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Harrison County Iowa Genealogy




Cadwell's Bank, P. Cadwell
Harrison County Bank, A. L. Harvey, A. W. Ford

Blacksmith Shops
 Benj. LaPorte
Bobby Shields

Lindsay, Penrod, Kirkendall, Welsh, Cronb, etc.

Emil Reutlinger, money in business, $5,000

Dr. E. Griddings

Drug Stores
F. A. Comfort, money in business, $2,000
Wm. Giddings, owns building, $6,000, money in business, $5,000
Witt & Massie, money in business, $2,500

Dry Goods and Groceries
Burkley & Co., money in business, 120,000
P. R. Crosswait & Co., money in business, $15,000 (own building), $4,000
Read & Massie, money in business, $15,000

Elevators, Grain and Lumber
C. F. Luce & Co., own building, $8,000, money in business, $20,000
Rudd & Bunton, own building, $6,000, money in business, $6,000

F. P. Clizbe, money in business, $1,500
Milliman & Co., money in business, $1,500, own building, $1,000
L. J. Paul, money in business, $6,000
John W. Stocker, owns building, $7,000, money in business, $20,000
Vanscoy Bros., own buildings valued at $15,000, money in business, $10,000

Feed Store
H. A. Kinney

Henry Lenz, own building, $2,000, money in business, $3,000
K. E. Webber, money in business, $1,000

Grain Dealers
3. W. Stocker, C. F. Luce & Co. and Rudd & Burton

G. B. Cadwell, owns building, $2,000, money in business, $4,000. Mr. Cadwell is the oldest man in business in the town
Vanduzen & Parker, own building, $1,200, money in business, $4,000

Harness, etc.
I. Huber, money in business, $2,000

Logan House, landlord at present, Wm. Davison
Lusk House, landlord' at present, Dr. A. White

F. Clizbe
W. E. Reeves

Land & Loan Agents and Abstracters
F. W. Hart, E. G. Tyler and Duren Stearns
Stern & Milliman - This firm is reliable, one of the members of the firm being a portable encyclopedia of all the kinks in the chains of title in the county.

Joe H. Smith, L. R. Bolter, J. W. Barnhart, S. L King, H. H. Roadifer, C. R. Bolter, C. A. Bolter, J. A. Berry, L. J. Birdseye, S. H. Cochran, P. W. Hart and A. L. Harvey.

Livery, Feed and Sale Barns
Geo. Curtis
F. P. Feighley.

Meat Markets
Adams & Co.

Millinery Goods
Miss Effa Adams
Mrs. Eaton
Mrs. Leyshon

F. J. Bryant, Baptist
O. A. Elliott, Presbyterian
J. R. Harlan, Christian
Joseph Richardson, Hard Shell Baptist
K. Thornbrue, M. E.

Observer, edited by George Musgrave
Democrat, edited by R. V. Smith.

Milliman, Hill, Iden and Crombie

Photograph Galleries
J. P. Creager
Frank Hoyer
Charles Lenz

P. A. Comfort
J. L. Witt
I. P. Wood.

J. E. Townsend

Post Master
T. E. Massie

C. I. Hall
Mrs. Haden

Stock Buyers
Adams Bros.
J. W. Stocker

Wagon Shops
Dan Stewart
Geo. Hill


A. F. & A. M., Chrysolite Lodge, No. 420—A.. L. Harvey, W. M., organized in 1882, now with forty members. Of these, Mr. S. I. King, Mr. J. W. Barnhart, Mr. L C. Wood and Geo. Soper are members of Triune Chapter 81, at Missouri Valley, and members of Ivanhoe Commandery No. 17, at Council Bluffs, Iowa.

I. O. O. F., No. 355, organized in 1878, Joe Creager, N. G., 65 members.

Fuller Post, G. A. R.
Organized 1878, Col. French, Commander. Number of Comrades, 43
Camp Stacker, Sons of Veterans, J. P. Creager, Commander. Number of members, 22

Independent Order of Good Templars
Mr. Guy Petrie, W. C., with 60 members

Iowa Legion of Honor
D. S. P. Michael, President. Number of members, 25

Source:  History of Harrison County, Iowa, by Joe H. Smith

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