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Contributed to IAGenWeb by Pat Juon, 2016-2017
Transcribed for the IAGenWeb Project by Janelle Martin

WWII Men Veterans of Hamilton County

The following data, linked to the "Iowa in World War II Special Project" was contributed to IAGenWeb by Pat Juon.

These veterans names are offered as a tribute to both the living and dead of World War II. Those who died in the war, and since, have a right to be identified and have their stories brought to a close and to take their place in our memories. Living veterans deserve our support with the memories they carry from such a monumental time in their lives. Undying thanks go out to all veterans and their families.These men and women were born in, lived in, worked in, were married in, died in, and/or were buried in Hamilton County, Iowa. They are an important part of our Hamilton County heritage.


Haack, Donald Lewis

Haack, Meyel Herman

Haaland, Hans Helmiksen

Haase, John Glenn

Hackett, David Gordon

Hadaway, Donald Clair

Hadaway, Robert Rex

Hagan, Robert Harold

Hall, Charles Lewis

Hall, Cleo H.

Hall, Franklin Webster

Hall, George Orlando

Hall, John O.

Halleland, Herbert James Jr.

Halliday, John Russell

Halliday, Robert Eugene

Halsne, Milton Orville

Halsne, Reuben Bernard

Halterman, Delmar Gale

Halverson, Archie Eugene

Halverson, Arthur Benjamin Jr.

Hames, Francis C.

Hames, Melvin J.


Hames, Oscar H.

Hames, Urban B.

Hamilton, Donald Leslie

Hammer, Joe William

Hammitt, Orville L.

Hamre, Edward Benton

Hamre, Merle Bergeson

Hamre, Omer

Handeland, Miriam Leonard

Handfelt, Cyril Andrew

Hanen, Elmer Clare

Hanen, Harold Dwight

Hanen, Louis John

Hanen, Max Laverne

Hanen, Neail John

Hanke, James Francis

Hanke, John Joseph

Hanke, Paul Joseph

Hankom, Arnold C.

Hanline, John Virgil

Hanna, William J.

Hansen, Maynard Willard

Hansen, Robert Lawrence

Hanson, Arthur Edmund

Hanson, Dale Eugene

Hanson, Derald Eugene

Hanson, Duane Scott

Hanson, Earling Hilbert

Hanson, Harold Harry

Hanson, Harris Bueford

Hanson, Hubert Allen

Hanson, Irvin E.

Hanson, John Edward

Hanson, Johnie Koestner

Hanson, Joseph

Hanson, Leroy Augustine

Hanson, Lloyd Charles

Hanson, Lloyd Lester

Hanson, Mervin E.

Hanson, Orlin Eugene

Hanson, Orlin L.

Hanson, Verne A.

Hanson, Willard Luverne

Hanson, Willis John

Hargrafen, Lawrence Bernard

Harker, Clarence Eugene

Harman, Charles Luverne

Harman, Harry Lee

Harman, Leo Milford

Harmeyer, Floyd Henry

Harmon, Robert Clarke

Harmon, Walter Earl

Harris, Charles Henry Jr.

Harris, Donald Erwin

Harris, Emmett James

Harris, Robert Harold

Hart, Joseph Jr.

Harvey, Delbert Ross

Harvey, Richard Deloss

Harvey, William H.

Harwood, Lester John Jr.

Hassebrock, Donald Raymond

Hassebrock, Harlan Wendell

Hassebrock, Vernon L.

Hassebrock, Virgil Van

Hathaway, Earl Eugene Jr.

Hathaway, Gerald Lyall

Hathaway, Robert Henry

Hathaway, Warren Samuel

Hathway, Alonzo Newton Jr.

Havens, Earl William

Hayden, Richard Blaine

Hayes, Harlan Lester

Healy, John Maurice

Healy, Thomas Edward

Heck, Earl L.

Heck, John Donald

Heck, Ralph Leroy

Heckathorne, Charles Wm.

Hedlund, Benny Earl

Heers, David Wendell

Heffington, Kenneth Myrle

Heffner, John Willard

Hefti, Gilbert Clarence

Hegwood, Russell Edward

Heidick, James R.

Heise, Carl Augustus Jr.

Helgeson, Henning A. Jr.

Helton, Francis Dean

Hemmingway, Whitley Maynard

Hemmen, Marion Harvey

Hemmen, Maurice Richard

Hemminger, Bob James

Henderson, Earl Maynard

Henderson, Melburn Elston

Henderson, Morris Orville Jr.

Henderson, Wendell Carl

Henderson, Wm. Vernon "Bill"

Hendricks, Clayton Verne

Hendrickson, Eugene Oliver

Hendrickson, Lauren Paul

Hendrickson, Philip Leroy

Hendrickson, Merle Everett

Hendrickson, William R.

Heng, Marion Jay

Heng, Richard Jewell

Heng, Robert Lloyd

Henry, Glen E.

Henryson, Harold Marion

Henryson, Roy K.

Herbst, Hilbert E.

Herrick, Paul Richard

Heslop, Elmer Eugene

Hess, James L.

Hetland, Boyd L.

Hewett, Cleve

Heyer, Marvin Raymond

Higbee, Herbert George

Highland, Ross Wayne

Hill, Arnie Orlin

Hill, Edwin Jay

Hill, George Richard

Hill, Henry Oliver Jr.

Hill, Ivan Jerome

Hill, James Kenneth II

Hill, John J.

Hill, Melvin Howard

Hill, Neel Franklyn

Hill, Ogden Kady Jr.

Hill, Orval Lester

Hill, Robert Asher

Hill, Stanley Krueger

Hill, William Francis

Hill, William Mason

Hiller, Forrest Roland

Hiller, Harold Roland Jr.

Hillyer, Dale Heber

Hilpipre, Glen Raymond

Hilpipre, Virgil Lloyd

Hindal, Paul Ellis

Hinderks, Clarence Raymond

Hinds, Loren G.

Hinds, Maurice Floyd

Hintch, Donald Gale

Hisler, Raynard Edmund

Hisler, Victor Albert

Hladky, Richard Laverne Sr.

Hladky, Robert John

Hoag, Forrest Gilman

Hobbs, Bert LeeRoy

Hockman, Paul LeRoy

Hodnefield, Wilbur Truman

Hoefer, Luverne L.

Hoefer, Lyle Francis

Hoefer, Maurice Joseph

Hoffman, Lester Marvin

Hogan, Merlin Joseph "Mike"

Hokel, Irwin L.

Holdgrafer, Clarence W.

Holdgrafer, Herman Clem

Holdgrafer, Werner C. "Ike"

Holkan, Harold Eldon

Holkan, Howard Melvin

Holland, Arthur Tilman

Holland, Berlin I.

Holland, Erick Martin

Holley, George C.

Hollingshead, Wayne Franklin

Holm, George Leif

Holm, Harold Arnold

Holm, Harold Ervin

Holstrum, Gordon Herbert

Holt, Clarence Orval

Holt, Edward George Sr.

Holt, James A.

Holt, Marshall Myron Sr.

Holt, Norman Cordell

Holt, Robert B.

Holt, Sigvald Maynard

Honstedt, Harlan C.

Hood, Eugene Lawrence

Hook, Donald Richard

Hook, Julius David "Bud"

Hook, Marvin L.

Hoover, Calvin G.

Hoover, Darrell Wynne

Horan, Francis M. "Frank"

Horn, Herbert  A.

Hoshaw, Bernard E.

Hosler, Harwin Merle

Hoslerm Layton Earle

Hotchkiss, William M. "Matt"

Hougland, Arlen Orville

House, Mathias Jerry

House, Max Wendell

House, Peter Wilbur

House, Robert Francis

House, Thomas H.

Hovda, Donald A.

Hovda, Harris A.

Hovda, James William

Hove, Albert Edward

Hove, Ervin H.

Hove, Harold Merne

Hove, Melvin Arnold

Hove, Merle Irving

Hoversten, Joseph Harold

Hoversten, Stanley T.

Hovick, Alvin H.

Hovland, Henry "Bud"

Hovland, John Wayne

Howar, Bruce Francis

Howard, Frank Edward

Howard, Gilbert Leroy

Howe, George Lavern

Howe, Lee Walter

Howe, Paul Richard

Hubner, Leo

Huddleston, Richard Allen

Hudson, Duane L.

Hudson, Harold Homer

Hudson, Leland L.

Hudson, Vernon Udell

Hudson, Wendell Oscar

Hudspith, Harry W.

Hughes, Homer Francis

Hughes, John Benjamin

Hughes, Kenneth Joyce

Hughes, Marion

Huisinga, Alfred Charles

Huisinga, John William

Huisman, Elton William

Huisman, Harley Henry

Hukle, Alan Oren

Hultman, Robert Charles

Hultman, Robert Vernon

Hultman, William Ernest

Humlicek, Peter Paul Jr.

Hunt, William Keith

Hupp, Harley F.

Hurd, Dale Eugene

Hurd, Raoul Edward

Hurd, Walter L., Jr.

Hurst, Frank

Hussong, Gerald C. II

Hussong, Harry Dean

Hutchison, Eric W.

Hutchison, Eric W. Jr

Hutson, Ivan Meredith

Hyatt, Almarion Elton

Hyland, Mervin Eugene


Iles, Carol Ashley

Iles, Clifford Carl

Iles, Harold Audley

Iles, Kenneth Groves

Ilg, Delbert G.

Ilg, Kenneth John

Imlay, Harry Peter

Imlay, Robert Elmer

Ingertson, Donald Everett

Ingertson, John Leo

Ingertson, Robert Douglas

Ingertson, Thomas Leroy

Ingertson, William Henry

Ioerger, Frederick Henry

Isaacson, Ronald

Isensee, Robert Hand

Isham, Donald Coats "Pat"

Isham, Richard Clough

Isvik, Sterling Arthur

Iverson, Baldus Peter "Buck"

Iverson, Harold Leroy

Iverson, Kenneth Laverne

Iverson, Oliver Sawyer

Iverson, Richard Ernest


Jackson, Julius Casper

Jacobs, Vernon LeRoy

Jacobson, George Olene

Jacobson, Harry L.

Jacobson, Ivan Rudy

Jacobson, Jacob Sterling

Jacobson, Marvin Lee

Jacobson, Ole Jessie

Jacobson, Oliver Vernell

Jacobson, Theodore Albert

Jacobson, Vernon Edwin

James, David William

Jansen, Laverne George

Jansen, Ranald Alvin

Janson, Richard Everett

Janvrin, James Arthur

Janvrin, Robert Pershing

Jarnagin, Wesley Theodore

Jaycox, Richard Lee

Jaycox, Robert Donald

Jaycox, William Hammond

Jaynes, Earl Oscar

Jean, Warren Oscar "Red"

Jensen, George Jule

Jensen, Jens Peter

Jensen, Knud Agge Just

Jensen, Russell John

Jensen, Woodrow John

Jeys, Byron Dale

Johnson, Adelbert C.

Johnson, Alvin Martin

Johnson, Carl Reuben

Johnson, Clarence Carl E.

Johnson, Cleo Dale

Johnson, Clifford V.

Johnson, Clinton Cyrus

Johnson, Curtis Wilton

Johnson, Don Leo

Johnson, Edd G.

Johnson, Edward Myron

Johnson, Ernest Lloyd

Johnson, Everett John

Johnson, Francis Marion

Johnson, Fred Junior "Fritz"

Johnson, Frederick K.

Johnson, Gail Marion

Johnson, Glenn Elmo

Johnson, Harold

Johnson, Howard F.

Johnson, Howard Kenneth

Johnson, Howard Paul

Johnson, James Marion

Johnson, John Mervin

Johnson, John Vernon

Johnson, Ken

Johnson, Lawrence McCall

Johnson, Leonard Sylvester

Johnson, LuVern August

Johnson, Luverne T.

Johnson, Marion Amiel

Johnson, Maris William

Johnson, Melvin Thomas

Johnson, Oliver Inmar

Johnson, Orland Duane

Johnson, Paul LeRoy

Johnson, Raymond Arlie

Johnson, Robert

Johnson, Robert Albin

Johnson, Robert Tyler

Johnson, Roland Brunnard

Johnson, Roy Eugene

Johnson, Roy Theodore

Johnson, Stanley M.

Johnson, Sterling Martel

Johnson, Vernie W.

Johnson, Warren Eugene

Johnson, Wilbur Magnus

Johnson, William Allen "Bill"

Johnston, James Robert

Jolivette, Norbert Lee

Jondal, Orville


Jondall, Ronald Steward

Jones, Carroll Menzo

Jones, John William

Jones, Keith Wilfred

Jones, Lewis Clay

Jones, Lyle Zett "Casey"

Jones, Paul Alfred

Jones, Richard "Dick"

Jones, Richard W.

Jones, Robert Lester

Jones, William John

Jorgensen, Virgil Millard

Jorgenson, Donald Alfred

Julian, R. G.

Kahl, Calvin H.

Kahl, Robert A.

Kail, Kenneth K.

Kallem, Merlin Curtis

Kallem, Merlyn Edwin

Kalseim, Robert Vernon

Kalseim, William Sterling

Kalvig, Otto S. G.

Kalving, Scott Manley

Kane, Dale Harold

Karels, Bernard John

Karels, Henry Jesse

Karels, John Jr.

Karmann, John Joseph


Karr, Lloyd D.

Kaskadden, Alfred A.

Kauffman, Arlo B.

Kayser, Lawrence R.

Keane, Clair Victor

Keast, Earl

Keast, Robert LeRoy

Keeley, Ara Ronald

Keesee, Harold Jacob

Kehoe, Raymond William

Keigan, Cecil Dean "Bill"

Keigan, Melvin Richard

Keith, Lawrence Leroy

Keller, Edwin Louis "Sonny"

Kelley, Eldon Leroy

Kelly, George William

Kelsay, Kenneth Franklin

Kelso, Doyle

Kelting, Arthur F.

Kelting, Kenneth O.

Kemmerick, Bernard Wm.

Kennedy, Darrell

Kennedy, Evan Max

Kennedy, James Bash

Kennedy, James Jay

Kennedy, Lawrence Donald

Kennedy, Lee K.

Kennedy, Robert Owen

Kent, Clayton Wilfred

Kent, James H.

Kent, Myron "Mike"

Kephart, James Arthur

Kepler, Arild Vernon

Kepler, Howard Charles

Kepler, James W.

Kepler, Ralph William

Kepler, Robert C.

Kepple, Merrill L.

Kerns, George Dale

Kesler, Frederick Layne

Keyser, Herbert Arthur

Kiesecker, Eugene Luverne

Kiesecker, Francis Duane

King, Buster E.

King, Clifford M.

King, David Granville

King, McKinley W.

King, Richard N.

Kinseth, Carroll B.

Kirkeby, Charles Joseph

Kirkeby, George Harold

Kirkeby, John A.

Kirkpatrick, Howard Dee

Kirkpatrick, Joseph Herschel

Klaver, Claude E.

Klaver, Eugene Bernard

Kleckner, Marvin Gerald

Klein, Earl Junior

Klein, Keith

Knapp, Elmer C.

Knapp, Marvin E.

Kneedy, Robert Hughes

Knickerbocker, Bruce Lincoln

Knickerbocker, James Fellows

Knickerbocker, Lester Edward

Knickerbocker, Roy Melvin

Knight, Allan Herbert

Knight, Paul Richard

Knoll, Chester Wilfred

Knoll, Howard George

Knoll, Lee

Knoll, Richard W.

Knoll, Sam

Knowles, Kenyon L.

Knox, Charles Kenneth

Knox, Harry C.

Knox, John W.

Knudsen, Kenneth Bernold

Knudson, Benjamin Ferbitz

Knudson, Irving Howard Jr.

Knudson, Robert Cornell

Knuth, Clifford Leroy

Knutson, Albert Eugene

Knutson, Arlen Richard

Knutson, Clifford Arthur

Knutson, Harley Delmer

Knutson, Harold Wilfred

Knutson, Herman Marion

Knutson, Homer Orlando

Knutson, John R.

Knutson, Kenneth Harley

Knutson, Lyle Jay

Knutson, Milo Albert

Knutson, Nels

Knutson, Orris Burton

Knutson, Philip Jerome

Knutson, Roy Stanley

Koehler, Frank Henry

Koerner, Harold Donald

Koestner, Charles Floyd

Kohl, Kenneth Merle

Kolbeck, James Clarence

Kolling, John P.

Koolhof, Albert Harold

Koonce, Clayton Frederick

Koontz, Vernon Milton

Koppes, Carl Alfred

Kramme, Walter Bonde

Kreutner, Laverne Henry

Krieger, William Henry

Krogstie, John Samuel Jr.

Krogstie, Robert Ollie

Krogstie, Wayne Everett

Krominga, Everett Francis

Kruger, Eldon

Kruger, Verle Alvin


Kuhl, Clarence R.

Kullberg, Cecil Leonard

Kurtz, Lyle G.

Kurtz, Maynard Franklin

Kurtz, O'Dean Leonard


Lack, John Edward

Lake, Howard Kenneth

Lamb, Earl Everett

Lamfers, Albert Wayne

Lamfers, Richard Frank

Lamfers, Russell John

Lamson, Robert Wade

Lanahan, Frank Dean

Lande, Michael Marinus

Lander, Clayton Harold

Laneville, Lee Roy

Laneville, Warren Edward

Lang, Carl Robert

Langland, Floyd Wesley

Langland, Francis Woster

Langland, Lowell Virgil

Lanken, Walter John

Larick, Richard Duane

Larkin, Charles Robert

Larson, Arthur Jr.

Larson, Clifton James

Larson, Clinton

Larson, David Laverne

Larson, Donald

Larson, Donald L.

Larson, Floyd Rognar

Larson, George Reynolds

Larson, Harry C.

Larson, Harry Christian

Larson, Harry E.

Larson, Herbert Sherman

Larson, Hervey A.

Larson, John Archer

Larson, Lars Clinton

Larson, Lars F.

Larson, Nels

Larson, Peter Boyd

Larson, Rex Wisner

Larson, Royal Gold

Larson, Stanley Andrew

Larson, Sterling Keith

Larson, Vincent Engelbart

Larson, Wayne Eugene

LaSeur, Noel Edwin

Lathrop, Harold H.

Laugerman, Harold W.

Lee, John M.

Lemke, Edwin James

Lichtenberger, George L.

Linn, John William "Johnny Bill"

Loder, Jack

Loder, Merle R.

Loder, Warren E. "Beeler"

Long, Douglas Richard

Loring, Jack H.

Loring, Robert E.

Lovelace, Louis Larkin