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Harrison County Iowa Genealogy


There are citizens of this county who have participated in three wars, viz.: The Mexican, Indian and the late Rebellion.

In calling attention to those who were soldiers in the Mexican war, notwithstanding forty years have passed since the declaration of peace, there are at the time of this writing sixteen persons, residents of this county, who served during the greater part of the two years, which marks the duration thereof, viz.:

Col. Addison Cochran, First Cavalry, Little Sioux.
Edward Brown, Sixteenth U. S. Infantry, Little Sioux.
Joseph W. Relley, (teamster) Second Infantry, Little Sioux.
W. A. Babb, First Indiana Infantry, Reeder's Mills.
Edwin B. Ervin, private. First Indiana Infantry, Reeder's Mills.
Wm. D. Frazier, private, First Indiana Infantry, Logan.
Joseph McCallum, First Kentucky Infantry, Magnolia, Iowa.
Edward Murphy, Ordnance Corps, Dunlap.
D. P. McDonald, Second Regiment Ohio Infantry, Magnolia.
Wm. Mincy, Fourth Tennessee Infantry, Woodbine.
J. B. Baker, Sixteenth U. S. Regulars, Logan.
Nathan Myers, Second Indiana U. S. Infantry, Logan.
William Steele, Mormon Legion, California Junction.
Abraham Adams, Third Ohio Infantry, Dunlap.
S. A. Likens, Fourth Indiana Regiment, Modale.
Samuel Vititor, Co. C, First Kentucky Regiment, Modale.

These are all now far past their threescore years and show us that forty years last past, they were men of iron constitutions. I do not know what feeling permeates the minds of other persons, but I must confess, that for these men I have a feeling of the utmost respect—a feeling bordering on adoration. They appear to me to be the moving, living monuments of an army which knew no obstacle too great to surmount, no suffering too great to overcome and no Mexican army too numerous to attack and conquer. Their achievements and heroism have never been measured by the present generation, because of the battles fought and won during the four years of war in our own midst. The men in deadly conflict in these latter battles have so far outnumbered the apparent insignificant forces of the United States, sent to Mexican soil to maintain the supremacy of our arms and vindicate the Nation's honor, that quite few tarry long enough at the historic page to crystalize the truth and glean therefrom the real boldness, heroism and glory of that short but sanguine conflict.

From History of Harrison County, Iowa 1888 by Joe H. Smith

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