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A group of lookup volunteers are listed on this page to help provide you with basic information about one of your ancestors. Help them by being very SPECIFIC in your request, and by limiting the request to one or two ancestors. Since they do lookups for many different books please be sure to GIVE THEM THE TITLE OF THE BOOK OR INDEX you would like searched.

Attention: Hamilton County Lookup Volunteers are Needed!

If you own or have access to genealogical material, please consider joining in our volunteer-driven project. Volunteers are not asked to do extensive research, but simply to provide basic information via e-mail about an individual ancestor query. If you are willing to do Reference Lookups, please Volunteer by sending a message to the County Coordinator listed on the HOME page.


  • Please limit your request to ONE NAME (or couple), and allow some time for a response.
  • Click on the Lookup Contact and e-mail your request. Type HAMILTON COUNTY LOOKUP in the subject line of your request.
  • In your request include the full name of the person (or couple), the SPECIFIC information you are looking for and the book or index you would like them to consult.
  • Please THANK your volunteer for their efforts.
Reference Material
Lookup Contact
Limit your request to ONE NAME.
History of Hamilton County, Iowa- 1985.
Karla Selseth
Early Days of Hamilton County, Then and Now by Bessie Lyon, 1946
Tonia Shelley
The Centennial Story of Ellsworth, IA 1880-1980   Tammy Kuhn
Endre & Sigrid Endreson Hus 1818-1977 Many Hamilton & Hardin Co. names- Anderson, Skrovig, Roe, Johnson, Hall, Koop, Alvestad, Michaelson, Sampson and more. Karla Selseth
Iowa State Census 1856 (part of Webster County census)
Janelle Martin
Cemeteries-Liberty Twp-Tabitha Rose Church      Lincoln Twp- Lincoln, Bethany (2002)                         

Janelle Martin
Cemeteries- Williams Twp-St.Mary's (Catholic), Williams Twp (1986)
Janelle Martin
Hamilton County, Iowa Cemeteries Index(Partial) (1989) Identifies cemetery to names. Partial list of Hamilton Co. Janelle Martin
Cemeteries-Graceland (Old Section) & Trail's End- Webster City (1997)
Janelle Martin
Cemeteries- Marion Twp- Oakwood, South Marion (1986)
Janelle Martin
Hamilton County Mortality Schedules 1860, 1870, 1880
Janelle Martin
Births Book B          Apr 1896-Dec 1897
Janelle Martin
Births Book 2          Dec 1897-Dec 1910   A-M
Janelle Martin
Births Book  2         Dec 1897-Dec 1910   N-Z
Janelle Martin
Births Book  2A     1909
Janelle Martin
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