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Compiled by the Hancock County Iowa Genealogical Society

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   8 Jan 2016      

    LAST NAME               FIRST NAME            BIRTH DATE      BIRTH PLACE      DEATH DATE      AGE           DEATH PLACE            FATHER                 MOTHER                                   OTHER INFORMATION                                 CEMETERY
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 O'Banion         Melva M Erickson                23 Aug 1899                      23 Jun 1990                                                                                                                                                    Amsterdam Towship
 O'Brian          Ada B                                                                                                                                                         see Horstman                                                      St Patricks Catholic
 O'Brien          Bridget McLaughlin                     1835                             1913                                                                                  Wife of Henry (1839);  b:1845                                     St Patricks Catholic
 O'Brien          Henry                           24 Jun 1839 Ireland               5 Aug 1909              Hancock County Iowa   Henry                Jane Reed                b:1832                                                            St Patricks Catholic
 O'Brien          Salina                                                                                                                                                        see Deal                                                          Corwith
 O'Brien          Stasia                                                                                                                                                        see McMahon                                                       St Marys Catholic
 O'Brien          William H                              1878                             1940                                                                                                                                                    Corwith
 O'Connell        Joseph                          31 May 1882                      26 Sep 1906                                    C                    Maggie                                                                                     Evergreen
 O'Connor         Mary A                                                                                                                                                        see Gardner                                                       St Patricks Catholic
 O'Dell           Hazel Fidella                                                                                                                                                 see Gast                                                          Concord Cemetery
 O'Gram           Henry B                         16 Nov 1827                      23 Apr 1893 65y 5m 8d                                                                                                                                          Orthel Township
 O'Hearn          Agnes Mary                                                                                                                                                    see Barth                                                         St Boniface Catholic
 O'Hearn          Vivian                                                                                                          William                                       see Olaf M Olson                                                  St Boniface Catholic
 O'Hern           Alice C                                                                                                                                                       see Myslewski                                                     St Patricks Catholic
 O'Hern           Elizabeth                                                                                                                                                     see Koziol                                                        St Patricks Catholic
 O'Hern           Margaret Regina                        1931                             1931                                                                                                                                                    St Patricks Catholic
 O'Hern           Maurice  (Morrie)                4 Oct 1915                      29 Dec 1993                                    William J            Margaret Burns           Par of Bill, Susan, Vicki, Debbie, Becky, Maureen                 St Patricks Catholic
 O'Hern           Susie                           16 Feb 1923                      16 Oct 2013              Britt Hancock Co Ia                                                 Wife of Maurice (1915)                                            St Patricks Catholic
 O'Keeffe         Annastasia                                                                                                                                                    see Brady                                                         St Patricks Catholic
 O'Krueg          Gustave                         12 Sep 1864 Oskosh Wisconsin      9 Feb 1951                                                                                                                                                    Avery Township
 O'Krueg          Rhoda S                          8 Jan 1874 Clintonville WI       9 Feb 1961                                                                                  Wife of Gustave (1864)                                            Avery Township
 O'Neil           Donna Louise                     9 Feb 1899                      15 Sep 1899                                                                                                                                                    Ellington Township
 O'Neil           John Joseph                            1872                      15 Nov 1958                                                                                  2 stones diff loc - sec 1,l4;  stone d:1959;  obit d:1958         St Boniface Catholic
 O'Neil           Mary Ann                        28 Oct 1874                      30 May 1943 69y                                                                              Wife of John J (1872)                                             St Boniface Catholic
 O'Neil           Michael                                1863                             1940                                                                                  Hus of Clara Beadle                                               Ellington Township
 O'Rourk          Alda Ann Trewin                 18 Apr 1873                      21 Sep 1941                                    Martin Trewin                                 Wife of Michael (1872)                                            St Patricks Catholic
 O'Rourk          Anna J McGurk                          1878                             1958                                    Christopher McGurk                                                                                              St Patricks Catholic
 O'Rourk          Catherine (Kate)                                                                                                                                              see Meleney                                                       St Patricks Catholic
 O'Rourk          Charles Francis  "Frank"        10 Dec 1882                       9 Jun 1947                                                                                                                                                    St Patricks Catholic
 O'Rourk          Clara C                                1916                             1989                                                                                  Wife of Leon F (1909)                                             St Patricks Catholic
 O'Rourk          Clara F                         17 Jun 1891                         May 1982                                                                                  d: Maquoketa IA ?                                                 St Patricks Catholic
 O'Rourk          Elizabeth McGruder                     1851 Lake Co Illinois      2 Sep 1931              Britt Hancock Co IA                                                 Wife of John (1842)                                               St Patricks Catholic
 O'Rourk          James William                    4 Jan 1874 Iowa                  2 Feb 1935              Hancock County Iowa                        Miss McGruder                                                                              St Patricks Catholic
 O'Rourk          John                                   1842 Cork County Ireland  10 Apr 1929              Britt Hancock Co IA                                                 Co D 6 Reg Ia Cal                                                 St Patricks Catholic
 O'Rourk          Leon F                                 1909                             1994                                                                                  Par of Leona                                                      St Patricks Catholic
 O'Rourk          Lillie Mae                      29 Dec 1891                      16 Apr 1912                                    John                 Elizebeth                                                                                  St Patricks Catholic
 O'Rourk          Lloyd J                         10 Jul 1904                      11 Oct 1935                                                                                                                                                    St Patricks Catholic
 O'Rourk          Margaret                                                                                                                                                      see Quinn                                                         Bingham Township
 O'Rourk          Michael                         11 Mar 1872                      27 Apr 1918                                    John                                                                                                            St Patricks Catholic
 O'Rourk          Willie                          12 Dec 1886                       3 Sep 1887                                    J                    L                                                                                          St Patricks Catholic
 O'Rourke         Cecil                                  1906                             1994                                                                                                                                                    St Patricks Catholic
 O'Rourke         Dora                                   1905                             1990                                                                                  Wife of Cecil (1906)                                              St Patricks Catholic
 O'Rourke         Elizabeth M                            1924                             1967                                                                                  Wife of Warren A (1917)                                           St Patricks Catholic
 O'Rourke         Ethel Louise                                                                                                                                                  see Avery                                                         Avery Township
 O'Rourke         James Richard                   11 Jan 1944                      14 Jan 1944              Mason City Iowa       Cecil                Dora                                                                                       St Patricks Catholic
 O'Rourke         Margaret Horstman                      1888                       1 Oct 1980                                    August Horstman      Katherine Boje           Wife of Thomas (1884)                                             St Patricks Catholic
 O'Rourke         Marvyl                                                                                                                                                        see Yarbrough                                                     St Patricks Catholic
 O'Rourke         Mary Jane                                                                                                                                                     see Thomas                                                        St Patricks Catholic
 O'Rourke         Thomas                           1 Nov 1884                      12 Dec 1959                                                                                                                                                    St Patricks Catholic
 O'Rourke         Warren A                         8 Jun 1917                      18 Nov 1972                                                                                  Cpl Army AF  WW II;  Par of Linda, Kenneth, Mary                  St Patricks Catholic
 O'Rube           Andrew P                        10 Aug 1873                      13 Nov 1961                                                                                                                                                    Ellington Township
 O'Shea           Joseph                                 1871                             1929                                                                                                                                                    St Patricks Catholic
 O'Shea           May Gertrude                           1870                      17 Jul 1937              Mason City Iowa                                                     Wife of Joseph (1871)                                             St Patricks Catholic
 O'Toole          Richard D                       13 Sep 1925                      22 Dec 1973              Garner Hancock Co IA                       Carrie                   Par of Rick, Larry, Jeff, Teri;  Sgt Army AF SD  WW II            St Boniface Catholic
 Oakes            Ethel Leona Madole               6 Nov 1899 Woden Hancock Co IA  29 Mar 1990              Britt Hancock Co IA   William J Madole     Rose E Miller            Wife of George W (1894);  Marr 15 Jun 1920                        Evergreen
 Oakes            George W                               1894                      18 Nov 1977              Mason City Iowa                                                     Par of Leona, Norma                                               Evergreen
 Oberhelman       Arthur                                 1906                             1974                                                                                                                                                    St Marys Catholic
 Oberhelman       Bertha Kelch                           1913                             1994                                    George                                        Wife of Arthur (1906)                                             St Marys Catholic
 Oberhelman       Elsie E                         21 Aug 1920                      29 Jan 2001              Kanawha Iowa                                                        Wife of Lawrence W (1913)                                         Corwith
 Oberhelman       Lawrence W                      15 Mar 1913                      12 Jun 1997                                                                                  Par of Richard, Dale, Nancy, Shirley, Randy                       Corwith
 Oberwinder       Helen                                                                                                                                                         see Steil                                                         St Boniface Catholic
 Oborny           Agnes B Zrostlik                 3 Jan 1918                      24 Feb 1992                                    Mike Zrostlik        Barbara Vavrick          Wife of Joseph V (1905)                                           St Johns Catholic
 Oborny           Charles M                              1960                      15 May 1961 6m                                 Joseph V             Agnes B Zrostlik         moved from St Patricks 23 Jun 1982;  Permit d:15 Mar              St Johns Catholic
 Oborny           Joseph V                        17 Jan 1905                       7 May 1971 66y                                Charles              Anna Ludousky            Par of Charles                                                    St Johns Catholic
 Ocain            Cynthia Smith                    6 Sep 1818 Tompkins County N Y  16 Dec 1900              Garner Hancock Co IA                                                                                                                  Concord Cemetery
 Ocain            Frances Amelia                                                                                                                                                see Bailey                                                        Concord Cemetery
 Ocain            Harriet "Hattie"                                                                                                                                              see Price                                                         Crystal Township
 Ochoa            Hilario                          2 Jan 1929 Crystal City Texas   23 Sep 2010              Mason City Iowa       Nieves               Petra Aguilar            Par of Larry, Everardo, Mario, Carlos, Richard, Jose, Nieves, Leo Concord Cemetery
 Ochoa            Leo C                           21 May 1962 Britt Hancock Co IA   7 Jun 2009              Mason City Iowa       Hilario              Salome Calderone         Par of Emory, Celia                                               Concord Cemetery
 Ochoa            Salome  (Mary)                  22 Oct 1922                      29 Dec 2011 89y          Delray Beach Florida                                                Wife of Hilario (1929)                                            Concord Cemetery
 Ocksen           Hansine                                                                                                                                                       see Schau                                                         Ellington Township
 Oddson           Lillian A                                                                                                                                                     see Dahle                                                         Evergreen
 Odom             Jeffrey Lee                     16 Oct 1958                       3 Jan 2011                                                                                  Par of Carrissa, Sarah, Amy                                       Pilot Knob Lutheran
 Odom             Thomas Lynn                            1956                             1972                                    James                Marilyn                                                                                    Pilot Knob Lutheran
 Odom             Timothy Allen                   11 Jan 1955                       7 May 2006                                                                                  SP 4 US Army                                                      Pilot Knob Lutheran
 Oehlsen          Clara Henrietta                                                                                                                                               see Puckhaber                                                     Concord Cemetery
 Oellermann       Nellie M Greiman                11 Mar 1882 Hancock County Iowa  30 Sep 1904              Hancock County Iowa                                                 Wife of A H                                                       Peace Reformed Church
 Oesterle         Charpel William                                                                                                                                               see Hausirth                                                      Corwith
 Oftedahl         Nelia Louise                                                                                                                                                  see Jensen                                                        Crystal Township
 Ohden            Gesina                                                                                                                                                        see Riekena                                                       Madison Township
 Ohlmann          Valeda F                                                                                                                                                      see Abbey                                                         Ellington Township
 Ohm              Minnie                                                                                                                                                        see Froehlich                                                     St Johns Lutheran
 Ohm              Violet                                                                                                                                                        see Brock                                                         Crystal Township
 Okland           G Lorene Johnson                30 Jun 1915                      21 Apr 1962                                                                                                                                                    Pilot Knob Lutheran
 Oldsdatter       Sarah (Tiedmandson)                                                                                                                                           see Brager                                                        Ellington Prairie
 Olesen           Annie                                                                                                                                                         see Arneson                                                       Crystal Township
 Oleson           Amanda Mae Benson               22 Aug 1901 Hayfield Iowa        13 Oct 1924              Aberdeen Washington   Peter Benson                                  Wife of Verne F;  Marr 9 May 1920;  d:12                          Madison Township
 Oleson           Anestel "Ann"                                                                                                                                                 see Schuldt                                                       Concord Cemetery
 Oleson           Breita Lena                                                                                                                                                   see Ryden                                                         Ell Township
 Oleson           Clinton Warren                  18 May 1928 Mason City Iowa      28 May 1978              Westmont Illinois     Sylvan C             Mary I Langerud          Par of Karen, Kristine, Karla                                     Madison Township
 Oleson           Darrell Dean                    11 Sep 1935                       5 Aug 1986                                    Sylvan C             Wilna B Smith            RD3 US Navy  Korea                                                Madison Township
 Oleson           Delores A                                                                                                                                                     see Collings                                                      Madison Township
 Oleson           Emily Melissa Durant            29 Jan 1870                      28 Dec 1929                                    John Durant          Matilda Benjamin         Wife of Frank P (1871)                                            Madison Township
 Oleson           Emory James                     29 Mar 1875                       3 Sep 1967                                    Peter K              Margaret James           Par of Harold, Clarence, Merle, Wilson                            Madison Township
 Oleson           Ethel Matilda                                                                                                                                                 see Kabrick                                                       Madison Township
 Oleson           Forrest B  "Shorty"                    1897                             1992                                    Frank P              Emily M Durant           Par of Delores                                                    Madison Township
 Oleson           Frank Peter                      9 Aug 1871                      17 Jan 1948                                    Peter K              Margaret James           Par of Ethel,Herbert,Forrest,Verne,Leila,Roger,Zilpha,Dwight,Syl  Madison Township
 Oleson           Jacqueline Schuldt Young                                                                                                                                      see Calkins                                                       Concord Cemetery
 Oleson           Knute                           18 Aug 1843                      21 Dec 1894                                                                                  d:22                                                              Old Amsterdam Township
 Oleson           Marie Benson                                                                                                                                                  see Bristow                                                       Madison Township
 Oleson           Mary                                                                                                                                                          see Wilson                                                        Avery Township
 Oleson           Merrill G                       29 Sep 1936                      16 Dec 2000                                    Maurice              Norma Jackman            Par of Jay, Paula                                                 Madison Township
 Oleson           Minnie Myrtle Wright            27 Jan 1872                      18 Feb 1954                                    William W Wright     Laura Clark              Wife of Emory J (1875)                                            Madison Township
 Oleson           Sylvan C                        22 Apr 1909                      11 Jul 1969                                    Frank P              Emily Melissa Durant     Hus of #1 Mary Isabel Langerud; #2 Wilna; Par of Clinton,Beverly  Madison Township
 Oleson           Wilna Bella Smith                      1907                             2001                                                                                  Wife #2 of Sylvan (1909);  Par of Carroll, Darrell                Madison Township
 Olfon            Emma                                                                                                                                                          see Olson                                                         Amsterdam Towship
 Olhava           Elizabeth Kay                    1 Jun 1983                       1 Jun 1983                                                                                  Infant                                                            Concord Cemetery
 Oline            Anna J Oline                                                                                                                                                  see Cooper                                                        Madison Township
 Olinger          Janice                           7 Dec 1927                                                                                                                   Wife #2 of Kenneth (1918);  Marr 1967                             Avery Township
 Olinger          Kenneth Wayne                   12 Sep 1918 Dows Wright Co Iowa  12 Jan 2003              Mason City Iowa       Ralph W              Hazel Crane              Wife #1 Ruth Blickendefer,1940;#2Janice Peterson;Par of Wm,Ellery Avery Township
 Oliver           Hattie N                        28 Jun 1875                      10 Feb 1899                                                                                  Wife Of A J                                                       Christian Reformed Church
 Oliver           Helen Alta                                                                                                                                                    see Johnson                                                       Evergreen
 Ollenburg        Almer                            2 Jun 1901                       5 Nov 1921              Garner Hancock Co IA  H Herman             Wilhelmina Schultz                                                                         St Johns Lutheran
 Ollenburg        Arthur                           6 Mar 1898                       6 Sep 1925                                    H Herman             Wilhelmina Schultz                                                                         St Johns Lutheran
 Ollenburg        Betty Lee                              1921                      24 Jul 1929              Mason City Iowa       Floyd                                                                                                           Concord Cemetery
 Ollenburg        Charles F                              1875                             1940                                                                                  bur:21 Oct                                                        Concord Cemetery
 Ollenburg        Elaine Lovick                                                                                                   Henry Lovick         Ida                      Wife of Robert;  Marr 28 Nov 1951                                 St Johns Lutheran
 Ollenburg        Emil C                           5 Sep 1899                      26 Sep 1985                                    H Herman             Wilhelmina Schultz       Par of Robert, Darlene                                            St Johns Lutheran
 Ollenburg        Floyd Clifford                  14 Jun 1901                      13 Jul 1977              Mason City Iowa                                                     Par of JoAnna, James, Betty                                       Concord Cemetery
 Ollenburg        Herbert Luther                  26 Jun 1911 Hancock County Iowa  26 Nov 1987              Mesa Arizona          H Herman             Wilhelmina Schultz       Par of Spencer, Sylvia                                            Concord Cemetery
 Ollenburg        Herman                          15 Jan 1870                       6 Dec 1963                                                                                                                                                    St Johns Lutheran
 Ollenburg        Leah B Patton                    2 Jan 1901 Missouri             28 Dec 1986              Mason City Iowa       Frederick Patton     Elizabeth Hanley         Wife of Floyd C (1901);  Marr 2 Aug 1919                          Concord Cemetery
 Ollenburg        Martha Evelyn Tipp               9 Oct 1880                      13 Jan 1970                                                                                  Wife of Charles F                                                 Concord Cemetery
 Ollenburg        Mildred V                                                                                                                                                     see Foster                                                        Concord Cemetery
 Ollenburg        Minnie Schultz                  15 Jul 1877                      21 Oct 1956                                                                                  Wife of Herman (1870)                                             St Johns Lutheran
 Ollenburg        Nina V                                                                                                                                                        see Boland                                                        Madison Township
 Ollenburg        Olga A Boehnke                  26 May 1900                      22 Mar 1998                                                                                  Wife of Emil C (1899)                                             St Johns Lutheran
 Ollenburg        Robert                          24 Aug 1926 Hancock County Iowa  13 Aug 2012              Garner Hancock Co IA  Emil                 Olga Boehnke             Par of Sherry, Scott, Kim, Jeanne, Dan, Reece                     St Johns Lutheran
 Ollenburg        Ruth Madeline Boehnke            1 Feb 1911 Hancock County Iowa   5 Feb 2000              Garner Hancock Co IA  Ferdinand F Boehnke  Martha Ziesmer           Wife of Herbert L (1911);  Marr 2 Jul 1933                        Concord Cemetery
 Ollenburg        Spencer L                       22 Jul 1936                      20 Nov 1996                                                                                  Par of Andy, Amy, Sue                                             Concord Cemetery
 Olmstead         Ardella Mae                                                                                                                                                   see Smidt                                                         Amsterdam Towship
 Olmsted          Lydia                                                                                                                                                         see Stilson                                                       Corwith
 Olsehlger        Wilhelmina                                                                                                                                                    see Sandry                                                        Avery Township
 Olsen            ---                                         Hancock County Iowa                                                 Swen                                          Infant Son;  no stone                                             Avery Township
 Olsen            Alice E                                                                                                                                                       see Coyle                                                         Amsterdam Towship
 Olsen            Andrew                          26 Aug 1889                      22 Feb 1901                                    Olaf Palm Olsen      Martha                                                                                     Madison Township
 Olsen            Arlin C  "Ole"                   6 Jun 1916 Cerro Gordo Co Iowa  26 Aug 2005              Belmond Wright Co IA  Knute                Aleta Rear               Par of Harland, Randy, Corrine;  Hus #2 of Christine Schwartz     Ell Township
 Olsen            Bessie LaVina Matson             9 Apr 1893 Hancock County Iowa  16 Oct 1988              Britt Hancock Co IA   Nels Matson          Anna Tulin               Wife of Emmanuel (1896); Marr 19 Jun 1918                         Evergreen
 Olsen            Charley O                        8 Aug 1875 Mt Carrol Illinois    6 Apr 1926              Belmond Wright Co IA  Ole                  Margrete                                                                                   Avery Township
 Olsen            Christina Louise Schwartz Olson  4 Jan 1918 Titonka Iowa         27 Apr 2006              Belmond Wright Co IA  Pearl Schwartz       Celia Bergman            Hus #1 Melvin Olson, 27 Feb 1937;  #2 Arlin Olsen, 6 Jul 1946     Ell Township
 Olsen            Edna I                                 1926                             1969                                                                                  Wife of Myrlen L (1925);  bur:28 may                              Evergreen
 Olsen            Edward                           3 Feb 1898                      20 Jan 1908                                    Olaf Palm Olsen      Martha                                                                                     Madison Township
 Olsen            Emmanuel H                       8 Apr 1896                         May 1966                                                                                  Par of Audrey, Daryl, Myrlen, Erval, Bernellyn;  bur:19           Evergreen
 Olsen            Ethel Harriet                   15 May 1895                      19 Jan 1917                                    O Palm Olsen                                                                                                    Madison Township
 Olsen            Karen Mary (Marie)                                                                                                                                            see Peterson                                                      Evergreen
 Olsen            Karen Sophie                     5 Nov 1876                      23 Sep 1950                                                                                  Wife of Niels C (1876)                                            Madison Township
 Olsen            Margrete                        20 May 1844 Denmark              19 Jun 1922 78y 1m 6d    Wright County Iowa                                                  Wife of Ole (1840)                                                Avery Township
 Olsen            Myrlen L                               1925                                                                                                                   Par of Larry, Rodney, Marlene                                     Evergreen
 Olsen            Niels Christian  "Chris"        21 Feb 1876                      29 Jan 1960                                                                                                                                                    Madison Township
 Olsen            Ole                             20 Aug 1840 Denmark              19 Jul 1917 76y 10m 29d  Hancock County Iowa   Otto                                                                                                            Avery Township
 Olsen            Phyllis Lavonne                                                                                                                                               see Faber                                                         Madison Township
 Olson            ---                                                                                                             Robert F             Lois                     Infants; son 1954, 1955, 1956  moved from sec C17/107  1965/1970  Evergreen
 Olson            ---                                                               7 Jan 1909                                    L M                                           Infant                                                            Evergreen
 Olson            ---                                                                                                                                                           Infant                                                            Madison Township
 Olson            ---                             28 Mar 1917 Iowa                 30 Mar 1917              Hancock County Iowa   Ludvig M             Mattie Stevenson         no stone                                                          Evergreen
 Olson            Abe T                            4 May 1903 Winnebago Co Iowa    10 Jul 1981              Forest City Iowa      Tollef               Hage Brakke              Par Palmer, Carl, Avis, Arlene                                    Madison Township
 Olson            Adena Frost                            1898                             1971                                    Paul Frost           Lorraine Olson           Wife of Hans (1891);  bur:7 Jan                                   Concord Cemetery
 Olson            Albert A                               1876                       6 Jun 1953                                                                                  Par of Viola, Kenneth                                             Pilot Knob Lutheran
 Olson            Aletha Viola                                                                                                                                                  see Gault                                                         Evergreen
 Olson            Alfred                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Evergreen
 Olson            Alma Joanne Rogness                                                                                                                                           Wife of Arno M;  Marr 28 Nov 1943                                 Concord Cemetery
 Olson            Andrew P                               1905                             1992                                                                                                                                                    Madison Township
 Olson            Anna G                                 1857                      13 Aug 1935 77y 10m 1d   Rochester Minnesota                                                 Wife of John E (1856)                                             Amsterdam Towship
 Olson            Anna G Fosen                           1888                      20 Mar 1923 35y 10m 26d  Fort Dodge Iowa                                                     Wife of Gerhard (1886);  Marr 1910                                Amsterdam Towship
 Olson            Anna K Ganseveld                17 Jan 1907                      20 Feb 1979              Mason City Iowa       Klaus Gnseveld       Fannie Abbas             Hus of Oscar A (1893);  Marr 15 May 1923                          Evergreen
 Olson            Anna L                                 1907                             1996                                                                                  Wife of Andrew P (1905)                                           Madison Township
 Olson            Anna M Anderson                 14 Jun 1877 Stavanger Norway     19 Sep 1952 75y          Britt Hancock Co IA   Soren Anderson                                Wife of Ole G (1873);  Marr 30 Jul 1904 (03);  b:May              Amsterdam Towship
 Olson            Anna Marie Prull                12 Mar 1923 Hancock County Iowa   4 Aug 2008              Britt Hancock Co IA   William Prull        Cora A Marth             Wife of Maurice G (1920);  Marr 16 Jan 1950                       Evergreen
 Olson            Anton A                                1878                       7 Sep 1953 76y          Iowa City Iowa        Andrew               Lena Holberg                                                                               Amsterdam Towship
 Olson            Arno Mervin                      4 Oct 1915 Hancock County Iowa  15 Dec 2012 97y          Iowa City Iowa        Louis                Emma Olson               Par of Bill, Karen, Janet, Sandra, Barbara                        Concord Cemetery
 Olson            Arthur C                         1 Mar 1897                      29 Mar 1988                                                                                                                                                    Amsterdam Towship
 Olson            Avis                                                                                                                                                          see Alm                                                           Madison Township
 Olson            Beatrice F Storck               31 Mar 1907 Sheffield Iowa       22 Mar 1995              Mason City Iowa       Chris Storck         Mary Gerfen              Wife of William W (1896);  Marr 1933                              Evergreen
 Olson            Ben                             17 Jun 1842                       1 Jun 1934              Britt Hancock Co IA                                                 Par of Emma, John, Olof, Tilda                                    Evergreen
 Olson            Bennie                          25 Sep 1891                      11 Mar 1972                                                                                                                                                    Pilot Knob Lutheran
 Olson            Benton                                 1881                      23 May 1957 75y          Kanawha Iowa          Andrew               Lena Holberg                                                                               Amsterdam Towship
 Olson            Bert M                          11 Oct 1909                       8 Feb 1974 64y 3m 20d   Spokane Washington                                                  Pvt US Army Ia  WW II;  d:1                                       Amsterdam Towship
 Olson            Bertha Wigen                    12 Oct 1852 Hardanger Norway     29 Jun 1943              Clear Lake Iowa       Lars Wigen           Bertha Linge             Wife of Michael;  Marr 30 Jul 1881;  Par of Ida, Louis, Herman    Concord Cemetery
 Olson            Bessie O                                                                                                                                                      see Torkelson                                                     Ellington Township
 Olson            Bette E                                                                                                                                                       see Siekmeier                                                     Crystal Township
 Olson            Bonnie Jean                     30 Jan 1937                       9 Dec 1944                                                                                                                                                    Evergreen
 Olson            Carl M                                 1879                       6 Feb 1959              Mason City Iowa                                                     Par of Edith, Hildur, Ebba, Genevieve;  b:1880                    Evergreen
 Olson            Carrie                                 1871                             1943                                                                                                                                                    Evergreen
 Olson            Carrie Jaspenson                26 Jan 1840 Sweden               27 Mar 1913              Britt Hancock Co IA   Ole Jaspenson                                 Wife of Ben (1842)                                                Evergreen
 Olson            Catherine M Bransen             28 Oct 1865 Germany               6 Jun 1917              Hancock County Iowa   Hans Bransen         Metta                    Wife of Lars P                                                    Evergreen
 Olson            Christina Louise Schwartz                                                                                                                                     see Olsen                                                         Ell Township
 Olson            Clara                            7 Jun 1891                         Mar 1973                                                                                  Wife of Lewis N (1879)                                            Pilot Knob Lutheran
 Olson            Clara J                                                                                                                                                       see Hanson                                                        Crystal Township
 Olson            Clara M                                1886                             1959                                                                                  Wife of Joe;  bur:1939                                            Evergreen
 Olson            Clarence                        30 Oct 1892 Kanawha Iowa         19 Apr 1935              Hancock County Iowa                        Miss Johnson             b:Sep,1893                                                        Evergreen
 Olson            Clarence William M                     1927                      26 Aug 1928 1y           Hancock County Iowa                                                                                                                   Crystal Township
 Olson            Doreen M                               1953                                                                                                                   Wife of Philip W (1946)                                           Concord Cemetery
 Olson            Doris Charlene Haes             13 Mar 1927 Hancock County Iowa   3 Nov 2008              Mason City Iowa       Charles G Haes       Rose Wilhelmina Goll     Par of Bonnie, Kenneth;  Wife of Duane;  Marr 1947                Concord Cemetery
 Olson            Dorothy K                        3 Jul 1905                       9 Oct 1932                                                                                  Wife of Otto C (1898)                                             Evergreen
 Olson            Edith                                                                                                                                                         see Hjelmaas                                                      Crystal Township
 Olson            Edith Blanche                    4 Aug 1913 Mason City Iowa       4 Oct 1995              Britt Hancock Co IA                                                                                                                   Evergreen
 Olson            Edith Gertrude                  19 Aug 1885 Clarion Wright Co IA 10 Sep 1988              Kanawha Iowa          John Olson           Annie Thompson           Wife of Benton (1881)                                             Amsterdam Towship
 Olson            Edius                                  1877                      30 Jan 1962 84y          Britt Hancock Co IA                                                 b:1887                                                            Amsterdam Towship
 Olson            Elaine F Wreghitt                      1936                                                                                                                   Wife of Oscar J Olson (1924);  Par of W F Wreghitt, Jennifer      Concord Cemetery
 Olson            Eldon LeRoy                     11 Aug 1950 Fort Dodge Iowa      18 Sep 2010              Britt Hancock Co Ia   Harold               Gudrun Vinnece           Par of Christine, Curt, Karla, Keri                               Evergreen
 Olson            Elizabeth                        6 Jul 1836                      12 Dec 1909                                                                                  Wife of Ole                                                       Evergreen
 Olson            Elizabeth Latham                       1891                      23 Dec 1971 80y 7m 27d   Belmond Wright Co IA                                                Wife of Ollie B (1890)                                            Amsterdam Towship
 Olson            Ella S                                                                                                                                                        see Wilson                                                        Avery Township
 Olson            Ellen Madson                    25 May 1832                      14 Dec 1896                                                                                                                                                    Evergreen
 Olson            Elvina Inga Peterson            16 Apr 1900 Albert Lea Minnesota 31 May 1992              Mason City Iowa       John Peterson        Annie Johnson            Wife of Herman A (1887);  Marr 15 Sep 1921                        Concord Cemetery
 Olson            Emily Kristina Johnson          26 Feb 1886 Smaland Sweden       26 Feb 1961              Mason City Iowa       Elof Johnson         Blanche                  Wife of Carl M (1879);  Marr 10 Jul 1912                          Evergreen
 Olson            Emma                            15 Feb 1878 Sweden                  Aug 1958              Clear Lake Iowa       Ben Olson            Carrie                   Wife of Tilda (1875)                                              Evergreen
 Olson            Emma                            14 Oct 1888 Ellsworth Iowa       16 Mar 1954              Hancock County Iowa   Ira Olson            Bertha Olson             Wife of Oscar E (1885);  Marr 23 Feb 1909                         Evergreen
 Olson            Emma                            21 Apr 1889 Lisbon Illinois      14 Aug 1980 91y          Kanawha Iowa                                                        Wife of Edius (1877);  ln: Olfon ???                              Amsterdam Towship
 Olson            Emma A Anderson                  6 Dec 1883                      17 Nov 1973                                    John Anderson        Maren                    Wife of Louis B (1882);  Marr 24 Feb 1904                         Concord Cemetery
 Olson            Erna Pauline Schultz            21 Apr 1897                         May 1977                                                                                  Wife of Reuben A (1892)                                           St Johns Lutheran
 Olson            Ernest                          17 Aug 1912                      14 Oct 1939 27y 1m 27d   Wright County Iowa    Ole G                Anna M Anderson                                                                            Amsterdam Towship
 Olson            Esther M                                                                                                                                                      see Stevenson                                                     Evergreen
 Olson            Evangeline                      24 May 1910                       7 Mar 2000                                                                                  Wife of Sylvan (1904)                                             Madison Township
 Olson            Evellyn  Emllyn                                                                                                                                               no stone                                                          Evergreen
 Olson            Evelyn G Rowe                   23 Jun 1910 Sussex England       19 Jun 1971              Forest City Iowa      John William Rowe    Ruth Ogden               Wife of Marvin G (1902);  Marr 26 Jul 1924                        Madison Township
 Olson            Florence                        24 Mar 1903                       2 Mar 1904              Britt Hancock Co IA                                                                                                                   Evergreen
 Olson            Frank                                                                                                                                                         b: or bur:1933;  no stone;  (Richard ??)                          Evergreen
 Olson            Frank                                  1862                             1944                                                                                                                                                    Evergreen
 Olson            Frank B                                1905                             1967                                                                                                                                                    Evergreen
 Olson            Frank O                          9 Apr 1924                       9 Nov 1972                                    Hartvig S            Lillie Block                                                                               Madison Township
 Olson            Frieda C Grothe                 28 May 1935 Creighton Nebraska   28 Nov 2010              Britt Hancock Co Ia   Henry Grothe         Marie Hettenbach         Wife of Merrill (1930);  Marr 9 Jan 1954                          Evergreen
 Olson            Georgia Arnett                  13 Jan 1892 Louistown Illinois   29 Nov 1984              Britt Hancock Co IA                                                 Wife of Clarence (1892);  Marr Feb 1928                           Evergreen
 Olson            Gerhard                         25 Dec 1886 Kendall Co Illinois   2 Jun 1948 61y          Britt Hancock Co IA   Ole                  Martha                   Par of Aletha, Opal, Lynn, Clair, Joy, Maurice                    Amsterdam Towship
 Olson            Gertrude Peterson                      1907                             1994                                                                                  Wife of Abe T (1903);  Marr 16 May 1926                           Madison Township
 Olson            Gladys L Hope                    9 Oct 1916                                                                                                                   Wife of Wilbur L (1917);  Marr 1937                               Pilot Knob Lutheran
 Olson            Gladys Olene Bergman                                                                                                                                          see Etzen                                                         Madison Township
 Olson            Hans                            11 May 1891                         May 1972                                                                                  bur:1 Jun                                                         Concord Cemetery
 Olson            Harry A                         17 Dec 1892                       4 Jan 1893                                                                                                                                                    Evergreen
 Olson            Hartvig S                       17 Mar 1900                      17 Oct 1967                                                                                                                                                    Madison Township
 Olson            Hazel                            8 Aug 1908                      17 Nov 1925              Crystal Lake Iowa                                                                                                                     Crystal Township
 Olson            Henry N                         28 Mar 1889                      23 Dec 1944                                                                                                                                                    Pilot Knob Lutheran
 Olson            Herman Albert                    5 Jul 1887 Monroe Center IL     26 Mar 1957              Garner Hancock Co Ia  Michael              Bertha Wigen             Par of Harriett, Helen                                            Concord Cemetery
 Olson            Hildar                                                                                                                                                        see Trulson                                                       Evergreen
 Olson            Ida K                                                                                                                                                         see Pringnitz                                                     Ell Township
 Olson            Irmalee Winger                         1927                                                                                                                   Wife of Leslie L (1919);  Marr 23 Oct 1950                        Pilot Knob Lutheran
 Olson            Jane Halvorson                  20 Aug 1854 Iowa                  4 May 1936              Hancock County Iowa                        Miss Helge               Wife of Nels (1853);  1853                                        Pilot Knob Lutheran
 Olson            Janice Synnoma                                                                                                                                                see Kluver                                                        Crystal Township
 Olson            Jas  (?)                                                                                                        Frank                                         no stone                                                          Evergreen
 Olson            Jessie                                 1878                       9 Dec 1969 91y          Belmond Wright Co IA                                                                                                                  Amsterdam Towship
 Olson            JoAnn                                                                                                                                                         see Louis Arndt                                                   Madison Township
 Olson            John                                   1875                      15 Dec 1947 72y 10m 21d  Kanawha Iowa          Andrew               Lena Holberg                                                                               Amsterdam Towship
 Olson            John B                                 1873 Sweden                  Apr 1939              Chicago Illinois      Ben                  Carrie                   bur:20                                                            Evergreen
 Olson            John Elias                             1856                      12 Dec 1950 94y          Kanawha Iowa                                                                                                                          Amsterdam Towship
 Olson            Joseph Eldridge                  2 Feb 1884 Kendall Co Illinois   9 May 1942              Kossuth County Iowa                                                 Par of Lucille, Genivieve, Dean                                   Evergreen
 Olson            Julia                           28 Feb 1860 Norway               23 Oct 1905                                                                                  Wife of Ben;  Par of 5 children                                   West Lake
 Olson            Julia Bergan                    21 Aug 1885 Hancock County Iowa     Feb 1960                                    Nels Olson Bergan    Jane Halvorson           Wife of Albert A (1876);  Marr 1908                               Pilot Knob Lutheran
 Olson            Julia Gunborg Oldsdatter Brager 15 Jun 1833                      18 Nov 1899                                                                                  Wife of Martin;  b:1863                                           Ellington Prairie
 Olson            Kenneth Charles                        1953                             1974                                    Duane                Doris Charlene Haes      bur:7 Mar                                                         Concord Cemetery
 Olson            Kenneth L                              1924                             1944              Over Seas                                                                                                                             Amsterdam Towship
 Olson            Lars Peter                       2 Feb 1863 Tornmark Denmark     28 Sep 1951              Mason City Iowa       Ole Olsen            Elizabeth                Par of Emanuel, G L, Harry                                        Evergreen
 Olson            Laura Brooks                    10 Jun 1880 Hancock County Iowa  10 Sep 1958              Jacksonville Georgia                                                Wife of Omund;  stone d:11                                        Avery Township
 Olson            Laura K                                                                                                                                                       see Hampe                                                         Evergreen
 Olson            Lena                                                                                                                                                          see Anderson                                                      Ellington Township
 Olson            Leslie L                        25 Jan 1919 Hancock County Iowa   5 Jul 2013              Garner Hancock Co Ia  Lewis N              Clara Larson                                                                               Pilot Knob Lutheran
 Olson            Lewis N                          4 Jan 1879                      11 Dec 1943                                                                                  Par of Leslie, Ionia, Wilbur                                      Pilot Knob Lutheran
 Olson            Lillian                         28 Jan 1911                      24 May 1923                                    Niels C              Karen S                                                                                    Madison Township
 Olson            Lillie A Block                         1901                             1987                                                                                  Wife of Hartvig S (1900)                                          Madison Township
 Olson            Lois M                          29 Apr 1933                                                                                                                   Wife of Robert                                                    Evergreen
 Olson            Louie                                                                                                                                                         Infant;  no stone                                                 Evergreen
 Olson            Louis Bert                      20 Jul 1882 Monroe Center IL      5 Aug 1968              Forest City Iowa      Michael              Bertha Wigen             Par of Milo, Norman, Bernice, Marion, Arno                        Concord Cemetery
 Olson            Lynn                                   1912                      16 Oct 1981              Britt Hancock Co IA   Gerhard              Anna Fosen               Par of Gary, Jim                                                  Evergreen
 Olson            Mabel                                                                                                                                                         see Nessa                                                         Madison Township
 Olson            Mable Leona Risvold Veldhouse                                                                                                                                 see DeGroote                                                      Corwith
 Olson            Mae I                                                                                                                                                         see Caltvedt                                                      Madison Township
 Olson            Magnus                          23 Apr 1863 Sweden                9 Aug 1902              Garner Hancock Co IA                                                Hus of Beulah Peterson                                            Concord Cemetery
 Olson            Marcia Peterson                 28 Mar 1950                                                                                                                   Wife of Eldon (1950);  Marr 26 Nov 1967                           Evergreen
 Olson            Margaret                               1929                                                                                                                   Wife of Owen (1926)                                               Amsterdam Towship
 Olson            Marguerite A                    15 Aug 1909 Decatur Illinois      3 Oct 1996              Kanawha Iowa                                                        Wife of Lynn (1912)                                               Evergreen
 Olson            Marsin George                   31 Oct 1883 Kendall Co Illinois  20 Mar 1943 59y 4m 2d    Kanawha Iowa          J E                                                                                                             Amsterdam Towship
 Olson            Martha Anderson                                                                                                                                               see Dorweger                                                      Evergreen
 Olson            Martin Kirkesauger               3 Nov 1839 Norway                6 Oct 1900              Clayton County Iowa                                                 Church record ae:68y                                              Ellington Prairie
 Olson            Martin O                               1895                      25 May 1895 2m 23d                                                                                                                                             Ellington Township
 Olson            Marvin G                         9 Jan 1902                      19 Nov 1962                                                                                  Par of Dorothy, Lovella                                           Madison Township
 Olson            Mary A                                 1865                             1950                                                                                  Wife of John                                                      Evergreen
 Olson            Mary Jo                                                                                                                                                       see Bublitz                                                       Evergreen
 Olson            Maude A                                                                                                                                                       see McCormick                                                     Evergreen
 Olson            Maurice G  "Smokey"             16 Jan 1920 Britt Hancock Co IA  18 Mar 1991              Algona Iowa           Gerhard              Anna Fosen               Par of Vicki, Ronald                                              Evergreen
 Olson            Melvin                           6 Feb 1910 Iowa                 17 Sep 1910              Hancock County Iowa   Frank Oleson         Carrie Johnson                                                                             Evergreen
 Olson            Melvin A                               1912                             1998                                                                                                                                                    Madison Township
 Olson            Merrill                          4 Jun 1930 Britt Hancock Co IA  17 Dec 2015              Britt Hancock Co IA   Oscar                Anna Gansveld            Par of Dorothy, Judy, Gary, Alfred, Mary                          Evergreen
 Olson            Metta                                  1841                       9 Feb 1923              Britt Hancock Co IA                                                                                                                   Evergreen
 Olson            Mildred                         19 Mar 1919                      22 Jun 1919                                    Niels C              Karen S                                                                                    Madison Township
 Olson            Minnie                                                                                                                                                        see Oustad                                                        Amsterdam Towship
 Olson            Myrtle B                                                                                                                                                      see Nelson                                                        Crystal Township
 Olson            Myrtle J Torkelson              11 Jun 1924                      19 May 1972                                    Osmund Torkelson     Bessie Olson             Wife of Melvin A (1912)                                           Madison Township
 Olson            Nels                             1 Apr 1853 Janesville Wisconsin 17 Feb 1917              Hancock County Iowa   Ole                  Berget Holvorson         no stone; 10 children; Hus of Jane Halvorson; Marr 7 Jun 1884     Ellington Township
 Olson            Nels                                   1853                             1917                                                                                  d:1911                                                            Pilot Knob Lutheran
 Olson            Nels                            24 Jun 1859                       5 Dec 1899                                                                                                                                                    Evergreen
 Olson            Norman                           6 Oct 1909                      12 Jul 1929              Clear Lake Iowa       Louis Bert           Emma Anderson            b:1908                                                            Concord Cemetery
 Olson            Olaf Martin "Ole"                9 Apr 1907 Gilbert Story Co IA  31 Mar 1985              Britt Hancock Co IA   Ole G                Anna M Anderson          Hus of Vivian O'Hearn;  Marr 17 Jul 1929;  Par of Dorothy         St Boniface Catholic
 Olson            Ole                             25 Feb 1826                       3 Mar 1910                                                                                  Par of Lars P, Ole, Louie M, Marie                                Evergreen
 Olson            Ole                             11 Dec 1860                      27 Dec 1937              Hancock County Iowa   Ole Olsen                                                                                                       Evergreen
 Olson            Ole G                           20 Sep 1873 Gilbert Story Co IA  20 Sep 1954 81y          Britt Hancock Co IA                                                 Par of Ella, Bert M, Olaf, Ernest                                 Amsterdam Towship
 Olson            Ole N                           16 Nov 1874                      14 Mar 1955                                    Nels                 Jane                                                                                       Pilot Knob Lutheran
 Olson            Olive                                                                                                                                                         see Torkelson                                                     Madison Township
 Olson            Olive Buckley                                                                                                                                                 see Hutson                                                        Madison Township
 Olson            Ollie Blanchard                        1890                      14 Apr 1952 62y          Belmond Wright Co IA                                                Par of Faye, Warren, Owen                                         Amsterdam Towship
 Olson            Olof                                   1872 Sweden                9 Apr 1939              Britt Hancock Co IA   Ben                  Carrie                                                                                     Evergreen
 Olson            Omar  (Omund)                   19 Jan 1902 Habbesland Eiken NOR  3 May 1959              Fitzgerald Georgia                                                                                                                    Avery Township
 Olson            Opal Mildred                    21 Sep 1910 Kanawha Iowa         23 Nov 1996              Britt Hancock Co Ia                                                 d: Bloomfield IA ?                                                Amsterdam Towship
 Olson            Oscar Alfred                    30 Aug 1893                      24 Jul 1951                                                                                  Par of Jim,Ken,Betty,Merrill,Arlene,Marj,Bonnie,Rob,Marcella      Evergreen
 Olson            Oscar Elmer                      8 Aug 1885 Streator Illinois    16 Mar 1954              Hancock County Iowa   Nels R               Ann Engelson             Par of Wesley, Millard, Earl, Enolia, Elmer                       Evergreen
 Olson            Oscar James  "Jim"               3 May 1924                      30 Mar 2005                                                                                  Par of Jean, Barbara, James, Deborah, Roger, Jennifer;  WW II     Concord Cemetery
 Olson            Oscar R                         22 Mar 1900                         Nov 1973                                                                                  Par of Ramona, Carlyn, Sandra;  bur:27                            Evergreen
 Olson            Otto C                           2 Apr 1898                      26 Apr 1971                                                                                                                                                    Evergreen
 Olson            Owen Blanchard                  14 Feb 1926                      16 Feb 2006                                                                                  d: Wylie TX ?                                                     Amsterdam Towship
 Olson            Pearl Pederson                   2 Sep 1894                       6 Jul 1984                                    Hans Mathew Pederson Jacobia Olene            Wife of Bennie                                                    Pilot Knob Lutheran
 Olson            Peter John                             1857                      29 Sep 1931              Hancock County Iowa                                                                                                                   Evergreen
 Olson            Philip W                        21 Jun 1946                      23 Oct 2006                                                                                  SR  US Navy  Vietnam                                              Concord Cemetery
 Olson            R Evelyn                                                                                                                                                      see Smith                                                         Madison Township
 Olson            Reuben Alfred                    2 Mar 1892                      14 Dec 1974                                                                                                                                                    St Johns Lutheran
 Olson            Richard Charles                                                  26 Jul 1933                                                                                                                                                    Evergreen
 Olson            Robert D                        31 Jul 1939 Britt Hancock Co IA  30 Jun 2000              Mason City Iowa       Oscar                Anna Ganseveld           Par of Sara                                                       Evergreen
 Olson            Robert F                         7 Jan 1936                       7 Aug 1969                                                                                  Cpt Advsry Team 68 Vietnam BSM-AM Arcom & 2 OLC-PH & OLC          Evergreen
 Olson            Rodney Theodore                 24 Jan 1952 Forest City Iowa     19 Jul 2011              Mason City Iowa       Thoedore             Helen Helland            Par of Nicholas,Tamara,Trina; Wife #1 Julie; #2 Donna; #3 Karen   Concord Cemetery
 Olson            Rodney Wayne                    14 Jul 1956 Forest City Iowa     30 Jun 2007                                    Carl                 Dollis Babcock           Par of Jason, Laura;  d:3 Jul                                     Madison Township
 Olson            Roger Duane                      1 Apr 1940 Clear Lake Iowa       4 Mar 1997 56y          Austin Minnesota      Melvin A             Christina L Schwartz     Par of Dan, Gregory;  Hus of Linda L Wolters;  Marr 28 May 1960   Ell Township
 Olson            Ronald Lee  "Weez"               9 Jul 1959 Britt Hancock Co IA  21 Jun 1988              Rochester Minnesota   Maurice              Anna Marie Pruell        Marr Cheryl Norstrud, 19 Nov 1986;  Par of Casey                  Evergreen
 Olson            Ronald Wayne                    19 Oct 1952                      20 Oct 1952                                    Carl                 Dollis Babcock           Son                                                               Madison Township
 Olson            Ruben E                         21 Mar 1918 Hancock County Iowa  21 Mar 1918              Hancock County Iowa   Reubin A             Erna Wetterling (Schultz twin;  Church record b:20                                         Ellington Prairie
 Olson            Russel O                        21 Mar 1918 Hancock County Iowa  21 Mar 1918              Hancock County Iowa   Reubin A             Erna Wetterling (Schultz twin;  Church record b:20                                         Ellington Prairie
 Olson            Ruth Agnes Anette                                                                                                                                             see Hawkinson                                                     Madison Township
 Olson            Sadie Leona                            1897                       8 Jul 1963 65y          Mason City Iowa                                                     Wife of Arthur C (1897)                                           Amsterdam Towship
 Olson            Sadie Mae                                                                                                                                                     see Thompson                                                      Amsterdam Towship
 Olson            Sarah Rude                                                                                                                                                    see Hovey                                                         Pilot Knob Lutheran
 Olson            Selma Peterson                  21 Mar 1895                      26 Jul 1921              Britt Hancock Co IA   N Olson              T                        b:1875                                                            Evergreen
 Olson            Sherman Dean                    16 Jan 1921                       3 Mar 1960                                                                                  IA Pfc Co B 701 Tank BN  WW II                                    Evergreen
 Olson            Sylvan                           2 Apr 1904                      27 Feb 1996                                                                                                                                                    Madison Township
 Olson            Tilda                           28 May 1875 Sweden                3 Feb 1946                                    Ben Olson            Carrie                                                                                     Evergreen
 Olson            Verola V                        20 Mar 1911                       9 Jun 2005                                                                                  Wife of Oscar R                                                   Evergreen
 Olson            Veronica M                      28 Feb 1909                         Sep 1973                                                                                  Wife of Frank B (1905);  bur:26                                   Evergreen
 Olson            Viola                                                                                                                                                         see Lilja                                                         Evergreen
 Olson            Viola                                                                                                                                                         see Halverson                                                     Madison Township
 Olson            Viola                                                                                                                                                         see Harland O Halverson                                           Madison Township
 Olson            W N                             25 Dec 1883                      30 Aug 1911                                    N                    Jane                     Son                                                               Pilot Knob Lutheran
 Olson            Wilbur L                         8 Jan 1917 Forest City Iowa     27 Nov 2007              Mason City Iowa       Lewis N              Clara Larson             Par of Patricia, Phyllis, Robert                                  Pilot Knob Lutheran
 Olson            William Walter                  17 Mar 1896 Iowa                 19 May 1959                                                                                  Par of Mary;  Pfc 314 Guard & Fire Co QMC  WW I                   Evergreen
 Olsone           Caroline                         6 Aug 1889 Pleasant Township     6 Jun 1890                                    G F                                           no stone                                                          Avery Township
 Olthoff          Amos Jr                                1876                      24 Aug 1930              Corwith Iowa                                                        no stone                                                          Amsterdam Towship
 Olthoff          Anna Marie Johnson                                                                                                                                            see Zeigler                                                       Amsterdam Towship
 Olthoff          Annie Eenhuis                          1884                      14 Jan 1966              Belmond Wright Co IA  John Eenhuis         Grace Feldkamp           Wife of Erick (1883)                                              Evergreen
 Olthoff          Betty Bunday                           1927                             2004                                    Harvey Bunday        Emma Keller              Wife of Raymond (1926);  Marr 11 Jun 1944                         Evergreen
 Olthoff          Denise Ann                                                        6 Dec 1974                                    Roger Olthoff        Debra                    Infant                                                            Evergreen
 Olthoff          Duane A                                                             Jun 1964                                    Jerry                Karen                    Infant;  bur:11 Jun                                               Evergreen
 Olthoff          Eileen E                                                                                                                                                      see Netland                                                       Ell Township
 Olthoff          Elsie Lillian                                                                                                                                                 see Berhow                                                        Amsterdam Towship
 Olthoff          Erick                                  1883                       5 Jan 1949                                                                                  Par of Grace, John, Ray, Eric, Fred, Henrietta, Elsie, + 2 dau    Evergreen
 Olthoff          Erick G                         19 Jul 1915 Kanawha Iowa         14 Mar 1990              Mason City Iowa       Erick                Annie Eenhuis            Marr Lucille Nuehring 6 Aug 1936; Marr Fern Shaver 19 May 1956    Evergreen
 Olthoff          Fannie Marie Schutjer           10 Jan 1913 Hancock County Iowa  22 Jan 1985              Mason City Iowa       Silias Schutjer      Fannie Zimmerman         Wife of John M (1910);  Marr 15 Dec 1932                          Evergreen
 Olthoff          Fred Christ                     25 Feb 1919 Kanawha Iowa         10 Nov 1965 46y 8m 24d   Belmond Wright Co IA  Erick                Annie Eenhuis            Par of Kathryn, Eileen, Verlyn;  US Army  WW II                   Ell Township
 Olthoff          Gladys Emma Griffen             22 Jan 1921 Hancock County Iowa  11 Mar 2002              Mason City Iowa       Louis Griffen        Emma Schlawein           Wife of Fred C (1919);  Marr 18 Feb 1944                          Ell Township
 Olthoff          Grace                                                                                                                                                         see Hanson                                                        Evergreen
 Olthoff          Henrietta                                                                                                                                                     see Goodrich                                                      Amsterdam Towship
 Olthoff          Jerry A                                1936                             1995                                                                                  Par of Duane                                                      Evergreen
 Olthoff          John M  "Jack"                  27 Jul 1910 Hancock County Iowa  26 Aug 1991              Mason City Iowa       Erick                Annie Eenhuis            Par of Mary Ann, Jerry, Terry                                     Evergreen
 Olthoff          Karen J Sillman                        1939                                                                     Edward Sillman       Ruth M Holck             Wife of Jerry A (1936)                                            Evergreen
 Olthoff          Kathryn J                                                                                                                                                     see Sellers                                                       Ell Township
 Olthoff          Raymond E                       15 May 1926 Kanawha Iowa         18 Nov 1968                                    Erick                Annie Eenhuis            Par of Penny, Vicki, Wendy, Lorraine, Roger                       Evergreen
 Olthoff          Terry L                         25 Jul 1943                         Jun 1985                                                                                  Par of Timothy, Melissa                                           Bingham Township
 Olthoff          Uhlrich F  (Erick)              22 Oct 1911 Hancock County Iowa  28 Sep 1912              Hancock County Iowa   Erick                Annie Eenhuis                                                                              Evergreen
 Omans            Carol Collins                                                                                                                                                 Wife of John R (1937);  Marr 13 Aug 1960                          Concord Cemetery
 Omans            John Rinehart                   12 May 1937 Erieville New York    4 Jan 2015              Mason City Iowa       Harvey               Mildred Sherman          Par of Steve, Jeff, Debbie                                        Concord Cemetery
 Omer             Ada F                                                                                                                                                         see Griewe                                                        Ell Township
 Omvig            Abel                                   1881                      29 Nov 1950 70y          Iowa City Iowa                                                      Par of Arthur, Ovieda, Celia, Mabel, Joe, Oren,John,Alice,Synneva Amsterdam Towship
 Omvig            Arthur M                        23 Jul 1923 Denhart Wright Co Ia 12 Apr 2004              Britt Hancock Co Ia   Abel                 Mary Johanna Fosen       Par of Diane, Linda                                               Amsterdam Towship
 Omvig            Berniece Synneva                                                                                                                                              see Barracks                                                      Corwith
 Omvig            Cecelia Caroline                       1886                      28 Jul 1947 61y 22d      Hancock County Iowa                                                 Wife of Mons A (1882)                                             Amsterdam Towship
 Omvig            Cecelia Clarice "Celia"                                                                                                                                       see Roskamp                                                       Amsterdam Towship
 Omvig            Christena Syneva                                                                                                                                              see Nelson                                                        Amsterdam Towship
 Omvig            Clara L                                                                                                                                                       see Brown                                                         Amsterdam Towship
 Omvig            John                                   1857                      31 Jul 1919 62y 6m 30d   Mason City Iowa                                                                                                                       Amsterdam Towship
 Omvig            John O                          22 May 1921 Denhart Wright Co Ia 11 Dec 2002              Clarion Wright Co Ia  Abel                 Mary Johanna Fosen       Par of Mary Jo, Roger, Marlys, Dean, Sharon                       Amsterdam Towship
 Omvig            Joseph B   (Joe)                30 Oct 1909                      16 Jun 1986                                    Abel                 Mary Johanna Fosen       Cpl US Army  WW II;  b:1910                                       Amsterdam Towship
 Omvig            Linda R                                                                                                                                                       see Zeigler                                                       Amsterdam Towship
 Omvig            Louise                                 1892                      22 Apr 1983 91y 1m 11d   Kanawha Iowa                                                                                                                          Amsterdam Towship
 Omvig            Mabel                                                                                                                                                         see Peterson                                                      Evergreen
 Omvig            Marjorie Louise Carlson          5 Jul 1924 Hancock County Iowa  15 Jan 2013              Mason City Iowa       Adolph Carlson       Ruth M Paskin            Wife of Arthur M (1923);  Marr 3 Jan 1946                         Amsterdam Towship
 Omvig            Mary Johanna Fosen                     1885                      21 Mar 1933 48y 1m 7d    Hancock County Iowa                                                 Wife of Abel (1881)                                               Amsterdam Towship
 Omvig            Mary L                                                                                                                                                        see Stueland                                                      Amsterdam Towship
 Omvig            Michael John                     3 Sep 1974 Belmond Wright Co Ia 12 Jul 2008              Eagle Grove Iowa      Roger J              Diane C Walk             Par of Devon, Colin, Chelsie; Marr Bobbie Hackbarth, 16 Sep 1995  Amsterdam Towship
 Omvig            Mons Andrew                            1882                       8 Jan 1948 65y 4m 16d   Kanawha Iowa                                                        Par of Berniece, Jay                                              Amsterdam Towship
 Omvig            Oren                                   1916                      13 Mar 1973 57y 5m 1d    Kanawha Iowa          Abel                 Mary Johanna Fosen                                                                         Amsterdam Towship
 Omvig            Oscar                                  1879                       1 Dec 1942 63y 10m 29d  Hancock County Iowa                                                                                                                   Amsterdam Towship
 Omvig            Oviedia                                                                                                                                                       see Michelson                                                     Amsterdam Towship
 Omvig            Phyllis M Norby                 10 Oct 1924                       6 Mar 1994                                                                                  Wife of John O (1921);  Marr 8 Mar 1947                           Amsterdam Towship
 Omvig            Roger John                      11 Mar 1951                      17 Feb 2006              Mason City Iowa       John                 Phyllis Norby            Par of Daphne, Michael                                            Amsterdam Towship
 Omvig            Syneva Christena                       1850                       6 Sep 1938 88y 5m 29d   Hancock County Iowa                                                 Wife of John (1857)                                               Amsterdam Towship
 Omvig            Synneva C                                                                                                                                                     see Abbas                                                         Amsterdam Towship
 Onnen            Flora                                  1893                             1968                                    Tjarks Onnen         Mareka Frerichs          Wife of Fred (1895)                                               Bingham Township
 Onnen            Fred                                   1895                             1969                                    Tjarks               Mareka Frerichs                                                                            Bingham Township
 Onnen            Harm                             4 Jul 1902 Woden Hancock Co IA     Dec 1962                                    Tjarks               Mareka Frerichs                                                                            Bingham Township
 Onnen            Mareka Frerichs                 18 Aug 1869 Lubbeasfehn Germany   7 Oct 1952              Hancock County Iowa   Frerich Frerichs     Etta Weers               Wife of Tjark (d:1904); Marr 1 Jun 1892; Par of 4 + Etta          Bingham Township
 Onnen            Onno H                                 1900                       4 Jan 1964                                    Tjarks               Mareka Frerichs                                                                            Bingham Township
 Oppedahl         Ida A                                                                                                                                                         see Torkelson                                                     Madison Township
 Oppedal          Janice                                                                                                                                                        see Henken                                                        Crystal Township
 Opperman         Sidney                                 1893                         Oct 1900 8y           Crystal Lake Iowa     John                                                                                                            Crystal Township
 Orland           Lila Mae                                                                                                                                                      see Sandrey                                                       Ell Township
 Ormsby           Anna Theogena                   28 Jul 1901 Hancock County Iowa  30 Aug 1901 1m 2d        Hancock County Iowa   Thomas               Margaret                                                                                   St Patricks Catholic
 Ormsby           Bernard                                1900                             1932                                    Thomas               Margaret                                                                                   St Patricks Catholic
 Ormsby           Magdalene                                                        16 Nov 1922 16d                                John                 Josie                                                                                      St Patricks Catholic
 Ormsby           Margaret                               1856                      10 May 1923              Britt Hancock Co IA                                                 Wife of Thomas (1849)                                             St Patricks Catholic
 Ormsby           Marie A                                                                                                                                                       see Kirschbaum                                                    St Boniface Catholic
 Ormsby           Mary Regina                            1883                      24 Dec 1963              Mason City Iowa       Thomas Ormsby        Margaret                                                                                   St Patricks Catholic
 Ormsby           Robert A                        13 Nov 1885                      30 Apr 1973                                    Thomas               Margaret                 Rev                                                               St Patricks Catholic
 Ormsby           Rose V                          18 May 1895                         Jul 1976                                    Thomas               Margaret                                                                                   St Patricks Catholic
 Ormsby           Thomas                                 1849                             1920                                                                                  Par of Regina,Rob,Margurite,Mary,Rose,Marie,Anna,John,Tom,Bernard St Patricks Catholic
 Orndorff         Sarah Eleanor Fish                                                                                                                                            see Kramer                                                        Concord Cemetery
 Orr              Lela M                                 1902                             1991                                                                                  Wife of R Bruce (1885)                                            Madison Township
 Orr              Leta Belle                       8 Aug 1890 Iowa                 19 Nov 1934              Hancock County Iowa                        Miss Halverson           Wife of Bruce;  Par of Ardith, Robert, Richard                    Ellington Township
 Orr              R Bruce (Richard)                5 Jul 1885                      12 Mar 1966                                                                                                                                                    Madison Township
 Orthel           Adolf                           20 Nov 1874 Depew Illinois       19 Aug 1927              Kossuth County Iowa   John                 Mene                     Par of Minnie, Ernest, Leo, +1;  b:1873, Dec                      Bingham Township
 Orthel           Anna M                          25 Mar 1894 Woden Hancock Co IA  28 Jan 1989              Britt Hancock Co IA   William Orthel       Margaret Bretz                                                                             Bingham Township
 Orthel           Caroline                        29 May 1975 Britt Hancock Co Ia  29 May 1975              Britt Hancock Co IA   William              Virginia Studer                                                                            Bingham Township
 Orthel           Clara                                                                                                                                                         see Quinn                                                         Bingham Township
 Orthel           Effie C                         12 Oct 1891                       1 Oct 1918                                                                                  Wife of Fred                                                      Evergreen
 Orthel           Elizabeth                                                                                                                                                     see Fitzpatrick                                                   Bingham Township
 Orthel           Ethel S Anderson                 3 May 1897                         Oct 1983                                                                                  Wife of William J (1891);  Marr 29 Jun 1926                       Bingham Township
 Orthel           Florence E Fox                         1879                      27 Mar 1953              Long Beach CA         Henry Fox            Marenda                  Wife of Adolph (1874);  Marr Mar 1900                             Bingham Township
 Orthel           George F                        31 Mar 1901                         Dec 1975                                    William              Margaret Bretz                                                                             Bingham Township
 Orthel           Henry James                     12 Jul 1896 Iowa                  7 Dec 1979              Titonka IA            William              Margaret Bretz           Par of Catherine, William;  Cpl US Army  WW I                     Bingham Township
 Orthel           Herman                          28 Jan 1894                      12 Feb 1895                                    J M                  Mina                                                                                       Orthel Township
 Orthel           Jean Marie                      30 Jan 1927 Woden Hancock Co Ia  20 Feb 2007              Mason City Iowa       William J Orthel     Ethel S Anderson                                                                           Bingham Township
 Orthel           Katherine                       11 Jan 1885                       3 Oct 1891                                    William Orthel       Margaret Bretz                                                                             Bingham Township
 Orthel           Kenneth                         20 Apr 1908                      24 Apr 1908                                    Adolf                Florence                                                                                   Bingham Township
 Orthel           Margaret Magdeliene Britz        6 Oct 1856 Germany              29 Aug 1934              Hancock County Iowa                                                 Wife of William (1850);  Marr 28 Feb 1882                         Bingham Township
 Orthel           Marie Eugenia Quinn             10 Dec 1895 Woden Hancock Co IA  17 Mar 1988              Fort Dodge Iowa       Thomas Quinn         Catherine Canty          Wife of Henry J (1896);  Marr 22 Jul (Jun ?) 1931                 Bingham Township
 Orthel           Oscar                            9 Jul 1883 Wesley Kossuth Co IA  7 Jan 1980              Mason City Iowa       William              Margaret Bretz                                                                             Bingham Township
 Orthel           Sophia C                                                                                                                                                      see Colter                                                        St Patricks Catholic
 Orthel           William                         24 Nov 1850 Germany               9 Jan 1933 82y 1m 15d   Woden Hancock Co IA                                                 Par of Katherine, Oscar                                           Bingham Township
 Orthel           William Joseph                  29 Sep 1891 Wesley Kossuth Co IA    Jul 1973              Leland Iowa           William              Margaret Bretz           Par of Merle, Joan, Jean;  obit b:1899                            Bingham Township
 Ortmeyer         Eleanor Louise Griewe           20 Jun 1892                      12 Apr 1972              Fort Dodge Iowa       Henry Griewe         Mary Ann Ell             Wife of Frederick W (1888)                                        Ell Township
 Ortmeyer         Frederick W                      6 Jul 1888 Indiana              29 Apr 1969 80y          Fort Dodge Iowa                                                     Par of Homer, Mildred;  Rev                                       Ell Township
 Orvick           George                          14 Aug 1890                       5 Mar 1975                                                                                                                                                    Madison Township
 Orvick           Hubert Dale                      8 Dec 1924 Hanlontown Iowa      17 May 2005              Forest City Iowa      George               Mabel Mandsager          Par of Sheliah, Carmen                                            Madison Township
 Orvick           Leona M                                1926                                                                                                                   Wife of Hubert D (1924);  Marr 28 Jan 1947                        Madison Township
 Orvick           Mabel Handsager                 16 Apr 1897                       1 May 1971                                                                                  Wife of George (1890)                                             Madison Township
 Orvick           Rachel H                                                                                                                                                      see Rogeness                                                      Crystal Township
 Orville          Lavon                                                                                                                                                         see Tue                                                           Ell Township
 Osborne          Trix O Oxley                                                                                                                                                  see Curtis                                                        Corwith
 Osby             Edmund S                               1900                      14 Feb 1937 36y 2m 1d    Kanawha Iowa                                                        Marr 18 Feb 1925;  Par of Gordon, Lois, Eugene, Paul, Marlys      Amsterdam Towship
 Osby             Gordon M  "Gordy"                7 Jun 1926                      14 Dec 2005                                                                                  Par of Gary, Cheryl, James                                        Amsterdam Towship
 Osby             Gunnar                          28 Jan 1870                      28 Apr 1928 58y 3m 1d    Wright County Iowa                                                                                                                    Amsterdam Towship
 Osby             Lucille Anderson                       1931                                                                                                                   Wife of Gordon (1926);  Marr 3 Jun 1951                           Amsterdam Towship
 Osby             Margaret Williamson                                                                                                                                           see Eliason                                                       Amsterdam Towship
 Osby             Margaret Williamson Eliason                                                                                                                                   see Osby                                                          Amsterdam Towship
 Osby             Margaret Williamson Eliason     25 Oct 1904 Kanawha Iowa         30 Dec 1991              Britt Hancock Co IA   Nels Williamson      Elfreda Nerem            Hus of #1 Edmund S Osby (1900) - #2 Clarence Eliason              Amsterdam Towship
 Osby             Martha                           9 Jan 1872                       9 Jul 1939 67y 6m       Iowa City Iowa                                                      Wife of Gunnar (1870)                                             Amsterdam Towship
 Osby             Paul Edmund                     12 Jul 1934 Kanawha Iowa         28 Oct 2008              Council Bluffs Iowa   Edmund               Margaret Williamson      Par of Vicki, Penny;  Sp 4 US Army                                Amsterdam Towship
 Oscarson         Ida                                                                                                                                                           see Pearson                                                       Evergreen
 Oshana           Aghasie R                              1868                      23 Aug 1935                                                                                                                                                    Crystal Township
 Oshana           Andy B                                 1902                             1950                                                                                                                                                    Crystal Township
 Oshana           Caroline Arneson                 5 Jan 1874 Forest City Iowa            1968                                    Even Arneson         Anna Halversen           Wife of Aghasie (1868);  Marr 7 Oct 1899                          Crystal Township
 Oshana           Lila S Becker                                                                                                                                                 see Azhari                                                        Crystal Township
 Oshana           Nora May                        18 Jan 1901 Crystal Lake Iowa    18 Mar 1901              Crystal Lake Iowa                                                                                                                     Crystal Township
 Oshana           Ruby E                                 1911                             1989                                                                                                                                                    Crystal Township
 Osheim                                                                                                                                                                         see Asheim                                                        Madison Township
 Osheim           Bertha Amelia                                                                                                                                                 see Wermersen                                                     Evergreen
 Osmon            Glenn Robert                    26 Nov 1914 Iowa                 29 Nov 1914 3d           Hancock County Iowa   Thomas               Martha Larson                                                                              Amsterdam Towship
 Osmundsen        Freida                                                                                                                                                        see Haugland                                                      Crystal Township
 Osnes            Annie P                         15 Jul 1865 Norway               13 Feb 1905              Hancock County Iowa                                                 Wife of Tom J (1858)                                              Ellington Prairie
 Osnes            Barbara Pederson                21 Jun 1900 Cerro Gordo Co Iowa  22 Mar 1959              Forest City Iowa      Hans Mathew Pederson Jacobia Olene            Wife #2 of John T Sr (1893);  Marr 2 Jun 1923;  b:1900            Madison Township
 Osnes            Emma E                                 1891                         Feb 1920                                                                                  Wife #1 of John T (1893)                                          Pilot Knob Lutheran
 Osnes            Emma Halverson                   6 Mar 1891 Hancock County Iowa  26 Feb 1920              Garner Hancock Co IA  Ole L Halverson      Clara Mickelson          Wife of John T Sr;  Marr 16 Jun 1916                              Madison Township
 Osnes            John T Sr                        4 Apr 1893 Holstein Iowa         1 Apr 1980              Mason City Iowa       Tom                  Annie Hall               Wife #1 Emma Halverson;  #2 Barbara Pederson; Par of 8 children   Madison Township
 Osnes            Marcella White  "Marty"          5 Dec 1933                                                                                                                   Wife of Paul W (1928);  Marr 1950                                 Madison Township
 Osnes            Paul Winton                     22 Jul 1928 Garner Hancock Co IA  7 Sep 2006              Forest City Iowa      John T               Barbara Pederson         Par of Linda, Rita, Sonia, Thomas, Monica                         Madison Township
 Osnes            Thelen H                        26 Mar 1924                      21 Jul 1944                                    John T Sr            Barbara Pederson                                                                           Madison Township
 Osnes            Tom J                           21 Dec 1858 Norway                5 May 1941 82y          Clear Lake Iowa                                                                                                                       Ellington Prairie
 Ostercamp        Anna J Weiland                   5 Sep 1877 Twixlum Germany       3 May 1956              Britt Hancock Co IA   John Weiland         Tina Krall               Wife of John E;  Marr 27 Oct 1897                                 Evergreen
 Ostercamp        Carolyn J                              1939                                                                                                                   Wife of Herman L (1931);  Marr 11 Mar 1960                        Evergreen
 Ostercamp        Darlene Kaye                    19 Apr 1950                      27 Apr 1950                                    Fred W               Esther E                                                                                   Evergreen
 Ostercamp        Elinor Johnson                         1912                         Aug 1962              Hancock County Iowa   Wilbur Johnson                                Wife of John (1908)                                               Evergreen
 Ostercamp        Ella Lorene Jacobson                                                                                                                                          see Schutjer                                                      Evergreen
 Ostercamp        Esther E                        29 Aug 1913                       7 Apr 1983                                                                                  Wife of Fred W (1910)                                             Evergreen
 Ostercamp        Fred                            22 Sep 1884 Aplington Iowa       17 Jul 1958              Rochester Minnesota   Ude                  Meemke (Minnie) Frie     b:1885                                                            Evergreen
 Ostercamp        Fred W                          21 Feb 1910                       7 Jun 1974                                                                                                                                                    Evergreen
 Ostercamp        George                          27 Jun 1882 Iowa                 22 Aug 1924              Hancock County Iowa   Ude                  Meemke (Minnie) Frie                                                                       Evergreen
 Ostercamp        George w                         5 Jan 1929                      22 Jul 1996                                    Herman               Greta Goodnow                                                                              Evergreen
 Ostercamp        Greta Goodnow Pearson           28 Dec 1902                       7 Mar 1983              Britt Hancock Co IA                                                 Hus #1 Palmer Pearson (1896);  #2 Herman Ostercamp (1887)         Evergreen
 Ostercamp        Herman  "Tony"                   7 Nov 1887 Iowa                  6 Jan 1963              Hancock County Iowa   Ude                  Meemke (Minnie) Frie     Par of George, Herman, Bonnie, Marie, Joyce, +1 dau               Evergreen
 Ostercamp        Herman Lee                      14 May 1931 Wesley Kossuth Co IA  9 Sep 1995              Britt Hancock Co IA   Herman               Greta Goodnow            Par of Carla, Twyla, Craig, Harold, Dennis                        Evergreen
 Ostercamp        Ila Grace                                                                                                                                                     see Nielsen                                                       Evergreen
 Ostercamp        Iva Gene                                                                     7d                                 Ude                  Minnie                                                                                     Evergreen
 Ostercamp        Jodie Lee                       16 Nov 1974                       7 Mar 1975              Manly Iowa            Dwight               Setsuko Sumi                                                                               Evergreen
 Ostercamp        John                             4 Feb 1908                         Aug 1978                                    John E               Anna                     Par of Donna, Larry;  bur:21 Sep                                  Evergreen
 Ostercamp        John E                                 1874                      29 Apr 1945              Mason City Iowa                                                     Par of Otto, Minnie, John, Fred, Tilda, Mildred;  b:1824          Evergreen
 Ostercamp        Mildred                                                                                                                                                       see Webster                                                       Evergreen
 Ostercamp        Minnie                             Dec 1843 Germany              12 Dec 1922              Britt Hancock Co Ia                                                 Wife of Ude (1837)                                                Evergreen
 Ostercamp        Minnie Limberg                  13 Jul 1894                         Aug 1968                                    Harm Limberg         Sophia Jaspers                                                                             Christian Reformed Church
 Ostercamp        Minnie Marie                    11 Oct 1898 Iowa                  4 May 1934              Hancock County Iowa   John E Ostercamp     Anna J Weiland                                                                             Evergreen
 Ostercamp        Otto S                          26 Nov 1903                      14 May 1952              Sheldon Iowa          John E               Anna J Weiland           Par of Betty, Daryl, Donald;  Hus of Ruth Lee; Marr 10 Jun 1929   Evergreen
 Ostercamp        Tilda Geraldine                 23 Jul 1901 Britt Hancock Co IA   7 Mar 1990              Britt Hancock Co IA   John E Ostercamp     Anna J Weiland                                                                             Evergreen
 Ostercamp        Ude                                Apr 1837 Germany              24 Jun 1905              Hancock County Iowa                                                 Par of Geo,Fred,Herman,Mary,Sam,John,Marie,Kate;  b:1839          Evergreen
 Ostermann        Elmer                                  1919                             1992                                                                                  Par of Judy, Joy, Janice, Jeanne                                  Immanual Lutheran Church
 Ostermann        Emma Caroline (G) Stohr         17 Jul 1905 Woden Hancock Co IA   2 Nov 1954                                    Heiko Stohr          Amalie Kramer            Wife #2 of Walter J (1900);  Marr 28 Aug 1928                     Immanual Lutheran Church
 Ostermann        Ida Franzen                      2 Mar 1904 Kossuth County Iowa   6 Apr 1927              Hancock County Iowa   Henry Franzen Sr     Annette Amelsberg        Wife #1 of Walter J (1900);  Marr 17 Feb 1926                     Immanual Lutheran Church
 Ostermann        Ida Jean Lucille                29 Mar 1927                      14 Sep 1927                                    Walter J             Ida Franzen                                                                                Immanual Lutheran Church
 Ostermann        John Sr                         14 Jan 1869 Esens Germany        20 Aug 1956              Titonka Iowa          Valentin             Hauke Mueller            Par of Walter, John, Elmer, Mrs Boyken                            Immanual Lutheran Church
 Ostermann        Lucy Kettwick                   21 Jul 1880                         Oct 1980                                                                                  Wife of John (1869);  Marr 12 Oct 1898                            Immanual Lutheran Church
 Ostermann        Sena C                                                                                                                                                        see Boyken                                                        Immanual Lutheran Church
 Ostermann        Stephen E                              1957                      15 Dec 1972              Mason City Iowa       Eugene                                                                                                          Immanual Lutheran Church
 Ostermann        Vera Marie Giesking             16 Nov 1918 Titonka Iowa         11 Aug 2014              Titonka Iowa          Carl W Giesking      Hilko Pannkuk            Wife of Elmer (1919);  Marr 18 Jun 1941                           Immanual Lutheran Church
 Ostermann        Walter J                               1900                      17 Feb 1946                                    John Sr              Lucy Kettwick            Par of Ida, Donald, Eugene, Wayne                                 Immanual Lutheran Church
 Ostrander        Elizabeth M                                                                                                                                                   see Burdick                                                       Evergreen
 Ostrander        Harold                                 1906                       2 Jan 1943 37y          Talmage California                                                  no stone                                                          Evergreen
 Oswald           Inga                                                                                                                                                          see Nordaas                                                       Madison Township
 Osweiler         Alois J                                1896 Lee County Iowa      25 Apr 1963              Fort Dodge Iowa                                                     b:1897                                                            Avery Township
 Osweiler         Esther A                               1914                             1994                                                                                  Wife of Alois J (1897)                                            Avery Township
 Ott              Lizzie                                                                                                                                                        see Johnson                                                       Avery Township
 Ottilie          Anna                                                                                                                                                          see Jass                                                          Ellington Township
 Otto             Frances                                                                                                                                                       see Pannhoff                                                      Ell Township
 Oudekerk         Albert                          12 Oct 1886 Midvolda Holland      1 Nov 1961              Elmore Minnesota      Henrik               Jessie Kloppenburg       Par of Ralph, Emil, Henry, Albert, Gordon, Anna, Jessie           Evergreen
 Oudekerk         Albert                                 1922                                                                     Albert               Grace Pomp               Par of Rachel, Grace, Susan, Barbara, Betty, Sally                Evergreen
 Oudekerk         Albert Herman                   30 Aug 1944                       2 Jan 1948              Forest City                                                                                                                           Evergreen
 Oudekerk         Grace Pomp                             1889                         Apr 1961                                                                                  Wife of Albert (1886);  Marr 1910;  bur:28                        Evergreen
 Oudekerk         Harriet Knapper                 22 May 1915                                                                                                                   Wife of John;  Par of Wilma, Dale, Robert, Patricia, Jon, Paul    Evergreen
 Oudekerk         John                            14 Mar 1915 Dumont Butler Co IA  14 Jan 2001              Britt Hancock Co IA   Roelf                Rena Weichers            Hus of Harriet; Marr 2 Apr 1937                                   Evergreen
 Oudekerk         Jon Marlin                      28 Dec 1945                      14 Jun 1966                                    John                 Harriet Knapper                                                                            Evergreen
 Oudekerk         Koert                            1 Jul 1924                       1 Feb 1929              Hancock County Iowa   Roelf                Rena                                                                                       Bingham Township
 Oudekerk         Koert H                                1882                             1968                                                                                  Brother to Albert;  bur:15 Feb                                    Evergreen
 Oudekerk         Marlene                                1936                             2003                                                                                  Wife of Albert (1922)                                             Evergreen
 Oudekerk         Myrna                                  1935                                                                                                                   Wife of Ralph (1929)                                              Madison Township
 Oudekerk         Paul Dean                       30 May 1955 Britt Hancock Co Ia  31 May 1955              Britt Hancock Co Ia   John                 Harriet Knapper                                                                            Evergreen
 Oudekerk         Ralph                                  1929                             1999                                    Albert               Grace Pomp               Par of Terry, Steven, Cindy, Chad                                 Madison Township
 Oudekerk         Rena                                   1887                             1973                                                                                  Wife of Roelf (1884)                                              Bingham Township
 Oudekerk         Roelf                                  1884                             1943                                                                                  Par of Koert                                                      Bingham Township
 Oudekirk         Harmke                                                                                                                                                        see Knapper                                                       Christian Reformed Church
 Oudekirk         Irene                                                                                                                                                         see Miller                                                        Madison Township
 Oudekirk         Jessie                                                                                                                                                        see Nordman                                                       Christian Reformed Church
 Ouderkirk        Sandra Diane                                                                                                                                                  see Olson                                                         Madison Township
 Oulman           Pamela                                                                                                                                                        see Scott Duane Sonquist                                          Concord Cemetery
 Oustad           Amos                            14 May 1907                      18 Sep 1987                                    Mons A               Minnie Olson                                                                               Amsterdam Towship
 Oustad           Andrew                          23 May 1878 Naes Hedemark Norway 21 Dec 1954 76y          Mason City Iowa       Anton O              Berthe Marie Odenoir                                                                       Amsterdam Towship
 Oustad           Anna Marie                                                                                                                                                    see Severson                                                      Amsterdam Towship
 Oustad           Anton O                         29 Apr 1848                      15 Jun 1931 83y 1m 17d   Hancock County Iowa                                                                                                                   Amsterdam Towship
 Oustad           Berthe Marie                    23 Jan 1846                      24 Jul 1931 85y 6m 1d    Hancock County Iowa                                                 Wife of Anton O (1848)                                            Amsterdam Towship
 Oustad           Ed Evan                         13 Mar 1876                      24 Apr 1958 82y          Kanawha Iowa          Ole H                Ellen Agnes Johnson                                                                        Amsterdam Towship
 Oustad           Matilda M                                                                                                                                                     see Huling                                                        Evergreen
 Oustad           Mildred E Fuller                 7 Nov 1906 Clear Lake Iowa      14 Oct 1994              Aitkin Minnesota      Albert J Fuller      Jennie Elsie Cook        Wife of Oscar (1911);  Marr 20 Apr 1944                           Amsterdam Towship
 Oustad           Minnie Olson                           1873                      27 Apr 1963              Mason City Iowa       Andrew Olson                                  Wife of Mons A (1874)                                             Amsterdam Towship
 Oustad           Mons A                           6 May 1874                      13 Sep 1949 75y 5m       Mason City Iowa                                                     Par of Amos, Oscar, Clarence, Matilda                             Amsterdam Towship
 Oustad           Oscar                                  1911                      19 Nov 1982 71y                                Mons A               Minnie Olson             Par of Wayne                                                      Amsterdam Towship
 Ouzo             James R DeKruif                        1961                             1980                                                                                  b:29 Nov;  bur:18 Dec                                             Evergreen
 Overholser       Frances Anna                                                                                                                                                  see Lunn                                                          Concord Cemetery
 Oviatt           Lee                                    1885                      27 Jan 1958              Fort Dodge Iowa                                                                                                                       Avery Township
 Owen             George Burton                    4 Jan 1890 Galesburg Illinois      Nov 1978              Garner Hancock Co IA  William              Mary Wagle               Par of Georgia, Mary;  Hus of #1 Mabel Isma; #2 Margaret Engstler St Boniface Catholic
 Owen             Georgia                                                                                                                                                       see Molander                                                      St Boniface Catholic
 Owen             Georgia Catherine                                                                                                                                             see Frederick B Molander                                          St Boniface Catholic
 Owen             Margaret Agnes Engstler         20 Jul 1884                         Feb 1980                                    Jacob Engstler       Elizabeth Staudt         Wife of George B (1890);  Marr 9 Apr 1917                         St Boniface Catholic
 Owens            Charles T                                                                                                                                                     bur:Jun 1942                                                      Concord Cemetery
 Oxley            Addie Whiteman                  16 Aug 1866                      24 Jun 1944                                    John Whiteman        Matilda Schmidt          Wife of Franklin W (1876);  Marr 29 Mar 1888                      Corwith
 Oxley            Albert Richard                         1874                       9 Oct 1921              Alberta Canada        William H            Maria Vincent                                                                              Corwith
 Oxley            Alice Ethel                            1889                      31 May 1889 3m 19d                             Franklin W           Addie Whiteman                                                                             Magor Township
 Oxley            Alma M Schultz                         1900                      21 Apr 1968 67y          Mason City Iowa       Horace C Schultz     Sadie Sylvannia Gohn     Wife of Clarence O (1897)                                         Amsterdam Towship
 Oxley            Alta June Wilhite                8 Jan 1880                      31 Jul 1958                                    Eli Thornton Wilhite Mary Arnold              Wife of Oscar C (1877)                                            Corwith
 Oxley            Angela M                        14 Sep 1962                                                                     Robert Keith Oxley   Phyllis J Hauptmann                                                                        St Marys Catholic
 Oxley            Anna Bealer                     12 Jun 1860 Whiteside County IL   7 Oct 1940                                    Christian Bealer     Maria Wall               Wife of Joseph W (1856);  Marr 10 Jan 1876                        Corwith
 Oxley            Anna M                                 1915                             1991                                                                                  Wife of Ralph L (1905)                                            Corwith
 Oxley            Bernice W Stilson               19 Jun 1890                      30 Dec 1971                                    Ernest L Stilson     Celia Munson             Wife #2 of James L (1883);  Par of Elizabeth, Patricia            Corwith
 Oxley            Bonita I Lackore                 6 Feb 1913                      15 Oct 1979                                                                                  Wife of John H (1904)                                             Corwith
 Oxley            Carel J                         12 Feb 1927                      28 Oct 2002              Mason City Iowa       Clarence             Alma Schultz             Par of Sue, Nancy, Betty, Jeffrey, Timothy                        Amsterdam Towship
 Oxley            Carol E                          3 Sep 1946                                                                                                                   Wife of Steven V (1946);  Marr 25 Oct 1969                        Corwith
 Oxley            Charles Vincent                  6 Jan 1878 Alpha Iowa            4 Jul 1938                                    Joseph William       Ann Bealer               Par of Lester, Harold, Ralph, Annabell                            Corwith
 Oxley            Clarence Oscar                         1897                      10 Aug 1971 74y          Mason City Iowa       Franklin W           Addie Whiteman                                                                             Amsterdam Towship
 Oxley            Curtis Warren                   24 Apr 1928 Iowa                 24 Apr 1928              Corwith Iowa          Lafayette V          Rose Welloden            b:23                                                              Corwith
 Oxley            Dorothy G                                                                                                                                                     see Anderson                                                      Corwith
 Oxley            Edith Idella                                                                                                                                                  see Izzard                                                        Corwith
 Oxley            Edward Harrison                        1865                             1946                                    William H            Maria Vincent            Par of Neva, Wayne, D Roger, Dorothy                              Corwith
 Oxley            Elizabeth A Pybus                      1870                      28 Aug 1939              Corwith Iowa          Thomas Pybus         Elizabeth Hoppe          Hus of Fred J (1863); Marr Sep 1898; Par of Les,Gladys,Gail,John  Corwith
 Oxley            Elsie M Crow                           1910                             1990                                                                                  Wife of Harold W (1903);  Marr 4 Jun 1930                         Corwith
 Oxley            Emma Maria Erdman               18 Sep 1888 Grand Ridge Illinois  5 Apr 1983                                    William F Erdman     Augusta Bublitz          Wife of George H (1879);  Marr 8 Feb 1915                         Corwith
 Oxley            Evelyn M                                                                                                                                                      see McEnroe                                                       Corwith
 Oxley            Frances Bertha Mitchell          6 Sep 1876                       8 Sep 1961                                                                                  Wife of Charles V (1878);  Marr 6 Mar 1901                        Corwith
 Oxley            Franklin Washington             29 Mar 1867 West Union Iowa      27 Oct 1936              Mason City Iowa       William H            Maria Vincent            Par of Alice, Mabel, Edith, Hazel, Lafeyette, Clarence, Glenn     Corwith
 Oxley            Frederick James                 14 Aug 1863 Jefferson County WI  19 Jul 1943 79y 11m 5d                         William H            Maria Vincent            Hus of #1 Julia Sanford, Marr 1887;  #2 Elizabeth Pybus           Corwith
 Oxley            Gail E                                                                                                                                                        see Skelley                                                       Corwith
 Oxley            Gary L                                 1946                             1986                                                                                                                                                    Corwith
 Oxley            George E  "Sonny"               12 Feb 1928                      22 Sep 1941                                    George Howard        Emma M Erdman                                                                              Corwith
 Oxley            George Howard                   28 Oct 1879 Fayette County Iowa  23 Oct 1962                                    Joseph W             Anna Bealer              Par of Harriet, George E                                          Corwith
 Oxley            Gladys                           4 Aug 1900 Iowa                 18 Mar 1902              Hancock County Iowa   Fred J Oxley         Elizabeth Pybus                                                                            Corwith
 Oxley            Glenn John                      19 Aug 1898                      18 Jan 1984                                    Franklin W           Addie Whiteman           Par of Robert, Richard, Jerald, Glennis, Thresea, Mary, Margaret  St Marys Catholic
 Oxley            Harold W                        14 Aug 1903 Titonka Iowa          8 Aug 1962              Fort Dodge Iowa       Charles Vincent      Frances Mitchell         Par of Merl, Arlene, Marion                                       Corwith
 Oxley            Hazel Raber  "Babe"                    1893                             1990                                                                                                                                                    Corwith
 Oxley            Hilton J  "Hiltie"              30 May 1890                      11 Dec 1895                                    Fred J               Julia Sanford                                                                              Corwith
 Oxley            Ida Anna                         1 Dec 1868 Ossian Iowa           6 Jul 1949              Des Moines Iowa       William H Oxley      Chrystina                Wife of Edward H (1865);  Marr 23 Dec 1896                        Corwith
 Oxley            James Leroy                      7 Sep 1883 Clear Lake Iowa      13 Jun 1952              Corwith Iowa          Joseph W             Anna Bealer              Wife #1 Eva Harrison, 1916;  #2 Bernice Stilson, 1920             Corwith
 Oxley            Janet Marie                     18 Jun 1934 Algona Iowa           4 May 1945              Mason City Iowa       John H               Bonita I Lackore                                                                           Corwith
 Oxley            Jeff Allen                                                       13 Jan 1959                                                         Marlene J                                                                                  Corwith
 Oxley            Jesse W                                1880                       3 Aug 1935              Des Moines Iowa       Joseph               Ann Bealer               Pfc 6 Inf 5 Div                                                   Corwith
 Oxley            John Harris                     20 Oct 1904                       1 Nov 1985                                    Fred J               Elizabeth Pybus          Par of Janet, Thomas, Gene                                        Corwith
 Oxley            Joseph William                  10 Jan 1856 Battle Creek MI             1907                                    William              Maria Vincent            Par of Chas, Geo, Kathleen, James, Jessie, Beatrice;  d:1909      Corwith
 Oxley            Julia M Sanford                 25 Jan 1866                      28 Apr 1897                                    John V Sanford       Leocadia                 Wife of Fred J;  Par of Fred E, Hilton J, Milderd J               Corwith
 Oxley            June Evelyn                     21 Apr 1921                             1921                                    Lafayette V          Rose Welloden                                                                              Corwith
 Oxley            Kathleen Ann Carolus            14 Feb 1955 Belmond Wright Co IA 23 Dec 1999              Mason City Iowa       Harlan E Carolus     Betty L Griffen          Wife of Michael E (1955);  Marr 31 (30) Mar 1996                  Concord Cemetery
 Oxley            Kathleen Mae                                                                                                                                                  see Springer                                                      Corwith
 Oxley            Lafayette Vincent  "Wafe"       17 Oct 1895                      30 Jul 1988                                    Franklin W           Addie Whiteman           Par of Lafayette, +1 dau, 1 son                                   Corwith
 Oxley            Lafayette Vincent Jr  "Lafe"    30 Apr 1923 Corwith Iowa          4 May 2006              Webster City Iowa     Lafayette Vincent Sr Rose Willodson           Par of Steven,Mary,Ellen +1; AM2  US Navy WW II; Wife #2 Mrs Moon Corwith
 Oxley            Mable                                  1890                       4 Feb 1940              Cherokee Iowa         Franklin W Oxley     Addie Whiteman                                                                             Corwith
 Oxley            Margaret Jeanette                4 Dec 1935                      26 Apr 1956                                    Glenn John           Ruth E Gordon                                                                              St Marys Catholic
 Oxley            Maria Vincent                   27 Nov 1836 England              25 May 1902              Hancock County Iowa                                                 Wife of Wm H (1828);  Marr 24 Aug 1854;  Par of Walt,Albert,Oscar Corwith
 Oxley            Marlene J                              1934                             1959                                                                                  lot purchased 5 Mar                                               Corwith
 Oxley            Matthew                                                           4 Mar 1964                                    Robert               Phyllis                                                                                    St Marys Catholic
 Oxley            Michael                         22 Apr 1955                             2011                                                                                  bur:24 Mar                                                        Concord Cemetery
 Oxley            Monte E                          6 Sep 1938 Corwith Iowa         23 Jan 1961              San Diego California  Ralph                Anna Lee                                                                                   Corwith
 Oxley            Oscar Clarence                  18 Mar 1877                      17 Nov 1945              Kossuth County Iowa   William H            Maria Vincent            Par Vincent, Evelyn, Esther                                       Corwith
 Oxley            Patricia Jean                   22 Aug 1925 Iowa                  2 Jan 1927 1y 4m 11d    Corwith Iowa          James Leroy          Bernice Stilson                                                                            Corwith
 Oxley            Phyllis J Hauptmann             18 Nov 1927                                                                                                                   Wife of Robert K (1926)                                           St Marys Catholic
 Oxley            Phyllis Marie Vestweber         17 Jul 1933 Belmond Wright Co IA  8 Nov 2000              Mason City Iowa       William Vestweber    Frances Baker            Wife of Carel J (1927);  Marr 26 Jul 1952                         Amsterdam Towship
 Oxley            Ralph L                         25 Oct 1905                         Feb 1981                                    Charles Vincent      Frances Mitchell                                                                           Corwith
 Oxley            Robert Keith  "Red"             13 Jun 1926 Corwith Iowa          3 Oct 2005              Mason City Iowa       Glenn John           Ruth E Gordon            Par of Sher, Angela, Mark, Mathew;  Sgt  US Army  WW II;  b:6     St Marys Catholic
 Oxley            Rose Willodson                  21 Apr 1901 Britt Hancock Co IA  21 Sep 1974              Mason City Iowa       Antone Willodson     Theolinda Johnson        Wife of Lafayette V (1895);  Marr 23 Apr 1919                     Corwith
 Oxley            Ruth E Gordon                          1903                             1987                                    Hugh D Gordon        Anna Augusta Kintz       Wife of Glenn J (1898)                                            St Marys Catholic
 Oxley            Stella A Duska                         1925                             1988                                                                                  Wife of Lafe V (1923);  Marr 22 Jan 1946                          Corwith
 Oxley            Trix O Osborne                                                                                                                                                see Curtis                                                        Corwith
 Oxley            Vincent Arnold                   9 Apr 1912 Corwith Iowa          8 Feb 2005              Algona Kossuth Co Ia  Oscar C              Alta J Wilhite                                                                             Corwith
 Oxley            Vivian Maxine                                                                                                                                                 see Assink                                                        Amsterdam Towship
 Oxley            William Harrison                17 Feb 1828 Everton England      20 Jun 1907              Clear Lake Iowa       Joseph               Ann Simpson              Par of Joe, Anne, Geo, Chas, John, Fred, Ed, Frank, Emma, Mary    Corwith
 Ozmun            Cora L                                                                                                                                                        see Larson                                                        Crystal Township

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