From the David Shedlock Collection, 2019




Ackley Main Street Ackley Main Street Color Ackley Railroad Bridge
Ackley, Main Street Ackley, Main Street Ackley, Railroad Bridge
Ackley Combined Public Schools Ackley Business District Ackley Park Scene
Ackley, Combined High School & Public School Ackley, Business District Ackley, Park Scene
Ackley Presbyterian Church Ackley Public Park Ackley Residences
Ackley, Presbyterian Church Ackley, Public Park Ackley, Residences
Ackley More Residences Ackley Sacred Heart Academy Ackley School House
Ackley, Additional Residences Ackley, Sacred Heart Academy Ackley, School House
Ackley Evangelical Church Ackley - Hotel Ackley  
Ackley, Evangelical Church Ackley, Hotel Ackley  


Alden Public School Alden Cemetery Alden City Park
Alden, Public School Alden, Cemetery Alden, City Park
Alden Park Bandstand Alden Methodist Church  
Alden, Park Bandstand Alden, Methodist Church  
Josephy Nachatel Building Alden High School Alden High School
Alden, Joseph Nachatel Building Alden, High School Alden, High School
Alden Houses on the Palisades    
Alden, Houses Overlooking the Pallisades    


Eldora Public Library Eldora Boat House Eldora Boat House
Eldora, Public Library Eldora, Boat House Eldora, Boat House
Eldora Grade School Eldora - Iowa Industrial School Eldora Newcomer Building
Eldora, Grade School Eldora, Iowa Industrial School Eldora, Newcomer Building
Eldora Pine Lake State Park Pine Lake State Park Pine Lake State Park
(Eldora) Pine Lake State Park (Eldora) Pine Lake State Park (Eldora) Pine Lake State Park
Eldora Pine Lake Eldora Methodist Church Eldora Hospital
(Eldora) Pine Lake from Country Club Eldora, Methodist Church Eldora, Hospital
Eldora High School Eldora Congregational Church Eldora North River Bridge
Eldora, High School Eldora, Congregational Church Eldora, North River Bridge
Eldora Group of Photos Eldora, A Residential Street Scene Eldora - Iowa Industrial School
Eldora, Assortment of Postcards Eldora, A Residence Street Scene Eldora, Iowa Industrial School
Hardin County Courthouse in Eldora Eldora Menta Auto Garage Eldora "High Bridge"
(Eldora) Hardin County Courthouse Eldora, Menta Auto Garage Eldora, "High Bridge"
Eldora Horse and Buggy Scene Eldora Iowa River Viaduct Eldora North Washington Street
Eldora, Horse and Buggy Scene Eldora, Iowa River Viaduct Eldora, North Washington Street
Eldora Northwest Section Eldora Opera House Eldora Public Square
Eldora, Northwest Section of Town Eldora, Opera House Eldora, Public Square
Eldora Public Square Eldora Street Scene Eldora Various Businesses
Eldora, Birdseye View of Public Square Eldora, Street Scene Eldora, Various Businesses and Scenes
Eldora Washington Street Eldora Emergency Hospital  
Eldora, Washington Street Eldora, Emergency Hospital  


Hubbard Main Street Hubbard Public School Hubbard Snowy Street Scene
Hubbard, Main Street Hubbard, Public School Hubbard, Snowy Street Scene


Iowa Falls Ellsworth College Iowa Falls Hospital Ellsworth Hospital
Iowa Falls, Ellsworth College Iowa Falls, Ellsworth College Hospital Iowa Falls, Ellsworth College Hospital
Iowa Falls Municipal Hospital Iowa Falls Highland Park Pets Ellsworth College Main Building
Iowa Falls, Municipal Hospital Iowa Falls, Highland Park Pets Iowa Falls, Ellsworth College Main Building
Iowa Falls Rock Run Canyon and Bridge Iowa Falls Central Park Iowa Falls Baptist Church
Iowa Falls, Rock Run Canyon Iowa Falls, Central Park Iowa Falls, Baptist Church
Iowa Falls Oak Street Bridge Iowa Falls Birdseye View Iowa Falls Burgess Spring
Iowa Falls, Oak Street Bridge Iowa Falls, Birdseye View Iowa Falls, Burgess Spring
Iowa College Ellsworth College Iowa Falls Ellsworth College Caroline Hall Iowa Falls Baptist  Assembly Grounds
Iowa Falls, Ellworth College 1918 Iowa Falls, Ellsworth College, Caroline Hall Iowa Falls, Baptist Assembly Grounds
Iowa Falls Chautuqua Grounds Iowa Falls City Hall Iowa Falls Dancing Pavillion
Iowa Falls, Chautauqua Grounds Iowa Falls, City Hall Iowa Falls, Dancing Pavillion
Iowa Falls First Congregational Church Iowa Falls High School Iowa Falls Hotel Woods Building
Iowa Falls, First Congregational Church Iowa Falls, High School Iowa Falls, Hotel Woods Building
Iowa Falls Marshall Homestead Iowa Falls Methodist Church Iowa Falls Oak Park
Iowa Falls, Mashall Homestead Iowa Falls, Methodist Church Iowa Falls, Oak Park
Iowa Falls Oak Park Iowa Falls People Trust Savings Bank Iowa Falls Post Office
Iowa Falls, Oak Park Iowa Falls,, Peoples Trust Savings Bank Iowa Falls, Post Office
Iowa Falls Post Office 1930s Iowa Falls Richard Bristol Playing in Front of Grandmother's House Iowa Falls Siloam Springs
Iowa Falls, Post Office (1930s) Iowa Falls, Richard Bristol Playing in Front of Grandma's House Iowa Falls, Siloam Springs
Iowa Falls Siloam Springs    
Iowa Falls, Siloam Springs    


New Providence General Store    
New Providence, General Store    


Owasa Ranson House Owasa Schools  
Owasa, Ranson House Owasa, Both Town Schools in One Building  


Radcliffe Utilities Radcliffe Bergfeld Residence Radcliffe Business Street
Radcliffe, Gas Plant and Water Works Radcliffe, Bergfeld Residence Radcliffe, Business Street
Radcliffe Main Street North Radcliffe Petre Church Radcliffe Public Schools
Radcliffe, Main Street North Radcliffe, Petre Church Radcliffe, Public Schools
Radcliffe Water Tower    
Radcliffe, Water Tower    


Steamboat Rock Methodist Church Parsonage? Steamboat Rock Scenic River Steeamboat Rock Various Town Churches
Steamboat Rock, Methodist Church Parsonage? Steamboat Rock, Scenic River Steamboat Rock, Various Town Churches


Union, Center Street Union Congregational Church  
Union, Center Street Union, Congregational Church  


Whitten Methodist Church Whitten AirShips  
Whitten, Methodist Church Whitten, "Airships" (Fantasy Postcard)  

HARDIN COUNTY (unknown town)

Unknown Hardin County City Hall Hardin County Just Sketching Away An Hardin County Post Office (plalce unidentified)
Unknow town in Hardin County, IA, City Hall Hardin County, Sketching Class Unknown town in Hardin County, IA, Post Office