West Lake (aka Twin Lakes) Cemetery

West Lake Cemetery, AKA Twin Lakes Cemetery, AKA Scandinavian Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery, near Kanawha, was canvassed by W.P.A. workers in the late 1930's.  Please note ONLY males are listed below. Many bodies were moved to the township cemetery west of Kanawha.  Earliest record of burial 1894.  The transcript below is from those records. Submitted by Gail C. Linahon, Hancock County Genealogical Society member.

Nels Anderson
1820-January 21, 1920
husband of Bertha

Charley D. Barnes
1866-January 7, 1886
son of Charles and Caroline

Lewis Brown

Ole N. Ekanger

Andrew Eliason
1850-October 23, 1925

Nels S. Eliason
husband of Hannah

Swan Hanson
husband of Betsy

John Axel Johnson
1866-March 24, 1913

Michael Passmore
September 8, 1898-December 30, 1984

John E. Pearson
1867-May 22, 1918

Haynes Phillips

Ernest Pingel
1824-July 16, 1891

August C. Steffen
1836-January 4, 1891

Ludwig Steffen
1864-February 15, 1902
husband of Lena

Lars Tofte
1849-October 20, 1911