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Compiled by the Hancock County Iowa Genealogical Society

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   8 Jan 2016      

    LAST NAME               FIRST NAME            BIRTH DATE      BIRTH PLACE      DEATH DATE      AGE           DEATH PLACE            FATHER                 MOTHER                                   OTHER INFORMATION                                CEMETERY
 ================ =============================== =========== ==================== =========== ============ ===================== ==================== ======================== ================================================================= ======================   
 Gaarde           Berneta Amanda                                                                                                                                                see Gambell                                                       Madison Township
 Gabel            Edith                                                                                                                                                         see Christ                                                        Madison Township
 Gabelmann        Jacqlyn Sue                     26 Jun 1953                      25 Nov 1974                                                                                  Par of Wray, Alethea                                              Ellington Prairie
 Gabrielson       Emma L                           9 Sep 1899                      14 Jan 1984                                                                                                                                                    Crystal Township
 Gabrielson       Robert R                        20 Oct 1920                       9 Mar 1969                                                                                                                                                    Crystal Township
 Gabrielson       Rush R                           7 Apr 1897                      29 Jun 1982                                                                                                                                                    Crystal Township
 Gaede            Anna C                                                                                                                                                        see Jeffords                                                      Boone Township
 Gaede            Barbara K Kurtz                 23 Jun 1843 Weurtemburg Germany  25 Jul 1910              Stilson Iowa          Michael              Magdalena Stern          Wife of John J (1835);  Marr 7 Jun 1871                           Boone Township
 Gaede            Glenn W                         31 Jul 1913                       9 Mar 1928                                                                                  b:1903                                                            Evergreen
 Gaede            Harry W                         29 Aug 1881                         Sep 1971                                    John F               Barbara K Kurtz          b:1880                                                            Boone Township
 Gaede            John J F                        17 Apr 1835 Germany              24 Feb 1917              Stilson Iowa          Christian                                     Par of Harry, Anna, Augusta, Lydia, Samuel, George, John, Chas +1 Boone Township
 Gage             ---                              9 Jul 1915 Iowa                  9 Jul 1915 1d           Corwith Iowa          James F              Edna May Brown           infant girl;  no stone                                            Corwith
 Gage             Abbie J                                                                                                                                                       see Bush                                                          St Marys Catholic
 Gage             Abbie J Sherman                        1857 Massachusetts        18 Jun 1898 41y          Hancock County Iowa                                                 Wife of James F (1854)                                            Corwith
 Gage             Bertha L                               1879                             1911                                                                                  d:Jan                                                             Corwith
 Gage             Emma Harrison                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Crystal Township
 Gage             Ethil M                                1881                      12 Apr 1890 9y 9m 6d                           Harrison             Emma                     d:1899                                                            Crystal Township
 Gage             Grace L                                1882 New York             20 May 1897 15y 2m 18d   Hancock County Iowa   James F              Abbie J Sherman                                                                            Corwith
 Gage             James F                                1854                             1907                                                                                                                                                    Corwith
 Gage             James F                          6 Aug 1893                      23 Apr 1953                                                                                  Cpl 162 Depot Brigade  WW I                                       Corwith
 Gage             Willard F                              1863                      29 Mar 1880 17y 6m 4d                          Harrison             Emma                                                                                       Crystal Township
 Gahan            Donald J                               1924                                                                                                                   Par of Donna, Gail, John, William                                 Madison Township
 Gahan            George Mathew                   15 Nov 1899                      11 Aug 1961                                                                                  b:1900                                                            Ell Township
 Gahan            Jean M                                 1920                             1996                                                                                  Wife of Donald J (1924);  Marr 12 Oct 1945                        Madison Township
 Gahan            John L                                 1903                             1988                                                                                  Par of Donald, Eileenm Geraldine, Norma                           Madison Township
 Gahan            Lucille A                                                                                                                                                     see Horstman                                                      St Patricks Catholic
 Gahan            Marie J Merkel                  14 Oct 1907 Paton Iowa           21 Jun 1987 80y          Garner Hancock Co IA  Peter Merkel         Katherine Thompson       Wife of George;  Par of Don, Robert;  stone b:1908                Ell Township
 Gahan            Maysil E                               1900                             2000                                                                                  Wife of John L (1903)                                             Madison Township
 Galbraith        Daniel                                 1850                      14 Jun 1932 82y          Britt Hancock Co IA                                                                                                                   Boone Township
 Galbraith        Eliza R Brown                   28 Sep 1853 Ohio                 11 Dec 1913              Hancock County Iowa   John Brown                                    Wife of Daniel                                                    Boone Township
 Galbraith        Ernest D                         2 Jun 1882                      14 Apr 1956                                    Daniel                                                                                                          Boone Township
 Galbraith        Evelyn Gertrude                  6 Apr 1900 Lena Illinois        18 Feb 1921                                    Martin               Georgia R Varney                                                                           Avery Township
 Galbraith        Florence M                      24 Nov 1880                      30 Jan 1962                                    Daniel Galbraith     Bertie                                                                                     Boone Township
 Galbraith        Georgia R  (P?)                 14 Mar 1882 Owatonna Minnesota    7 May 1972              Colorado Springs CO                                                 Wife of Martin;  b:1885                                           Avery Township
 Galbraith        Nelle                                                                                                                                                         see McCartney                                                     Corwith
 Galin            Mary Ann                                                                                                                                                      b: or bur:1935;  no stone                                         Evergreen
 Galivbeff        Stive                                  1912                      16 May 1913 8m 4d        Kanawha Iowa                                                        no stone                                                          Amsterdam Township
 Galligan         Helen Elizabeth                                                                                                                                               see Brugman                                                       St Boniface Catholic
 Galliger         ---                                         Garner Hancock Co IA 14 Jun 1904              Garner Hancock Co IA                                                Infant                                                            Concord Township
 Galliger         Jennie Olive Melcher             1 Dec 1884                      17 Jun 1921                                    Eben F Melcher       Mary Stroeber                                                                              Concord Township
 Galliger         William H                              1874                      27 Jun 1937 63y          Livermore IA                                                        bur:3 Jun 1937                                                    Concord Township
 Galloway         Clara C Milliken                 6 Jan 1845 Pennsylvania          7 Aug 1906              Hancock County Iowa   John Milliken        Miss Barber              Wife of George G;  co rec b:5                                     Evergreen
 Galloway         Clarence Edward                  4 Jan 1893 Lathan Illinois         Mar 1957              Arizona               Milton P             Matilda A Sennett        Par of W James;; lot purchase 26 Mar                              Corwith
 Galloway         George G                               1843                       4 Apr 1932              Britt Hancock Co IA                                                 Hus #2 of Mary;  Marr 18 Oct 1909                                 Evergreen
 Galloway         Joseph W                        14 Dec 1861                      22 Aug 1944                                                                                                                                                    Corwith
 Galloway         Louis M                                1904                      31 Jul 1945                                    Milton P             Matilda A Sennett        Par of Milton, Lois, Dewey                                        Corwith
 Galloway         Mary Lucy Brown                                                                                                                                               see Johnson                                                       Evergreen
 Galloway         Matilda A "Tillie" Sennett             1872 Illinois             24 Sep 1958              Cherokee Iowa         Robert Sennett       Iseline Allison          Wife of Milton P (1867);  Marr 26 Feb 1892                        Corwith
 Galloway         Milton P                        16 Jun 1867 Logan Co Illinois           1958                                    Joseph               Mary Moran               Par of Clarence, Robert, Louis, +1                                Corwith
 Galloway         Ruby Alice Dawson               15 May 1900                             1991                                                         Ada                      Wife of Clarence E (1893);  Marr 23 Oct 1919                      Corwith
 Galloway         Verna E Steffensen                     1907                             1995                                                                                  Wife of Louis M (1904)                                            Corwith
 Gambell          Arlene Klipping                                                                                                                                               Wife of Richard D (1922)                                          Madison Township
 Gambell          Arthur Dean  "Art"               9 Sep 1955 Forest City Iowa     16 Mar 2011              Winnebago County Ia   Richard Dean         Arlene Klipping          Par of Jessica, Michael, Nathan                                   Madison Township
 Gambell          Berneta Amanda Gaarde           25 Aug 1912 Halfa Iowa            7 Jul 2011              Forest City Iowa      Peter Gaarde         Myna Churchill           Wife of Doland K (1911);  Marr 29 May 1938                        Madison Township
 Gambell          Chester M                              1890                             1949                                                                                                                                                    Madison Township
 Gambell          Clara Luella Martinson          14 Jul 1904                       9 Aug 1983                                                                                  Wife of James E (1886)                                            Madison Township
 Gambell          Clarissa I                                                                                                                                                    see Simmons                                                       Madison Township
 Gambell          David Leroy                     13 Apr 1957 Forest City Iowa     15 Jul 2013              Mason City Iowa       Richard Dean         Arlene Klipping          Par of Ryan                                                       Madison Township
 Gambell          Doland K                               1911                             2000                                                                                                                                                    Madison Township
 Gambell          Ina Mae Smith                          1918                             2003                                                                                  Wife of Raymond D (1916)                                          Madison Township
 Gambell          James Eldon                     11 Apr 1886                      15 Oct 1966                                                                                                                                                    Madison Township
 Gambell          John William                    16 Sep 1873 Hancock County Iowa  16 May 1957              Mason City Iowa                                                     Par of Merna, Una, Arlo, Doland, Rachel                           Madison Township
 Gambell          Josephine Lamphier              14 Aug 1857                      25 Apr 1930              Hancock County Iowa                                                 Wife of Richard (1846)                                            Madison Township
 Gambell          Judy L                                 1946                                                                                                                   Wife of Arthur D (1955)                                           Madison Township
 Gambell          Raymond D                       31 Mar 1916                      26 Oct 1965                                    C M                  Anna Kelley              Hus of Ina Mae Smith                                              Madison Township
 Gambell          Richard                         25 Jul 1846 Illinois              1 Aug 1916              Hancock County Iowa   Gidien               Chaity Thomas            co rec b:1848                                                     Madison Township
 Gambell          Richard Dean  "Bud"             21 Jun 1922 Hancock County Iowa  22 Feb 2015              Garner Hancock Co IA  Chester              Anna Kelley              Par of Arthur, David, Linda                                       Madison Township
 Gambell          Selma B Anderson                 7 Jun 1881                             1949                                                                                  Wife of John W (1873)                                             Madison Township
 Gamber           John C                                 1855                             1925                                                                                                                                                    Crystal Township
 Gamber           Joseph Albert                   25 Apr 1861                       9 Jun 1922              Britt Hancock Co IA                                                                                                                   Crystal Township
 Gamber           Kathyrn A                                                                                                                                                     see Davenport                                                     Crystal Township
 Gamble           Maxine G                                                                                                                                                      see Cunningham                                                    Madison Township
 Gamm             Lillian                                                                                                                                                       see Hamilton                                                      Concord Township
 Gamm             Louis D                                1860                       7 May 1896 36y 1m       Garner Hancock Co IA                                                Par of Lillian, Lena, Myrtle, Archard, Raymond                    Concord Township
 Gamm             Lucy                                                                                                                                                          see Martinussen                                                   Concord Township
 Ganseveld        Anna K                                                                                                                                                        see Olson                                                         Evergreen
 Ganseveld        Fannie Abbas                           1873 Germany                     1947                                    Fred Abbas           Gjutze Greus             Wife of Klaus (1864);  Par of Minnie,Nick,Grace,Fanny,+ inf dau   Evergreen
 Ganseveld        Fred                                   1900                      19 Jun 1937              Winnebago County IA   Klaus                Fannie Abbas                                                                               Evergreen
 Ganseveld        Grace                                                                                                                                                         see Nash                                                          Evergreen
 Ganseveld        Harold Dean  "Red"              25 Jul 1947 Iowa City Iowa       23 Jan 1986              Houston Texas                              Jennie                   Par of Kevin, John;  Sgt  US Army  Vietnam                        Evergreen
 Ganseveld        Jennie                          12 Dec 1911 Britt Hancock Co IA  19 Oct 2000              Mason City Iowa       Klaas Ganseveld      Fannie Abbas             Par of Loretta, Harold, Beverly                                   Evergreen
 Ganseveld        John                            12 Sep 1909 Hancock County Iowa  30 Jan 1943              Cerro Gordo Co Iowa   Klaus                Fannie Abbas                                                                               Evergreen
 Ganseveld        Klaus                                  1864 Holland              24 Feb 1928              Britt Hancock Co IA   Wert                 Anna Murma               Par of John,Pete,Dan,Staffer,Geo,Klaus,Nancy,Jennie,Ann,Wm,Fred + Evergreen
 Ganseveld        Loretta                                                                                                                              Jennie Ganseveld         Infant;  b: or bur:1943;  no stone                                Evergreen
 Ganseveld        Nancy                                  1917                             1998                                    Klaus Ganseveld      Fannie Abbas                                                                               Evergreen
 Ganseveld        Peter                                  1904                             1946                                    Klaus                Fannie Abbas                                                                               Evergreen
 Ganseveld        Staffer                                1914                             1966                                    Klaus                Fannie Abbas             bur:3 Mar                                                         Evergreen
 Garbett          Virginia A                                                                                                                                                    see Stegman                                                       Evergreen
 Gard             Bernice L Cunningham            10 Apr 1906 Woden Iowa           14 Jun 1961              Mason City Iowa       Charles Cunningham   Margaret Yeager          Wife of Harold C                                                  Evergreen
 Gard             Charles A                       19 Jul 1928 Whittemore Iowa      31 May 1990              Ramsey Illinois       Christian            Vernice Cunningham       Rev;  Marr Margaret McNamara 25 Dec 1954;  Par of 7 children      Evergreen
 Gard             Frances Mildred                                                                                                                                               see Millard                                                       St Boniface Catholic
 Gard             Harold Christian                31 Oct 1903 Graettinger Iowa      8 Jul 1966              Mason City Iowa       Anthony              Emma Jones               Par of Charles, James, Michael, Patricia, Mary, Susan             Evergreen
 Gardener         Evelyn                                                                                                                                                        see Haviland                                                      Amsterdam Township
 Gardiner         Alfred R                               1868                         Nov 1950              Mason City Iowa                                                     bur:8                                                             Corwith
 Gardiner         Sadie Hazen                      3 Mar 1867 Indiana              30 Nov 1937 71y 8m 27d   Corwith Iowa          Marion (Rev) Hazen   Mary Roberts             Wife of Alfred R (1868);  b:1866                                  Corwith
 Gardner          ---                                    1901 Britt Hancock Co IA   9 Apr 1901 9d           Britt Hancock Co IA   William              Ella                     Son                                                               Evergreen
 Gardner          Bertha B                         8 Aug 1885                       5 Apr 1906                                    William              Ella                                                                                       Evergreen
 Gardner          Billy                              Nov 2011                         Nov 2011                                    Jason                Ivy                                                                                        Evergreen
 Gardner          Gale M                           6 Jul 1896                         Mar 1966                                                                                  bur:5 Apr                                                         Evergreen
 Gardner          Helen                                  1864                                                                                                                   bur:1940                                                          Evergreen
 Gardner          John P                                 1831                      26 May 1867 36y                                                                                                                                                Madison Township
 Gardner          Mary A O'Connor                        1862                      19 Jan 1944                                                                                  Wife of Thomas B (1862)                                           St Patricks Catholic
 Gardner          Mary C Hurlburt                                                                                                                                               see Haskins                                                       Concord Township
 Gardner          Thomas B                        28 Mar 1862 Oregon               29 Sep 1956              Crystal Lake Iowa                                                   b:1860                                                            St Patricks Catholic
 Gardner          Vaness Jerome                   17 Dec 1863 Green Bay Wisconsin  15 Oct 1950              Hancock County Iowa                        Mary C Hurlburt          Par of Ray, Inez, Mina, Verna;  Marr 28 Feb 1925;  b:1861         Concord Township
 Gardner          William                                1859                             1933                                                                                                                                                    Evergreen
 Garfin           John                                   1953 Mason City Iowa       7 Dec 1968 15y          Cerro Gordo Co Iowa   Milton               Shirley Stille                                                                             Ell Township
 Garfin           Milton                           6 Mar 1928 Mason City Iowa       7 Oct 2008              Mason City Iowa       Morris               Bessie Snyder            Par of Andy, Tom, Russell, Timothy, John                          Ell Township
 Garfin           Shirley Theone Stille           25 Nov 1929 Klemme Hancock Co IA  5 Jun 2015              Forest City Iowa      Quentin V Stille     Evalyne Carothers        Wife of Milton (1928);  Marr 5 Feb 1949                           Ell Township
 Garfin           Timothy                         22 Feb 1957 Mason City Iowa      24 Feb 1957 2d           Mason City Iowa       Milton               Shirley Stille                                                                             Ell Township
 Garland          Julia Gouge                                                                                                                                                   see Hamilton                                                      Corwith
 Garlow           Amy L                                  1883                             1969                                                                                  Wife of Cecil W (1902)                                            Crystal Township
 Garlow           Cecil W                                1902                             1964                                                                                                                                                    Crystal Township
 Garlow           Melissa Kelsey                  13 Feb 1833 Canada or CT         21 Jun 1910              Forest City Iowa      Horace Kelsey                                 Wife of John                                                      Concord Township
 Garman           Mary Ann                                                                                                                                                      see Haaf                                                          St Boniface Catholic
 Garnant          John Ralph                             1894                         Nov 1940              Kanawha Iowa          D B                                           Par of Loren;  bur:29                                             Corwith
 Garnant          Wanda Hazel                     30 Aug 1894                         Jul 1980                                                                                                                                                    Corwith
 Garnier          Docia Marie Garnier                                                                                                                                           see Engh                                                          Corwith
 Garrett          Marcia Neuberger                 6 Aug 1932 Mason City Iowa      18 Jul 2013              Austin Texas          John M Neuberger     Pearl Ax                 Par of Debbie, Beth, Laura                                        Ell Township
 Garthoeffner     Anton                           10 Apr 1830                       2 Dec 1897 67y 8m 22d                                                                       Par of Mary, Theresa, Joe, Garfield;  Co D 9 Ill Mtd Inf Vol      Evergreen
 Garthoeffner     Josephine Judd                   4 Apr 1838 Switzerland          15 Nov 1912 74y 7m 11d   Britt Hancock Co IA   John                 Weis                     Wife of Anton (1830)                                              Evergreen
 Garthoeffner     Mary Elizabeth                                                                                                                                                see Hoff                                                          Evergreen
 Garthoeffner     Theresa                                                                                                                                                       see Treganza                                                      Evergreen
 Garthwaite       Bertha Bell                                                                                                                                                   see Brown                                                         Evergreen
 Gartin           Cora                            18 Jun 1861                      20 Jan 1910                                    Levi Gartin          Jane Robinson            moved from Leland Dec 1910                                        Concord Township
 Gartin           Eugene W                        27 Jun 1851 New York              9 Mar 1917              Garner Hancock Co IA  Levi                 Jane Robinson            no stone                                                          Concord Township
 Gartin           Herbert S                              1862 LaCrosse Wisconsin    4 Mar 1941 78y          Mason City Iowa       Levi                 Jane Robinson            Hus of Edith Robson;  Marr 6 Sep 1912                             Concord Township
 Gartin           Jane Robinson                    4 Jun 1831                      27 Jan 1910                                                                                  Wife of Levi;  moved from Leland Dec 1910                         Concord Township
 Gartin           Levi                             4 Oct 1825 Vermont              23 Feb 1915              Garner Hancock Co IA                                                no stone;  Par of Eugene, Herbert, Oscar, Cora;  d:Mar            Concord Township
 Gartin           Oscar H                         24 Jan 1853 Wright County Iowa   21 Sep 1943                                    Levi                 Jane Robinson            b:1854                                                            Avery Township
 Gartin           Sevilla J                       18 Dec 1871 Hardin County Iowa   31 Aug 1946              Belmond Wright Co IA                                                Wife of Oscar H (1853)                                            Avery Township
 Gartz            Caroline W                       1 Jun 1832                      13 Feb 1885                                                                                                                                                    Concord Township
 Gartz            Minnie Alberta                  31 Oct 1888                      29 Mar 1895                                    W A                  Margaretha                                                                                 Concord Township
 Garver           Kenneth M                              1914                         Oct 1963                                                                                  bur:15-28                                                         Concord Township
 Garver           Margaret R                             1915                             2000                                                                                  Wife of Kenneth M (1914);  Marr 26 May 1940;  bur:19 Oct          Concord Township
 Garvon           Hanne (Hanna)                                                                                                                                                 see Anderson                                                      Avery Township
 Gary             Anna                                                             20 Apr 1910                                                                                  no stone;  county home                                            St Johns Catholic
 Garzu            Thomas                                 1947                       5 May 1947 4m 15d                             Joe                                           no stone;  had 2 sisters                                          St Patricks Catholic
 Gaskill          Alice Louise Holroyd            14 May 1854 Bureau Co Illinois   22 Sep 1910                                    Mark Holroyd         Cordelia Knickerbocker   Wife of William A (1852);  Marr 1872;  d:1911                     Corwith
 Gaskill          Alonzo                          27 Oct 1857                      19 May 1915                                    Elisha T             Susan Taft                                                                                 Corwith
 Gaskill          Clara Winifred Bravender        30 Jan 1877 Iowa                 20 Jun 1924              Des Moines Iowa       Albert E Bravander   Lucy Lyon                Wife #1 of Elwyn G (1874);  Par of William, Marjorie, George      Corwith
 Gaskill          Elwyn Guy                       23 Oct 1874 Wyanet Illinois      18 Apr 1951                                    William A            Alice Louise Holroyd     Wife #1 Clara W Bravender 5 Nov 1903 (02); #2 Harriet L Bravender Corwith
 Gaskill          Gail                            16 Dec 1888                      30 Jul 1902                                                                                                                                                    Corwith
 Gaskill          George Elwyn                    24 May 1912 Corwith Iowa         28 Feb 2005              Britt Hancock Co Ia                                                                                                                   Corwith
 Gaskill          Harriet Louise Bravender        22 Mar 1882 Humboldt County Iowa  5 Sep 1965              Belmond Wright Co Ia                                                Wife #2 of Elwyn G (1874)                                         Corwith
 Gaskill          James Scott                            1962                      18 Jun 1962                                    E Thurman            Geraldine                                                                                  Corwith
 Gaskill          Marjorie Alice                                                                                                                                                see Stanton                                                       Corwith
 Gaskill          Mildred G                       21 Dec 1907                      28 May 1995                                                                                  Wife of George E (1912)                                           Corwith
 Gaskill          Nettie Louise Sapp               9 Dec 1862 Bureau Co Illinois    3 Sep 1898                                    Major B Sapp         Salina M Holroyd         Wife of Alonzo                                                    Corwith
 Gaskill          William Andrew                  18 Oct 1852 Blackstone MA or RI   7 Nov 1913              Corwith Iowa          Elisha T             Susan Taft               Par of Elwyn Guy, Edith L;  b:1832, 10;1854,                      Corwith
 Gast             Clara Caroline Sampson          24 Nov 1872 Colesburg Iowa       19 Dec 1955 83y 25d      Garner Hancock Co IA  William Sampson      Emilie Schwichtenberg    Wife of William C A;  Marr 23 Dec 1896;  Par of Myrtle            Ell Township
 Gast             Clara Louise                                                                                                                                                  see Stille                                                        Ell Township
 Gast             Frances J Hartzell                                                                                                                                            see Gjerstad                                                      Evergreen
 Gast             Friedericka Stromer (Stroemer)  18 Oct 1827 Germany              17 Sep 1909 84y          Klemme Hancock Co IA                                                Wife of Frederick;  no stone                                      Ell Township
 Gast             Hazel Fidella O Dell            20 Oct 1892 Iowa (NE)            23 Jan 1958                                    Henry O Dell                                  Wife of Paul E (1886);  Hazel adpt by Mr & Mrs Wm Strate          Concord Township
 Gast             Helena G Stille                  3 Jan 1871                      26 Nov 1894                                                                                  Wife of W C A                                                     Liberty Township
 Gast             Herman                          23 Jul 1888 Hancock County Iowa  25 Nov 1972 84y          Mason City Iowa       William              Maria H S Kruger                                                                           Ell Township
 Gast             Lois Viola                                                                                                                                                    see Gibbs                                                         Concord Township
 Gast             Loren Clifford                  27 Feb 1917 Hancock County Iowa   2 May 1996              Garner Hancock Co IA  Herman               Meta Bredlow             Par of Kathryn, Doran, Eldon                                      Concord Township
 Gast             Loura (Laura) E Bredlow         28 Aug 1882 Hancock County Iowa  21 Mar 1917              Garner Hancock Co IA  William F Bredlow    Marie Sophia Griewe      Wife of Paul E;  co rec d:22                                      Liberty Township
 Gast             Lydia Anna Stille                                                                                                                                             see Meckstroth                                                    Concord Township
 Gast             Maria H S Kruger                       1843                      21 Dec 1892                                                                                  Wife of William (1838)                                            Liberty Township
 Gast             Martha                                                                                                                                                        see Prull                                                         Evergreen
 Gast             Meta Ann Bredlow                12 Oct 1890 Klemme Hancock Co IA 11 Mar 1969 78y          Klemme Hancock Co IA  William F Bredlow    Marie Sophia Griewe      Wife of Herman (1888)                                             Ell Township
 Gast             Mildred Marie                                                                                                                                                 see Zwald                                                         Concord Township
 Gast             Minnie M E                             1874                             1885                                    William              Maria H S Kruger                                                                           Liberty Township
 Gast             Myrtle A                                                                                                                                                      see Schultz                                                       Ell Township
 Gast             Paul Ernest                      6 Sep 1886                      11 Feb 1937                                    William                                       Par Helen 1921, Vernon 1924                                       Concord Township
 Gast             Ruth L Ridder                          1922                                                                                                                   Wife of Loren C (1917);  Marr 1 Jan 1943                          Concord Township
 Gast             William  (Sr)                   29 Nov 1838 Pomerin Germany      19 Sep 1927              Hancock County Iowa                                                 Par of W C A, Herman, Otto, George, Lydia, Martha, Minnie, Clara  Liberty Township
 Gast             William C A                      1 Apr 1873                      31 Aug 1953                                    William              Maria H S Kruger                                                                           Ell Township
 Gatchel          Clarence S                      11 Jul 1918                      20 Apr 1970                                    John Thomas          Ivy May Thorne           Par of Kay, Robbie;  d:26                                         Concord Township
 Gatchel          Eva M                                                                                                                                                         see Kumsher                                                       St Patricks Catholic
 Gatchel          Iva Doris                                                                                                                                                     see Claude                                                        Concord Township
 Gatchel          Ivy May Thorne                  20 May 1896 Devon Co England     20 Apr 1979              Britt Hancock Co IA   John Thorne          Emma Townsend            Wife of John T (1878);  Marr 22 Oct 1913                          Concord Township
 Gatchel          James A                                1928                                                                     John Thomas          Ivy May Thorne           Par of Mary, Luann, David, Carol                                  Concord Township
 Gatchel          John Cecil                       4 Dec 1916 Hancock County Iowa  12 Jun 1996              Garner Hancock Co IA  John Thomas          Ivy May Thorne           Par of Gloria, Karen, Roger                                       Concord Township
 Gatchel          John Thomas                     26 Mar 1878 Pontiac Illinois     14 Feb 1951              Hancock County Iowa   Isaac                                         Par of Eva, Doris, John, James, Emma, Clarence                    Concord Township
 Gatchel          Kathryn F                              1927                                                                                                                   Wife of James A (1928)                                            Concord Township
 Gatchel          Pearl D Jorgensen                      1920                             2004                                    Lars P Jorgensen     Laura Nielsen            Wife of John C (1916);  Marr 4 May 1941;  bur:26 Jun              Concord Township
 Gatchel          Robertine E                     28 Feb 1919                                                                                                                   Wife of Clarence S (1918)                                         Concord Township
 Gatena           Clara H                                1884                      30 Nov 1960 76y          Kanawha Iowa          Minka                Martha Maria Herron                                                                        Amsterdam Township
 Gatena           Claus                                  1887                      20 Dec 1944 57y          Kanawha Iowa          Minka                Martha Maria Herron                                                                        Amsterdam Township
 Gatena           Elizabeth Maria                                                                                                                                               see Freerksen                                                     Amsterdam Township
 Gatena           Martha                          30 Apr 1892                      23 Aug 1892                                    Mimke                Martha Maria Herron      moved from Amsterdam Twp Cem 1920                                 Amsterdam Township
 Gatena           Martha Maria Herron             16 Nov 1854                      29 Mar 1904                                                                                  Wife of Mimke (1855);  moved from Amsterdam Twp Cem 1920          Amsterdam Township
 Gatena           Mary                                                                                                                                                          see Uken                                                          Amsterdam Township
 Gatena           Mimke                            2 Jul 1855 Germany               1 May 1920 64y 9m 29d   Kanawha Iowa          Claus                                         Par of Clara, Mary, Claus, Harm, Martha, Minnie, Elizabeth        Amsterdam Township
 Gatena           Minnie                          12 Mar 1886                       5 Feb 1899                                    Mimke Gatena         Martha Maria Herron      moved from Amsterdam Twp Cem 1920                                 Amsterdam Township
 Gates            ---                                    1902                       4 Mar 1902 7w                                 George S                                      Son                                                               Concord Township
 Gates            Anna Barbara Ell                                                                                                                                              see Merrill                                                       Concord Township
 Gates            Anna L                                                                                                                                                        see Latham                                                        Concord Township
 Gates            Cecelia Jane Nesbit             22 Sep 1875 Port Sarney Ontario  16 May 1956              Garner Hancock Co Ia  William Nesbit       Margaret Ann Smith       Wife of Fred (1875);  Marr 4 Nov 1896                             Concord Township
 Gates            Charley                          4 Jul 1877                       8 Dec 1893                                                                                                                                                    Concord Township
 Gates            Cora May                                                                                                                                                      see Schaefer                                                      Ell Township
 Gates            Elnora                                                                                                                                                        see Latham                                                        Concord Township
 Gates            Fred                            26 May 1875 Hancock County Iowa   7 Dec 1952              Garner Hancock Co Ia  Phillip              Barbara                  Par of Cora, Laurence, Mattie, Hattie, Margaret, Florence, +1     Concord Township
 Gates            Hattie Elizabeth                                                                                                                                              see Ridder                                                        Ell Township
 Gates            John Philip Jr                  31 Mar 1863                      16 Jun 1884                                                                                                                                                    Concord Township
 Gates            John Philip Sr                  22 Nov 1824                       5 Oct 1893                                                                                                                                                    Concord Township
 Gates            Mary A                                                                                                                                                        see Terry                                                         Ell Township
 Gates            Mattie Mildred                                                                                                                                                see Riemer                                                        Concord Township
 Gathwold         Minnie                                 1868 Illinois              5 Mar 1896 28y          Garner Hancock Co IA                                                no stone;  county record                                          Concord Township
 Gatton           Macy Rene                        7 Jun 1994                      21 Sep 2002                                    Tony                 Denise                                                                                     Amsterdam Township
 Gatton           Terry J Sr                             1951                             2007                                                                                                                                                    Evergreen
 Gauger           E Pearl Toppen                                                                                                                                                see Lackore                                                       Madison Township
 Gauley           Isabella R Moore                27 Feb 1857 Allamakee County IA  12 Mar 1899              Hancock County Iowa                                                 Wife of Thomas                                                    Concord Township
 Gault            Aletha Viola Olson              14 Feb 1910 Hancock County Iowa  16 Nov 1989              Britt Hancock Co IA   Gerhard Olson        Anna Fosen               Wife of Weston (1912);  Marr 12 Nov 1935                          Evergreen
 Gault            Charles J                              1861                             1944                                                                                  Par of Bessie,Mary,Hildred,Mildred,Chas,Bernice,Ray,Weston,+1 inf Evergreen
 Gault            Charles L                              1900                             1965                                                                                  bur:26 Mar                                                        Evergreen
 Gault            Eliza Mawell McLeod              2 Aug 1870 North Bay Wisconsin  24 Mar 1922              Britt Hancock Co Ia   John McLeod          Agnes Hyslop             Wife of Charles J (1861);  Marr 23 Jul 1893;  b:1871              Evergreen
 Gault            Hildred V                                                                                                                                                     see Weiland                                                       Evergreen
 Gault            Hugh                            10 Jun 1850                       9 Jul 1927              Britt Hancock Co IA                                                                                                                   Evergreen
 Gault            Jeanette Guenther                      1938                                                                     Gilbert H Guenther   Sarah Eleanor Coalter    Wife of Jerry (1938)                                              Evergreen
 Gault            Jerry                                  1938                                                                                                                   Par of Steven, Scott                                              Evergreen
 Gault            Mildred Vera                                                                                                                                                  see Baylor                                                        Evergreen
 Gault            Theressa "Tray" Moe                    1909                             1998                                    Jens H Moe           Marie T Gilji            Wife of Charles L (1900)                                          Evergreen
 Gault            Weston B                               1912                      17 Oct 1977              Britt Hancock Co IA   Charles              Eliza McLeod             Par of Jerry                                                      Evergreen
 Gavencky         Marian J Fingl Kramer                                                                                                                                         see Trombatore                                                    Bingham Township
 Gayken           ---                                                                     1901                                    C M                  Margareta                Infant                                                            Christian Reformed Church
 Gayken           Anna M                                                                                                                                                        see Holck                                                         Evergreen
 Gayken           Anna M Russher                         1902                             1949                                                                                  Wife of Frank W (1898);  Marr 19 Dec 1919                         Evergreen
 Gayken           Anna Marie                      11 Aug 1855                                                                                                                                                                                     St Patricks Catholic
 Gayken           Bernhardine Jane Schrader       20 Nov 1884 Iowa                  7 Jan 1920              Hancock County Iowa   George M             Margaret D Burns                                                                           Christian Reformed Church
 Gayken           Beverly J Batton                       1933                                                                                                                   Wife of Harold F (1922);  Marr 26 Jun 1952                        Evergreen
 Gayken           Blanche I                                                                                                                                                     see Gill                                                          Evergreen
 Gayken           Bruce A                         10 Mar 1953                         Nov 1975                                                                                  bur:6                                                             Evergreen
 Gayken           Dick Bernard                    13 Jul 1903 Titonka Iowa          4 Feb 1961              Independence Iowa     George               Margaret Berens          Par of Dale (foster son);  Hus of Virgina Freet, 1935,  b:1905    Evergreen
 Gayken           Diederich B                                                             1900                                                                                                                                                    Christian Reformed Church
 Gayken           Elizabeth                                                                                                                                                     see Holck                                                         Evergreen
 Gayken           Frank W                         21 Oct 1898                       9 Sep 1962              Britt Hancock Co IA   George               Margaret Berens          Par of Verna, Blanche, Viola, Harold, Lester                      Evergreen
 Gayken           George M                        25 Jan 1850                      12 Oct 1917                                                                                                                                                    Christian Reformed Church
 Gayken           Harold Frank  "Bud"              4 Jun 1922 Britt Hancock Co Ia  13 Sep 2008              Britt Hancock Co Ia   Frank W              Anna Marie Ruscher       Par of Bruce, Doug, Mark, Todd, Becky;  Cpl  US Army  WW II       Evergreen
 Gayken           Margaret D Burns                       1857                      16 Dec 1923              Britt Hancock Co Ia                                                                                                                   Christian Reformed Church
 Gayken           Verna Marie                                                                                                                                                   see Brown                                                         Evergreen
 Gear             Kelly James                      3 Dec 1967                       7 Aug 1971                                                                                                                                                    Evergreen
 Geary            Elwood W                        13 Sep 1922 Newell Iowa          28 Dec 2015              Clarion Wright Co IA  Wallie E             Clara Jacobsen           Par of Eldon, Michael, Pamela                                     Corwith
 Geary            Wava I Schoenwetter                    1926                                                                                                                   Wife of Elwood W (1922);  Marr 1 Aug 1947                         Corwith
 Geddes           ---                             13 Jan 1892                      13 Jan 1892                                                                                  Son                                                               Concord Township
 Geddes           Abram V                          3 Jan 1886 Hancock County Iowa   7 Oct 1951              Belmond Wright Co IA  Garrett V            Minnie A                 Par of Harold                                                     Madison Township
 Geddes           Agnes Elizabeth                        1888                      23 Jan 1889 1y 6m 6d                           Jason L              Maria J                                                                                    Evergreen
 Geddes           Annie                                  1860                      14 Feb 1933 73y          Hayfield Iowa                                                       Wife of George;  no stone                                         Evergreen
 Geddes           Chester C                        1 Nov 1897 Hancock County Iowa   1 Dec 1980              Forest City Iowa      Garrett              Minnie A Stinker         Par of Goldie                                                     Madison Township
 Geddes           Edna May                         3 May 1890                       7 Oct 1903                                    Jason L              Maria J                  bur:1905                                                          Evergreen
 Geddes           Ethel M Roach                    6 Oct 1908                      26 Sep 1963                                                                                  Wife of Quentin (1904)                                            St Boniface Catholic
 Geddes           Evelyn L Blank                  28 Mar 1898                      31 Oct 1984                                    Thomas Blank         Minnie Kolkmann          Wife of Chester C (1897);  Marr 8 Jun 1921                        Madison Township
 Geddes           Frank H                          6 Aug 1898 Oskaloosa Iowa       18 Mar 1936              Cherokee Iowa         George W             Anna M                   Par of Harriet;  Hus of Naomi Morningstar,1925                    Evergreen
 Geddes           Garret V                         1 Aug 1858                      18 Oct 1951                                                                                  Par of Gertrude, Chester, Quentin, +4                             Concord Township
 Geddes           Gennie Maria                                                                                                                                                  see VanFleet                                                      Evergreen
 Geddes           George W                               1856                       7 Sep 1943 87y          Mason City Iowa                                                     no stone                                                          Evergreen
 Geddes           Gertrude Belle                                                                                                                                                see Schulz                                                        Ell Township
 Geddes           Goldie Glenna                                                                                                                                                 see Borg                                                          Madison Township
 Geddes           Guy V                            3 Jan 1886 Garner Hancock Co IA 15 Aug 1958              Hayfield Iowa         Garret               Minne Steniker           Par of Ethel                                                      Madison Township
 Geddes           Harold E                               1913                      18 Dec 1978                                    Abram V              Katheryn Blank                                                                             St Boniface Catholic
 Geddes           Henry                           28 Jul 1887                      20 Mar 1888 8m 4d                              George W             Anna M                                                                                     Evergreen
 Geddes           Jane M                                                                                                                                                        see Boutilier                                                     Evergreen
 Geddes           Jane Melvina Cross              25 Dec 1832 Syracuse New York    27 Sep 1919              Lyman Cross                                                                                                                           Concord Township
 Geddes           Kathryn Blank                                                                                                                                                 see Ubben                                                         Madison Township
 Geddes           Mabel G                                                                                                                                                       see Howard                                                        Concord Township
 Geddes           Mary Maud Dickson               20 Apr 1890 Iowa                  4 Jul 1978                                    Thora Dickson        Ida Morton               Wife of Guy V (1886);  Marr 12 Feb 1908                           Madison Township
 Geddes           Minnie A Stille                 15 Oct 1863                      19 Oct 1943                                                                                  Wife of Garret V (1858);  d:Jun                                   Concord Township
 Geddes           Quentin D                       24 Aug 1904                       9 Sep 1966                                    Garrett              Minnie Stinker                                                                             St Boniface Catholic
 Geddes           Rose A Malek                    23 Apr 1912                      24 Mar 2005                                    Michael Malek        Mary Hrubes              Wife of Harold E (1913)                                           St Boniface Catholic
 Geddes           Walter Henry                    16 Jun 1895                      22 Apr 1898                                    Garret V             Minnie A                                                                                   Concord Township
 Gee              Alice Ann Auten                  8 Aug 1859 Mendon Michigan      24 May 1947              Centerville Michigan                                                Wife of Frank A (1859)                                            Avery Township
 Gee              Edith L                          9 Mar 1891 Iowa                  4 Oct 1908              Hancock County Iowa   Frank A Gee          Alice A Auten                                                                              Magor Township
 Gee              Ernest R                         1 Jan 1881 Ypsilanti Michigan      Jun 1961              Corwith Iowa          Frank A              Alice Autin              Par of Eva;  bur:3 Jul                                            Corwith
 Gee              Frank A                          7 Aug 1859 Centerville Michigan 19 Aug 1946              Hancock County Iowa                                                                                                                   Avery Township
 Gee              Laura M                                1894                             1911                                                                                                                                                    Magor Township
 Gee              Matilda "Tillie" Wermersen      29 Nov 1886                         Dec 1979                                    Harm Wermersen       Amelia Dallman           Wife of Ernest R (1881);  Marr 16 Nov 1910                        Corwith
 Geerdes          Alice                                                                                                                                                         see Riekena                                                       Madison Township
 Geerdes          Ralph B                         15 Mar 1866                      30 Nov 1956                                                                                                                                                    Christian Reformed Church
 Geerdes          Stiennette Wienenga              4 Sep 1866                      11 Aug 1937                                                                                  Wife of Ralph B (1866)                                            Christian Reformed Church
 Geerdes          Velma Mildred                                                                                                                                                 see Gerdes                                                        Bingham Township
 Geerdes          Walter R                        21 Jan 1893                      24 Nov 1954                                    Ralph B              Stiennette Wienenga                                                                        Christian Reformed Church
 Geesman          Gena Irene                                                                                                                                                    see Eddy                                                          Madison Township
 Geibel           C Joseph                        25 Apr 1887                         Mar 1983                                                                                                                                                    Evergreen
 Geibel           Elizabeth Moshel                22 Mar 1863 Washburn Illinois    18 Jan 1950              Algona Kossuth Iowa   Christian Moschel    Marie Sandneyer (Susan)  Wife of George P (1852);  Marr 9 Nov 1881                         Boone Township
 Geibel           Faye S Shields                   5 Feb 1899                      27 Sep 1974                                    William Shields      Sally                    Wife of George H (1882)                                           Boone Township
 Geibel           George Henry                     9 Oct 1882                      27 Oct 1965                                    George P             Elizabeth Moschel                                                                          Boone Township
 Geibel           George Peter                    23 Jul 1852 Frankfort Germany    24 Mar 1939 86y          Britt Hancock Co IA   George               Mary                     Par of George, Mary, John, Joseph                                 Boone Township
 Geibel           John S                                 1885                             1964                                    George P             Elizabeth Moschel        bur:19 Dec                                                        Evergreen
 Geibel           Marie Elizabeth (Mary)                                                                                                                                        see Stevenson                                                     Boone Township
 Geibel           Vena                                   1897                             1966                                                                                  Wife of C Joseph (1887);  Marr 30 Oct 1916;  bur:24 Dec           Evergreen
 Geilenfeldt      Anna W                                                                                                                                                        see Zeigler                                                       Evergreen
 Geisler          Myrtle Irene                                                                                                                                                  see Lemke                                                         Ell Township
 Geistlinger      Jacob A                         25 Jan 1904                      26 Feb 1968                                                                                                                                                    St Johns Lutheran
 Geistlinger      Leona A                         14 Aug 1904                      21 Oct 1993                                                                                  Wife of Jacob A (1904)                                            St Johns Lutheran
 Gelder           Henry Dick                       7 Jan 1914 Hardin County Iowa   18 Aug 1985              Iowa City Iowa        Dick                 Marie Gray               Par of Darlene, Beverly, Joice                                    Evergreen
 Gelder           Julia DeNeui                    27 Jul 1916 Wellsburg Iowa       25 Jul 1997              Kanawha Iowa                                                        Wife of Henry D (1914);  Marr 30 Mar 1937                         Evergreen
 Gelner           Amelia Stiehl                   24 Jun 1886                       3 Mar 1941                                    Charles Stiehl                                Wife of Ferdinand (1873)                                          Madison Township
 Gelner           Blanche Ione Murley              2 Nov 1916 Kanawha Iowa         26 Nov 2008              Mason City Iowa       Samuel Murley        Inger Theresa Olson      Wife of Donald M (1913);  Marr 1 Dec 1939                         Evergreen
 Gelner           Christine Rasmussen                    1894                             1969                                    Peter Rasmussen      karen Christina Jensen   Wife of Rudolph (1895);  bur:22 Mar                               Concord Township
 Gelner           Donald M                        20 Jul 1913                       7 May 1982              Mason City Iowa                                                     Par of Gary, Laurie                                               Evergreen
 Gelner           Edward                                 1859 Austria              14 Mar 1926 67y          Garner Hancock Co IA  Joseph               Theresia                 BURIED WHERE ?                                                    St Boniface Catholic
 Gelner           Emma                                                                                                                                                          see Young                                                         St Boniface Catholic
 Gelner           Ferdinand                       11 Aug 1873                       8 Oct 1942                                                                                                                                                    Madison Township
 Gelner           Garnet                                 1918                             2003                                    Rudolph Gelner       Christine                bur:18 Apr                                                        Concord Township
 Gelner           Harvey F                        11 Nov 1917                       6 Mar 1982              Des Moines Iowa       Ferdinand            Amelia Stiehl                                                                              Madison Township
 Gelner           Henry                                  1891                      25 Apr 1928 37y          Garner Hancock Co IA  Edward               Louisa Klein             BURIED WHERE ?                                                    St Boniface Catholic
 Gelner           Herman                          15 Dec 1883                      10 Aug 1970              Forest City Iowa      Ludwig               Caroline Thomas                                                                            Madison Township
 Gelner           Ida M                                                                                                                                                         see Hallett                                                       Madison Township
 Gelner           Leon Karl                       12 Mar 1910 Hancock County Iowa  29 Aug 2005              Mason City Iowa       Ferdnand             Amelia Stiehl            Wife #1 Wava Nelson, 7 Apr 1934;  #2 Nova Koerner, 2 Mar 1956     Madison Township
 Gelner           Leora Fay                                                                                                                                                     see McComb                                                        Madison Township
 Gelner           LeRoy Jr                        13 Aug 1931                      31 Dec 1939                                                                                                                                                    Madison Township
 Gelner           Mary                                                                                                                                                          see Nonnweiler                                                    Madison Township
 Gelner           Mary Hilscher                   31 Oct 1869 Oderau Austria        8 May 1935 65y          Garner Hancock Co IA                                                Wife of Edward;  Par of 5;  Bur at Forest City IA                 St Boniface Catholic
 Gelner           Maude M Fisher                  16 Oct 1885                      19 Jul 1944                                                                                  Hus #1 William S Fisher;  #2 Stephen Gelner;  b:1                 Madison Township
 Gelner           Nova Theo Koerner                                                                                                                                             see Stokesbary                                                    Ell Township
 Gelner           Rudolph                          6 Jul 1895                         Sep 1979                                                                                  Par of Garnet;  bur:17                                            Concord Township
 Gelner           Ruth Veronica                                                                                                                                                 see Brown                                                         Concord Township
 Gelner           Stephen                         21 Sep 1879                      13 Mar 1945                                                                                                                                                    Madison Township
 Gelner           Theresa                                                                                                                                                       see Thomas                                                        Madison Township
 Gelner           Tillie Meckstroth               23 Mar 1887                      24 Jul 1972                                    Christian Meckstroth Caroline Mollencamp      Wife of Herman (1883);  Marr 9 Apr 1908                           Madison Township
 Genthner         Eliza J                                                                                                                                                       see Weeks                                                         Magor Township
 Gentry           Alice Louisa                                                                                                                                                  see White                                                         Madison Township
 Gentry           Edward R                               1908                      30 Nov 1983 75y          Belmond Wright Co IA                                                Par of Donald                                                     Amsterdam Township
 Gentry           Sadie Elvina Dahl                2 Mar 1912                       9 Oct 2004                                    Thomas J Dahl        Esther Gunsell           Wife of Edward R (1908);  Marr 21 Dec 1929                        Amsterdam Township
 George           Alma E Grow                            1904                                                                                                                                                                                     Evergreen
 George           Dorothy Wilhelmina Meinke       21 Sep 1822 Germany              12 Mar 1913 90y          Hancock County Iowa                                                 Wife of John F;  Marr 1847;  book b:1825                          Ell Township
 George           John Frederick                   6 Apr 1822 France (Germany)     27 Jun 1908 86y          Hancock County Iowa   John                                          Par of Wm, Fred, Frank, John, Mary, Sophia, Louis;  co rec d:26   Ell Township
 George           Lorenzo Lee                     23 Dec 1881                         Apr 1946 65y          Garner Hancock Co Ia                                                Par of Frank, Dillman, Julia;  no stone;  bur:16                  Concord Township
 George           Marilyn M                                                                                                                                                     see Schmidt                                                       Immanuel Lutheran Church
 George           Mary Frances (T)                                                                                                                                              see McNabb                                                        Evergreen
 George           Mary Sophia                                                                                                                                                   see Sampson                                                       Ell Township
 Gerardi          Ernest Alexander                23 Nov 1914 Marble Colorado      21 Sep 1974 59y          Belmond Wright Co IA  John                 Filomena Pauline         Par of Gracka, Anita                                              Ell Township
 Gerardi          Gracka Helen Quandt             12 Jul 1914                                                                     Conrad Quandt        Grace Blank              Wife of Ernest A (1914)                                           Ell Township
 Gerdes           Adele                                  1883                      11 Nov 1949                                                                                  Wife of Albert (1884)                                             Bingham Township
 Gerdes           Albert                          24 Oct 1884                      11 Nov 1981                                                                                  Par of Clara, Leora, Alma, Ed, Helene, Esther                     Bingham Township
 Gerdes           Alice Gertrude Benson           18 Mar 1917 Goldfield Iowa       14 Feb 2008              Columbus Mississippi  Tom Benson           Hannah Vorland           Wife of John F (1912)                                             Bingham Township
 Gerdes           Audrey M                               1934                             1992                                    John                 Cora A Rieken                                                                              Bingham Township
 Gerdes           Bertha Dorothy                  28 May 1902 Woden Hancock Co IA   8 Apr 1996              Titonka Iowa          Fredrick Gerdes      Rebecca Brunsen          Wife of William T (1902);  Marr 22 May 1926                       Bingham Township
 Gerdes           Betty J                                     1926                                                                                                              Wife #2 of Paul F (1929)                                          Bingham Township
 Gerdes           Clara I                         19 Jun 1917                             2004                                    Albert Gerdes        Adele                                                                                      Bingham Township
 Gerdes           Cora Agnes Rieken               21 Nov 1901 Woden Hancock Co IA  31 Oct 2000              Cedar Falls Iowa      Garrelt Rieken       Anna H Kuschel           Wife of John (1889);  Marr 15 Mar 1930                            Bingham Township
 Gerdes           Darlene R                              1937                      21 Jul 1981                                                                                  Wife of Dennis (1931)                                             Bingham Township
 Gerdes           David M                         29 Sep 1955                                                                                                                   Par of Chad, Jesse                                                Evergreen
 Gerdes           Dena Helena Harmdierks                                                                                                                                        see Farrington                                                    Concord Township
 Gerdes           Dennis H                        12 Oct 1931                      23 Apr 2002                                                                                  Par of Gregory, Debra, Michael, Valerie;  Sgt US Army Korea       Bingham Township
 Gerdes           Dixie                                                                                                                                                         see Buns                                                          Bingham Township
 Gerdes           Elizabeth (Betty) J                                                                                                                                           see May                                                           Corwith
 Gerdes           Elizabeth Rohlfs                13 Jun 1892                      20 Mar 1977                                                                                  Wife of Fritz T (1893)                                            Bingham Township
 Gerdes           Ernest George  "Wink"           20 Feb 1928 Woden Hancock Co IA  30 Oct 1993              Mason City Iowa       Fritz Theilan        Elizabeth Rohlfs         Par of Roger, Robert, David, Mark, Richard, Thomas;  SA US Navy   Bingham Township
 Gerdes           Evelyn Luella Peterson           9 Jul 1922 Kanawha Iowa         28 Nov 2004              Mason City Iowa       Emil C Peterson      Nola M Sharp             Wife of Henry W (1922);  Marr 9 Feb 1956                          Bingham Township
 Gerdes           Fred                            31 Oct 1850 Germany               1 May 1921                                                         Miss Garnets             Par of Gasena,Al,Anna,John,Fred,Theo,Hilda,Bertha,Herman,Geo,+dau Bingham Township
 Gerdes           Fred                            28 Jul 1892                       2 Feb 1973                                    Frederick            Rebecca Brunsen                                                                            Bingham Township
 Gerdes           Freda                                                                                                                                                         see Haag                                                          Concord Township
 Gerdes           Freddie                          1 Jan 1916 Woden Hancock Co IA  10 Jan 1999              Garner Hancock Co IA  Fritz Theilan        Elizabeth Rohlfs         Par of Duane, Janelle, Denise;  US Army  WW II                    Bingham Township
 Gerdes           Frieda Theilen                                                                                                                                                see Brass                                                         Bingham Township
 Gerdes           Fritz T                         16 Jan 1893                      25 Oct 1970                                                                                  Par of Elizabeth, John, Fred,Hans,Henry,Ernest,Mary,Helen,Barbara Bingham Township
 Gerdes           George                           9 Dec 1887 Iowa                  8 May 1950              Buffalo Center Iowa   Fredrick             Rebecca Brunson                                                                            Bingham Township
 Gerdes           George E                        12 Mar 1895 Oldenburg Germany    22 May 1950                                    Fredrick             Rebecca Brunsen          IA Cpl 164 Depot Brigade  WW I;  ln:Theilengerdes                 Bingham Township
 Gerdes           George T                        11 Jul 1927 Hancock County Iowa  19 May 1991 63y          Mason City Iowa       Tim                  Meta Fastenau            Par of Valerie, Sandra, Karen, Robert                             Ell Township
 Gerdes           Geraldine Juanita Gerdis        31 Aug 1929 Bancroft Iowa         3 Sep 1994              Woden Hancock Co IA   Elmer Gerdis         Elizabeth Boeckholt      Wife of #1 Paul F (1929);  Marr 12 Dec 1948                       Bingham Township
 Gerdes           Gertrude Ludeking               23 Sep 1901 Woden Hancock Co IA  27 Sep 1985              Mason City Iowa       Ulrich Ludeking      Mary Kiesau              Wife of Theodore B (1897);  Marr 10 Jul 1933                      Bingham Township
 Gerdes           Hans Heinrich                   29 Oct 1919 Woden Hancock Co IA  28 Mar 1945              Celebes Island Japan  Fritz Theilan        Elizabeth Rohlfs         IA S1c US Navy  WW II  POW                                        Bingham Township
 Gerdes           Helen                                                                                                                                                         see McGurk                                                        Evergreen
 Gerdes           Henry William  "Heini"          30 Sep 1922                      14 Mar 1981                                    Fritz Theilan        Elizabeth Rohlfs         Par of Diane, Julie;  Cpl US Army  WW II                          Bingham Township
 Gerdes           Herman William                   9 Dec 1904 Woden Hancock Co IA   2 Dec 1984              Mason City Iowa       Frederick            Rebecca Brunsen                                                                            Bingham Township
 Gerdes           Hilda                           17 Feb 1900                       9 Apr 1969                                    Fredrick Gerdes      Rebecca Brunsen                                                                            Bingham Township
 Gerdes           Janet Grace Eenhuis             12 Jul 1957 Britt Hancock Co IA  28 Dec 1991              Rochester Minnesota   Fred A Eenhuis       Amelia A Lassahn         Wife of David M (1955);  Marr 9 Aug 1975                          Evergreen
 Gerdes           John                            24 Sep 1889 Cerro Gordo Co Iowa  21 Jul 1988              Britt Hancock Co IA   Frederick            Rebecca Bruns (?)        Par of Mary, Walter, Martha, Audrey;  US Army  WW I               Bingham Township
 Gerdes           John F                           1 Apr 1912 Oldenburg Germany    19 Aug 1984              Britt Hancock Co IA   Fritz Theilan        Elizabeth Rohlfs         Par of Judy, John T                                               Bingham Township
 Gerdes           Leota Marie Smith                      1919                                                                                                                   Wife of Freddie (1916);  Marr 30 Aug 1939                         Bingham Township
 Gerdes           Marion Mae Twedt                                                                                                                                              see Buns                                                          Bingham Township
 Gerdes           Mark A                                 1958                             2003                                                                                  Par of Jason, Matt                                                Bingham Township
 Gerdes           Normagene Smith                  8 Mar 1924 Woden                 6 Oct 1950                                    Hans Martin Smith    Hannah Bird              Wife of Henry W (1922)                                            Bingham Township
 Gerdes           Paul F                                 1929                                                                                                                   Par of Susan, Julie                                               Bingham Township
 Gerdes           Paula R                                1954                                                                                                                   Wife of Mark A (1958)                                             Bingham Township
 Gerdes           Rebecca Brunson                  4 Oct 1861 Germany               9 Oct 1952              Hancock County Iowa                                                 Wife of Fred (1850);  Marr 1882                                   Bingham Township
 Gerdes           Richard Dean                    26 Aug 1961                      28 Aug 2010              Britt Hancock Co IA   Ernest               Rose Studer              Pfc  US Army                                                      Bingham Township
 Gerdes           Rose Agatha Studer               5 Nov 1929 Wesley Kossuth Co IA 10 Mar 2008              Britt Hancock Co IA   Alphonse Studer      Isabelle Haverly         Wife of Ernest G (1928);  Marr 28 Dec 1949                        Bingham Township
 Gerdes           Rosie M Lauden                   6 Feb 1929                                                                     Walter H Lauden      Clara Larson             Wife of George T (1927);  Marr 19 May 1950                        Ell Township
 Gerdes           Susie                           24 Sep 1861                      13 Jan 1949                                                                                                                                                    Concord Township
 Gerdes           Theodore B                      12 Aug 1897                         Nov 1973                                    Fredrick             Rebecca Brunsen                                                                            Bingham Township
 Gerdes           Theresa M                              1895                             1990                                    Fredrick Gerdes      Rebecca Brunsen          Wife of George E (1895)                                           Bingham Township
 Gerdes           Thomas Ernest                    7 May 1966                       8 May 1966                                    Ernest George        Rose A Studer                                                                              Bingham Township
 Gerdes           Velma Mildred Geerdes           23 Nov 1930 Winnebago County Ia  21 Nov 2007              Forest City Iowa      Matthew Geerdes      Grace Harringa           Wife of William L (1927);  Marr 10 Sep 1949                       Bingham Township
 Gerdes           William L                       13 Apr 1927                      24 Jan 2007                                                                                  Par of Gary, Timothy, Dale, Steven, Bruce;  Sgt US Army  WW II    Bingham Township
 Gerdes           William Thielen                        1902 Germany              23 Sep 1962                                                                                  Par of William L, Paul, Dennis, James                             Bingham Township
 Gerdis           Geraldine Juanita                                                                                                                                             see Gerdes                                                        Bingham Township
 Gerdis           Henry                           22 Feb 1899                       2 Jul 1985                                                                                  Par of Henry, Betty, Peggy, Jackie, Sandy, Gloria, Charleen       Bingham Township
 Gerdis           Jerry L                         13 Apr 1936 Bancroft Iowa         5 Sep 1993              Mesa Arizona          Ben                  Ann Honken               Hus of Jeanette Barlow;  Marr 16 Dec 1962                         Concord Township
 Gerdis           Josephine Amanda Coller          5 Aug 1908 Bancroft Iowa        21 May 1990              Britt Hancock Co IA   Henry Coller         Inez Gray                Wife of Henry (1899);  Marr 20 Jun 1928                           Bingham Township
 Gerdis           Sandra L                                                                                                                                                      see Fred G Hugo Jr                                                Bingham Township
 Gerstad          Cindy                                                                                                                                                         may be Forgei                                                     Corwith
 Gerth            William                                1850 Germany              26 Apr 1903              Hancock County Iowa                                                                                                                   Ellington Township
 Gerwien          Carolina W                      19 Sep 1843                      28 Jan 1906                                                                                  Wife of Fridrich (1841)                                           Concord Township
 Gerwien          Fridrich                        28 Apr 1841                      14 Jul 1922                                                                                  Hus of #1 ?;  #2 Mary Stunitzke                                   Concord Township
 Gerwien          Mary Stunitzke Ramhorst                                                                                                                                       Wife of Fred Ramhorst & Fred Gerwien;  no stone;  bur:23 Aug 1901 Concord Township
 Gesswein         Clara Wanda                                                                                                                                                   see Greiman                                                       Ell Township
 Gettis           ---                                                              17 Jun 1931                                                                                  Infant                                                            Madison Township
 Gettis           Dona M Dean                                                                                                                                                   see Kuns                                                          Madison Township
 Gettis           Donna Kuns                                                                                                                                                    see Dean                                                          Madison Township
 Gettis           Gary Monroe                      7 Sep 1939                      30 Nov 1939                                    Earland                                                                                                         Madison Township
 Gettis           Violet I Hodson                                                                                                                                               see Steiff                                                        Madison Township
 Geving           Burnell E                              1923                                                                                                                   Par of JoAnn, Julie                                               Evergreen
 Geving           Burnell E                       18 Aug 1923 Northwood Iowa       11 Dec 2012              Mason City Iowa       Benhard              Elvina Peteson           Par of JoAnn, Julie                                               Evergreen
 Geving           I Yvonne Hildebrand                    1923                                                                                                                   Wife of Burnell E (1923)                                          Evergreen
 Geving           Yvonne Hildebrand                                                                                                                                             Wife of Burnell E (1923);  Marr 14 Feb 1943                       Evergreen
 Gibbs            Anna Charlotte                   8 Oct 1885 Hancock County Iowa   6 Dec 1978 93y 2m       Garner Hancock Co IA  Asa Gibbs Sr         Isabelle Lander Collins                                                                    Ell Township
 Gibbs            Arthur                          22 Feb 1903                      31 Jan 1904                                    Arthur               Emma Augusta Terhufen                                                                      Ell Township
 Gibbs            Arthur Collins                   7 Dec 1873 Delhi Hamilton Co OH 23 Apr 1911 38y          Klemme Hancock Co Ia  Asa Sr               Isabelle Lander Collins  Par of Arthur, Charles, Frank, Donald;  b:Jan;  book b:1872       Ell Township
 Gibbs            Asa Ernest  "Ace"                6 Dec 1914 Klemme Hancock Co IA 16 Jul 2007              Garner Hancock Co IA  Harry R              Esther Sarah Lenz        Par of Jotham "Joe";  Wife #1 Fay Neuberger;  #2 Dewie Halvorson  Ell Township
 Gibbs            Asa J                            1 Aug 1875 Indiana               3 Dec 1901 26y 4m 2d    Las Vegas New Mexico  Asa Sr               Isabelle Lander Collins                                                                    Ell Township
 Gibbs            Asa Sr                          16 Apr 1844 Lawrenceberg Indiana  7 Oct 1921 76y 5m 21d   Klemme Hancock Co IA  Arron                Elizabeth Oakman         Par of Art, Asa, Clarice, Chas, Anna, Harry, Elizabeth;  b:1845   Ell Township
 Gibbs            Clarice Isabelle                                                                                                                                              see Arnold                                                        Ell Township
 Gibbs            Dewie Harriet Halvorson                                                                                                                                       see Schultz                                                       Concord Township
 Gibbs            Elizabeth Alice                  8 Oct 1885                      16 Oct 1885 8d                                 Asa Sr               Isabelle Lander Collins                                                                    Ell Township
 Gibbs            Emma Augusta Terhufen            3 Aug 1875 Floyd County Iowa    23 Mar 1931 55y 7m 20d   Klemme Hancock Co IA  Henry Terhufen       Whilimina Sette          Wife of Arthur C (1873);  Marr 1 Jan 1901                         Ell Township
 Gibbs            Esther Sarah Lenz                7 Dec 1891 Hancock County Iowa   1 Jul 1976              Garner Hancock Co IA  Ernest Lenz          Friederika Koerner       Wife of Harry R (1892);  Marr 28 Jan 1914;  book b:1889           Ell Township
 Gibbs            Faye Martha Neuberger           22 Feb 1917 Klemme Hancock Co IA 15 Mar 1991 74y          Britt Hancock Co IA   John N Neuberger     Marie Jahnke             Wife of Asa E (1914);  Marr 14 Nov 1945                           Ell Township
 Gibbs            Harry R                         31 Jul 1892 Hancock County Iowa  24 Jul 1973 80y 11m 26d  Belmond Wright Co IA  Asa Sr               Isabelle Lander Collins  Par of Asa, Harriet, Ronald, Isabelle                             Ell Township
 Gibbs            Isabelle Lander Collins          2 Feb 1849 Cincinnati Ohio       4 Jan 1932 82y 11m 2d   Klemme Hancock Co IA  James Collins        Jane Doyle               Wife of Asa Sr (1844);  Marr 26 Feb 1872                          Ell Township
 Gibbs            Lois Viola Gast                  8 Oct 1924 Hancock County Iowa  10 Feb 1989              Garner Hancock Co Ia  Herman Gast          Meta Anna Bredlow        Wife of Ronald (1921);  Marr 11 Jul 1945                          Concord Township
 Gibbs            Ronald Allen                     8 Aug 1921 Hancock County Iowa  25 Mar 2009              Mason City Iowa       Harry R              Esther Sarah Lenz        Par of Ronna, Lora                                                Concord Township
 Gibson           ---                                                                                                             C                                             Infant                                                            St Johns Lutheran
 Gibson           Callie                                                                                                                                                        see Lawrence                                                      Corwith
 Gibson           Elizabeth                                                                                                                                                     see Downie                                                        Concord Township
 Giddings         Karen Sue Ricklefs               3 Mar 1949 Buffalo Center Iowa  23 Mar 2008                                    John H Ricklefs      Mildred Franzen          Wife of Roger W (1947);  Marr 12 Jun 1971                         Bingham Township
 Giddings         Roger W                          8 Jul 1947                                                                                                                   Par of Annette, Daniel                                            Bingham Township
 Giebel           Velma Aleatha                                                                                                                                                 see Gourley                                                       St Marys Catholic
 Giesen           Charlotte                                                                                                                                                     see Hatterscheid                                                  St Marys Catholic
 Giesking         Alice Meyer                     26 Nov 1936 Belmond Wright Co IA 14 Nov 2014              Titonka Iowa          Arthur Meyer         Josie Jackson            Wife of Merle G (1935);  7 Jun 1958                               Immanuel Lutheran Church
 Giesking         Carl William                     2 Aug 1892 Hancock County Iowa  11 Jan 1969              Britt Hancock Co IA   Conrad               Charlotte Mayland        Par of Clara, Vera, Leona, Lewis, Erwin, Carl, Merle;  b:1891     Immanuel Lutheran Church
 Giesking         Charlotte Mayland               16 Sep 1854 Windham Germany       7 Jan 1929 74y 3m 21d   Woden Hancock Co IA                                                 Wife of Conrad (1852);  Marr 19 Nov 1875                          Immanuel Lutheran Church
 Giesking         Clara C                                                                                                                                                       see Mayland                                                       Immanuel Lutheran Church
 Giesking         Conrad                          31 Dec 1852 Winheim Wstphla Ger  23 Sep 1933                                    Carl                 Louise Vasing            Par of Henry, Mary, Mina, William, Carl, Ernest, Lottie, +3       Immanuel Lutheran Church
 Giesking         Emma Wilhelmine C Schmidt       16 Jan 1895 White Lake S D       18 Aug 1938                                    Ernset Schmidt Sr    Wilhelmine E Koenig      Wife of Ernest F (1897);  Marr 31 Apr 1921                        Immanuel Lutheran Church
 Giesking         Ernest F                         5 May 1897                      30 Nov 1988                                    Conrad               Charlotte Mayland        Par of Burdella, Melinda, Dorothy, James                          Immanuel Lutheran Church
 Giesking         Erwin Leslie  "Shorty"          21 Mar 1924 Titonka Iowa          9 Mar 1973              Rochester Minnesota   Carl W Giesking      Hilko Pannkuk            Par of Jerry, Joyce, Kay, Karen, Gary                             Immanuel Lutheran Church
 Giesking         Estella H                              1899                             1990                                                                                                                                                    Immanuel Lutheran Church
 Giesking         Gary E                          22 Dec 1949                      24 Dec 1949                                    Erwin L              Phyllis Bean                                                                               Immanuel Lutheran Church
 Giesking         Hilko Pannkuk                          1892                                                                     Boyd Pannkuk         Hilka                    Wife of Carl W (1891); Marr 8 Dec 1915; b:20 Jun 1891d:4 Jan 1992 Immanuel Lutheran Church
 Giesking         Louise                                                                                                                                                        see Senne                                                         Immanuel Lutheran Church
 Giesking         Merle Gene                       3 Aug 1935 Kossuth County Iowa   4 Jul 2006              Algona Kossuth Co IA  Carl W               Hilko Pannkuk            Par of Bruce, Lori, Scott                                         Immanuel Lutheran Church
 Giesking         Phyllis N Bean                  14 Aug 1923                      13 Apr 2006              Algona Kossuth Co IA                                                Wife of Erwin L (1924);  Marr 17 Nov 1946                         Immanuel Lutheran Church
 Giesking         Vera Marie                                                                                                                                                    see Ostermann                                                     Immanuel Lutheran Church
 Giesking         William Dietrich Freiedrich     30 Mar 1886 Aurora County S D     3 Jul 1958              Cherokee Iowa         Conrad               Charlotte Mayland        b:1885                                                            Immanuel Lutheran Church
 Gifford          Abbie J "Abigail"                                                                                                                                             see Jurgens                                                       Evergreen
 Gifford          Bart                                                                                                                                                          no stone                                                          Evergreen
 Gifford          Charles                         30 Oct 1845 Illinois              6 Feb 1914              Hancock County Iowa   William              Maron Bailey                                                                               Evergreen
 Gifford          Christina Alice Ausborn         15 Aug 1899 Hancock County Iowa  22 Aug 1961 62y 7d       Mason City Iowa       Dietrich R Ausborn   Anna Niemann             Wife of Edward;  Marr 31 Jan 1923                                 Ell Township
 Gifford          Coleen M                                                                                                                                                      see Greiman                                                       Ell Township
 Gifford          E A                                                                                                                                                           no stone                                                          Evergreen
 Gifford          Edward Claire                   24 Dec 1890 Kanawha Iowa          2 Jan 1957 66y          Mason City Iowa       John E               Rose Dodd (Dodge)        Pvt 15 Co Gen Svg Inf Ia  WW I                                    Ell Township
 Gifford          Ella Frances                                                                                                                                                  see Allbeck                                                       Evergreen
 Gifford          Fern M                                                                                                                                                        see Linahon                                                       Ell Township
 Gifford          Harold Charles                   8 Jun 1920 Britt Hancock Co IA  21 Nov 1935              Hancock County Iowa   Leon                 Miss Anderson                                                                              Evergreen
 Gifford          Judy Kay                                                                                                                                                      bur:1944;  no stone                                               Evergreen
 Gifford          Leon                                   1891                      24 Mar 1962              Britt Hancock Co IA                                                 Par of William, Don;  bur:27 Mar                                  Evergreen
 Gifford          Louise C                                                                                                                                                      bur:1935;  no stone                                               Evergreen
 Gifford          Oscar                                  1869                      14 Oct 1933 64y          Hancock County Iowa                                                 no stone                                                          Evergreen
 Gifford          Rose Evelyn                                                                                                                                                   see Peterson                                                      Evergreen
 Gifford          Ruth Anderson                    3 Jun 1897                       1 Feb 1979              Britt Hancock Co IA                                                 Wife of Leon (1891)                                               Evergreen
 Gilbert          Agnes Irene Hestness                   1914                                                                                                                   Wife of Dean A (1909)                                             Concord Township
 Gilbert          Amy Catherine Kelly              8 Feb 1862 Wisconsin            24 Dec 1939              Wisconsin             Absalom Kelly        Martha Ann Ranshaw       Wife of Peter (1853);  b:28                                       Concord Township
 Gilbert          David James                     15 Mar 1957 Britt Hancock Co IA  19 Apr 1976              Garner Hancock Co IA  William F            Delores Breitkreutz      d:9                                                               Concord Township
 Gilbert          Dean Alfred                     10 Sep 1909 Hancock County Iowa   9 Sep 1958              Iowa City Iowa        James Alfred         Laura Edna Flint         Par of Dennis, Joanne, Judy, Ronald, Michael                      Concord Township
 Gilbert          Delores Breitkreutz                    1923                                                                                                                   Wife of William F (1926);  Marr 13 Aug 1948                       Concord Township
 Gilbert          Dennis James                    21 Jan 1955 Bethany Missouri     10 Sep 2002              Clear Lake Iowa       Dean Alfred          Agnes Irene Hestness                                                                       Concord Township
 Gilbert          Edith Maben Pike                29 Mar 1885 Hancock County Iowa  17 Feb 1955              Mason City Iowa       Hans Orville K Pike  Leora McKenzie           Wife of William H (1885);  Marr 21 Oct 1913                       Concord Township
 Gilbert          Ella Jensen                                                                                                                                                   see Wolff                                                         Concord Township
 Gilbert          Emma Marie Badker               23 Jun 1882 Dumont Butler Co IA   8 Apr 1930              Garner Hancock Co IA  Henry Badker         Ada Prenss               Wife #2 of James A (1881);  Marr 23 Jun 1920                      Concord Township
 Gilbert          Ethel                                                                                                                                                         see Reynolds                                                      Madison Township
 Gilbert          Florence H Russell              30 Mar 1926                       8 Dec 2008                                                                                  Wife of Warren K (1921);  Marr 21 May 1946                        Concord Township
 Gilbert          Harold Kelly                     3 Sep 1901 Garner Hancock Co IA 24 Jun 1967              Britt Hancock Co IA   Peter                Amy Kelly                Pfc 783 Tech Sch Sq AAF Ia  WW II                                 Concord Township
 Gilbert          James Alfred                     5 Nov 1881 Monroe Wisconsin     10 Nov 1956              Bethney Missouri      Peter                Amy Kelly                Par of Eva, Dean, Russell, Raymond;  b:1882                       Concord Township
 Gilbert          Kathryn Elizabeth                                                                                                                                             see Hanson                                                        Concord Township
 Gilbert          Laura Edna (Elizabeth) Flint    10 Apr 1884 Broome New York      24 Nov 1918              Hancock County Iowa   Frank Flint          Miss Harder              Wife #2 of James A (1881);  Marr 21 Feb 1906                      Concord Township
 Gilbert          Leo Luverne  (Vernon)            8 Aug 1894 Hancock County Iowa   9 May 1939              Hancock County Iowa   Peter                Amy Kelly                WW I                                                              Concord Township
 Gilbert          Lillian Marie Schmidt            8 Sep 1896 Hancock County Iowa   3 Nov 1981              Garner Hancock Co IA  William John Schmidt Marie Sophia Schwank     Wife of Harold K;  Marr 21 Sep 1966                               Concord Township
 Gilbert          Martha Elizabeth                 4 Mar 1890 Darlington Wisconsin  9 May 1967              Garner Hancock Co IA  Peter Gilbert        Amy Kelly                                                                                  Concord Township
 Gilbert          Peter                           20 Oct 1853 Lancaster County PA  27 Feb 1942              Garner Hancock Co IA  Frederick            Elizabeth Sigland                                                                          Concord Township
 Gilbert          Russell James                   20 Nov 1918 Hancock County Iowa  25 Nov 1918              Hancock County Iowa   James Alfred         Laura Edna Flint         b:19                                                              Concord Township
 Gilbert          Susan Elizabeth Hayes                                                                                                                                         see Kinsella                                                      Concord Township
 Gilbert          Warren Kelly                    14 Dec 1921 Garner Hancock Co IA 26 Nov 1959              Mason City Iowa       William H            Edith Maben Pike         Hus of Florence Russell;  Marr 21 May 1946                        Concord Township
 Gilbert          William Frederick                5 Nov 1926 Mason City Iowa      12 Feb 2001              Garner Hancock Co IA  William H            Edith Maben Pike         Par of Larry, Willie, Kim, Rick, David, Jolene;  US Navy  WW II   Concord Township
 Gilbert          William Henry                   10 Jun 1885 Wayne Wisconsin      30 Mar 1941              Garner Hancock Co IA  Peter                Amy Kelly                Par of William F, Kathryn, Warren, Amy;  stone d:1940             Concord Township
 Gilbert          William Lattimore               27 May 1862 Virginia  (PA)       12 Dec 1908              Goodell Iowa          W T                  Elizabeth Elder          MD                                                                Avery Township
 Gilbert          Winifred Mae                     3 Apr 1892 Hancock County Iowa  17 Jun 1939              Cedar Falls Iowa      Peter Gilbert        Amy Kelly                PhD                                                               Concord Township
 Gilbertson       ---                                                                                                                                                           no stone                                                          Evergreen
 Gilbertson       Arthur L                         7 Jun 1937 Forest City Iowa     28 Jan 2010              Mason City Iowa       Einard               Ruth Schneider                                                                             Madison Township
 Gilbertson       Carl                            16 Jun 1889                      14 Jul 1966                                                                                  N D  Pvt Co F 55 Engr  WW I                                       Evergreen
 Gilbertson       Darlene                                                                                                                                                       see Ziesmer                                                       Concord Township
 Gilbertson       Einar A                         26 Dec 1909 Thompson Iowa        10 Oct 1981              Forest City Iowa      Gustav               Mina                     Par of Art, Janice                                                Madison Township
 Gilbertson       Eva Grace                       10 Oct 1906                      19 Aug 1972                                                                                  Wife of Carl                                                      Evergreen
 Gilbertson       Ruth L Schneider                21 Jun 1918                      21 Sep 1971                                                                                  Wife of Einar A (1909);  Marr 10 May 1935                         Madison Township
 Gilbertson       Sharon J Madsen                 24 Jun 1940                                                                                                                   Wife of Arthur L (1937);  Marr 29 Dec 1963                        Madison Township
 Gildea           Blaine William                         1897                      13 Apr 1964              Laurens Iowa                                                        Par of Veree                                                      Concord Township
 Gildea           Verona Ruth Baggs               15 Feb 1904 Corwith Iowa         26 Jul 1990              Britt Hancock Co IA   John R Baggs         Ida Belle Craft          Wife of Blaine W (1897);  Marr 27 Jun 1936                        Concord Township
 Gill             Blanche I Gayken                16 Mar 1924                      11 Apr 2006                                    Frank W Gayken       Anna Marie Ruscher       Wife of Cecil L (1926);  Marr 3 Sep 1946;  Ha1  US Navy  WW II    Evergreen
 Gill             Cecil L                         12 Jan 1926                      18 Nov 2001                                                                                  Par of Michael, Juliann;  Cpl  USMC  WW II                        Evergreen
 Gill             Michael Lee                     11 Mar 1948                      18 Sep 1974                                                                                  Pfc  US Army                                                      Evergreen
 Gillbert         C C                                                                                                                                                           bur:1935;  no stone                                               Evergreen
 Gillbert         Carrie                                                                                                                                                        bur:1937;  no stone                                               Evergreen
 Gillbert         David                                                                                                                                                         no stone                                                          Evergreen
 Gillbert         McKinlasy                                                                                                                                                     no stone                                                          Evergreen
 Gille            Jacob                           29 May 1833                      24 Feb 1894 60y 9m 11d                                                                                                                                         St Marys Catholic
 Gille            Mary E                           8 Dec 1837                       1 Nov 1896 61y 11m 11d                                                                      Wife of Jacob (1833)                                              St Marys Catholic
 Gilles           Arlis Jean Rapp                 21 Jul 1927 Hancock County Iowa  26 Apr 1988              Garner Hancock Co IA  John Rapp            Karen Lynd               Wife of Wilmer J (1916);  Marr 2 Feb 1948                         St Boniface Catholic
 Gilles           Wilmer Joseph                    5 May 1916                       6 Mar 1982                                                                                  Par of Michael, Peggy;  Pvt  US Army  WW II                       St Boniface Catholic
 Gillette         Ella P Northrup                 16 Mar 1854 Chattorangus Co N Y  19 Arp 1918              Hancock County Iowa   Fredrick Northrup    K Abbey                  Wife of George W;  Marr 1872                                      Ellington Township
 Gillette         George W                           Jul 1841                      26 Nov 1932                                                                                  Par of Frank M, Mae L, Art L, Bert R, Grace L                     Ellington Township
 Gilligan         Edna L                          24 Jun 1898                       8 Jan 1991                                                                                  Wife of Leo P (1894)                                              St Patricks Catholic
 Gilligan         Jean A                           6 Jul 1927                      14 Nov 2008                                    Leo Gilligan         Edna                                                                                       St Patricks Catholic
 Gilligan         Leo Paul                         8 Feb 1894                         Aug 1979                                                                                  Par of Jean;  Pvt US Army  WW I                                   St Patricks Catholic
 Gilligan         Margaret                                                                                                                                                      see Cosgriff                                                      St Patricks Catholic
 Gillis           Alice W Boldt                          1915                       1 Sep 1982              Forest City Iowa      Benjamin R Boldt     Lydia Z Camp             Wife of Stephen G (1906)                                          Evergreen
 Gillis           Stephen G                        3 Oct 1906                         Jul 1979                                                                                  bur:23                                                            Evergreen
 Gillman          Daniel                                      New York                                      Hancock County Iowa                                                 no stone                                                          Avery Township
 Gillmann         Caroline                        10 Nov 1841                      31 Jan 1896                                                                                  Wife of Fred                                                      Magor Township
 Gillmann         Clara Augusta                      Jun 1899                      15 Apr 1900                                    August               Tillie                                                                                     Magor Township
 Gillmann         Sarah S                                1886                      23 Feb 1899 1y 5m 23d                                                                                                                                          Magor Township
 Gillstrap        Christian Isaac                 25 Mar 1877 Keokuk Lee Co Iowa   27 Jul 1953                                    John G               Rachel E Lentz           Par of John, Arline, Caroline L                                   Crystal Township
 Gillstrap        John Gilford                           1854 Kentucky                    1910                                                                                  d:bef 1917;  Par of 7 children                                    Crystal Township
 Gillstrap        John Thomas                     15 Nov 1884 Iowa                 20 Jan 1919                                                         Miss Lintz               b:1885;  d:1910                                                   Crystal Township
 Gillstrap        Mary "Matie" Blakely                   1878                             1969                                    E C Blakely          Caroline Johnson         Wife of Christian I (1877);  Marr 1904                            Crystal Township
 Gillstrap        Rachel E Lentz                         1856 Iowa                    Jun 1934 77y 11m 22d  Mason City Iowa                                                     Wife of John G (1854)                                             Crystal Township
 Gilman           Almira Church                   12 Oct 1821 McCeney New York     24 Mar 1902              Hamilton Montana                                                    Wife of Marcellous Sr (1820)                                      Avery Township
 Gilman           Bertha G                        29 Jan 1864 McCeney New York     28 Aug 1868 4y 6m 24d                          Marcellous S         Almira                   stone d:29 Jan 1864                                               Avery Township
 Gilman           Marcellous S Jr                        1852 McCeney New York        May 1904                                    Marcellous S         Almira                                                                                     Avery Township
 Gilman           Marcellous Sr                          1820 McCeney New York            1878                                                                                  Civil War Vet (?)                                                 Avery Township
 Gilman           Philena                         21 Dec 1863 McCeney New York     26 May 1873 9y 9m 5d                           Marcellous S         Almira                   Dau;  stone d:21 Dec 1863                                         Avery Township
 Gilman           Sophronia A                                                                                                                                                   see Fuller                                                        Avery Township
 Gilman           Susan E                                                                                                                                                       see Fuller                                                        Avery Township
 Gilmore          John H                                 1889 Hancock County Iowa   3 Mar 1898 9y 9m 5d     Hutchins Iowa         J M                  Francis                                                                                    Orthel Township
 Gilpin           Leon J                          28 May 1906 Volga South Dakota    3 Oct 1973                                                                                  Par of Richard, Judith, Paul                                      Avery Township
 Gilpin           Mary                            29 Apr 1815 Illinois             26 May 1866 57y 22d                                                                          Wife of William C                                                 Avery Township
 Gilpin           Verbelle Riley                  31 Oct 1913 Fort Dodge           27 Sep 1995              Kanawha Iowa          Richard Riley        Gladys Lewis             Wife of Leon J (1906);  Marr 29 Nov 1933                          Avery Township
 Gilpin           William C                       20 Mar 1792 Illinois              3 Jun 1876 64y 2m 12d                                                                       ae:13d                                                            Avery Township
 Gilpin           Willis                                                                                                                                                        Infant                                                            Avery Township
 Gilster          Mamie                                                                                                                                                         see Reitter                                                       Evergreen
 Gilster          Woodrow Rowland                  9 Oct 1913 Iowa                 21 Jun 1917              Britt Hancock Co IA   Otto Fred            Elsie A Bensgard         ALSO sec C-92/373                                                 Evergreen
 Gimson           Ruth Tilly                                                                                                                                                    see Sedwick                                                       Evergreen
 Ginapp           Martha                                                                                                                                                        see Vern Schoepf                                                  Madison Township
 Ginder           Anna                                                                                                                                                          see Perkins                                                       Evergreen
 Ginder           Jacob                           14 Feb 1876 Russia                1 Apr 1955              Mason City Iowa                                                     Par of Jacob, Anna, +1 son, 6 daus                                St Patricks Catholic
 Ginder           Jacob                           14 Oct 1916 Kansas City          13 Oct 1919              Britt Hancock Co IA   Jacob                Barbara Steal                                                                              St Patricks Catholic
 Ginger           Annie                                                                                                                                                         see Hauptly                                                       Orthel Township
 Ginn             William B                              1889                             1975                                                                                                                                                    Crystal Township
 Ginsberg         Aaron Lowell                           1972                             1987                                    James                Virginia                                                                                   Concord Township
 Ginsberg         James                                  1926                             2002                                                                                  Par of Aaron, Leonora                                             Concord Township
 Ginsberg         Leonora Ann                            1971                                                                     James                Virginia                                                                                   Concord Township
 Ginsberg         Virginia                               1941                                                                                                                   Wife of James (1926)                                              Concord Township
 Giovenazzo       Lavonne I Christie              23 Aug 1926                      12 Jan 2002                                                                                  Wife of Sam;  Par of Mike                                         Avery Township
 Gip              John D                          28 Dec 1834                      11 Jan 1900                                                                                                                                                    Corwith
 Girres           Elizabeth Catherine                                                                                                                                           see Matz                                                          St Boniface Catholic
 Gist             JoAnne                                                                                                                                                        see Spencer                                                       Evergreen
 Gist             Joanne Esther                                                                                                                                                 see Reinken                                                       Evergreen
 Gist             Kenneth J                        1 Nov 1911                         Dec 1978                                                                                  bur:22                                                            Evergreen
 Givler           Eunice E                        14 Oct 1910                       9 Oct 1967                                                                                                                                                    Madison Township
 Gjerde           Anna O                                                                                                                                                        see Asheim                                                        Madison Township
 Gjerde           Edward F                        27 Jul 1900                      10 Jul 1946                                                                                                                                                    Madison Township
 Gjerde           Florence C Bergman                                                                                                                                            see Knapper                                                       Crystal Township
 Gjerde           Helen Clemens                    8 Oct 1934                                                                                                                   Wife of Wayne R (1935)                                            Madison Township
 Gjerde           Helen Louise Hodson              2 May 1907 Madison County Iowa  15 Nov 1980              Garner Hancock Co IA  Charles A Hodson     Anna Mae Anderson        Wife of Selmer M (1908);  Marr 2 Feb 1933                         Madison Township
 Gjerde           Lloyd Marlin                     5 Nov 1934 Crystal Lake Iowa    20 Nov 2013              Mason City Iowa       Lloyd T              Florence Bergman         Par of Mark, Joel                                                 Evergreen
 Gjerde           Selmer M                         6 Feb 1908                      16 Dec 1960                                                                                  Par of Wayne G, Charles E;  b:1907                                Madison Township
 Gjerde           Wayne R                          4 Apr 1935 Fertile Iowa          9 Mar 2013              Ames Story Co Iowa    Selmer               Helen                    REV                                                               Madison Township
 Gjerstad         Betty R                         16 Apr 1924                      21 Aug 1978                                                                                  Wife of Earl J (1923);  d:1979                                    Corwith
 Gjerstad         Earl J                           5 Mar 1923                      22 Nov 1999                                                                                                                                                    Corwith
 Gjerstad         Frances J Hartzell Gast         13 Dec 1928 Britt Hancock Co IA  18 Apr 1993              Britt Hancock Co IA   Clarence L Hartzell  Lottie L Ellsworth       Wife of Robert (1921);  Par of Curtis Gast                        Evergreen
 Gjerstad         Gary Lee                               1951                                                                     Robert               Frances                                                                                    Evergreen
 Gjerstad         Robert G                         5 Apr 1921 Thor Iowa            30 Aug 1957              Britt Hancock Co IA                                                 Par of Gary, Ronald                                               Evergreen
 Gladding         Mary Jane                                                                                                                                                     see Sprague                                                       Evergreen
 Gladye           Sadie                                                                                                                                                         see Minor                                                         Amsterdam Township
 Glassel          Ida                                                                                                                                                           see Bakken                                                        Madison Township
 Glassell         Eva Katherine Stokesbary         5 Oct 1914 Corwith Iowa         14 Aug 2009              Greenfield Iowa       George Stokesbary    Ella Halligan            Wife of Truman J (1909)                                           St Boniface Catholic
 Glassell         Louis Theodore                   9 Jun 1888                       3 Jun 1967                                                                                                                                                    Concord Township
 Glassell         May E Breakey                   28 Mar 1886                      16 Dec 1972                                                                                  Wife of Louis T (1888)                                            Concord Township
 Glassell         Truman J                        25 Jun 1909                       3 Oct 1977                                                                                  Sp 3 US Navy  WW II                                               St Boniface Catholic
 Glasson          Elizabeth                                                                                                                                                     b: or bur:1935;  no stone                                         Evergreen
 Glasson          Richard                                1856                       3 Aug 1922              Britt Hancock Co IA                                                                                                                   Evergreen
 Glawe            Anna Florence Hansen            17 Nov 1909 Wiggins Colorado      7 Oct 2004              Kanawha Iowa          Hans Marius Hansen   Anna Katherine Eleanora  Wife of Elmer A (1897);  Marr Jun 1935                            Corwith
 Glawe            Deborah K                                                                                                                                                     see Gremmer                                                       Evergreen
 Glawe            Elda Ida                                                                                                                                                      see Clark                                                         Corwith
 Glawe            Elmer A (William)               25 Sep 1897                      26 Sep 1996                                    Rudolph C            Mary Stritzel            Par of Janice, Mariann                                            Corwith
 Glawe            George Rudolph                         1909                      24 Jul 1997                                    Rudolph C            Mary Stritzel            Par of Muriel, Cecil, Dennis                                      Corwith
 Glawe            Henry Wilhelm                   22 Jan 1883 Germany               4 Oct 1966 83y          Britt Hancock Co IA                                                 Hus #2 of Katherine Beek                                          Ell Township
 Glawe            Katherine J Beek Brandt         13 Oct 1882 Germany              24 Jun 1976 92y          Britt Hancock Co IA   Henry Beek           Hempe                    Wife of #1 William Brandt;  #2 Henry Glawe, Marr 24 Feb 1917      Ell Township
 Glawe            Margaret Irene Sloan            30 Mar 1912 Corwith Iowa         26 Nov 2007              Kanawha Iowa          James W Sloan        Elizabeth Krauss         Wife of George R (1909);  Marr 14 Feb 1934                        Corwith
 Glawe            Maria Stritzel                         1873 Germany              27 Dec 1960              Britt Hancock Co IA   August Stritzel      Henrietta Miller         Wife of Rudolph C (1865);  Marr 9 Jul 1894                        Corwith
 Glawe            Rudolph C                        8 Apr 1865 Niendorf Germany     26 Nov 1949              Corwith Iowa          William              Elizabeth Miller         Par of Elda I, Elmer W, Anna M, Maude H, Hazel F, George R        Corwith
 Gliden           Ella M McMillan                        1855 Wisconsin            23 Jun 1922              Britt Hancock Co IA                                                 Wife #1 of Fremont B;  Marr 18 Feb 1874                           Evergreen
 Gliden           Fremont Bingham                 15 Feb 1853 Brooklyn Wisconsin    3 May 1933              Grinnell Iowa         Wilber A             Lucinda O Bingham        Par of Vernon F, Wilber J, +3 dau;  Hus of #2 Carrie McCord 1924  Evergreen
 Gliden           Lucinda O Bingham               16 Aug 1828 Martinsburg New York 13 May 1915              Britt Hancock Co IA                                                 Wife of Wilber A (1826)                                           Evergreen
 Gliden           Wilber A                        20 Jul 1826 New York             14 Mar 1910              Britt Hancock Co IA   Andrew               Crosby                   Par of Fremont, Rose, Luella                                      Evergreen
 Glieden          LaDonna                                                                                                                                                       see Reibsamen                                                     Evergreen
 Gliggen          Luella C                                                                                                                                                      see Wing                                                          Evergreen
 Glynn            Anna                                                                                                                                                          see Tierney                                                       St Boniface Catholic

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