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Compiled by the Hancock County Iowa Genealogical Society

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   8 Jan 2016      

    LAST NAME               FIRST NAME            BIRTH DATE      BIRTH PLACE      DEATH DATE      AGE           DEATH PLACE            FATHER                 MOTHER                                  OTHER INFORMATION                                CEMETERY
 ================ =============================== =========== ==================== =========== ============ ===================== ==================== ======================== ================================================================= ====================   
 Zabel            Judy Lyn                                                                                                                                                      see Livingston                                                    Corwith
 Zabrinsky        Alice M (Elizabeth)                                                                                                                                           see Palvelka                                                      St Johns Catholic
 Zaspel           Grace P                                1919                             2003                                                                                                                                                    Avery Township
 Zaunck           Annie E                                                                                                                                                       see Daylor                                                        Evergreen
 Zavitz           Marjorie June                                                                                                                                                 see Jefson                                                        Madison Township
 Zeidler          Eckard Alolph                   26 Mar 1883 Howard Lake MN       20 Feb 1958 74y          Klemme Hancock Co IA  Karl                 Eva Hamon                Par of Howard                                                     Ell Township
 Zeidler          Howard                           2 Mar 1913 Klemme Hancock Co IA 20 Mar 1913 18d          Klemme Hancock Co IA  Eckard A             Minnie Louise Velau                                                                        Ell Township
 Zeidler          Minnie Louise Velau              2 Jun 1887 Hancock County Iowa   8 Jun 1981 94y 6m       Garner Hancock Co IA  Johann Charles Velau Johanna Kraak            Wife of Eckard A;  Marr 1910                                      Ell Township
 Zeiger           ---                             25 Apr 1905 Garner Hancock Co IA 27 Apr 1905              Garner Hancock Co IA  Frank W                                       Son                                                               Concord Township
 Zeiger           ---                             28 Mar 1911 Iowa                 29 Mar 1912              Garner Hancock Co IA  Frank W              Joy Jane Lamson          Dau;  co rec b:1912, ae:1d                                        Concord Township
 Zeiger           Catherine Amelia Ellsworth             1851                             1932                                                                                  Wife of Nathaniel W (1842); Marr 26 May 1869;  Par of C W, +1 dau Concord Township
 Zeiger           Clarence Wilson                 24 Aug 1872                      24 Jun 1944                                    Nathaniel W          Catherine Ellsworth      Par of Monroe                                                     Concord Township
 Zeiger           Cora Helen Miller               17 Jun 1876                      24 Aug 1942                                                                                  Wife of Marvin N (1876)                                           Concord Township
 Zeiger           Frank Wesley                    31 Mar 1879 Eldora Hardin Co IA  18 May 1952                                    Nathaniel W          Catherine Ellsworth      Par of Katherine, Marion, Peggy                                   Concord Township
 Zeiger           Joy June Lamson                 19 Jul 1881 Clear Lake Iowa      18 Jun 1965              Garner Hancock Co Ia  George T Lamson      Nancy Duncan             Wife of Frank W (1879);  Marr 22 Jun 1904                         Concord Township
 Zeiger           Marvin N                        25 Jan 1876 Eldora Iowa           1 Oct 1945              Mason City Iowa       Nathaniel (Willis)   Catherine Ellsworth      Par of Audrey, Dorothy, Maxine                                    Concord Township
 Zeiger           Minnie Cooper                   14 Mar 1880 Ohio                  5 Aug 1934              Fort Dodge Iowa       Mercer Bond Cooper                            Wife of Clarence W (1872);  Marr 1 Oct 1901                       Concord Township
 Zeiger           Nathaniel W  (Willis)           28 Aug 1842 Perysville Indiana   29 Mar 1921                                                                                  Par of Marvin, Frank, Fern, Jessie;  Co A 12th Ia Inf;  b:23      Concord Township
 Zeigler          Alice G                                                                                                                                                       see Schott                                                        Evergreen
 Zeigler          Altie                            6 Oct 1885                      26 Apr 1894 8y 6m 26d                                                                                                                                          Corwith
 Zeigler          Anna Marie Olthoff Johnson       4 Mar 1917 Kanawha Iowa         20 Oct 1977 60y 7m 16d   Kanawha Iowa          Erick Olthoff        Anna                     Hus #1 Ervin F Zeigler (1915) - #2 Carl E Johnson;  b:24 Feb      Amsterdam Township
 Zeigler          Anna Williamson                        1902                      16 Apr 1922 20y 1m       Hancock County Iowa                                                 Wife of Glenn B (1898)                                            Amsterdam Township
 Zeigler          Anna Wilma Marie Geilenfeldt    30 Jan 1897 Warren Illinois      22 Sep 1993              Kanawha Iowa          Frank Geilenfeldt    August Thome             Wife of Vernon J (1899);  Marr 12 Jan 1921                        Evergreen
 Zeigler          Arlene M Severson                2 Sep 1912 Kanawha Iowa         24 Nov 2003              Britt Hancock Co Ia   Henry H Severson     Marguerite Johnson       Wife of Elmer J (1908);  Marr 9 Dec 1930                          Amsterdam Township
 Zeigler          Arthur E                         1 Nov 1920 Kanawha Iowa         11 May 1996              Mason City Iowa       Ira                  Ava Dell Martin          Par of Roger, Carol                                               Amsterdam Township
 Zeigler          Ava Dell Martin                  8 Oct 1884 Hancock County Iowa  21 Jan 1952 68y          Kanawha Iowa          James Martin         Dora Woods               Wife of Ira (1882);  Marr 25 Nov 1902                             Amsterdam Township
 Zeigler          Benjaman F                      29 Apr 1871 Livingston County IL 21 Jul 1937                                    Jacob                Margaret Fleischman      b:1870;  Par of Vernon, Alice                                     Evergreen
 Zeigler          Bertha Ann Tripp                 8 Oct 1879 Kanawha Iowa         21 Dec 1933              Watertown S D         William Tripp                                 Wife of David (1877)                                              Corwith
 Zeigler          Blanche Darlene                 22 Mar 1955 Webster City Iowa    31 Jan 2006              Corwith Iowa                                                        Wife of David J (1949);  Marr 12 Jul 1980                         Evergreen
 Zeigler          Carrie V                                                                                                                                                      see Wilhite                                                       Corwith
 Zeigler          Cecil Edward                    13 Mar 1904 Corwith Iowa         18 Jan 1972 67y 10m 5d   Mason City Iowa       Ira Zeigler          Ava Dell Martin          Par of Lucille                                                    Amsterdam Township
 Zeigler          Dale Franklin                   27 Jan 1922                       9 Jul 1977                                    Vernon J             Anna W M Geilenfeldt     Par of Ronald, David, Nelda, Amber;  Tec 5 US Army                Evergreen
 Zeigler          Darlene M Baumgartner            4 Feb 1935                      28 Oct 1970                                                                                  Wife of John Jr                                                   Evergreen
 Zeigler          David Frederick                 10 Nov 1877 Streator Illinois     5 Nov 1932              Henry South Dakota    Jacob                Margaret Fleischman      Par of Opal, Floyd, Harvey, Elry, Merle, Lawrence, Viva, Walter   Corwith
 Zeigler          David J                                1949                                                                                                                   Par of Angela                                                     Evergreen
 Zeigler          Dawn Arends                     22 Aug 1937                                                                     Richard L Arends     Jennie Ilene Veldhouse   Wife of Lyle (1933);  Marr 18 Mar 1956                            Amsterdam Township
 Zeigler          Elmer James                     28 Oct 1908 Hancock County Iowa  15 Dec 1975 67y 1m 16d   Belmond Wright Co IA  Ira                  Ava Dell Martin          Par of Hazel, Lyle, James, Wayne, Merlin, Mardell, David, Joan    Amsterdam Township
 Zeigler          Emma Luella Deibler             18 May 1872 Ogle County Illinois  5 Jun 1957                                    James B Deibler      Eva Meyer                Wife of Benjaman F;  Marr 6 Oct 1896 (1892)                       Evergreen
 Zeigler          Ervin Franklin                         1915                      27 Aug 1950                                    Ira                  Ava Dell Martin          Marr 15 Dec 1937;  moved from Britt Cem                           Amsterdam Township
 Zeigler          Gladys Stead                           1913                             2004                                                                                  Wife of Loren D (1908); Marr 21 May 1936                          Corwith
 Zeigler          Glen Brown                       3 Mar 1898 Hancock County Iowa  18 Feb 1959              Hancock County Iowa   John                 Josephine Stufflebeam    Par of Betty, Mary, John, Arlon;  b:May;  d:17                    Evergreen
 Zeigler          Ida Opal                                                                                                                                                      see Burns                                                         Corwith
 Zeigler          Ira                              8 Sep 1882 Livingston County IL 27 Sep 1961 79y          Kanawha Iowa          Jacob                Mary Fleischman          Par of Cecil, Vera, Elmer, Ervin, Arthur, Verle, Velma;  d:26     Amsterdam Township
 Zeigler          Jacob                           31 May 1838 Pennsylvania         23 Apr 1896              Britt Hancock Co IA                                                 Par of Benjamin, Ira, David, + 1 dau                              Corwith
 Zeigler          John Brown                      31 Aug 1861 Hoopeston Illinois   31 Jul 1931              Kanawha Iowa                                                        Par of Carrie, Glenn                                              Evergreen
 Zeigler          Josephine Stufflebeam            2 Dec 1866                      14 Jan 1927              Hancock County Iowa                                                 Wife of John (1861);  Marr 21 Feb 1888                            Evergreen
 Zeigler          Laura H Johnson                 13 Sep 1903 Kanawha Iowa         15 Mar 1976 72y 7m 2d    Mason City Iowa       Andrew Johnson       Augusta                  Wife of Cecil E (1904);  Marr 16 Feb 1926                         Amsterdam Township
 Zeigler          Linda Ruth Omvig                 9 Nov 1948 Belmond Wright Co Ia 10 Aug 2009              Clarion Wright Co Ia  Arthur M Omvig       Marjorie L Carlson       Wife of Robert E (1948);  Marr 1 Oct 1966                         Amsterdam Township
 Zeigler          Loren David                     22 Jul 1908 Kanawha Iowa         31 Oct 1988              Fort Dodge Iowa       David                Bertha Tripp                                                                               Corwith
 Zeigler          Lyle                            10 Feb 1933                                                                     Elmer                Arlene Severson          Par of Dennis, Douglas, Danny, Lyn                                Amsterdam Township
 Zeigler          Mary "Margaret" Fleischman      26 Jan 1843 Indiana              18 Feb 1903 60y 23d                                                                          Wife of Jacob (1838)                                              Corwith
 Zeigler          Mary E Huntley                  14 Dec 1943                                                                                                                   Wife of Wayne A (1938);  Marr 17 Feb 1963                         Amsterdam Township
 Zeigler          Maxine M Umstead                       1924                                                                                                                   Wife of Dale F (1922)                                             Evergreen
 Zeigler          Robert E  "Bob"                  7 Sep 1948                                                                     Ervin                                         Par of Melanie, Joel, Pamela                                      Amsterdam Township
 Zeigler          Ruby Bell Berhow                 9 May 1927 Kanawha Iowa          2 Mar 2014              Boone Iowa            Albert J Berhow      Bessie Bell Carr         Wife of Arthur E (1920);  Marr 25 Oct 1942                        Amsterdam Township
 Zeigler          Velma Marie Larson                                                                                                                                            see Cook                                                          Amsterdam Township
 Zeigler          Vera F                                                                                                                                                        see Babcock                                                       Amsterdam Township
 Zeigler          Verle M                                                                                                                                                       see Terhark                                                       Amsterdam Township
 Zeigler          Vernon James                    23 Dec 1899 Kanawha Iowa          5 Feb 1957              Rochester Minnesota   Benjamin F           Emma Luella Deibler      Par of Dale, Edna                                                 Evergreen
 Zeigler          Viva Mae                                                                                                                                                      see Brown                                                         Corwith
 Zeigler          Walter Leroy                    18 Nov 1901                       9 May 1907 5y 5m 21d                          David Frederick      Bertha Ann Tripp         b:1902                                                            Corwith
 Zeigler          Wayne Allen                     23 May 1938 Goodell Iowa         14 Nov 1995              Ankeny Polk Co Iowa   Elmer                Arlene Severson          Par of Sheryl, Debra, Lisa, Kathleen, Richard                     Amsterdam Township
 Zeman            Ida R Formanek                  31 Aug 1895 Hancock County Iowa  10 May 1930 34y          Hancock County Iowa   Joseph Formanek      Anna Tanda               Wife of Wesley;  Marr 23 May 1916;  Par of Margaret, Bernard      St Johns Catholic
 Zesch            Sharon D Chapman Schnell                                                                                                                                      see Sandry                                                        Avery Township
 Zielie           Alice Devine                     2 Jun 1854 Utica New York       15 Jan 1925              Goodell Iowa                                                        Wife of Jack (1853)                                               Avery Township
 Zielie           George Elmer                     4 Nov 1883 Paynesville Ohio      6 Dec 1942              Bricelyn Minnesota                                                  d:22;  obit pub GL 30 Dec 1942                                    Avery Township
 Zielie           Jack M                          19 Mar 1853 Titusville PA        29 Jan 1943              Clear Lake Iowa                                                     d:1949, 1951                                                      Avery Township
 Zielie           Minnie Saathoff                  4 Jul 1889 Ackley Iowa             Aug 1959              Rochester Minnesota                                                 Wife of George E (1883)                                           Avery Township
 Zieman           Dorothy E                                                                                                                                                     see Spiess                                                        Evergreen
 Ziesemer         Gustav                          25 Feb 1881                       1 May 1895                                    August                                                                                                          Concord Township
 Ziesemer         Lena Josephine Haes              1 Jun 1890 Grafton Iowa         30 May 1986              Garner Hancock Co IA  Andrew Haes          Amelia Moehrke           Wife of William C (1887);  Marr 9 May 1908;  b:1892               Concord Township
 Ziesemer         William Carl                    28 Jan 1887                       7 Aug 1943              Mason City Iowa                                                     Par of Ruth, Lucille, Marvin, Leland, Robertine, Jeanne, Doris    Concord Township
 Ziesmer          Albert K F                      13 Jun 1893                       3 May 1912                                                                                  Ziesemer on stone                                                 St Johns Lutheran
 Ziesmer          Anna Elizabeth Herzog           21 Jan 1895                       1 Dec 1970                                                                                  Wife of Edward F (1895)                                           Concord Township
 Ziesmer          August J                               1850 Pomeranean Germany   17 May 1930              Garner Hancock Co IA                                                Par of Martha,Herman,Henry,William,Edward,Emma,Mrs Paulson +5     St Johns Lutheran
 Ziesmer          Charlotte I Kelly               29 Feb 1916                      16 Jul 2004                                                                                  Par of Jeanette, Tom;  d: Cedar Rapids IA ?                       St Boniface Catholic
 Ziesmer          Darlene Gilbertson                     1936                                                                                                                   Wife of Shirley D (1919);  Marr 22 Jul 1967                       Concord Township
 Ziesmer          Edward Fredrich                  5 Aug 1895                      30 May 1971                                                                                                                                                    Concord Township
 Ziesmer          Ellamae Goodell                 11 Apr 1920 Clear Lake Iowa      20 Oct 2001              Mesa Arizona          John Goodell         Myrtle                   Wife of Marvin W (1914);  Marr 3 Aug 1940                         Concord Township
 Ziesmer          Helen Bernice Griggs                   1916                      14 Dec 1967                                    Elmer Jacob Griggs   Mary W Murray            Wife of Stanley E (1916)                                          Concord Township
 Ziesmer          Jeanne Marian                                                                                                                                                 see Stille                                                        Concord Township
 Ziesmer          Karl H O                        19 Dec 1888                       5 Jan 1916                                                                                                                                                    St Johns Lutheran
 Ziesmer          Leland J                        18 Nov 1916 Garner Hancock Co IA 11 Dec 1994              Medford Oregon        William C            Lena Josephine Haes      1st Lt  US Army  WW II                                            Concord Township
 Ziesmer          Lucille Helena                                                                                                                                                see Yohn                                                          Concord Township
 Ziesmer          Martha Marie                                                                                                                                                  see Boehnke                                                       St Johns Lutheran
 Ziesmer          Marvin William  "Lefty"         13 Sep 1914 Garner Hancock Co IA  7 Jun 2005              Garner Hancock Co IA  William              Magdalena Haes           Lieut Jg  US Navy  WW II                                          Concord Township
 Ziesmer          Maxine M                                                                                                                                                      see Anderson                                                      Concord Township
 Ziesmer          Shirley Dennis                   1 May 1919 Ventura Iowa         15 Jul 1992              Garner Hancock Co IA  Edward               Anna Elizabeth Herzog    Par of Daniel, Denise;  US Navy  WW II                            Concord Township
 Ziesmer          Stanley Edward                  29 Apr 1916 Ventura Iowa         21 Feb 2000              Garner Hancock Co IA  Edward               Anna Herzog              Hus of #1 Helen Griggs, Marr 1941:  #2 Charlotte Busch, Marr 1976 Concord Township
 Ziesmer          Virginia Myhrwell                1 Jul 1923                                                                                                                   Wife of Lelend J (1916);  Marr 1942                               Concord Township
 Ziesmer          Wilhelmina Knop                        1854                             1925                                                                                  Wife of August J (1854)                                           St Johns Lutheran
 Zimmerman        Lillie V                                                                                                                                                      see Frey                                                          Corwith
 Zinn             George                           7 Sep 1867 Ontario Canada       29 Jan 1934 66y 4m 22d   Hancock County Iowa   Frederick            Louisa Kleeman           MD;  taken to Hanover Ontario Canada                              Ell Township
 Zinn             Hedwig                                                                                                                                                        see Ludeke                                                        Liberty Township
 Zobel            Harold E                        28 Jan 1923                      21 Dec 1999                                                                                  Tec 5  US Army  WW II                                             Madison Township
 Zobel            Ruby M Jones Bower              25 Oct 1913                      11 Jan 1982                                                                                  Hus #1 Russell F Bower (1899);  #2 Harold E Zobel (1923)          Madison Township
 Zook             Ruth Elder                       3 Jun 1874 Hancock County Iowa  23 Feb 1902                                                                                  Wife of John;  b:May                                              Avery Township
 Zrostlik         Agnes B                                                                                                                                                       see Oborny                                                        St Johns Catholic
 Zrostlik         Barbara A Edelen                14 Mar 1936                                                                     Charles Edelen       Nora Belle Forney        Wife of Francis L (1934);  Marr 11 Jul 1956                       Concord Township
 Zrostlik         Barbora Vavrik                  10 Apr 1883                       3 Jul 1935 52y          Hancock County Iowa   John Vavrik                                   Wife of Matej (1877);  Marr 1902;  co rec d:25                    St Johns Catholic
 Zrostlik         Bernard Leo                     31 Mar 1945 Britt Hancock Co IA   5 Mar 2015 69y          Fort Morgan Colorado  Joseph               Marie Malek              Par of Heather                                                    St Johns Catholic
 Zrostlik         Betty B                                                                                                                                                       see Holecek                                                       St Johns Catholic
 Zrostlik         Eduard C  (Eddie)               19 Feb 1916 Hancock County Iowa   2 Jul 1934 18y          Mason City Iowa       Matej                Barbara Vavrik                                                                             St Johns Catholic
 Zrostlik         Emma E Falada                   23 Dec 1907                      22 Jun 1999                                                                                  Wife of Frank L (1906)                                            St Johns Catholic
 Zrostlik         Francis LeRoy                   14 Aug 1934 Hancock County Iowa  12 Apr 2000              Mason City Iowa       Frank Leonard        Emma Eve Falada          Par of David, Susan                                               Concord Township
 Zrostlik         Frank L                         14 Jul 1906                      11 May 1994                                    Mike                 Barbara Vavrick          Par of Jerry                                                      St Johns Catholic
 Zrostlik         Gary A  (Smokey)                29 Sep 1948                      28 Aug 1993                                                                                  Par of Tanya                                                      St Johns Catholic
 Zrostlik         George S                        28 Oct 1921                      24 Mar 2004                                    John                 Mary Hadacek                                                                               St Johns Catholic
 Zrostlik         Helenka (Helen) Agnes           30 Dec 1910 Iowa                 10 Aug 1913 2y 8m 9d     Hancock County Iowa   Mike                 Barbara Vavrik           co rec d:31                                                       St Johns Catholic
 Zrostlik         Imogene Frances Steenlage       25 Jul 1924 Britt Hancock Co IA  11 Sep 2005              Britt Hancock Co IA   John Steenlage       Emma Hauptly             Wife of Peter T (1925);  Marr 15 Feb 1944                         St Johns Catholic
 Zrostlik         James M  (Vaclov)               20 Sep 1908 Iowa                  2 Nov 1935 26y          Hancock County Iowa   Matt                 Barbara Vavrick                                                                            St Johns Catholic
 Zrostlik         Jerry Michal                     2 Jul 1938                      17 Nov 1954 16y 5m       Hancock County Iowa   Frank L              Emma Falada                                                                                St Johns Catholic
 Zrostlik         John                             5 Jan 1885 Chobat Bohemia       15 Aug 1972 87y          Garner Hancock Co IA  Michael              Barbara Formanek         Par of Joe, Betty, Mary, John, George, Rose, Paul                 St Johns Catholic
 Zrostlik         John H                          15 Jul 1919                      25 Mar 2006                                    Michael              Barbara Formanek                                                                           St Johns Catholic
 Zrostlik         Joseph H                        16 Oct 1902                         May 1987                                    Mike                 Barbara Vavrick          Par of Bernard,Regina,Dorothy,Rose,Margaret,Rita,Leo,Ed,Barb,Don+ St Johns Catholic
 Zrostlik         Joseph M  (Joe)                 21 Mar 1910                      14 Feb 1987 76y                                John                 Mary Hadacek             Pfc US Army  WW II;  d:31 Jan                                     St Johns Catholic
 Zrostlik         Magda G Egts                    13 Aug 1921                      13 Dec 1997                                    Henry E Egts         Gretchen Hinrichs        Wife of Sylvester A (1921);  Marr 16 Feb 1938                     Evergreen
 Zrostlik         Margaret Baker  "Lila"                                                                                                                                        Wife of Paul A (1928);  Marr 11 Jun 1962                          St Johns Catholic
 Zrostlik         Marie C Malek                   15 Aug 1908                      20 Jun 1989                                    Michael Malek        Mary Hrubes              Wife of Joseph H (1902), Par of Vince                             St Johns Catholic
 Zrostlik         Marilyn                                                                                                                                                       see Harold S TerBeek                                              Bingham Township
 Zrostlik         Marilyn R                                                                                                                                                     see TerBeek                                                       Bingham Township
 Zrostlik         Mary A                          24 Mar 1917                       6 Oct 2001                                                                                                                                                    St Johns Catholic
 Zrostlik         Mary Hadacek                    23 May 1888 Hancock County Iowa  23 Jan 1969 80y          Britt Hancock Co IA   Joseph Hadacek       Mary Wellik              Hus of John (1885);  Marr Jun 1909 (15 Feb)                       St Johns Catholic
 Zrostlik         Mary R                                                                                                                                                        see Jakoubek                                                      St Johns Catholic
 Zrostlik         Mate J  (Mike)                  22 Feb 1877 Chobat Bohemia        1 Oct 1946 69y 7m       Mason City Iowa       Matt                 Barbara                  Par of Eduard,Joe,Frank,James,Sylvester,Peter,Agnes,Mary,Helen    St Johns Catholic
 Zrostlik         Paul Anton                      11 Jan 1928 Hancock County Iowa  23 Jan 2015              Des Moines Iowa       John                 Mary Hadacek             Par of Michael, Jane, Steven, Marvin                              St Johns Catholic
 Zrostlik         Peter Thomas                     8 Apr 1925 Hancock County Iowa  15 Dec 2004              Britt Hancock Co IA   Michael              Barbara Vavrik           Par of Judy, Gary, Dave, Deb, Ron                                 St Johns Catholic
 Zrostlik         Rose                                                                                                                                                          see Kern                                                          St Boniface Catholic
 Zrostlik         Rose M                                                                                                                                                        see Kern                                                          St Boniface Catholic
 Zrostlik         Sylvester A                      7 Nov 1921 Duncan Hancock Co IA 22 Sep 2000              Mason City Iowa       Mike                 Barbara Vavrik           Par of 6 children                                                 Evergreen
 Zuehl            Brad Douglas                    17 Dec 1978                      19 Jan 2000 21y          Britt Hancock Co IA   Douglas              Katharine Schleuger      b:1979                                                            Evergreen
 Zuehl            Carl                             1 Oct 1840                       6 Jan 1917                                                                                                                                                    Evergreen
 Zuehl            Clara Isabella Fillenwarth             1876                       2 Dec 1945              Mason City Iowa       John Fillenwarth     Louisa Trappe            Wife of Fred O (1875);  Marr 30 Dec 1909                          Evergreen
 Zuehl            Ella Friederika                 17 May 1889                       2 Oct 1889                                                                                                                                                    Evergreen
 Zuehl            Fred Otto                       10 Jul 1875 Mitchell County Iowa    Nov 1965              Hancock County Iowa   Fred Carl            Fredericka               Par of LeRoy, Esther, Naomi, Emma                                 Evergreen
 Zuehl            Friedericka Doring              13 Mar 1842 Germany              15 Apr 1911              Hancock County Iowa   John Doring                                   Wife of Carl (1840)                                               Evergreen
 Zuehl            Helena Marie Austin             14 Aug 1914 Crystal Lake Iowa     4 Aug 2010              Britt Hancock Co IA   Chris Austin         Adrena Johnson (Thompson Wife of Leroy;  Marr 2 Jun 1932                                   Evergreen
 Zuehl            LeRoy F                         26 Dec 1910                      20 Jul 1977                                    Fred Otto            Clara I Fillenworh                                                                         Evergreen
 Zuehl            Naomi Ruth                                                                                                                                                    see DeWaard                                                       Evergreen
 Zuehl            Pauline Fredricka                                                                                                                                             see Hartwig                                                       Amsterdam Township
 Zuehlke          Diane K Langfald                23 Sep 1951                                                                                                                                                                                     Madison Township
 Zurfluh          Rosa Pouelsen                          1914                       9 Jun 1961              Des Moines Iowa       Johonnes Pouelsen    Matte Marie                                                                                Bingham Township
 Zwald            Andrew                           4 Sep 1847 Berne Switzerland    16 May 1918 69y 8m 12d   Garner Hancock Co IA                       Johanna Fisher           Par of Richard, Charles, Lena;  book d:15; b:24;  co rec b:1848   Ell Township
 Zwald            Edna Abele                             1881                             1958                                    John L Abele         Margartha Filbert        Wife of Richard (1881);  Marr 1905;  bur:3 Mar                    Concord Township
 Zwald            Helen Marie Franzen             28 Mar 1917 Wesley Kossuth Co IA  1 Apr 1999              Garner Hancock Co IA  Carl T Franzen       Marie C Carlson          Wife of Lloyd W (1911);  Marr 22 Aug 1943                         Concord Township
 Zwald            Johanna Fischer Wagner          21 Mar 1845 Germany               8 Apr 1912 67y          Hancock County Iowa                        Reginal                  Wife of #2 Andrew;  Marr 1873;  Par of Fred Wagner                Ell Township
 Zwald            Kenneth Louis                    5 Dec 1909                      17 Mar 1990                                                                                  Par of Winola, Eugene                                             Concord Township
 Zwald            Lena                                                                                                                                                          see Ax                                                            Concord Township
 Zwald            Lloyd Wilson                    13 Nov 1911 Hancock County Iowa  14 Dec 1982              Mason City Iowa       Richard              Edna Abele               Par of Jerry, Arlene, Madelyn, Linda                              Concord Township
 Zwald            Mildred Marie Gast               4 Oct 1912                      13 Jun 1970                                    Herman Gast          Meta Bredlow             Wife of Kenneth L (1909)                                          Concord Township
 Zwald            Myrtle Josephine Irving                                                                                                                                       see Casperson                                                     Concord Township
 Zwald            Richard                         29 Mar 1881                      27 Mar 1932              Garner Hancock Co IA                                                Par of Mervin, Kenneth                                            Concord Township
 Zwonitzer        Michael L                       27 Feb 1942                      27 May 1944                                                         Mary                                                                                       St Marys Catholic


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