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BONNEY - Jasper Walter BONNEY, a native of the Empire State, came to Harrison County in 1856, and is now a resident of Little Sioux Township. He was born in Genesee County, NY, April 22, 1833, and is a son of Benjamin and Betsy (JINKS) BONNEY, who were natives of New York. The parents are both deceased. Our subject is the second of a family of seven children, six of whom are still living. His early life was spent in Pennsylvania, the family having located in Crawford County, NY in 1835. Jasper received his education at the common schools and two terms at the High School, and when he became of age went ot Dane County, Wisconsin, where he rented a farm for one season and returned to Pennsylvania, where he purchased some horses, and then came back to Wisconsin, remained onesummer, and that fall came to Buchanan County, Iowa, his first trip in the State consequently being made in 1854. He remained during the winter in Buchanan County, and drove two yoke of oxen from there to Harrison County in the spring. On the roadWest he overtook A.H. GLEASON and a Mr. PHILLIPS, together with their families, and as none knew their destination they kept together and passed through Cherokee County, and from there down the Little Sioux Valley and finally took claims on the north and west side of the river, on sections 12 and 13.
In the spring of 1857 Mr. BONNEY bought one hundred and sixty acres east of the village of Little SIoux, on section 24, and laid out forty acres in town lots, the same being known as Jinks and Bonney's addition. Subsequently he traded with his father for the land he now lives upon, on section 24, the same consisting of eighty acres of well improved land.
On July 23, 1861, he enlisted at Little Sioux in Compnay B, of the Fourth Iowa Infantry, and was assigned to the Army of the West, and participated in the following battles: Pea Ridge, Helena Ark., Chickasaw Bayou, Arkansas Post and Young's Point, and remained there until after the siege of Vicksburg. At the battle of Jackson, after the surrender of Vicksburg, our subject was taken with typhoid fever, resigned and came home August 11, 1863. He entered as private and returned as First Lieutenant. He remained in Pennsylvania until 1864, and then came to Harrison County, Iowa, but returned to Pennsylvania for his father and mother and brought them out the same year, driving the entire distance from Pennsylvania to Iowa.
Our subject was married in 1865 at Little Sioux to Hannah ELLIS, the daughter of John and Hannah ELLIS, of Ohio, who came to Harrison County in 1854. By this marriage union two children were born -- Aggie and Guy. Mrs. BONNEY died in 1870, and was buried in the Little Sioux Cemetery. Seven years later, in 1877, our subject married Addie FULLER, of Little Sioux, the daughter of Russell and Caroline FULLER. By this marriage six children were born -- Gaile, Mary, Carl, Ray, Pern, and Lynn. Mary, Ray and Pern are now (1891) deceased.
Mr. BONNEY has been a Republican for many years, but now favors the third party movement. Mrs. BONNEY is a consistent member of the Latter Day Saints Church.
Source: 1891 History of Harrison County.
Bonney Family Researcher: Debbie.
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BONNEY - Henry Harrison BONNEY, one of the representative citizens of Little Sioux, came to Harrison County in 1865. He was born in Crawford County, PA, December 27, 1839, and is the son of Benjamin and Betsy (JINKS) BONNEY. The father is a native of Massachusetts, and the mother, of Rhode Island, both of whom are deceased. The father's parents were Walter and Elizabeth BONNEY, of Massachusetts. Our subject's father and mother had a family of eight children -- Helen F. (deceased 1887), Jasper W. in Little Sioux, Benjamin F. in Little Sioux, Susan B. (STOCKER) of Logan, Henry H. our subject, George W. (deceased), Alice L. now Mrs. ELLIS of Little Sioux, Isadore M. now Mrs. MCARTHUR of Tacoma.
Our subject's early life was spent in the old Keystone State, where he received his education. In July, 1861, he enlisted in the Second Ohio Independent Battery, and was assigned to the Army of the West, participating in the battles of Pea Ridge, Port Gibson, Champion Hills, Vicksburg, Jackson Miss., and was also on the famous Red River expedition into Texas. He was discharged with the honors of a true loyal Unoin soldier August 19, 1864, at Columbus, Ohio, and remained in that State until the spring of 1865, and then came to Little Sioux, where he was engaged in the hotel business for several years, conducting the Bonney House. He has a farm of one hundred and thirty-five acres in the fertile valley of the Little Sioux River in Harrison County, and eighty acres in Monona County.
Politically, Mr. Bonney is a staunch supporter of the Republican party. He was elected to the office of Mayor of Little Sioux in 1883. He belongs to Masonic Lodge No. 382; Odd Fellows Lodge No. 389, and Neitzch Post No. 139, G.A.R. at Little Sioux.
He was married March 10, 1967, in Pennsylvania, to Miss Elsie ROSS, the daughter of Norman C. and Eunice ROSS, of Ohio. Their living children are: Philip S., Eva E., and Alice H.
Source: 1891 History of Harrison County.
Bonney Family Researcher: Debbie.
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CARMAN - Ira CARMAN, of section 34, Unoin Township, who came to Harrison County during the month of March, 1883, bought the farm he now occupies, which then consisted of eighty acres of wild land. He at once set about to build for himself a home, his first work toward improvement being the erection of a house, eighteen feet square, one story and a half high, togther with stables and outbuildings. At present (1891) the place is well improved and is provided with a good orchard, with seventy-five apple and a quantity of plum and cherry trees and small fruits. His land is all under cultivation, and is provided with three wells of living water, at various locations on the place, which is made beautiful by a large number of shade trees. The owner came to the county, to use his own language, "worse off than nothing," but is now surrounded with a comfortable, valuable home.
Mr. CARMAN was born in Kalamazoo County, Michigan, April 21, 1847, and is the son of William P. and Lydia P. CARMAN, who reared a family of eleven children, of whom our subject is the fourth. The family came in the following order -- Cordelia, Ervin, Edwin(deceased), Ira, Byron(deceased), Andrew, Milo, Rosella, Jasen, Elvira, and Clara. Andrew has not been heard of by the family for fifteen years, and it is not certain whether he is living or not. The father of our subject was a native of New York and the mother of Ohio.
January 30, 1870, Mr. CARMAN was united in marriage to Emaline SHERMAN, a daughter of John and Sarah SHERMAN, who were the parents of ten children, of whom our subject's wife was the fourth. The parents were both natives of Pennsylvania, and the following is the order of their family -- an infant(deceased), Mary A., infant(deceased), Emaline, Emanuel, Franklin P., Katherine J., David G., infant(deceased), and William E.
Our subject and his wife are the parents of eight children, who were born in the following order -- William J., born May 2, 1871; Charles F., Sept 16, 1873; Maude M., May 24, 1874; Edith R., April 23, 1879; Nannie R., Oct 21, 1882; Orville I., Sept 27, 1883; Milo E., April 13, 1884; Lulu V., Jan 18, 1888.
Mr. and Mrs. CARMAN are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church and politically he is identified with the People's party.
Source: 1891 History of Harrison County.
Carman Family Researcher: Keith Carman.
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VREDENBURGH - Charles VREDENBURGH, a resident of section 21, Jackson Township, came to Harrison County in the spring of 1863, and first located in the town of Little Sioux. He came to this county a poor man, and rented land. He drove four horses to the county, coming four hundred fifty miles. He rented land for three years, and then paid $400 for twenty acres of partly improved land, which he broke up and built a house upon, made other improvements and remained five years, when he bought the quarter-section upon which he now (1891) lives, paying $600 for the same. Here he built a house, 24x36 feet, one story and a half high, also a barn, granary, double cribs, and dug a well over which he erected a windmill. He set out an orchard of three hundred and fifty trees and a grove of shade trees. He has since added to his farm until he now has two hundred and eighty acres, one hundred and twenty-five of which are under the plow. The entire place is surrounded by a good fence, and everything about the premises shows him to be a man of thrift and order.
He was born in Wayne County, N.Y., September 27, 1832, and is a son of Henry and Almena VREDENBURGH, natives of the Empire State, who had a family of eleven children he being the fourth in order. Their names were as follows: Charlotte(deceased), Lucinda, Mary, Charles, Eias, Anna(deceased), Elenor, Ruth, Caroline(deceased), William, Elijah(deceased).
At the age of eleven years our subject accompanied his parents to Illinois. He was married November 17, 1864, to Amy A. CHASE, the daughter of Amos and Sarah CHASE, natives of Vermont, who were the parents of five children, all of whom are living -- Abner, Amy, Asaph, May, and Milton.
Our subject's wife was the first white girl born in the county. She was born October 30, 1850.
Our subject and his wife are the parents of eleven children, born as follows -- Almena, December 27, 1865; Ollie(deceased), June 17, 1867; Amos, December 20, 1868; Joseph, Sept 9, 1871; Norman, August 11, 1874; Mark, Febr 11, 1876; James, March 22, 1878; May, Oct 20, 1880; Helen, Nov 17, 1882; David, Aug 2, 1884; Ruth, May 18, 1888. These children are all residents of Harrison County, at this time.
Source: 1891 History of Harrison County.
Vredenburgh Family Researcher: Larry Vredenburgh.
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PECKENPAUGH - Elijah R. PECKENPAUGH, deceased, was a cooper by trade, and was born in Crawford County, Indiana, January 8, 1820. He was the son of Peter and Millie (ABBOTT) PECKENPAUGH. He was married in Warren County, Illiois, January 1, 1840, to Caroline ROE, a native of Indiana, born June 1st, 1821, and was the fifth child of a family of nine children. From Indiana they emigrated to Harrison County, Iowa, arriving June, 1854, and were back and forth for about two years, Mrs. PECKENPAUGH being so homesick that it seemed as though she could not survive in this wild country. But in 1856 they made a permanent settlement, and commenced building for themselves a home. At that time wild deer and other game abounded nearly as thick as the rabbits do to-day. They first located on section 25 of Jefferson Township, and there remained until removing to their present home, which was in August, 1867. All marketing for some years was of necessity done in Council Bluffs, and with a limited means, together with a large family, it was hard to make a living, and had it not been for the trade he possessed which furnished him employment at Council Bluffs, and the assistance rendered him by Mrs. PECKENPAUGH, who remained at home on the farm and managed to keep the family in the necessaries of life, they could not have remained in the county. Mr. PECKENPAUGH made barrels at home, under contract for parties at Council Bluffs, a little later on.
Mr. PECKENPAUGH was kiled by a team running away, which threw him from a wagon. This sad event occurred September 25, 1884.
Source: 1891 History of Harrison County.
Peckenpaugh Family Researcher: Sharon Rowe [Updated email address needed! rowe@pilot.msu.edu no longer valid].
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MENDENHALL - Eli P. MENDENHALL, came to Harrison County in May, 1856, and settled in Boyer Township, claiming one hundred and sixty acres of land. He built a log cabin and lived there until he moved to Woodbine. In March, 1879, he engaged in the real-estate business, which he now follows. He saw his share of early-day hardships, including the never-to-be-forgotten hard winter of 1856-57.
Mr. MENDENHALL is a native of North Carolina, and was born in 1826. When ten years of age he accompanied his parents to Miami County, Indiana, where he remained until about 1849, when he bought his own farm.
He was married to Mrs. Elizabeth HUPP, whose maiden name was RECTOR. They were the parents of three children -- Charles W., Omer H., and Mary C. Our subject's father was Himelius MENDENHALL, who was also born in North Carolina. He removed to Indiana in 1836, where he remained until his death.
Source: 1891 History of Harrison County.
Mendenhall Family Researcher: N/A.
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