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O'ROURKE, James P. O'ROURKE, one of the enterprising farmers living on section 29, of LaGrange Township, is a native of the Hawkeye State, and was born in Dubuque County on October 15, 1860 and came to Harrison County in 1873 with his parents, John O'ROURKE and Bridget SLOAN. His father purchased a half of section 29, when it was wild land. They built a frame house 18x24 feet, with an ell 14x16 feet; also a barn 32x50 feet, the latter being built in 1890. One hundred and forty acres of this farm is under the plow, while the balance is in pasture and meadow land. The farm is always kept well supplied with stock (circa 1891).
Our subject was married in Dubuque County, July 17, 1888, to Miss Katie Agnes MULLEN, and by whom six children were born: Margaret Anastasia, 12/10/1889; Mary Genevieve, born 8/15/1892; Francis Xavier, born 1/2/1896; Marie Gertrude, born 3/7/1900; Joseph James, born 12/10/1902; and Celestine Patricia, born 11/29/1904.
Kate (MULLEN) O'ROURKE is also a native of Dubuque County, born August 29, 1867, the daughter of Peter MULLEN, born 1821 in County Louth, Ireland, and Margaret CUNNINGHAM.
John O'ROURKE, father of our subject, was born in County Down, Ireland on Apr 22, 1822 and came to America with his parents in 1847, and farmed in Dubuque County until 1873. John married Bridget SLOAN in Ireland on 4/24/1845 at Killowen Church in Rostrevor, Co. Down. They had 8 children: Michael, born 6/17/1847; an infant girl; Charles Edward, born 6/39/1848; Ellen Margaret, 1/8/1850; William P., born in 1852; John Francis, 7/23/1855; Mary Jane, 5/3/1857; and James Patrick, 10/15/1961. John died on December 21, 1894 and is buried at Mount Carmel Cemetery in Missouri Valley. Bridget was born in County Down, Ireland on October 11, 1822, and died in Harrison County Iowa on March 22, 1888.
Kate, or Catherine Agnes, wife of our subject, told the following story in an interview with her grandson, Joe Gilmore. "I was born on a stormy night on August 27, 1867. I was told that I cried all that night, because of the thunder and lightning. My home was a nine-room rock house that sat on top of a huge hill, and overlooked the country-side for miles. When I reached school age, mys sister and I walked two miles to an old wooden frame building called a school house. The building was heated by a stove that sat in the middle of the room and "ate" wood. On the right side of the room there was a long bench on which the girls sat. On the other side against the wall was a bench on which the boys sat. In between the benches was a table. If an individual who sat in the middleof the bench wished to move, everyone on the right-hand side had to get up and move out of the way."
"The school was so dilapidated, I thought it was going to fall any minute (It did finally, about 4 years after I left). When I was in school two boards were gone from the floor, and once when I was going to recite I fell in the hole and skinned my leg. There were no certain grades, but I went to this school about 5 or 6 years. When I was 15 years old, I went to a boarding school. Here I studied arithmetic, geography, spelling, readin, writing and astronomy. Two years later I went to another boarding school, where I was introduced to the subject I most disliked, algebra."
"On the day of Monday, July 17, 1888, I was married and came to Missouri Valley by train. The trip lasted 24 hours. I went to live on a farm about 5 1/2 miles east of Mo. Valley, and have lived in this vicinity ever since".
By 1901, James P. O'ROURKE was the owner of the "home farm" of three hundred and twenty acres in LaGrange Township. He was to later drop the O in O'Rourke due to legal hassle when he bought land in Canada. James built a home at 820 East Superior Street in Missouri Valley, where he died on June 7, 1934. Kate lived to be 90 years of age, and died on December 17, 1957.
Sources: 1891 History of Harrison County Iowa, plus contributions.
O'Rourke Family Researcher: Dennis Walsh
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POWELL, Walter W; born 2/6/1869 in Owen Co.,IN, son of Francis H and Mary (Ferris) Powell. Both parents were natives of Indiana, Francis' father Elijah Powell was a native of Maryland. Walter was married in Illinois on Aug 5 1892 to Julia Twomey, who was born in Kentucky, and is a daughter of John and Mary J (Ferguson) Twomey, natives of Ireland. Walter and Julia came to Harrison County in February, 1895.
Walter and Mary's children include: Rosa, born 4/21/1893; Mary, born 12/23/1894; Grace, born 10/6/1896; Walter, born 1/13/1898; Olive, born 11/7/1900; Wilbur, born 8/24/1902; Michael, born 12/21/1905; Milton, born 2/11/1907; Catherine, born 12/27/1909; Alice, born 10/26/1913. The eldest child, Rosa, married Thomas Tierney.
Source: 1915 History of Harrison County Iowa.
Powell Family Researcher: Dennis Walsh
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POWLEY, Abel, a farmer on Section 36, Lincoln Township, came to Harrison County January 1, 1873, and bought the farm he now occupies.
At first his farm consisted of 380 acres, but since has added to his landed estate until now he has 1500 acres in Harrison County, and nearly all in Lincoln Township, 700 acres of which are under cultivation. Unlike many other men who came to Harrison County, this man set his stakes, and remained in one place, and is noted for always being home. It is said for 6 months at a time, he has not been seen in town.
He was born at Reeps, England, February 16, 1834. He is the son of John and Mary POWLEY who had 12 children, he being the eldest: Abel, John W., William, George(deceased), Noah, two deceased, Louisa, Eliza, two died in infancy, and Mary A.
Our subject lived in England until he was 19 years of age, when he accompanied his parents to America, landing in New York. Our subject came from New York to Medina, and hired out to work on a farm, and lived in that vicinity for 13 years, and then bought a farm of 160 acres on the shore of Lake Ontario, in Yates County, and ran in debt $10,000. He operated the farm above referred to for about 4 years, and then exchanged it for his present farm without ever seeing the one he traded for, which however proved to be one of the best in Iowa.
He was married, December 25, 1855, to Mary WOOLSTON, daughter of David and Mary WOOLSTON, natives of England, who were the parents of the following five children; William, Sarah, Ann, James and Mary. These children are all living, and three live in America. Mr. and Mrs. POWLEY are the parents of six children, born as follows: Benjamin, Albert A., Horace, Abel, George and Fred, all of whom live in Harrison County except the oldest, Benjamin, who lives in Mills County. Abel belongs to Masonic Lodge, No. 402 of the Masonic order at Woodbine. See Abel's pictoral biography and family charts.
Source: 1891 History of Harrison County Iowa.
Powley Family Researcher: Bill Powley.
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ROACH, Daniel; born 5/15/1822 in Albany Co.,NY, son of Jeremiah who was a native of NY. Daniel's mother was Mary (Barney) Roach of NY who died when Daniel was a boy. Jeremiah was a farmer and lumberer.
Daniel farmed in NY until 1850, then farmed in Loudon Co.,VA, 12 miles west of Fairfax Courthouse. In 1856, he moved to Marshall Co.,IA where he farmed five miles west of Marshalltown for 10 years. He farmed in Tama County,IA for two years before coming to Missouri Valley,IA where he operated the American House (hotel) on 6th and Erie St.
Daniel married Ann Gage of Know,Albany Co.,NY on 3/13/1845. They had a daughter, Phebe E, born 1/12/1848 and who died on 8/24/1854. Also a son named Millard Fillmore Roach, born 10/5/1848 and another daughter named Mary Ann Roach, born 9/24/1851.
Source: 1891 History of Harrison County Iowa.
Roach Family Researcher: Richard E Russell.
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SHUPE, Peter R SHUPE, a resident of section 17, Calhoun Township, came to Harrison County in January, 1851, and located on section 22 of Raglan Township, where he claimed a quarter-section of land before any survey had been made, and before scarcely anyone inhabited the county.
He was born in Virginia in 1830, the son of Peter and Sarah (Wright) Shupe. Peter Shupe left Virginia with a family in 1842, and went to Brown County, Ill., and remained until the spring of 1846, when he went to Nauvoo and started for the West, and got as far as Council Bluffs (Kanesville). This was in the time of the Mexican War and the Government demanded a Battalion and they made up about five hundred men, among whom were two brothers of our subject -- Andrew Jackson and James. After the men had gone, the rest of the party went into winter quarters, on Kegg Creek, Mills County, where they found rush-beds and there they pitched their tent, and his father and mother died the same day of ague and congestive chills. The same evening his brother came and took the children and started for Farmington, on the Des Moines River, but upon reaching the Soap Creek he died, and Peter, also sick, was taken back to their former camping place, while the remainder of the family went on; one of the children dying near Farmington, and within a short time every member of the family died at Farmington except Thurza, now of Woodbine.
Our subject, Peter R, remained at the house of Franklin Steward until July 4, when they started to Holt County, Mo., for provisions, and on the way there he found a place to work out at $4 per month. He remained in that locality over a year and the following summer worked for the Government, hauling freight to Ft. Laramie, and was thus engaged until 1851, when he came to Harrison County. He was married in Harrison County in May, 1851, to Sintha Lockling, a native of Vermont.
Mr. and Mrs. Shupe have no children of their own, but have adopted four. Politically our subject voted with the Democratic party, but now votes for the best man regardless of party lines.
Source: 1891 History of Harrison County Iowa.
Shupe Family Researcher: Sandra Nolan.
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SMITH, Solomon Jennings. Solomon J Smith came to Harrison County in 1854 or 55 and settled in section 36-81-44. He owned the "Smith's Lake" vicinity. He was born in Lockport, NY on 6/7/1827, son of John and Nancy (Jennings) of Canada, where Solomon spent his early life and education. He followed farming throughout his days.
He went to California in 1849, followed mining when gold was first discovered there. He later retured to New York, moved from there to Dixon, IL, and from there went to Council Bluffs. He settled in section 30 of Little Sioux Twp, where he owned 425 acres. Solomon passed away there on 1/18/1887.
Solomon married Julia PRATT, da. of Ezekial and Lois Mead PRATT. 3 children were born of this union, Alice, Charles, and Emma.
Julia J. was the twin of John PRATT, also of Little Sioux. Their grandfather John was an officer in the American Revolution (from Chesterfield NH). Serena Pratt RILEY, wife of Lyman RILEY was a sister of Julia J. and John PRATT.
Source: Mark Grassman and the 1891 History of Harrison County Iowa.
Smith Family Researcher: Mark Grassman.
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TAMISIEA - Victor TAMISIEA, an enterprising farmer, residing on section 36, of St. John's Township, accompanied his parents to this county, a third of a century ago. They came from New York State in 1857. The father's occupation was that of a farmer, and he located on the farm now occupied by our subject.

He was born Nov 10, 1835 in Oswego County, NY, and is the son of John and Frances (PIGGAR) TAMISIEA, of French descent, who came from France in 1827. The mother's ancestors came to the United States and located in Oswego County, N.Y., in 1827. Her father was Francis Xavier PIGGAR (aka PEGAR or PIGUET) and was of the French Catholic school.

The grandfather of our subject was a physician and surgeon, under Napolean Bonaparte, and his son, (an uncle of our subject) is still a surgeon under the French government. In our subject's father's family, there were thirteen children, eleven of whom survive: F.X., residing in this county; John B., in Oregon; Mary A., deceased; Victor, our subject; Mary, (Mrs. HUEGENY) in California; Adaline, (Mrs. BYARD), living in Pierre, SD; Louis, in Council Bluffs; Joseph D., in Missouri Valley; Edward, in Montezuma, Iowa; Angeline, Mrs. ROBINSON, of Kansas; George A., of Council Bluffs; and Alexander, of Missouri Valley.

Our subject's father was a farmer in Oswego County, N.Y., and Victor was apprenticed to learn the cooper's trade, when but a mere lad, and worked at it until he came West, in 1857.

He was united in marriage March 16, 1862, in Old St. John's, to Mary E. HARRIS, the daughter of Noah and Christina (SKETON) HARRIS, who came from Indiana in 1850. Our subject and his wife are the parents of fifteen children: Stephen A., born 1/5/1863 at St. John's; John N., born 5/20/1865; Mary Rosella, born in St. John's Township, 4/1/1867;, Victor E., born 8/1/1868; Frances Christina, born 9/6/1870, married Thomas M. MCBRIDE of Pottawattamie County; Lorette born 1/11/1873 and died 6/9/1874; Charles Edward, born 1/31/1874, Andrew H., born 1/1/1876, James Albert, born 11/11/1878; Amelia Ann born 1/14/1880; Mary Elizabeth, born 3/23/1882, Anna Janette, born 11/19/1883; Leo Ambrose, born 6/30/1886; Agnes Adel, born 8/10/1888; and Sylvester, born 6/23/1891.

Our subject and his family belong to the Roman Catholic Church, and politically, he is a Democrat.

Mr. TAMISIEA has held the office of Township Trustee for several years, and is looked upon as one of the representative men of his township. His early education was received in the common schools of the Empire State, and after coming to this county, he began work for Drs. George and Robert MCGAVREN, on their farm. He remained with them two years and then rented land on section 25, of St. John's Township. In 1864, he was seized with the gold-mine fever, and went ot Montana, remained three years, working at mining and prospecting, but not being successful in suddenly growing rich from the golden treasures hidden away beneath the rock-ribbed mountainside, he returned to Harrison County and bought the old homestead, having to go in debt for part of it. He has added to his farm from time to time until he has two hundred acres and is free from debt. The land was wild when he purchased it, but it has now come to be a fine farm, one hundred and fifty acres of which is under the plow, while his whole premises give evidence of thrift and order.
Source: 1891 History of Harrison County Iowa.
Tamisiea Family Researcher: Dennis Walsh
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JEFFERSON - Thomas F. JEFFERSON, a native of Boyer Township, Harrison County, Iowa, was born August 13, 1859, and remained at the home of his parents until twenty-five years of age, except eighteen months, during which time he attended Cornell College, at Mt. Vernon, Iowa in 1880-81.

After his return from school he remained at home four years, and then took a trip West, spending most of the time in California, making that country his home for about three years. He returned in March, 1888, and at that time took charge of his father's farm where he has remained ever since.

Our subject is a son of Luke and Mary A. (FARNSWORTH) JEFFERSON, whose sketch appears elsewhere in work.

In his political choice T.F. JEFFERSON is a supporter of the Republican party.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 344
Jefferson Family Researcher: N/A.
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ROSS, William ROSS, a resident of section 21, Jackson Township, came to Harrison County in the spring of 1866. The first three years he rented land, and then had the use of forty acres, by paying the taxes on the same. He lived there fourteen years, and then bought the place he now occupies, consisting of two hundred and sixty-four acres, Here he made good improvements, and kept adding to his land, until now has seven jundred acres, two undred and fifty acres of which are under the plow.
He was born in England, in September, 1834, the son of Jonathan and Ann ROSS. He came to America in 1846, when he was eleven years of age. His parents first located in New Jersey, remaining there five years. He lived at home until he was of age, and then went into the cooper business. He was married in November, 1853, to Salena JOHNSON, duagher of John and Ann JOHNSON, natives of England. Our subject and his wife were the parents of nine children: Ephraim, George, Bert, John, Nettie, Ida, Lizzie, Frank and Dora.
Source: 1891 History of Harrison County Iowa.
Ross Family Researcher: N/A.
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WAKEHOUSE - Conrad WAKEHOUSE, a farmer residing on section 29, of Allen Township, came to Harrison County in the spring of 1878, and purchased forty acres of the farm he now lives upon. The place had some improvements, and he built a house 14x18 feet, with an addition; also a barn and granary. He set out an orchard of forty trees, and has since added to his farm until he now has one hundred and twenty acres, eighty of which is under a fine state of cultivation, while the remainder is in meadow and pasture land, all enclosed by a good fence.

Our subject was born in Germany March 7, 1853, the son of Conrad and Catharina WAKEHOUSE, both natives of Germany. The fruit of this union was five children--Martin, Phillip, William, John and Conrad. The mother and all the children are living in America. Our subject came to America when fourteen years of age, landing in New York and came with his mother and brothers from that city to Indiana and lived there several years, and then exchanged the Hoosier for the Hawkeye State. He was married October, 1874, to Elizabeth HOUSHOU, daughter of Isaac and Sarah HOUSHOU, natives of Pennsylvania, who reared a family of nine children--Amanda, Reuben, Emma and William, Aaron, who died in infancy, Elizabeth, and Annie, deceased.

Mr. and Mrs. WAKEHOUSE are the parents of six children, named as follows: Amanda, John, Martin, William, Charles and Elizabeth.

Mr. WAKEHOUSE is a member of the Lutheran Church, and politically votes with the Democratic party.

Source: 1891 Harrison County Iowa History, pp. 642, 643
Wakehouse Family Researcher: Mary Chandler [Updated email address needed! marycha@advant.com no longer valid].
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