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St Patricks Cemetery


St. Patrick's Cemetery, near the town of Britt, was canvassed in the late 1930's by W.P.A. workers.  Note that ONLY males are listed.  The transcript below is taken from those records.  Submitted by Gail C. Linahon, Hancock County Genealogical Society member.


Edward Barnes
1865-May 28, 1891
son of John and Ann

John Barnes
1833-January 28, 1898
husband of Ann

John Barnes
1866-December 19, 1937

Frank T. Brown
1868-May 16, 1910

Thomas Brown
1836-March 5, 1903
Co. B 1st Minn. inf. Civil War

Martin Buckley
1857-December 18, 1932
husband of Ellen Quinlan children-- Mrs. A. H. Kahstorf, Raymond, Mrs. Joe Chizek, Agnes, Cecelie

Joseph Burnes
1864-February 22, 1882
son of Charles and Bridget

Edward Campbell
no dates
husband of Mary

Charles F. Castle

Joseph M. Colter
1849-August 8, 1910

Michel June Cosgrove
1870-January 1, 1901

William K. Doughan
1854-December 6, 1914
husband of Ellen F. Killdea; children-- Agnes, Anna, Leo, Mary, Harry, Mrs. Frank Mulin, William, Jr.

Patrick Durnin
1850-August 28, 1928
husband of Margaret Tubman; children-- John W., Thos., Cora E., James, Charles

John Fitzpatrick
husband of Maggie

Orval H. Foster
1889-March 7, 1936
World War veteran

---- Holloway
March 7, 1882-February 14, 1908
son of Joseph and Ella

Michael Jorden
1875-November 2, 1934

Patrick Jorden
1843-February 16, 1908
husband of Anna E.

Martin Kelly
August 18, 1889-October 24, 1923
son of M. J.; husband of Anna Sherman

William H. Laclair
October 1803-September 21, 1925
son of Tom and Polly

James V. Larson
husband of Mary E.

John P. Lichman
1878-March 17, 1933
husband of Anna

Martin Lichman

Patrick Lynch
1869-February 14, 1907

Frank J. McGruder

Frank M. McGruder
died 25th of June 1924
World War veteran

Leo McGruder
July 7, 1899-September 4, 1920
son of Frank J.

Michael McGruder
1812-January 31, 1891
G A R marker on grave
husband of Ann

Michael McGruder
1859-June 19, 1902

Patrick McGruder
1854-September 27, 1925
husband of Mary

Christopher McGurk
husband of Catherine

Michael McGurk
Age 92 years

Thomas Christopher McGurk
1876-October 7, 1927
husband of Genevieve Carney; son of Christopher

Bernard McMahon
1816-October 20, 1908
husband of Catherine

John J. McMahon

Charles J. Mackin
1857-August 27, 1932
son of Michael and Katherine

James G. Mackin
1863-July 1, 1938

Dennis McMahon
1859-February 17, 1938

Patrick H. Meigham
1836-December 20, 1906
husband of Susan

Michael Meleney
husband of Delia

William Meleney
January 1, 1871-September 25, 1936
son of Michael; husband of Katherine O'Rourke; children-- Mrs Lee Brett, Mrs Willard Evans, Mrs. Leo Yegge, Mrs. Jack Baylor, Lee

Peter Molloy
1846-March 12, 1919
husband of Bridget

Michael Mukin
1826-November 16, 1900

Bernard Mullin
1834-March 16, 1907
husband of Maria

Arthur Nugent
1819-December 1, 1887

Michael Nugent
1840-June 27, 1899
Co. H 34th Ill. inf.
husband of Mary A.

Bernard Ormsby
August 31, 1901-April 12, 1932
son of Margaret andThomas

Thomas Ormsby
husband of Margaret

James W. O'Rourk
January 4, 1874-February 2, 1935
husband of Anna McGurk

John O'Rourk
Co. D 6th Ia. Cav.

Michael O'Rourk

Joseph O'Shea
husband of May

Edwin O. Rood
1842-August 11, 1911
Co. A 52nd Ill. inf. Civil War
husband of Margaret

James A. Redden
1864-July 22, 1936
Francis, Mrs. B. L. Anderson

Paul Schiesberg
1849-February 4, 1932
husband of Mary C.

Patrick Sheridan
1851-June 19, 1903

John J. Spalla

Frank A. Steinhopp

Christopher C. Sullivan
died 14th of February 1927
World War veteran

John Sullivan
1840-August 13, 1908

Phillip C. Sullivan
December 26, 1883-May 11, 1934

Edmund Turner
1860-April 27, 1929
husband of Katherine Hoy; children-- Mrs. Ed Mead, Mrs. Hugh Hanapel, Mrs. Fritz Tyrell