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Photographs of Modale, Iowa
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  • Modale - looking South (1)
  • Modale - looking North (2)
  • Modale Main Street (3)
  • Modale Street Scene (4)
    Modale penny postcards [circa 1910-1915] contributed by Eugene Strain (bins3@npgcable.com)

  • Modale Town Sign (1)
  • Modale Town Sign (2)
  • Former Catholic Church
  • Modale United Methodist Church
  • Modale Water Tower
    Modale photos contributed by Julie Guttau Thiel (jbmgt@ncn.net)

  • Modale Girls - Class of 1946          
    Photo contributed by Cindy Bou (Cindy.Bou@cableone.net). She writes, "My Aunt, Jean Vittitoe Good recently passed away and I have inherited her photos. I am sending this one of the 1946 Modale Girl Graduates and would personally would like to see if anyone can identify the other girls."

  • Modale Girls - Class of 1946, Identification          
    Identification contributed by Don Coffin. He writes, "I was looking on the web for photos of Modale and came across the posted photo of Jean Vittitoe and classmates. I was in Jean's graduating class (1946), and 6 of the ladies shown were my classmates. The other two (Alice John and Betty Rief) graduated a year later in 1947. These ladies look just as I remember them. I left for college after I graduated and never returned to Modale or saw any of these folks again."

  • Ella Spracklin Arbaugh's home
    Photo contributed by Dave Anderson. He writes, "Here's a home in Modale that was Ella Spracklin Arbaugh's home when she returned to Iowa from Idaho after her husband, John T. Arbaugh passed away. She lived there from around 1911 to 1945. It still stands across from the old Modale School and is in pretty good shape."

  • Vitty's Tavern and Kraushaar's Hardware (1971)
    Photo contributed by Tami Amidon. She writes, "The photo was taken in Modale in 1971 and shows two businesses, Vitty's Tavern and Kraushaar's Hardware. Vitty's was ran by Clarence (Vitty) Vittitoe and Kraushaars by Elijah (Lige) Kraushaar."

  • Solomon Goss Spracklen's home (c. 1913)           The home today
    Photo contributed by Jean (seeleyjh@attbi.com). She writes, " If you look close, Grandma Spracklen can be seen standing in front of her house."

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