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Compiled by the Hancock County Iowa Genealogical Society

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   8 Jan 2016      

    LAST NAME               FIRST NAME            BIRTH DATE      BIRTH PLACE      DEATH DATE      AGE           DEATH PLACE            FATHER                 MOTHER                                   OTHER INFORMATION                                 CEMETERY
 ================ =============================== =========== ==================== =========== ============ ===================== ==================== ======================== ================================================================= ========================   
 Waage            Ethel                           24 Mar 1914                         May 1981                                                                                  Wife of Lenard (1909)                                             Ellington Township
 Waage            Eugene Charles                   1 Jul 1931 Cerro Gordo Co Iowa   1 Nov 1969                                                                                  d:1961                                                            Avery Township
 Waage            Lenard                           1 Oct 1909                       7 Dec 2003                                                                                                                                                    Ellington Township
 Waage            Lew N                           15 Dec 1937                      17 Jun 2002                                                                                                                                                    Avery Township
 Waage            Meriam                                 1905                      24 Aug 1982                                                                                  Wife of Nico (1907)                                               Avery Township
 Waage            Myron W (Fritz)                        1933                         Jun 1978                                    Nico                 Meriam                                                                                     Avery Township
 Waage            Nico                                   1907                             1982                                                                                                                                                    Avery Township
 Waage            Norma Jean Thompson                    1933                                                                                                                   Wife of Eugene C (1931)                                           Avery Township
 Waalk            Doretta Mary                                                                                                                                                  see Schneider                                                     Concord Township
 Wacker           Anna Elizabeth Ax               30 Apr 1876 New Knoxville Ohio   30 Sep 1951                                    Frederick Ax         Christine E Wierwille    Wife of Fred;  Marr 25 Apr 1899;  no stone                        Peace Reformed Church
 Wacker           Dora                                                                                                                                                          see Klinge                                                        Peace Reformed Church
 Wacker           Elizabeth                                                                                                                                                     see Baack                                                         Bingham Township
 Wacker           Elizabeth Eggert                26 Apr 1836 Germany               6 Apr 1916              Hancock County Iowa   Henry Eggert                                  Wife of John (1820);  Marr 1865;  co rec b:1835                   Peace Reformed Church
 Wacker           Emma C                          16 Feb 1900 Hancock County Iowa  10 Feb 2004              Hancock County Iowa   Fred Wacker          Anna Elizabeth Ax                                                                          Ell Township
 Wacker           Fred                                   1864                         Sep 1951                                                                                  Par of Ruben, Herman, Emma, Jane, Silvanus, Ruby;  no stone       Peace Reformed Church
 Wacker           Friedrich Sr                                                      9 Dec 1904                                                                                  Par of Frederick Jr, Johan, Mary, Sophia;  no stone               Peace Reformed Church
 Wacker           Herman John                            1901                      21 Feb 1927              Klemme Hancock Co IA  Fred                 Anna Ax                  no stone                                                          Peace Reformed Church
 Wacker           Jane Isabella                    6 Jan 1904 Hancock County Iowa  11 Mar 1959 55y 2m       Hancock County Iowa   Fred Wacker          Anna Elizabeth Ax        no stone                                                          Ell Township
 Wacker           Johann                          11 Oct 1820                       9 Dec 1904                                                                                                                                                    Peace Reformed Church
 Wacker           John                                   1868                             1911                                    Fred Sr                                       no stone                                                          Peace Reformed Church
 Wacker           Lena                                                                                                                                                          see Schmidt                                                       Ell Township
 Wacker           Louise                                                                                                                                                        see Kloock                                                        Concord Township
 Wacker           Mary                                                                                                                                                          see Henschen                                                      Peace Reformed Church
 Wacker           Mary Ann                                                                                                                                                      Wife of Silvanus P (1906)                                         Ell Township
 Wacker           Reuben F                        21 Dec 1909 Iowa                  8 Aug 1910 7m 18d       Hancock County Iowa   Fred                 Anna Ax                  no stone;  co rec b:1910                                          Peace Reformed Church
 Wacker           Ruby Anna                       16 Jan 1913 Hancock County Iowa   2 Jan 1995 abt 80 - 83y Mason City Iowa       Fred Wacker          Anna Elizabeth Ax        b:1912;  d:15                                                     Ell Township
 Wacker           Silvanus Paul                   13 Mar 1906 Hancock County Iowa  17 May 1998              Hancock County Iowa   Fred                 Anna Elizabeth Ax        Par of Anita, Dan, Joanna, Fred, Anna, Mark, Paul, Lois,Ruth,John Ell Township
 Wacker           Sophia L                                                                                                                                                      see Henschen                                                      Ell Township
 Waddingham       ---                             28 Jan 1913 Iowa                 28 Jan 1913              Klemme Hancock Co IA  George Timothy       Anna Blumer              moved to Memorial Cem Mason City IA                               Ell Township
 Waddingham       Arlyn Lynn                      10 Aug 1950 Mason City Iowa      29 Jun 2011              Mason City Iowa       Virgil Frank         Irene E Dirks            Par of Tory, Tully                                                Ell Township
 Waddingham       Belle I                                                                                                                                                       see Karsjens                                                      Ell Township
 Waddingham       Darrel Eugene                   14 Oct 1941 Iowa                  8 Oct 1944 2y 11m 24d   Hancock County Iowa   Virgil Frank         Irene Dirks                                                                                Ell Township
 Waddingham       David Ralph                     30 Apr 1938 Hampton Iowa          2 Jul 2013              Mason City Iowa       John                 Reva Elder               Par of Shelly, Sheila, Sherry, Mark                               Concord Township
 Waddingham       Deb                                                                                                                                                           see Urbaitis                                                      Concord Township
 Waddingham       Ellen Louise                                                                                                                                                  see Sobek                                                         Concord Township
 Waddingham       George Timothy                  10 May 1889 Alexander Iowa        8 Dec 1929 40y 7m 28d   Webster City Iowa     George Johnson       Hannah Simpson           moved to Mem Cem Mason City IA; Hus of Anna Blumer; Par of 4      Ell Township
 Waddingham       Irene E Dirks                   25 Jan 1922 Mason City Iowa      11 Oct 2011              Garner Hancock Co IA  Henry Dirks          Minnie Koenen            Wife of Virgil F (1917);  Marr 29 Jan 1940                        Ell Township
 Waddingham       John William "Jack"              4 Jan 1908 Meservey Iowa        14 Sep 1988              Garner Hancock Co IA  William              Louisa Jahnke            Par of John, Thomas, David, Ellen, Bruce, Ray                     Concord Township
 Waddingham       John William (Bill)             27 Jun 1876 Hampton Iowa         17 Jun 1956 79y 11m 20d  Mason City Iowa       George Johnson       Hannah Simpson                                                                             Ell Township
 Waddingham       Louise Emelia Jahnke             8 Sep 1884 Franklin County Iowa 30 Apr 1961 76y 7m 22d   Belmond Wright Co IA  Frederick Yahnke     Mathilda Fromm           Wife of John W;  Marr 28 Feb 1905                                 Ell Township
 Waddingham       Marie Meyer                                                                                                                                                   Wife of David R (1938);  Marr 23 Aug 1959                         Concord Township
 Waddingham       Nola J Blank                           1954                                                                     Irvin T Blank        Velda D Schaefer         Wife of Arlyn L (1950);  Marr 20 Dec 1975                         Ell Township
 Waddingham       Reva Mabel Elder                15 May 1913 Klemme Hancock Co Ia 21 Jul 2005              Mason City Iowa       Ralph Walter Elder   Mabel Ellen Fuller       Wife of John (1908);  Marr 28 Mar 1934                            Concord Township
 Waddingham       Robert Raymond                  17 May 1923 Hancock County Iowa  22 Apr 1927 3y 11m 5d    Mason City Iowa       John William         Louise Jahnke                                                                              Ell Township
 Waddingham       Virgil Frank                    30 Jul 1917 Hancock County Iowa  20 Sep 2005              Belmond Wright Co IA  John William         Louise Jahnke            Par of Darrel, Linda, Lyle, Arlyn                                 Ell Township
 Wade             Jenettie Hulda Ulrich           16 Sep 1894 Waverly Bremer Co IA 14 Jan 1941 46y 3m 29d   Goodell Iowa          George Ulrich        Anna Klotzbach           Wife of James;  obit: Jeanette - b:1893;  book b:1898             Ell Township
 Waggoner         Lena Arleta                                                                                                                                                   see Blank                                                         Concord Township
 Wagner           Albert F                        12 Nov 1882                         Jan 1970                                                                                                                                                    Corwith
 Wagner           Angela Marie                                                     17 Jan 1985                                    John                 Shari                    Infant;  Twin of Julia Marie;  d:19                               Corwith
 Wagner           Benjamin F                      28 Apr 1917                      23 Jan 1999                                                                                  Y1  US Navy  WW II                                                Corwith
 Wagner           Bertha H                               1921                                                                                                                   Wife of Eugene J (1922);  Marr 19 Dec 1944                        Corwith
 Wagner           Catharine                                                                                                                                                     see Ulrich                                                        Concord Township
 Wagner           Dolores Thompson                       1928                                                                     LuVerne O Thompson   Agnes Benson             Wife of Kenneth (1925);  Marr 17 Nov 1946                         Corwith
 Wagner           Eugene J                               1922                      12 Jul 1982                                                                                  Par of Marigene, James, John, Jerri Lyn, Pamela                   Corwith
 Wagner           F Blanche                              1886                             1971                                                                                  Wife of Albert F (1882)                                           Corwith
 Wagner           Henry                           28 Jan 1839                      24 May 1910                                                                                                                                                    Corwith
 Wagner           Henry                                  1860                      31 Jan 1928 67y 8m       Britt Hancock Co IA                                                 Par of Lorena, Eva, +2 sons, +3 dau;  b:1861                      St Marys Catholic
 Wagner           Johanna                                                                                                                                                       see Zwald                                                         Ell Township
 Wagner           Joseph F                               1901                             1971                                                                                                                                                    St Marys Catholic
 Wagner           Kenneth                                1925                                                                                                                   Par of Vicki, Dave, Dan, Tim, Ramona                              Corwith
 Wagner           LeRoy Frank                      6 Oct 1925                      22 Apr 1960                                                                                  Sgt 3345 Tech Tng WG AF Ia  WW II                                 St Marys Catholic
 Wagner           Lillian Florence                                                                                                                                              see Chambers                                                      Corwith
 Wagner           Lois June                        9 Jun 1915                      21 Sep 1916                                    A F                  Blanche                                                                                    Corwith
 Wagner           Lorena Mary                                                                                                                                                   see Smith                                                         Evergreen
 Wagner           Lucy Kennedy                           1868                      29 Dec 1929              Britt Hancock Co IA                                                 Wife of Henry (1860)                                              St Marys Catholic
 Wagner           Marlys                                                                                                                                                        see Hawkinson                                                     Madison Township
 Wagner           Mary A Kelch                           1904                      17 Apr 1982                                    George Kelch                                  Wife of Joseph F (1901)                                           St Marys Catholic
 Wagner           Muriel J                                                                                                                                                      see Christians                                                    Concord Township
 Wagner           Nina May                        15 May 1920                      21 Jul 1942                                    A F Wagner           Blanche                                                                                    Corwith
 Wagner           Paulina                          4 Nov 1843                      27 Sep 1933                                                                                  Wife of Henry (1839)                                              Corwith
 Wagner           R H                             28 Sep 1872                       4 Dec 1918                                                                                                                                                    Corwith
 Wagner           Rosemary Blanche                23 Mar 1914 Iowa                 24 Jul 1927 13y 4m 1d    Corwith Iowa          A F                  Blanche (?) Fell                                                                           Corwith
 Wagner           Theron Otis                      4 Jun 1891                       4 Mar 1964                                                                                  US Army  WW I                                                     Evergreen
 Wagoner          Agnes Marie                        Dec 1924                      21 Dec 1924 10d          Hancock County Iowa                                                                                                                   St Patricks Catholic
 Wagoner          Dale                                   1882                             1964                                                                                  Par of Marguerite, Tresella, Eleanor                              St Patricks Catholic
 Wagoner          Ethel                                                                                                                                                         see Arthur Knoll                                                  Amsterdam Township
 Wagoner          Eva A                                                                                                                                                         see Dunlap                                                        St Marys Catholic
 Wagoner          James A                         14 Jan 1857                      22 Jan 1938                                                                                  Par of 9 children;  b:1856                                        Evergreen
 Wagoner          Julia                                                                                                                                                         see Benson                                                        Evergreen
 Wagoner          Nora Cosgriff                   15 Jan 1887 Billings Montana     28 Nov 1958              Belmond Wright Co IA  Martin Cosgriff      Margaret Gilligan        Wife of Dale (1882);  Marr 30 Jan 1907                            St Patricks Catholic
 Wagoner          Sarah E                         11 Jan 1857 McArthur Ohio         4 Jul 1901              Hancock County Iowa                                                 Wife of James A (1857);  Marr Aug 1878                            Evergreen
 Wagoner          Thomas F                         3 Jun 1893                      10 Sep 1931                                                                                                                                                    Evergreen
 Wahlert          Ernest H                        19 Jun 1872                       4 Feb 1930              Britt Hancock Co IA   William              Johanna Lense            Hus of Susan Colins;  Marr 12 Feb 1922;  Sp Am War;  b:1873       Concord Township
 Waidelich        Anne DeBoer                            1905                             1973                                    Claus DeBoer         Bendina Peters           Wife of Clarence (1907);  b:9 Feb, d:Aug  ??                      Christian Reformed Church
 Waidelich        Clarence                         9 Jul 1907                      17 Jun 1977              Santa Cruz Calif                                                                                                                      Christian Reformed Church
 Wait             Catharine                                                                                                                                                     see Groom                                                         Concord Township
 Waite            Andrew Frank                    17 May 1967 Britt Hancock Co IA  23 Nov 1984              Hancock County Iowa   Robert               Mary Braatz                                                                                St Boniface Catholic
 Waite            David Robert                     7 May 1951                      18 Jul 1954                                    Robert               Mary Braatz                                                                                St Boniface Catholic
 Waite            Mary                                   1929                                                                                                                   Wife of Robert (1926)                                             St Boniface Catholic
 Waite            Robert                                 1926                                                                                                                                                                                     St Boniface Catholic
 Wake             Henriette B                                                                                                                                                   see Blank                                                         Ell Township
 Wakefield        Aurelia Bartholomew                    1835                      13 Dec 1921              Garner Hancock Co IA                                                no stone                                                          Concord Township
 Wakefield        Marcus A                         2 Apr 1818 Ohio                  6 Mar 1907              Hancock County Iowa   William                                                                                                         Concord Township
 Waldeck          Beate Fitsch                                                                                                                                                  see Ahrens                                                        St Boniface Catholic
 Waldeck          Ida Constance Patet             28 May 1880 Germany              12 Nov 1974                                    August Patet         Amalie H Lau             Wife of Victor C (1878);  Marr 10 Oct 1900                        Concord Township
 Waldeck          Victor C                         4 Nov 1878 Garner Hancock Co IA 11 Nov 1970              Garner Hancock Co IA  Jacob C C            Beate Fritsch                                                                              Concord Township
 Waldie           Ethel Snively                    8 Oct 1880                      23 Dec 1924                                                                                  Wife of William E (1872)                                          Madison Township
 Waldie           William E                       12 Feb 1872                       7 Jul 1939                                                                                                                                                    Madison Township
 Waldmann         Marie                                                                                                                                                         see Schuldt                                                       Ell Township
 Waldo            Gottlieb                               1817                      22 Sep 1898 81y                                                                                                                                                Ellington Township
 Waldo            Louisa                                                                                                                                                        see Chisel                                                        Ellington Township
 Waldo            Minnie                                 1816                       5 Jun 1882 66y 3m 21d                                                                       Wife of G                                                         Ellington Township
 Waldo            Rosa A                                                                                                                                                        see Lassahn                                                       Evergreen
 Waldow           Amanda Wisenbaler               15 Dec 1864                      27 Jul 1907                                                                                  Wife of August (1856)                                             Madison Township
 Waldow           Arthur A                        17 Oct 1886 Iowa                 11 May 1909              Hancock County Iowa   August               Amanda Wisenbaler        d:10                                                              Madison Township
 Waldow           August                          24 Jan 1856                      18 Oct 1944                                                                                  b:25                                                              Madison Township
 Waldow           Emma                                                                                                                                                          see Bolsinger                                                     Madison Township
 Walk             Christene                       11 May 1851 Germany              12 Mar 1901              Hancock County Iowa                                                 Wife of William                                                   Magor Township
 Walk             Diane C                                                                                                                                                       see Omvig                                                         Amsterdam Township
 Walk             Edward                          19 Jan 1891                       7 Feb 1894                                    William              Christine (Bertha Cole)  d:1895                                                            Magor Township
 Walk             Elizabeth C Huff                       1918                                                                                                                   Wife of Henry E (1906);  Marr 1950                                Amsterdam Township
 Walk             Ernest                          22 Apr 1872                       3 Jan 1897                                    Wilhelm              Bertha Cole                                                                                Magor Township
 Walk             Esther Marie Howlett            26 Nov 1919 Hancock County Iowa   7 Dec 2007              Kanawha Iowa          Charles Howlett      Effie Bray               Wife of Fred W (1913);  Marr 26 Feb 1937                          Amsterdam Township
 Walk             Fred William                           1913                      23 Apr 1960 46y          Kanawha Iowa                                                        Par of Judy, Jane, Bill, Betty, David, Diane, Donna               Amsterdam Township
 Walk             Henry Edward                           1906 Kanawha Iowa         15 Jun 1955 49y          Kanawha Iowa          William              Magdalena                                                                                  Amsterdam Township
 Walk             Jane Marie                                                                                                                                                    see Mewes                                                         Amsterdam Township
 Walk             Magdalena                              1881                       9 May 1967 85y          Fort Dodge Iowa                                                     Wife of William (1875)                                            Amsterdam Township
 Walk             Myrna L                         25 Aug 1941                       7 Jun 2007                                                                                  Wife of William C (1941);  Marr 9 Dec 1959                        Amsterdam Township
 Walk             William                         11 Nov 1840 Germany              10 Jan 1907              Hancock County Iowa   Christian            Friederike (Gordner ?)                                                                     Magor Township
 Walk             William Charles (Bill)          28 Nov 1941 Kanawha Iowa         18 Jul 1994              Mason City Iowa       Fred                 Esther Marie Howlett                                                                       Amsterdam Township
 Walker           Ai Beard                        22 Aug 1878 Gettysburg PA        29 Apr 1958              Burt Iowa             William              Mary (Charlotte)                                                                           Corwith
 Walker           Annie P Lease                   22 Oct 1883                         May 1972                                                                                  Wife of John W (1874);  Marr 23 Sep 1903                          Corwith
 Walker           Hiram H                          5 Oct 1871 Carroll Illinois     21 Jun 1937              Mason City Iowa                                                     Par of Willard, Ivy                                               Concord Township
 Walker           Hortence Mabel Fenninger        27 Mar 1877 Garner Hancock Co Ia  5 Sep 1956              Clear Lake Iowa       Frederick Fenninger  Elizabeth Kenyon         Wife of Hiram H (1871);  Marr 1909                                Concord Township
 Walker           John William                     8 Mar 1874 Gettysburg PA        17 Jan 1961              Algona Kossuth Co IA  William              Mary (Charlotte) Fischer Par of Raymond                                                    Corwith
 Walker           Kathleen                                                                                                                                                      see Tonn                                                          St Patricks Catholic
 Walker           Raymond L                        3 Jun 1904                         Feb 1985                                    John William         Anna P Lease                                                                               Corwith
 Walker           Wallace W                        2 Jan 1858                      13 Oct 1874                                                                                                                                                    Madison Township
 Walkner          Galya B                                                                                                                                                       see Schisel                                                       Concord Township
 Wall             Gunnild                                                                                                                                                       see Harlson                                                       Madison Township
 Wall             Vivian Mick                            1913                             1971                                    Joseph C Mick        Lena M                   bur:3 Mar                                                         Evergreen
 Wallace          ---                                                                                       Hancock County Iowa                                                 Wife of J;  no stone;  Par of Bessie                              Avery Township
 Wallace          Bessie Mae                                                                                                                                                    see Stockwell                                                     Avery Township
 Wallace          Edward Scott                     8 Jan 1887 Illinois                    1966                                                                                  bur:27 Apr                                                        Evergreen
 Wallace          Ella A Ragan                    14 Jan 1859 Iowa                 28 Apr 1936              Hancock County Iowa   John Ragan           Grace Rankin             Wife of George (1855)                                             Crystal Township
 Wallace          George                          15 Apr 1855 Illinois             15 Nov 1942                                                                                  Par of Roy                                                        Crystal Township
 Wallace          Gladys M                               1897                             1974                                                                                  Wife of Edward S (1887);  bur:20 Sep                              Evergreen
 Wallace          Nora Arneson                    22 Jul 1883 Hancock County Iowa  28 Jan 1970                                    Even Arneson         Anna Halversen           Wife of Roy (1880);  Marr 11 Mar 1908                             Crystal Township
 Wallace          Roy                             15 Dec 1880 Waukon Iowa          18 Aug 1962                                    George               Ella A Ragan                                                                               Crystal Township
 Wallburg         Edith Lillian                   16 Feb 1916 Iowa                 21 Feb 1916              Hancock County Iowa   Sidney               Dora Smith                                                                                 Evergreen
 Wallburg         Harvy Paul                      19 Jan 1920 Iowa                 29 Jan 1920              Hancock County Iowa   Sidney               Dora                                                                                       Evergreen
 Wallen           Alfred                                 1868                      15 Jun 1943              Mason City Iowa                                                     Par of Ludvig, Harold, Sumner, Lyle, Elmer, Esther                Evergreen
 Wallen           Anna Person                     25 Apr 1868 Sonby Sweden          4 Apr 1947              Britt Hancock Co IA   Nels Person          Hanna                    Wife of Alfred (1868);  Marr 8 Feb 1894                           Evergreen
 Wallen           Dorothy M                              1909                             2004                                                                                  Wife of Elmer A                                                   Evergreen
 Wallen           Elmer A                         21 Sep 1907                         Feb 1973                                                                                  bur:3 Mar                                                         Evergreen
 Wallen           Harold Clarence                 13 Mar 1898                      29 Sep 1918                                    Alfred               Anna Person                                                                                Evergreen
 Wallen           Summer Lloyd  (Sidney)          12 Jul 1912 Iowa                 26 Jan 1914              Britt Hancock Co IA   Alfred               Anna Person (Nelson)                                                                       Evergreen
 Waller           Anna Marie Grau                        1880                             1975                                    Herman Grau          Mary                     Wife of Wayne F (1878);  Marr 28 May 1904;  bur:7 Jan 1976        Concord Township
 Waller           Mabel                                                                                                                                                         see McMahon                                                       St Boniface Catholic
 Waller           Ralph Douglas                    1 Nov 1913 Iowa                  6 Feb 1914              Garner Hancock Co IA  Wayne F              Anna Marie Grau                                                                            Concord Township
 Waller           Wayne F                         16 May 1878 Rockford Iowa        14 Nov 1969              Mason City Iowa       John R               Mary E Stearns           Par of Richard, Wayne, Mercer, Jackson, Ralph, Evelyn, Virginia   Concord Township
 Walsh            Anna S                                                                                                                                                        see Harris                                                        Crystal Township
 Walsh            James C                         29 Sep 1901 Fairbault County MN  18 Aug 1982              Britt Hancock Co IA                                                 Par of Sharon, Ray "Buzz"                                         Evergreen
 Walsh            Mildred R                              1902 Illinois              9 Mar 1986              Rocky Ford Colorado                                                 Wife of James C (1901);  Marr Feb 1938                            Evergreen
 Walter           Barbara Ann                                                                                                                                                   see Baker                                                         Evergreen
 Walters          Jane E                                                                                                                                                        see Rogers                                                        Concord Township
 Walters          Margaret                                                                                                                                                      see Elder                                                         Concord Township
 Walters          Ruby A Schroeder                 3 Aug 1936 Garner Hancock Co IA 20 Oct 1973 37y 2m 17d   Boise Idaho           Henry Schroeder      Reka Korte               Wife of Bobby Lee;  Marr 30 Mar 1965                              Bingham Township
 Walters          Swanetta                                                                                                                                                      see Haefner                                                       Ell Township
 Waltman          Eugene Eldon  "Hummer"          28 Apr 1928 Burt Iowa            15 Dec 2009              Corwith Iowa          Waif                 Stella VanNote           Par of Rebecca, Debra, Kristie, Douglas                           Corwith
 Waltman          Patricia L Nolte                       1933                      25 Nov 1999              Corwith Iowa                                                        Wife of Eugene E (1928);  Marr 22 Dec 1957                        Corwith
 Waltman          Stella VanNote                  15 Nov 1906                         Feb 1977                                                                                  Wife of Waif (1902)                                               Corwith
 Waltman          Waif                            13 Jan 1902                         Sep 1966                                                                                  Par of Eugene, Sharon;  lot purchased Nov                         Corwith
 Walton           Bertha Brade                                                                                                                                                  see Mattison L Swaney                                             St Boniface Catholic
 Walton           Mabel Sophrona                  30 Dec 1897 Hancock County Iowa  30 Sep 1898              Hancock County Iowa   Anthony              L E                      d:Oct                                                             Madison Township
 Wanke            Barbara                                                                                                                                                       see Godar                                                         St Boniface Catholic
 Ward             ---                             23 Apr 1926 Hancock County Iowa  23 Apr 1926              Hancock County Iowa   Frank F              Ella Ridder              Son;  no stone                                                    Ell Township
 Ward             Adna Church                            1902                                                                     Henry N Church       Estella Mary Eckman      Wife of Henry N;  Marr 1925                                       Avery Township
 Ward             Ann Jane                                                                                                                                                      see Fillenwarth                                                   Evergreen
 Ward             Betty Gene Neuberger                                                                                                                                          see Schaefer                                                      Avery Township
 Ward             Catherine Bolsinger Knadler     30 Nov 1826 Wurtemberg Germany   19 Apr 1910              Hancock County Iowa   Joseph Bolsinger                              Hus #1 Joseph Knadler 1844;  #2 Jacob Ward 1860;  Par of 12       Ellington Township
 Ward             Charles B                       30 Dec 1875                      26 Jan 1945              Portland Oregon                                                                                                                       Evergreen
 Ward             Charles D                              1936                                                                                                                                                                                     St Johns Catholic
 Ward             Edward LeRoy                    28 Jun 1945                      18 Aug 1948                                                         Hazel E Hull                                                                               Concord Township
 Ward             Ella Adel Ridder                 2 Feb 1899 Klemme Hancock Co IA 15 Jan 1980 80y 10m 13d  Garner Hancock Co IA  August Henry Ridder  Ida M Beier              Wife of Frank F (1895);  Marr 11 Sep 1919                         Ell Township
 Ward             Ella Louise                                                                                                                                                   see Abbey                                                         Concord Township
 Ward             Emily Aldridge                  11 Jul 1823                      12 May 1861 38y 9m 25d                                                                       Wife of Jacob                                                     Ellington Township
 Ward             Florence E Boutilier             3 May 1847 Canada                6 Jan 1934              Hancock County Iowa                        Miss Bown                Wife of William (1848);  Marr 1871                                Evergreen
 Ward             Francis P                                                                                                                                                     see Abbey                                                         Ellington Township
 Ward             Frank Fay                        2 Jan 1895 Wesley Kossuth Co IA 20 Sep 1961 66y 8m 18d   Klemme Hancock Co IA  Arthur               Elizabeth Falk           Par of Chester, Elsie, boy;  Pvt Co C 120 Machine Gun Bn  WW I    Ell Township
 Ward             Gertie Z                               1885                      16 Apr 1886 10m 9d                             S                    O                                                                                          Ellington Township
 Ward             Hattie M Hubbard                29 Mar 1864                      21 May 1884                                                                                  Wife of John A                                                    Ellington Township
 Ward             Henry N                         22 Mar 1891 Britt Hancock Co IA   8 Nov 1976              Klemme Hancock Co IA  William              Florence Boutiler        Par of Betty, Sharon;  no stone;  WW I Vet                        Avery Township
 Ward             Ira A                                  1870                       5 Jun 1871 1y 3m 28d                          Jacob                Catherine                Son                                                               Ellington Township
 Ward             Jacob                           12 Apr 1820 New York             11 Jun 1881 61y 2m 9d    Hancock County Iowa                                                 b:1821;  Marr Oct 1860                                            Ellington Township
 Ward             James Anthony                   26 Jun 1877                      17 Feb 1940              Mason City Iowa                                                     Par of 1 dau;  b:1876                                             Corwith
 Ward             James M                         14 Jan 1851 Scotland             13 Aug 1908              Hancock County Iowa   Samuel               Ann J Whiney             Brother to William                                                Evergreen
 Ward             James M                         30 Dec 1889 Hancock County Iowa  18 Jul 1918              Soissons France       William              Florence E Boutillier    IA Pvt 9 Inf 2 Div                                                Evergreen
 Ward             John C                          25 Dec 1874 Kossuth County Iowa  13 Jul 1957              Algona Kossuth Co Ia  Chandler             Elizabth Claire          Par of Mina, Frances                                              Bingham Township
 Ward             Johnny J                               1887                      24 Dec 1887 10m 18d                            S                    O                        Dau                                                               Ellington Township
 Ward             Katie M                                                                                                                                                       see Hubbard                                                       Ellington Township
 Ward             Lois Heginger                    9 Jan 1938 Klemme Hancock Co IA 17 Sep 1987 49y          State Center Iowa     Carl John Heginger   Etta Harms                                                                                 Ell Township
 Ward             Lorraine Ione                                                                                                                                                 see Kahl                                                          Evergreen
 Ward             Louise M Klamm                         1880                      19 Sep 1948                                                                                  Wife of John C (1874);  Marr 9 Jun 1904                           Bingham Township
 Ward             Luella                                 1878                             1955                                                                                  Wife of James A (1877)                                            Corwith
 Ward             Margaret                               1878                             1947                                                                                  Wife of Charles (1875)                                            Evergreen
 Ward             Maria Susannah                                                                                                                                                see Schaper                                                       Evergreen
 Ward             Mary Ann Monsen                  4 Aug 1940 Winnebago Co Iowa    13 Apr 2015              Mason City Iowa       Martin E Monsen      Bertha Charlson          Par of Kimberly, Robin, James                                     Madison Township
 Ward             Mina Sophia Elizabeth                                                                                                                                         see Bird                                                          Bingham Township
 Ward             Myra Ethelene Hall                                                                                                                                            see Jackson                                                       Amsterdam Township
 Ward             Robert Alan                      5 Oct 1953                       9 Jan 1954                                    Donald               Hazel E Hull                                                                               Concord Township
 Ward             Roger L                         20 May 1940 Britt Hancock Co IA  25 Oct 1987 47y          State Center Iowa     Arthur               Rose Drabek                                                                                Ell Township
 Ward             Thomas Samuel "Sammy"            7 Mar 1880                      27 May 1883              Hancock County Iowa   William              F E                      b:Mahaska Co IA                                                   Avery Township
 Ward             William                          7 Sep 1848 Airdrie Scotland      9 Nov 1933              Hancock County Iowa                                                 Par of Charles, Henry, Maria, Ann, Thomas, James, Wm Jr, +2       Evergreen
 Ward             William Henry Alfred            20 Jan 1886                      12 Jan 1966              Britt Hancock Co IA   William              Florence Boutiler                                                                          Evergreen
 Ward             Willie G                                                          7 Mar 1888                                    J                    E                                                                                          Ellington Township
 Warner           Eliza Fish                                                                                                                                                    see Conrad                                                        Corwith
 Warner           Harold                          14 Oct 1901                       4 Jul 1902              Forest City Iowa      H F (T)              A L                                                                                        Madison Township
 Warner           Linda Kay                       27 Mar 1942 Mason City Iowa      16 Oct 1942 6m           Mason City Iowa       Gerald E Warner      Cathryn Green            bro: Gerald Jr                                                    Concord Township
 Warner           Minnie M                                                                                                                                                      see Thiemann                                                      Ell Township
 Warner           William                          6 Oct 1872 Grimes Township       8 Feb 1959              Hansell Iowa          D T (Robert L)       Julia Ann Pratt                                                                            Avery Township
 Warnock          Bertha May Harriman                    1874 Iowa                 11 Jul 1951 76y          Britt Hancock Co IA   Albert Harriman      Jennie Surger            Wife of Hugh (1864)                                               Amsterdam Township
 Warnock          Hugh                                   1864                      10 Aug 1937 72y          Mason City Iowa                                                                                                                       Amsterdam Township
 Warnock          James                           11 Feb 1862                       2 Jul 1905              Hancock County Iowa                                                 Par of 4 children;  b:1860;  d:1906;   obit-1905                  Evergreen
 Warnock          Sadye Swerson Chapman Severson         1890                      19 Feb 1978 88y 4m 24d                                                                                                                                         Amsterdam Township
 Warnock          Susan H   (Jessie)              12 Dec 1865                       5 Feb 1939                                                                                                                                                    Evergreen
 Warriner         Phyllis J                                                                                                                                                     see Boehnke                                                       St Johns Lutheran
 Wartchow         Eddie C                                1887                      20 Nov 1887 4m 25d                             E J                  E M                      d:Oct                                                             Concord Township
 Wartchow         Eva                                                                                                                                                           see Vickerman                                                     Evergreen
 Washbond         Nancy A Washburn                                                                                                                                              see Bailey                                                        Concord Township
 Washburn         Emma L Kluckhohn                 5 Apr 1863 Wisconsin            16 Nov 1935              Ventura Iowa          Charles F Kluckhohn  Sophia Freitag           b:1865;  Wife of George G;  Marr Jun 1893;  Par of Georgia        Concord Township
 Washburn         Nancy (Washbond)                                                                                                                                              see Bailey                                                        Concord Township
 Washington       George D Dodson                  5 Apr 1880                      29 Oct 1943                                                                                  Cpl Sig Corp                                                      Evergreen
 Wastun           Helen Jean                                                                                                                                                    see Hanse                                                         Concord Township
 Waterman         ---                              2 Dec 1904 Klemme Hancock Co IA  2 Dec 1904              Klemme Hancock Co IA  George               M                        Dau                                                               Ell Township
 Waterman         Ardice Lucile                   28 Jan 1921 Klemme Hancock Co IA 28 Jan 1921              Klemme Hancock Co IA  Clarence G           Bessie B Keraus                                                                            Ell Township
 Waterman         Bessie B Keraus                  8 Jan 1898 Hampton Iowa         30 Nov 1952 54y 10m 22d  Belmond Wright Co IA  Charles F Keraus     Antonia P Prochaska      Wife of Clarence G (1897);  Marr 16 Sep 1918                      Ell Township
 Waterman         Clarence George (A)              4 Jul 1897 Benton County Iowa   21 Dec 1961 64y 5m 17d   Belmond Wright Co IA  John W               Mary Boehm               Par of Ardice, Marian                                             Ell Township
 Waterman         Fred A                           1 Mar 1890                       6 Jul 1950              California                                                          Ia Sgt Med Dept  WW I;  cremated                                  Concord Township
 Waterman         John William                    21 Sep 1869 Clayton County Iowa   8 Oct 1924 55y 17d      Belmond Wright Co IA  Henry                Pauline Ritter           Par of Mabel, Clarence                                            Ell Township
 Waterman         Lola Ann Barlow                                                   8 Sep 1944              Alhambra California                                                 no stone;  from Georgia                                           Concord Township
 Waterman         Marion                                                                                                                                                        see Wilcox                                                        Ell Township
 Waterman         Mary Boehm                      16 Aug 1875 Clayton County Iowa  26 Dec 1957 82y          Evanston Illinois     Joahannas H C Boehm  Fredericka Koehn         Wife of John W (1869);  Marr 27 May 1896;  book b:1876            Ell Township
 Watermiller      ---                             26 Sep 1918 Cerro Gordo Co Iowa  26 Sep 1918              Mason City Iowa       Harm J               Grace M Mossel           Dau;  d:28                                                        Avery Township
 Watermiller      Eleanor M                                                                                                                                                     see Ahlstrom                                                      Avery Township
 Watermiller      Grace M Mossel                  24 Feb 1888 Holland Netherlands   6 Apr 1946                                                                                  Wife of Harm J (1879)                                             Avery Township
 Watermiller      Harm Jacob                      23 Nov 1879 Ackley Iowa          19 Dec 1952                                                                                  b:1891                                                            Avery Township
 Watermiller      Herman D                        17 Nov 1928                      23 Feb 2002                                                                                  Pfc  US Army                                                      Avery Township
 Watermiller      Jacob H                          7 Apr 1907 Hancock County Iowa     Feb 1963              Wright County Iowa                                                                                                                    Avery Township
 Watermiller      James Bernard                    1 Jul 1935 Grimes Township       8 Jan 1936                                                                                  no stone                                                          Avery Township
 Watermiller      Karen L                                                                                                                                                       see Terrell                                                       Avery Township
 Watermiller      Marie Grace Landon              24 Jun 1911 Elkhart Indiana       7 Jul 2012 101y         Hampton Iowa          Archie B Landon      Rena N Claire            Wife of Releigh G (1909);  Marr 24 Nov 1931                       Avery Township
 Watermiller      Mayme B Mrazek                   1 Nov 1906 Webster County Iowa   9 Aug 1958              Franklin County Iowa                                                Wife of Jacob H (1907)                                            Avery Township
 Watermiller      Raleigh G                       20 May 1909 Hancock County Iowa   6 Oct 1977              Hampton Iowa                                                        Par of Eleanor, Shirley, Karen, Archie, David                     Avery Township
 Watermiller      Tena Nellie  (Lena)             26 Oct 1913 Hancock County Iowa  15 May 1933                                    Harm J               Grace M Mossel                                                                             Avery Township
 Watermuller      Jacob Herman                    12 Nov 1840 Germany              20 Feb 1918 77y 3m 8d    Hancock County Iowa                                                                                                                   Amsterdam Township
 Watermuller      Jake                            14 Apr 1882                      14 Nov 1952 70y          Belmond Wright Co IA                                                                                                                  Amsterdam Township
 Watermuller      Nealo                            9 Jun 1889                       2 Jan 1942 52y 6m 24d   Hancock County Iowa                                                                                                                   Amsterdam Township
 Watermuller      Tena Kopperdrejer               27 Sep 1855 Holland              11 Feb 1920 64y 4m 13d   Hancock County Iowa   John Kopperdrejer                             Wife of Jacob (1840)                                              Amsterdam Township
 Watkins          Helen Elizabeth                                                                                                                                               see Boyd                                                          Avery Township
 Watson           Carl F                                 1888                             1966                                                                                                                                                    St Patricks Catholic
 Watson           Carol Ann                       24 Feb 1947                      24 Feb 1947              Belmond Wright Co IA                                                no stone                                                          Amsterdam Township
 Watson           Clarence Joseph  "Swatty"       16 May 1915 Buffalo Center Iowa  16 Apr 2010              Britt Hancock Co Ia   Carl                 Rose Markl               Par of Janice, Jane;  Marr Marge Hanna Jul 1944                   Evergreen
 Watson           Edna A                                                                                                                                                        see Steiff                                                        Concord Township
 Watson           Iva J                                  1880                             1949                                                                                                                                                    Corwith
 Watson           Marie                                                                                                                                                         see Henry G Schleuger                                             Bingham Township
 Watson           Marie R                                                                                                                                                       see Schleuger                                                     Bingham Township
 Watson           Marjorie Hanna                  25 Apr 1921 Woden Hancock Co IA   4 Dec 1991              Britt Hancock Co IA                                                 Wife of Clarence                                                  Evergreen
 Watson           Nellie Bly                                                                                                                                                    see Kahl                                                          Evergreen
 Watson           Rose R                           1 Sep 1894                      11 Feb 1984                                                                                  Wife of Carl F (1888)                                             St Patricks Catholic
 Watts            Edith Vivian                                                                                                                                                  see Nonnweiler                                                    Madison Township
 Watts            Emma J                          21 Jan 1856                      25 Apr 1925              Garner Hancock Co IA                                                                                                                  Concord Township
 Watts            Ross                             1 Jan 1857                      13 Nov 1924              Garner Hancock Co IA                                                                                                                  Concord Township
 Way              Chandler C                      22 Oct 1834 Chester County PA     6 Sep 1909                                    Isaac                Eliza Hall               Par of Thomas, Oliver Edsel, Bayard, Stitzel, Clara;  b:1837      Evergreen
 Way              Georgiana Robinson                     1842 New York                    1922                                    John Robinson                                 Wife of Chandler C (1834);  Marr 5 Oct 1859                       Evergreen
 Way              Homer O                                1874                       2 Jun 1876 2y 2m                              C C                  G                                                                                          Ellington Township
 Way              Mary D  (B)                      3 Mar 1838 Pennsylvania          9 Mar 1907              Hancock County Iowa   Isaac Way            Eliza Hall                                                                                 Evergreen
 Way              Oliver Edsell                          1864                         Aug 1903              Mason City Iowa                                                     b:1854, d:30                                                      Evergreen
 Way              Sidney Aldridge                                                                                                                                               see Smith                                                         Evergreen
 Way              Wesley W                               1867                       2 Jan 1869 2y 3m                              C C                  G                                                                                          Ellington Township
 Weaver           ---                                                                 Feb 1941                                    Richard                                                                                                         Madison Township
 Weaver           Allen Eugene                     2 Oct 1942                      12 Sep 1972                                    Herman J             Katie C Nelson                                                                             Madison Township
 Weaver           Bernice W                                                                                                                                                     see Maryhew                                                       Peace Reformed Church
 Weaver           Bonnie D                                                                                                                                                      see Hoeft                                                         Madison Township
 Weaver           Egon E                                 1937                                                                     Emory Edward         Violet Schaefer          Par of Kent, Heather                                              Concord Township
 Weaver           Elaine Gladys Jurgemeyer        14 Apr 1941 Hancock County Iowa  10 Mar 2003              Ames Story Co Iowa    Alfred W Jurgemeyer  Gladys Louise Meinders   Wife of Egon E (1937);  Marr 3 Sep 1960                           Concord Township
 Weaver           Ella M                           6 Jun 1877                      27 Mar 1963              Hopkins Minnesota                                                   Wife of George E (1870)                                           Madison Township
 Weaver           Elwin Orley                     29 Aug 1926 Hancock County Iowa  13 Jun 2010              Mason City Iowa       Louis                Lydia Greiman            Par of Craig, Kim, Jayne, Brent                                   Concord Township
 Weaver           Emory Edward                    16 Apr 1916 Garner Hancock Co Ia 19 Apr 1997              Garner Hancock Co Ia  Louis F              Lydia Marie Greiman      Par of Egon, Troy, Candice;  b:7                                  Concord Township
 Weaver           Eunice Laura                     7 Jun 1925 Renwick Iowa         27 Aug 1998              Mason City Iowa                                                     Par of Sharon, Carey, +1 son                                      Concord Township
 Weaver           Evelyn Hanna Anderson            2 Jul 1922 Corwith Iowa         10 Mar 2008              Mason City Iowa       Anton M Anderson     Mabel E Anderson         Wife of Wiley W (1919);  Marr 18 May 1944                         Concord Township
 Weaver           Florence L                             1927                                                                                                                   Wife of Elwin O (1926)                                            Concord Township
 Weaver           Frederick John                  20 Jun 1917                      15 Feb 1926                                    Louis F              Lydia M Greiman                                                                            Peace Reformed Church
 Weaver           George Edward                   26 Apr 1870                       9 Mar 1942                                                                                  Par of Chester, + 4 dau                                           Madison Township
 Weaver           Herman J                        14 Jun 1898 Buffalo Center Iowa   4 Dec 1973              Forest City Iowa      Harm                 Dena Abbis               Par of 8 children;  WW I                                          Madison Township
 Weaver           Katie C Nelson                         1903                             1991                                                                                  Wife of Herman J (1898);  Marr 21 Jun 1920                        Madison Township
 Weaver           Kim Orley                        5 Jan 1954 Belmond Wright Co IA 14 Apr 2014              Britt Hancock Co IA   Elwin                Florence Renberg                                                                           Concord Township
 Weaver           Louis F                         31 Dec 1883                       7 May 1972                                                                                  Par of Frederick, Emory, Wiley, Elwin, Bernice                    Peace Reformed Church
 Weaver           Lydia M Greiman                 21 Mar 1887                      21 Dec 1968                                    Frederick Greiman    Diena Katter             Wife of Louis F (1883)                                            Peace Reformed Church
 Weaver           Terry Lee                       14 Mar 1946                       9 Dec 1966                                                                                  Ia Sp4 124 Maint Bn2 Armed Div                                    Concord Township
 Weaver           Violet Virginia May Schaefer     2 Jul 1920 Hancock County Iowa   1 Sep 1999              Mason City Iowa       Roy Irwin Schaefer   Cora May Gates           Wife of Emory E (1916);  Marr 10 Jun 1937                         Concord Township
 Weaver           Wiley Wayne                     20 Jun 1919 Garner Hancock Co Ia  1 Nov 2006              Mason City Iowa       Louis                Lydia Greiman            Par of Terry, Sandra, Tom, Sharon, Sheryl;  Cpl US AAF  WW II     Concord Township
 Webb             Daniel Walter                          1924                             2007                                                                                                                                                    Evergreen
 Webb             Judith Ann McGinnis                    1936                                                                     Guy McGinnis         Marie Elysabeth Miller   Wife of Daniel W (1924)                                           Evergreen
 Weber            Frank E                          1 Apr 1926 Algona Kossuth Co Ia 31 Oct 2009              Corwith Iowa                                                                                                                          St Marys Catholic
 Weber            Gladys B                        20 Jun 1900                      11 Sep 1962 62y          Portland Oregon                                                                                                                       Amsterdam Township
 Weber            Henry F                         16 Nov 1894                         Nov 1983                                                                                                                                                    Corwith
 Weber            Julie Kay                        8 Feb 1957                      13 Feb 1957                                                                                                                                                    St Marys Catholic
 Weber            Margaret Colter                        1892                             1918                                    Joseph Colter                                 Wife of John S                                                    St Patricks Catholic
 Weber            Myrtle M                                                                                                                                                      see Abele                                                         Concord Township
 Weber            Pauline M                        9 Feb 1924 LuVerne Iowa          6 Mar 2011              Algona Kossuth Co Ia                                                Wife of Frank E (1926);  Marr 14 Nov 1944                         St Marys Catholic
 Weber            Pearl M                                1897                             1954                                                                                  Wife of Henry F (1894);  lot purchase 6 Mar                       Corwith
 Webner           ---                             25 Jan 1914 Iowa                 14 Mar 1914 1y           Hancock County Iowa   Daniel Jr            Alice Roberta Quick      Son                                                               Ell Township
 Webner           Alice Roberta Quick              4 Oct 1886 Ventura Iowa         17 Aug 1961 74y 10m 13d  Mason City Iowa       Edwin Quick          Amelia Holtzhouser       Wife of Daniel (1884);  Marr 14 Nov 1906                          Ell Township
 Webner           Beulah Riggins                   9 Aug 1845 Middletown PA         7 Jul 1922 76y 10m 29d  Garner Hancock Co IA  Edmond Riggins                                Wife of Dan Sr                                                    Ell Township
 Webner           Daniel Jr                       17 Sep 1884 Dougherty Iowa       22 Apr 1960 75y 7m 5d    Hancock County Iowa   Daniel Sr            Beulah Riggins           Par of Theodore,Estella,Donald,Syble,Herbert,Doris,Etta,Dan, +1   Ell Township
 Webner           Daniel Keneth                   25 Mar 1919 Hancock County Iowa  27 May 1919 2m 2d        Hancock County Iowa   Daniel Jr            Alice Roberta Quick                                                                        Ell Township
 Webner           Daniel Sr                       23 Aug 1849 Elizabethville       31 Mar 1922 72y 7m 8d    Hancock County Iowa   William              Tandilene                                                                                  Ell Township
 Webner           Edith B                                                                                                                                                       see Nelson                                                        Ell Township
 Webner           Estella J                                                                                                                                                     see Kinsella                                                      Ell Township
 Webner           Etta Lou                                                                                                                                                      see Bier                                                          Ell Township
 Webner           Etta Miranda                                                                                                                                                  see Haskin                                                        Concord Township
 Webner           Syble Bernice                                                                                                                                                 see Schlawin                                                      Concord Township
 Webner           Theodore E                      13 May 1908 Hancock County Iowa  14 Oct 1971 63y          Iowa City Iowa        Daniel Jr            Alice Roberta Quick                                                                        Ell Township
 Webster          John S                          15 Apr 1942 West Lafayette IN    21 Feb 1989              Worthington MN        Merritt              Margaret                                                                                   St Boniface Catholic
 Webster          Linda A Falada                         1949                                                                                                                   Wife of John S (1942);  Marr 17 May 1987                          St Boniface Catholic
 Webster          Mildred Ostercamp                2 Feb 1920                      21 Dec 2006                                                                                                                                                    Evergreen
 Weed             Lorindia                                                                                                                                                      see Lasher                                                        Avery Township
 Weeks            Eliza J Genthner                23 Aug 1813 Waldoborough Maine   10 Aug 1912              Hancock County Iowa   Isaac Genthner       Sarah Engley             no stone;  Wife of Miles;  Marr 1852                              Magor Township
 Weeks            Miles                            6 Sep 1817 Lincoln County Maine  8 Oct 1891                                                                                                                                                    Magor Township
 Wegner           Burnell Ann                                                                                                                                                   see Dawson                                                        Corwith
 Weichmann        Hattie Wichman                                                                                                                                                see Weiland                                                       Evergreen
 Weichselbaum     Johnnie H                       19 Dec 1893                       5 Sep 1896                                    M L                  L M                                                                                        Liberty Township
 Weide            Laura Jean                       1 Jun 1964 Belmond Wright Co IA  3 Jun 1964 6d           Belmond Wright Co IA  Jerry                Sharon Heginger                                                                            Ell Township
 Weider           Sarah E                                1877                             1969                                                                                  Par of Louise, Marie, Rose                                        Corwith
 Weig             Mary Frances                                                                                                                                                  see Monson                                                        Bingham Township
 Weigman          Johanna                                                                                                                                                       see Beek                                                          Ell Township
 Weiland          ---                                                                                                                                                           Infant;  no stone                                                 Evergreen
 Weiland          ---                                                               2 Feb 1967                                    Don                  Darlene                  Infant Son                                                        Evergreen
 Weiland          Alice M Carl                           1898                             1988                                                                                  Wife of William H (1893);  Marr 20 Feb 1915                       Evergreen
 Weiland          Anna J                                                                                                                                                        see Ostercamp                                                     Evergreen
 Weiland          Anton John                       1 Jul 1868 Trexon Germany       21 Jul 1938              Hancock County Iowa   John B               Tillie Krull             Par of Cora, John, Everett, George, Clarence, Richard, Theodore   Evergreen
 Weiland          Beverly J                       19 Mar 1935 Algona Iowa           8 Jan 1999              Britt Hancock Co IA                                                 Wife of Kendall R (1933)                                          Evergreen
 Weiland          Carolyn A Seidel                       1943                                                                                                                   Wife of Norman R (1937);  Marr 23 Dec 1962                        Evergreen
 Weiland          Catherine Greenwaldt             2 Jun 1861 Essen Germany        19 Apr 1957              Mason City Iowa                                                     Hus #1 Henry J Weiland 1884;  #2 Calvin Greenwaldt 1939           Evergreen
 Weiland          Clarence C                      17 Sep 1910 Hancock County Iowa   5 Jan 1972              Britt Hancock Co IA   Anton J              Hattie Wichman           Par of Imogene, Darlene, Lois, Diane, Dean, Clarence, Don, Larry  Evergreen
 Weiland          Cora (Cornelia) C               25 Apr 1905 Iowa                 28 Apr 1917              Hancock County Iowa   Anton J              Hattie Wickman                                                                             Evergreen
 Weiland          Cornelia                                                                                                                                                      see Sweers                                                        Evergreen
 Weiland          Darlene Mary                                                                                                                                                  see Dunbar                                                        Evergreen
 Weiland          Dean Earl                       14 Oct 1937 Mason City Iowa      19 May 2003              Mason City Iowa       Clarence Cornelius   Leona Mary Monson        Par of Randy, John, Carleen, Douglas                              Evergreen
 Weiland          Della Marie                            1907                             1976                                                                                  Wife of John B (1902);  bur:21 Dec                                Evergreen
 Weiland          Dena                            10 Jul 1900                         Nov 1976                                                                                  Wife of Everett (1897);  bur:16                                   Evergreen
 Weiland          Dorla D Dangelser                      1938                             2001                                                                                  Hus #1 Dangelser;   #2 of Orville H (1930)                        Evergreen
 Weiland          Dorothea C Jensen                7 Apr 1918 Britt Hancock Co IA  30 Nov 2009              Garner Hancock Co IA  Jens Jensen          Camilla Christensen      Hus #1 Louis C (1918), 8 Mar 1940; #2 Glenn Erickson, 11 Apr 1993 Evergreen
 Weiland          Dorothy Lucille Maxon            4 Jun 1923 Iowa City Iowa       25 Aug 2011              Britt Hancock Co IA   Herbert Nelson Maxon Mary                     Hus #1 Harold L (1920);  #2 Charles Smith, 1992;  ??-Lundberg-??  Evergreen
 Weiland          Dorothy M                        1 Oct 1909                      20 May 2002 92           Algona Kossuth Co IA                                                Wife of Raymond R (1910)                                          Evergreen
 Weiland          Douglas L                                                        17 Feb 1964                                    Don                  Darlene                                                                                    Evergreen
 Weiland          Elaine M Carlson                30 Jul 1934 Hancock County Iowa   1 Mar 2006              Mason City Iowa       Afdolf Carlson       Ruth M Paskin            Wife of Vernon F (1929);  Marr 1 Jan 1953                         Ell Township
 Weiland          Elaine M Nedved                        1942                                                                                                                   Wife of Dean E (1937);  Marr 16 Jul 1962                          Evergreen
 Weiland          Elaine V Neswold                 4 Apr 1945                      18 May 1972                                    Lloyd H Neswold      Anna J Malecek           Wife of Wendell W (1943)                                          Evergreen
 Weiland          Ella E Kruse                           1878                             1930                                                                                  Wife of John J (1874);  Marr 15 Nov 1899;  d:1929                 Evergreen
 Weiland          Emma Edith Jesse                 6 Jan 1905 Ottawa Illinois      11 Dec 1993              Britt Hancock Co IA   Reinhard             Alvine Bublitz           Wife of Theodore C (1902);  Marr 6 Jan 1926                       Evergreen
 Weiland          Everett                                1897                      15 Sep 1981 84           Britt Hancock Co IA   Anton J              Hattie Wichman                                                                             Evergreen
 Weiland          Florence Mae Benham              6 Oct 1916 Mason City Iowa       6 Dec 2001              Ames Story Co Iowa    Alonzo Benham        Edna Nichols             Wife of Richard R (1912) ;  Marr 10 Oct 1934                      Evergreen
 Weiland          Fred C                                 1900                             1963                                                                                  bur:19 Jul                                                        Evergreen
 Weiland          Fred C Jr                        4 Sep 1933                       4 Sep 1933              Mason City Iowa       Fred                 Irene                    b:1943  bur:26 Sep 1963                                           Evergreen
 Weiland          Fred Jr                          4 Sep 1933                       4 Sep 1933              Mason City Iowa                                                     also in sec A112/332       ADDED  NO STONE HERE                   Evergreen
 Weiland          Geneva Marie Wermersen          25 Jan 1912 LuVerne Iowa         24 Jun 1985              Britt Hancock Co IA   John                 Mabel Rector             Wife of George B (1906);  Marr 23 Jan 1932                        Evergreen
 Weiland          George                                 1871                      22 Aug 1902 31y                                                                              no stone                                                          Ell Township
 Weiland          George B                         2 Sep 1865 Germany              17 Apr 1943 77y 7m 15d   Linn County Iowa                                                                                                                      Ell Township
 Weiland          George B                        12 Oct 1906                      19 Jun 1991              Britt Hancock Co IA   Anton J              Hattie Wichman                                                                             Evergreen
 Weiland          Harold LeRoy                    13 May 1920 Hancock County Iowa  31 Jan 1990              Britt Hancock Co IA   John J               Ella Kruse               Par of Darrell, Larry, Esta;  Hus #1 of Dorothy, Marr 11 Nov 1940 Evergreen
 Weiland          Hattie Wichman (Weichmann)             1873 Illinois              9 Aug 1964              Mason City Iowa       Everett Wichman      Cornelia Heinegall       Wife of Anton J (1868)                                            Evergreen
 Weiland          Henry J                                1859                       6 Sep 1921              Rochester Minnesota                                                 Par of Helen,John,Harry,Bess,Nellie,Wm,Henry,Caroline,Nina,Blanch Evergreen
 Weiland          Henry John                      23 Jan 1895                       1 Feb 1985              Britt Hancock Co IA   Henry J              Katherine Raab           Par of Dale, Marian                                               Evergreen
 Weiland          Hildred V Gault                 22 Sep 1898 Illinois             31 Aug 1989              Britt Hancock Co IA   Charles Gault        Eliza McLeod             Wife of Henry J (1895);  Marr 27 Nov 1919                         Evergreen
 Weiland          Imogene                                                                                                                                                       see Burgardt                                                      Evergreen
 Weiland          Irene M VanDusseldorp                  1902                                                                                                                                                                                     Evergreen
 Weiland          John A                                 1896                             1964                                    Anton J              Hattie Wichman           US Vet  WW I;  bur:13 Nov                                         Evergreen
 Weiland          John B                           7 Mar 1830                      19 Jul 1914                                                                                  Par of John, Benjamin, George, Anton, Annie, Richard, +1dau       Evergreen
 Weiland          John B                                 1902                         Oct 1967                                                                                  bur:30                                                            Evergreen
 Weiland          John H                          20 Jul 1892 Klemme Hancock Co IA 19 Aug 1918 26y 28d      Palo Iowa             George               Eva Blank                book d:18                                                         Ell Township
 Weiland          John J                          17 Sep 1874 Germany                 Aug 1962              Kanawha Iowa                                                        Par of Fred, John, Raymond, Harold, Anna, Esta                    Evergreen
 Weiland          Jon Darrell                      4 Aug 1966 Britt Hancock Co IA  20 Dec 2009                                    Orville H            Marilyn Price            Par of Jake, Jenna, Jordan;  Marr Janelle Hardgrove, 16 Jul 1988  Evergreen
 Weiland          Karen Jo                        27 May 1955 Britt Hancock Co Ia  26 Feb 2004              Clear Lake Iowa       Veron Weiland        Elaine Carlson                                                                             Ell Township
 Weiland          Katie S                         24 Jun 1902                      22 Nov 1902              Hancock County Iowa   Henry John           Hildred V Gault                                                                            Evergreen
 Weiland          Kendall R                              1933                             1997                                                                                  Par of Timothy, Kathryn, Kelly                                    Evergreen
 Weiland          Kenneth Rae                     30 Dec 1935 Iowa                 31 Dec 1935              Hancock County Iowa   Richard              Florence Benham          Twin;  co rec b:29, d:30                                          Orthel Township
 Weiland          Kieth Kae                       30 Dec 1935 Iowa                 31 Dec 1935              Hancock County Iowa   Richard              Florence Benham          Twin;  co rec b:29, d:29                                          Orthel Township
 Weiland          Larry L                                1940 Britt Hancock Co IA   2 Jun 1980              Miami Beach Florida   Clarence             Leona M Monson                                                                             Evergreen
 Weiland          Leona (A) Mary Monson           30 Dec 1911 Wesley Kossuth Co IA 12 Apr 1992              Britt Hancock Co IA   Charles J Monson     Mary Frances Wieg        Wife of Clarence C (1910);  Marr 24 Feb 1932                      Evergreen
 Weiland          Leona Caroline Fitch Williams   20 Sep 1912 Burt Iowa            29 May 1996              Algona Iowa           Edward Fitch         Rosa Hix                 Hus of #1 John, Marr 1937;  #2 Daniel Williams, Marr 10 Nov 1968  Evergreen
 Weiland          Louis Carl  "Bud"               14 Jul 1918 Britt Hancock Co IA  18 May 1976              Hancock County Iowa   William              Alice Carl               Par of Luaine, Lois, Linda, Marilyn, Donald, Monna                Evergreen
 Weiland          Marion L                                                                                                                                                      see Larson                                                        Evergreen
 Weiland          Marlys Irene                                                                                                                                                  see Peterson                                                      Evergreen
 Weiland          Mary I McGuire                  25 Apr 1953                                                                                                                   Wife of Wendel W (1943)                                           Evergreen
 Weiland          Norman R                         3 Dec 1937 Britt Hancock Co IA  11 Jun 1984              Hampton Iowa          Theodore Carl        Emma Jesse               Par of Shawna, Rodney                                             Evergreen
 Weiland          Orville H                              1930                             2010                                                                                  Wife #1 Marilyn Price; #2 Dorla D; Par of Jon,Pat,Dave,Betty,Judy Evergreen
 Weiland          Patricia Tlach                                                                                                                                                see Helps                                                         St Johns Catholic
 Weiland          Raymond R                        1 Sep 1910                      27 Jul 1976                                                                                  Par of Kendall, Phyllis, Wendel, Ronald                           Evergreen
 Weiland          Richard Raymond                 11 Aug 1912 Hancock County Iowa   6 Mar 1991              Britt Hanock Co IA    Anton J              Hattie Wichman           Par of Robert,Keith,Kenneth,Roger,Ronald,Roland,Rita,Ramona,Ray   Evergreen
 Weiland          Theodore "Ted" Carl             25 Oct 1902 Hancock County Iowa  24 Mar 1999              Britt Hancock Co IA   Anton J              Hattie Wichman           Par of Edith, Marian, Norman                                      Evergreen
 Weiland          Vernon F                         5 Jul 1929 Kanawha Iowa          9 Mar 1993 64y          Mason City Iowa       Fred                 I Vanduseldorp           Par of Karen, Kay, Kathy, Kenneth, Kelly                          Ell Township
 Weiland          Wendel W                        25 Aug 1943                                                                                                                                                                                     Evergreen
 Weiland          William Henry                   26 Mar 1893 Hancock County Iowa  28 Jan 1979              Las Vegas Nevada      Henry J              Cathyrn Raab             Par of Neva, Arthur, Alice, Ruth, Phillip, Louis                  Evergreen
 Weile            Elizabeth                                                                                                                                                     see Yarish                                                        St Boniface Catholic
 Weis             Elisa K                                                                                                                                                       see Miller                                                        Evergreen
 Weisbrod         Mildred B Schoenwetter                                                                                                                                        see Lenihan                                                       Ell Township
 Weisenstein      Lucas Anthony  "Luke"            1 Apr 1993                       1 Nov 1998                                    Russell              Darla                    Bother of Tyler                                                   St Boniface Catholic
 Weishaar         Theresa Frances                                                                                                                                               see Rudisill                                                      Bingham Township
 Weiskamp         Arthur Francis                  28 Dec 1922                       6 Dec 1973 50y                                John                 Edna Wiener              Tec 4 US Army  WW II Ia                                           St Johns Catholic
 Weiskamp         Marcella G Ptacek                7 Aug 1925                                                                     Adolph Ptacek        Mary Estella Nedved      Wife of Arthur F (1922)                                           St Johns Catholic
 Weiss            Carol Ann                          Aug 1950                         Aug 1950                                                                                  bur:13                                                            Concord Township
 Weiss            Catherine                       28 Jan 1892                      28 Jan 1983                                                                                  Wife of William (1885);  Par of Jacob, Edward, Clement, Pauline   St Patricks Catholic
 Weiss            Edward John                     15 Nov 1913                       5 Oct 1976                                                                                  S Sgt US Army  WW II                                              St Patricks Catholic
 Weiss            Edward John Jr                  27 Jun 1940 Des Moines Iowa      14 May 2010              Kanawha Iowa          Edward J                                      M SGT US Marine Corps  Vietnam                                    St Patricks Catholic
 Weiss            Fred                            29 Sep 1920                       6 Jan 2005                                                                                  Cpl  US Army  WW II                                               Concord Township
 Weiss            John Anthony                           1957                      13 May 1980                                                                                                                                                    St Patricks Catholic
 Weiss            Mazie M                          5 Mar 1937                                                                                                                   Wife of Edward J (1940)                                           St Patricks Catholic
 Weiss            Philimena                        8 Nov 1920                       2 Sep 1923                                                                                                                                                    St Patricks Catholic
 Weiss            Rita Mae Gordon                 28 Dec 1919                      28 May 1998                                                                                                                                                    St Patricks Catholic
 Weiss            Timothy                         29 Jul 1954                                                                                                                   Par of April, Andrea, Elizabeth, Merry, Ellie, Marti              Amsterdam Township
 Weiss            Vera R                                 1919                             2010                                                                                  Wife of Fred (1920);  bur:7 Sep                                   Concord Township
 Weiss            Vicki                            7 Jan 1955                      18 Feb 2006                                                                                  Wife of Timothy (1954);  Marr 25 Aug 1972                         Amsterdam Township
 Weiss            William                                1885                             1965                                                                                  Par of Philimena, Joseph, William Jr, Catherine, Frank, John      St Patricks Catholic
 Weitendorf       Luisek                                                                                                                                                        see Planz                                                         Immanual Lutheran Church
 Weitzel          Kathryn                                                                                                                                                       see Schleuger                                                     Bingham Township
 Welch            Carrie L                               1860                      13 Jun 1940 73y 10m 21d  Marshalltown IA                                                     Wife of Dwight D (1855);  d:1939                                  Amsterdam Township
 Welch            Clemence P                      24 Jan 1917                       5 Jul 2005              Mason City Iowa                                                     Pvt US Army  WW II                                                Amsterdam Township
 Welch            Courtney M                       9 Jun 1981                                                                                          Tammy                                                                                      Crystal Township
 Welch            Dwight Daniel                          1855                      19 Jan 1931 76y 7m 4d    Kanawha Iowa                                                                                                                          Amsterdam Township
 Welch            Earle Eugene                           1884                      24 Jul 1945 61y          Hampton Iowa                                                                                                                          Amsterdam Township
 Welch            Elizabeth                                                                                                                                                     see Peck                                                          Concord Township
 Welch            Mabel Cora                                                                                                                                                    see Velau                                                         Ell Township
 Welch            Mary                                   1884                         May 1966                                                                                  Wife of Earle E (1884);  bur:20 May                               Amsterdam Township
 Welch            Myrtle J                                                                                                                                                      see Mariner                                                       Amsterdam Township
 Welch            Tammy L Heller                                                                                                                                                see Fallon                                                        Crystal Township
 Welcher          Nell Jane                                                                                                                                                     see Harriman                                                      Amsterdam Township
 Weld             Opal (M ?)                                                                                                                                                    see Johnson                                                       Avery Township
 Weldon           Harriet Adelaide                                                                                                                                              see Paine                                                         Evergreen
 Welhousen        Jeannette                                                                                                                                                     see Krause                                                        Immanual Lutheran Church
 Wellek                                                                                                                                                                         see Wellik                                                        St Johns Catholic
 Wellemeyer       ---                                                                                                                                                           Wife of George;  no stone;  bur:8 Apr 1929                        Concord Township
 Wellemeyer       Amelia H Haefner                24 May 1864                      17 Oct 1950              Washington Iowa                                                     Wife of Edward M (1860);  Marr 27 Jun 1887                        Concord Township
 Wellemeyer       Arthur                          22 Feb 1880 Sibley Co Minnesota  29 Dec 1960 80y          Klemme Hancock Co IA  Frank                Mary Klaus               Par of Andrew, Ethel, Clarice, Ruth, Nora                         Ell Township
 Wellemeyer       Aurilla Farnham Sage             8 Aug 1877 Mechanicsville Iowa  27 Mar 1903              Hancock County Iowa   S L Sage                                      Wife of George L;  Marr Nov 1899;  no stone                       Concord Township
 Wellemeyer       Catherine Elizabeth Fiegenbaum   6 Oct 1827 Kirchspiel Prussia    1 Feb 1918                                                                                  Wife of Henry F (1822);  Marr Aug 1847                            Concord Township
 Wellemeyer       Coy Leverne                                                                                                                                                   d:May 1884                                                        Concord Township
 Wellemeyer       Edward Mathew                   16 Nov 1860 Wapello Iowa         23 Feb 1931              Washington Iowa       Henry F              Catherine E Fiegenbaum   Par of Viola, Elmer                                               Concord Township
 Wellemeyer       Elizabeth L                     20 Apr 1876                       9 Feb 1917                                    Frank H              Mary M Klaus                                                                               Concord Township
 Wellemeyer       Estella  (Emelie) E             12 Oct 1878                      14 Apr 1907              Hancock County Iowa   Frank H              Mary M Klaus                                                                               Concord Township
 Wellemeyer       Ethel                                                                                                                                                         see Bacon                                                         Ell Township
 Wellemeyer       Frank H                         11 Dec 1849                       2 Jul 1909                                                                                  Par of Carl, Ruth, Hulda, Arthur, Ernest, Fletcher,Eliz, +5       Concord Township
 Wellemeyer       George Leonard                   8 Oct 1865 Wapello Iowa          8 Apr 1932              Afton Iowa            Henry F              Catherine Fiegenbaum     Hus of Emma Town;  no stone                                       Concord Township
 Wellemeyer       Henry F                         15 Dec 1822 Germany              12 Aug 1899              Garner Hancock Co IA                                                Par of Edward, Mary, George, Charles                              Concord Township
 Wellemeyer       Lois                             9 Dec 1890                       1 Sep 1891 10m 23d                            Frank H              Mary M Klaus                                                                               Concord Township
 Wellemeyer       Lydia Dora Griewe               27 Feb 1880 Hancock County Iowa  31 Jul 1949 69y 5m 4d    Klemme Hancock Co IA  Henry Griewe         Mary Ell                 Wife of Arthur (1880);  Marr 22 Feb 1906                          Ell Township
 Wellemeyer       Mary M "May" Klaus              28 Jan 1853                      29 Mar 1930                                                                                  Wife of Frank H (1849)                                            Concord Township
 Wellendorf       Alta                                                                                                                                                          see Nelson                                                        Concord Township
 Wellik                                                                                                                                                                         see Wellek                                                        St Johns Catholic
 Wellik           Agnes Marie Malek               28 Feb 1910                       8 Jul 1974 64y                                George Malek         Antonio Fiala            Wife of Jilji (1906)                                              St Johns Catholic
 Wellik           Amanda Jean                      5 Mar 1990 Mason City Iowa       5 Mar 1990              Mason City Iowa       James                Carla                                                                                      Bingham Township
 Wellik           Anna                                                                                                                                                          see Krall                                                         St Boniface Catholic
 Wellik           Anna                            10 Aug 1885                      21 Feb 1982 96y                                Frank Wellik         Anna Benda                                                                                 St Johns Catholic
 Wellik           Anna Benda                      15 May 1857 Spillville Iowa      27 Jan 1958 99y 10m      Duncan Hancock Co IA  Ignac Benda          Mary                     Wife of Frank (1855);  Marr 1884;  b:1858                         St Johns Catholic
 Wellik           Anna M Kral                      3 Jun 1874 Calmar Iowa          15 Jan 1945 70y 7m       Hancock County Iowa   Frank Kral           Catherine Malecek        Wife of John (1871);  Marr 1895                                   St Johns Catholic
 Wellik           Anna Stella                                                                                                                                                   see Hrubes                                                        St Johns Catholic
 Wellik           Arlene Jakoubek                                                                                                                                               Wife of Paul (1925) ;  Marr 28 Oct 1947                           Bingham Township
 Wellik           Barbara                                1835                      27 Jul 1920 84y                                                                              Wife of Frantisek (1824)                                          St Boniface Catholic
 Wellik           Barbara Krall                    4 Jul 1885                       5 Jan 1968              Garner Hancock Co IA  Frank Krall          Catherine Malachek       Wife of Charles (1881);  Marr 11 Jul 1905                         St Boniface Catholic
 Wellik           Beatta                                                                                                                                                        see Rayhons                                                       St Johns Catholic
 Wellik           Charles                                1881                      30 Mar 1970                                                                                  Par of Raymond, George, Helen, Margaret, Lucille                  St Boniface Catholic
 Wellik           Christina Clara                                                                                                                                               see Nedved                                                        St Johns Catholic
 Wellik           Della Mary                                                                                                                                                    see Hrubes                                                        St Johns Catholic
 Wellik           Edward J                        21 Aug 1907                      31 Jan 1992                                                                                  d:5 Feb                                                           St Johns Catholic
 Wellik           Emma B                                                                                                                                                        see Jakoubek                                                      St Johns Catholic
 Wellik           Evelyn                                                                                                                                                        see Holck                                                         St Johns Catholic
 Wellik           Frances Emily Falada            21 Dec 1914 Duncan Hancock Co IA 27 May 2011              Britt Hancock Co IA   Frank Falada         Mary Tlach               Wife of Edward J (1907);  Marr 13 Nov 1934                        St Johns Catholic
 Wellik           Frank E                          4 Apr 1928                                                                                                                   Par of Michael, Terry, Susan, Sandra, Gregory, Jon, Jeralyn,Janan St Johns Catholic
 Wellik           Frank George                    27 Jan 1893                      21 Jul 1977 84y                                Josef                Petrona Ptacek           Par of Frank, Marie, Rose, Marcella, Paul, Evelyn                 St Johns Catholic
 Wellik           Frank James                     16 Jul 1892 Iowa                 16 Dec 1972 80y                                Frank                Anna Benda               From Grand Meadow Minn                                            St Johns Catholic
 Wellik           Frank Sr                               1855 Bohemia              21 Jun 1934 78y          Mason City Iowa                            Miss Prasek              Par of Lewis, Anna, Frances, Emma, Frank                          St Johns Catholic
 Wellik           Frantisek (Frank)               27 Nov 1824 Bohemia              17 Nov 1889 65y          Hancock County Iowa                                                 d:20,1888  ae:64y 11m 25d  county record                          St Boniface Catholic
 Wellik           Gloria A Nielsen                       1935                                                                                                                   Wife of Joseph F (1933)                                           Evergreen
 Wellik           Helen Alice Urich                1 Mar 1897                       7 Jan 1956 58y 10m      Britt Hancock Co IA   Frank Urich          Mary Hejlik              Wife of Henry J (1891);  Marr 8 Feb 1916                          St Johns Catholic
 Wellik           Henry Joe                       16 Dec 1891 Duncan Hancock Co IA 19 Oct 1960 68y 10m      Britt Hancock Co IA   Josef                Petrona Ptacek           Par of Elsie, Irene, Leona, Mary Ann, George                      St Johns Catholic
 Wellik           Jilji John                       3 Aug 1906                      19 Oct 1983 77y                                Josef                Petrona Ptacek                                                                             St Johns Catholic
 Wellik           Josef (Joseph)                   1 May 1863 Bohemia               5 May 1935 72y          Mason City Iowa       Frank                Barbara Prasek           Par of Frank,Hnry,Jilji,Ann,Della,Mary,Louise,Beatta,Christne,Joe St Johns Catholic
 Wellik           Joseph F                               1933                                                                                                                   Par of Timothy, Patrick, Philip, Lisa, Ann                        Evergreen
 Wellik           Joseph William                   8 Feb 1902                      19 Jan 1960 57y 11m                            Josef                Petrona Ptacek                                                                             St Johns Catholic
 Wellik           Josephine                                                                                                                                                     see Fritsch                                                       St Boniface Catholic
 Wellik           Lillian E Hejlik                31 Oct 1901 Hancock County Iowa  21 Apr 2001              Britt Hancock Co IA   John Hejlik          Rosa Urich               Wife of Frank G (1893);  Marr 4 Oct 1921                          St Johns Catholic
 Wellik           Louisa Teresa                                                                                                                                                 see Vrba                                                          St Johns Catholic
 Wellik           Lucy                            29 Jan 1896                      20 Sep 1979 83y                                John Wellik          Anna Knoll                                                                                 St Johns Catholic
 Wellik           Mary E                                                                                                                                                        see Tlach                                                         St Johns Catholic
 Wellik           Mary J Kofron                   20 Apr 1889                      26 May 1968 79y                                                                              Wife of Frank J (1892);  From Cedar Rapids                        St Johns Catholic
 Wellik           Mary L                                                                                                                                                        see Nedved                                                        St Johns Catholic
 Wellik           Mildred                                                                                                                                                       see Horstman                                                      St Patricks Catholic
 Wellik           Mildred E Kopacek               27 Aug 1906                      11 May 1998                                    Frank J Kopacek      Elizabeth Kudej          Wife of Joseph W (1902)                                           St Johns Catholic
 Wellik           Patricia R                      16 Mar 1958                       7 Mar 1961                                    George               Clara Lu                                                                                   St Patricks Catholic
 Wellik           Paul Joseph                      7 Apr 1925 Hancock County Iowa  26 Feb 1995              Mason City Iowa       Frank G              Lillian Hejlik           Par of Ruth, Roger, James, John;  US Army  WW II                  Bingham Township
 Wellik           Petrona (Bertha) Ptacek         30 May 1866                      27 Jan 1949 82y                                John Ptacek          Anna Masek               Wife of Joseph (1863);  16 May 1886                               St Johns Catholic
 Wellik           Shirley Ann Studer              30 Sep 1929                                                                                                                   Wife of Frank E (1928);  Marr 1 Aug 1950                          St Johns Catholic
 Wellik           Vivian                                                                                                                                                        see Pritchard                                                     St Patricks Catholic
 Wellik (Velik)   James (Venceslous Francis)      28 Sep 1897 Iowa                 21 Jul 1908 10y 10m      Hancock County Iowa   John                 Frances (Annie) Krawl    co rec d:22                                                       St Johns Catholic
 Wellik (Velik)   John (Jan)                             1871 Czechoslovakia       24 May 1931 60y          Hancock County Iowa                                                 Par of Lucy, Lillian, Edward, James, Mary                         St Johns Catholic
 Wells            Alice                                                                                                                                                         see Hahn                                                          St Patricks Catholic
 Wells            Eliza Beckwith Fitch            24 Nov 1839 Connecticut (Mich)   11 Jan 1916              Garner Hancock Co IA  Gordon B Fitch       Sarah C Gould            Wife of William C (1827);  Marr Sep 1870                          Concord Township
 Wells            Iola E (C) Chase                22 Apr 1910 Goodell Iowa         27 Sep 2001              Mason City Iowa       Fred R Chase         Elva B Lange             Wife of Lon A (1894);  Marr 2 Aug 1937                            Avery Township
 Wells            Lon A                            1 Nov 1894                      28 Jun 1975              Clear Lake Iowa                                                     Dr                                                                Avery Township
 Wells            William C                       16 Apr 1827 West Buxton Maine    25 Feb 1923              Garner Hancock Co IA                                                Par of George, Alice;  co rec d:Mar                               Concord Township
 Welsh            ---                                                                                                                                                           Infant;  no stone                                                 Evergreen
 Welsh            Aram Granville  'Capt'          24 Jun 1851 Ohio                 24 Jun 1928              Fort Dodge Iowa                                                     stone d:1928;  Hus of #1 Eliza Fox;  #2 Mary Church, Marr 1915    Evergreen
 Welsh            Charles W                              1877                      14 Dec 1937              Britt Hancock Co Ia   Aram G               Elizabeth J Fox          Par of Dean,Francis,Leo,Dale,Lester,Evelyn,Myrtle,Cora,Edith,Chas Evergreen
 Welsh            David J                                1944                                                                                                                   Par of Tammy, Ryan, Marcy, Rich                                   St Boniface Catholic
 Welsh            Elizabeth Jane Fox              18 Nov 1854 Ohio                  1 Jul 1911              Hancock County Iowa   Samuel Fox           A Collins                Wife #1 of Aram G;  Marr Sep 1874;  Par of Elsie, Nora, C W, +6   Evergreen
 Welsh            Minnie O                         8 Jun 1885 Mondvi Wisconsin      2 Sep 1962              Britt Hancock Co IA                                                 Wife of Charles W (1877);  Marr 18 Nov 1906                       Evergreen
 Welsh            Sandra Lee Kretchmer             9 Aug 1949 Huron South Dakota   30 Sep 2009              Klemme Hacock Co Ia   John Kretchmer       Dorothy Jencks           Wife of David J (1944);  Marr 20 Apr 1968                         St Boniface Catholic
 Welshans         Albert V                        19 May 1913 Rockford Iowa         9 May 1987              Mason City Iowa       David W              Laura E Harrison         PFC US Army  WW II;  Par of Wavel,Marvel,Rich,Sharon,Ron,Karon    Amsterdam Township
 Welshans         Edna Lois                       26 Nov 1914 Lake Mills Iowa       8 Apr 2008              Garner Hancock Co Ia                                                Wife of Albert V;  Marr 13 Aug 1960;  Par of Larry,Janyce,Robert  Amsterdam Township
 Welter           Cheryl Ann                                                                                                                                                    see Andersen                                                      St Marys Catholic
 Welter           Dorothy O                        5 Mar 1892                      17 Mar 1989                                                                                  Wife of Rufus C (1895)                                            St Marys Catholic
 Welter           Jon Gerard                       7 Nov 1960                      10 Nov 1960                                    Robert               Jean                                                                                       St Marys Catholic
 Welter           Leona M                                1935                                                                                                                   Wife of Thomas E (1934)                                           St Marys Catholic
 Welter           Mary Jane                                                                                                                                                     see DeGroote                                                      St Marys Catholic
 Welter           Rufus Charles                   23 Sep 1895                      29 Jan 1995                                    Robert                                        Par of Mary,Dorothy,Robert,Rufus,Gene,Wm,Tom;  L Cpl US Army WW I St Marys Catholic
 Welter           Thomas E                        18 Apr 1934 Corwith Iowa          6 Apr 2004              Mason City Iowa                                                     Par of Cheryl                                                     St Marys Catholic
 Welty            Bertha Vernon                                                                                                                                                 see Markworth                                                     Evergreen
 Welty            Charles D                              1863                      23 Dec 1931              Britt Hancock Co IA                                                                                                                   Evergreen
 Welty            Clara Jane Hammill                     1874                      16 Feb 1926              Britt Hancock Co IA   George Hammill       Mary Brewer              Wife of Charles D (1863)                                          Evergreen
 Welty            Edna                                                                                                                                                          see Erickson                                                      Madison Township
 Welty            Georgia N                       27 Oct 1906 Iowa                 14 Apr 1907              Hancock County Iowa   Willis Seymour       Mary Diana Bonesteel                                                                       Bingham Township
 Welty            Grace A Caldwell                                                                                                                                              see Lloyd                                                         Evergreen
 Welty            Maude Lucille                          1891                         Feb 1903 11y 3m 1d    Britt Hancock Co Ia   Charles D Welty      Alice                    d:18                                                              Evergreen
 Wenck            Edward Samuel                    3 Jun 1888 Illinois             11 Apr 1977                                    Joseph               Emma Seiler              Pvt US Army  WW I                                                 St Boniface Catholic
 Wenck            Emma                            21 Oct 1867                       7 Feb 1943                                                                                                                                                    St Boniface Catholic
 Wenck            Francis Carroll                 18 May 1922 Mason City Iowa      18 May 1922              Mason City Iowa       F J                  Catherine A Lucksinger                                                                     Ell Township
 Wenck            Joseph Edward  "Junior"          6 Nov 1925 Dixon Illinois       29 May 1993              Mason City Iowa       Edward Samuel        Marie Ryan                                                                                 St Boniface Catholic
 Wenck            Joseph Frank                    29 Jan 1859                      23 Feb 1944 85y          Mason City Iowa                                                     d:1943                                                            St Boniface Catholic
 Wenck            Marie M                         28 Jun 1894                      27 May 1943 49y                                                                              mn:H                                                              St Boniface Catholic
 Wenck            Maude H                         17 Apr 1900                      27 May 1986                                                                                  Dr                                                                St Boniface Catholic
 Wenck            Oscar Harry                     24 Jul 1893 Plainfield Illinois  22 Dec 1988              Garner Hancock Co IA  Joseph               Emma Seiler              Pvt US Army  WW I;  b:23,1892                                     St Boniface Catholic
 Wendell          Rebecca Leanna                                                                                                                                                see Aitchison                                                     Madison Township
 Wendt            Donald Ernest                    2 Dec 1962 Walworth Wisconsin   27 Sep 1975 12y 9m 25d   Kanawha Iowa          Ernest E             Patricia J                                                                                 Amsterdam Township
 Wendt            Ernest Edfried                  28 Sep 1905                       5 Oct 1985 80y          Mason City Iowa                                                                                                                       Amsterdam Township
 Wendt            Lizzie                                                                                                                                                        see Baker                                                         Evergreen
 Wendt            Patricia Jane                          1927                      17 Apr 1977 49y 11m 16d  Mason City Iowa                                                     Wife of Ernest E (1905)                                           Amsterdam Township
 Wenger           Mary M                                                                                                                                                        see Morgan                                                        Concord Township
 Wenig            ---                                                               9 Oct 1892 3m           Twin Lake Twp         John                                          no stone;  Dau                                                    Liberty Township
 Wenig            ---                             23 Jun 1892 Hancock County Iowa   9 Oct 1892              Hancock County Iowa   John                                          Son                                                               Liberty Township
 Wenig            Ada F                                                                                                                                                         see Kothenbuetel                                                  Ell Township
 Wenig            Emma Schoper                     4 Sep 1871 Minesota              4 Feb 1944 72y 5m       Hancock County Iowa   William Schoper      ??? Hoerman                                                                                Ell Township
 Wenig            Gladys M                                                                                                                                                      see Elphic                                                        Ell Township
 Wenig            Jessie Emma                      1 Mar 1891 Hancock County Iowa  16 Oct 1899              Hancock County Iowa   John                                          Dau                                                               Liberty Township
 Wenig            John                            25 Mar 1864 Allamakee Co Iowa    13 Nov 1917 53y 7m 18d   Iowa City Iowa        George               Barbara Schwartz                                                                           Ell Township
 Wenthold         Colleen M McLain                 5 Jul 1945 Decorah Iowa         25 Nov 2009              Belmond Wright Co IA  Earl McLain          Vada Roney               Wife of John A (1945);  Married 7 Jun 1969                        St Boniface Catholic
 Wenthold         John A                           2 Jan 1945                                                                                                                   Par of Charles                                                    St Boniface Catholic
 Wenz             Anna Marie (Mary)                                                                                                                                             see Roswag                                                        Concord Township
 Wenz             August H                        26 May 1862 Clayton County Iowa  13 Oct 1909 47y          Britt Hancock Co IA   Jacob                                         co rec d:12                                                       Ell Township
 Wenz             Caroline Volk                    1 Jan 1834                       2 Jun 1901 67y          Hancock County Iowa                                                 Wife of Jacob Sr;  Marr 1857;  moved from Peace Refmd Cem         Ell Township
 Wenz             Christina                                                                                                                                                     see Roswag                                                        Concord Township
 Wenz             Esther Norma                                                                                                                                                  see Swalve                                                        Ell Township
 Wenz             Jacob                           15 Aug 1858 Germany              26 Jan 1937 78y 5m 11d   Duncan Hancock Co IA  Jacob                Caroline Volk                                                                              Ell Township
 Wenz             Jacob Sr                         6 Apr 1829 Baden Germany        21 Dec 1920 91y 8m 16d   Hancock County Iowa                                                 Par of Jacob, William + 3                                         Ell Township
 Wenz             Wilhelmina F Reichardt          19 Apr 1886 Wittenberg Germany    1 Oct 1974 88y 5m 11d   Belmond Wright Co IA  Frederick Reichardt  Barbara Ballier                                                                            Ell Township
 Wenz             William                          2 May 1871 Elkport Iowa         11 Aug 1959 88y 3m 9d    Hancock County Iowa   Jacob                Caroline Volk                                                                              Ell Township
 Wenzel           Joseph F                        13 Oct 1901                      13 Apr 1979                                                                                                                                                    Madison Township
 Wenzel           Louise                                                                                                                                                        see Reitter                                                       Evergreen
 Wenzel           Thora M Anderson                15 Aug 1916                         Jul 1971                                                                                  Wife of #1 ?;  #2 Joseph F Wenzel (1901);  d:1973                 Madison Township
 Wenzlaff         Caroline Wenzlow                21 Apr 1837 Germany              26 Apr 1916              Hancock County Iowa   Pete Wenzlow         Susie Middesteat                                                                           Evergreen
 Wenzlow          Caroline                                                                                                                                                      see Wenzlaff                                                      Evergreen
 Wermersen        ---                                                                                                             William              Ethel                    infant;  no stone                                                 Corwith
 Wermersen        Albert J                        20 Dec 1901                         Apr 1973                                    Harm                 Amelia Dallman           b:1900                                                            Corwith
 Wermersen        Alma M Tegtmeyer                12 Feb 1921 Hancock County Iowa  29 Apr 1994              Britt Hancock Co IA   Wilhelm F Tegtmeyer  Clara Schoening          Wife of Ralph (1912);  Marr 23 Mar 1941                           Evergreen
 Wermersen        Amelia Dallman                  16 Mar 1864 Springfield Illinois 27 Jun 1943              Algona Kossuth Co IA                                                Wife of Harm (1854);  Par of Rebecca, Anna                        Corwith
 Wermersen        Anna L                                                                                                                                                        see Nims                                                          Corwith
 Wermersen        Bertha Amelia Osheim            11 Sep 1905 Thompson Iowa        31 Mar 1963              Britt Hancock Co IA   Hans Osheim          Anna Quam                Wife #2 of John W (1886);  Marr Nov 1943                          Evergreen
 Wermersen        Charlie G                       12 Apr 1899                      17 Apr 1966                                    Harm                 Amelia Dallman           Pvt 36 Base HQ AB Sqd AAF  WW II                                  Corwith
 Wermersen        Christopher F                   18 Oct 1890 Flannigan Illinois   14 Jan 1969              Britt Hancock Co IA   Harm                 Amelia Dallman           Pvt Cas Det 1655 Demob Gp  WW I                                   Corwith
 Wermersen        Dennis R                        20 Jan 1942                                                                                                                                                                                     Evergreen
 Wermersen        Elizbeth L Stevens                     1882                             1965                                                                                  Wife of George W (1883)                                           Corwith
 Wermersen        Ethel M                                1896                      21 Nov 1979                                                                                  Wife of William D (1895)                                          Corwith
 Wermersen        Geneva Marie                                                                                                                                                  see Weiland                                                       Evergreen
 Wermersen        George Werner                    6 Feb 1883 Flannagen Illlinois   7 Oct 1937              Rochester Minnesota   John                 Francis Swords                                                                             Corwith
 Wermersen        Harm                                   1854                      17 Oct 1902                                                                                  Par of Al, Chas, Matilda, Dick, Mary, Bill, Amelia, Chris, Helen  Corwith
 Wermersen        Mabel G Rector                         1883                             1963                                                                                  Wife #1 of John W;  Marr 1907;  bur:18 Jan                        Evergreen
 Wermersen        Mary Jane                                                                                                                                                     see Conway                                                        Corwith
 Wermersen        Matilda                                                                                                                                                       see Gee                                                           Corwith
 Wermersen        Ralph R                         30 Nov 1912                      10 Oct 1996                                    John                 Mabel Rector             Par of Dennis, Elaine                                             Evergreen
 Wermersen        Rebecca                                                                                                                                                       see Dawson                                                        Corwith
 Wermersen        Richard                         27 Oct 1888 Illinois             11 Dec 1949              Fort Dodge Iowa       Harm (Henry)         Amelia Dallman           Par of Ralph, Claire, Henrietta;  Marr 1911; Mrs d:11 Nov 1939    Corwith
 Wermersen        Teena                                                            14 Aug 1966                                    Robert               Ruth                     Infant                                                            Corwith
 Wermersen        Warner H                               1892                             1965                                                                                                                                                    Corwith
 Wermersen        William D                              1895                             1973                                    Harm                 Amelia Dallman           Par of Betty, Robert;  d:1976                                     Corwith
 Wermerson        John W                                 1886                      16 Nov 1964              Britt Hancock Co IA                                                 Par of Geneva, Ralph                                              Evergreen
 Werner           Lena Caroline                                                                                                                                                 see Helps                                                         Ell Township
 Werner           William                                                                                                                                                       no stone;  mn:Herman;  b:19 Aug 1890 Hanover Germany              Concord Township
 Wernet           Louisa Hubbard Johns            22 Jun 1901                      11 Jan 1986                                                                                  Marr #1 Ben T Johns 21 Dec 1921                                   Evergreen
 Wesenberg        Eunice Esther                                                                                                                                                 see Kurtz                                                         Avery Township
 Wesenberg        Lew                             27 Oct 1907 Iowa                 27 Oct 1907              Goodell Iowa          Lewis W              Nina Pearl Emerson       d:17                                                              Avery Township
 Wesenberg        Lewis William                   27 Jan 1877 Alden Iowa           11 Nov 1952              St Charles Louisiana                                                Par of Eunice, Wayne, Lewis, Naida;  d:1953                       Avery Township
 Wesenberg        Mary                                   1854 Van Ryne Wisconsin   16 May 1940              Long Beach CA                                                       Wife of William (1850)                                            Avery Township
 Wesenberg        Nina Pearl Emerson               8 Oct 1882 Floyd County Iowa    18 Apr 1976              Belmond Wright Co IA                                                Wife of Lewis W (1877)                                            Avery Township
 Wesenberg        Pamela                                                                                                                                                        see Christiansen                                                  Avery Township
 Wesenberg        Paula                                                                                                                                                         see Rowland                                                       Avery Township
 Wesenberg        Viola B                                1914                             1990                                                                                  Wife of Wayne E (1911)                                            Avery Township
 Wesenberg        Wayne Emerson                    3 May 1911 Hancock County Iowa  23 Sep 1950              Garner Hancock Co IA  Lewis W              Nina Pearl Emerson       d:20                                                              Avery Township
 Wesenberg        William                                1850 Germany               3 Mar 1937              Long Beach CA                                                       d:19 Feb                                                          Avery Township
 Wessels          Amanda Kate (Harmanna) Meints    2 Jul 1909 Franklin County Iowa  1 Mar 2001              Mason City Iowa       Conrad Meints        Elise Harms              Wife of Fred (1908);  Marr 12 Mar 1931                            Ell Township
 Wessels          Carmen Jean                                                                                                                                                   see Monsen                                                        Madison Township
 Wessels          Elmer                            7 Jun 1925 Hancock County Iowa  17 Oct 1999              Mason City Iowa       Leppo                Pauline Rosine Reichardt Hus of Gladys Christians;  Marr 18 Oct 1952                       Ell Township
 Wessels          Fred                            19 Aug 1908 Hancock County Iowa  25 Jan 1983 74y 5m 6d    Mason City Iowa       Leppo                Pauline Rosine Reichardt Par of Arlene, Larry, Lavonne, Karen, Sharon                      Ell Township
 Wessels          Gladys Christians                                                                                                                                             Wife of Elmer;  Marr 18 Oct 1952                                  Ell Township
 Wessels          John                            12 Jul 1909 Hancock County Iowa  17 Apr 1939 29y 9m 5d    Hancock County Iowa   Leppo                Pauline Rosine Reichardt                                                                   Ell Township
 Wessels          Leppo                           21 Oct 1882 Germany              16 Jan 1946 63y 2m 26d   Belmond Wright Co IA  Luke                 Lavina Beinie            Par of Elmer,Paul,Martha,Fred,William,John,Ray,Benjamin,Ben,Henry Ell Township
 Wessels          Pauline Rosine Reichardt        21 Jun 1887 Germany              30 Mar 1959 71y 9m 9d    Belmond Wright Co IA  Frederick Reichardt  Barbara Bailler          Wife of Leppo (1882);  Marr 1 Jan 1907                            Ell Township
 Wesson           Edward Trumbell                 21 Oct 1848 Flint Michigan       25 Jan 1931              Garner Hancock Co IA                                                Par of Leonard, John, Fred                                        Concord Township
 Wesson           Emma Ellen Anderson             19 Nov 1884 Osage City Kansas     6 Sep 1970              Garner Hancock Co IA  Thomas Anderson      Ann Peters               Wife of John S (1882);  Marr 21 Mar 1906                          Concord Township
 Wesson           John Samuel                     22 Jun 1882 Clinton County Iowa  23 Oct 1945              Garner Hancock Co IA  Edward Trumbell      Rebecca Cole             Par of Lucille                                                    Concord Township
 Wesson           Lucile Reed Ryan                31 Mar 1917 Garner Hancock Co IA 18 Nov 2012              Britt Hancock Co IA   James Ryan           Cecil Reed               adopted by J S 'Sam" & Emma Wesson in 1919                        Concord Township
 Wesson           Rebecca J Cole                         1859                             1924                                                                                  Wife of Edward T (1848); Marr 1880                                Concord Township
 West             Christopher Trumbell            24 Feb 1939 Cerro Gordo Co Iowa  24 Feb 1939              Cerro Gordo Co Iowa   Clair                                                                                                           Avery Township
 West             Mary Christine                                                                                                                                                see Matern                                                        St Boniface Catholic
 Westendorf       Ardora G (Barbara)                     1900                             1901                                                                                                                                                    Immanual Lutheran Church
 Westendorf       George                                 1910                                                                                                                                                                                     Immanual Lutheran Church
 Westendorf       George B                               1907                             1909                                                                                  b:1908                                                            Immanual Lutheran Church
 Westendorf       Johanna Beek                                                                                                                                                  see Blank                                                         Ell Township
 Westendorf       Tillie                                                                                                                                                        see Donald Duane Sporaa                                           Concord Township
 Wester           David Roy                                                        27 Oct 1987                                    David                Karin                    Infant;  Twin of Joshua                                           Evergreen
 Westerberg       Dana Ann                        28 Aug 1964                      31 Dec 1979                                    Rodney               Rogene                                                                                     Madison Township
 Westerberg       Rodney E                        27 Nov 1935                                                                                                                   Par of Kevin, Glenn, Lori, Dana, Paula, Jay                       Madison Township
 Westerberg       Rogene P                        17 Mar 1935                                                                                                                   Wife of Rodney E (1935)                                           Madison Township
 Westerberg       Vivian Maxine                                                                                                                                                 see Charlson                                                      Madison Township
 Westfall         J F                                                                                                                                                           no stone                                                          Concord Township
 Westin           Carl J                          14 Jan 1923 Kanawha Iowa         11 Feb 2000              Fort Dodge Iowa                                                     Par of Jacquline, Deborah, John, Mitch, Scott                     Amsterdam Township
 Westin           Dorothy M Shelton               13 Apr 1929 Kanawha Iowa          6 Jan 2001              Fort Dodge Iowa       James Elvin Shelton  Marie Eliza Freerksen    Wife of Carl J (1923);  Marr 6 Nov 1947                           Amsterdam Township
 Westin           Gertie Delger                   30 Jan 1896                      24 Dec 1996                                                                                  Wife of John A (1889);  d: Fort Dodge IA ?                        Amsterdam Township
 Westin           John A                                 1889                       4 Oct 1947 57y 11m 27d  Mason City Iowa                                                                                                                       Amsterdam Township
 Wetter           Esther                                                                                                                                                        see Kuns                                                          Madison Township
 Wetterling       ---                             15 Mar 1912 Hancock County Iowa  15 Mar 1912              Hancock County Iowa   Frank Otto           Pauline W Schulz (Lenty) Son                                                               St Johns Lutheran
 Wetterling       Doris L                                                                                                                                                       see Rowen                                                         Concord Township
 Wetterling       Earl Christian                   4 Dec 1906                       2 Aug 1979              Britt Hancock Co IA   Edward F             Edna Viola Rasmus        Par of Janan, Gene                                                Concord Township
 Wetterling       Edna Viola Rasmus                2 Dec 1886 Hancock County Iowa   4 Jun 1957                                                                                  Wife of Edward F (1880);  Marr 28 Feb 1906                        Concord Township
 Wetterling       Edward F                               1880                             1969                                                                                  Par of Earl, LuVerne, Doris, Esther                               Concord Township
 Wetterling       Ella Wilhelmina Hollatz          5 Sep 1907 Garner Hancock Co IA 12 Oct 1999              Britt Hancock Co IA   Carl Hollatz         Anna Boehnke             Wife of Earl C (1906);  Marr 1 May 1936                           Concord Township
 Wetterling       Erwin H                         22 Feb 1908                      19 Jul 1997                                                                                                                                                    St Johns Lutheran
 Wetterling       Esther Mabel                                                                                                                                                  see Kutzner                                                       Concord Township
 Wetterling       Frank Otto                      30 Jun 1869 Chicago Illinois      7 Apr 1946              Garner Hancock Co IA  August               Johanna                  Par of Erna, Lillian, Erwin, Otto, infant son                     St Johns Lutheran
 Wetterling       Janan M                                                                                                                                                       see Griggs                                                        Concord Township
 Wetterling       Johanna                         12 Dec 1839                       4 Jul 1922                                                                                                                                                    St Johns Lutheran
 Wetterling       Lillian                                                                                                                                                       see Jones                                                         St Johns Lutheran
 Wetterling       Lillian E                       21 Mar 1913                      26 Feb 2008                                                                                  Wife of Erwin H (1908)                                            St Johns Lutheran
 Wetterling       Otto C F                        30 Jun 1903                      13 Feb 1919                                    Frank Otto           Pauline W Schulz                                                                           St Johns Lutheran
 Wetterling       Pauline W Schulz                18 Dec 1872                      21 Feb 1960                                                                                  Wife of Frank O (1869);  Marr 26 Sep 1902                         St Johns Lutheran
 Wetzel           ---                             15 May 1915 Hancock County Iowa  15 May 1915              Britt Hancock Co IA   John E               Minnie M Klein           Son                                                               Evergreen
 Wetzel           Doris Lucille                    1 Oct 1909 Minnesota            13 Nov 1916              Britt Hancock Co IA   John E               Minnie M Klein           co rec b:Nov, d:30                                                Evergreen
 Wetzel           Lela Gertrude                                                                                                                                                 see Quinlan                                                       Evergreen
 Wetzel           Minnie M Klein                  21 May 1875                      27 Feb 1976                                                                                                                                                    Evergreen

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