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Harrison County Iowa Genealogy

Notable Sons and Daughters
of Harrison County

Researched and Contributed by Eric Driggs (e_driggs@hotmail.com)

Butler, Hugh Alfred (1878-1954)   U.S. Senator from Nebraska, 1941-54.  Died 
in Washington, D.C., July 1, 1954.  Interment at Forest Lawn Cemetery, 
Omaha, Neb.

Cowen, Myron Melvin (1898-1965)   U.S. Ambassador to Australia, 1948-49; 
Philippines, 1949-51; Belgium, 1952-53.

Cutler, Mrs. Eugene   Delegate to Republican National Convention from Iowa, 

Fulton, Elmer Lincoln (1865-1939)   U.S. Representative from Oklahoma 2nd 
District, 1907-09.

Henney, Charles William Francis (1884-1969)   U.S. Representative from 
Wisconsin 2nd District, 1933-35.  Interment at St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery, 
Portage, Wis.

O'Connor, James Francis (1878-1945)   District judge in Montana 12th 
District, 1912; member of Montana state house of representatives, 1917-18; 
U.S. Representative from Montana 2nd District, 1937-45. Interment at Mt. 
Calvary Cemetery, Livingston, Mont.

Parrish, Isaac (1804-1860)   member of Ohio state legislature; U.S. 
Representative from Ohio, 1839-41, 1845-47.  Interment at Calhoun Cemetery, 
Calhoun, Iowa.

Williams, Eva Pitt   Alternate delegate to Republican National Convention 
from Iowa, 1940. Female. Still living as of 1940.

Schwertley, D. W.   Alternate delegate to Democratic National Convention 
from Iowa, 1940.

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