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Contributed to IAGenWeb by Pat Juon, 2016-2017
Transcribed for the IAGenWeb Project by Janelle Martin

WWII Men Veterans of Hamilton County

The following data, linked to the "Iowa in World War II Special Project" was contributed to IAGenWeb by Pat Juon.

These veterans names are offered as a tribute to both the living and dead of World War II. Those who died in the war, and since, have a right to be identified and have their stories brought to a close and to take their place in our memories. Living veterans deserve our support with the memories they carry from such a monumental time in their lives. Undying thanks go out to all veterans and their families.These men and women were born in, lived in, worked in, were married in, died in, and/or were buried in Hamilton County, Iowa. They are an important part of our Hamilton County heritage.



Dagit, Dorian D.

Dahlke, Howard Lyle

Dakin, Warren E.

Dakin, Wayne Willis

Dalbey, Milo Ross

Dally, Gerald Wilbur

Dally, Harley William

Daniels, Alfred Eugene

Daniels, Paul

Danielson, Duane Louis

Darnell, David LeRoy

Darnell, Harold O.

Darnell, Melvin Maynard

Davidson, Leroy

Davis, Carl Wayne

Davis, Edward Harrison

David, Frederick Floyd

Davis, Robert Carter

Davis, Weldon Marvel

Day, Darwin C.

Day, Leland Luverne

Day, Willard Edgar "Bill"

Dayton, Charles Rubin

Deck, Jack Edward

DeFrance, Donald A.

DeFrance, Forrest Lee

DeFrance, Lloyd K.

DeMoss, Mike

DeMoss, Orson Slone

Denekas, Leo

Deo, Ray Warren

Desmond, Jack H.

DeVries, Jacob

DeWitt, Leo M.

Dick, Dwight K.

Dick, Mervyn Kent

Dickerson, Lawrence Estel

Dickerson, Richard E.

Dickinson, Arnold LaVerne

Dickinson, Hans Raymond

Diehl, Eldon Wayne

Digranes, Oswald Lewis

Dilley, Clarence Leroy

Dilley, Laurence Vern


Dilley, Leonard Litten

Dilley, Wilbur Eugene

Dillinger, John Allen

Dingman, Harley Luverne

Dingman, Isaac R.

Dingman, Richard Lyle

Dingman, Vernon Ralph

Doden, Lawrence F.

Dodge, John Funk

Dodge, Henry Richard

Doolittle, Aden Keith

Doolittle, Darle Manson

Doolittle, Don Wilson

Doolittle, Dwight Carlyle

Doolittle, Harry Smiley

Doolittle, Max R.

Doolittle, Warren Truman

Doss, Albert

Doss, Everett D.

Doss, Ray

Doty, Charles Everet

Doty, Chester Roswell

Doty, Hugh

Doty, Vernon Elston

Doty, Wayne

Doughten, Basil Ralph

Doughten, William Nelson

Dow, Edwin Murray

Dow, William Earl

Downard, Arthur L.

Downard, Ralph B.

Doyle, Eugene J.

Doyle, Harold George

Drake, Leonard Earl

Draper, Harry Charles

Draper, Keith Edwards

Draves, Anton Kasper

Drummy, Clair Celestine

Duecker, Hollis W.

Duffy, Charles Raymond

Dunlap, James Royal

Dutcher, Ival Gene

Dyvad, Ejner

Dyvig, Clifford Ivan

Duvig, Jerome Cyrus

Dyvig, Orlin Minard

Eberhart, George Owen

Echelberger, Vern Orvis

Eckstein, John Henry

Eckstein, Leon William

Eckstein, Richard James

Eckstein, Warren Lawrence

Edvenson, Gaylord Martin

Edvenson, Harold Allen

Edvenson, Richard Leo

Egemo, Truman Melbourne

Egenes, Arnt Sanford

Eggen, James Oscar

Eggers,  Donald Frederick

Ehlert, Carl Edmund

Ehlert, Loren F.

Eichman, David William

Eide, Arnold L.

Eide, Curtis Orvie

Eide, Iris Leo

Einspahr, Orval Fritz Arthur

Eittreim, Harold Narland

Eittreim, Kenneth O.

Eittreim, Silas Corey

Eittreim, Stewart O.

Elefson, Raymond Orden

Ellingson, Elling J.

Elliott, Leslie Morrison

Elliott, Lester Lavern

Elliott, Marvin Lee

Elliott, Wendell Ivan

Ellis, Coburn Hudson

Ellis, Ivyl Emery

Ellis, John Mark

Ellison, Fayette Robert

Ellison, Walter Eugene Jr.

Ellston, Gerald Roderick

Ellerbroek, Boyd Peter



Ellsworth, Norman A.


Elm, John Elmer

Elwick, Clifford Albert

Ely, Robert E.

Enderson, Charles Lowell

Enderson, Kenneth Arnold

Enderson, Orlin Bertram

Enderson, Tilford Marvin

Engelby, Beryl LeRoy

Engelby, Dale Sidney

Engelby, Ernest

Engelby, Leonard


Engelson, Merle Silas

Engman, Carl Donald

Engman, Roy Clifford

Ennis, Donald Gene

Erbes, Dean Carroll

Erickson, Arling Glenwood

Erickson, Arnold Elliot

Erickson, Donald Eugene

Erickson, Einer Erick

Ericson, Elston Parker

Erickson, Howard Alvern

Erickson, Paul Elving

Erickson, Quintin Martin

Erickson, Roy Walter

Erickson,Virgil Frederick

Ermels, Barney Martin

Ernst, Kenneth Robert

Esch, Delmar Dale

Espeland, Lyle Everett

Espeland, Porter George

Esters, Charles Hayward Jr.

Esters, Maurice V.

Etter, Berwyn Elmer

Etter Vilton Ardean

Evans, Carroll Marshall

Evans, David Burton

Evans, Glen Orville

Evans, Ivan Rex


Evans, John Ole

Evans, John W.

Evans, Marion Leroy

Evans, Richard Emerson

Evans, Robert Gene

Evans, Robert Lyle

Evans, Udell Samuel

Ewing, Darrell Erb

Ewing, Donald Roy

Ewing, Richard Everet

Ewing, Walter Edgar

Eyanson, Richard

Faber, Earl E.

Fankhauser, Roy H.

Fardal, Jerold L.

Fardal, Jerome Dean

Fardal, Matthew W.

Fardal, Sharon Elling

Farnham, John Byer

Farnham, Paul Eddy

Farrington, Vaughn R.

Farwell, Donald G.

Farwell, Earl W.

Fassett, James F.

Fastenow, William C.

Fatland, Bernard Louis

Fatland, Silas Orville

Faulkner, Dwight L.

Faulkner, Robert C.

Faulkner, Thomas P.

Fear, Francis Arthur

Fear, Howard James

Fear, Raymond C.

Fenton, Robert Ferris

Ferrell, Bernerd Elston

Fincham, Robert Charles

Fink, George Wayne

Fink, Robert Royal

Fish, Harold Laverne

Fisher, Alonzo Alfred

Fisher, Alvin Ralph


Fisher, Bernard LaVay

Fisher, Donald Lee

Fisher, Gail Deo

Fisher, Harold Dean

Fisher, Orlando Keith

Fisher, Paul Winfield

Fisher, Richard L.

Fisher, Robert J.

Fisher, Virgil Leslie

Fisher, William H.

Fisher, William Reginald

Fitchhorn, Daniel Marion

Fitchhorn, Russell Dwayne

Fitzlaff, Oscar Clinton

Fitzsimmons, Robert Owen


Fleischer, Donald

Fleischer, Richard Wayne

Fleischer, Ronald



Flygstad, Donald B.

Flygstad, Owen Kenneth

Foley, Russell

Fonken, Lester G.

Fontana, Walter Christopher

Ford, Avil S.

Ford, Hugh Emerson

Ford, Orville Dean

Forde, Berven Melborn

Forrester, Howard Fellows

Forslund, John Dean

Forslund, Warren G.

Fortune, Donald Rubin

Fortune, Harry Harlow

Fortune, Roger Dewayne

Fortune, Verdis Leroy

Fostberg, Harold Elmer

Fostberg, Raymond G.

Foster, Gordon Allen

Fowler, Maurice Eugene

Frakes, Wilbur Buryl "Bill"

Francis, William Joseph

Franklin, Edward Joseph

Franklin, William Henry

Franks, Freeman

Frazer, Wayne O.

Fredericksen, Harold F.

Freeborn, George William

Frette, Charles Francis

Friestad, Louis, Jr.

Froning, Duane Allen

Fry, Robert Willis

Fuller, Russell Lester

Fulton, Wayne Lewis

Furman, Richard H.

Furman, Sterling F.

Fye, James Samuel

Gage, Virgil James

Gangestad, Helmer Wayne

Gardner, Harold E.

Garton, Keifer George Jr.

Garvin, Gerald L.

Garvin, Roger W.

Gast, Irvin Louis

Gaster, Harold E.

Gaster, Lloyd M.

Gates, Harold Earl

Gatewood, Charles Alva

Gatewood, Donald William

Gatewood, Fred Edward Jr.

Gelder, Stoffer Jans

Genschmer, Lloyd E.

George, Floyd Thomas

Gerard, Paul Joseph

Gerdeman, Earl W.

Gerdes, Carl N.

Gere, Lloyd Jerome

Gere, Orville Raymond

Gere, Philip Arnold

Gescheidler Harold F.

Getting, John

Giefer, Louis Jay

Giegold, John George Jr.

Giffin, Kim P. Q.

Gilbert, Orville Austin

Gillman, Everett W.

Gillman, Guy McCollough

Gjerde, Carroll Jennings

Glaman, Charles F.

Glaman, Paul T.

Glawe, LaVern George

Gleason, James John

Gleason, Lowell Salem

Glidden, Wilbur John, Jr.

Godsell, Howard S.

Goehring, Wilbur W.

Golden, Roy Aaron

Goodrich, Beryn Emile, Jr.

Goodrich, Dean Leroy

Goodrich, Lyle Ernest

Gordon, Alberto Bennett

Gordon, David Donald

Gordon, Howard Wesley

Gordon, James Bennet, Jr.

Gordon, James, Sr.

Gordon, William Donald

Gore, Wesley Wayne

Gouge, David J.

Gouge, Harold B.

Gourley, Don Duane

Gowdy, John Eugene "Jack"

Grace, Richard Lee

Graffunder, Charles W.

Graham, Forrest Ray

Graham, Gale Irvin

Graham, Ivyl Oscar

Graham, Ralph W.

Granby, Bennett M.

Granby, Earl Scott

Granville, Orelin Kenneth

Graves, Hobart Beecher

Gray, Delbert Ernest

Green, Cass Elliott

Green, Miles Parker

Green, Ralph Edward

Green, Wilbur Woodrow

Greenley, Cecil Floyd

Greenley, Melvin  Maynard

Greenley, Walter Enos

Greenwood, Archie Austin

Gregory, Donald R.

Gregory, Francis DeVere

Greiner, Esley Burdell

Greiner, Loren Myrian

Grempel, Herman Francis

Gribben, George Chester

Grieves, Donald Weller

Griffin, Gilbert Junior

Gripp, Lloyd Evans

Grosnickle, Francis Audrey

Grotte, Verne Gordon

Grove, Neal Leroy

Groves, Alexander

Groves, Richard Franklin
Groves, Roger L.


Groves, Wilfred Alexander Jr.

Guhl, Albert Julius

Guhl, Clarence William

Gullixson, Walter R.

Gustafson, Donald R.

Gustafson, Glenn Charley

Guthrie, Floyd Wayne

Guthrie, Robert Custer

Guthrie, William Dudley