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Contributed to IAGenWeb by Pat Juon, 2016-2017
Transcribed for the IAGenWeb Project by Janelle Martin

WWII Men Veterans of Hamilton County

The following data, linked to the "Iowa in World War II Special Project" was contributed to IAGenWeb by Pat Juon.

These veterans names are offered as a tribute to both the living and dead of World War II. Those who died in the war, and since, have a right to be identified and have their stories brought to a close and to take their place in our memories. Living veterans deserve our support with the memories they carry from such a monumental time in their lives. Undying thanks go out to all veterans and their families.These men and women were born in, lived in, worked in, were married in, died in, and/or were buried in Hamilton County, Iowa. They are an important part of our Hamilton County heritage.


Underwood, Arthur K.


VanDerveer, Earl K.

VanFleet, James K.

VanSickle, Charles Henry

VanSickle, Elmer Glenn

VanSickle, Kenneth

VanSickle, Lester



Voorhees, Jack Leroy

Wadsworth, Thomas K. Jr.

Waggoner, Karl

Wagnere, Marvin H.

Wagner, Richard Robert

Wahlers, Darrell Dean

Wahlers, Donald Fredric

Wahman, Carl Dean

Wahman, Duane Edward

Wahman, Lyle Armel

Wakeham, Donald Herbert

Walker, Alvin

Walker, Bennie

Walker, Grover Mark

Wallace, Elmer M.

Walrath, Randall Goss

Walsh, Edward George

Walterman, Sander Jr.

Walters, Edward McClelland

Walters, Jesse Jason

Wangler, Gerald F.

Ward, Donald Lester

Ward, Milo B.

Warde, Robert Daniel Jr.

Warneke, Charles E.

Warner, John Orrin

Warren, Charles V.

Warren, Earl E.

Washburn, Warren H.

Watsabaugh, Harry E. Jr.

Watson, Charles M.

Watson, John Milton


Watt, James Jr.

Watts, James Ray

Waugh, Eric Gaard Jr.

Weatherman, Lester L.


Weaver, Paul Raymond

Webster, Arthur Bruce

Weedman, Harvey Lee

Wehrheim, Donald L.

Wehrheim, Eugene V.

Wehrheim, Melvin V.

Weiner, Veneer Waldo

Welch, Ernest Charles

Welch, Francis E.

Welch, George Frank

Welch, Lester Lorenz

Wells, Alvin H.

Wells, Clarence L.

Wells, George A.

Welp, Lloyd LeRoy

Welsh, Frank Harold

Welsh, Walter W.

Weltha, Reuben James

Weltha, William Carroll

Wenger, Owen Doty

Wensel, Arthur


Wentzel, Guy Francis

Wepel, Robert Otho

Wesselink, William D.

Westervelt, James W.

Westervelt, Morris Bernard

Weston, Charles Fleming

Westre, Sterling Wallace

Westrum, Gayle Irwin

Westwick, Arthur Gerhart

Westwick, Merlin Truman

Whaley, Donald Eugene

Whaley, Herbert Elvin

Whipple Duane Laverne

Whipple, Lawrence Taft

White Claude Worden

White, Elmer W.

White, James A.

White, James Francis "Frank"

White, Leonard W.

White, Melvin L.

White, Roger Gerald

Whiteaker, Herbert Melvin

Whiteaker, Willard William

Whiting, Raymond Arthur

Whitson, LuVern C.

Whitson, Robert Howard

Wicklein, Franklin A.

Wickline, Kenneth Earl

Wicks, Arlein Talbert

Wicks, Barney Ronald

Wicks, Lindley S. Sr.

Wilcox, Arnold Alfred

Wilke, Frank Albert

Wilke, James Vernon

Wilkinson, Donald C.

Wille, Byron Joe Travis

Williams, Albert E.

Williams, Clare Edward

Williams, Clinton Sylvester

Williams, Darwyn J.

Williams, Donald E.

Williams, Francis C. H.

Williams, Gerald Arliss

Williams, Kenneth Wayne

Williams, Luther Victor

Williams, Marvin James

Williams, Robert Alfred

Williams, Robert Glen

Wills, Donald D.

Wills, Ralph Edgar

Willson, Chelsea O.

Willson, Claude W.

Willson, Frank A.

Willson, Harold Darris

Willson, Russell A.

Willson, Warren Henry

Wilmer, George Bernard

Wilson, Alvie Furman

Wilson, Charles Bertram

Wilson, Charles Robert

Wilson, Courtland Bruce

Wilson, Darold Leroy

Wilson, Ernest Marion

Wilson, Eugene D.

Wilson, Francis DeMoss

Wilson, Franklin

Wilson, Fred Lester


Wilson, Gilbert M.

Wilson, Glen Lyle

Wilson, Harlan Dwayne

Wilson, Harold Raymond

Wilson, Harry Arthur

Wilson, Herbert Dwain

Wilson, Herbert Wallace

Wilson, James E.

Wilson, James Herschel

Wilson, John Thornton

Wilson, Lawrence William

Wilson, N. Wayne

Wilson, Raymond Leroy

Wilson, Ronald Tilmer

Wilson, Samuel Allen

Wilson, Vernon O.

Winchell, Albert Walter

Winchell, Claude Herbert

Wing, Donald Leroy

Wing, Ernest Theodore

Wing, Harold Benjamin

Winkle, Ralph August

Wink, Oris Lloyd

Winkley, Charles Vincent

Winter, William Gene

Winther, Jens C.

Wold, Roger Henry

Wolf, Warren Joseph

Wolf, William Clifton

Wolven, William Earl

Womeldorff, Virgil L.

Wood, Carroll Keith

Wood, Floyd Dean

Wood, Joseph Ellsworth

Wood, Lucien S.

Wood, Marvin L.

Wood, Rollo L.

Wood, Thurley T.

Woodall, Rodger Hornsby

Woodall, Russell James

Woodall, Wendall W.

Woodard, Richard Donovan

Woodard, Wendell Lloyd

Woodie, Larkin B. Jr.

Worrel, Harold Louis

Wright, Kenneth Austin

Wulkau, Carl Fayette

Wulkau, George Carl

Wylie, Robert Donald

Yancy, Donald Ellsworth

Yancy, Theo Thomas

Yancy, Wilblur Frank

Yaus, George Thomas

Yeager, Harlan Richard

Yeager, Noble Dale

Yockey, Charles Robert

Yoder, Amzie

Yonover, Meyer

Youlden, Stanley G.

Young, Ardine Curtis

Young, Robert Eugene

Yungclas, Bruce Alan


Zeiger Wayne L.

Zeihan, John E.

Ziegler, Furman Eugene

Ziegler, Myron Pershing

Ziesman, Herbert Ray

Zolnosky, Ralph John

Zolnosky, Robert Gerald

Zugg, George Leonard