredenburgh
CONNYERS see Bio IA> Harrison Co,IA Cindy Bou
CORY 1630-1930 MA>NJ>OH>IN>IA Leroy Kloss
CRAMER or KRAMER 1890-1997 PA>WI>IA Nadine Coles
CREED 1820-1930 IRL>MA>IA Janette Lager
CROFT 1810-1870 GER>VA>IA Janette Lager
CROM see Bio OH>IA Tom Hardin
CROWDER 1817-1936 SC>IL>IA Barbara Black
DARTING 1815-1900 VA>TN>IN>IA Janette Lager
DATTERL 1858-1907 GER>IA Darleen Berens
DAVIS 1877-1924 IA Darleen Berens
DEMMON 1804-1870+ VT>IL>IA Dawn Demmon
DERRY 1800-1900 IN>MO>IA Janette Lager
DIXON 1839-1986 ALA> OK> IA> ARK> IA> IL Barbara Black
DRAKE 1799-1957 NY>IA Colleen Lovan
DUHIG/G 1854-1920
see Bio
IRL>IA Bill Duhigg
DUNGAN 1606-Present ENG> RI> PA> OH> IN> IA Colleen Lovan
DUPRAY 1877-1883 OH> IA> NE> IA> NE> WA Patti Parker
EARLYWINE 1820-1920 VA>OH>IL>IA Joanne L Steinbach
EGGERT 1850-1920 Ger>IN> HarrisonCo,IA> DallasCo,IA> CrawfordCo,IA> SD> ND Janice Marasch
ESSIG 1820-1940 OH>IN>MO>IA Janette Lager
FINCH 1880 IA Janette Lager
FOSTER 1830-1997 IA>SD>WA>ID>CA Maxine (Foster) Davis
FOUNTAIN 1849-Present IL>IA Vicki King
FOUTS 1751-1915
see Bio's
George, Noel, William
MD>NC>IN>IA Darleen Berens

Colleen Lovan
FOX 1796-1878 NJ>OH>IN>IA Natalie Fleming
FRAZIER 1835-1901 OH>IA Darleen Berens
FRAZIER 1835-Present OH>MN>KS>IA Debbie Chapman
FREDERICK 1860-1998 KY>IA Carl L. Fredericks
FRIN 1780 VA>TN Janette Lager
FRY 1755-1900 VA>TN>IN>IA Janette Lager
GARNER 1714-1933
see Bio's
Henry, William F.
GEPSON 1852-1906 DENMARK>IA Darleen Berens
GILMORE 1800-1900 IRL>IA Janette Lager
GLAWINSKI 1857-1922 GER>PA>IA Darleen Berens
GRAHAM 1735 to Present (descendents of Eldridge GRAHAM) MA>IN>IL>IA Phil Graham
GREENE 1700s to Present
see Bio's
CT>IA>OR Violet Guy
GORDEN 1799-1970 ME>IA Darleen Berens
HACKMAN 1800-1850 GER> Mason Co.,IL Janette Lager
HANER 1836-1945 ENG> NY> PA> IL> IA> ND> MN Jennifer Lorsung
HARLAN 1765-1900 NC>SC>KY>OH>IA Colleen Lovan
HARSHA 1860-1880 NY>IL>IA Robert P. Nowak
HEATH 1800-1900 ENG>IA Judith Parker
HELLER 1849-1950 GER>IA Darleen Berens
HENDERSON (James White) 1735-1997 OH> IL> IA (1817-1893) Alvin Poole
HICKMAN 1800 TN Janette Lager
HOLETON see Bio OH>IA Leann Carroll
HOLMAN 1839-1968 MO>IA Vicki King
HUBBARD 1820 Caswell Co., NC Janette Lager
HUNT 1800-1997 WV>IA Judith Parker
HUSSMAN 1750-1850 GER Janette Lager
IDEN 1820s-present VA>IA Robert Oltmanns
JACOBSEN 1891-?? Linderup,DENMARK> River Sioux,IA Jens M. Jakobsen
JAMES 1888-1940 Cornwall,ENG> Macedonia,IA> Logan,IA Patricia Lowrie
JENKINS 1814-1920 OH>IN>IA Barbara Black
JENKS 1850-1940 IA Janette Lager
JONES 1860-1915 IN>IA Marv Turner
JOY 1580 - to present England>MA>VT>MI>IA>CO Alvin Poole
JUDGE 1820-1900 IRL>NY>WI>IA Janette Lager
KELLY 1800-1900 IRL>NY>IA Janette Lager
KELLY 1850-1920 IRL>IA Natalie Fleming
KEMMISH 1812-1974 Hampshire,Eng> IA Neil Bardsley
KENNEDY 1850-1900 IL>IA Janette Lager
KERR 1866-1940 IRE>NY>WV>NY>IA MomAddis@aol.com
KIMBERLING 1780-1850 VA>TN>IN Janette Lager
KING 1860-1996 ??>IA Bobbi King
KINNE see Bio CT>IA JZUDY@aol.com
KIRBY 1780-1860 KY>MO>IA Janette Lager
KIRKPATRICK 1830s-1925 IL>IA Robert Oltmanns
KITTERMAN / KETTERMAN 1800-1875 GER>MD>PA>VA> IL>IN>IA> MO>CA Barbara Shepherd, Pls contact our coordinator to update your email address Alvin.
KLEIN 1849-1922 GER>IA Darleen Berens
KNAUSS 1723-Present
see Bio
GER>PA>OH>IN>IA Colleen Lovan
KUYKENDALL 1616 - to present HOLLAND>NY>PA>TN>TX>CO>IA>ILL>TX Alvin Poole
LAGER 1840-1920 SWEDEN>IA Janette Lager
LAING 1831-1971 SCOTLAND>IA William Jentzen
LAPORT/E see Bio FRA>OH>MI>IA Florada@aol.com
LAVELL 1818-1900 IRL>IL>IA Janette Lager
LEFMAN 1817-1895 PRU>MO>IA Janette Lager
LENTZ 1866-1892 Prussia> ?> IA Yvette Kinney
LENTZ 1817-Present Ger>IA>KS Lois Haupt
LEONARD 1885-Present Ireland> IA Jim Rosse
LEVERING 1700-1800 PA>VA Janette Lager
LEWIS 1769 - to present CT>NY>MI>IA Alvin Poole
LEWIS 1634 - to present England>MA>NJ>OH>IA>NE Michael A. Lewis
LOGAN 1785-Present PA>OH>IA Natalie Fleming
MAGUIRE 1860-Present IA Vicki King
MAHLBERG 1700-1960 GER>WI>IA Darleen Berens
MANSDOTTER 1840-1870 SWEDEN Janette Lager
MARSHALL 1815-1870 OH>IA Barbara Black
MATTHEWS 1770-1840 VA>TN Janette Lager
MCCANN 1830-1900 IL>IA Janette Lager
MCCLARY 1800-1900 DE>OH>IA Janette Lager
MCCOID 1886-1967 IA Kathleen Fitzgerald
MCKENZIE 1860-1998 SC>CAN>KA>NE>IA William D. Brown Jr. Pls contact our coordinator to update your email address Alvin.
MENDENHALL 1682 to Present
see Bio's
Charles, Eli
ENG>PA>NC>IA>OR Violet Guy
MESSMAN 1750-1900 GER>IL>IA Janette Lager
MICHAEL 1843-Present
see Bio's
Charles, John
IL> IA Sharon Kelley
MILLARD 1860-Present Wedmore,ENG> HarrisonCo,IA Jane Millard
MILLER 1846-1925 NY> IA Deborah Miller
MOONEY 1800 IRL Janette Lager
MOORE Early 1800s to Present
see Bio's
Samuel, William
OH>IN>IA>OR Violet Guy
MORROW 1800-1900 IRL>CAN>IA Natalie Fleming
MORROW 1800-1952
see Bio
MORROW 1850?-present IRL?>WV>OH>IA Heather Morrow Giles
MULNIX 1880 - to present Ireland>NY>ILL>IA>NE Alvin Poole
MULVIHILL 1864-1942 IRL>IL>IA Robert Mulvihill
MUNDT 1840-1900 GER>IL>IA Janette Lager
MURPHEY 1785-1900 NC>TN>IN>IA Janette Lager
NEESE 1735-1860 PA>VA>TN> IN>IA Janette Lager
NEHS 1675-1735 GER>PA Janette Lager
OLESEN / OLSEN 1849-Present DNK>NY>IA Debi Thacker
OLSSON 1840-1925 SWEDEN Janette Lager
OLTMANNS 1880s-Present GER>IA Robert Oltmanns
O'ROURKE 1822-1996
see Bio
IRL>Boston,MA> DubuqueCo,IA>
1856-1985 >Shelby Co,IA> Harrison Co,IA Rochelle Roulette
PACE 1906-1986 Harrison Co. IA> Crawford Co.IA Kathleen Fitzgerald
PEARSON 1872-1970 SWEDEN>IA Janette Lager
PETERS 1810-1950 PRU>MO>IA Janette Lager
POOL/POOLE 1750 - to present England>WI>IA Alvin Poole
POWLEY 1765-1997
see Bio
England, Norfolk, Norwich, Repps with Bastwick>NY>IA Bill Powley
PRATT 1636-1910 MA>VT>OH>IA Mark Grassman, Pls contact our coordinator to update your email address Alvin.
QUERY 1850-1930 NB>IA Leroy Kloss
QUINE 1780-1900 NC>MO>IA Janette Lager
RANSOM 1636-Present ENG> MA> CT> PA> CT> WI> IA William Jentzen
REED 1828-1948 NY>IA Neil Bardsley
RETHMEIER 1850-1997 GER>IA Mary Stewart
ROACH see Bio NY>VA>IA Richard E Russell
ROCKWELL 1803-present VT>IA Vicki King
RULE 1790-1944 OH>IA>NE Tami Froelich
RULE 1700's - present Scotland>Canada>NY>IA Cara L. Rule
SAMPLE 1786-Present PA>IN>IA Colleen Lovan
SAUNDERS 1800-1900 NC>IN>IA Judith Parker
SCHEURER 1815-1930 SWT>MO Janette Lager
SCHLENSIG 1830-1997 GER>WI>IA Randall Schlensig
SCHRIMER 1715-1750 ALSACE Janette Lager
SCHWAB 1861-1996 GER>IA Darleen Berens
SCHOFIELD / SCOFIELD 1836-1909 IA>MO Tracey Fotiou
SETCHELL 1840-1998 UK>IL>IA Michael Babe
SHARP 1822-1900 IN>IA Janette Lager
SHIELDS 1839-1924 IRE>IA Darleen Berens
SHUPE 1790-Present
see Bio
VA> IL> LeeCo,IA> HarrisonCo,IA Sandra Nolan
SMITH 1853-1930

NY>IA Mark Grassman, Pls contact our coordinator to update your email address Alvin.
SNYDER 1799-Present

GER>MD>PA>IA Lorin Snyder, Pls contact our coordinator to update your email address Alvin.
SOLON 1810-Present MayoCo,IRL> IA walsh004@gmail.com
1870-1880 IA Lois Johnsten
STEFFEY 1710-1850 PA>VA Janette Lager
STOLTZ 1845-1911 GER>IA Darleen Berens
TAMISIEA see Bio FRA>NY>IA walsh004@gmail.com
TERRELL 1733-1934 VA>OH>IL>IA Darleen Berens
THOMPSON 1817-1900 OH>IN>IA Janette Lager
TICE 1826-1870 OH> IL> WY> OR> IA, Harrison Co Cidney Engberg
TRIPLETT 1825-Present OH>IA walsh004@gmail.com
TUCKER 1810-1930 TN>IL>IA Colleen Lovan
VAN ARSDEL 1804-Present IN> IL> IA Sharon Kelley
VANARSDOL 1765-Present PA>OH>IN>IA Colleen Lovan
VITTOTOE 1722-1997 GER VA Cindy Bou
VREDENBURGH 1600-1997 Holland>NY>IL>IA Larry Vredenburgh
WACKER 1700-?? PA Janette Lager
WACKER 1844-1914 IA Darleen Berens
WAGGONER 1770-1865 VA>TN>IN>IA Janette Lager
WAHLFELD 1800-?? GER Janette Lager
WAITE / WEIGHT 1884 - 1901 PA> IA Deborah Miller
WALSH 1829-Present IRL>Boston,MA> DubuqueCo,IA>
WESSELL 1837-1930 GER>IA Darleen Berens
WHITE 1816-1997 NY>IN>MO>IA Jack Glasgow
WHITNEY 1822-1940 NY>OH>MI>IA>CA Barbara Black
WILLIAMS ca1890-1933 IN>MO>IA Neil Bardsley
WISCAVER 1740-1800 VA>TN Janette Lager
WOOD 1850-1919 CONN>IA Neil Bardsley
WRIGHT 1818-1965 Leicastershire,Eng> MO> IA Neil Bardsley

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