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Hamilton County IAGenWeb

Book 1 - 1880-1896

Copyright 2003 by Janelle Martin


Transcriber's Note: Many of the pages were difficult to read. Occupations were not transcribed, nor were attendants. Occasionally family members were listed as attendants. Some births recorded were not listed on the index. A few births occurred in Webster, Hardin, or Wright counties. It is best to view the actual record to get your own interpretation and possibly more information. If a birth is not recorded here, it does not mean it didn't occur. Many births were not recorded. Where the date of birth is not listed, I put the date of Return. I purposely alphabetized the births by the father's surname so that all families are shown together for comparison of information provided. The original records are held at the Hamilton County Courthouse, Webster City, Iowa 50595.


Father's Name Father's B'Place
& Age
Mother's Name Maiden Mother's B'Place
& Age
# child
this mother
Sex Infant's Name No. Book Page Date of Birth Place of Birth
Yager, John         2 F Yager, 159 1 33 7 May 1883 Fremont Twp
Young, Frank NY 25 Armenta French Iowa 22 1 M Young, Fred LeRoy 115 1 116 14 Feb 1891 Freedom Twp
Young, John E. Ohio 20 Mary S. Jones Wisc. 26 1 F Young, 10 1 1 11 Sep 1880 Webster City
Young, Marion Grant Ohio 25 Emma J. Olson Wisc. 23 1 M Young,  76 1 103 6 Jun 1889 Stratford
Youngclas, Henry T. Iowa 25 Emma Stahl 21 1 F Youngclas, Florence Louise 40 1 72 8 Dec 1886 Fremont Twp