World War II Honor List of
Dead and Missing Army and Army Air Force
Personnel from Hardin Co., Iowa




Selective Service #


Status of Death

Last Known Status



Brower, Calvin R. 37432579 Pfc KIA Buried Henri-Chapelle, Belgium  
Burlage, Collin N. T-193278 FL 0 DNB      
Clough, Charles W. 37658211 Pfc KIA Buried The Netherlands  
Cox, Warren H. 37443289 Tech5 KIA Buried Alden Cemetery Alden
Dickenson, Darrell R. 37438621 Sgt KIA Buried Ardennes, France  
Elliot, Samuel F. 37678716 Sgt KIA Buried Hazel Green Cemetery Etna
Gannon, John J. 37044938 Pfc KIA Buried Hazel Green Cemetery Etna
Harless, Virgil C. 37438620 Cpl DOW Buried    
Harms, Edward 37653415 Pvt FOD Buried Sicily & Rome, Italy  
Haskin, Norris L. Q-665304 1 Lt Fod Missing Cambridge, England  
Herbrechtsmeier, E.L. 02048333 2 Lt DNB Buried Hubbard Cemetery Tipton
Huff, Melvin L. 37678751 Cpl FOD Missing Ft. William McKinley, Manila the Philippines  
Johnson, Edward W. 37046659 Pvt DNB Buried New Providence Cemetery New Providence
Johnson, John H. 37165052 Pvt DNB Buried Union Cemetery Union
Krambeer, Leo J. 37694809 Pvt KIA Buried Eldora Cemetery Eldora
Marks, Carleton L. 0-704266 2 Lt DNB Buried Eldora Cemetery Eldora
Matz, Harold D. 17151491 Cpl KIA Buried The Netherlands  
Meyer, Maurice B. 17003676 Sgt KIA Buried North Africa  
Mulford, Jonas R. 0-433719 2 Lt DNB Buried Union Cemetery Union
Nelson, Richard N. 37683610 SSgt KIA      
Olson, Truman O. 37112603 Sgt KIA Buried Stavanger Cemetery Concord
Ose, Keith T. 01318218 2 Lt KIA      
Parrish, Virgil D. 37195137 SSgt KIA Buried Henri-Chapelle, Belgium  
Redix, Dean A. 37447702 Cpl DNB      
Reece, Mayo J. 0-553142 1 Lt DNB Buried Honey Creek Cemetery New Providence
Ridout, Wilbur B. 0-661376 2 Lt KIA Buried Jackson Twp. Cemetery Jackson
Riley, Merle E. 0-716879 2 Lt KIA      
Ritland, Ernest O. 37118493 Sgt KIA Buried Luxembourg  
Shoemaker, Clarence E. 37666139 Pvt KIA Buried Sicily & Rome, Italy  
Smith, Donald R. 37666145 AV C DNB Buried Union Cemetery Union
Townsend, Clarence A. 01290501 Cpl KIA      
Wierson, Orvie T. 37043018 Cpl KIA Buried Sicily & Rome, Italy  


KIA - Killed in Action
DOW - Died of Wounds
DOI - Died of Injuries
DNB - Died Non-Battle
FOD - Finding of Death (under Public Law 490)
M - Missing


Information provided by the U.S. National Archives
Washington, D.C.