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1916 Telephone Directory
Logan, Harrison County, Iowa

ADDS:   Hills & Son -- Lawrence & Johnson -- Standard Oil Co.


Ringing Code
A…… __ __
B…… __ __ __
F…… __ __ __ __
H……__ __ __ ____
I…… ____ __
L…… __ ____
N…… ____ __ __ __
O……____ __ __
U…… __ ____ __
W…… ____ __ ____
BB…… __ ____ _____
FF…… __ __ __ __ __
II…… ____ ____ __
LL…… __ __ __ __ _____
OO……__ __ _____

Ringing Code Number Name Comment
  629 Acord, C. F. residence
F 413 Acrea, C. P. farm
  341 Acrea, Mrs. S. A. residence
  21 Adams & Co. store
  108 Adams, A. M. residence
  262 Adams, Lester R. residence
  170 Adams, T. M. residence
  529 Adams, W. R. residence
U 211 Adix, John farm
  273 Ahlstrand, Julius residence
I 429 Akers, Mrs. M. Magnolia
  42 Albertsen, J. M. office
  328 Albertsen, J. M. residence
O 202 Aleck, C. H. farm
A 438 Aleck, J. A. farm
F 8 Alexander, G. E. Mondamin
I 8 Alexander, O. S. Orson
O 8 Alexander, F. M. Orson
B 202 Allen, A. V. farm
  568 Allen, F. E. residence
  159 Allen, H. L. residence
A 458 Allen, J. W. residence
OO 213 Alters, John farm
L 225 Ambrose, F. H. farm
L 213 Ambrose, P. W. farm
  75 American Express Co. office
OO 421 Amrine, Ida E. farm
H 431 Anderson, D. G. Mondamin
U 7 Anderson, P. W. farm
U 431 Arbaugh, C. W. Magnolia
W 420 Armstrong, Archie J. Mo. Valley
  364 Armstrong, Mrs. F. residence
A 417 Armstrong, Jesse W. farm
II 409 Armstrong, W. D. residence
L 409 Armstrong, W. D. store
  243 Arnold, Rev. J. S. residence
OO 223 Arnold, R. E. Woodbine
  137 Arthur, Thos. residence
I 420 Ashcraft, G. T. farm
OO 403 Ashcraft, John farm
OO 5 Ashcraft, J. F. farm
W 229 Ashcraft, S. farm
  89 Atkins, G. W. residence
  517 Avery, E. J. residence
W 2 Babb, G. F. farm
II 203 Ball, C. W. farm
A 203 Ball, Geo. farm
  506 Ball, W. D. residence
  63 Bank of Logan office
L 218 Barkhoff, Ed farm
  267 Barkhoff, Mrs. H. residence
W 9 Barkhoff, J. F. farm
B 7 Barnes, Chas. Farm
B 230 Barnes, W. B. Mo. Valley
  180 Barnum, Willard residence
  495 Barrett, M. L. residence
  509 Barsanti, A. residence
A 231 Bateman, Carl farm
OO 8 Bates, Edw. Mondamin
OO 417 Beam, Ed farm
L 7 Beck, G. E. farm
W 211 Bedsaul, I. F. farm
U 203 Beebee, C. J. farm
A 228 Beebee, A. H. farm
A 8 Beebee, Bert Mondamin
W 204 Beebee, F. F. farm
N 228 Beebee, F. H. store - Beebeetown
OO 408 Behrens, E. Magnolia
A 416 Bell, Fred Mondamin
L 416 Bell, J. M. Mondamin
  186 Bene, H. L. residence
I 211 Benson, J. L. farm
  123 Bennett, Arnold residence
  124 Berry, T. N. residence
  47 Berry, Geo. Co. Recorder
OO 210 Bice, J. W. farm
U 230 Birks, C. A. Mo. Valley
  579 Black, C. U. residence
  546 Black, E. S. residence
  93 Blackburn, A. W. office
  160 Blackburn, A. W. residence
  342 Blackburn, Mrs. M. residence
I 428 Blankenship, C. W. farm
B 13 Blankenship, E. H. farm
  32 Blankenship, O. A. barber shop
  260 Blankenship, O. A. residence
  467 Blankenship, R. N. residence
OO 419 Blankenship, W. D. farm
I 14 Block, Mrs. Chas. Mondamin
I 225 Block, C. F. farm
N 431 Block, Fred Mondamin
N 204 Bobbitt, Herbert farm
L 414 Boehler, A. farm
H 401 Boehler, Frank farm
F 230 Bolch, Frank Mo. Valley
  56 Bolter, C. A. office
  109 Bolter, C. A. residence
  110 Bolter, Mrs. C. R. residence
N 410 Bonner, J. B. farm
A 68 Booher, Dr. R. P. office
B 68 Booher, Dr. R. P. residence
  280 Bosley, S. D. residence
A 4 Bowers, A. L. Magnolia
N 216 Boyd, Mrs. E. Woodbine
N 7 Bradley, Lorn farm
U 202 Brauneisen, Fred farm
  603 Bray, F. M. office
  268 Bray, F. M. residence
  557 Brayton, Mrs. Wm. residence
F 436 Bro, Axel Magnolia
  300 Brock, W. H. residence
O 432 Brown, Alfred farm
  521 Brown, Geo. residence
A 2 Brown, J. L. farm
  275 Brown, John residence
B 429 Brown, John W. Magnolia
B 408 Brown, L. D. Magnolia
W 214 Brown, Thos. Persia
  83 Brown, Wm. livery barn
  487 Brown, Wm. residence
U 219 Brownell, R. E. farm
H 409 Brownell. R. O. farm
II 408 Buffon, A. C. Mo. Valley
F 11 Buffon, A. D. Mo. Valley
L 420 Burbridge, A. H. farm
  149 Burbridge, A. L. farm
L 228 Burbridge, John farm
OO 214 Burke, M. L. Persia
U 430 Burkhead, J. H. farm
I 10 Butcher, Mrs. Lillie farm
I 226 Cadwell, C. A. farm
  292 Cadwell, Edgar F. farm
L 226 Cadwell, F. H. farm
  340 Cadwell, H. C. & C. N. farm
U 231 Callaway, Chas. W. farm
  59 Candy Kitchen Logan
  97 Canty, Jos. & Co. drug store
  288 Canty, Wm. residence
  345 Card, S. K. residence
  320 Card, W. B. residence
O 407 Carlin, Rev. Geo. W. Magnolia
F 203 Carlisle, Caleb farm
OO 420 Carlisle, Geo. farm
N 16 Carlisle, J. C. farm
W 419 Carr, J. H. farm
  368 Carson, C. N. residence
  120 Carson, M. residence
I 215 Case, H. A. farm
  69 Case, J. T. hardware store
  147 Case, J. T. residence
  155 Case, O. L. residence
L 417 Case, T. A. farm
  101 Case, T. C. residence
  519 Case, Jessie H. residence
A 92 Case, W. H. office
B 92 Case, W. H. residence
U 218 Cecil, J. V. farm
H 4 Chambers, D. R. Magnolia
F 406 Chambers, Jas. Pisgah
A 424 Chambers, R. C. store Magnolia
OO 424 Chambers, R. C. Magnolia
F 215 Chappell, J. E. farm
  373 Charleson, J. G. residence
N 208 Chatburn, John farm
I 208 Chatburn, Thos. farm
B 9 Chew, Mrs. J. J. farm
L 230 Christensen, C. Mo. Valley
L 423 Cissna, Mrs. Anna Mo. Valley
  258 City Hall  
A 209 Clark, C. G. farm
O 423 Clark, C. I. Mo. Valley
  164 Clark, I. residence
L 201 Clark, J. W. farm
A 407 Clark, Lewis farm
F 19 Clark, Lloyd farm
L 220 Clark, L. E. farm
OO 7 Clark, Rex farm
B 2 Clark, R. F. farm
B 1 Clausen, H. farm
  242 Cleveland, G. W. residence
L 10 Clodfelder, Henry farm
O 223 Clulow, Frank farm
A 91 C. & N. W. freight depot
B 91 C. & N. W. passenger depot
  60 Cochran & Barrett office
  111 Cochran, S. H. residence
  478 Coffey, Frank M. residence
  156 Coffey, Oscar residence
W 426 Coffman, Geo. W. Orson
L 433 Coffman, Roy Magnolia
B 225 Cohrs, Henry farm
B 428 Coleman, H. R. farm
  523 Colton, F. L. residence
  628 Colton, L. A. residence
  513 Comfort, Mrs. F. A. residence
  536 Comstock, B. F. residence
  175 Comstock, C. H. residence
  621 Connor, H. H. residence
I 401 Cook, Fred farm
B 512 Cook, O. A. residence
I 404 Coon. L. V. farm
A 29 Copeland, Dr. F. B. office
B 29 Copeland, Dr. F. B. residence
B 215 Copp, W. R. farm
O 421 Copple, C. L. farm
F 410 Copple, H. L. farm
B 458 Copple, J. H. residence
I 417 Corwin, John farm
  281 Cottrell, D. E. residence
  42 County Auditor office
  49 County Clerk office
  98 County Engineer  
  44 County Jail  
  47 County Recorder office
  52 County Sheriff office
  77 County Supt. Office
  58 County Treasurer office
  78 Court Room  
H 3 Courtney, H. E. Persia
F 411 Courtney, Jas. farm
W 215 Cowan, E. G. farm
A 226 Cowan, E. J. farm
W 8 Cowan, J. L. Orson
N 225 Cox, Earl farm
B 223 Cox, J. E. farm
I 411 Cox, J. H. farm
W 428 Cox, M. R. farm
A 214 Crabb, C. T. farm
  152 Creager, Mrs. J. P. residence
  627 Creager, Theo. residence
  330 Creswell, Rev. W. J. residence
H 408 Crom, C. W. Mo. Valley
U 424 Crom, W. S. Magnolia
  354 Cronk, Theo. residence
  524 Crouch, J. B. residence
  271 Crow, C. L. residence
  469 Culbertson Studio  
O 210 Cutler Bros. Magnolia
F 222 Cutler, Dr. C. E. Magnolia
A 5 Cutler, Eugene farm
O 213 Cutler, Frank farm
  544 Dague, W. F. residence
U 3 Dakan, H. L. Persia
I 414 Dale, H. C. farm
  338 Dale, Mrs. Martha residence
I 203 Davis, James farm
O 7 Davis, Glen farm
  48 Davis, J. M. & Sons office
  335 Davis, J. M. residence
OO 12 Davis, J. M. farm
I 220 Davis, W. H. Woodbine
  283 Deakins, H. B. residence
U 12 Deakins, John farm
  344 Dege, D. B. residence
B 6 Dempsie, J. R. farm
A 601 Dept. Store grocery
B 602 Dept. Store office
  603 Dept. Store Furn. & Haw.
  268 Dept. Store Undertaking
O 604 Dept. Store Shoes
L 604 Dept. Store Clothing
I 604 Dept. Store Dry Goods
  265 Derry, G. N. residence
F 404 Dewell, John Magnolia
H 230 Dewell, W. C. Mo. Valley
H 401 DeWitt. W. O. farm
O 201 Dickinson, Chas. farm
  256 Diehl, Mrs. E. J. residence
O 12 Dillehay, C. E. farm
A 218 Dinsmore, Earnest farm
B 204 Divelbess, B. A. Mo. Valley
H 423 Divelbess, Frank Mo. Valley
O 204 Divelbess, Fred farm
W 423 Divelbess, H. B. Mo. Valley
I 409 Dixon, Dora L. farm
OO 423 Dixon, John L. farm
N 224 Donaldson, I. M. Mo. Valley
L 16 Donaldson, E. W. farm
U 225 Donn, Arthur Pisgah
O 222 Donn, Chas, M. Magnolia
W 4 Donn, Frank Magnolia
H 210 Donn, W. A. farm
L 11 Donnelson, Chas. Mo. Valley
  444 Donnelson, Nora residence
W 416 Donnelson, W. M. Magnolia
W 203 Donner, C. R. farm
OO 2 Dow, C. E. farm
  351 Dow, F. W., Jr. farm
W 17 Dow, F. W., Sr. farm
H 212 Dow, M. H. farm
  23 Downey, S. G. meat market
  480 Downey, S. G. residence
U 213 Doyle, M. farm
N 213 Doyle, M. C. farm
  623 Doyle, T. C. residence
  325 DuBois, E. F. residence
A 405 Dungan Bros. farm
  173 Dungan, Henry residence
  530 Dungan, J. M. residence
I 438 Dungan, S. S. farm
  284 Dunlavy, J. F. residence
W 438 Dunn, B. F. farm
A 432 Dunn, John M. farm
U 407 Dunn, Geo. G. farm
BB 214 Dushaneck, Ernest Persia
  244 Duvall, L. P. residence
  446 Earnest, John residence
N 419 Earnest, Mrs. E. J. farm
F 417 Earnest, Lee farm
U 416 Edwards, U. G. Magnolia
L 221 Ehlert, Fred, Jr. farm
B 406 Ehlert, Fred, Sr. Magnolia
L 229 Ellerbeck, Wm. farm
  343 Elliott, E. H. residence
W 404 Ellis, A. L. farm
OO 215 Ellison, Clyde farm
A 212 Ellison, S. I. farm
O 14 Erixon, A. E. Mondamin
II 14 Erixon, D. P. Mondamin
I 431 Erixon, E. A. Mondamin
F 14 Erixon, Louis Mondamin
  339 Erlewine, Sam residence
  380 Ernst, Rev. H. L. residence
I 408 Evers, H. Mo. Valley
  511 Ewing, Jonas residence
W 413 Fahrenkrog, J. L. farm
II 431 Fahtschild, Chas. Magnolia
  77 Faith, Mrs. Susie office
  43 Fallon, L. W. office
  119 Fallon, L. W. residence
O 20 Fallon, W. B. Magnolia
  93 Farlow, H. J. office
  291 Farlow, H. J. residence
  35 Farmers Merc. Co. store
W 230 Fee, Sam Mo. Valley
O 433 Feige, E. F. Mondamin
U 221 Finken, T. J., Jr. farm
I 419 Finley, V. G. farm
O 5 Finley, Marion farm
  73 First National Bank office
A 411 Fitch, C. T. farm
W 410 Fitch, John farm
L 410 Fitch, Albert farm
  249 Fitch. L. L. farm
B 432 Fitzsimmons, C. E. farm
W 414 Flaherty, A. farm
U 16 Flaherty Bros. farm
OO 212 Flaherty, Ed. farm
A 16 Flaherty, Joe farm
N 202 Flaherty, John farm
B 214 Floerchinger, L. N. Persia
  455 Foote, F. A. residence
  501 Forde, D. C. farm
H 422 Foster, Joe farm
  558 Foster, T. W. residence
I 17 Fountain, W. S. farm
  99 Foutch & Case garage
  285 Foutch, J. D. residence
F 2 Foutch, J. M. farm
  282 Fowler, T. E. residence
F 210 Fox, Howard farm
  518 Frazier, A. R. farm
  115 Frazier, E. T. residence
F 412 Frazier, Harley farm
B 206 Frazier, H. N. Magnolia
  131 Frazier, S. L. residence
  531 Frazier, Thos. residence
  276 Freeman, B. F. residence
B 222 Freymuller, J. W. Magnolia
F 431 Freymuller, A. H. farm
N 2 Freymuller, Adolph farm
W 429 Freymuller, L. J. farm
U 226 Fry, A. J. farm
  347 Fry, Edgar C. residence
OO 4 Fyrando, A. M. Magnolia
  466 Gaines, A. W. residence
I 410 Gallaher, A. W. farm
L 214 Gallaher, J. M. farm
I 219 Gamet, W. S. farm
  99 Garage  
  87 Garage  
  82 Garage Olson & Longman
  490 Garcia, Jesus residence
A 211 Garrison, L. W. Magnolia
  451 Gash, Ben residence
U 17 Gash, Edward farm
  174 Gatrost, I. G. residence
W 430 Getscher, C. P. farm
N 416 Giddings, A. D. Magnolia
B 211 Giddings, T. E. farm
  435 Geith, Ed. residence
B 403 Geith, Geo. S. farm
L 404 Geith, Geo. W. farm
I 230 Geith, Henry W. Mo. Valley
O 404 Geith, Verne farm
H 222 Gilkerson, B. M. Magnolia
II 222 Gilkerson, Wm. Magnolia
A 425 Gilson, Frank farm
H 8 Gilson, W. E. Orson
F 416 Girton, Mrs. Edna Mondamin
W 433 Girton, S. W. Mondamin
A 419 Godden, Chas. farm
U 419 Godden, Elias farm
F 432 Godden, Ernest farm
W 12 Godden, Geo. farm
N 222 Goetsche, John Magnolia
W 424 Goetsche, Karl Magnolia
  539 Good, Jason residence
F 231 Good, Wm. farm
  70 Goodell, Mrs. Anna res?t
  139 Goodman, N. W. residence
II 423 Goodwin, Ren. Mo. Valley
U 411 Gordon, F. V. farm
W 3 Graham, Ernst Persia
  483 Graham. E. J. residence
  571 Graham, Henry residence
L 219 Graves, Geo. M. farm
  461 Graves, H. residence
N 226 Graves, John farm
I 413 Graves, Wm. farm
  578 Graybill, J. S. residence
  525 Green, Frank residence
A 17 Grossman, E. B. farm
  146 Grosvenor, A. S. residence
L 217 Grosvenor, B. E. farm
I 221 Grosvenor, Cal farm
H 417 Grosvenor, Del farm
U 11 Grosvenor, D. S. farm
W 221 Grosvenor, F. M. farm
H 221 Grosvenor, I. C. farm
OO 409 Gunnette, A. farm
  540 Hall, Frank residence
  564 Hall, J. E., Sr. residence
B 218 Hall, Jesse E. farm
H 413 Hallander, A. G. farm
U 438 Hammitt, J. C. farm
OO 401 Hammitt, O. E. farm
L 401 Hammitt, S. R. farm
B 226 Haner, Erie farm
A 18 Hanneman Bros. hardware Magnolia
A 1 Hanneman, J. F. farm
L 556 Hanneman, John residence
U 4 Hanneman, J. H. Magnolia
I 403 Hansen, Carl farm
O 228 Hansen, E. farm
F 427 Hansen, Dr. F. H. office Magnolia
U 427 Hansen, Dr. F. H. residence Magnolia
  31 Hansen, Dr. H. office
  356 Hansen, Dr. H. residence
I 228 Hansen, H. L. farm
N 214 Hansen, Herman W. farm
A 431 Hansen, J. F. Magnolia
N 203 Hansen, W. F. farm
  177 Harden, E. A. residence
I 13 Hardie, J. H. farm
N 424 Hardt, J. W. meat market Magnolia
I 20 Hardt, Mrs. A. City Hotel Magnolia
  359 Hardy, Bert residence
  304 Hardy, Chas. farm
  261 Hardy, Frank farm
  272 Hardy, D. M. residence
B 515 Hardy, J. B. farm
A 415 Hardy, J. R. farm
  257 Hardy, S. T. residence
II 210 Harlan, S. B. farm
N 420 Harlan, W. A. farm
W 223 Harold, Frank Woodbine
H 404 Harrington, L. W. farm
  74 Harrison County Democrat  
  72 Harrison Co. Mutual office
N 430 Harter, Gerald farm
OO 430 Harter, John farm
  28 Harvey Bros. Groceries
  36 Harvey Bros. Dry Goods
  279 Harvey, C. A. residence
  297 Harvey, G. H. residence
  298 Haskins, Mrs. H. residence
  477 Haskins, Wm. residence
F 221 Hauff, H. J. farm
O 221 Hauff, J. D. farm
  491 Hazard, Geo. residence
  442 Hederick, J. W. residence
  541 Hefford, Mrs. Wm. residence
I 2 Heim, Claus farm
  94 Helm, H. A. restaurant
  263 Helm, H. A. residence
  167 Henderson, Mrs. Ella residence
B 421 Henderson, J. F. farm
A 213 Henderson, W. S. farm
L 421 Henderson, Nathan farm
  161 Hendricks, John residence
O 225 Herman, August farm
W 217 Herman, Fred farm
B 217 Herman, Wm. farm
  33 Heterick, J. A. Groceries
B 65 Heterick, J. A. Dry Goods
F 65 Heterick, J. A. Clothing
I 65 Heterick, J. A. Shoes
  277 Higbee, H. E. residence
B 420 Higgins, Geo. A. farm
  45 Hill, Frank office
  575 Hill, Frank residence
A 223 Hill, Frank farm
OO 204 Hill, F. T. Mo. Valley
  103 Hill, I. P. residence
A 215 Hiller, H. farm
  278 Hillmon, J. A. residence
  143 Hills, R. W. residence
  57 Hills & Son office
  51 Hills, W. E. office
  126 Hills, W. E. residence
OO 426 Hinkle, John Pisgah
O 2 Hinkley, Claud farm
OO 221 Holben, Ed farm
  141 Holdridge, Mrs. E. L. residence
O 216 Holeton, C. W. farm
A 219 Holeton, E. M. farm
I 7 Holeton, J. M. farm
N 438 Hollenbeck, Chas. farm
  535 Homer, J. R. residence
A 34 Hook, Dr. Rolla office
B 34 Hook, Dr. Rolla residence
  358 Hooks, R. M. residence
H 410 Horton, O. C. farm
I 1 Hough, F. G. farm
O 3 Howard, Chas. Persia
  457 Howard, D. J. residence
I 216 Howard, Geo. A. farm
  104 Howard, Newton residence
A 420 Hubbard, A. F. farm
O 219 Hubbard, E. A. farm
  456 Hubbard, F. S. residence
  562 Hubbard, G. H. residence
  80 Huber, Dr. C. R. office
  132 Huber, Dr. C. R. residence
  25 Hub, The??M. A. Livingston  
I 12 Huffaker, M. V. Mo. Valley
L 1 Hughes, Arthur farm
I 223 Hughes, E. B. Woodbine
A 3 Hughes, W. G. Persia
B 434 Hull, J. F. farm
A 515 Hummell, L. W. farm
  157 Humphrey, Dr. M. A. residence
F 227 Hunt, D. A. farm
  508 Hunt, Mrs. C. A. residence
  72 Hunt, C. W. office
  116 Hunt, C. W. residence
  305 Hunt, Ensign residence
N 19 Hunt, I. E. farm
  479 Hunt, I. E. residence
  375 Hunt, I. L. residence
B 229 Hunt & Stern farm
  333 Hunter, Clarence residence
L 5 Huntley, Ed farm
F 407 Huntley, J. E. farm
L 428 Huntley, J. F. farm
  299 Hurd, Oscar residence
  482 Hurd, Orley residence
  626 Hyde, C. L. residence
  81 I. C. R. R. depot
I 412 Iddings, W. C. farm
  452 I. O. O. F. hall
  49 Irwin, L. J. county clerk
  336 Isbell, C. L. residence
U 228 Iverson, M. R. farm
  90 Jackson, Andrew livery barn
  507 Jackson, Andrew residence
O 430 Jacobson, L. P. farm
B 228 Jaegars, John farm
  44 Jail  
I 231 Jenkins, W. M. farm
O 411 Jenkins, D. L. farm
N 10 Jens, Henry farm
O 230 Jensen, A. Mo. Valley
O 405 Jensen, Wm. farm
  485 Jewell, A. S. residence
  85 Johnson, Alfred cigar store
  505 Johnson, Alfred residence
O 424 Johnson, C. E. Magnolia
  106 Johnson, C. F. farm
  107 Johnson, J. H. residence
  86 Johnson, M. E. office
  102 Johnson, W. H. residence
BB 224 Johnson, Louis Mo. Valley
U 8 Johnson, W. S. Mondamin
  323 Jolliffe, S. M. residence
  625 Jones, J. W. residence
O 414 Jones, Ralph farm
  329 Jones, T. F. farm
  533 Joy, H. R. residence
O 226 Joy, J. C. farm
A 227 Joy, Harry Hunt farm
B 227 Joy, A. W. Hunt farm
H 203 Kalstrup, James farm
B 404 Karschner, W. G. farm
  178 Kay, James residence
U 1 Kellogg, A. E. farm
  378 Kellogg, E. B. residence
N 12 Kemmish, C. A. farm
U 214 Kemmish, J. W. Persia
F 3 Kemmish, W. H. Persia
OO 9 Kendig, A. B. farm
  87 Kennedy Bros. garage
A 207 Kennedy, Chas. E. Woodbine
A 26 Kennedy, Dr. C. S. office
B 26 Kennedy, Dr. C. S. residence
  294 Kennedy, F. W. residence
A 210 Kennedy, J. J. Jr. farm
B 224 Kennedy, Jas. Sr. farm
  371 Kennedy, J. M. residence
  494 Kennedy, Mrs. Nellie residence
  516 Kennedy, W. R. residence
  522 Kent, W. H. residence
B 210 Kersten, Edward F. farm
  362 Kierscht, C. J. residence
O 17 Kierscht, Frank farm
B 17 Kierscht, John farm
F 213 Kiger, J. H. farm
L 3 Killmon, W. H. Persia
N 401 Killpack, D. M. farm
OO 407 Kilts, W. A. farm
F 1 King, Reuben farm
W 226 Kinney, Will farm
  350 Kirk, Fred residence
OO 230 Kirk, H. E. Mo. Valley
  169 Kirk, Ray residence
N 413 Kirkendall, V. farm
  476 Kirkwood, Robt. residence
W 405 Kleen, Wm. farm
H 426 Kline, A. H. Pisgah
I 405 Knauss, H. J. farm
  553 Knauss, G. E. residence
L 202 Knauss, Hazle farm
OO 405 Knauss, J. W. farm
O 13 Knauss, J. W. (Wess) Portsmouth
U 405 Knauss, Ralph farm
W 202 Knauss, Sam farm
  538 Knowles, C. R. residence
H 20 Koehn, C. A. Magnolia
F 20 Koehn, G. Magnolia
A 220 Koenig, G. C. Woodbine
N 421 Koenig, Herman farm
A 404 Kraninger, Albert farm
BB 225 Kucks, John Pisgah
F 403 Kucks, J. H. farm
B 401 Lamberson, J. N. farm
B 16 Lammert, Ed farm
W 411 Lampher, F. W. farm
W 216 Landee, F. R. farm
I 210 Landon, E. S. farm
U 414 Larson, Martin farm
  418 Larson, O. S. farm
I 18 Latta, F. F. farm
A 6 Latta, J. H. farm
  247 Latta, W. L. residence
I 213 Latta, W. L. farm
A 402 Latta, W. W. farm
L 431 Lawrence, H. N. farm
U 222 Lawrence, N. S. Magnolia
  86 Lawrence, V. S. office
  574 Lawrence, V. S. residence
  514 Lawson, Luther residence
A 436 Leach, J. H. store Magnolia
N 217 Lennert, Geo. farm
N 221 Lennert, Henry W. farm
A 217 Lennert, John farm
H 429 Lenz, John Magnolia
A 324 Lenz, R. J. farm
W 220 Leonard, C. L. farm
I 207 Leonard, Ed. J. Woodbine
B 220 Leonard, Fred farm
O 220 Leonard, Jas. farm
W 16 Lesline, C. J. farm
  493 LeValley, W. H. farm
B 414 Lewis, J. A. farm
F 421 Lightwine, Harvey farm
N 9 Lightwine, W. E. farm
  64 Linder, G. F. jewelry store
  179 Linder, G. F. residence
  374 Lindsay, Alice residence
  266 Little, Mrs. M. F. residence
  25 Livingston, M. A. The Hub
  463 Lock, Mrs. H. F. residence
  59 Logan Candy Kitchen  
  86 Logan Eng. Co. office
A 512 Logan Harness Co. shop
  79 Logan Lumber Co. office
  245 Logan Junk Co. warehouse
  54 Logan, L. W. grocery
  309 Logan, L. W. residence
N 218 Logan, Wm. farm
  363 Longman, C. A. residence
  310 Longman, Mrs. Jas. residence
OO 428 Lorenz, C. E. farm
  140 Loss, Alva farm
  114 Loss, Mrs. Lettie residence
O 11 Lough, Earl Mo. Valley
  301 Lowell, P. R. farm
  464 Lowder, J. E. residence
  67 Lusk House office
  90 Lusk House livery
B 407 Lyon, J. A. farm
  560 Lyshon, David residence
U 208 Maaske, H. E. farm
B 221 Maaske, Wm. A. farm
O 208 Maaske, Wm. farm
F 424 Magnolia Creamery Co.  
A 206 Magnolia Savings Bank  
OO 17 Maguire, H. J. farm
N 17 Maguire, J. E. residence
  453 Mahan, F. residence
F 208 Mahoney, E. farm
B 14 Mahoney, Jerry Orson
B 438 Martin, Alfred farm
I 202 Martin, F. W. farm
OO 19 Martin, Luella farm
N 13 Martin, O. E. farm
W 212 Martin, S. W. farm
B 212 Martin, W. A. farm
  151 Marvin, L. F. farm
  286 Massie, T. A. residence
B 423 Masterson, H. Mo. Valley
L 2 Matthieson, Edw. Farm
OO 433 Maule, Geo. F. Mondamin
N 8 Maule, H. A. Mondamin
L 14 Maule, J. M. Mondamin
  360 Mefford, E. residence
A 403 Menching, A. R. Pisgah
L 222 Menching, G. F. Mondamin
I 222 Menching, Henry Magnolia
II 403 Menching, Henry, Jr. farm
O 403 Menching, John farm
U 217 Menching, W. H. farm
W 224 Merchant, C. D. Mo. Valley
O 4 Merchant, Joe W. Magnolia
  163 Merchant, M. farm
H 224 Merchant, Merle M. Mo. Valley
A 225 Mether, August farm
F 225 Mether, Hrman farm
U 403 Michael, C. A. farm
I 205 Michael, E. H. farm
N 403 Michael, John C. Pisgah
B 402 Michael, Mrs. Mary A. farm
  295 Miller, Alvin residence
  475 Miller, A. J. residence
I 209 Miller, Chas. W. farm
I 3 Miller, Clark Persia
  550 Miller, E. M. residence
  306 Miller, F. C. farm
  316 Miller, Grover residence
  322 Miller, Henry residence
F 17 Miller, J. M. farm
O 217 Miller, Ralph farm
  253 Miller, Mrs. R. J. residence
  334 Milliman, E. W. residence
  566 Milliman, J. C. office
  105 Milliman, J. C. residence
  534 Milliman, Will residence
  41 Mills, Gale office
  168 Mills, Gale residence
W 421 Mills, E. V. farm
A 406 Mills, Mrs. Jenetta Hotel Magnolia
  554 Minshall, Mrs. H. residence
  547 Minshall, J. C. residence
  61 Minshall Hardware Co.  
B 433 Mintun, Geo. Mondamin
  349 Moad, S. D. residence
  162 Morlan, L. W. residence
O 410 Morris, A. G. farm
  484 Morris, D. C. farm
  88 Morris, J. A. stock yards
F 4 Morris, Mrs. H. E. Magnolia
  462 Morris, J. A. residence
  543 Morris, James S. residence
  499 Morris, L. R. residence
  470 Morris, S. F. residence
U 408 Motz, W. W. Mo. Valley
U 410 Mulvihill, Geo. farm
OO 413 Mundt, Herman farm
L 215 Munn, F. C. farm
  317 Murray, J. A. residence
W 10 Musselman, D. H. farm
N 422 Muxfeldt, Henry farm
B 10 Myer, Edward farm
U 201 Myer, E. F. farm
O 231 Myer, H. R. farm
B 201 Myer, Wm. farm
OO 411 Myer, J. H. farm
  500 Myers, Chas. fesidence
F 201 Myers, H. J. farm
  52 Myers, M. D. sheriff?s office
  497 Myers, P. A. farm
H 14 Myers, S. H. farm
B 419 Myers, Sam L. farm
  62 McBride Bros. Restaurant
  366 McBride, L. E. residence
F 438 McBride, Oliver farm
I 19 McBride, Ray farm
  66 McCabe, F. H. office
  128 McCabe, F. H. residence
  158 McCoid, Geo. W. residence
  121 McCoid, Mrs. Jas. residence
F 420 McCoy, C. E. farm
N 411 McCurley, Jas. B. farm
N 231 McCurley, R. H. farm
I 11 McDonald, Clyde farm
N 230 McDonald, J. S. Mo. Valley
I 436 McDonald, R. S. Magnolia
A 429 McDonald, A. farm
I 416 McDowell, J. F. Magnolia
OO 14 McElroy, B. C. Mondamin
OO 211 McFee, Angus Magnolia
N 211 McFee, Thos. Magnolia
  441 McGrew, R. B. residence
II 406 McHugh, Nealy Pisgah
  377 McIntosh, Mrs. Evelyn residence
F 13 McKean, G. H. farm
  327 McKenney, Chas. residence
B 412 McKenney, Geo. farm
F 430 McKenney, H. H. farm
F 414 McKenney, Ira farm
OO 414 McKenney, Jess farm
W 201 McKenney, J. D. farm
  549 McKinney, Chas. N. residence
  293 McKinney, E. F. residence
  248 McKenney, Robt. residence
F 226 McKinney, S. H. farm
  650 McKinney, T. N. residence
  74 McKnight, J. B. office
OO 208 McLaughlin, M. farm
  348 McMaster, J. G. residence
OO 226 McMillan, M. H. farm
W 431 Nelson, Nels Mondamin
O 211 Nelson, John farm
  269 Nelson, J. P. farm
  321 Nelson, N. G. residence
OO 219 Netsch, Henry farm
W 7 Netsch, J. H. farm
F 219 Netsch, John farm
N 215 Newcomb, Ernest farm
U 20 Niece, Chas. Mo. Valley
O 224 Niece, John Mo. Valley
L 224 Niece, Miles Mo. Valley
LL 403 Niedermeyer, Hy Pisgah
I 406 Niedermeyer, Theo Magnolia
H 403 Niedermeyer, T. W. Pisgah
O 406 Niedermeyer, W. F. Pisgah
F 228 Niedermyer, W. C. farm
N 426 Niles, H. A. Pisgah
U 14 Niles, W. O. Orson
  251 Norman, H. M. residence
W 1 Norris, C. W. farm
W 222 Norris, Harry Magnolia
  274 Norris, J. B. residence
B 205 Norris, Will farm
  117 Nugent, Thos. P. residence
  307 Nuzum Bros. residence
F 10 O?Brien, W. J. farm
  66 Observer office
N 20 Odell, P. M. Mo. Valley
L 419 Odell, W. H. farm
B 424 O?Hara, Ben Magnolia
  145 Olsen, C. Y. residence
U 421 Olsen, Geo. G. farm
W 225 Olsen, Hans farm
  82 Olson & Longman garage
A 410 O?Neil, Chas. farm
N 423 Orr, Bruce Mo. Valley
F 204 Orr, Mrs. E. J. Mo. Valley
H 414 Oviatt, L. C. farm
O 409 Oviatt, L. L. farm
  84 Owen Eng. & Const. Co.  
A 216 Owens, Elias farm
  486 Owens, James, Sr. residence
  326 Palmer, E. J. residence
  622 Palmer, W. E. residence
I 421 Palmer, S. R. farm
BB 431 Pape, Fritz Magnolia
U 413 Parker, C. S. farm
  165 Parker, Thos. S. residence
OO 10 Parkins, Mrs. J. W. farm
O 10 Parkins, W. M. farm
  472 Parks, S. R. residence
I 407 Patterson, A. Magnolia
  353 Paul, Mrs. H. J. residence
A 9 Peckenpaugh, A. P. farm
  367 Peckenpaugh, C. F. farm
L 422 Peckenpaugh, M. N. farm
F 218 Peckenpaugh, V. C. farm
O 215 Peckenpaugh, W. J. farm
  252 Penrod, F. E. residence
  357 Penrod, Mrs. M. I. Residence
OO 231 Perkins, P. S. farm
  570 Perry, Mrs. E. M. residence
F 214 Peterson, Adolph farm
B 3 Peterson, F. W. farm
OO 3 Peterson, John farm
I 224 Peterson, John C. Mo. Valley
I 9 Peterson, J. J. farm
L 9 Peterson, P. A. farm
B 413 Peterson, W. farm
A 11 Pierce, J. C. farm
I 201 Pierce, W. M. farm
  95 Pike, L. R. variety store
OO 13 Pitt, M. B. farm
  352 Pitt, M. B. residence
L 13 Pitt, M. B. farm
F 405 Pitt, Sidney, Sr. Persia
BB 403 Plath, Carl H. Pisgah
OO 1 Plath, Chas. F. farm
W 20 Plath, Wm. Mo. Valley
H 225 Plath, Herman farm
O 416 Ploth, Mrs. Chas. Magnolia
OO 406 Ploth, Wm. farm
FF 403 Podendorf, W. M. Pisgah
A 401 Poore, E. J. farm
N 201 Poore, J. D. farm
A 10 Poore, Harry farm
O 438 Potter, F. M. farm
  489 Pratt, L. H. residence
O 19 Prichett, E. W. farm
  318 Pigh, Wm. residence
  125 Pump Station  
  172 Purcell, Mrs. Irene residence
B 436 Putnam, C. F. Magnolia
  71 Quinn Lumber Co. office
W 208 Radtke, Albert farm
L 208 Radtke, Geo. Magnolia
L 406 Raines, A. B. Pisgah
  331 Raines, N. I. residence
OO 224 Ramsey, Edgar Mo. Valley
  563 Randerson, J. E. residence
  355 Rainier, Frank farm
  144 Read, R. H. residence
F 211 Reardon, C. Magnolia
F 401 Redinbaugh, W. E. farm
  459 Redinbaugh, J. G. residence
U 404 Redscky, Imal farm
B 219 Reeve, Curtis farm
B 216 Reeves, L. E. farm
OO 16 Reidinger, H. E. farm
I 4 Reinhardt, Geo. F. Magnolia
N 408 Reinhardt, Fred Mo. Valley
  259 Rice, Mrs. E. S. residence
  370 Rice, L. C. residence
  471 Riggs, Alpha residence
  649 Ring, Mrs. J. J. residence
  135 Rinker, A. D. residence
  53 Roadifer & Roadifer office
  100 Roadifer, J. S. barber shop
  113 Roadifer, Paul residence
  37 Robertson, H. L. office
  510 Robertson, H. L. residence
N 219 Robertson, H. L. farm
N 429 Robinson, Jas. Magnolia
  296 Rock, O. O. residence
  129 Rockwell, E. S. residence
B 430 Rockwell, L. E. farm
OO 410 Rockwell, R. D. farm
OO 202 Rogers, Frank farm
B 415 Rogers, Fred farm
OO 423 Rogers, N. G. Mo. Valley
  450 Rogers, Mrs. M. H. residence
A 426 Rosenbaugh, Malvin Pisgah
OO 220 Roush, Jesse farm
F 220 Roush, S. farm
F 212 Rowe, G. R. farm
O 429 Saeger, Rev. H. W. Magnolia
L 407 Said, Ed Magnolia
O 9 Salter, C. W. farm
  319 Salter, J. W. residence
  449 Salter, M. S. farm
  555 Salts, H. R. residence
  38 Sanitary Cash Grocery  
  289 Sansbury, Rev. M. O. residence
W 231 Savery, C. P. farm
O 436 Scales, E. S. Magnolia
B 209 Schmidt, F. W. farm
B 417 Schmidt, G. F. farm
A 208 Schmidt, J. A. farm
  567 Schoolhouse  
  502 Schwartz, C. W. residence
I 424 Scott, Geo. Magnolia
N 433 Scott, John Mondamin
  250 Seabury, D. H. residence
  527 Seabury, F. H. residence
  142 Seabury, Frank residence
  55 Seabury Bros. office
OO 218 Seagrave, E. D. farm
F 422 Seagrave, Wm. farm
B 411 Sears, G. P. farm
  171 Sears, R. A. residence
U 406 Seeley, F. J. Pisgah
N 436 Seeley, Mrs. Orra Magnolia
A 222 Sehlke, Chas. Magnolia
B 416 Sehlke, Henry Magnolia
U 436 Sehlke, Herman Magnolia
OO 436 Sehlke, Rudolph Magnolia
A 202 Servis, Jake farm
W 401 Servis, W. G. farm
H 228 Sheehan, J. W. farm
F 419 Shepard, L. W. farm
  315 Shields, Tim residence
A 40 Shields, Dr. W. A. office
B 40 Shields, Dr. W. A. residence
  361 Shundlemeier, J. J. residence
B 11 Shundlemeier, W. T. Mo. Valley
A 7 Siebels, August farm
L 205 Sillau, W. A. farm
A 414 Simons, W. P. farm
A 414 Simons, W. H. farm
I 217 Skinner, C. D. farm
A 434 Smith, Amasa farm
U 216 Smith, Arthur farm
  537 Smith, B. (Shorty) residence
I 204 Smith, F. M. farm
  498 Smith, Frank R. residence
  96 Smith, Jake blacksmith shop
  532 Smith, Jake residence
H 215 Smith, John F. farm
F 16 Smith, Jacob J. farm
O 16 Smith, J. O. farm
  246 Smith, L. J. farm
L 231 Smith, M. E. farm
I 16 Smith, Myron farm
  552 Smith, Peter S. residence
B 15 Smith, Thad farm
  492 Snyder, A. A. residence
  488 Snyder, Arthur residence
W 19 Sorensen, James farm
L 212 Sorey, H. M. farm
N 405 Spanswick, V. farm
A 432 Spencer, J. D. farm
  454 Sprinkel, F. L. residence
  443 Sprinkel, H. G. residence
  303 Sprinkel, Jake residence
  138 Sprinkel, J. E. farm
A 409 Sprinkel, J. W. farm
  337 Sprinkel, Milt residence
  241 Sprinkel, Robert residence
  311 Sprinkel Sisters residence
  448 Stacy, Wm. residence
  50 State Savings Bank office
  58 Stearns, Ben Co. Treasurer
  122 Stearns, F. D. residence
A 39 Stearns, Dr. R. J. office
B 39 Stearns, Dr. R. J. residence
OO 217 Stebbins, S. L. farm
F 433 Steen, J. A. Mondamin
OO 225 Steffon, Wm. farm
  136 Stephens, F. H. residence
O 419 Stephens, Oswald farm
U 223 Stephens, W. N. farm
  24 Stern, A. office
  112 Stern, A. residence
  365 Stern, C. A. residence
  369 Stern, Jay residence
  118 Stern, W. L. residence
  312 Stewart, Chas. M. residence
W 406 Stewart, F. A. Orson
N 3 Stewart, John Persia
W 403 Stewart, J. P. Pisgah
N 406 Stiehl, O. W. farm
W 213 Stirtz, W. H. farm
F 224 Stirtz, Wm. farm
  465 Stoker, A. residence
U 433 Stokes, A. O. Mondamin
U 19 Stoldt, H. A. Mo. Valley
  468 Stone, E. G. residence
  346 Stoner, J. H. residence
U 220 Stoner, Wm. Woodbine
U 212 Straight, H. M. farm
I 212 Strauss, Chas. Farm
L 4 Streicher, Rev. G. Magnolia
O 417 Strong, C. L. farm
B 427 Stuart, J. D. drug store Magnolia
I 427 Stuart, J. D. Magnolia
W 409 Studebaker, W. M. farm
N 409 Studebaker, C. S. farm
  176 Stuve, Chas. residence
  270 Sublet, Geo. residence
  545 Sublet, Mrs. H. J. residence
  314 Sublet, O. G. residence
A 230 Sublet, W. P. Modale
  166 Suthers, R. W. residence
N 210 Swalley, J. E. farm
OO 228 Swan, F. H. Mo. Valley
  379 Tate, Wm. residence
N 407 Teague, Jas. A. farm
  290 Teel, Frank residence
B 213 Tensmeyer, H. J. farm
B 602 Terry, I. E. office
  264 Terry, I. E. residence
F 217 Thayer, O. M. farm
N 428 Thomas, Asa farm
II 225 Thomas, Lew Pisgah
  573 Thompson, Mrs. E. M. residence
L 413 Thompson, Wess R. farm
I 433 Thordsen, Claus Magnolia
  376 Tiffany, A. R. residence
  572 Tiffy, Geo. residence
  481 Topping, Geo. residence
  526 Topping, F. T. residence
N 14 Tovey, T. D. Orson
  332 Tripp, Mrs. E. residence
U 9 Tripp, H. E. farm
U 215 Tripp, Roy farm
A 12 Trowbridge, Guy farm
  473 Trowbridge, W. E. farm
W 14 Tufly, J. C. Orson
O 408 Tufly, J. H. Mo. Valley
L 426 Tunnell, Roe Pisgah
  580 Tupper, Joe B. residence
  474 Tupper, L. D. residence
F 429 Tupper, P. W. Magnolia
  504 Tupper, W. N. residence
U 2 Tuttle, E. G. farm
  445 Tyler, Harriett residence
U 210 Unmack, C. J. Magnolia
A 408 Unmack, Mrs. Fred Mo. Valley
N 11 Unmack, Henry Mo. Valley
A 433 Unmack, John Magnolia
U 224 Unmack, L. J. Mo. Valley
OO 11 Unmack, W. H. Mo. Valley
A 224 Unmack, W. J. F. Mo. Valley
  308 Vale, Chas. residence
F 205 Van Arsdel, H. farm
  565 VanLeauvean, C. residence
B 426 VanNess, Ralph Orson
  134 VanScoy, A. H. residence
  127 VanScoy, J. E. residence
  95 Variety Store  
B 208 Vaughn, E. B. farm
B 324 Vaughn, Geo. farm
OO 20 Vayhinger, E. J. farm
OO 431 Vogel, W. R. Magnolia
OO 416 Vogler, Mrs. M. E. Magnolia
  153 Vore, A. R. residence
O 431 Voss, D. Magnolia
W 228 Voss, F. C. Neola
U 426 Voss, Frank K. farm
F 426 Voss, H. H. Pisgah
N 1 Voss, Lewis farm
B 431 Voss, W. C. farm
  577 Waddell, G. W. residence
L 211 Wade, H. H. Magnolia
N 417 Wagner, G. W. farm
W 11 Wakefield, Frank Magnolia
L 20 Wakefield, Whitney Magnolia
  287 Walker, John residence
L 411 Walker, P. G. farm
  630 Wallace, Mrs. Stella residence
A 430 Walters, Frank farm
A 204 Walters, Orlean farm
L 12 Ward, B. F. farm
B 19 Ward, Frank farm
O 428 Waterman, J. A. farm
F 202 Waters, Harry farm
F 423 Watkins, J. A. farm
  447 Watson, Chas. farm
  624 Watson, I. N. residence
F 207 Watson, J. M. Woodbine
O 212 Watts, Harry farm
N 212 Watts, Roy farm
N 223 Webber, Mrs. K. E. farm
B 20 Weed, E. P. Magnolia
L 429 Weed, F. E. farm
  46 West End Meat Market  
OO 216 Weston, E. A. farm
L 216 Weston, Everett farm
OO 438 Weston, John S. farm
  561 Weston, J. W. residence
  528 Weston, W. T. farm
L 203 White, Clarence farm
F 223 White, H. M. Woodbine
L 405 White, Ira farm
A 15 Whitehead, G. E. Woodbine
I 423 Whiteman, F. S. Mo. Valley
H 410 Whitmore, Harry farm
H 406 Wiederholz, C. Pisgah
L 408 Wiederholz, H. C. Mo. Valley
U 13 Wiemer, J. H. farm
  372 Wilder, C. M. residence
B 409 Wilkins, G. H. farm
  460 Willard, Martha residence
  576 Willeford, Ira residence
A 22 Williams, Dr. D. office
B 22 Williams, Dr. D. residence
A 423 Williams, D. Mo. Valley
W 218 Williams, E. E. farm
  302 Williams, J. C. residence
I 422 Williams, J. J. farm
B 405 Williams, Roy farm
F 7 Wills, W. H. farm
B 422 Wilson, C. M. farm
F 216 Wilson, Joe farm
O 422 Wilson, J. L. farm
L 223 Wilson, M. W. farm
L 430 Wilson, R. P. farm
I 426 Winther, C. P. Pisgah
A 428 Wiseman, Wm. farm
L 8 Withem, Jas. Mondamin
  520 Wood, B. J. residence
  130 Wood, C. N. residence
  503 Wood, E. J. residence
  27 Wood, Dr. I. C. & Co. drug store
B 154 Wood, John W. residence
A 154 Wood, Dr. Lucy M. office
B 154 Wood, Dr. Lucy M. residence
  150 Wood, W. H. residence
  496 Wood, W. W. residence
  548 Wright, C. H. residence
A 201 Wright, J. V. farm
  559 Yates, E. P. residence
O 203 Yocum, Frank farm
OO 203 Yocum, Fred farm
  148 Young, Ed. residence
OO 404 Young, Ed. farm
  542 Young, G. M. residence
  255 Young, Tom residence

1916 Directory Transcribed and Contributed by Tami Amidon (copyright 2002)

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