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Harrison County Genealogical Society - Research
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Mailing address:
Harrison County Iowa Genealogical Society
c/o Alvin & Nancy Poole
3203 Marcy St
Omaha, NE 68105
Organized 1984 - Chapter of the Iowa Genealogical Society 1985
501(c)3 Certified


HCGS will perform RESEARCH for a fee of $20 per hour plus copy costs. If you are interested in having research done send your request to the Society's mailing address listed above. Be specific in your request by giving us as many details as possible. Send a check for a minimum of one hour research and cost of copies (see below). Please include a self-addressed, stamped, legal sized envelope (SASE) (include additional postage for anything over 3 pages), your complete return address and email address. The researcher will contact you if they have any questions on your request.
To make a request, download, print and mail the new HCGS Research Request Form.
Refer to the the Resources Page, the Online Indexes (above), and the Sales Catalog for an idea of some of the research materials available.

Marriage Record $5.00 each
Birth Record $5.00 each
Death Record $5.00 each
Naturalization Record $5.00 each
Obituary $1.00 each
Probates & Wills $1.00 per page
(copy cost subject to change by courthouse)
Land Records $1.00 per page
(copy cost subject to change by courthouse)
Postage will be charged for requests that do not include SASE (self-addressed stamped legal size envelope.)

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