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Harrison County Iowa Genealogy








Dealer in general groceries, is a native of Ill.; came to Iowa in 1875 and engaged in farming near Little Sioux, and in 1877 he engaged in his present business. He enlisted in the war of the rebellion in 1862 in Co. A, 118th Ill. Vol., and was discharged at the close of the war.


Proprietor of hotel and livery stable at Little Sioux, is a native of Pa.; removed to this place in 1865, and engaged in the grocery business. He erected the hotel in 1878, which is a first class house in all its appointments.

COCHRAN, Colonel A.

Born in Va.; located at Little Sioux in 1854; went to Denver and Central City, Col., in 1861, and engaged in mining and mercantile business, and after four years engaged in the land business at Council Bluffs, IA. He owns large land property near Little Sioux, Harrison county.


Dealer in hardware and lumber, is a native of N. Y.; moved to Iowa in 1856 and engaged in farming, near Little Sioux, Harrison county. In 1874 he engaged in his present business.


Dealer in general merchandise, was born in Pa. in 1839; moved to Council Bluffs, Iowa, in 1864, and was employed as salesman in a mercantile house until 1866, when he came to Little Sioux and engaged in his present business.


Dealer in furniture, was born near Montreal, Canada, in 1856; came to Little Sioux, Iowa, in 1879 with but ten cents to start with; is now doing a good business, and is the owner of considerable fine real estate.

ELLIS, Clark

Druggist, was born in Ohio, in 1843, and with his widowed mother, moved to Harrison county, Iowa, in 1853. He enlisted in 1862, in Co. C, 29th IA. Inft.; returned to this county at the close of the war, and engaged for a time in farming, after which he established his present business. He graduated from the Iowa State Pharmacy in 1880, A. M. Ellis, an older brother, now engaged in the stock business at this place, is also an old settler of this county. He enlisted in Co, H, 15th IA,


Dealer in general merchandise was born in Otsego county, N, Y., in 1811; moved to Ill. in 1837; thence in 1846 to Council Bluffs: remained there two years, and then removed to Glenwood, Mills county, of which place he was one of the proprietors. In 1852 he settled at Magnolia, Harrison county, and was the first recorder and treasurer of the county. Five years later he removed to Little Sioux and engaged in his present business.

HOPE, Geo. T.

Of the firm of Hope Bros, photographers and dealers in drugs and furniture, is a native of Green county, N. Y.; moved to Ill, in 1851, and with his brother Wm. H., engaged in farming. In 1870 they moved to Little Sioux, IA., and engaged in the mercantile business. They established their present business in 1879.


Wine and liquor dealer, is a native of Pottawattamie county, IA.; moved to Harrison county in 1854 and engaged in farming. In 1874 he went to Idaho and Montana, where he spent four years; returned and engaged in his present business at Little Sioux.

LANYON, Thomas J.

Postmaster at Little Sioux, was born in Pa., in 1848; moved with his parents to Monona county, IA., in 1858; thence to this place in 1865. In 1870 he was appointed postmaster, and about the same time engaged in the fancy grocery business.

LONG, Mrs. S. J.

Milliner, was born in Ohio, moved to Ill, and in 1864 to Salt Lake City, where she remained two years, and then settled in Little Sioux, Her husband, P. R. Long, is a native of N, Y, and is engaged in bridge and house building at this place.


Banker, stock raiser and dealer in general merchandise, was born in Scotland in 1840; came to America at the age of seventeen years, located at Little Sioux, and was in the employ of the mail service at fifteen dollars per month until 1852, when he removed to Denver, Col, and engaged in the stock and freight business. Six years later he returned to this place and engaged in his present business. He owns a fine stock farm of several hundred acres near town, on which still stands the little old log house that he arrived at in 1857, a penniless Scotch lad. It was the first building used for a store in Harrison county.


Manager of the banking and mercantile business of M. Murray, was born in Ross county, O., in 1831; moved to IA. in 1858, and platted the town of Harlan, Shelby county; remained there until 1862, when he enlisted in Co. C, 29th IA. Vol. He was promoted quarter-master, which office he held until the close of the war. In 1866 he located at Little Sioux and engaged in farming; was secretary of the Harrison Co. Agricultural society for fourteen years; accepted his present position in 1876.


Farmer, was born in C, in 1834; moved to Jackson county, IA., in 1844; thence to Harrison county in 1850, and three years later located at Little Sioux. He devotes his special attention to the raising of fine varieties of potatoes. He raised over three hundred kinds in 1876. Bliss & Sons, of N. Y., offered a premium of one hundred dollars to the one raising the most potatoes from one pound of seed. Mr. P. raised 1,666-3/4 lbs. from one lb., winning the first and also the second premiums. As the offer was open to the world, therefore Mr. Perkins is universally pronounced the Potato King. One hundred of his potatoes averaged two pounds apiece
SMITH, Jeff.

Harness maker, was born in Ill.; moved to IA. in 1868, and located at Sioux City. In 1874 he removed to Little Sioux and engaged in his present business. He deals in all kinds of single and double harness, saddles, robes, whips, etc.


A native of Ind.; moved to IA. in 1855, and settled in Harrison county; was one of the original proprietors of California Junction. He moved to Little Sioux in 1877, and engaged in his present business.

WALIACE, Reuben (M.D.)

Born in Mass. in 1812. He began the practice of medicine in 1845, at North Adams, Mass. In 1849 removed to St. Lawrence county, N. Y., where he remained until 1857, when he came west. At the close of the war he settled in Harrison county, and engaged in the practice of his profession.


Proprietor of billiard parlor, is a native of Mass.; moved to Wis. in 1854; thence in 1859 to Colorado, where he engaged in mining; from there he went back to Oregon and Idaho, and then back to Mass., where he remained one year, and in 1866 came to IA. In 1875 he removed to Salt Lake City, Utah, and engaged in the bottling business. A year later he settled at Little Sioux, and engaged in his present business



Lumber dealer and fanner, was born in Ky. in 1826; removed to Clay county, Mo., in 1837 with parents. In 1846 was sent to England as a Mormon missionary, was gone two years, and in 1849 located at Council Bluffs; removed to Harrison county in 1853 and engaged in farming. He built the first grist mill in the county, which he sold to Dally & Clark. He engaged in the mercantile business in 1856, near the mill; moved the business to Woodbine in 1867 and was burned out the same year. He engaged in the lumber business in the spring of 1881. He owns a farm in Lincoln township of 880 acres, 100 acres in Douglas township and 200 acres in Boyer township. He has been Postmaster in Harrison county twenty years. He severed connection with the Mormon church twenty-five years ago. He was married in
1849 at Birmingham, Eng., to Anna Binnall, and has ten children.


Furniture dealer and undertaker, was born in Indianapolis, Ind., in 1841; came to Harrison county with parents. He enlisted in the 6th IA. Cav.; was engaged against the Indians in Neb. and Dak.; was injured while building a fort at Sioux Falls, Dak., Aug. 13th, 1865, and discharged in Oct. of the same year. He was married in Sept. 1867, to Libbie Irne. He was engaged in farming until May, 1881; bought furniture stock and building of W. Canfield. John S. Cole, father of the subject of this sketch, was one of the first settlers of this county. He was a practicing physician. He was also a member of the county board five terms. Died Aug. 2nd, 1881.

COLE, Orrin DeWitt

Druggist, was born near Woodbine in 1859. His parents came to this county in 1856, and engaged in farming. The business was established in 1870, under firm name of J. S. Cole & Son, his father since retiring from the business.


Deputy postmaster and grocer, was born in Rochester, Minn., in April, 1860; removed with parents to Jeddo, Harrison county, IA., in 1862; the next year they moved to a farm two miles from Woodbine. He is a graduate of Miller's Mercantile College, of Keokuk, IA. In 1879 he moved to Woodbine and engaged in business with his father, who was appointed postmaster in March, 1881.


Dealer in general merchandise, clothing and grain; was born June 29th, 1851, in Cecil county, Md.; moved with parents to Harrison county, IA., in 1867. He graduated from Bailey's Commercial College, at Keokuk, IA., in Feb., 1874. In 1875 located at Woodbine; held the office of postmaster for six years. He was married in 1877 to Florence Daly, and has one child, a son.

DALLY, Joseph W.

Of the firm of Dally & Noyes, proprietors of the Woodbine flouring mills, was born in O. in 1829. He went to Cal. in 1852, and in 1855 settled in Hamilton county, IA. He removed to Harrison county in 1859, and engaged in mercantile business at MagnolIA. He built the Woodbine woolen mills near this place, which he ran six years, and in 1871 built the flouring mills. He is a member of the I. O. O. F., and A. F. & A. M. orders. In 1855 he was married to Miss Goodrich, of Indianapolis, Ind., who died in 1865. He afterwards married Nancy La Ferre, in Harrison county, and has four sons and six daughters.


Farmer, was born in O. in 1834; moved to Council Bluffs, IA., in 1854; thence to Harrison county the same year and engaged in farming, near Woodbine. In 1864 he established the Woodbine nursery, which he recently sold to Pugsley Bros. He was married in 1855 to Olive A. Howorth. They have seven children.

GARNER, George

Proprietor of Woodbine barber shop and temperance billiard hall, was born near Council Bluff's, IA., in April, 1855. In 1861 removed with parents to Raglan Tp., Harrison county, and in Dec., 1881, he bought out the fixtures of O. Elkins, and keeps a strictly temperance hall, with lunch bar in connection.


Dealer in groceries, was born in Spencer county, Ind., in 1840; removed with parents to Mahaska county, IA., in 1848, and to Harrison county in 1856, locating near present town of Woodbine. In 1861 he enlisted in Co. I, Neb. Inft.; was in several prominent battles, and in 1865 was discharged and returned to Harrison county. In 1865, he was elected county auditor, and county recorder in 1866, and in 1870 engaged in the mercantile business, which he continued for three years; then engaged in farming for six years, and in 1881 sold his farm and engaged in his present business. He still owns 240 acres of good farming land in the county. He was postmaster of this city three and one-half years, is a member of A. F. & A. M. order. He was married to Emily Mundy, in 1865, who died in 1870, and in 1872 he was married to Nettie Edgerton.

KIBLER, Sylvester B.

Senior member of the firm of Kibler Bros. & Winter, dealers in general merchandise, was born in Portage county, O., in 1846; moved to Harrison county, IA., with parents in 1853. He engaged in present business with his brother G. H. and in Aug., 1880, they took into the firm Mr. Winter. They have one of the finest buildings in the county, built in 1878. and carry a very large and complete stock of goods; are also agents for the Mason & Hamlin organs and the American sewing machine. S. B. Kibler was married in 1873, to Caroline Ellison.


Harness maker, was born in Hastings, Ontario, Canada, in 1849; removed to Ill. in 1856 and learned his trade at Morrison. He was in business in Syracuse, Otto county, Neb., two years; moved to Dunlap, IA. in 1874, and was engaged in business with Mr. Howard of that place, four years, and removed to Woodbine in 1878. He was marshal of Dunlap two years; is member of encampment, I. O. O. F., and A. F. & A. M. orders. He was married in Shelby county, to Flora McGarvey, and has one child.

LUCE, Charles F.

Land, loan, and collecting agent, was born in Wis. in 1860. He graduated from the Morgan Park Military Academy, in 1877; came to Harrison county, IA., in same year locating at Woodbine engaging in lumber and grain business which he continued two years, and then engaged in stock business, which he still carries on in connection with the agency, which he established in 1881. Office in the new Boyer Bank building. He is a member of the I. O. O. F., order. In 1879 and 1880 he was deputy sheriff and jailor of Woodbine.

MAGDEN, Capt. Wm. M.

Attorney at law, was born in Genesee county, N. Y., in 1818; he removed to Wayne county, Mich., and engaged in the manufacture of agricultural implements; afterwards studied law in the office of Morgan & Joslin, at Elgin, Ill., and with Gen. Baker, at Clinton, IA., two years, and admitted to the bar in Clinton county, in Dec., 1859, Judge Dillon presiding. He practiced in that county until 1862 and enlisted in the 26th IA. Inft., served three years, and was promoted to captain. He was in a number of prominent battles and was wounded in the
right arm by a ball, in the right side by a bursting shell, and lost the ends of two fingers of the left hand. He was discharged in 1864, and returned to Clinton county; removed to Dunlap, Harrison county, in 1870, and soon after opened an office at Woodbine. He is a member of the A. F. & A. M. order. In 1855, he was married to Elizabeth Gates, at Elgin, Ill., and has ten children.

MANN, John Jr.

Farmer, owns 240 acres in Allen township. He was born in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1853; came with parents to Woodbine, IA., in 1871. His farm is well improved, and he makes stock raising his main object, and we may well say, has one of the finest stock farms in the county. He is a member of the I. O. O. F. lodge. He was married in April, 1881, to Candace L. Imley, of Magnolia, IA.


Of the firm of Mathews & Kling, dealers in lumber, grain and machinery, was born in Troy, Walworth county, Wis., in 1843. He was for twelve years engaged in the manufacture of brooms, at Stoughton, Wis. In 1877 he came to Woodbine, IA., and engaged in present business, with L. M. Kellogg and Mr. Kling. The former sold his interest in the fall of 1881. Mr. M. was married in Troy, Wis., in 1867, to Mary E. Kling. They have two sons and one daughter.


Land, loan, tax-paying and insurance agent, was born in Guilford county, N. C., Oct. 28th, 1826; moved with parents to Miami county, Ind., and in May, 1856, came to Harrison county, IA., and engaged in farming on two hundred acres, one mile from the present town of Woodbine. He opened present land office in 1879. He was married in Miami county, Ind., to Mrs. Elizabeth Hunt, daughter of Captain Rector. They have two children.


Publisher of the Woodbine Twiner, the county official paper, was born in Kendall, Westmoreland county, Eng., in 1837; came to America with parents in 1848; and settled in Harrison county, IA., in 1851. He first began the printing business in St. Louis, afterwards at Council Bluffs, and then engaged in publishing the Western Star, at Magnolia, it being Harrison county's first paper; was republican in politics. In 1873 he moved his office to Logan, where he remained three years; and then sold to Geo. Ross, of Harlan, Shelby county, to which place
the office was removed. Mr. Musgrave's next venture was at Tekamah, Neb., where he published the Nebraska Advocate; finally sold out and located at Woodbine and established the Twiner, which has a subscription list of about nine hundred, and an office fitted in first-class manner.

SAMSON, W. C. (M.D.)

Born in Bateman town, Knox county, 0.; removed with parents to Licking county, O. In 1863 he enlisted in the 76th O. Vet. Vol., was through Gen. Sherman's campaign, march to the sea, etc., and a large number of the prominent battles; was discharged in July, 1865; returned to Ohio, and after visiting home, came to IA., again returning to O. to attend the Medical College, at Cincinnati, from which he graduated in 1875. He then came to Cedar Rapids, IA., and engaged in the practice of medicine with Dr. Yarnell, of that city. In the spring
of 1876, removed to Woodbine and is now recognized as one of the leading physicians in the county. He was married April 4th, 1878, to Laura A. Pugsley, at Woodbine. They have one child. Dr. S. has been a member of the city council several years; is a charter member of the I. O. O. F. lodge.

WILLEY, Comstock

Farmer, was born in Ashtabula county, O., in 1821; removed to Harrison county, IA., in 1867, and located on present farm, in Boyer township; owns 170 acres of good farming land, well improved, with bearing vineyard of two hundred vines, and good young orchard. He has been justice of the peace five years; is a member of the A. F. & A. M. order. He was married in Ashtabula county, O., to Rosanna Bell, and has four children.

WOOD, Irving C. (M.D.)

Born in 1857, in Franklin county, N. Y., attended the Delaware Institute, at Franklin, graduating in the literary course in 1875. He attended the Medical Department, of University, at N. Y. City, also Jefferson Medical College, at PhiladelphIA. Pa., where he received degree in 1880; the following spring took a practical course in operative surgery at the Philadelphia School of Anatomy, and was assistant surgeon at the Pa. hospital in out-patient surgical department one year. In July, 1881, he located at Woodbine, IA.: office at Mr. Giddings' drug store. Dr. Wood is already enjoying a lucrative practice. He is a member of the A. F.& A. M. order.


Proprietor of Temperance billiard hall, was born in 1860, in Harrison county, IA. He is a son of Richard Vining, one of the oldest settlers of the county. He established business in Dec., 1881; keeps for sale confectionery and cigars, but no intoxicants of any kind.


Architect, contractor, and builder, was born in Pa. in 1836; located in Harrison county in 1858, settled at Little Sioux and worked at his trade; in 1862 was elected drainage commissioner, and in the fall of 1863, was elected recorder and treasurer of county, and at the expiration of the term, was employed by the railroad company buying rights of way and land for the company. In 1867 he engaged in mercantile business, at Magnolia, and sold out in 1870, and engaged in manufacturing woolen goods, and milling, near Woodbine; sold to Noyes& Adams in 1874, and engaged in his present business. He is a member of the A. F. & A. M. order. He was married in 1861, at Little Sioux to Effie H. Schoefield, and has one son and three daughters.



Source: History of Western Iowa, Western Publishing Company, Sioux City, 1882