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Compiled by the Hancock County Iowa Genealogical Society

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   8 Jan 2016      

    LAST NAME               FIRST NAME            BIRTH DATE      BIRTH PLACE      DEATH DATE      AGE           DEATH PLACE            FATHER                 MOTHER                                   OTHER INFORMATION                               CEMETERY
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 Dahl             Esther Gunsell                  27 Jul 1886                      25 Feb 1973 86y 6m 28d   Kanawha Iowa                                                        Wife of Thomas J (1877);  d:15;  d:1866                           Amsterdam Township
 Dahl             Everett Dewayne                        1920                      12 Nov 1928 8y 2m        Hancock County Iowa   Thomas J             Esther Gunsell                                                                             Amsterdam Township
 Dahl             Gerhard E                              1889                      22 Jul 1928 41y 6m 15d   York NE                                                             WW I                                                              Amsterdam Township
 Dahl             Lars                                   1847                       4 Feb 1923 76y          Fonda Iowa                                                                                                                            Amsterdam Township
 Dahl             Louise Ellen May Hoelscher                                                                                                                                    see Smith                                                         Amsterdam Township
 Dahl             Martha (Louise)                  3 Jan 1910                       1 Aug 1979              Fort Worth Texas                                                    Wife of Ralph B (1907)                                            Evergreen
 Dahl             Olof Edward                     13 Apr 1873 Iowa                  1 Dec 1930              Britt Hancock Co IA   Peter L              Elma Marison             Par of Earl, Ralph                                                Evergreen
 Dahl             Peter Martin                           1882                      28 Feb 1942 60y          Minneapolis MN                                                      no stone                                                          Amsterdam Township
 Dahl             Ralph B                         15 Jun 1907 Iowa                    Dec 1969                                    Olof E               Rosalie Barnum           Par of Marilyn, Meredith, Maraden, Ralph;  bur:27                 Evergreen
 Dahl             Rosalie B Barnum                       1878 Iowa                        1962                                    Abe Barnum           Nancy Southard           Wife of Olof E (1873);  bur:14 Dec                                Evergreen
 Dahl             Ruth E Bergstrom                       1922                       2 Jun 2003                                                                                  Wife #1 of William L (1916);  Marr 5 Jul 1942                     Amsterdam Township
 Dahl             Sadie Elvina                                                                                                                                                  see Gentry                                                        Amsterdam Township
 Dahl             Thomas Johanas                         1877                       6 Apr 1960 83y          Kanawha Iowa                                                        Par of William, Sadie, Everett                                    Amsterdam Township
 Dahl             William Lyle  "Bill"             6 Sep 1916 Hancock County Iowa  17 Sep 2014              Kanawha Iowa          Thomas J             Esther Gunsell           Par of Stephen;  Wife #1 Ruth Bergstrom;  #2 Louise E May, 2004   Amsterdam Township
 Dahle            Clarence M                       8 Jan 1907                         May 1977                                                                                  Par of Merwyn, Ronald, Deloris;  bur:14                           Evergreen
 Dahle            Gunhild                                1845                             1929                                                                                                                                                    Pilot Knob Lutheran
 Dahle            Gust                                   1879                       7 Jun 1946              Hancock County Iowa                                                                                                                   Pilot Knob Lutheran
 Dahle            Ida                                    1875                             1903                                                                                  Wife of Gunhild (1845)                                            Pilot Knob Lutheran
 Dahle            Judy Ann Hiscocks                                                                                                                                             see Becker                                                        Madison Township
 Dahle            Lida                                   1877                             1947                                                                                  Wife of Gust (1879)                                               Pilot Knob Lutheran
 Dahle            Lillian A Oddson                20 Nov 1911                       5 Sep 1997                                                                                  Wife of Clarence M (1907)                                         Evergreen
 Dahle            Merwyn Lee  "Mert"               5 Dec 1938 Britt Hancock Co IA  18 May 1996              Mason City Iowa       Clarence             Lillian A Oddson         Par of Kimberly, Kevin, Anthony;  Hus #1 of Judy Hiscocks, 1959   Evergreen
 Dahlgren         Anna Sophia                                                                                                                                                   see Swanson                                                       Ell Township
 Dahlgren         Lena Svenson                    10 Nov 1844 Asskal Sweden        19 Aug 1929 84y 9m 9d    Hancock County Iowa                        Christine                Wife of Magnus d:1886;  Marr 1863; stone d:22;  Par of 7 children Ell Township
 Dake             Lary                                                                                                                                                          b: or bur:1932;  no stone                                         Evergreen
 Daley            Ann                                                                                                                                                           see McGruder                                                      St Patricks Catholic
 Daley            Mary A                                                                                                                                                        see Ford                                                          Concord Township
 Dallenbach       Emma L                           4 Oct 1885                         Jul 1968                                                                                  Wife of John A (1884);  bur:9;  d: Laurens IA ?                   Evergreen
 Dallenbach       Harlen Elden                     5 Jan 1913 Rockwell City Iowa   11 May 1957              Britt Hancock Co Ia   John Aaron           Emma L                                                                                     Evergreen
 Dallenbach       John Aaron                             1884                         Dec 1949                                                                                  Par of Harlan, Hazel, Lillian, Don;  b:1888                       Evergreen
 Dallman          Alice Smidt                      9 Feb 1910 Britt Hancock Co IA  21 Feb 1942              Mason City Iowa       Henry Smidt          Emily Heerkes            Wife of Otto;  Marr 23 Dec 1930                                   Evergreen
 Dallman          Amelia                                                                                                                                                        see Wermersen                                                     Corwith
 Dallman          Anna Louise Swanson             13 Aug 1892 Malden Illihois       6 Jun 1947                                    August Swanson                                Wife of Herman (1891)                                             Evergreen
 Dallman          Brian                                                                                                           Lyle                 Evelyn                   Par of Mathew, Anna, Rachel                                       Evergreen
 Dallman          Cindy R Michel                  26 Jul 1956 Rockford Illinois    22 Feb 2012              Mason City Iowa       Kenneth Michel       Lorraine                 Wife of Brian;  Marr 26 Jun 1982                                  Evergreen
 Dallman          Donald Henry                           1932                                                                                                                   Par of Bill, Ed, Jim, Kurt                                        Evergreen
 Dallman          Dorothy Dunmire                        1934                                                                                                                   Wife of Donald H (1932)                                           Evergreen
 Dallman          Evelyn Hanson                                                                                                   Peter A Hanson       Annie C Larson           Wife of Lyle                                                      Evergreen
 Dallman          Evelyn Hanson                                                                                                                                                 Wife of Lyle E (1917);  Marr 2 Mar 1945                           Evergreen
 Dallman          George Fredrich                  6 Jun 1889 Wesley Iowa           3 Jul 1961                                    Herman               Lena                     b:1888                                                            Madison Township
 Dallman          Herman                          28 Apr 1891                         Aug 1976                                    Herman               Lena                     Par of Lyle, Kenneth, Frances;  bur:20                            Evergreen
 Dallman          Lena D (A)                                                                                                                                                    see Anderson                                                      Evergreen
 Dallman          Lyle Eugene                     19 Dec 1918                       4 Apr 2001 83y          Britt Hancock Co IA   Herman               Anna Louise Swanson      Par of Brian, David, Danita, Tim, Peter;  US Army WW II;  b:1917  Evergreen
 Dallman          Martha                                                                                                                                                        see Spieker                                                       Evergreen
 Dallman          Otto                             8 Nov 1908                         Jun 1972                                    Herman               Lena                     Par of Donald, Beverly, Louis, Emily;  bur:3 Jul                  Evergreen
 Dallman          Rachel Michel                    8 Apr 1985 Rochester Minnesota   9 Apr 1985              Rochester Minnesota   Brian                Cindy R Michel                                                                             Evergreen
 Dallman          Rose Louise Christine                                                                                                                                         see Holck                                                         Evergreen
 Dalton           Fannie                                                                                                                                                        see Christopher Kiger                                             Evergreen
 Damm             Emil John K Sr                  29 Feb 1896                      21 Jul 1973                                                                                  Sgt  US Army  WW I                                                Madison Township
 Damm             Emil Junior                            1929                                                                                                                   Par of David, Linda, Michael, Steven                              Madison Township
 Damm             Eva Gerda                              1926                             1993                                                                                                                                                    Madison Township
 Damm             Mary Ann Madson                 11 Sep 1892                      29 Sep 1969                                                                                  Wife of Emil J (1896)                                             Madison Township
 Damm             Viola Marie                            1928                             2005                                                                                  Wife of Emil J (1929)                                             Madison Township
 Dana             ---                                                                                                                                                           Infant;  no stone                                                 Evergreen
 Dana             Amy Leora                       27 Oct 1883 LaMont Iowa          31 Aug 1976              Britt Hancock Co IA   William A            Anna Lucelia Jenks                                                                         Evergreen
 Dana             Anna Lucella Jenks               8 Oct 1861 Buchanan County Iowa 24 Mar 1946              Britt Hancock Co IA   Earl Knight Jenks    Malvina Green            Wife of William A (1858);  Marr 24 Jul 1880                       Evergreen
 Dana             Earl Rozelle                           1886                         Jul 1928              Rochester Minnesota   William A            Anna Lucelia Jenks                                                                         Evergreen
 Dana             Olive Minnie McNabb             10 Sep 1888 LaSalle Co Illinois         1967                                    Daniel McNabb        Mary Frances George      Wife of Earl R (1886);  Marr 8 Jan 1909;  bur:20 Dec              Evergreen
 Dana             Otis Knight                            1890                         Nov 1927              Iowa City Iowa        William A            Anna Lucelia Jenks                                                                         Evergreen
 Dana             William Allen                          1858                      14 Feb 1925              Ex Springs Missouri                                                 Par of Otis, Earl, Amy                                            Evergreen
 Danaher          Nancy                                                                                                                                                         see Lawler                                                        Bingham Township
 Dangelser        Dorla D                                                                                                                                                       see Weiland                                                       Evergreen
 Danger           Lorraine                                                                                                                                                      see DeWaard                                                       Christian Reformed Church
 Daniels          Annie                                                                                                                                                         see Schroeder                                                     Evergreen
 Daniels          C Rosella Chizek                26 Nov 1922 Hancock County Iowa   1 Sep 2009              Garner Hancock Co IA  Joseph Edward Chizek Ella M Buckley           Wife of Lester D (1917);  Marr 6 Aug 1946                         St Patricks Catholic
 Daniels          Catherine Margaret Houston      23 Mar 1922 Corwith Iowa         15 Apr 2006              Britt Hancock Co Ia   James Houston        Edna                     Hus #1 John M (1913);  Marr 23 Mar 1940;  #2 Willard Dunfee       Crystal Township
 Daniels          Clara A Stilson                 10 Dec 1868 Wisconsin             6 Jan 1917 49y 26d      Cherokee Iowa         James M Stilson      Derlidon Stone           Wife of Frank M (1863);  b:1867                                   Corwith
 Daniels          Clarence Harm                   14 Nov 1912 Revillo South Dakota  1 Mar 1985              Garner Hancock Co IA  Herman               Henrietta Jansen         Par of Georgetta, Clarence Jr;  b:15                              Concord Township
 Daniels          Eliza J Hall                    14 Jul 1841 Chite New York        4 Jan 1923              Corwith Iowa          John M Hall          Susane Purdy             Wife of George W (1839)                                           Corwith
 Daniels          Fonetta L                                                                                                                                                     see Howard                                                        Corwith
 Daniels          Fonina H                                                                                                                                                      see Wilson                                                        Corwith
 Daniels          Frank M                                1863                             1932                                                                                                                                                    Corwith
 Daniels          George                                 1885                             1957                                                                                                                                                    Christian Reformed Church
 Daniels          George W                        25 Jul 1839                      25 Jan 1921                                                                                  Co I 6th WI Inf                                                   Corwith
 Daniels          George W                               1878                      27 Dec 1896 18y 9m                             George W             Eliza                    stone #2                                                          Corwith
 Daniels          George W                               1878                      27 Dec 1896 18y 7m                             G W                  Eliza                    stone #1                                                          Corwith
 Daniels          Harm                                   1856                         Jul 1922                                                                                  Par of Anna, Sadie, Tena, Mary, Herman, +2 dau, +3 sons           Christian Reformed Church
 Daniels          Harmka Swyter                          1855                             1932                                                                                  Wife of Harm (1856)                                               Christian Reformed Church
 Daniels          Hattie Marie Schreiber                                                                                                                                        see Spieker                                                       Evergreen
 Daniels          Henrietta (Etta) Janson                1892                      20 Nov 1930              Garner Hancock Co IA                                                Wife of Herman (1886);  Marr 11 Apr 1911                          Concord Township
 Daniels          Herman                          26 Sep 1886 Ostfriesland Germany 28 Nov 1960              Britt Hancock Co IA   Harm                 Harmka Swyter            Par of Hattie, Clarence, Lorence, Lester, Richard;  d:1959        Concord Township
 Daniels          Irene Violet Hull                9 Aug 1913 Garner Hancock Co IA 14 Sep 1990              Garner Hancock Co IA  Budd L Hull          Georgia Belle Tadlock    Wife of Clarence H (1913);  Marr 15 Dec 1932                      Concord Township
 Daniels          Jerry Paul                      24 Sep 1944 Corwith Iowa         18 Sep 2009              Garner Hancock Co Ia  John M               Catherine Houston        Par of Todd, Mitch;  Hus of Diane TerHark;  Marr 1968             Crystal Township
 Daniels          John M                                 1875                      28 Feb 1920                                                                                                                                                    Crystal Township
 Daniels          John M                                 1913                             1967                                                                                  Par of James, John, Jerry                                         Crystal Township
 Daniels          Lester D                        26 Feb 1917                      23 Feb 1988                                    Herman               Henrietta Janson         Par of Don, Mary, James, Diann;  Cpl Co C 755 TK BN  WW II  IA    St Patricks Catholic
 Daniels          Lou                                    1875                      25 Feb 1920                                                                                  Wife of John M (1875)                                             Crystal Township
 Daniels          Mabel P                          9 Apr 1875                         Jul 1972                                                                                  bur:6                                                             Evergreen
 Daniels          Tena M                                                                                                                                                        see Riggle                                                        Crystal Township
 Danielson        Emma L                                 1910                             2002                                                                                  Wife of Floyd S (1907)                                            Madison Township
 Danielson        Floyd S                                1907                             1991                                                                                                                                                    Madison Township
 Dankbar          Anna M                                                                                                                                                        see Engstler                                                      St Boniface Catholic
 Dankbar          Bernard H                              1871                       6 Aug 1924              Hancock County Iowa   Theodore             Christina Holscher                                                                         St Boniface Catholic
 Dankbar          Elizabeth                                                                                                                                                     see Knoll                                                         St Boniface Catholic
 Dankbar          Eugene                          14 May 1933                                                                                                                   Par of Eugene, Johanna, Wendy                                     St Boniface Catholic
 Dankbar          Frances                                1873                      15 Jan 1951                                                                                  Wife of Bernard H (1871)                                          St Boniface Catholic
 Dankbar          Rose                                                                                                                                                          see Engstler                                                      St Boniface Catholic
 Dankbar          Ruth Carolyn Boyd               28 Dec 1938 Lake City Iowa       13 Mar 2013              Garner Hancock Co Ia  Gaylord Boyd         Leona Boom               Wife of Eugene (1933);  Marr 8 May 1959                           St Boniface Catholic
 Danker           Martha (Margaret)                                                                                                                                             see Hellweg                                                       Concord Township
 Danner           Henricus (Henry)                15 Jun 1866                      17 Aug 1904                                                         Wilhelmina                                                                                 St Boniface Catholic
 Danner           Wilhelmina Henneloter           24 Jun 1831 Germany              16 Aug 1910              Hancock County Iowa   Frank Henneloter                                                                                                St Boniface Catholic
 Darby            James Harvey                     2 Dec 1878 Illinois              5 Nov 1917              Hancock County Iowa   Samuel Allen         Betty Jones              co rec b:1877                                                     Corwith
 Darling          Eldon E                         18 Feb 1918 Dallas County Iowa    8 Mar 1986              Britt Hancock Co IA   Harry                Margaret Carpenter       Hus of #1 Lois, 1943;  #2 Margy Hartzell, 20 Feb 1971             Evergreen
 Darling          Lois I Marker                          1920                             1969                                                                                  Wife of Eldon E (1918); Marr 1943; Par of Judy, Nancy; bur:17 Dec Evergreen
 Darling          Margy A Hartzell                       1935                                                                     Clarence L Hartzell  Lottie L Ellsworth       Wife of Eldon E                                                   Evergreen
 Darrah           Alice A                          4 Jun 1902                      25 Jan 1902 7m 21d       Kanawha Iowa          Wallace              Margaret                 d:1903;  moved from Amsterdam Twp Cem 5 Dec 1916                  Amsterdam Township
 Darrah           Margaret                               1876                      23 Jun 1946 64y 8m 27d   Kanawha Iowa                                                        Wife of Wallace (1874)                                            Amsterdam Township
 Darrah           Miriam Anna                     19 Jan 1905 Iowa                  9 Feb 1920 15y 20d      Hancock County Iowa   Wallace              Margaret Jackson                                                                           Amsterdam Township
 Darrah           Wallace Hammill                 15 Nov 1874                       7 Nov 1960 85y          Belmond Wright Co IA                                                Par of Alice, Miriam                                              Amsterdam Township
 Daubs            Betty Louise Corrick                                                                                                                                          see Hejlik                                                        Concord Township
 Daugard          Delores                                1928                                                                                                                   Wife of Grover (1924)                                             Corwith
 Daugard          Emmert Charles                   6 Mar 1922 Atlantic Iowa        28 Oct 1994              Britt Hancock Co IA   Henry                Myrtle Jensen            Marr Delores Rios Draper 28 Mar 1980; Par of 6 children           Evergreen
 Daugard          Grover Everett                  31 Aug 1924                      20 Feb 2006                                                                                  Par of Sandra, Roger;  2nd Lt US AAF WW II                        Corwith
 Daugard          Henry J                         11 Feb 1889                         Jul 1980                                                                                                                                                    Corwith
 Daugard          Myrtle                          12 Mar 1897                       3 Fab 1990              Britt Hancock Co Ia                                                 Wife of Henry J (1889)                                            Corwith
 Daugherty        Franklin                        22 Feb 1896                      18 Mar 1897              Hutchins Iowa         Charles              Mariam                                                                                     Orthel Township
 Davenpeck        Eiza Frank                             1827 New York             20 May 1909 82y 6m 12d                                                                       Wife of Garrett;  Marr 13 Jan 1848                                Evergreen
 Davenpeck        Garrett                         17 Sep 1828 Florida New York      3 Sep 1880 52y 11m 14d  Hancock County Iowa                                                 b:1826; d:1883;  ae: 53y 3d county record;  Par of 2 children     Evergreen
 Davenport        Alexander B                     10 Oct 1860                      10 Jul 1946                                                                                  Par of Earl, Dale, John, Ray                                      Crystal Township
 Davenport        Dale Ashley                      1 Feb 1903                      29 May 1982                                    Alexander Bernard    Katherine A Gamber                                                                         Crystal Township
 Davenport        John Richard                    17 Oct 1887 Alpena South Dakota   7 May 1955              Britt Hancock Co Ia   Alexander Bernard    Katherine A Gamber       d:Mar                                                             Crystal Township
 Davenport        Kathyrn A Gamber                 4 Jul 1863                       8 Mar 1945                                                                                  Wife of Alexander B (1860)                                        Crystal Township
 Davenport        Lana J                                                                                                                                                        see Blansham                                                      Evergreen
 Davenport        Samuel Earl                     12 Dec 1889                      26 Mar 1956                                    Alexander Bernard    Katherine A Gamber       Sgt 9 Co Coast Artly WW I                                         Crystal Township
 Davids           Ann                                                                                                                                                           see Leerar                                                        Crystal Township
 Davidson         Amelia                                                                                                                                                        no stone                                                          Concord Township
 Davidson         Andrea Lackore                                                                                                                                                see Throm                                                         Madison Township
 Davidson         Bettye Ruth McNeese                                                                                                                                           see Senne                                                         Bingham Township
 Davidson         Edward E                        25 Jan 1821                      13 May 1906                                                                                  Wife #1 Polly Ann Snyder;  #2 Elisa Goodale;  b:1922              Madison Township
 Davies           Eva M Andreson                                                                                                                                                see Benson                                                        Crystal Township
 Davis            Albert J (Shorty)                9 Jun 1903                         Sep 1977                                                                                                                                                    St Patricks Catholic
 Davis            Amelia A                               1879                             1953                                                                                  Wife of S Jay (1876)                                              Ellington Township
 Davis            Anna                                                                                                                                                          see Kelly                                                         St Patricks Catholic
 Davis            Arlene E                        29 Nov 1938                                                                                                                   Wife of Daniel S (1932);  Marr 15 Jul 1956                        Concord Township
 Davis            Arlon Wayne                            1936                      10 Oct 1940 4y 2m 10d    Kanawha Iowa          H                    B                                                                                          Amsterdam Township
 Davis            Bernard                         10 Nov 1935                      10 Nov 1935              Kanawha Iowa          Harold               Mabel                    d:1934                                                            Amsterdam Township
 Davis            Bertha                                                                                                                                                        see Lundgren                                                      Crystal Township
 Davis            Bertha C Green                  18 Mar 1911                      25 Mar 1996                                    Daniel Green         Anna M Kanitz            d: Longmont CO ?                                                  Corwith
 Davis            Bessie M Benson                 16 May 1907 Wesley Kossuth Co IA 22 Oct 1974 67y 5m 6d    Hampton Iowa          Fred D Benson        Emma A Fox               Wife of W Howard (1900)                                           Amsterdam Township
 Davis            Cleo P                                                                                                                                                        see Francis                                                       Evergreen
 Davis            Daniel S                        30 Jun 1932                                                                                                                   Par of Dan Jr, Randy, Julie, Kimberly, Sandra                     Concord Township
 Davis            Dora Emma                                                                                                                                                     see Bates                                                         Concord Township
 Davis            Doris Ardell                                                                                                                                                  see Burk                                                          Avery Township
 Davis            Doris Dean                                                                                                                                                    see Higgins                                                       Bingham Township
 Davis            Doris Dean                                                                                                                                                    see Higgins                                                       Bingham Township
 Davis            Edmund                                 1820                       6 Sep 1897 77y 2m 6d                                                                                                                                          Ellington Township
 Davis            Edmund E                        24 Mar 1945 Forest City Iowa     31 May 2012              Forest City Iowa      Ernest C             Thelma C Benson          Par of Karolyn, Kent, Jason, Janelle                              Ellington Township
 Davis            Edna M                           3 Oct 1904                         Sep 1989                                                                                  Wife of Albert J (1903)                                           St Patricks Catholic
 Davis            Ernest C                        24 Jun 1913                         Sep 1970                                                                                  Par of Edmund, Douglas                                            Ellington Township
 Davis            Ethan A  "Pie"                         1878                      10 Apr 1950              Northwood Iowa                             Maggie                                                                                     Ellington Township
 Davis            Eugene Jr (James)                      1925                      12 Feb 1929 3y 1m 21d    Kanawha Iowa          Howard               Bessie                                                                                     Amsterdam Township
 Davis            Frances L                       21 Jun 1860 Seneca Falls N Y      7 Mar 1902 41y 8m 14d   Hancock County Iowa                                                 Wife of William H                                                 Crystal Township
 Davis            Frank Q                                1907                             1971                                                                                                                                                    Corwith
 Davis            Jane (Jim ?)                           1835                      22 Dec 1926 91y          Garner Hancock Co IA                                                no stone                                                          Amsterdam Township
 Davis            Jessie Laura                           1901                             1949                                                                                                                                                    Crystal Township
 Davis            Jimmie                          27 Dec 1936                      27 Dec 1936              Clarion Iowa          Harold               Mabel                    b,d:1935                                                          Amsterdam Township
 Davis            John Elmer                      11 Aug 1910 Iowa                 17 Oct 1935              Hancock County Iowa                        Miss Johnson                                                                               Crystal Township
 Davis            Kenneth R                              1939                             1950                                                                                  lot purchase 16 Oct                                               Corwith
 Davis            Larry LeRoy                            1941                       9 Apr 1945 3y 5m 4d     Wright County Iowa    Howard               B                                                                                          Amsterdam Township
 Davis            Lela M                                 1904                      23 Nov 1985 81y          Belmond Wright Co IA                                                                                                                  Amsterdam Township
 Davis            Lillian May                                                                                                                                                   see Frogg                                                         Crystal Township
 Davis            Luella Johnson                         1866                             1944                                                                                  Wife of Henry                                                     Crystal Township
 Davis            M Roy                                  1878                       8 Oct 1947 68y 10m 6d   Iowa City Iowa                                                      Par of Doris, Howard, Harold, Lela                                Amsterdam Township
 Davis            Mabel                           12 Aug 1892                         Oct 1971                                                                                                                                                    Crystal Township
 Davis            Maggie                                 1836                             1916                                                                                                                                                    Ellington Township
 Davis            Margaret Anna                                                                                                                                                 see Chandler                                                      St Patricks Catholic
 Davis            Marian J                                                                                                                                                      see Powers                                                        Crystal Township
 Davis            Mary Jane                                                                                                                                                     see Jorgensen                                                     Concord Township
 Davis            Mattie C Shedl                  16 Mar 1879 Iowa                 12 Jul 1917              Des Moines Iowa       Cephus Shedl         -- Peppos                                                                                  Corwith
 Davis            Myrtle C Bearbower                     1879                       9 Sep 1967 88y 3m 4d    Clear Lake Iowa                                                     Wife of M Roy (1878)                                              Amsterdam Township
 Davis            Orva                                                                                                                                                          see Omer C Kramer                                                 Concord Township
 Davis            Rachel                                                                                                                                                        see Rasmussen                                                     Crystal Township
 Davis            Rachel L                               1905                             1970                                                                                  Wife of Ruthford E (1904)                                         Ellington Township
 Davis            Randall Scott Sr                 3 Jun 1959 Algona Iowa           4 Jul 1995              Mason City Iowa       Dan S                Arlene E Ringler         Hus of Crystal Mary;  Marr 26 Sep 1981;  Par of Randy, Adam       Concord Township
 Davis            Randy S                          3 Jun 1959                       4 Jul 1995                                    Daniel S             Arlene E                 Par of Randy Jr, Adam, Rachael                                    Concord Township
 Davis            Robert E Jr                     27 Nov 1953                      28 Jun 1955 1y 7m        Chapin Iowa           Robert E             Carol                                                                                      Amsterdam Township
 Davis            Ruthford E                      17 Jan 1904                       6 Apr 1963              Kansas City                                                         Par of Yvonne, Barbara                                            Ellington Township
 Davis            S Jay                                  1876                             1955                                                                                                                                                    Ellington Township
 Davis            Sarah J                                                                                                                                                       see Montgomery                                                    Amsterdam Township
 Davis            Scherry June                                                                                                                                                  see Kyhl                                                          Evergreen
 Davis            Susan Elizabeth                                                                                                                                               see Decker                                                        Concord Township
 Davis            Thelma C                        24 Jun 1913                       9 Jan 1994                                                                                  Wife of Ernest C (1913)                                           Ellington Township
 Davis            Virginia M                                                                                                                                                    see Butler                                                        Ell Township
 Davis            W Howard                         2 Mar 1900                      30 Aug 1971 71y                                                                              d:29                                                              Amsterdam Township
 Davis            William F                       25 Jan 1887                       6 Feb 1953                                                                                  Sgt 1318 Casual Det  WW I Ia;  b:3                                St Patricks Catholic
 Davis            William H                       13 Dec 1849                       2 Nov 1908                                                                                                                                                    Crystal Township
 Davis            William Howard                         1940                       4 Dec 1944 4y 2m 15d    Kanawha Iowa          H                    B                                                                                          Amsterdam Township
 Davison          Coleen M                        21 Mar 1938                      30 Mar 2008                                                                                  Wife of Joseph C (1934);  Marr 21 Nov 1963                        St Patricks Catholic
 Davison          Jeremiah B                      10 May 1862 Salem Ohio           27 Dec 1954              Britt Hancock Co IA   Elias                Jane                     Par of Leonard, Fay, Donald, Cora, Lyman J, Jessie, +1 son        Evergreen
 Davison          Jessie B                                                                                                                                                      see Clark                                                         Evergreen
 Davison          Joseph C                         2 Jun 1934                                                                                                                   Par of Christopher                                                St Patricks Catholic
 Davison          Mary Jo Gard                           1937                                                                                                                   Wife of Victor E (1936);  Marr 1964                               Evergreen
 Davison          Victor E                        23 Sep 1936                      26 Jan 1982              Minneapolis MN                                                      Par of Victoria, Jill, Robert, Timothy                            Evergreen
 Davison          Willis                           8 Jul 1939                                                                                                                   Par of Wendell, Susan, Sara, Julia                                Concord Township
 Dawson           Anna Elizabeth Deibler          10 Jul 1868                       8 Apr 1896 27y 8m 28d                         James Deibler        Eva                      Wife #1 of Charles W (1868);  Par of Leslie, Elsie, Anna          Corwith
 Dawson           Burnell Ann Wegner              21 Jul 1921                      15 May 1991                                                                                  Wife of Lavoy E (1916)                                            Corwith
 Dawson           Carolyn J                       20 Mar 1926                      18 Jul 1998                                                                                  Par of Jeneil, Steve, Melanie, Paul                               Evergreen
 Dawson           Charles P                       21 Sep 1903                         Dec 1987                                                                                                                                                    Corwith
 Dawson           Charles Wilmer                   7 Jul 1868 DeWitt Illinois      23 Sep 1952              Corwith Iowa          William F            Henrietta Cole           Wife #1 Anna E Diebler, 1888;  #2 Elizabeth Johnston, 1897        Corwith
 Dawson           Cora M                                                                                                                                                        see Clark                                                         Evergreen
 Dawson           Dora Jane                                                                                                                                                     see Deibler                                                       Amsterdam Township
 Dawson           Eleanor M                                                                                                                                                     see Johnson                                                       Amsterdam Township
 Dawson           Elizabeth Ada Johnston          18 Feb 1869                      27 Nov 1963                                                                                  Wife #2 of Charles W (1868);  Par of Ruby, Charles, Ethel         Corwith
 Dawson           Ethel Leila                                                                                                                                                   see Schroeder                                                     Amsterdam Township
 Dawson           Evelyn Amelia                   25 Sep 1919                      18 Apr 1974                                    Leslie E Dawson      Rebecca Wermerson                                                                          Corwith
 Dawson           Hettia Maria  (Hester) (Hattie)        1843                      26 Jun 1922              Corwith Iowa                                                        Mother                                                            Corwith
 Dawson           Lavoy Elwin                     24 Apr 1916                      27 Apr 1981                                                                                  Par of Craig, Steven                                              Corwith
 Dawson           Leslie Ellis                    22 Jul 1892                       4 Mar 1968                                                                                                                                                    Corwith
 Dawson           Myrtle L                               1914                                                                                                                   Wife of Charles P (1903)                                          Corwith
 Dawson           Rebecca Wermersen                5 Feb 1894                      31 Oct 1974                                    Harm Wermersen       Amelia Dallman           Wife of Leslie E (1892)                                           Corwith
 Dawson           Ruby Alice                                                                                                                                                    see Galloway                                                      Corwith
 Day              ---                                    1879                             1879                                                                                  Infant                                                            Avery Township
 Day              ---                                    1898                      10 Jan 1899 42d                                Steve                                         Infant Dau;  Adpt;  no stone                                      Ell Township
 Day              Daniel J                         2 Jul 1938 West Bend Iowa       12 May 1993              Britt Hancock Co IA                                                 Par of Douglas                                                    Evergreen
 Day              Darlene L Leerar                                                                                                                                              Wife of Daniel J (1938);  Marr 10 Nov 1963                        Evergreen
 Day              Dora Elder                      11 Aug 1852 Clearfield County PA 25 Oct 1887 35y 2m       Hancock County Iowa   George W             Emily Bonsoll            Wife of Reverda M (1846);  Marr 6 Mar 1871                        Avery Township
 Day              Edna Pearl                      16 Aug 1898                      24 Oct 1899 1y 6m                              Steve                                         Adpt;  no stone;  d:23 Nov                                        Ell Township
 Day              Elizabeth Cooper                                                                                                                                              see Kelley                                                        Ell Township
 Day              Estella                                                                                                                                                       see Nissen                                                        Ell Township
 Day              Henrietta Isabelle Martin                                                                                                                                     see Bruhl                                                         Ell Township
 Day              Ida Alice                                                                                                                                                     see Baumgartner                                                   Ell Township
 Day              Pearl Harvey                           1905                       3 Nov 1980 75y          Bradenton Florida                                                   Wife of Loran;  Par of Mary Jane, Jerry                           Evergreen
 Day              Reverda Morris                  11 Aug 1846 Greene County PA     27 Jul 1917              Milford Iowa          John N               Elizabeth Cooper         Co K 3rd IL Cav; Par of Margt,Estella,Ida,Bob,John,Stephen,Morris Avery Township
 Day              Robert                                 1872 Hancock County Iowa     Oct 1879                                    Reverda M            Dora Elder               b:1879                                                            Avery Township
 Daylor           ---                                    1882 Hancock County Iowa   6 Jan 1882              Hancock County Iowa                                                 Son;  no stone;  county record                                    Evergreen
 Daylor           Amy                             18 Feb 1880 Hancock County Iowa  28 Jul 1880              Hancock County Iowa   Thomas A             Annie E Zaunck                                                                             Evergreen
 Daylor           Annie E Zaunck                  19 Jul 1849 Dubuque Iowa         10 Jan 1882              Hancock County Iowa                                                 Wife of Thomas A;  Marr 29 Mar 1873                               Evergreen
 Daylor           Frank Armstrong                        1878 Britt Hancock Co Ia     Jul 1954                                    Thomas A             Annie E Zaunck           bur:15                                                            Evergreen
 Daylor           Thomas A                        24 May 1849 Ottawa Canada        15 Aug 1909              Clear Lake Iowa       Frank (Thomas C)     Mariah McDonald          Par of Thomas, Frank, Amy;   Pvt Co M 2 Ia Cav                    Evergreen
 Deach            Virginia                                                                                                                                                      see Estle                                                         Avery Township
 Deal             Salina O'Brien                  10 Dec 1833 Indiana              11 Feb 1916 82y          Britt Hancock Co IA   Enoch O'Brien        Neoma Parker             no stone                                                          Corwith
 Dean             Dona M Gettis                                                                                                                                                 see Kuns                                                          Madison Township
 Dean             Donald J                        27 Jan 1910 Renwick Iowa         28 Nov 1995              Kanawha Iowa                                                        Par of Judith, Donald                                             Corwith
 Dean             Dorothy N                                                                                                                                                     see May                                                           Amsterdam Township
 Dean             Helen Mae Graham                15 Jan 1914 Corwith Iowa         24 May 2007              Britt Hancock Co Ia   Alvin Graham         Addie Stokesbury         Wife of Donald J (1910);  Marr 28 Feb 1933                        Corwith
 Dean             Margaret Florence                                                                                                                                             see Bode                                                          Bingham Township
 DeBerg           Glenn Allen                      8 Feb 1947 Sibley Iowa          11 Mar 2012              Britt Hancock Co IA   Alvin                Francis Mulder           Par of Kent,Kevin,Koreen,Jill,Ryan,Lora; Wife #1 Ramona, #2 Darla Evergreen
 DeBoer           Anna                                   1856                      18 Mar 1922 65y 11m 23d  Wright County Iowa                                                  Wife of George J (1858)                                           Amsterdam Township
 DeBoer           Anne                                                                                                                                                          see Waidelich                                                     Christian Reformed Church
 DeBoer           Bendina Peters                   6 Feb 1876                      29 Jul 1958                                    H O Peters           Anna Freese              Wife of Claus (1875)                                              Christian Reformed Church
 DeBoer           Bernice                                                                                                                                                       see Eckels                                                        Christian Reformed Church
 DeBoer           Claus                           17 Sep 1875                      27 May 1947                                                                                  Par of Bernice, Clarence, Anne, Esther, Theodore, Herman, Maurice Christian Reformed Church
 DeBoer           Esther                                                                                                                                                        see Tjaden                                                        Christian Reformed Church
 DeBoer           George J                               1858                       7 Mar 1952 93y 3m 4d    Wellsburg Iowa                                                                                                                        Amsterdam Township
 DeBoer           Herman  "Bing"                         1911                       5 Oct 1958              Long Island N Y       Claus                Bendina Peters           Par of 2 dau                                                      Christian Reformed Church
 DeBruyn          Florence Hanna Gustin           20 Sep 1902 Buffalo Center Iowa  30 Aug 1955              Woden Hancock Co IA   William Gustin       Christina Abbas          Wife of Gerret B (1897);  Marr 20 Sep 1920;  d:1954               Bingham Township
 DeBruyn          Gerret B  "Bob"                        1897 Peoria Iowa          17 May 1951              Woden Hancock Co IA                                                 Par of William, Louise                                            Bingham Township
 Decker           Ardell J                        17 Oct 1889                      21 Jun 1890                                    Nicholas             Louisa Bintz             Dau                                                               St Marys Catholic
 Decker           Ella                                                                    1894                                    Nicholas             Louisa Bintz                                                                               St Marys Catholic
 Decker           Hamilton Lincoln                       1863                             1938                                                                                  bur:26 Oct                                                        Concord Township
 Decker           Louise Bintz                     7 Jul 1863 Croghan New York            1939                                                                                  Wife of Nicholas J (1862);  Marr 12 Jan 1886                      St Marys Catholic
 Decker           Nicholas John                          1862 Alsace Lorraine             1937                                                                                  Par of Isabell, Laurence, William, Angelina, Ella, Ardell         St Marys Catholic
 Decker           Ruth M                                                                                                                                                        see Houdek                                                        St Boniface Catholic
 Decker           Susan Elizabeth Davis           26 Apr 1869 Northfork VA         10 Jan 1943              Garner Hancock Co IA  Aaron Davis          Mary                     Wife of Hamilton L (1863);  Marr 1887                             Concord Township
 Deethardt        Johanna Klaassen                                                                                                                                              see Greenfield                                                    Bingham Township
 DeGeus           Shaley Sue                                                                                                                                                    see Henken                                                        Bingham Township
 DeGeus           Terry S                         19 Nov 1960                       5 Nov 1993                                    Ed                   Joann                    Par of Ashley, Weston                                             Bingham Township
 DeGeus           Weston Scott                    30 Dec 1989                      10 Jan 1990                                    Terry                Wendy                                                                                      Bingham Township
 DeGroot          Antje                                                                                                                                                         see Katuin                                                        Amsterdam Township
 DeGroot          Lori                                                                                                                                                          see Eekhoff                                                       Amsterdam Township
 DeGroote         Darrel Everett                  13 Sep 1922 West Bend Iowa        6 Feb 2005              Kanawha Iowa          Perrie               Ellen Satter             Par of Douglas, Gary, Mark;  SK3 US Navy  WW II                   Corwith
 DeGroote         Ellen                           23 Sep 1894                         Sep 1992                                                                                  Wife of Perrie (1891);  d:1982                                    Corwith
 DeGroote         Mable L Olson Risvold Veldhouse  2 May 1918 Livermore Iowa       26 Nov 2012              Algona Kossuth Co IA  Lewis Olson          Amelia Nelson            Hus #1 Carvel Risvold; #2 James Veldhouse; #3 Robert DeGroote     Corwith
 DeGroote         Mark Everett                                                     17 Sep 1959                                    Darrel E             Pearl I                                                                                    Corwith
 DeGroote         Mary Jane Welter                       1921                         Aug 1992                                                                                  Wife of Robert L (1921);  Marr 4 Feb 1946                         St Marys Catholic
 DeGroote         Pearl I Hollatz                        1921                             2006                                    Henry Gustav Hollatz Bertha Augusta Bohn      Wife of Darrel E (1922)                                           Corwith
 DeGroote         Perrie A L                      11 Mar 1891                         Oct 1980                                                                                                                                                    Corwith
 DeGroote         Robert L                        15 May 1921 West Bend Iowa       28 Sep 2013              Ankeny Iowa           Perrie               Ellen Satter             Par of Deb,Dennis,Doralyn,Donnelle,David; Wife #2 Mable Risvold   St Marys Catholic
 Deibler          ---                                                              27 Apr 1922              Kanawha Iowa          William H            Matilda Ida Escher       Infant Son                                                        Amsterdam Township
 Deibler          Ann (Sarah) Sullivan            29 Dec 1882                      15 Apr 1980                                    James Sullivan                                Wife of John J (1878);  Marr 4 Feb 1902                           St Patricks Catholic
 Deibler          Anna E                                                                                                                                                        see Dawson                                                        Corwith
 Deibler          Catherine Amelia                                                                                                                                              see Shipman                                                       Corwith
 Deibler          Dora Jane Dawson                 1 Mar 1866                       1 Mar 1917 50y          Hampton Iowa          William F Dawson     Henrietta                Wife #1 of William H (1863)                                       Amsterdam Township
 Deibler          Emma Luella                                                                                                                                                   see Zeigler                                                       Evergreen
 Deibler          Eva C Moyer                     28 Mar 1842 Pennsylvania          4 Jul 1886 44y 3m 6d    Hancock County Iowa                                                 Wife of James B;  Marr 27 Nov 1861;  Par of Frank, Marietta       Evergreen
 Deibler          Ireta Ross                      14 Apr 1916 Britt Hancock Co IA  13 Jul 1989              Mason City Iowa       James S Ross         Daisy Mae Clark          Wife of Merle (1915); Marr 20 Apr 1938; Par of Kathryn, Peg,Janet St Boniface Catholic
 Deibler          James B                         30 Aug 1842 Dauphin County PA    26 Jan 1905              Corwith Iowa                                                        Par of Wm,John,Etta,Hattie,Maggie,Kate,Anna,Jennie,Frank,Emma +   Evergreen
 Deibler          John James  "Jack"              29 Jul 1878 Forreston Illinois   24 Oct 1953                                    James                Eva Meyer                Par of Merle                                                      St Patricks Catholic
 Deibler          Lois M                                                                                                                                                        see Charbonneaux                                                  Evergreen
 Deibler          Loren Vivian                    15 Oct 1902 Hancock County Iowa  18 Aug 1956 53y          Belmond Wright Co IA  William              Dora J                   Par of Gerald, Mary                                               Amsterdam Township
 Deibler          Mary Lou                        26 Aug 1940 Kanawha Iowa         20 Jul 2003              Sioux City Iowa       Loren V Deibler      Mildred B Remer          Par Beth                                                          Amsterdam Township
 Deibler          Matilda Ida (Martha) Escher      8 Feb 1883 Illinois             22 Nov 1971 88y          Mason City Iowa       Joseph Escher                                 Wife #2 of William H (1863)                                       Amsterdam Township
 Deibler          Merle James                      6 Oct 1915                      12 Sep 1988              Mason City Iowa       John                 Sara Ann Sullivan        Par of Mary,Jack,Jim,Donna,Rita,Joe,Bob,Bill,Betty,Tom,Pat,Barb + St Boniface Catholic
 Deibler          Mildred Remer Scott                    1909                       8 Aug 1985 76y          Cedar Rapids Iowa                                                   Hus #1 Mr Scott;  #2 Loren V (1902)                               Amsterdam Township
 Deibler          William Henry                   30 Oct 1863 Pennsylvania         15 Jul 1953 89y          Mason City Iowa       James B              Eva C Meyer                                                                                Amsterdam Township
 Deihl            Lela J                                                                                                                                                        see Hall                                                          Evergreen
 DeKruif          James R  (Jim)                  29 Nov 1961                      15 Dec 1980 19y          Corwith Iowa          Roger W              Sharon K                                                                                   Evergreen
 DeKruif          Roger W                         10 May 1942                       5 Apr 2002 59y          Britt Hancock Co IA                                                 Par of James, David, Debra;  b:1943                               Evergreen
 DeKruif          Sharon K                               1945                             1998                                                                                  Wife of Roger W (1942)                                            Evergreen
 Delaney          Johnnie                                1895                       7 Apr 1895 2d                                 J                    M                                                                                          St Marys Catholic
 Delaney          Sallie L                                                                                                                                                      see Williams                                                      Evergreen
 DeLaReva         Beatrice                               1919                      13 Feb 1930 11y 9d       Crystal Lake Iowa     Mariono                                                                                                         Crystal Township
 DeLeon           Alfred                                 1938                                                                                                                   Par of Marlene, John, Justin                                      Evergreen
 Delger           Alice Klap                      15 Jun 1900 Felslerwalde Nethrld  9 Aug 1995              Kanawha Iowa          Tybo Klap  d:1969    Henrietta Nanninga       Wife of Kort K (1891);  Marr 1918                                 Amsterdam Township
 Delger           Anna                                                                                                                                                          see TerHark                                                       Evergreen
 Delger           Bradly Steven                   17 Mar 1951                      17 Mar 1951                                                                                                                                                    Crystal Township
 Delger           Brenda Kay                      18 Nov 1952                      18 Nov 1952                                                                                                                                                    Crystal Township
 Delger           Delia                                  1915                             2007                                                                                  Wife of Tom (1915);  Marr 14 Oct 1940;  b:7 Mar, d:Mar ??         Amsterdam Township
 Delger           Elizabeth                        2 Mar 1867                      12 Aug 1952 86y          Kanawha Iowa                                                        Wife of Kort (1870)                                               Amsterdam Township
 Delger           Emogene  (Emma)                 10 May 1893 Vinstervold Nethrlnd  4 May 1939 45y 11m 26d  Kanawha Iowa          Koert Delger         Miss Nemier                                                                                Amsterdam Township
 Delger           Gertie                                                                                                                                                        see Westin                                                        Amsterdam Township
 Delger           Gertie Klap                            1893                      28 Mar 1944 51y 2m 13d   Kanawha Iowa          Tybo Klap  d:1969    Henrietta Nanninga       Wife of Harm (1887)                                               Amsterdam Township
 Delger           Harm                            30 Oct 1887                       7 Sep 1976 88y          Mason City Iowa                                                                                                                       Amsterdam Township
 Delger           Henrietta                                                                                                                                                     see Eekhoff                                                       Amsterdam Township
 Delger           Kort                            18 Aug 1870                      23 Jul 1953 83y          Mason City Iowa       Kort                 Alice Klap                                                                                 Amsterdam Township
 Delger           Kort K Jr                       25 Dec 1919                      20 Jul 1944 24y          New Guinea            Kort K Sr            Alice Klap               Pfc 127 Inf 32 Div  WW II Ia;  Moved from overseas 24 July 1948   Amsterdam Township
 Delger           Kort K Sr                        6 Apr 1891                      12 Nov 1969 78y          Belmond Wright Co IA                                                Par of Kort Jr, Henrietta                                         Amsterdam Township
 Delger           Tom                             13 Sep 1915 Forreston Illinois    9 Jun 2000              Fort Dodge Iowa       Harm                 Gertie Klap              Par of Virginia, Timothy, Paul                                    Amsterdam Township
 Deliere          Ellen                                                                                                                                                         see Roushia                                                       Evergreen
 Delight          Peggy                                                                                                                                                         see Lee                                                           Evergreen
 Delzell          Ophia Jane                                                                                                                                                    see Swan                                                          Crystal Township
 DeMeret          Emma                                                                                                                                                          see Frank H Clark                                                 Avery Township
 Dempsey          Donna Marie                                                                                                                                                   see Boller                                                        Avery Township
 Denham           Marilynn                                                                                                                                                      see Wilmoth James Mack                                            Concord Township
 Denmark          Eunice E Larsen                  3 Jul 1927                      11 Jan 1998              Glenview Illinois     Clarence A Larsen    Rosa Mae Yahnke                                                                            Ell Township
 Denney           Benjamin F                      19 Jul 1883 Mountian Grove MO    17 Mar 1955              Britt Hancock Co Ia   James M              Minnie Reeves            Par of son, dau;  Dr                                              Evergreen
 Denney           Boyd H                                 1920                             1998                                    James Thomas         Florence Mabel Ferguson  Par of Roger;  bur:14 Feb                                         Concord Township
 Denney           Florence Mable Ferguson          8 May 1901 Winslow Illinois     29 Sep 1975              Mason City Iowa       Boyd W Ferguson      Carrie E Etzler          Wife of James T (1889);  Marr 27 Apr 1917                         Concord Township
 Denney           Guenn Harden                    19 Jan 1890 Casey Iowa              Dec 1968                                                                                  Wife of Benjamin F (1883);  Marr 1912;  bur:6                     Evergreen
 Denney           Hazel A                                1921                             1997                                                                                  Wife of Boyd H (1920);  bur:15 Apr                                Concord Township
 Denney           James Thomas                     9 Oct 1889 Bristol Virginia     19 Mar 1971              Garner Hancock Co IA  Henry                Mary Martin              Par of Robert, Boyd, James, Elaine                                Concord Township
 Denney           Judy Ann                        20 May 1944                      22 Aug 1992                                                                                  Par of Brian                                                      Concord Township
 Dennis           Catherine Marie                                                                                                                                               see Mattis                                                        St Boniface Catholic
 Denny            Evelyn Joan D                                                                                                                                                 see Johnson                                                       Evergreen
 Denny            Judy Ann Nerem                  20 May 1944 Mason City Iowa      22 Aug 1992              Salt Lake City Utah   Marvin E Nerem       Evelyn L Otis            Wife of Roger;  Par of Brian                                      Concord Township
 DeNoyelles       Wellington                       5 Sep 1855 Green Co New York    24 Dec 1901              Garner Hancock Co IA                                                                                                                  Concord Township
 DeNoyles         Myra Borst                             1822 New York              6 Feb 1908              Hancock County Iowa   Borst                                         no stone                                                          Concord Township
 Denzel           Elizabeth (Margaret) Summer     27 Aug 1831 Germany               6 Oct 1923                                                                                  Wife of John (1830)                                               Madison Township
 Denzel           Emma C                                 1877                             1952                                                                                  Wife of George E (1869)                                           Madison Township
 Denzel           Etta Steinhoff                  22 Oct 1875 Grand Island NE      29 Jul 1931              Forest City Iowa                                                    Wife of Henry;  Marr 29 Oct 1898 (1900);  b:Nov                   Madison Township
 Denzel           George E                        22 Aug 1869                      17 Mar 1957                                                                                                                                                    Madison Township
 Denzel           Henry                           18 Aug 1871 Vermilion Co Ohio     9 Sep 1964                                    John                 Margaret Summer                                                                            Madison Township
 Denzel           John                             4 Dec 1830 Germany              22 Jul 1908              Forest City Iowa                                                    Par of Sebastian,Sophia,Louisa,Jacob,Mary,Wm,Geo,Henry,Theodore   Madison Township
 Denzel           Leslie Ellsworth                11 Nov 1900                      22 May ****                                    Henry                Etta                                                                                       Madison Township
 Derr             Inez Louise Braund              24 Dec 1874 Lisbon Wisconsin     12 Mar 1936              Hancock County Iowa   Solomon Braund       Helen VanHoosen          Wife of N Ira (1859);  Marr 21 Oct 1893                           Concord Township
 Derr             N Ira                            6 Nov 1859                       5 Jun 1942              Garner Hancock Co IA                                                Par of Mabel, Raymond, Ethel, Carrie                              Concord Township
 Derr             Raymond                          9 Jun 1898 Garner Hancock Co IA  5 Feb 1966              Charleston S C        Ira Derr             Inez Braund                                                                                Concord Township
 Derritt          Polly C                                1849                      27 May 1924 75y 5m 17d                                                                                                                                         Crystal Township
 Desbro           Carrie Floy                     28 Feb 1890                      11 Mar 1894                                    S S                  A H                                                                                        Madison Township
 Desbro           S Harrison                      27 Sep 1888 Muscatine Iowa       10 Dec 1890              Hancock County Iowa   S S                  A H                                                                                        Madison Township
 Descher          Mary L (J)                                                                                                                                                    see Severns                                                       Corwith
 Dethmers         Edna Lucille Griffith Block     12 Mar 1906 Rockwell City Iowa   26 Jan 1986              Garner Hancock Co IA  Edward Griffith      Myrtle Means             Hus #1 John Dethmers, 9 Jun 1931;  #2 Maurice Block, 8 Feb 1970   Concord Township
 Dethmers         John S  "Jack"                  29 Jan 1906                      21 May 1968                                                                                  Par of Jacquelyn, Dianna;  Hus #2 of Edna Griffith                Concord Township
 Dettman          William Fredrick                 6 Mar 1885 Illinois              6 Dec 1918                                                                                                                                                    Bingham Township
 DeVary           Dell Harding                    25 Nov 1920 Gruver Iowa           4 Jun 1956              Centerville Iowa      Fred                 Drusie Wiseman           Pfc Co K 26 Inf  WW II                                            Evergreen
 DeVary           Drusie                                 1884                             1952                                                                                  Wife of Fred (1875);  b: or bur:1932                              Evergreen
 DeVary           Fred                                   1875                      27 Aug 1940              Rockwell Iowa                                                                                                                         Evergreen
 DeVary           Gertrude                                                                                                                                                      see Wise                                                          Evergreen
 DeVary           Leota Melcher                          1916                             1969                                                                                  Wife of Dell H (1920);  bur:28 Aug                                Evergreen
 DeVary           Ordean L   (Ardan)              12 Jan 1924                       2 Sep 1970                                                                                  IA Tec 5 US Army  WW II                                           Evergreen
 DeVereux         Lydia                                  1805                      26 Apr 1881 76y                                                                              Wife of Theodorus (1803)                                          Avery Township
 DeVereux         Theodorus                              1803                      14 Apr 1882 79y                                                                                                                                                Avery Township
 Devine           Alice                                                                                                                                                         see Zielie                                                        Avery Township
 Devine           Bernard J                       24 Sep 1900                         Dec 1967                                                                                  Par of Richard, Gerald, Joan, Donald, Emily, Judith, Dale         Bingham Township
 Devine           Cathrine Cosgriff                                                                                                                                             Wife of James M (1926);  Marr 14 Feb 1953                         St Marys Catholic
 DeVine           Celestine Rose Lorenz  "Sally"  15 Oct 1925 Hancock County Iowa  17 Nov 2012                                    Joseph Lorenz        Antoinette               Wife of Paul Sr;  Marr 1957                                       St Johns Catholic
 Devine           Dale John                       26 May 1943 Woden Hancock Co IA  20 Sep 1969              Hancock County Iowa   Bernard                                       IA A2c USAF  Vietnam                                              Bingham Township
 Devine           Elenora Catherine Reding        25 May 1908 St Joseph Iowa       13 Feb 1999              Britt Hancock Co IA   Michael Reding       Susanne Altman           Wife of Bernard J (1900);  Marr 12 Feb 1929                       Bingham Township
 Devine           James M Sr                      17 Nov 1926 Algona Kossuth Co Ia 13 Aug 2013              Britt Hancock Co Ia   Steve                Susan                    Par of Jim, Tom, Dave                                             St Marys Catholic
 Devine           John Joseph                     14 Jul 1958                      14 Jul 1958              Britt hancock Co IA   Paul                 Sally (Celestine) Lorenz                                                                   St Johns Catholic
 Devine           Maurice S                       27 Dec 1923                      30 Dec 1973                                    Steve                Susan                    Par of Tim, Mary, Kathleen, Patricia, Jean;  Pfc US Army Ia WW II St Marys Catholic
 DeVine           Paul Sr                                                                                                                                                       Par of Paul, Mary, Patricia, Ann, Barbara, Joseph                 St Johns Catholic
 Devine           Richard B                       24 Aug 1931 Livermore Iowa       24 Sep 1972              Britt Hancock Co IA   Bernard J            Elnora Riding            IA Pvt USMC  Korea;  b:25                                         Bingham Township
 Devine           Rosemary                                                                                                                                                      see Groege L Assink                                               Amsterdam Township
 Devine           Rosemary L                      10 Apr 1927                                                                                                                   Wife of Maurice S (1923)                                          St Marys Catholic
 Devine           Steve J                         28 Dec 1893                         Dec 1966                                                                                  Par of James, Steve, Maurice                                      St Marys Catholic
 Devine           Steve N                          1 Oct 1933                                                                     Steve                Susan                                                                                      St Marys Catholic
 Devine           Susan R                                1893                             1968                                                                                  Wife of Steve J (1893)                                            St Marys Catholic
 Devitt           Frances Martha Smith Leinard           1873 Fort Atkinson Iowa   16 Apr 1947              Hollister Missouri    William Smith        Lenora Stillman          Hus #1 Willis W (1878) 1901;  #2 Ernest R Leinard 1937            Corwith
 Devitt           John                                   1907                      25 May 1924              Corwith Iowa          Willis Wilford       Frances Smith                                                                              Corwith
 Devitt           Willis Wilfred                  21 Feb 1878                         Jan 1920                                                                                  Par of John, Amy                                                  Corwith
 DeVoogt          Grace                                                                                                                                                         see Mossel                                                        Avery Township
 Devore           Kenneth                         11 Mar 1922 Corwith Iowa         12 Mar 1922              Corwith Iowa                                                        no stone                                                          Corwith
 Devories         Anna                                                                                                                                                          see Rust                                                          Avery Township
 DeVries          Catherine Gaile                  4 Sep 1943 Buffalo Center Iowa   4 Sep 1943              Buffalo Center Iowa   Jack                                                                                                            Bingham Township
 DeVries          Jacob                           13 Feb 1881 Holland              15 May 1942 60y 3m 2d    Hancock County Iowa                                                 book b:1882                                                       Ell Township
 DeVries          Katie                                  1893                                                                                                                                                                                     Ell Township
 Dew              Elizabeth                                                                                                                                                     see McQuarrie                                                     Concord Township
 DeWaard          Adrian                          13 Feb 1913                       4 Dec 1979              Britt Hancock Co IA   John                 Lyda Vreeman             Par of Lois, Carol, Donald, Robert                                Christian Reformed Church
 DeWaard          Adrian J                         8 Jan 1913                      24 Nov 1994                                                                                  Par of Allan, Judy, David, Arnold, Mary, Mark                     Corwith
 DeWaard          Armin Fred                       4 Oct 1943 Corwith Iowa         31 Aug 2013              Waterloo Iowa         Clarence             Naomi Zuehl              Par of Lori, Kristi, David                                        Bingham Township
 DeWaard          Clarence                        11 Jan 1914 Pelco Kansas         26 Sep 1970              Hancock County Iowa   Jacob                Marie Edel               Par of Ellen, Donna, Jerald, Armin, Marvin, Carl, Inf son         Evergreen
 DeWaard          Elsie Lena                                                                                                                                                    see Miller                                                        Christian Reformed Church
 DeWaard          Geraldine                                                                                                                                                     see Eenhuis                                                       Evergreen
 DeWaard          Gerrit                          29 Mar 1918 Phillips Co Kansas   31 May 2004              Mason City Iowa       John                 Lyda Vreeman             Hus of #1 Grace Looft;  #2 Wilma VanHove;  Sgt  US AAF  WW II     Christian Reformed Church
 DeWaard          Grace A Looft                   28 Dec 1911                       5 Sep 1992                                                                                  Wife of Gerrit (1918);  Marr 6 Feb 1951;  d: Titonka IA ?         Christian Reformed Church
 DeWaard          Jacob                           29 Sep 1886 Rotterdam Holand     27 Feb 1950              Hancock County Iowa                                                 no stone                                                          Amsterdam Township
 DeWaard          Jacob                           24 Feb 1923 Kanawha Iowa          7 Oct 2010              Britt Hancock Co Ia   John                 Lyda Vreeman             Par of Daniel, Dennis, Duane                                      Christian Reformed Church
 DeWaard          James Fredrick                  13 Nov 1962                      14 Nov 1962                                                                                                                                                    Christian Reformed Church
 DeWaard          Jerry Ellen                            1949                             2000                                                                                  Wife of John H (1950);  Marr 13 Jun 1970                          Corwith
 DeWaard          John                                   1883                      24 Dec 1943              Mason City Iowa                                                     Par of Adrian, Manus, Gerret, Jacob, Henry, Serena, Elsie         Christian Reformed Church
 DeWaard          Joyce Halverson                                                                                                                                               Wife of Armin F (1943);  Marr 18 Jun 1966                         Bingham Township
 DeWaard          Kandy K Miller                  30 Mar 1965 Seoul South Korea    10 Mar 2013              Mason City Iowa                                                     Wife of Todd, 28 Dec 1985;  Adpt by Lawrence & Donna Miller       Concord Township
 DeWaard          Lorraine Danger                 14 Sep                                                                                                                        Wife of Jacob (1923);  Marr 20 Feb 1946                           Christian Reformed Church
 DeWaard          Louise Senne                    30 Dec 1915                      11 Sep 1993                                    Ernest Senne         Helene Boyken            Wife of Manus (1914);  Marr 1 May 1941                            Immanual Lutheran Church
 DeWaard          Lucille Sweers                   1 Feb 1923                                                                     John J Sweers        Sena Smidt               Wife of Adrian J (1913);  Marr 25 Feb 1948                        Corwith
 DeWaard          Lyda Vreeman                     5 Oct 1886 Phillips Co Kansas    9 Mar 1971 84y 5m 4d    Britt Hancock Co IA   Hermanus Vreeman     Elsie TerMaat            Wife of John (1883);  Marr 16 Apr 1912                            Christian Reformed Church
 DeWaard          Manus (Mike)                    19 Nov 1914 Boque Graham Co KS    8 Apr 1990              Mason City Iowa       John                 Lyda Vreeman             Par of Kenneth, Bette, Raymond                                    Immanual Lutheran Church
 DeWaard          Naomi Ruth Zuehl                12 Feb 1916 Hancock County Iowa   9 Jan 2004              Britt Hancock Co Ia   Fred Otto Zuehl      Clara I Fillenworh       Wife of Clarence (1914);  Marr 11 Feb 1942                        Evergreen
 DeWaard          Raymond Wayne                   15 Nov 1955 Britt Hancock Co IA   4 May 1973                                    Manus (Mike)         Louise Senne                                                                               Immanual Lutheran Church
 DeWaard          Robert Dean                     13 Jan 1944 Wesley Kossuth Co IA 16 Jun 2005              Mason City Iowa       Adrian               Ruth Meyer               Par of Dale, Jon                                                  Christian Reformed Church
 DeWaard          Ruth A Meyer                           1918                                                                     D J Meyer            Emma Rotschafer          Wife of Adrian (1913)                                             Christian Reformed Church
 DeWald           Alma Olanda Swelland                   1900                       4 Nov 1933 33y 9m 25d   Kanawha Iowa          Lars Swelland                                 Wife of Jake;  Par of Ethelyn, Arnold, Kermit                     Amsterdam Township
 DeWall           Almina Josephine                                                                                                                                              see Smidt                                                         Bingham Township
 DeWall           Kathleen DeYoung Dolphin        28 Jul 1952 Algona Kossuth Co IA 30 Aug 2010              Mason City Iowa       Norman DeYoung       Gloria Plantz            Hus #1 Dale Dolphin, 1969; #2 Ed DeWall, 1981; Par of Jeff, Kim   Evergreen
 DeWeerdt         Anna B Marchand                  8 Jul 1904                      25 Jul 1980              1979 ???                                                            Wife of Henry R (1891); Par of Marie,Josephine,Betty,Anna,Louise+ St Boniface Catholic
 DeWeerdt         Henry R (Harry)                 10 Jan 1891                       9 Oct 1961                                                                                  Par of Ramona, Ida, Joanne;  Pvt Co E 129 Inf 33 Div  WW I        St Boniface Catholic
 Dewey            Arthur                                 1879 Sutton England        4 Dec 1961              Britt Hancock Co Ia                                                 Par of Florence, Barbara, Viola, William, Charles, Ernest         Evergreen
 Dewey            Charles H                       15 Nov 1916 Hancock County Iowa   1 Apr 2004              Britt Hancock Co Ia   Arthur               Kate Hullyer             Par of Charles, Betty;  Pfc  US Army  WW II                       Evergreen
 Dewey            Eva Mae                                                                                                                                                       see Hochhaus                                                      Evergreen
 Dewey            Kate Huller                     25 Jun 1881 London England       26 Nov 1952              Mason City Iowa                            Ann                      Wife of Arthur (1879);  Marr 8 Jun 1908                           Evergreen
 Dewey            Lucille L Holck                  9 Feb 1916 Britt Hancock Co IA  15 Nov 1999              Mason City Iowa       Adolph Holck         Rose Louise Dallman      Marr William Arthur 21 Sep 1947; Par of Arlin                     Evergreen
 Dewey            Madeline Lena Roner             23 Jul 1925 Sydney Australia      1 Oct 1999              Britt Hancock Co IA   Franklin Roner       Margaret                 Wife of Charles H (1916);  Marr 2 Sep 1944                        Evergreen
 DeWitt           Allan                                  1938                                                                                                                   Par of Lee, Jon, Neil, Vicki                                      Concord Township
 DeWitt           Evelyn M                                                                                                                                                      see Halverson                                                     Bingham Township
 DeWitt           Lee Allen                       15 Jul 1963                      13 Sep 1963              Iowa City Iowa        Allan                Marian Stromer                                                                             Concord Township
 DeWitt           Neil Andrew                     18 Mar 1966                      19 Jun 1966                                    Allan                Marian Stromer                                                                             Concord Township
 Dexter           Edith Amanda                                                                                                                                                  see Brayton                                                       Evergreen
 Deyo             Elias W                         16 Oct 1800                      19 Nov 1890 90y 1m 3d                                                                        Wife # Mary C;  # Polly M                                         Evergreen
 Deyo             Mary C                           9 Apr 1838                      16 Aug 1896 58y 4m 7d                                                                        Wife #? of Elias W (1800)                                         Evergreen
 Deyo             Polly M                          4 Jan 1800                       2 Feb 1892 92y 28d                                                                          Wife #? of Elias W (1800)                                         Evergreen
 Deyoe            ---                              7 Jul 1891                       7 Jul 1891                                    Albert M             Miriam Lura Bush         Son                                                               Concord Township
 Deyoe            Alan M                          20 May 1898                      22 Jul 1975                                                                                  2nd Lt US Army  WW I                                              Concord Township
 Deyoe            Albert M                               1862                      16 Sep 1936              Des Moines Iowa       S M                                           Par of Alan, Dorothy                                              Concord Township
 Deyoe            Caroline G                      11 Oct 1903                      13 Feb 1976                                                                                  Wife of Alan M (1898)                                             Concord Township
 Deyoe            Dorothy                         28 May 1905 Hancock County Iowa  14 Feb 1964              Elgin Illinois        Albert M Deyoe       Miriam Laura Bush                                                                          Concord Township
 Deyoe            Harriet R Raw                          1869                         Apr 1948              Des Moines Iowa       Simon Raw            Leah Smucker             Wife #2 of Albert M (1862);  bur:3                                Concord Township
 Deyoe            Miriam (Minnie) Laura Bush      21 Oct 1867 Galva Illinois        8 Dec 1907              Hancock County Iowa   John T Bush          Jennie Reynolds          Wife #1 of Albert M (1862);  Marr 31 Jul 1890;  co rec d:1        Concord Township
 DeYoung          Kathleen Dolphin                                                                                                                                              see DeWall                                                        Evergreen
 Dick             Della J Rash                     2 Jun 1894 Derby Iowa           30 Jul 1958              Forest City Iowa      George Rash          Emma Younker             Wife of Dave E; Par of Emma,Maxine,Madonna,Gerald,Chas,Dean,Edgar Madison Township
 Dickens          Ida L P                                                                                                                                                       see Beer                                                          Corwith
 Dickens          Lyman Daniel                    17 Feb 1950 Sioux City Iowa       4 Apr 2010              Mason City Iowa       Lyman                Charlotte Riley          Par of Jennifer, Luke;  US Navy  Vietnam                          St Boniface Catholic
 Dickens          Lyman J                         24 May 1922                         Feb 1973                                                                                  WW II Vet;  d:1975                                                St Boniface Catholic
 Dickens          Mildred Phyllis                                                                                                                                               see Yaggy                                                         Evergreen
 Dickerson        Charles                                                                                                                                                       no stone                                                          Concord Township
 Dickhuis         Gretchen                                                                                                                                                      see Albers                                                        Ell Township
 Dickinson        Amanda C                                                                                                                                                      see Kirkwood                                                      Ell Township
 Dickson          ---                                                                                                                                                           Infant;  lot owner W Dickson                                      Concord Township
 Dickson          Anna Phillips                                                                                                                                                 see Roesdahl                                                      Madison Township
 Dickson          Ida B Morton                                                                                                                                                  see Cline                                                         Madison Township
 Dickson          Mary Maud                                                                                                                                                     see Geddes                                                        Madison Township
 Dickson          T Earl                          27 Apr 1892                       7 Mar 1959                                                                                  Hus of Anna Phillips                                              Madison Township
 Dickson          Thomas                          19 Aug 1861 Canada               19 Jul 1918                                                                                  Hus of Ida Cline                                                  Madison Township
 Diebler          Lyle D                          14 Jun 1920 Kanawha Iowa         17 Mar 1994              Mason City Iowa                                                                                                                       Amsterdam Township
 Diedrich         August                          26 Apr 1857                       2 Jan 1927              Garner Hancock Co IA                                                                                                                  Concord Township
 Diedrich         Hattie Lutz                     17 Jul 1858                       7 Apr 1954                                                                                  Wife of August (1857)                                             Concord Township
 Diedrich         Martin Carl                     21 Apr 1920 Iowa                 10 Sep 1920                                                         Miss Lauer                                                                                 Concord Township
 Dieger           Blanche                         11 Nov 1890 Hancock County Iowa  14 Jun 1950                                                                                  Wife #2 of Chris (1875)                                           Avery Township
 Dieger           Chris                           18 Feb 1875 New York             13 Jul 1946                                    William J            Emma M                   b:1876                                                            Avery Township
 Dieger           Emma Matilda                    27 Jun 1880 Chicago Illinois     20 May 1975                                                                                  Wife of William J (1879)                                          Avery Township
 Dieger           Henry A                         22 Aug 1909                      29 Aug 1988                                                                                                                                                    Avery Township
 Dieger           Stella Ruth                     11 Oct 1878 Algona Pennsylvania  30 Oct 1923                                                                                  Wife #1 of Chris (1875)                                           Avery Township
 Dieger           Tillie R                        14 May 1914                         May 1987                                                                                  Wife of Henry A (1909)                                            Avery Township
 Dieger           William Julius                   7 Aug 1879 Wheaton Illinois      8 Mar 1967                                                                                  b:6                                                               Avery Township
 Diehl            Craig R                                1957                             1997                                                                                  Par of Carrie;  Hus of Crystal                                    Evergreen
 Diehl            Darlene                                1935                                                                                                                   Wife of James A (1935)                                            Evergreen
 Diehl            James A                                1935                                                                                                                   Par of Kevin, Brian, Craig, Kathi, Jon                            Evergreen
 Diekhuis         Harbert D Jr                    12 Sep 1924 Hancock County Iowa   4 May 2003              Clear Lake Iowa                                                     Par of Martha, David, Dennis, Mary                                Concord Township
 Diekhuis         Harbert D Sr                           1883                      23 Jul 1948                                                                                  Par of Harry, John, Irving, Harbert, Marvin                       Concord Township
 Diekhuis         Jeanette I                             1930                                                                                                                   Wife of Harbert D (1924)                                          Concord Township
 Diekhuis         Martha Mathilda Sanderfelt             1894                             1966                                                                                  Wife of Harbert D (1883);  bur:10 May                             Concord Township
 Diekhuis         Marvin Herbert                  12 Feb 1928 Klemme Hancock Co IA 25 Apr 2011              Garner Hancock Co IA  Herbert              Martha Sanderfelt        Par of Marlene, Craig, Jim, Michael                               Concord Township
 Diekhuis         Michael Duane                   12 Apr 1955 Belmond Wright Co IA 11 Dec 2007              Iowa City Iowa        Marvin               Phyllis Pierce           Par of Jessica,Jacob;  Wife #1 Sandy Webb; #2 Jayne Chipman       Concord Township
 Diekhuis         Phyllis Pierce                         1931                                                                                                                   Wife of Marvin H (1928);  Marr 20 Mar 1950                        Concord Township
 Diekhuis         Terry L                          6 Jul 1955                      12 Jul 1981              Mason City Iowa       Irving               Ramona                   Marr Cheryl Thompson 1975;  Par of Pamela, Jennifer               Evergreen
 Diemer           Beverly Noelting                       1932                                                                                                                   Wife of Duane (1932);  Marr 24 Aug 1952                           Evergreen
 Diemer           Diane Sue                              1960                             1960                                                                                  bur:15 Jul                                                        Evergreen
 Diemer           Duane F  "Doc"                  22 Jun 1932 Ackley Iowa           2 Apr 2013              Britt Hancock Co Ia   Floyd                Clara Sailer             Par of Marsha, James, Curtis, Diane;  DVM                         Evergreen
 Dieterman        Julie Hauge                     24 Jul 1953 Fort Bragg NC        26 Feb 2004              Rockford Illinois                                                   Par of Meghann                                                    Corwith
 Dietrich         Sophia Anne                                                                                                                                                   see VanHoosen                                                     Concord Township
 Dietz            ---                                                                                                             J                                             Infant                                                            St Johns Lutheran
 Dietz            Albert Bauman                   11 Apr 1911                      27 May 1978                                    Harry John Sr        Sadie Sylvannia Gohn     Par of Elaine, Romayne, Albert Jr;  M Sgt US Army  WW II          Evergreen
 Dietz            Frieda                                                                                                                                                        see Jante                                                         St Johns Lutheran
 Dietz            Harry John Jr  "Jack"           23 Dec 1915                       2 Jun 1978                                    Harry John Sr        Sadie Sylvannia Gohn     Par of Harriet, Bonnie, Richard                                   Evergreen
 Dietz            Harry John Sr                    6 Feb 1875                             1959                                                                                  Par of Albert, Grace, Harry Jr                                    Evergreen
 Dietz            Lena C                                                                                                                                                        see Hall                                                          Ellington Prairie
 Dietz            Mae A Hanson                    15 Jul 1918 Rochester Minnesota  10 Jul 2005              Lake Mills Iowa       Harry Hanson         Emma Johnson             Wife of Harry J (1915);  Marr 17 May 1941                         Evergreen
 Dietz            Richard Allan                   19 Oct 1945                      12 Feb 1998                                    Harry John Jr        Mae A Hanson             Sp5  US Army  Vietnam                                             Evergreen
 Dietz            Sadie Sylvannia Gohn Schultz    30 Dec 1876 Hellam Pennsylvania   5 Aug 1955              Britt Hancock Co Ia   Ruben Gohn           Malinda                  Hus #1 Horace Schultz, 1896;  #2 Harry J (1875), 1910             Evergreen
 Dietz            Vera Thompson                   13 Jun 1914                         Jul 1972                                    Alden R Thompson     Carrie A Hunsley         Wife of Albert (1911);  bur:27                                    Evergreen
 Dimond           Edith Shattuck                         1876                      18 Jul 1953                                                                                  Wife of John M (1869);  Marr 26 Sep 1900                          Evergreen
 Dimond           Guy M                           14 Feb 1895                         Jul 1970                                                                                  bur:20 Aug                                                        Evergreen
 Dimond           Jennie V Swanson                 9 Oct 1894                         Sep 1981                                    Jacob Swanson        Lena Jubilina Paulson    Wife of Guy M (1895);  b:1893                                     Evergreen
 Dimond           John Michael                    13 Dec 1869 LaSalle Illinois     18 Jun 1952              Mason City Iowa       Thomas               Mary Murphy              Par of Guy, Tom, Raymond                                          Evergreen
 Dimond           Myrwin Leone                     1 Jul 1919 Hancock County Iowa  17 Jun 1992              Mason City Iowa       Guy                  Jennie Swanson           d:18; Marr Marie Stebritz 1940; Par of 8 children                 Evergreen
 Dingman          Cecile G Campbell                                                                                                                                             see Drake                                                         Bingham Township
 Dingman          Fern                                                                                                                                                          see Ezra Smidt                                                    Madison Township
 Dingman          Floyd W                          2 May 1896                         Feb 1967                                    Charles              Nellie Johnson                                                                             Bingham Township
 Dingman          Margaret                               1897                             1968                                                                                  Wife of Floyd W (1896);  d:7 Aug ?                                Bingham Township
 Dingman          Mary J                                                                                                                                                        see Drake                                                         Madison Township
 Dinse            Anna Alwina Wille                                                                                                                                             see Hartbeck                                                      Ell Township
 Dinse            Joachim                                1822 Eldena Mecklenbrg GE  9 Jun 1897                                                                                                                                                    Liberty Township
 Dirks            Irene E                                                                                                                                                       see Waddingham                                                    Ell Township
 Dirksen          Anna                                                                                                                                                          see Eden                                                          Evergreen
 Dirksen          Anna E Tjarks                    9 Nov 1908                       5 Oct 1996                                    Claus J Tjarks       Tena P Peters            Wife of Henry R (1905)                                            Christian Reformed Church
 Dirksen          Barney H                               1861                         Nov 1938              Mason City Iowa                                                     Par of Walter;  bur:22                                            Bingham Township
 Dirksen          Bethany Belle                    5 Jan 2003                       5 Jan 2003                                    Arlin                Ruth Anne                                                                                  Bingham Township
 Dirksen          Christena                                                                                                                                                     see Isebrand                                                      Bingham Township
 Dirksen          Emma                            27 Jan 1907 Iowa                  6 Jul 1929              Mason City Iowa                            Miss Speaker             Wife of Albert L                                                  Bingham Township
 Dirksen          Ernestina                              1875                         Apr 1959                                                                                  Wife of Barney H (1861);  bur:16                                  Bingham Township
 Dirksen          Garrelt R                       27 Mar 1877 Germany              26 Feb 1960              Buffalo Center Iowa   Henry                Christina Bidne          Par of Henry, Meinert, Anna, Christina                            Bingham Township
 Dirksen          George Henry                    27 Jul 1896 Iowa                        1918                                                                                  Pvt 59th Co 15 Bn 163rd DB                                        Bingham Township
 Dirksen          Henry R                         28 Apr 1905                         Aug 1987                                    Garrett R            Wilma Smidt              Par of George, Larry, Janice, Dennis, Allen                       Christian Reformed Church
 Dirksen          John L                           3 Feb 1868 Iowa                 22 Dec 1911              Woden Hancock Co IA   Barney               Christena Kline                                                                            Bingham Township
 Dirksen          Louise Helena Mayland           19 May 1924 Titonka Iowa          5 Jan 1994              Mason City Iowa       Henry Mayland        Marie Boyken             Wife of Meindert W (1917);  Marr 27 Feb 1946                      Bingham Township
 Dirksen          Meindert W                      28 Jun 1917                      11 Feb 2002              Des Moines Iowa                                                     Par of Leroy, Jerald, Lenice, Merlin, Violet, Arlin, David        Bingham Township
 Dirksen          Wupke  (Wilma)  Smidt                  1880 Germany                     1969                                    Minor Smidt          Anne Johnson             Wife of Garrelt R (1877);  Marr 10 Mar 1905                       Bingham Township
 Dittmer          Catharine Buchacker Borman      29 Sep 1832                      24 Sep 1916                                                                                  Wife of #1 William Borman 1852;   #2 J C Dittmer                  Concord Township
 Divan            Linda R                                                                                                                                                       see John R Kollasch                                               St Boniface Catholic
 Dobbins          Elnora J "Jake" Jacobsen        26 Aug 1909 Hancock County Iowa   6 Jul 1990              Britt Hancock Co IA   Walter Jacobsen      Hansine Jergensen        Marr F Elmer 16 Aug 1938                                          Evergreen
 Dobbs            Charles E                              1945                             1981                                                                                  Sgt  US Army  Vietnam                                             St Marys Catholic
 Doble            Elvira Luella Hollatz           25 Oct 1922 Garner Hancock Co Ia 26 Jul 1996              Mason City Iowa       Carl Hollatz         Anna Boehnke             Wife of George R (1915);  Marr 12 Sep 1944                        Concord Township
 Doble            George Raymond                  25 Sep 1915 Rice Minnesota        3 Aug 2002              Garner Hancock Co IA  Forrest              Emily Usher              Par of Wendy, Dennis, Curtiss, Bill, Joel;  US Army  WW II        Concord Township
 Doble            Wendy Sue                                                                                                                                                     see Greiman                                                       Concord Township
 Dockstader       Ann                                                                                                                                                           see Hocum                                                         Madison Township
 Doctor           Rena G                                                                                                                                                        see Huenemann                                                     Peace Reformed Church
 Dodd             Cindy L Hejlik                  29 Apr 1958                      14 Oct 2001                                    Verne Hejlik         Delores Mar Peterson     Wife of Rodney R (1957);  Marr 13 Sep 1980                        Concord Township
 Dodd             Cynthia Louise Hejlik           29 Apr 1958 Britt Hancock Co IA  14 Oct 2001              Mason City Iowa       Verne Hejlik         Delores Peterson         Wife of Rodney;  Marr 13 Sep 1980;  Par of Travis, Corey          Concord Township
 Dodd             Floyd Ivan                       3 Jan 1917 Klemme Hancock Co IA 16 Sep 2001              Mason City Iowa       Guy Walton           Stella Eulalia Lundy     Hus of Netha Moorehead, 1940;  Joyce Stensland Smith, 13 May 1978 Concord Township
 Dodd             Myrna E                                                                                                                                                       see Jass                                                          Concord Township
 Dodd             Netha Ilene Moorehead                  1919                      25 Nov 1975                                                                                  Wife of Floyd I (1917);  Marr 10 Feb 1940                         Concord Township
 Dodd             Robert Merle                    11 Dec 1927 Clear Lake Iowa      21 Aug 1990              Mason City Iowa       Guy Walton           Stella Eulalia Lundy     Par of Robert, Scott, Roxanne, Rodney, Elizabeth, Steven; US Navy Concord Township
 Dodd             Roxanne Rene                    14 Aug 1956 Britt Hancock Co IA  14 Aug 1956              Britt Hancock Co IA   Robert Merle         Verneil Humphrey                                                                           Concord Township
 Dodd             Verneil M Humphrey                     1934                                                                     John E Humphrey      Helen E Seglem           Wife of Robert M (1927);  Marr 11 Nov 1951                        Concord Township
 Dodge            Loretta Phoebe Kimball Hulse                                                                                                                                  see Mayne                                                         Ell Township
 Doege            Anna Boelts                     17 Mar 1899 Abbott Iowa             Aug 1963              Buffalo Center Iowa   Herman Boelts        Helena Plaisier          Wife of Herbert (1899);  Marr 25 Sep 1930                         Bingham Township
 Doege            Fred                             6 Feb 1904                         Sep 1974                                    Louis                Christina Deckman        Par of Brenda, Gene;  bur:30                                      Evergreen
 Doege            Herbert                         13 Nov 1899 Titonka Iowa         11 Apr 1971              Mason City Iowa       Louis A              Christina Deckman        Par of Lilah, Lyle                                                Bingham Township
 Doege            Lilah                                                                                                                                                         see Hobbs                                                         Crystal Township
 Doege            Luella Mae Silvest               2 May 1908 Hardin County Iowa   12 Dec 1984              Britt Hancock Co IA   Frank Silvest        Anna Peterson            Wife of Fred (1904);  Marr 11 Nov 1939                            Evergreen
 Doerr            Maurice E                                                         3 Jul 1940                                                                                  Seaman 2cl US Navy Ia                                             St Patricks Catholic
 Dohlman          Mabel D                                                                                                                                                       see Sawtelle                                                      Ell Township
 Dohrmann         Isabel Sophie                                                                                                                                                 see Stromer                                                       Peace Reformed Church
 Dokken           Mary Elizabeth                                                                                                                                                see Dokken                                                        Peace Reformed Church
 Doll             Alma A                                                                                                                                                        see Bast                                                          St Boniface Catholic
 Doll             Stephen F                       31 Jul 1931                      28 Nov 2006                                                                                                                                                    Amsterdam Township
 Dolphin          Annie Grace Gremmer                    1928                                                                     Eppo Gremmer         Jennie Pomp              Wife of George C (1913)                                           Evergreen
 Dolphin          Donald W                               1916                             1968                                    Walter A             Ida Marth                bur:8 Nov                                                         Evergreen
 Dolphin          Gazena Gremmer                         1926                                                                                                                   Wife of Kenneth L (1918);  Marr 4 Sep 1949                        Evergreen
 Dolphin          George C                         2 Nov 1913                      25 Dec 1974              Britt Hancock Co IA   Walter A             Ida Marth                Par of Mary, Anita, Rita, Dale, Robert, George Jr, Richard, Dean  Evergreen
 Dolphin          Hazel Cline                                                                                                                                                   see Hamilton                                                      Evergreen
 Dolphin          Ida L Marth                     18 Jun 1878                         Feb 1969                                    William Marth        Wilhelmina Reamer        Wife of Walter A (1870);  bur:3 Mar                               Evergreen
 Dolphin          John E                          18 Jan 1911 Britt Hancock Co IA  24 Jun 1988              Britt Hancock Co IA   Walter A             Ida Marth                Par of Marlene                                                    Evergreen
 Dolphin          Kathleen DeYoung                                                                                                                                              see DeWall                                                        Evergreen
 Dolphin          Kenneth Luverne                 17 Mar 1918 Britt Hancock Co IA  22 Sep 1993              Gallup Minnesota      Walter A             Ida Marth                Par of Judy, Dawn, Michael, Douglas                               Evergreen
 Dolphin          Lillian M Rokos                 18 Aug 1914 Hancock County Iowa   1 Feb 2000              Britt Hancock Co IA   James Rokos          Mary Formanek            Wife of John E (1911);  Marr 4 Jun 1935                           Evergreen
 Dolphin          Velma Sadie                                                                                                                                                   see Bird                                                          Evergreen
 Dolphin          Walter A                               1870 Wisconsin             7 Sep 1941                                    Christopher          Sadie Heathchock         Par of John, George, Donald, Kenneth, Brewster, Velma, Hazel      Evergreen
 Dominic          Doris M Ludeke                  22 Feb 1920                      16 Dec 2003              Mason City Iowa       Ralph Ludeke         Mina Hartzell            Wife of Jack J (1917);  Marr 1922                                 Ell Township
 Dominic          Jack J                          17 Dec 1917 Boxholm Iowa          9 Apr 1993 75y          Mason City Iowa       Arthur               Mabel Johnson                                                                              Ell Township
 Dominquez        Judith Kay Richardson                                                                                                                                         see Kiefer                                                        Corwith
 Dominy           Joel Martin                      3 Jan 1836 Plattsburg New York  28 Jul 1921                                                         Miss Sherman             Par of Cora, Jessie, Rosa, Harry, Frank, John, William;  d:1922   Avery Township
 Dominy           John M                                 1870 LaSalle Co Illinois  25 Jun 1931                                    Joel                 Rebecca Jane Miller                                                                        Avery Township
 Dominy           Mary E Costello                  6 Feb 1866 Rockford Illinois     9 Mar 1953                                                                                  Wife of John M (1870)                                             Avery Township
 Dominy           Rebecca Jane Miller              8 Oct 1846 LaSalle Co Illinois  17 Sep 1922              Goodell Iowa                                                        Wife of Joel M (1836);  Marr 1866                                 Avery Township
 Donahue          John J                                 1849                             1930                                                                                  Par of Cecily, Jerome, Leona, Rose, George                        St Patricks Catholic
 Donahue          Mary E Tubridy Duffy            19 Apr 1850 Tulla Ireland        26 Feb 1927              Britt Hancock Co IA   John Tubridy                                  Hus #1 John Duffy, Marr 1868;  #2 John J Donahue;  Par of 12      St Patricks Catholic
 Donaldson        Cecil M                                1899                      18 May 1948              Iowa City Iowa                                                                                                                        Corwith
 Donaldson        Gertrude M Thornbury                   1911                             1982                                                                                  Wife of Cecil M (1899)                                            Corwith
 Donath           Oscar                                  1866                      20 May 1922 56y          Garner Hancock Co IA                                                no stone                                                          Concord Township
 Donnellson       Katie Marie                                                                                                                                                   see Campbell                                                      Corwith
 Donohue          Alice M                                1917                             2002                                                                                  Wife of Marion J (1913)                                           Madison Township
 Donohue          John C                          24 May 1951                       5 May 1979                                    Tom                  Wilma                                                                                      Madison Township
 Donohue          Marion J                        30 Mar 1913                       9 Sep 1989                                                                                  Tec 4  US Army  WW II                                             Madison Township
 Dontje           Donald Duane                    12 Apr 1930                      30 Jun 1999                                                                                  Par of Deborah;  Cpl  USMC  Korea                                 Madison Township
 Dontje           Mildred A Aukes                 25 Apr 1935 Buffalo Center Iowa   5 Dec 2013              Mason City Iowa       Reider Aukes         Anna Onken               Wife of Donald D (1930);  Marr 2 Dec 1955                         Madison Township
 Doolittle        Addie                                                                                                                                                         see Pringle                                                       Madison Township
 Doolittle        Addison K                       18 Nov 1847                         Nov 1895 47y 11m 18d                                                                                                                                        Bingham Township
 Doolittle        Albert G                         2 Feb 1852                       7 Feb 1899 47y 5d                                                                                                                                             Bingham Township
 Doolittle        Anson S                         28 Feb 1809 Pine Hill New York   18 May 1901 92y 2m 19d   Hancock County Iowa                                                 Par of 5                                                          Bingham Township
 Doolittle        Betsy E Briggs                  24 Jun 1824                      12 Feb 1915                                                                                  Wife of Hiram E                                                   Evergreen
 Doolittle        Fanny D Smith                   25 Aug 1810 New York             19 Mar 1898 87y 6m 22d   Hancock County Iowa                                                 Wife of Anson S (1809);  14 Feb 1832                              Bingham Township
 Doolittle        Hiram E                         24 May 1822                       6 Jun 1906                                                                                                                                                    Evergreen
 Doolittle        Lovica                                                                                                                                                        see Peck                                                          Evergreen
 Doornbos         Darlene                                                                                                                                                       see Timothy Eekhoff                                               Amsterdam Township
 Doring           Friedericka                                                                                                                                                   see Zuehl                                                         Evergreen
 Dorman           Anna May Benson                 21 Nov 1905 Hayfield Iowa         8 Oct 1934              Algona Iowa           Peter Benson                                  Wife of Lee C (1894);  Marr 5 May 1927                            Madison Township
 Dorman           Lee Charles                            1894                      26 Oct 1932 38y 1m 15d                                                                                                                                         Madison Township
 Dornbier         Amy E                           21 Apr 1971                      28 May 2003                                                                                                                                                    Corwith
 Dornbier         Darlene                                                                                                                                                       see Tusha                                                         St Johns Catholic
 Dornbier         Donald F                         4 Jan 1934                      16 Aug 2001                                                                                  Par of Paul, Phillip                                              St Johns Catholic
 Dornbier         Marcella                                                                                                                                                      see Hejlik                                                        St Johns Catholic
 Dornbier         Rose M Nedved                          1934                                                                                                                   Wife of Donald F (1934);  Marr 30 Mar 1959                        St Johns Catholic
 Dorow            Albert                                                           12 May 1884 2m                                 William              Johanna                  Infant                                                            Concord Township
 Dorow            Augusta                                                                                                                                                       see Charlie Holt                                                  Concord Township
 Dorow            Augusta W Schilling  (Minnie)   28 Aug 1845 Germany              20 Feb 1911              Garner Hancock Co IA  Godhilf Schilling    Friedrica Schultz        Wife of William J (1840);  co rec b:15,1843                       Concord Township
 Dorow            Carl Wilhelm                    30 Apr 1848 Germany              20 Jul 1927              Clear Lake Iowa                                                     Co Rec d:1937                                                     St Johns Lutheran
 Dorow            Elda Beatrice                   29 Sep 1923 Garner Hancock Co IA  6 Dec 1963              Mason City Iowa       W F                                           Stone in St Johns Cemetery;  listed in Garner book                St Johns Lutheran
 Dorow            Emma H Tipp                      6 Aug 1868 Wisconsin            23 Dec 1945              Ventura Iowa                                                        Wife of William H;  Marr 4 Mar 1891 (90)                          Concord Township
 Dorow            Gustov                                 1884                      19 Apr 1884 6y 3m 26d                          William              Johanna                  d:Aug                                                             Concord Township
 Dorow            Hanna                           27 Nov 1853 Germany               1 Feb 1936              Ventura Iowa                                                        Wife of Wilhelm (1848);  d:Jan                                    St Johns Lutheran
 Dorow            Herman                          18 Jan 1874 Germany              25 Jan 1961              Mason City Iowa       William John         Augusta Shilling         no stone                                                          Concord Township
 Dorow            Loiso  (Louisa)                        1882                      15 Mar 1883 6m                                 William              Johanna                                                                                    Concord Township
 Dorow            Lou Jensen                                                                                                                                                    see Barlow                                                        Concord Township
 Dorow            Martha S Berghoefer             15 Jul 1897                       6 Jan 1970                                                                                  Wife of William F (1889);  Marr 29 May 1918                       St Johns Lutheran
 Dorow            Roy (Ray) Lee                   22 Sep 1901                       4 Jan 1975 74y          Norwalk California    William H            Emma H Tipp              no stone                                                          Concord Township
 Dorow            William Fredrick                 6 Jun 1889 Hancock County Iowa   4 Oct 1963              Mason City Iowa       William C            Hannah Schulz            Par of Elda, Edgar, Norbet, Maynard, Winton, Hilda, Lois          St Johns Lutheran
 Dorow            William H                       20 Nov 1866 Pomerania Germany    18 Oct 1961              Hancock County Iowa   William John         Augusta Shilling         Par of Della, Ralph, Esther, Roy, Lula                            Concord Township
 Dorow            William John                    31 Jul 1840 Ratzeburg Germany    31 Dec 1915              Garner Hancock Co IA                                                Par of Herman, William, Johanna, Gertie, Augusta, Emma, +2        Concord Township
 Dorr             Maryln Alberta                                                                                                                                                see Anderson                                                      Avery Township
 Dorrow           Louise A                                                                                                                                                      see Pueggel                                                       St Johns Lutheran
 Dorrow           Matilda                                                                                                                                                       see Boehnke                                                       St Johns Lutheran
 Dorrow           Wilhelmina                                                                                                                                                    see Boehnke                                                       St Johns Lutheran
 Dorweger         Martha Olson Anderson           28 Sep 1876 Bergen Norway        29 Apr 1930              Britt Hancock Co IA   William                                       Hus #1 Harry Anderson 1897; #2 Chas Dorweger 1912; no stone       Evergreen
 Dosser           Jermiah Betten                  31 Mar 1982                      22 Mar 2007              Altoona Iowa          Rick                 Jody Betten                                                                                Amsterdam Township
 Doty             Flora H                                                                                                                                                       see Sturgeon                                                      Concord Township
 Doty             Nancy Lee                                                                                                                                                     see Brandt                                                        Immanual Lutheran Church
 Doughan          Allan                                  1929                                                                                                                   Par of Diane,Dwight,Duane,Danny,Debra,Douglas,Dean,Darla          St Patricks Catholic
 Doughan          Anna A                          15 Apr 1892                      23 Jul 1980                                                                                  Wife of Harry T (1888);  d: Manly IA ?                            St Patricks Catholic
 Doughan          Bonnie Hiscocks                        1929                                                                                                                   Wife of Eugene R (1925);  Marr 2 Aug 1947                         St Patricks Catholic
 Doughan          Charlotte Mae                          1927                      16 Oct 1931              Mason City Iowa       Raymond                                                                                                         St Patricks Catholic
 Doughan          Donna                                                                                                                                                         see Nelson                                                        St Patricks Catholic
 Doughan          Ellen K Killea                         1856                      23 Jun 1940              Hancock County Iowa                                                 Par of Teresa, Will, Harry, Leo, Agnes, Anna                      St Patricks Catholic
 Doughan          Eugene R                               1925                             2003                                                                                  Par of Julie, Lindy, Kelly                                        St Patricks Catholic
 Doughan          Frances Ptacek                         1931                                                                                                                   Wife of Allan (1929);  Marr 19 Apr 1949                           St Patricks Catholic
 Doughan          Harry T                                1888                      29 Aug 1958              Mason City Iowa       William              Ellen Killea             WW I Vet                                                          St Patricks Catholic
 Doughan          Larry Lee                              1940                         Jun 1945                                    Raymond                                                                                                         St Patricks Catholic
 Doughan          Marie H                                1903                             2000                                                                                  Wife of Ray (1901)                                                St Patricks Catholic
 Doughan          Ray                             14 Sep 1901                         Apr 1976                                                                                  Par of Donna, Gene, Charlotte, Allan, Dale, Shirley, Larry        St Patricks Catholic
 Doughan          Theresa Isabelle                                                                                                                                              see Mullin                                                        St Patricks Catholic
 Doughan          William Keyran                  15 May 1854 Ohio                  6 Dec 1914              Hutchins Iowa         Patrick              Mary Phelan                                                                                St Patricks Catholic
 Douglas          Susana J Juhl                          1897                             1921                                    Christian P Juhl     Christina Schau Skow     Wife of Max                                                       Ellington Township
 Dow              Abdon Parker                    13 Aug 1892 Klemme Hancock Co Ia 15 Aug 1892              Hancock County Iowa   Edwin Parker         Etta Achsoh Shafer                                                                         Concord Township
 Dow              Edwin Parker                    19 Sep 1867 Montpelier Vermont    5 Nov 1955              Forest City Iowa                                                    Marr #2 Minnie McCormick 1944; Par of Elmer,Maruerite,Mrs Brooker Concord Township
 Dow              Etta Achsoh Shafer              20 Oct 1869 Carbondale Illinois   4 Aug 1942              Forest City Iowa      Abdon B Shafer       Priscilla Holland        Wife #1 of Edwin P (1867);  Marr 11 Aug 1888                      Concord Township
 Dow              Florence L Christie              9 Jan 1868 Amsterdam Iowa       10 May 1926              Stockton Kansas       John Christie Jr     Polly E Robbins          Wife of Erwin;  Par of Shirley, + 1 dau;  b:1869                  Concord Township
 Dow              Jessie Marguerite               26 Aug 1906 Klemme Hancock Co IA 17 Nov 1977              Spencer Iowa          Edwin Parker Dow     Etta Achsoh Shafer                                                                         Concord Township
 Dow              Minnie C Horstman McCormick     25 Mar 1885 Hancock County Iowa  14 Jan 1984              Mason City Iowa       August Horstman      Katherine Boje           Hus #1 Clyde McCormick, 18 Jul 1906;  #2  Ed Dow, 1943            Evergreen
 Dow              Oner S                          15 Apr 1857                      23 Mar 1931              Des Moines Iowa                                                                                                                       Concord Township
 Dow              Parker S                        22 Jun 1845                      22 Nov 1889 44y 5m                                                                           d:1888;  Co C 8th VT Inf                                          Concord Township
 Downie           Elizabeth Gibson                 5 Dec 1809                      12 May 1901                                                                                  no stone;  Wife of George;  Par of Simon                          Concord Township
 Dowse            Grace E W                                                                                                                                                     see Nelson                                                        Crystal Township
 Doyle            Jane                                                                                                                                                          see Collins                                                       Avery Township
 Draayer          Tillie                                                                                                                                                        see Lewerke                                                       Evergreen
 Drabek           Clara D                                                                                                                                                       see Malek                                                         St Johns Catholic
 Drabek           Connie                                 1950                             2004                                                                                                                                                    Evergreen
 Drabek           Edith Elaine Holck              21 Oct 1928 Hancock County Iowa  26 Jul 2014              Garner Hancock Co IA  William Holck        Margaret Jacobson        Wife of George E;  Marr 14 Oct 1947                               St Johns Catholic
 Drabek           Elaine L                         2 Nov 1924                      29 Feb 2000                                                                                  Wife of Tom J                                                     St Johns Catholic
 Drabek           Frances Hejlik                  16 Oct 1887                       8 May 1981 93y                                Frank Hejlik         Anna Benda               Wife of Vaclav (1886)                                             St Johns Catholic
 Drabek           George Edward                   20 Oct 1923                       3 Jul 1999                                                                                  Par of Rita,Joyce,Jeannette,Dennis,Vivian,Pauline,Rosemary,Denise St Johns Catholic
 Drabek           Irene E "Polly" Nelson          16 May 1928 Hancock County Iowa  18 Jun 1999              Mason City Iowa       Albert A Nelson      Josephine Monson         Wife of Raymond L (1929); Marr 10 Sep 1947                        Evergreen
 Drabek           Raymond L                        9 Jun 1929 Hancock County Iowa   4 Apr 1986              Britt Hancock Co IA   James                Frances Wellik           Par of Shari, Connie, Linda, Lori, Randy, Larry, Paul             Evergreen
 Drabek           Renee M                                                                                                                                                       see Vanengelenburg                                                St Johns Catholic
 Drabek           Tomy James                       4 Mar 1918                      27 May 2001                                                                                  Par of Rene E, Donald, Pamela;  b:5                               St Johns Catholic
 Drabek           Vaclav Jr (Venceslous) (James)  15 Sep 1910 Iowa                  5 Nov 1910 50d          Duncan Hancock Co IA  Venceslous           Frances Wellik                                                                             St Johns Catholic
 Drabek           Vaclav Sr (James W)             25 Nov 1886                      19 Jan 1967 80y                                                                                                                                                St Johns Catholic
 Draeger          Bertha L                               1864                             1941                                                                                                                                                    Evergreen
 Draeger          Frederick                              1852                      14 Dec 1923              Britt Hancock Co IA                                                                                                                   Evergreen
 Draeger          Mabel A                                                                                                                                                       see Schnath                                                       Evergreen
 Drake            ---                                                              25 Jul 1949                                    James                Thelma                   Infant Dau                                                        Evergreen
 Drake            Andrew J                        13 Jan 1892                      29 Jun 1969                                    William              Margerite Reid                                                                             Madison Township
 Drake            Cecile G Dingman Campbell        6 Feb 1890                      12 Jan 1971 80y 11m 6d   Mason City Iowa       Charles Dingman      Nellie Johnson           Hus #1 Hiram A Campbell (1885);  #2 William A Drake (1890)        Bingham Township
 Drake            Grace Darling                                                                                                                                                 see Chase                                                         Madison Township
 Drake            Irene Marian                                                                                                                                                  see Barz                                                          Ell Township
 Drake            Margaret Ellen Reid                    1872                       7 Oct 1946 74y 7m 6d    Mason City Iowa                                                     Wife of William H (1861);  Marr 1889                              Concord Township
 Drake            Mary J Dingman                  17 Mar 1894                      27 Jun 1974                                    Charles Dingman      Nellie Johnson           Wife of Andrew J (1892)                                           Madison Township
 Drake            Rolla Freeman                          1892 Garner Hancock Co Ia 23 Dec 1892 1m 8d        Hancock County Iowa                                                 no stone;  county record                                          Concord Township
 Drake            William A                       17 Apr 1890                      21 Dec 1956                                                                                                                                                    Bingham Township
 Drake            William H                       25 Dec 1861 Ottawa Illinois       2 Nov 1931              Garner Hancock Co IA                                                Par of William, Andrew, Raymond, Walter, Irene, Grace             Concord Township
 Draper           ---                                                                                                                                                           Par of Rich                                                       Madison Township
 Draper           Debora B Maben                         1826                      10 Jul 1887 61y 2m 10d                                                                       Wife of Lewis H                                                   Madison Township
 Draper           Lewis H                                1824                         Mar 1913              California                                                                                                                            Madison Township
 Draper           Marilyn                                                                                                                                                       see Hanson                                                        Ell Township
 Drass            Cornelia Grass                                                                                                                                                see Abbas                                                         Amsterdam Township
 Draves           Phyllis Elaine                                                                                                                                                see Pigman                                                        Crystal Township
 Drebenstedt      Lorraine Ida                                                                                                                                                  see Rice                                                          Evergreen
 Dregs            Harriet                                                                                                                                                       see David Lamphier                                                Madison Township
 Dresher          Charles Leonard                  1 Mar 1901                      19 Mar 1918                                    W E                  E M                                                                                        Corwith
 Dressler         Bertha Stine                           1874                             1950                                                                                                                                                    Evergreen
 Dressler         Johann                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Evergreen
 Dressler         John Robert                            1866                             1957                                                                                  Par of G A, H R, Mrs J T Burns, Mrs W T Petrie                    Evergreen
 Dressler         Marie Lina Lesche               27 Oct 1867 Dressler Germany     15 Dec 1934              Britt Hancock Co IA                                                 Wife of John R;  Marr 31 Mar 1889                                 Evergreen
 Dressler         Rosalia Matilda                  1 Jan 1851                       2 Jan 1906                                                                                  Wife of Johann                                                    Evergreen
 Drew             Francis G                        5 Jun 1823                       1 Apr 1865                                                                                  Co D 39 Reg NY Vol 2 A C;  (buried in VA ?)                       Concord Township
 Drew             Lucy W                          26 Jun 1826                      12 Mar 1892                                                                                  Wife of Francis G                                                 Concord Township
 Dring            Elizabeth Frances                                                                                                                                             see Petheram                                                      Amsterdam Township
 Driste           Alfred F                         2 Feb 1904                         Oct 1966                                                                                  bur:17                                                            Evergreen
 Driste           Norma J Schaper                  7 Jun 1912                      11 Jan 1980              Britt Hancock Co IA   Henry A Schaper      Florence Boutilier ???   Wife of Alfred F (1904)                                           Evergreen
 Drown            Bertha E                               1874                      13 Jul 1934              Des Moines Iowa       Newell J             Elizabeth Lee                                                                              Evergreen
 Drown            Claude                                 1878                             1917                                    Newell J             Elizabeth Lee                                                                              Evergreen
 Drown            Elizabeth Lee                          1853                             1926                                                                                  Wife of Newell J                                                  Evergreen
 Drown            Newell J                               18--                         Feb 1895                                                                                  Par of Claude, Bertha;  d:6                                       Evergreen
 Drury            Flora                            8 Mar 1897 Rowan Iowa           13 Dec 1979 82y 8m 5d    Kanawha Iowa                                                        Wife of J I (1896)                                                Amsterdam Township
 Drury            J I                                    1896                       7 Mar 1951 54y          Kanawha Iowa                                                                                                                          Amsterdam Township
 Drury            Steven Keith                                                     26 Sep 1964              Phoenixville PA       Keith                Doris                    Infant                                                            Amsterdam Township
 Dryer            Roxy                                                                                                                                                          see Campbell                                                      Evergreen
 Duckett          Glenn W                          7 Apr 1912 Corwith Iowa         27 Oct 1952              Fredonia Kansas       James W              Mary A Skelley           Hus of #1 Emma Dell Wallace 1944; #2 Mondez Hobson 1950; 1 dau    Corwith
 Duckett          James William                    3 Sep 1888 Stanhope Iowa        10 Nov 1941              Des Moines Iowa                                                     Par of Dayle, Glenn                                               Corwith
 Duckett          Mary Adessa Skelley             16 Jan 1891 Saunemin Illinois    12 Dec 1954              Chicago Illinois      Albert N Skelley     Carrie Righter           Wife of James W (1888);  Marr Sep 1903                            Corwith
 Duckett          Walter Melvin                   10 Dec 1881                      13 Nov 1903                                                                                                                                                    Corwith
 Duddleson        Charles A                       30 Oct 1892                         Feb 1973                                                                                  bur:26                                                            Evergreen
 Duddleson        Florence M Erickson             21 Apr 1893                         Jul 1982                                                                                  Wife of Charles A (1892);  b:1892                                 Evergreen
 Duden            Emma                                                                                                                                                          see Rode                                                          Immanual Lutheran Church
 Dudgeon          Gloria J Myslewski                     1926                                                                     Joseph J Myslewski   Alice C O'Hern           Wife of Wayne C (1922)                                            St Patricks Catholic
 Dudgeon          Hilma Johnson                          1894 Sweden               10 Oct 1984              Mason City Iowa       John H Johnson       Betta                    Wife of John E;  Marr 22 Sep 1917                                 Evergreen
 Dudgeon          John Ellis                      10 Jul 1891 Campbellsville KY    14 Feb 1994              Mason City Iowa       William              Bettie Woods             US Army;  Par of Shirley, Floyd, Wayne, Dale                      Evergreen
 Dudgeon          Sandra Marie  (Sandy)           20 Jun 1956                      11 Aug 2007                                                                                                                                                    St Patricks Catholic
 Dudgeon          Wayne Calvin                    22 Aug 1922                      15 Jun 1999                                                                                  Par of Madonna,Tom,Cathi,Teresa,Mary,Sandy,Joanne,Loretta,John    St Patricks Catholic
 Duea             Fred                             7 Jan 1903                       8 Feb 1986                                                                                                                                                    Madison Township
 Duea             Irene L Holland                 25 Feb 1904                       3 Feb 1988                                                                                  Wife of Fred (1903)                                               Madison Township
 Duea             Sophus R                               1928                                                                                                                                                                                     Madison Township
 Duerr            Barbara                                                                                                                                                       see Jordan                                                        Peace Reformed Church
 Duesenberg       Delia E Moll                     4 Aug 1897                      23 Nov 1924                                                                                  Wife of Howard A (1893);  Marr 27 Mar 1916;  obit d:1925          Concord Township
 Duesenberg       Eva Gertrude Hicks              18 Oct 1869 Mendota Illinois      7 May 1962              Clear Lake Iowa       John Hicks           Margaret Reutzel         Wife #2 of Henry W; Marr 13 Oct 1898; Par of Edgar,Warren,Milton  Concord Township
 Duesenberg       Henry William                   16 Sep 1863 Germany              27 Dec 1940              Garner Hancock Co Ia  Conrad               Conradine Potthoff       Par of Hulda,Wesley,Marie,Esther; Hus of #1 Margaret Byer 1887    Concord Township
 Duesenberg       Howard Alvin                    10 Feb 1893 Odeboldt Iowa        30 Jan 1979              Garner Hancock Co IA  Henry                Eva Hix                  Hus of Delia Moll 1916; Mabel Schuldt 1926; Par of Dorothy, Ruth  Concord Township
 Duesenberg       Mabel Sophie Schuldt             4 May 1894 Hancock County Iowa   5 Feb 1984              Mason City Iowa       Frank Schuldt        Rica Schuldt             Wife of Howard A (1893);  Marr 20 Jan 1926                        Concord Township
 Duesenberg       Marie M                         24 Dec 1910 Garner Hancock Co IA  3 Feb 2006              Kalamazoo Miichigan   Henry W Duesenberg   Eva Hix                                                                                    Concord Township
 Duff             Eva M                            4 Sep 1917                         Jul 1983                                                                                                                                                    Concord Township
 Duff             Gilbert T                                                                                                       J C                  P C                      b:1895   bur:1896                                                 Evergreen
 Duff             Ida I Ingraham                                                      Nov 1941              Shorewood Wisconsin                                                 Wife of Thomas; Par of Mrs C R Wood                               Evergreen
 Duff             Laura May                                                                                                                                                     see Wood                                                          Evergreen
 Duff             Thomas                          14 Jul 1840 New Castle County DE  8 Oct 1916                                                                                  Co B 6th Maryland Vol; Hus of Ida; Marr 27 Sep 1877               Evergreen
 Duffy            Mary E Tubridy                                                                                                                                                see Donahue                                                       St Patricks Catholic
 Duhme            Marie Elizabeth Louisa                                                                                                                                        see Thiemann                                                      Ell Township
 Dummett          Angela                                 1931                                                                                                                   Wife of William (1931);  Marr 12 Feb 1952                         Evergreen
 Dummett          Thomas William                  30 Nov 1957 Britt Hancock Co Ia  23 Feb 1958              Britt Hancock Co Ia   William              Angela Klein                                                                               St Patricks Catholic
 Dummett          William                                1931                             1998                                                                                  Par of Terry, Steve, Thomas, James                                Evergreen
 Dumond           Eleanor                                                                                                                                                       see Elder                                                         Concord Township
 Dumont           Shirley Joan Evans              13 Dec 1939                      12 Jan 1993                                                                                                                                                    St Boniface Catholic
 Dunaway          James M                                1852 New York              1 Feb 1926              Britt Hancock Co IA   George               Millie Church                                                                              Evergreen
 Dunaway          Lenora Ovanda                                                                                                                                                 see Peters                                                        Madison Township
 Dunaway          Mary E                                 1853                      23 Mar 1927              Britt Hancock Co IA                                                 b:1858                                                            Evergreen
 Dunaway          Olive Jacobson                                                                                                                                                see Caralano                                                      Evergreen
 Dunbar           Darlene Mary Weiland             2 Sep 1936 Wesley Kossuth Co IA 30 Oct 2012              Mason City Iowa       Clarence Weiland     Leona Monson             Wife of James                                                     Evergreen
 Dunbar           James                                                                                                                                                         Par of Mari, Kari                                                 Evergreen
 Duncan           Clara Elizabeth Chaffer                1866                      30 Nov 1931 65y 6m 24d   Kanawha Iowa          Fred Chaffer         Rebecca Lee              Wife of David T (1861);  Marr 28 Jan 1886                         Amsterdam Township
 Duncan           David Tyrie                     24 Apr 1861 Deer Creek Illinois  13 Dec 1951 90y          Kanawha Iowa          George               Jessie Tyrie             Par of Jessie M, Stella R, Nellie M, Hazel, Myrtle F, Florence C  Amsterdam Township
 Duncan           Estella R                                                                                                                                                     see Johnson                                                       Evergreen
 Duncan           Florence Chaffer                                                                                                                                              see Smith                                                         Amsterdam Township
 Duncan           Jessie Mae                                                                                                                                                    see Norby                                                         Amsterdam Township
 Duncan           Matilda                                                                                                                                                       see Markle                                                        Avery Township
 Duncan           Myrtle Fern                                                                                                                                                   see Jordanger                                                     Amsterdam Township
 Duncan           Nellie M                                                                                                                                                      see Hovland                                                       Amsterdam Township
 Dunfee           Amizon                                                                                                                                                        see Earles                                                        Evergreen
 Dunfee           Catherine Margaret Houston                                                                                                                                    see Daniels                                                       Crystal Township
 Dunfee           Earl                               Mar 1892 Laurence County Ohio 22 Feb 1941              London Minnesota                                                                                                                      Corwith
 Dunfee           George Enice                    19 Jul 1889 Lawrence County Ohio  2 Jul 1951              Waterloo Iowa         George W             Permelia Harmon          Par of Eldred, Willard, Donald, Maxine, Glenice                   Corwith
 Dunfee           George Washington               31 Aug 1848 Monroe County Ohio   19 Oct 1931              London Minnesota                                                    Par of Clarence, John, Eunice, Shannon, Earl, +4 dau              Corwith
 Dunfee           Geraldine Mae Ford              13 Jan 1916 El Reno Oklahoma     24 Mar 2007              Forest City Iowa      Earl Ford            Kathryn Shaw             Wife of Russell L (1911);  Marr 9 Dec 1945                        Evergreen
 Dunfee           John L  (T)                      2 Dec 1881                      29 Aug 1946                                                                                  Par of Eva, Russell, Gladys                                       Evergreen
 Dunfee           Laura E                                                                                                                                                       see Bunting                                                       Evergreen
 Dunfee           Maggie D Pierce                 11 Jan 1884                      13 Nov 1941                                                                                  Wife of John L (1881)                                             Evergreen
 Dunfee           Mary Eva Farrell                14 Apr 1896                             1998                                                                                  Wife of George E (1889)                                           Corwith
 Dunfee           Permelia                        10 Feb 1849 Mage County Ohio      7 Jan 1922              London Minnesota                                                    Wife of George W (1848);  Marr 24 Apr 1870                        Corwith
 Dunfee           Russell L                       26 Apr 1911                       3 Jan 1975                                                                                                                                                    Evergreen
 Dunfee           Willard Paul                     2 Dec 1920                      31 Mar 2009                                                                                  S1 US Navy  WW II                                                 Corwith
 Dunfer           Thelma Maxine                                                                                                                                                 see Tegland                                                       Amsterdam Township
 Dunlap           Charlotte Cook                                                                                                                                                see Nelson                                                        Evergreen
 Dunlap           Ella Nora                                                                                                                                                     see Ricketts                                                      Evergreen
 Dunlap           Eva A Wagoner                   15 Feb 1893                      15 Aug 1976                                                                                  Wife of William O (1880)                                          St Marys Catholic
 Dunlap           Glenn Harold                    15 Feb 1891 Stilson Iowa         31 Dec 1965              Denver Iowa           Myron                Ellen Culkins            WAGR Co A 129 Mg Bn  WW I;  Par of Gertrude, Delores, Joyce       Corwith
 Dunlap           Lambert M                              1928                             1930                                                                                                                                                    St Marys Catholic
 Dunlap           LaRoy                           29 Aug 1915 Iowa                 12 Feb 1916 5m 17d       Corwith Iowa          Floyd                Ora H Barnack            no stone                                                          Corwith
 Dunlap           Louise                                                                                                                                                        see Africa                                                        Avery Township
 Dunlap           Mary M Riggle                   20 Nov 1897 Hancock County Iowa     Oct 1972              Adams Co Colorado     Jacob H Riggle       Katie L Sanders          Wife of Glenn H (1891);  Marr 1921                                Corwith
 Dunlap           Mellissa B                                                                                                                                                    see Stouffer                                                      Evergreen
 Dunlap           Mollie Haes                     15 Oct 1879                      21 Mar 1941              Mason City Iowa       Andrew Haes          Amelia Moehrke           Wife of John                                                      Concord Township
 Dunlap           Ora Hazel Barracks              19 Feb 1891 Iowa                  3 Dec 1927 36y 9m 14d   Corwith Iowa          John B Barracks      Fannie Laura Dye         Par of Charlotte, Geraldine                                       Corwith
 Dunlap           Paul                             4 Mar 1914 Iowa                  4 Mar 1914              Hancock County Iowa   William O            Eva A Wagoner                                                                              St Marys Catholic
 Dunlap           Vincent S                              1925                             1930                                                                                                                                                    St Marys Catholic
 Dunlap           William O                       30 Mar 1880                      17 Jul 1971                                                                                                                                                    St Marys Catholic
 Dunlevy          Isabel                                                                                                                                                        see Ernest A Nonnweiler                                           Madison Township
 Dunmire          Dorothy                                                                                                                                                       see Dallman                                                       Evergreen
 Dunn             ---                                                                                                                                                           Father;  no stone                                                 Evergreen
 Dunn             Ora A                                  1858                      12 Sep 1890 32y 17d                                                                                                                                            Evergreen
 Dunsmoor         Clara                                                                                                                                                         see Hanson                                                        Evergreen
 Dunsmoor         Emeline Josephine Bemis         15 Apr 1851 Belview Ohio         19 Dec 1947              Britt Hancock Co Ia                                                 Wife of William W                                                 Evergreen
 Dunsmoor         Glen W                          11 Oct 1887                      18 Jul 1892                                    William W            Emeline J                                                                                  Evergreen
 Dunsmoor         Guy C                           11 Oct 1887                      18 Apr 1948              Des Moines Iowa                                                     Pfc QM Corps  WW I                                                Evergreen
 Dunsmoor         Myrtle M                                                                                                                                                      see Richards                                                      Evergreen
 Dunsmoor         William W                       15 Apr 1849 Massachusetts        25 Aug 1936              Hancock County Iowa                        Miss Litchfield                                                                            Evergreen
 Duntemann        Christ                          28 Mar 1825 Germany              10 Mar 1903              Hancock County Iowa                                                                                                                   Bingham Township
 Dunterman        ---                                                                                                                                                           Son;  no stone                                                    Evergreen
 Dunterman        Amelia                          22 Jun 1865                      21 Jan 1925              Amiret Minnesota                                                    Wife of Fred C (18610                                             Bingham Township
 Dunterman        Fred C                          11 May 1861                      31 Oct 1908                                                                                  Par of 5 sons, 5 dau                                              Bingham Township
 Dunterman        Minnie                                                           13 Sep 188? 1y 8m ?d                           F                    A                        b: or bur:1888;  no stone                                         Evergreen
 Durant           Alfred John                     12 Apr 1863 Okee Wisconsin       26 Jan 1918              Hancock County Iowa   John                 Matilda Benjamin         Par of Myrtle,Lawrence,Edna,Daisy,Clara,Gladys,Richard,Alyce      Madison Township
 Durant           Alyce Mae                       17 Feb 1906                      11 Jun 1957                                    John A               Cora Bumgardner                                                                            Madison Township
 Durant           Arthur James                    30 Jun 1879                         Dec 1935                                                                                                                                                    Madison Township
 Durant           Carrie B Studer                  3 Oct 1882 Glidden Iowa         19 Mar 1976              Garner Hancock Co IA  Jacob Studer         Emma Jane Fergersen      Wife of Ray (1877);  Marr 17 Feb 1901                             Concord Township
 Durant           Cora Bumgardner                 10 Apr 1867                       4 May 1947                                    Martin Bumgardner    Caroline                 Wife of John A (1863)                                             Madison Township
 Durant           Donald Raymond                  13 Feb 1923 Goldfield Iowa       27 Jan 1977              Forest City Iowa      Nels Jenson          Susan Paskin             Par of Leo, Linda, LaDonna;  Adpt by S B & Edith Durant           Madison Township
 Durant           Doris                           15 Aug 1908 Iowa                 25 Aug 1908              Forest City Iowa      Seth Benjamin        Edith Alberta Howland                                                                      Madison Township
 Durant           Edith Alberta Howland           27 Apr 1878                       7 May 1958                                    A E Howland          Emma J Phillips          Wife of Seth B (1873)                                             Madison Township
 Durant           Emily Melissa                                                                                                                                                 see Oleson                                                        Madison Township
 Durant           Eva Flora                                                                                                                                                     see Ulrich                                                        Ell Township
 Durant           John                            30 Apr 1825 England               1 Jun 1894 69y 1m 1d    Hancock County Iowa                                                 Par of John,Wm,David,Mary,Rosanna,Geo,John,Lydia,Emily,Seth       Madison Township
 Durant           Lawrence A                       7 Nov 1888                       2 Mar 1969                                    John                 Cora Bumgardner                                                                            Madison Township
 Durant           Linda sue                       28 May 1948                      30 May 1948                                    Donald R             Rexine Peterson          b:8, d:10                                                         Madison Township
 Durant           Lydia M Riehm                   15 Oct 1882                      22 Aug 1961                                                                                  Wife of Arthur J (1879)                                           Madison Township
 Durant           Matilda Benjamin                23 Jun 1826 Canada               10 Sep 1903 77y 2m 17d   Hancock County Iowa                                                 Wife of John (1825)                                               Madison Township
 Durant           Myrtle Manuel                                                                                                                                                 see Boutilier                                                     Evergreen
 Durant           Raymond Robert                   7 Oct 1877 Forest City Iowa      8 Apr 1948              Mason City Iowa       William                                       Par of Eva, Lee, Merle                                            Concord Township
 Durant           Rexine J Peterson                      1924                             1988                                                                                  Wife of Donald R (1923);  Marr 6 May 1944                         Madison Township
 Durant           Seth Benjamin  "Bennie"          9 Jan 1873                      22 Jan 1947                                    John                 Matilda Benjamin         Par of Doris,Velma,Mildred,Donald,Duane, adpt Donald Jenson       Madison Township
 Durbin           Naomi                                                                                                                                                         see Babcock                                                       Amsterdam Township
 Durby            Nettie Rogenbaugh               13 Mar 1894                       4 Nov 1984                                                                                  Wife of Palmer T (1896);  Marr 24 Sep 1919                        Madison Township
 Durby            Palmer Theodore                  3 Jun 1896                      27 Aug 1973                                                                                  Pfc  US Army  WW I                                                Madison Township
 Duregger         Cathy                                                                                                                                                         see Allen Arthur Brown                                            Concord Township
 Duregger         Edward Junior                   11 Jul 1931 Burchinal Iowa        4 Oct 2014 83y          Mason City Iowa       Edward               Alice Hoffman            Wife #1 Geraldine Chodur,  #2 Sharon Hall;  Par of 10             Concord Township
 Duregger         Mary Ellen                                                                                                                                                    see Avery                                                         Concord Township
 Duregger         Sharon Lee Hall                 24 Jan 1939 Woolstock Iowa       29 Sep 1995              Mason City Iowa       Charles Lee Hall     Hilda Shaw               Wife #2 of Edward Jr (1931);  Marr 26 Nov 1960                    Concord Township
 Durgin           Jane Hawkins                                                                                                                                                  Wife #1 of John L (1943)                                          Ell Township
 Durgin           John L                          22 Jan 1943 Reno Nevada           7 Apr 2004              Des Moines Iowa                            Elizabeth Williams       Par of John, David, Dixie, Jean;  foster par - Sam & Irene Jones  Ell Township
 Durgin           Virginia Subject                                                                                                                                              Wife #2 of John L (1943);  Marr 14 Nov 1996                       Ell Township
 Durham           Margaret  "Mabel"  Griffen      28 Feb 1918 Klemme Hancock Co IA  9 Oct 1998              Bigfork Montana                            Alvina                   Wife of Oscar (1913);  Marr 25 Aug 1937                           Concord Township
 Durham           Marlene A                              1938                             1938                                                                                                                                                    Liberty Township
 Durham           Oscar                            3 Sep 1913 Yarrow Missouri      26 Jun 1972              Britt Hancock Co IA   Joseph               Belle Wheeler            Par of Gordon                                                     Concord Township
 Durkee           Clara                                                                                                                                                         see Becker                                                        St Boniface Catholic
 Durnin           Albert Thomas                    2 Jul 1880 Hennipin Illinois    25 Nov 1959              Mason City            Patrick              Ella J Tubman            Par of Margaret, Dorothy, Clara, Shirley, Ellis                   Evergreen
 Durnin           Cora Ella                                                                                                                                                     see Steiner                                                       Evergreen
 Durnin           Ella Jane Tubman                28 Jun 1858 Enniskillen Ireland  18 Aug 1922              Britt Hancock Co IA                                                 Wife #2 of Patrick (1850);  Marr 11 Nov 1890                      St Patricks Catholic
 Durnin           Hazel Dorothy Burns             27 Dec 1888 Humboldt Iowa         9 Nov 1955              Britt Hancock Co IA   Louis Burns          Effie Ellis              Wife of Albert T (1880);  Marr 26 Jul 1911                        Evergreen
 Durnin           Mary Margaret                   14 Apr 1928 Hancock County Iowa  19 Jun 1928 2m 5d        Hancock County Iowa   John                                                                                                            St Patricks Catholic
 Durnin           Naomi                                                                                                                                                         see Babcock                                                       Amsterdam Township
 Durnin           Patrick                         17 Mar 1850 Cork Ireland         29 Aug 1928              Britt Hancock Co IA                                                 Par of Albert, James, John, Cora,Charles; Wife #1 Margaret Tubman St Patricks Catholic
 Duska            Stella A                                                                                                                                                      see Oxley                                                         Corwith
 Dusseldorp       Gelke "Kate" Folkerts           26 Feb 1891 Grundy County Iowa   26 Jul 1981              Britt Hancock Co Ia   Heye Folkerts        Antje Sweers             Wife of Jacob (1890-1975)                                         Evergreen
 Dussler          Anna C                                 1868                         Dec 1940              Saint Ann Illinois                                                  Wife of Henry H (1867);  bur:20                                   Corwith
 Dussler          Anna M 0                                                                                                                                                      see Blaine                                                        Corwith
 Dussler          Emma                                                                                                                                                          no stone;  lot purchase Oct 1919                                  Corwith
 Dussler          Henry H                                1867                      27 Jan 1930              Atwood Illinois                                                     Par of Anna;  b:1868                                              Corwith
 Dvorak           Emma I Hanzlik                   6 Mar 1889                      10 Feb 1951              Cedar Rapids Iowa     Joseph               Barbara Urich            Wife of John F (1890)                                             Concord Township
 Dvorak           John F                          21 Mar 1890                      21 Dec 1970              Cedar Rapids Iowa                                                   bur:23 Oct ?                                                      Concord Township
 Dvorsky          Marie (Mary)                                                                                                                                                  see Young                                                         St Boniface Catholic
 Dye              Fannie Laura                                                                                                                                                  see barracks                                                      Corwith
 Dysart           ---                                                               4 Aug 1891                                    J W                  Anna                     Infant Son                                                        Magor Township

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