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Harrison County Iowa Genealogy

Harrison County Familes

Bailey Family

Robert Bailey
Birth: 17 May 1794
Sussex, Sussex, Virginia, United States
Death: 25 June 1870
Magnolia, Harrison, Iowa, United States


Robert Bailey
(1794-1870) LDQT-4NF
Spouse: Elizabeth Hale Bailey (1797-1868) LDQP-2RM

Children (8)
  1. James Taylor Bailey (1816-1884) LD7M-BZB

  2. Matilda Bailey (1817-Deceased) MYQL-M4R

  3. Elizabeth Bailey (1820-Deceased) LD7M-1SL

  4. Robert Hale Bailey (1822-1911) KZBV-PNQ

  5. Frances Bailey (1826-1864) LD7Q-6M5

  6. John C Bailey (1827-Deceased) LD7Q-6SN

  7. Charles R. Bailey (1830-1907) LD7Q-63F

  8. Ann Emily Bailey (1832-1907) LD7Q-677

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Contributed by William Bailey, January, 2014.

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