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Pioneer Physicians in Harrison County
and other Medical Men and Societies
Contributed by Mona Sarratt Knight

Source: Extracted from the History of Harrison County, Iowa, by Hon. Charles W. Hunt, Logan;
published 1915 by B.F. Bowen & Company, Inc., pages 118-22. Transcibed by Mona Sarratt Knight.

Early Physicians:

As near as can be now ascertained, the pioneer physicians of Harrison County began their practice here in about the following order:

Dr. John H. RICE was the first regular graduate resident physician of the county, coming to Magnolia in 1854.

Dr. Robert McGAVREN, who had resided in Pottawattamie County and practiced in that county and Harrison county from 1850, located at St. John in 1858.

Dr. Libbeus D. COON commenced practice in Shelby county and also in Harrison county in 1851-52.

Dr. George McGAVREN commenced the study and practice of medicine with his brother, Robert, in Pottawattamie county in 1854.

Dr. John S. COLE commenced practice in Woodbine and vicinity in 1855.

Dr. DRAKE, at Little Sioux, commenced in 1859.

Dr. SERVIS practiced medicine and engaged in farming at Six Mile Grove, early in the sixties. He carried a �card� in the Western Star (newspaper), the same as other physicians in that day did.

Drs. CROSSWAIT and O'LINN were the physicians at Magnolia in 1867, and Dr. KERN and sons at Logan. However, Dr. J. J. RAINWATER located at Logan a short time before Dr. KERN. It was about this date that Dr. CHRISTIE located at Dunlap.

Dr. Samuel CLARK began practice at Magnolia in 1868.

Dr. E. T. McKENNEY located at Logan in 1869.

Other Physicians, Described by Town:

Missouri Valley:

Dr. Robert McGAVREN located in Pottawattamie County on May 4, 1850, living within one-half mile of the Harrison County line until October 16, 1858, when he moved to St. John, this County. He engaged in the practice and farmed at the same time. He began the study of medicine in 1843 and began practice in 1848 in Ohio. He remained in active practice until 1870. To him is believed to be the honor of being the first physician to practice the healing art in the territory now known as Harrison County.

Dr. George H. McGAVREN engaged in the practice of medicine, with his brother Robert, from 1854 for a period of thirteen years. In 1868 he moved to Missouri Valley and continued the practice until 1888, when he was incapacitated by a severe fall. This accident ended the public career and usefulness of a man who had a high ethical and professional standing. The community lost a man who had been its benefactor and the guardian of its welfare and every interest.

Dr. George W. COIT, a resident physician of Missouri Valley, was not alone one of the pioneers of the county, but also has the distinction of being the oldest resident practitioner of medicine and the second graduate doctor of medicine to locate in Harrison County, having located at St. John in November 1866. His early medical education was received in the Medical College of Ohio at Cincinnati, following which he spent two years as a contract surgeon during the Civil War. In August of 1865, he returned to New York, attending Bellevue Hospital Medical College and receiving the honors of graduation in March 1866. The following autumn, we find him practicing medicine at St. John, this county. The next spring he returned to the East, was married, and upon his return located at Missouri Valley, then the new railroad town, where he has continuously resided and followed his chosen profession. Many medical honors have been the lot which bespeak of his ability. On March 22, 1886, he was appointed chief surgeon for the Fremont, Elkhorn & Missouri Valley and the Sioux City & Pacific Railroads. This position he held for 26 years, resigning July 1, 1912. In 1889 he was elected vice president of the National Railway Surgeons Association, at its meeting at Buffalo, NY. He has held the office of president of the Iowa State Railway Surgeons Association; also held the offices of second vice president, vice president, and president of the Chicago & Northwestern Railway Surgeons Association. Among the highly prized mementoes in his personal collection is the receipt given by Judge BRAINARD, of Magnolia, then internal revenue collector, for ten dollars paid as his government tax for the privilege of practicing medicine. Dr. COIT is a man of exemplary life and habits, always ethical in his dealings with his competitors and patients, fully keeping abreast of the times in knowledge of medicine and surgical advance. He is a credit to his cherished alma mater and an honored citizen of the community where he is spending his declining years. See biographical sketch.

Dr. H. Seymour McGAVREN, son of Dr. George McGAVREN, was graduated at Omaha Medical College, class of 1887. He is at present located at Sacramento, California, devoting his special attention to diseases of the eye, ear, nose and throat.

Dr. J. W. HUFF, a graduate of Rush Medical College, practiced in Missouri Valley in the eighties. He was also connected with a drug store during his residence there.

Dr. Charles F. MONTGOMERY, a graduate of Chicago Homeopathic College in 1895, located in Missouri Valley for a short time. He is now living in California.

Dr. Joseph W. WALBURN was a graduate of Hahnemann Medical College, Philadelphia, 1888, and located in Missouri Valley in 1889.

Dr. J. H. GASSON, a graduate of Creighton Medical College, Omaha, class of 1898, located in Missouri Valley the same year. It was he who established the Missouri Valley Hospital. He is now located in Canada.

Dr. Joseph MEHAN, a graduate of the Northwestern University Medical College, Chicago, class of 1903, located in Missouri Valley for a short time. He is now located in Denison, Iowa.

Dr. C.W. BOUGHTON, a graduate of the Northwestern University, Chicago, located in Missouri Valley in 1903. He conducted the Missouri Valley Hospital and is now located at Youngstown, Ohio.

Dr. George H. SHILEY, a native son of Missouri Valley, his father being a prominent druggist there, graduated from Iowa University (medical department) with the class of 1903. He is at present located at some point in Washington.

Another physician whose name should not be forgotten was Dr. Charles W. McGAVREN, son of Dr. George H. McGAVREN, one of the earliest pioneer physicians of the community, a graduate of Rush Medical College, class of 1879. After his graduation, he located at Missouri Valley, in partnership with his father. He assumed the mantle his father had worn, with honor to his father and credit to himself, and was shown the appreciation of the community by an extensive indication of its appreciation and support, enjoying a lucrative practice. He met with an accidental fall in January 1909, fracturing his hip, which so incapacitated him, he removed to California the next year and is now residing at Pasadena.

Dr. Edward J. CHAPMAN located at Missouri Valley in August 1871. He was a graduate of Rush Medical College, Chicago.

The physicians practicing in Missouri Valley in the summer of 1914 were: Dr. George W. COIT and Dr. John L. TAMISIEA, a graduate of the State University of Iowa, class of 1896, located at Missouri Valley the same year. He is at present a member of the Iowa State Board of Health. Dr. James Hugh TAMISIEA, a graduate of Iowa State University, class of 1902, located with his brother, J.L. Tamisiea, on his return from college. Dr. S.F. DE VORE, a graduate of Chicago Homeopathic Medical College 1895, located at Missouri Valley in 1898. Dr. C. HEISE, the present proprietor of the Missouri Valley Hospital, is a graduate of Rush Medical College, Chicago. He located in Missouri Valley in 1910. Dr. A.H. KONIGMACHER is a graduate of John A. Creighton Medical College, class of 1913. He located at Missouri Valley in July 1914.


While Dr. John H. RICE was the first regular graduate resident physician at Magnolia, coming in 1854, Dr. Libbieus D. COON came from Ashtabula County, Ohio, about 1851-52 locating at Galland's Grove, Shelby County, Iowa. Before coming to Iowa, he had studied medicine under the preceptorship of Doctor HOLBROOK. He next located at Magnolia during the very early fifties, and finally on a farm at the mouth of the Soldier River. He had a large practice among pioneer families in Harrison and Shelby Counties. In 1865 he removed to Salt Lake, Utah, where he died some eight or ten years later.

By Gideon HAWLEY and wife of Woodbine, and J. M. KENNEDY of Logan, with other pioneers, we are informed that the doctor bore an excellent character and was noted as a physician of his day, and for some eccentricities. He had two private formulas, one called �Thunder and Lightening,� a quick action remedy, and the other called �Bog Hay,� a popular remedy for fever and ague chills.

J. M. KENNEDY, a pioneer settler of this county, is responsible for the following: �Doctor COON was an intelligent man, but of a peculiar turn of personality. A neighbor of ours, Mrs. Gus KLOOPING, was sick and her husband wanted a doctor called. I volunteered to go for Doctor COON, going on horseback, taking me all day to make the trip from Shelby County to the mouth of the Soldier. I arrived about supper time and we made an early start next morning, stopping at the old CHATBURN mill on the Willow for our dinner and arriving at the patient's home in the evening. The doctor remained over a day or two until the patient was better, then went to his own home. He had a remedy of herbs which resembled fine hay, over which he would pour a pint or more of boiling water and allow it to steep, the hay floating on top. If you were not seriously, or at least distressingly sick, you would have to hold your nose while taking the dose, which was a good sized teacupful. I can guarantee the taste and after effects to be quite lasting.

Ben HOMER, an old timer here, was hesitating on taking a dose, when he soliloquized: It looks like bog hay! A new name was thus applied to the cure, which suited the doctor and the public alike, and it immediately became a household name and the remedy was generally found in many homes to be applied as an emergency treatment.

Dr. John H. RICE was probably the first resident graduate physician of Harrison County. He commenced the study of medicine under Doctor EATON at Enosburg, Vermont, with whom he practiced for three years. During this time, he took a course of lectures at Castleton Medical College, Castleton, Vermont, graduating in 1852. He located at Ottumwa, Iowa, where he practiced medicine for one year. During the winter of 1853-54, he crossed the state with his horse and buggy, visiting a brother at Council Bluffs, and decided to locate at Magnolia, which he did in the spring of 1854. He practiced his chosen profession until the spring of 1870 at Magnolia, then moved to his farm near that town, continuing to practice medicine until 1881 when, owing to failing health, he gave up his life work and profession, which had frequently taken him into Shelby, Monona, and Woodbury counties, as well as across the Missouri River into Nebraska. He was often threatened by wolves, met severe hardships and exposures on account of storms, and had some thrilling escapes on the ice while crossing and recrossing the Missouri River. During the summer of 1862, Doctor RICE was commissioned a surgeon of the 15th Infantry Regiment, Iowa Volunteers. He served during the great Civil War.

Doctor RICE was appointed special examining surgeon for this county and called to his assistance Dr. George H. McGAVREN, as well as Dr. Robert McGAVREN and Dr. John S. COLE. This board represented what is now known as Examining Surgeons of the Bureau of Pensions. In the discharge of their duties they had occasion to hear the most exaggerated stories of personal deformity and inability that ever came to the ears of men in their profession. His death occurred at Pomona, California, in March 1910. Thus ended the earthly career of a man who, not alone in professional life, was an integral part of pioneer days in Harrison County, but also as a citizen who had the utmost confidence in humanity and his fellow men had the same confidence in him. He lived not for himself alone, but for the common good and cause of humanity.

The next to take up the medical practice at Magnolia was Dr. Josiah GIDDINGS, a graduate of Castleton Medical College of Castleton, Vermont, in June 1856. He took a course of lectures at Rush Medical College, Chicago, during the winter of 1862-63. He then entered the Union army as assistant surgeon in the 95th Illinois Infantry, returning from the army on August 17, 1865, when he engaged in the drug business at Magnolia, continuing one year. He then followed agricultural pursuits for ten years, moving to Logan in 1878 and there practiced three years, when he again resumed farm life, following that until 1887, when he moved to Woodbine and there engaged in the drug business, continuing until 1889, after which he devoted his attention to the practice of medicine. He was appointed a member of the board of pension examiners, retaining his membership until his death in 1906.

Dr. Samuel CLARK came to Harrison County March 20, 1868. He commenced to study medicine while engaged in teaching school, followed the profession for three years, after which period he commenced the practice of his profession with his brother, W. F. CLARK, entering Sterling Medical College at Columbus, Ohio, in the winter of 1854-55. In common with other pioneer physicians of Harrison County, he engaged in other pursuits when there were no professional calls to be made. He now has a son, Charles E. CLARK, of Craig, Nebraska. He engaged in the drug and other business enterprises, having been a successful physician, a registered pharmacist and a successful banker. With all his undertakings, he was active in medicine until his death in 1898.

Charles E. CUTLER, M.D., a resident of Magnolia, is a graduate of Pulte Medical College, Cincinnati, Ohio, class of May 1878. He returned to Magnolia and has been in active successful practice there ever since. Thirty-six years have made him many fast friends and to retain them his life must have been well spent. He has done his full share for his home town, giving its every interest his full, hearty, and undivided support.

Dr. O. LINN of Ohio, practiced here five years and moved to Blair, Nebraska where he died.

Dr. James John KNEPPER, a graduate of the University of France at Paris, class of 1887, located at Magnolia in 1901. He remained but a short time.

Dr. Frank H. HANSON, a resident of Magnolia, is a graduate of the University of Nebraska (Medical Department), class of 1902. He is at present actively engaged in the practice of his profession.

Dr. A. T. HILL, who was reared at Magnolia, practiced medicine at Mondamin one year and is now a successful practitioner at Lyons, Nebraska.


The first physician to locate in Logan, Iowa, was Dr. J. J. RAINWATER, who studied medicine while living in Mississippi. He emigrated to Iowa in 1856, first locating at Fairport, a point eight miles above Muscatine. He remained there for three years, then moved across the river, living in Rock Island County, Illinois, until he came to Logan in 1867. He practiced medicine until the time of his death in 1884.

Dr. George M. KERN and his two sons located at Logan in 1867. The sons were George M. Jr. and Willis. Dr. George M. Jr., located at Little Sioux for a short time. Dr. Willis KERN now lives in Kansas and is practicing medicine.

Dr. Ephraim T. McKENNY was probably the third man to practice medicine at Logan, having located there in 1869. His first medical education was received while running a grist mill at Loveland, Pottawattamie County, where he studied medicine under the supervision of Dr. Robert McGAVREN. He afterward lived on a farm in Harris Grove and there practiced medicine. Later he located at Logan, where Dr. J. L. WITT read medicine under his preceptorship. During his stay at Logan, he took a course of lectures at Iowa City. In 1879 he removed to Oregon, where he died in 1897.

Dr. George B. PARSONS came to Logan as a medical doctor about 1873.

Dr. Edward D. McKENNY practiced medicine under Dr. D. M. HALL for about three years at Buena Vista (now Whitesboro). He removed to Ord, Nebraska, in 1872. About 1878 he returned to Iowa and studied medicine at Iowa City. He is now in practice at Union, Oregon.

Dr. Edward S. McLEOD, now living in Cincinnati, Ohio, located at Logan about 1876. Dr. J. L. WITT and Charles M. WHITEMAN also read under his care.

Dr. John L. WITT, a graduate of the College of Physicians and Surgeons at St. Louis, commenced the study of medicine at Henderson, Illinois, with Dr. E. S. COOPER as preceptor. After six months he came to Logan in 1876, again taking up his studies under Dr. E. T. McKENNY. He then attended the Iowa State University and completed his studies at St. Louis in 1880, having been at the Iowa University during 1878-79. He was a man of high intellectual attainments, a successful practitioner and a friend of the oppressed, always sympathetic to the grief stricken. He retired from active practice in 1909, on account of failing health. His death occurred March 3, 1911, following an operation for stricture of the colon.

Dr. Irving C. WOOD, a resident of Logan, first studied medicine with Dr. T. M. EDWARDS as preceptor. He then attended lectures at the University of New York City, and graduated from Jefferson Medical College in 1880. He acted as intern one year and as assistant surgeon and took special work in surgery. In 1881 he located at Woodbine, remained two years, then located at Logan, where he has since resided. He is now retired after a successful and remunerative practice. He is an honest citizen among those whom he has served, with ability far above the average. He still conducts a drug store at Logan.

Dr. J. KNOWLES came to Logan from Henderson, Iowa, in August 1883 and continued in active practice until 1911, when he located at Dow City. His early medical training was in accord with the times, that of actual work under the supervision of a preceptor. He spent over two years in the practical part. Having completed the curriculum, he was granted a diploma from Rush Medical College, Chicago, Illinois, in 1869. A man of exceptional talents, kindly dispositioned, he will long be remembered by the younger generation as Our Old Family Doctor. He is now located at Cooper, Iowa.

Dr. F.A. COMFORT came to Logan about 1881. He is a graduate of the State University of Michigan, class of 1865. He engaged in the practice of medicine and for a number of years was interested in the drug business, having spent a long period in partnership with Dr. J. KNOWLES. At present he is living a retired life.

Dr. J. D. JONES, a graduate of Barnes Medical College, St. Louis, located at Logan in 1896, remaining until 1905, and is now at Lehigh, Iowa.

William G. NORMAN, a graduate of Kansas City Medical College, located in Logan in January 1899, remaining two years.

Abner WHITE, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Keokuk, located in Logan in 1888. He remained but a short time.

Henry G. WIESE, Omaha Medical College, 1893, located in Logan in 1893. He practiced about one year and returned to Omaha.

Wilford E. WINSETT, Chicago Homeopathic Medical College, 1895, came to Logan from Missouri Valley in 1903. Like the wind, he was a short stay.

The following physicians are located at Logan:
Chas. S. KENNEDY, Creighton Medical College, Omaha, class 1902.
D. WILLIAMS, Omaha Medical College, Omaha, class 1894.
Hans HANSEN, Creighton Medical College, Omaha, class 1905.
R.J. STEARNS, University of Nebraska (Medical Dept.), Omaha, class 1910.


Dr. John Sidney COLE was undoubtedly the pioneer practitioner of medicine at Woodbine and vicinity, having located there in the spring of 1855. (See personal sketch.) During his ten years' residence at the city of Indianapolis, Indiana, he studied medicine, first locating at Peru, Indiana, where he followed his profession for ten years. Coming to Woodbine a decade in advance of the railroad, he saw his share of pioneer hardships. He practiced until his death, August 1, 1881, at Woodbine, where his son, Dr. Elmer J. COLE, is still in practice, the latter being a Rush graduate. Doctor COLE, the pioneer doctor, was a member of many of the earliest boards of county supervisors, and will long be remembered by those who were honored by his acquaintance as a man of Christian attainments, kindly and charitably disposed, a friend of the afflicted and a benefactor of those in need of his experience, counsel, and advice. At one time, he was a partner of Doctor CROSSWAIT, both as physician and druggist, at Woodbine.

The next physician to practice in the vicinity of Woodbine, was probably Dr. D. M. HALL, a native of Ohio, born in 1818, removed to Harrison County, Iowa, in February 1857, settled near Magnolia. That same autumn, he moved to old Jeddo, Jefferson Township, remained one winter, and in April 1858, moved to Douglas Township, where he remained until February 1862, when he moved to Crawford County, lived there until 1865, and returned to Jeddo; and in the spring of 1866, moved to section 10 of Jefferson Township. Later he practiced medicine in Woodbine and died at his son's residence June 1887. He married Elizabeth Marshall KENNEDY, native of Philadelphia.

Doctor CROSSWAIT came to Woodbine in the spring of 1867 and formed a partnership in drug business and medical practice with Dr. John S. COLE. After a number of years, and after erecting one of the first residences in Woodbine, he moved to Logan and opened practice there. Later he settled in Washington, and he died at Tacoma about 1907. He was a good physician and a popular man in the community.

Doctor HARRIS, a homeopathic physician, located here in the eighties and remained several years. He was an excellent doctor and made many friends, both in and out of his profession.

Dr. W. C. SAMPSON practiced in Woodbine during the eighties. He was a graduate of Rush Medical College, class of 1881. He married Laura, daughter of pioneer G. W. PUGSLEY. After a successful practice of many years, his health failed and he spent some time in Florida, but finally returned to Woodbine, where he died.

Dr. Thomas M. EDWARDS, a graduate of Bellevue Hospital Medical College, class of 1874, located in Woodbine shortly after his graduation. In the nineties, he moved to Dunlap, where he practiced until his death, about 1907. He was a successful physician and surgeon. His son, Lee EDWARDS, is present postmaster at Dunlap, and Doctor Edwards' last wife is librarian of the Dunlap Public Library.

Irving C. WOOD, now of Logan (retired), practiced medicine in Woodbine from 1881 until two years later.

Dr. William A. VINCENT, a graduate of Rush Medical College, 1881, located at Woodbine in the eighties, remained five or six years and moved to Belle Plaine, Iowa, where he still practices medicine.

Dr. E. Nathan J. BOND, a graduate of Rush Medical College, 1888, practiced at Woodbine a short time. His wife was a sister of Ella WHEELER WILCOX, poet and authoress.

Dr. L. H. BUXTON received his medical education and training in the university of the city of New York, graduating in 1884 from the medical department of the University of Vermont. He practiced one year in Vermont and came to Iowa in 1885, locating at Woodbine in 1888. He was a member of the drug firm of S. L. BERKLEY & Co. He is now in practice in Oklahoma.

Dr. William C. WIGHT, a homeopathic physician, a graduate of the University of Iowa, 1887, located at Woodbine for a few months only.

Then followed Dr. E. J. COLE, son of Dr. John S. COLE. He was born near Woodbine, graduated at Rush Medical College, class of 1889, and has been in constant medical practice at Woodbine ever since.

Dr. Willis CLAY, a graduate of Rush Medical College, 1880, practiced in Woodbine during the nineties and moved to southern Minnesota, where he is still engaged in a successful practice.

Dr. G. McMILLAN, a graduate of McGill University, Canada, class of 1890, practiced in Woodbine early in the nineties. He relocated in Nebraska.

Dr. W. E. O'CONNOR, a graduate of St. Louis College of Physicians and Surgeons, class of 1895, served one year as intern in the hospital and then located at Woodbine, where he had an excellent practice until his removal to Omaha in the spring of 1914.

Dr. R. V. WITTER located in Woodbine about 1901, remained only a short time, married a daughter of Marcellus PUGSLEY, and removed to one of the western states. He graduated at the Omaha Medical College in 1900.

Dr. W. S. PAYNE, a graduate of John A. Creighton Medical College, class of 1903, located in Woodbine in 1907. He is at present engaged in the active practice of medicine at that place.

Dr. H. N. ANDERSON, a resident physician of Woodbine at this date graduated from the medical department of the University of Iowa in 1902.

Dr. Max W. FLOTHOW, who succeeded to the practice of Dr. O'CONNOR, at Woodbine, is a graduate of the John A. Creighton Medical College, class of 1913.


Dr. Francis M. HILL received his first medical education at Guy's Hospital, London, England, where he studied one year. In 1861 he enlisted in the hospital corps and had a varied and exciting experience until the close of the great Civil War. After his return from the army, he practiced medicine at Forkville, Pennsylvania, but failing health finally brought him to Iowa, when he located at the old village of Manteno, Shelby County, until 1883. He then located at the then new town of Persia. He there practiced medicine and sold drugs.

Other physicians at Persia were: Dr. C. B. McCOLM, a graduate of the Northwestern Medical College at St. Joseph, Missouri, who located at Persia in the autumn of 1886. He also engaged in the drug trade as well as practiced medicine. Later, he was in business at Logan, and from there removed to Council Bluffs.

Dr. W. T. BROWNRIGG was a medical practitioner in the eighties at Persia. Dr. J. N. MEDILL, a graduate of Rush Medical College, 1892, located at Persia in 1895. He removed to Colorado in 1914. Dr. O. E. MEDILL, a Rush graduate of 1899, located at Persia in 1900. He only practiced a short time before his death.

Dr. W. H. CARTMELL, Rush 1884, located at Persia in 1896. After practicing at Logan, Magnolia, and Mandamin, he removed from Harrison County.

Dr. J. F. STAGEMAN, a graduate of John A. Creighton Medical College, class of 1903, located at Persia in 1906. He is the only physician of the town at this date.

Little Sioux:

Among the physicians who have practiced at Little Sioux may be named Dr. S. A. CALDWELL, a graduate of the Northwestern Medical College, St. Joseph, Missouri, a man who stood high in his profession and the community. He died about 1910 while making a call. At one time, he was a partner of Dr. F. F. MILLER. They had both practiced at few years at Mondamin.

Other physicians were Dr. R. WALLACE; Dr. Robert B. MORTON; Dr. Robert WATSON, now of Des Moines, and Dr. F. E. BOYD, now of Colfax, practiced medicine at Little Sioux at one time. Dr. DRAKE seems to have been the pioneer physician at Little Sioux, coming there in 1859.

Dr. Lewis E. St. JOHN, was located at River Sioux during the eighties. At present, Dr. R. H. CUTLER, a graduate of the Homeopathic Medical College at St. Louis, Missouri; and Dr. John R. BOCK, a graduate of the College of Physicians and Surgeons, University of Illinois, are the resident physicians.


This is the newest town in the county and here the first physician was Dr. Walter COOK, a graduate of the University of Louisville, Kentucky, locating at Pisgah in 1898. Dr. A. L. BERGGREN, a graduate of John A. Creighton Medical College, class of 1906, located at Pisgah in 1910, remained three years and re-located in Nebraska.


Dr. Dwight SATTERLEE located at Dunlap in 1867, two years after he was mustered out of the Union Army. He was commissioned in the sanitary corps of the Army of Virginia, and later as a member of the 11th Connecticut Regiment, serving his country in Civil War days for three years. He engaged in the drug business with Dr. J. S. PATTERSON in 1869, and also engaged in the practice of medicine, being the first physician at Dunlap. He removed to Los Angeles, California in 1904 and still resides there.

Dr. George B. CHRISTY located at Dunlap on June 18, 1879. he read medicine and graduated in Buffalo in 1867, from an allopathic school. He located in Kansas City, and after residing in various placed, took up with the homeopathic school of medicine, graduating from the Hahnemann Medical College, Chicago, in 1879. He left Dunlap about 1899 and is now located at Green River, Wyoming.

Dr. S. J. PATTERSON located in Dunlap in June 1868. He commenced the study of medicine at Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, with Dr. J. C. RICHARDS and Dr. MONTGOMERY as his preceptors. In 1867 he graduated from Bellevue Hospital Medical College, New York City. After one year's practice in Pennsylvania, he came to Dunlap, Iowa, where he engaged with Dr. Dwight SATTERLEE, both in the practice of medicine and the drug trade.

In 1882, he sold his interest in the drug business and for three years followed his profession. He then retired from medicine, taking a position as cashier at the Dunlap bank. Retaining his old friends, he found new ones in the busy business world, and meeting the needs of the hour, proved himself a valued citizen. Dr. PATTERSON passed from earthly scenes in 1909.

Dr. Peter KAVANAUGH, a graduate of the Michigan State University class of 1882, located at Dunlap about 1887 and removed to California in 1904.

Dr. A. H. HAZLETT, a graduate of Eclectic Medical College, Cincinnati, Ohio class of 1876, located at Dunlap in about 1889. He removed to Tennessee in 1913. Dr. James W. LEHAN a graduate of Rush Medical College, Chicago, class of 1897, located at Dunlap in 1904. He removed to Greeley, Colorado in 1910. Dr. W. H. ANDERSON, a graduate of the University of Nebraska, 1895, located at Dunlap in 1904, practicing medicine in partnership with Dr. BEATTY for two years.

The present resident physicians of Dunlap are: Dr. William BEATTY, who is a graduate of the University of Toronto, Canada, class of 1880. He first located at Dow City, Iowa, in 1880, where he practiced for ten years, after which he re-located at Dunlap, where he devotes his entire time to the practice of medicine.

Dr. H. A. COBB is a graduate of the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Medical Department of the University of Illinois class of 1902. He located at Dunlap in 1906. Dr. L. G. POWELL, a graduate of the Louisville Medical College, Louisville, Kentucky, class of 1892, came to Dunlap in 1908 from Defiance, Iowa, where he had practiced. Dr. P. G. INGERSOLL, a graduate of the State University of Iowa medical department, class of 1905, located at Dunlap in 1905. Dr. J. T. SLATTERY, a graduate of John A. Creighton Medical College, class of 1909, located at Dunlap in 1913.


Dr. Reuben WALLACE practiced medicine in Morgan Township before the town of Mondamin was laid out. Later he removed to Little Sioux. Dr. ALLISON was an early practitioner at Mondamin for a number of years. He was at one time associated with Dr. KIDDER of Little Sioux. They were at Mondamin during the eighties.

Dr. Newton SILSBY, of the State University of Iowa, class 1886, first studied under Dr. WALLACE at Little Sioux. Owing to failing health, he removed to Florida, where he died about 1896. He located at Mondamin in 1888.

Dr. James W. JAMISON received his medical diploma from Belfast General Hospital, Belfast, Ireland. He emigrated to this country in 1868 and received a diploma from the Charity Hospital Medical College, Cleveland, Ohio, in 1869. He located at Mondamin in 1871, following his profession until the time of his death in 1881 due to accidental poisoning.

Dr. Thomas MACFARLANE, a resident physician today of Mondamin, received his diploma from the Cincinnati College of Medicine and Surgery, class of 1875. He located at Mondamin in 1887.

Dr. Elijah F. MILLER, a graduate of American Medical College, St. Louis, was associated with Dr. S. A. CALDWELL in the practice of medicine at Mondamin, locating there in 1887. Dr. CALDWELL was a graduate of the Northwestern Medical College, St. Joseph, Missouri, class of 1886.

Dr. W. G. FINLEY, a resident physician of Mondamin, is a graduate of John A. Creighton Medical College, Omaha, class of 1903. He located at Mondamin about 1910. Dr. D. D. RABER, a graduate of Creighton Medical College, Omaha, class of 1907, located at Mondamin in 1911 and moved from the state in 1913.


Dr. John W. DREW, a graduate of the University of Iowa, medical department, class of 1885, first located at Modale for three years, then removed to Mondamin. Dr. William J. BROWNRIGG, Rush Medical College, Chicago, class of 1882, practiced medicine at Modale late in the eighties.

Dr. J. B. KELLY was located at Modale a short time in the late eighties, later moving to Mondamin. Dr. R. H. RHODEN, a graduate of the Missouri Medical College, St. Louis, class of 1886, located at Modale about 1881. He removed to Omaha in 1905 and died in 1908.

Dr. E. W. WILTSE, a resident physician of Modale is a graduate of Omaha Medical College, class of 1893. He located at Modale the year of his graduation. Dr. A. V. COOPER, a resident physician at Modale, is a graduate of the Drake University medical department, Des Moines, class of 1905, locating at Modale the same year.

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