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Harrison County Iowa Genealogy

Civil War History
Extracted from the 1891 History of Harrison County Iowa

At the time Fort Sumter was fired upon by rebel arms Harrison County, Iowa only had a population of a little over 3,000 people, nearly all whom had come hither to build for themselves homes in a new country. Most of them were poor, lived far from railroad lines, and seemed nearly cut off from the great political and business center of the Union. Yet they were no so far from civilization that they did not hear and heed the call for troops. Before August, 1862, nearly one hundred men had volunteered and gone to the front already, enlisting at points outside Harrison County.

By reference to the special session of the County Board of Supervisors on August 11, 1862, resolutions were passed which resulted in the enlistment of one hundred men in the company known as Company C, 29th Iowa Volunteer Infantry. Such resolutions included a warranty deed for each enlistee for eighty acres of swamp or overflowed lands in Harrison County. In addition, a sum of $1,000 dollars was appropriated from the county treasurer for the support of the families, widows and orphans of volunteers from Harrison County.

The 29th Iowa Infantry Regiment was organized at Camp Dodge, Council Bluffs, and mustered on December 1, 1862. They marched to St. Joseph, Missouri, December 5-9, and onward to Benton Barracks, Missouri, December 19-20, 1862.

Service Record of the 29th Iowa Infantry Regiment.
The 29th Regiment lost during service 1 Officer and 42 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 1 Officer and 266 Enlisted men by disease. Total 310.

In addition to the volunteers of Company C, this page includes Harrison County volunteers and draftees from:
- Other Companies of the 29th Iowa Infantry;
- Company B, 4th Iowa Infantry;
- The 2nd Iowa Battery;
- Company A, 5th Iowa Calvary;
- The 6th, 7th and 9th Iowa Calvary regiments;
- Company D, Northern Border Brigade;
- Company H, 15th Iowa Infantry;

Civil War Veterans of Harrison County

The following list is of Harrison County Civil War Veterans, and some 
information on their status or their whereabouts in 1891, as published in
the History of Harrison County, Iowa for that year.

TWENTY-NINTH IOWA INFANTRY, COMPANY C NAME OF VETERAN STATUS, OR WHEREABOUTS AS OF 1891 Agens, William Ute, Iowa Anderson, Thomas Trinity, TX Antibus, Jacob killed at Little Rock, 3/24/1864 Armstrong, James L Logan, Iowa Bacon, George S 1st Lieut., wounded at Jenkins Ferry Barnett, James Thomas Kansas Barr, Alexander Panama, IA Baxter, Joe H Beedle, Amsey Logan, IA Beebe, Henry O Modale, IA Belden, Ansen F killed 7/4/1863 Bedsoul, Isaac F Magnolia, IA Benjamin, John A Dunlap - wounded in leg at Jenkins Ferry Bird, James Mo. Valley, IA Bourn, William H Modale - wounded at Jenkins Ferry Boyd, William P died in 1884 of cancer Brace, James H Dunlap, Iowa (blind) Brown, E P Dunlap, IA Chatburn, Thomas W Nebraska Christian, James H died on steamer Henry Clay, 2/4/1863 Cook, O H P Kansas Copeland, Wickliffe B Logan, Iowa Cornine, William H killed at Helena, Ark, 2/5/1863 Darting, John H Mo. Valley, IA DeField James T deserted in Arkansas Denice, Benjamin H Missouri Valley, Iowa Detsall, Lewis wounded at Jenkins Ferry, died in 1880 Downs, John G Doyle, Michael Magnolia, IA Davis, James killed at Columbus, KY, 1/4/1863 Eaton, William H died 5/5/1878 Ellis, A B M Mo. Valley, IA Ellis, John H Little Sioux, IA Ellis, Clark Little Sioux, IA Ennes, John R Mo. Valley, IA Evans, L M Logan, IA Evans, Peleg D wounded July 4, died 7/13/1863 at Helena Fouts, George H died at Helena on 6/14/1863 Frazier, William W Nebraska Fuller, W W Captain, died at Greenwood, Miss., 3/14/1863 George, Henry wounded at Terra Noir Creek, died en route home Greenfield, Milton H Logan, IA Hale, William M discharged, died coming home Harvey, Emmet Dakota Hedge, George W Helmer, Theodore Soldier's Home, Leavenworth, KS Hendrickson, C M died at Helena on 6/14/1863 Hester, James W Nebraska Hill, Francis T Logan, IA Hobbs, William H H died at Helena on 6/1/1863 Jenkins, Lloyd Nebraska Jones, William H Missouri Kellogg, Theodore P Woodbine, IA Kime, Abraham M died at Helena, Ark on 2/11/1863 King, John B deserted 4/13/1864 Kinnis John M died at Little Rock, 7/13/1864 Kesler, Joseph Kansas Kreps, Charles California Kreps, John wounded at Jenkins Ferry, died 8/8/1864 Lewis, Lyman A wounded in Government sawmill, died 8/8/1863 Lightel, Jacob S Modale, IA Mahoney, William died at Helena, 6/10/1863 Main, George Magnolia, Iowa Martin, William J died at Helena, 2/25/1863 McCauley, Jack died at Helena, 4/25/1863 McWilliams, Leon H Little Sioux, IA Mecham, John W sent to invalid corps before leaving camp at CB Morgareidge, Richard Buffalo Gap, SD Morrill, Henry C Neeley, Hugh Mapleton, IA Neitzch, Rudolph died 4/7/1863 at Memphis Oden, Charles W Little Sioux, IA (1st Lieut.) Patch, Leander P died at Memphis, 3/17/1863 Perkins, John M Potter, William P died at Helena, 4/30/1863 Reed, John W Ute, IA Reel, Henry B died at Helena, 2/17/1863 Richardson, Marion F died at Helena, 2/8/1863 Riffle, Henry r Rinehart, William H Ritchison, James died at Helena, 4/4/1863 Ritchison, Walter Mondamin, IA Roberts, Albert F Roberts, Benjamin F Dunlap - elected member of Legislature in 1887 Rogers, John M died at Kansas City in 1886 Romig, David Nebraska - died in 1878 Ross, George A Nebraska Scofield, Eugene R Chadron, NE Smith, James A wounded at Jenkins Ferry, died 3/5/1865 Smith, Joe H Logan, Iowa (2nd Lieut.) Spire, Martin L wounded 7/4/1863 at Helena Stocker, John W Logan, Iowa (1st Lieut.) Stowell, Calvary S Kingsley, IA Sullins, John R Missouri Van Arsdall, John Nebraska Wakefield, Albert Utah Welch, James (NOTE: perhaps John Welch) White, Warren died 6/17/1888 Whorton, Benjamin died in March, 1888 Wilds, William T Wills, Charles Mo. Valley, IA Wills, Erastus T Wills, John M Onawa, IA Wilson, Lowry Logan, IA Work, David W Yaple, Daniel died at Memphis, 3/5/1863 Young, Charles Nebraska Young, David D died at St Joe, Missouri, 11/25/1863 TWENTY-NINTH IOWA INFANTRY, OTHER COMPANIES NAME OF VETERAN STATUS, OR WHEREABOUTS AS OF 1891 Company Berry, William H Missouri Valley, IA (Company A) Case, Jacob Missouri Valley, IA (Company A) Clark, James died in 1882 (Company K, or H of the 15th) Coffelt, Samuel died at Memphis, 4/22/1863 (Company A) Cole, Eleazar L died at Helena, 7/27/1863 (Company A) Cook, Thomas H Salt Lake (Company A) Cox, William H died at Memphis, 9/7/1863 (Company A) Deal, Eli F died at Helena, 2/25/1863 (Company A) Deal, Peter R (Company A) Fulton, Jacob Pawnee, NE (2nd Lieut.) (Company A) Hardin, Evan T (Company A) Lucas, Isaac T died at Helena, 6/27/1863 (Company A) Mace, Elias S M died at St. Louis, 11/7/1863 (Company A) Magers, Samuel (Company K) Marion, General F wounded/POW at Terre Noir (Company K) Martin, John Missouri Valley, IA (Company A) Mathews, Stephen H (Company K) McElroy, William G captured 3/24/1865, mustered out (Company A) McElroy, Welcome R disability in 1863 (Company A) McIntosh, Andrew R POW at Spanish Fort, 4/2/1865 (Company A, presumed dead) Owens, Elias Woodbine, IA (Company B) Snell, Christopher (Company K - recruit in place of Lewis Coon) FOURTH IOWA INFANTRY, COMPANY B NAME OF VETERAN STATUS, OR WHEREABOUTS AS OF 1891 Bonney, Jasper W 1st Lieutenant, Little Sioux Brooks, Thomas R wounded at Chickasaw Bayou Chandler, Leonidas D wounded at Chickasaw Bayou Danielson, Frank O Ennes, William H died in Andersonville Prison, 3/21/1864 Holdscom, John L died at Memphis, 11/30/1863 Murphy, James W Purcell, Bruce R killed near Douglas, GA Rablin, James Dakota Reel, John H died in Andersonville Prison, 8/26/1864 Stout, Jacob wounded at Chickasaw Strite, Frank J Wolcott, Alfred W Young, Luther wounded and died at Louisville, KY, 2/24/1864 SECOND IOWA BATTERY NAME OF VETERAN STATUS, OR WHEREABOUTS AS OF 1891 Blakesly, Solomon J Kreamer, Julius S died at St. Louis, 11/18/1861 Loss, Benjamin B Little, Calvin C Little, Martin F Noyes, Asa E Leadville, Colorado Phillips, Joel Reeder, Jasper Morrillville, Nebraska Reeder, James Kansas Reed, Thomas Schaffer, William F Tucker, William Morrillville, Nebraska FIFTH IOWA CALVARY, COMPANY A NAME OF VETERAN STATUS, OR WHEREABOUTS AS OF 1891 Civil War record cross-reference Bucher, James T Boyer Township (? James T Booker, Co. U, 5th Calvary, died 3/5/1864) Davis, W L Missouri Valley, Iowa (Washington L Davis, Co. A, 5th Calvary, disability discharge in 1862) Good, Richard Logan, Iowa (captured in Andersonville) (Richard Good, Co. B, 5th Calvary, POW in July 1864) Holdolgel, Hugo Woodbine, Iowa (Hugo Holdoegal, Co. A, 5th Calvary, mustered out in Aug, 1865) Landon, Christopher C died at Nashville, 2/28/1864 (Christopher C Landon, Co. B, 5th Calvary, died of disease) Landon, James W 1st Lieut., 5th Missouri Calvary, Co B (James W Landon, Co. B, 5th IA Calvary, promoted to 1st Lt.) Lewis, Isaac J died at Woodbine, Iowa in 1883 (Isaac J Lewis, Co. A, 5th Calvary) McEvers, Chester (Chester McEvers, Co. B, 5th Calvary, mustered out in Sept. 1864) Musgrave, Joseph died at Paducah, KY, 6/27/1862 (Joseph Musgrave, Co. A, 5th Calvary, died of disease) Patterson, Alma (Alma Patterson, Co. B, POW in Jul 1864, Wounded in Dec 1864) Purcell, Bruce died at St. Louis, 12/5/1861 (Bryson Purcell, Co. B, 5th Calvary, died 12/5/1861 in St. Louis) Richardson, James (James Richardson, Co. A, 5th Calvary, disability discharge in March 1862) Richardson, William (uncertain) Schofield, Charles G Logan, Iowa (blind) (Charles G Scofield, Co. A, mustered out Sept, 1864) Scofield, Moses (Moses Scofield, Co. A, mustered out Aug. 1865) Scofield, William A (William A Scofield, Co. A, mustered out Aug. 1865) Sherman, Marshall Council Bluffs, Iowa (Thomas Sherman, Co. A, 5th Calvary, disability discharge Nov 1862) Wallace, Thomas Captured and died in Andersonville (? Thomas L Wallace, Co. B, 5th Calvary, POW in Jul 1864, mustered out Aug 1865) Williamson, Augustine Nebraska (Augustine Williamson, Co. B, 5th Calvary) SIXTH, SEVENTH and NINTH IOWA CALVARY NAME OF VETERAN STATUS, OR WHEREABOUTS AS OF 1891 Civil War record cross-reference Barkoph, William Logan, Iowa (William Barkhoof of Co. E, 6th Calvary) Cockely, Samueal Company E (Samuel Cokely of Co. E, 6th Calvary) Cole, Norman L Woodbine, Iowa (Norman L Cole of Co. E, 6th Calvary) Chew, James J Logan, Iowa (James J Chew of Co. E, 6th Calvary) Chew, William W died April 23, 1863 (William W Chew of Co. E, 6th Calvary) Dungan, Francis Logan, Iowa (Francis Dungan of Co. E, 6th Calvary) Hushaw, Charles H Woodbine, Iowa (Charles H Hushaw of Co. E, 6th Calvary) Kippen, James (David Kippen of Co. E, 6th Calvary) Langley, George A died at Memphis, 6/8/1864 (7th Calvary) (George is recorded with Co. K, 29th Infantry) Moore, William Woodbine, Iowa (William H Moore of Co. E, 6th Calvary) Mundy, Edward D (Edward Mundy of Co. E, 6th Calvary) Perrin, Charles C Moorehead, Iowa (Charles C Perrin of Co. E, 6th Calvary) Perrin, Thomas J Moorehead, Iowa (Thomas J Perrin of Co. E, 6th Calvary) Rilly, Joseph U Little Sioux, Iowa (Joseph W Reilly of Co. E, 6th Calvary) Shally, Michael served in the 7th Calvary (Michael Shally of Co. C, 14th Infantry, tranferred out) Smith, Anson Logan, Iowa (Anson Smith of Co. E, 6th Calvary) Sweet, Isaac (Isaac Swett of Co. E, 6th Calvary) Walters, Vincent served in the 9th Calvary (Vincent Walters of Co. M, 9th Calvary) Whipple, Charles served in the 9th Calvary (Charles Whipple of Co. M, 9th Calvary) Whitenger, William H Wahoo, NE (William H Whitinger of Co. E, 6th Calvary) Wilson, William C served in the 9th Calvary (possibly William C Wilson of Co. M, 9th Calvary - residence Keokuk) NORTHERN BORDER BRIGADE, COMPANY D NAME OF VETERAN STATUS, OR WHEREABOUTS AS OF 1891 Conyers, George W Conyers, John C Conyers, Mathew M Little Sioux, Iowa Flowers, Willis A Grossman, John L Imlay, Solomon J Dakota Johnson, Henry Lewis, Squire T Livingston, William J Landon, Chris C died at Nashville, 2/28/1864 [see Co. B, 5th Calvary] Lyman, Henry B Dunlap, Iowa Myers, Henry G FIFTEENTH IOWA INFANTRY, COMPANY H NAME OF VETERAN STATUS, OR WHEREABOUTS AS OF 1891 Alloway, William wounded at Kenesaw Mountains Barnes, Alfred C died a POW at Andersinville, 8/1/1864 Bedsoul, Oliver M died at home Billiter, Martin Boyinton, Nelson G Mo. Valley, Iowa - wounded at Shiloh Boyd, Richard D Modale - wounded at Corinth Brooks, Isaac H died at Athens, 1/7/1864 Catlin, Solomon V (1917) Omro, Winnebago County, Wisconsin Clark, James died in 1880 - wounded at Shiloh Crawford, John W Captain, wounded at battle of Corinth Crombie, Charles H died at Chattanooga, 2/11/1865 Cromer, Peter E Missouri Valley, Iowa Danielson, John A Captain, wounded in hip at battle of Shiloh Ellis, John W died at Shiloh, 4/23/1862 Esley, John wounded at Atlanta, GA Evans, William Woodbine, Iowa Foreman, Stephen wounded at Ezra Church, GA Forgues, John H wounded at Atlanta, GA Gerbrick, William H Gordon, Josiah S killed at Corinth, 10/4/1862 Heageny, Andrew J Missouri Valley, Iowa Hippart, Philip P House, James H died at home Knauss, David Logan, IA Lawes, Wiley D Maynard, Benjamin McClannahan, Elijah Nebraska McCumpsey, Smith McCoid, Aaron Reeder's Mills (Hard Scratch) McManamie, James N California Junction, IA Monin, George Murphy, Patrick wounded and died at Andersonville Noyes, Chester Noyes, Sylvester Perkins, George S died at Keokuk Hospital Reeves, Austin G died Rice, James E died of wounds at Vicksburg, 9/26/1863 Rodgers, Alexander B Rose, Warren W Salt Lake Ross, Benjamin died Stanwood, Sabin C died after peace was declared Stone, Alfred L killed before Atlanta, 8/19/1864 Streeter, Levi J wounded at Shiloh, taken prisoner, never returned Van Arsdale, Samuel wounded at Kenesaw Mountains Vincent, Hiram G lost right leg at Shiloh Wills, William W Mondamin, IA - wounded Source: 1891 "History of Harrison County Iowa" published by the National Publishing Company.

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