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Photos submitted for the IAGenWeb Project by Ed Nass, Arvid Huisman, Mary Mertz, Janelle Martin, David Shedlock, 2006- February 2019



Blairsburg 1920s
Blairsburg Busy Day (old)
Blairsburg Haying Wm Oakland Farm early 1900s Blairsburg General Merchandise Building 1910
Blairsburg Cornhuskers 1908
Blairsburg Cornhuskers 1908 (Back)
Blairsburg Early 1900s Blairsburg Elevator RR Tracks 1908


Photos from the Ellsworth Museum Collecton
Submitted by Janet Adix, April 13, 2024

East side of Main Street, picture taken in 1910 West side of Main Street, picture taken approximately in 1910
Methodist Episcopal Church buildt in 1883 was the first church in Ellsworth. Hal Keesee, first rural mail carrier out of Ellsworth, Iowa. His first route was 25 miles long when he started in 1901.
The State Bank building after it was robbed. On a hot summer night in 1898 the State Bank of Ellsworth as robbed of $1500.00. After robbing the bank the robbers caught the east bound midnight train to Gifford, Iowa. When the men were apprehended, the $1500.00 was found in a cigar box under the bed. First schoool house in Ellsworth. Built and in full operation by 1900. Later cut in two, moved a block and served as two homes. One still occupied as a home.
New Grade School built in 1913. Notice the older shool house to the rear of the new shool on the left. High School built in 1916 sitting across the street fro the grade school.
Bill Thompson and the first turkeys (1935) raised in the Ellsworth community. Bill was the foundr of the turkey industry in the area. New Turkey Processing Plant built in 1945. Ellsworth eventually became the largest turkey producing community in the state.
The first Thompson Hatchery, buildt in 1938. This one was outgrown and another was built across the street in 1944.  


Jewell old Main Street
Jewell 1912
Jewell Pharmacy1948


Kamrar Business District 1920
Kamrar Elevator



Stanhope Depot


Stratford Garage Stratford Hotel
Stratford House & Farm 1907 Stratford Main Street
Stratford Road Grading Stratford Street 1909


First National Bank 1914 First National Bank 1915
Hamilton County State Bank 1907 Hamilton County State Bank 1930
City Hall City Hall 1909
City Hall 1911 City Hall 1915
Court House Court House 1908
Court House 1912 Court House 1913
Court House 1914 Court House 1950
Court House Park-inside Court House Park 1909
Advertising Envelope, Wesley Martin (Front) Advertising Envelope (Back)
Armory Building Bank Street Bridge
Birdseye View WC 1928 Birdseye View WC-old
Birdseye Panoramic Business Men
BPOE building BPOE Elks Lodge
City Park - West Twin CNW Railroad Bridge
Firestation IC Railroad Bridge 1909
IC Viaduct Old Bell Tower 1937
Webster City ad envelope 1910 front side Webster City ad envelope 1910 back side
Hamilton County Hospital Hamilton County Public Hospital
Hamilton County Public Hospital (2) St. Joseph Mercy Hospital 1907
St. Joseph Mercy Hospital 1907 (2) Mercy Hospital 1911
Mercy Hospital 1916 St. Joseph Mercy Hospital
Kendall Young Library inside 1909 Kendall Young Library
Main Street Main Street East
Webster City Main Street 1915 Main Street 1947
Webster City Main Street yet another Corner of 2nd and Des Moines
Webster City Main Buster Brown front side Webster City Main Buster Brown back side
Webster City Post Office 1910 Webster City Post Office trees
Second Street East Cars Horse 2nd Street East & carriage
2nd Street WC 2nd Street WC 1919
2nd St. West Downtown Webster City
Webster City Street Scene 1918 Webster City Street Scene Old
Webster City Street Scene 1929 Webster City Street Scene
Greater Webster City Webster City Street Scene, Woolworths
Des Moines Street South Des Moines Street
Des Moines Street 1908  
Willson Hotel 1912 Willson Hotel 1928
Willson Hotel 1955 Willson Hotel near Hamilton Co.State Bank


1908 Williams State Bank
Williams Light & Power Station
Williams Main Street 1915
Williams Dr. Office


Blairsburg Congregational Church  
Stratford First Baptist Church  
Radcliffe German Church 1912  
Church on the Prairie  
Webster City Baptist Church 1908 Webster City Baptist Church 1919
Webster City Catholic Church Webster City St. Thomas Catholic Church
Webster City Church of Christ Webster City Christian Church (aka Church of Christ)
Webster City Church of Christ 1907 (Front of Card) (Back of Card) Webster City Church of Christ 1907
Webster City Congregationl Church 1923  
Webster City English Lutheran Church Webster City Lutheran Church 1911
Webster City St. Paul's Lutheran Church  
Webster City Methodist Church 1886 Webster City Methodist Church 1912
Webster City First Methodist Webster City Universalist Church
Webster City various churches 1907 (Front Side) Webster City various churches 1907 (Back side)
Webster City Various Churches  
Williams Church 1908
Williams Lutheran Church
Williams M E Church  


Jewell Lutheran College  
Stratford High School  
Stratford School Girls1913 front side Stratford School Girls 1913 back side
Webster City High School 1913 Webster City North High School
Webster City HS 1925 Webster City New High School Building
Webster City Central School 1937 front side Webster City Central School 1937 back side
Webster City Central School Webster City Public Schoolhouse
Webster City Public Schoolhouse 1908 Webster City St.Thomas Aquinas


Welch, Hiram & Rachel Moats, Clayton & May (Welch)
Lee, F. Q. Wilson, Walter C.
Unknown - 2 Ladies Unknown - Couple
Unknown - Local Soldier  


Webster City Watermelon Day 1913 Farmer with work horses pre-1915
McMurray Hatchery Employees
Old Chase Mill 1910
Tall Men Jewell
Tall Men Jewell backside