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Transcribed for IAGenWeb by Janelle Martin, Sept. 2017, June 2020
1954 Blairsburg Yearbook
The Legend

Dedication      Faculty Page 6  Page 7     School Board     FFA Drivers Ed     Lunch Room

Page 10
Page 11
Page 12
Page 13
Sophomores Freshmen
Kay McComb
Jason McCoskey, Jr.
Elaine Eppard
Bruce Luhmann
Patricia Pelz
Kenneth Luppes
Vernon Hetland
Janice Kirchner
Francis Barrick
Linda Pelz
Larry Luhmann
Rae Jean Tudor

Buddy Brim
Donna Watts
Patsy Hollingsworth
Arlene Jansen
Keith Tatge
Jim Olson
Grant Halsne
Junior Brim
Bill Groves
Robert Farley
Paul Plager
Bill Breitenkamp
LeRoy Barton
Wilfred Buhr
Meriam Olson
Harold Smith
Sondra Fowler
Robert Eppard
Marlene Larson
Wesley Burr
Roma Crabtree
Ronald Hilpipre
Betty Barrick
James Timm
Sharon Ruhl
Roger Ogland
Wilma Ritchie
Sherman Schroder
Arvid Middents
Ernie Stoppelmoor
Roger Farley
Charles Carpenter
Nancy Ades
Ronald Kennedy
Ila Ely
Darrell Johnson
Ann Larson
Paul Larson
Shirley Schroder
Richard Pelz
Loretta Kelly
Richard Iverson
Irene Whisler
Dean Pelz
Judy Farley
Larry Carstens
Robert Janes
Eighth Grade
Page 24
Page 25
Seventh Grade
Sixth Grade
Fifth Grade
Lee Stafford
RoJean Pelz
Kenneth Detmer
Luana Halsne
Harold Hilpipre
Shirley Frock
Larry Halsne
Lois Luppes
Edward Crabtree
Lavonne Luppes
James Pruismann
Frances Casbon
Jerry Barrick
Lois Halsne
Robert Culbertson
Carolyn Hilpipre
Gary Riles
Patricia Hilpipre
Wayne Tatge
Carol Smith
Kenyon Olson
Gary Klaver
Richard Tudor
Ray Irving
Jerry Sawyer
Teacher: Mrs. Bader
Charles Schroder
Marilyn Hilpipre
Richard Eppard
Connie Ferrell
Donald Crabtree
Mary Irving
Larry Jansen
Karen Fowler
Lendil Garth
Linda Hemmen
James TerHark
Beverly Bently
Charles Greiner
Alice Casbon
Reginald Wilson
Karen Huisman
Gary Scott
James Grove
Val Olson
Teacher: Mrs. Walter
Irene Dahl
Gloria Dahl
Larry Fankhauser
Sherry Smith
Kenneth Olson
Georgia Olson
Sharon Carstens
Betty Irving
Ardelle Whistler
Karen Graham
Teacher: Mrs. Creach
Daryl Hetland
Beth Berrogan
Sandra Pelz
Sharon Tapper
Donna Lemon
Roger Tapper
Roger Stafford
Orien Wesley
David Frock
Jo Ann Neese
Larry Pelz
Diana Janes
Dennis Halsne
Teacher: Miss Workman
Gary Cormaney
Gary Lobaugh
Teddy Hollingsworth
Judy Pelz
Sharon Story
Alan Ballentine
Shirley Nail
Roger Lenning
Veda Griffin
David Stafford
Ruth Timm
Patty Hilpipre
Fourth Grade
Third Grade
Second Grade
First Grade
Larry Ballantine
Charles Neese
Roderick Irving
Billy Frock
Jerry Ruhl
Ronnie Farley
Delmer Crabtree
Doug Luppes
Dorothy Irving
Verna Griffin
Roberta Stafford
Coleen Miller
Sherry Pelz
Verona Casbon
Sandra Sawyer
Donna Schwandt
Bethene Halsne
Rowena McCartney
Jerilyn Larson
Jimmie Taylor
Gerald Bently
Jackie Patterson
Beverly Berogan
Jimmie Miller
Steven Butler
Gene Alvestad
George Casbon
Dennis Doolittle
Teacher: Miss Greenfield

Janis Schroder
Lanette Carstens
Rodney Ruhl
Tommy Greiner
James Ballew
Karen Griffin
Jerry Groves
Richard Ely
Susan McCoskey
Carole Story
Robert Taylor
Dennis Adams
Sandra Irving
Daryl Tapper
Pauline Draves
Darwin Pruismann
Donna Tapper
Kathy Smith
Teacher: Miss Middents
Dennis Ballantine
Richie Ballantine
Leo Hoefer
Pam Holt
Kay Bentley
John Keane
Carolyn McCartney
Wayne Stafford
Rodney Huisman

Ronald Casbon
Dale Graham
Paul Fankhauser
Michael Willson
Keith Pelz
Carolyn Butler
Kay Olson
Kathy Hemken
Billy Pruismann
Betty Jo Pelz
Garry Frock
Gene Riles
Ronnie Kohl
Jerry Frock
John TerHark
Lloyd Nail
Irvin Schwandt
Barbara Greufe
Jerrine Neese
Jerry Dakin
Teacher: not named
Susan Pules
Linda Hoefer
Leslie Ballew
Patty Brim
Larry Furman
Diane Bentley
Patricia Holt
Jon Miller
Alan Schroder
Thelma Draves
Mary Bentley
Jimmy Stafford
Linda Lemon
Kathleen Miller
Pamela Patterson
Joyce Dakin
Buddy Maisel
Leroy McCoskey
Darla Pruismann
Rosemary Adams
Teacher: not named
Darryl Crabtree
Sammy Wasson
Billy Evans
LaVerne Wicks
Jackie Ferrell
Jimmie Butler
Jim Fankhauser
Larry Oberender
Ken Miller
Michael Hilpipre
Wayne Taylor
Carroll Ose
Janelle Graham
Wayne Tapper
Jimmie Elkin
Mary Jo Stafford
Brian McCollough
Teacher: Mrs. Wilson
Elaine Larson
Helen Pruismann
Elda Casbon
Wendell Ose
Lyle Greiner