Kidwiler Cemetery, Jackson Township, Hardin County, Iowa

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June 2000

Kidwiler Cemetery, Jackson Township, Section 1

Pioneer Cemetery - Abandoned 

Hardin County's oldest cemetery is tucked away so far from the road that probably few of the county's younger residents even know it exists. Here the lonely winds whisper through lonesome pines in Kidwiler cemetery, trees which perhaps form shadows of memoriers of early Hardin county settlers.

This cemetery is located, south of the vanished town of Eagle City, or take the first road south of Iowa Falls Airport, east 7 miles, north 1/2 mile and 1/3 mile west, back in a pasture.

This cemetery is not maintained, it is grown over with weeds, brush, and trees, the stones are hard to find and many are missing.

Compiled by Glenn & Sally Paul 1974. 

KIDWILER, Jane A. July 25, 1867 24y 4m 8 d
KIDWILER, Mary June 23, 1863 wife J. Kidwiler
KIDWILER, Jacob June 18, 1863 58y 8m 21d
KIDWILER, Rachael Sept. 21, 1852 dau of J & M Kidwiler
LAMBRIGHT, Mary Sept. 1, 1868 1yr 11m 21d dau of M & J
LAMBRIGHT, Mary Aug. 1. 1868 22y 5m 3d w/J.L.
LAMBRIGHT, Emanuel June 21, 1866 5m 11d son of J & M
LAMBRIGHT, Rachael July 5, 1863 26y 2m 11d dau of H & E
LAMBRIGHT, Henry Nov. 11, 1869  
LAMBRIGHT, Jacob history states he is buried here but no tombstone was found  
LIVENGOOD, Samuel Dec 23, 1862 22y 9m 7d
LIVENGOOD, John W. May 25, 1856 2 d son of S & B
POTTS, Mary Ann Feb. 25, 1857 11m 8d dau of J & EJ
POTTS, John history states he is buried here but no tombstone was found  
REDINGER, John Mar. 25, 1875 4y 9m 15d son of FR&RJ Redinger
RILEY, William history states he is buried here but no tombstone was found