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Transcribed and contributed to IAGen Web by Janelle Martin, September 2018, June 2020

1931 Torch Yearbook Cover

Lincoln High School

Webster City, Hamilton County, Iowa

1931 Torch Yearbook

Title Page


Dedication -   Metta Robinson - Senior Class Advisor

page 1 E.S. Mitterling, Pres; C. H. Currie, F. J. Lund, Mrs. C.A. Lowell, Mrs. Louise Clifton, C. F. Mason, Helen Christeson

Maureta Paine - Secretary for Junior & Senior High - Helen Christeson - Secretary  to the School Board

 page 2 Burrus E. Beard - Superintendant     

page 3 C. E. Miller - Senior High Principal

page 4 Dora Miller, Josephine Jennings, Bessie Lyon, Lelah Mitchell, Adelaide Harlan, Marie Ericksen

page 5  Bertha Teal, Pearl Ritter, Metta Robinson, Francis Moore, Ethel Swanson, Margaret Bidwell

page 6 Ruth Hanson, Robert W. Lamson, Reba Ralls, Edna Schultz, Marvel Killion, Mrs. Bowman

page 7 W. I. Naden, Gertrude Latchaw, Gladys Jefferson, June Taylor, Alma Mann, Betty Shatava

page 8 Letitia Whitten, Ethel Virtue, W. H. Rockey, Florence Landon, Nina St. John, Theo Clifton



page 11     Harold Vance, Vice President - Carlton Crosley, President - Marvin Collins, Secretary-Treasurer

  page 12 Mabel Ankrum, Jack Bateman, Howard Beerman, Virginia Bobzin, Raymond Behm, Eleanor Brock, Mary Buell, Clyde Burr

  page 13 Gerald Butts, Bonnie Decker, Margaret Davis, John Cleveland, Blanche Dubbs, Glen Coulter, Carlson Crosley, Audrey Fastenow

  page 14 Marie Daniels, Arnold Christeson, Thomas Faulkner, Marjorie Crosby, Marvin Collins, Viola Elkin, Ruth Eslick, Bernand Demoratsky

  page 15 Woodrow Christeson, Arrisadeline Fosdick, Calva Flowers, Forrest Fisher, Elsie Guthrie, Leo Gingery, Wilbur Goehring, Esther Hanson

   page 16 Marjorie Hoge, Donald Morrow, Buster Grempel, Edith Hoover, Elston Herrald, Zelpha Hurst, Marjorie Hiff, Lawrence Kayser

  page 17 Francis Long, Elsie Koehler, Faye Layne, John Richardson, Margaret Lyle, John Pappas, Leroy Rasmussen, Lillian Madsen

   page 18 Madella Miller, Virgil Spangle, George Rinehimer, Ruth Nail, Willard Roskopf, Margaret Nairn, Frances Pringle, Milton Ruppel

   page 19 Ralph Shafer, Dorothy Riley, Elsie Mae Ringer, Willard Shaw, Sara Samson, Carol Sonerholm, Betty Stevens, Harriet Shafer

  page 20 Marie Vulgamott, Harm Tapper, Willard Thompson, Maxine Walton, Gretchen Tatham, Marcelyn Thompson, Louise Thorpe,              Evelyn Van Hook

  page 21 Jack Thorpe, Etta Tapper, Ava Wells, Harold VAnce, Eloise Weir, Allan Van Sickle, Delavan Whaley, Edna Wilson

    page 22 Helen Wildish, Frank Wilke, Marjorie Wilson, Elon Wood, Edward Zeihan



p. 27 Robert Essig, Treasurer - Jean Anderson, Vice President - Morris Westervelt, President - Marian Carden, Secretary

p. 28 Front Row- M. Carden, M. Crosby, C. Callery, D. Fowler, M. Bohlen, J. Boswell, L. Carpenter, H. Eggers, R. Barner, L. Callery.

Second Row-M. Callery, J. Hurd, E. Kelting, A. Dinsdale, M. Isham, V. Lee, C. Clendenning, J. Doty, C. Cheyne, J. Anderson, E. Johnson.

Third Row-I. Lillegard, D. Anderson, V. Dress, M. Lyle, Miss Harlan, H. Burns, B. Klooster, A. Carpenter, E. Klooster, L. Brandrup, D. Comley,  M. Boynton, B. Albright, L. Busing.

Fourth row- C. Faulkner, D. Dixon, A. Fisher, W. Gamble, R. Dalby, L. Gamble, T. Cutler, J. Fardal.

Fifth Row- E. Lubbers, A. Kelting, C. Brewer, R. Essig, L. Jones, F. Grace, W. Hemingway, H. Cramer.

p. 29 First Row- F. Olson, V. Sayrs, A. Sagar, E. Meyers, A. Short, H. McEwen, N. Pierce, R. Northrup, W. Whipple.

Second Row- G. Ruebel, V. Schweppe, H. Ringer, A. Yanney, M. Maxon, G. Watson, L. Sonerholm, E. Miller, R. Miller, B. Paine.

Third Row- F. Moore, A. Welch, M. Svenson, C. Taylor, M. Merdian, D. Schroder, Miss Swanson, Miss Miller, M. Macgoey, L. Segar.

Fourth Row- P. Smith, J. Mikel,  R. Thompson, M. Westervelt, H. Shafer, P. Richeson, J. McMurray, H. Norton.

Fifth Row- L. Mertz, D. Passwater, H. Oleson, R. Whaley, T. Valen, G. Selby, J. Zeihan, V. Vegors, K. Seamonds, J. Stonebraker, M. Mason,        M. Schrader.



p. 31 Richard Crovisier, Secretary - Frances Wilke, V. President - Lester Cleveland, President - Marian Rinehimer, Treasurer

p. 32 Front Row- L. Brownfield, L. Bickford, M. Chambers, M. Jutte, M. Klooster, V. Bennett, R. Abbott, M. Donaldson, V. Beard.

Second Row- O. Eggleston, M. Jewett, I. Koehler, C. Bailey, D. Abbott, Z. Jones, A. Crouch, E. Koestner, M. Bertels, L. Cleveland.

Third Row- E. Creach, C. Adams, R. Dinsdale, M. Knapp, T. Klaas, R. Boynton, M. Kirkpatrick, E. Iliff, M. Ades, M. Julius, M. Bonner, K. Blair,   V. Fairchild, H. Jones, A. Klooster, H. Crouse.

Fourth Row- W. Fleischer, W. Heffner, R. Eckstein, M. Fink, E. Harrison, H. Dahlke, R. Crovisier, A. Groves, P. Eslick, J. Heck, A. Burckle,         M. Hollis.

Fifth Fow- V. Eggleston, D. Brower, O. Knoll, E. Black, W. Froning, B. Bonner, W. Greenley, D. Andrew, O. Bottorff, L. Bickford, M. Draeger.

p. 33 Front Row- A. Stanger, V. Myers, W. Ross, K. Thompson, R. Paulson, M. Rinehimer, V. Wehrheim, F. Wilke, M. Phillips, I. Pringle.

Second Row- A. Lacy, O. Rasmussen, V. Terry, M. Widman, E. Raven, L. Van Engen, E. Russell, M. Wilson, J. Whaley, P. Youlden.

Third Row- H. Oleson, J. Layne, H. West, L. Perkins, L. Nassen, H. McKee, V. Silvers, E. Smerdon, H. Stevens, M. Lundy, D. Vaubel, B. Stapp.

Fourth Row- J. Sinn, H. Shafer, L. McConnell, C. Wilson, G. Pollock, J. Reinsel, M. Stearns, R. Madsen, L. Thompson, W. Moats, G. Naden,          C. Raven, W. Thompson, Miss Ethel Virtue.

Fifth Row- R. Smith, J. Sweazey, C. Rhoer, C. Robinson, M. Stein, Mr. Rockey, J. Lundell, R. Warneke, L. Leopold, J. Swon, R. Stewart,                 E. Pilchard.



List of first & last names

p. 36 Jack McDonald, Secretary, Wendell Halverson, President, Virginia Crosley, Treasurer

p. 37 First Row- E. M. Hansen, F. Koehler, Mable Welch, D. Mullholland, E. Larson, V. Wilke, D. McCoskey, C. Tash, J. Foster.

Second Row- J. Johnson, J. Johnston, L. Stanger, G. McCoy, E. Smith, B. Gudzus, D. Dalley, E. Thierman, G. Seamonds.

Third Row- L. Whaley, W. Knight, G. Vulgamott, C. Ruffcorn, P. Walters, H. Larson, B. Johnson, F. Thompson, M. Christeson, J. McDonald,          V. Koestner, A. Downard, D. Williams, E. Miller, D. Brandt.

Fourth Row- L. Behm, A. Tucker, H. Roskopf, M. Blue, M. Boston, H. Rasmussen, D. Weedman, V. Gage, O. Crosby, F. White, W. Fleischer.

Fifth Row- R. Peterson, F. Wilson, S. Pringle, D. Hollis, C. Weedman, Mr. Lamson, D. Mertz, D. Swanson, A. Banks, S. Brown.

p. 38 First Row- A. E. Powers, M. Maxon, V. Crosley, D. Christeson, E. Bateman, E. Gramblin, H. Mingle, P. Carsey, D. Silvers.

Second Row- Miss Schultz, M. Hurd, E. Wilson, M. F. Williams, R. McDonald, D. Dahlke, B. Van Hook, M. Richardson, D. Pearce, E. Dodge.

Third Row- J. Davidson, M. Chalfant, M. Clifton, L. Johnson, M. McConnell, R. Ely, D. Miller, K. Jansen, M. Black, L. McConnell, D. Richardson,  R. Matthews.

Fourth Row- F. Mallo, G. Brandrup, K. Stanerson, R. Chalfant, O. Larson, D. Burton, D. Thompson, D. Eckstein, J. Colvin, R. Boudinot,                  W. Bashford.

p. 39 Front Row- M. McCollough, J. Hall, F. V. Parks, G. Ringer, M. Mason, W. Pray, J. Currie, M. Miller, M.A. Hotchkiss, J. Selby.

Second Row- J. Buell, E. Schwiebert, H. Achenbach, Madge Welch, A. Calkins, D. Naden, D. Calkins, I. Valen, W. Whitson, L. Kurtz.

Third Row- A. Batcheller, C. Decker, E. Lachmiller, R. Zolnosky, M. Blair, C. Espe, W. Thompson, R. Christeson, C. Noffke.

Fourth Row- E. Dally, L. Bahrenfus, H. Vegors, E. Tash, G. Rouse, L. Wilson, W. Halverson, A. Stevenson, E. Kramer, A. Knight.

Fifth Row- A. Newland, Miss Clifton, R. Schroder.


List of first & Last names

p. 41 Lois Doolittle, V. President; Howard Shehorn, President; Robert Huddleston, Sec.-Treas.

p. 42  Front Row- T. McCoy, B. Osborn, C. Watson, D. Van Engen, J. Thompson, D. Oleson, F. Black, B. Creach, G. Yaus, B. Batcheller,

M. Miller.

Second Row- P. Youngdale, D. Meyers, M. Merdian, D. Kent, M. Gage, L. M. Halverson, R. Burckle, M. McCoy, J. Faulkner,

D. McCollough.

Third Row- L. Grempel, L. Dingman, A. Urich, D. Burnett, D. Brown, E. Fischer, M. Downs, E. Hisler, L. Thompson, M. Miller, T. Butler.

Fourth Row- D. Bonner, W. Jones, M. West, L. Fisher, M. Kolbeck, R. Doward, D. Stuart, G. Nairn, M. Spitler, E. Vogt, H. Urich.

Fifth Row- C. Knight, H. Woodmansee, J. Blair, V. Smith, G. Butts, Miss Latchaw, Miss Killion, A. Messecher, R. Beem. W. Beightol.

p. 43 First Row- K. Richardson, H. Crouse, F. Chambers, J. Johnson, R. Hirt, M. Hanson, I. Miller, H. Fisher, P. Lundell.

Second Row- D. Mills, R. Schweppe, R. Butler, M. Christeson, G. Kennedy, I. Miller, L. Stuart, J. Baker, E. Anderson, D. McCollough.

Third Row- M. Wildish, L. Evans, M. Spitler, M. Wylie, E. Knight, M. Boylan, G. Hall, M. Ribbey, L. Doolittle, C. McFarland, E. Madsen,

Fourth Row- J. Stonebraker, M. Lillegard, J. McCollough, C. Grover, W. Cramer, L. Lovelace, L. Knoll, C. Brown, L. Thompson,

W. Williams, P. Janvrin.

Fifth Row- J. Dixon, R. Huddleston, M. Ray, D. Waggoner, Miss Taylor, H. Shehorn, Miss Jefferson, C. Doty, B. Adair, C. Cornthwaite.



List of First & Last names

p. 45 Beverly Miller, Secretary; Jack Phillips, President; Wendell Weidlein, Treasurer

p.46 First Row- O. Crouch, H. Forrester, M. Olson, D. Faulkner, M. Foley, M. Chase, D. Howard, T. Brant, R. White, J. Chambers,

W. Maxon.

Second Row- R. Ades, R. Decker, D. Sheldon, A. House, L. Noe, L. Sigler, B. Macgoey, M. Spitler, H. Beem, N. Bingham, T. Lack,

A. Fowler, B. Brandt.

Third Row- D. Daniels, S. Prater, M . Naber, H. Patropoulos, B. Miller, C. Groves, M. Grover, E. West, G. Romero, W. Ostlund.

Fourth Row- D. Kepler, H. Whaley, R. Mitterling, M. Woodmansee, H. Cutler, K. Clark, B. Christeson, N. McMurray,  S. McKee,

L. McIntosh,  M. Fosdick, L. Whitson, J. Bates, J. Phillips.

Fifth Row- O. McFarland, Mrs. Mann, M. Fortune, Miss Shatava, R. Burnett, I. Jansen, E. Wehrheim, H. Hughes, D. White.

p. 47  Front Row- M. Spangle, H. Madsen, W. Weidlein, M. Manke, V. Litchenberger, C. Meyers, W. Fulton, C. McCollough, R. Beall,

H. Dingman, J. Stamy, J. Teed.

Second Row- E. West, M. Umstattd, J. Paesler, V. Smerdon, W. Raven, D. Lillegard, R. Pringle, A. Kennedy, D. Draper, G. Hanson,

L. Rinehimer.

Third Row- M. Johnson, E. Packard, B. Rasmussen, R. Whaley, A. Kelting, B. Hoshaw, J. Schweppe, R. Andrew, L. Dress, D. Shelton,

Y. Svenson, H. Arbogast.

Fourth Row- C. Leopold, E. Clabaugh, L. Rinehimer, E. Hill, D. Weedman, R. Fox, D. Rhodes, J. Mellen, R. Olmstead, M. Kent.

Fifth Row- J. Steppe, M. Myers, F. Risk, E. Foley, B. Waggoner, Mrs. Bowman, F. Warneke, D. Sheldon, L. McFarland, C. Goodrich.