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Contributed to IAGenWeb by Pat Juon, 2016-2017
Transcribed for the IAGenWeb Project by Janelle Martin

WWII Men Veterans of Hamilton County

The following data, linked to the "Iowa in World War II Special Project" was contributed to IAGenWeb by Pat Juon.

These veterans names are offered as a tribute to both the living and dead of World War II. Those who died in the war, and since, have a right to be identified and have their stories brought to a close and to take their place in our memories. Living veterans deserve our support with the memories they carry from such a monumental time in their lives. Undying thanks go out to all veterans and their families.These men and women were born in, lived in, worked in, were married in, died in, and/or were buried in Hamilton County, Iowa. They are an important part of our Hamilton County heritage.


Achenbach, Harold

Adams, Donald Ray

Adams, Edward B.

Ahrens, Robert H.


Akers, Willard Cleo

Algoe, Chester W.

Algoe, Merlin D.

Alkire, Robert Louis

Allen, Glenn D.

Amundson, Donald Robert


Anderson, Curtis Emory

Anderson, Kenneth Lloyd

Anderson, Leonard V.

Anderson, Swen Vernon

Andrew, Donald Melvin

Ankrum, Homer R.

Appenzeller, Marshall John


Armstrong, Norman

Baker, John Franklin


Ballantine, Gailord

Bashford, Eugene

Bauer, Curtis

Beckner, Raymond I.

Beightol, Willis E.




Bergeson, Leonard M.

Berry, Claude Eldon

Berry, Donald Lowell

Berry, Gerald Otto

Berven, Homer D.

Bever, Everett B.

Bever, Gerald Weldon

Bickford, Robert Lloyd


Boeye, John F.

Boeye, Robert B.

Bole, Delmar Paul

Boss, William Dale

Boston, Howard B.

Brackett, Donald Leon

Branch, Nelson A.




Briggs, Ulis Charles


Bringolf, Floyd Milton

Bringolf, Raymond Clair

Brinton, Wayne

Brock, Franklin Dick

Brock, Roger Roscoe

Brooks, Melvin L.

Brooks, Riley H.

Brooks, Stewart Lee

Brown, Charles M.

Brown, Henry Lewis

Brown, Robert D.

Bruner, Bill

Bruner, Raymond

Bruner, Robert

Burckle, Ralph

Burgin, Carl H.

Burnett, Don

Burton, Keith H.

Butler, Albert Franklin

Butler, Alvin H.

Butler, Arthur

Butler, Bernard

Butler, Gale Maynard

Butler, Gilbert C. Sr

Butler, Harold Howard

Butler, Maurice

Butler, Ralph L.

Butler, Thomas Runyon

Butler, William Francis

Buxton, O. C.



Cady, Joe Jr.

Calkins, Arthur William

Calkins, Earl Louis

Calkins, John Lyle

Calkins, Leslie Francis

Calkins, Lyle Samuel

Calkins, Vilo C.

Calkins, Wayne Oliver

Caquelin, Donald M.

Carpenter, Arnold H.

Carpenter, Harold A.

Chaffee, James Albert

Chase, Daniel Cady III

Christensen, Clifford W.

Christensen, Donald C.

Christensen, Earl August

Christensen, Lawrence R.

Christensen, Lowell James

Christensen, Merle Lloyd

Christenson, Leo Peter

Christenson, Lester A.

Christenson, Moses Izatus

Christenson, Oscar C.

Christenson, Raymond Chris


Christenson, Richard Mack

Christenson, Stanley James

Christenson, Dean M.

Christeson, Robert C.

Christianson, Arnold Eugene

Christianson, Clarence Arnold

Christianson, Herbert Leroy

Christianson, Kenneth Carl

Church, Frederick Walsh

Clagett, Richard C.

Clanahan, William Douglas

Clark, Robert Gerald

Classon, Wilmer Raymond

Claude, Forrest LeRoy

Claude, Virgil D.

Claude, Wayne George

Clauson, Lowell F.

Clayberg, Lowell H.

Clayton, William

Cleckner, Gerald A.

Clem, Glen Ford

Cleveland, John Orange

Cleveland, Roger Myron

Clifton, Edwin Lee

Cline, Paul Downey

Clouse, Derrold Dean

Coats, Henry P.

Coats, Marvin F.

Coble, Harry John

Coble, Warren

Cole, Byron F.

Cole, Calvin Coolidge

Coleman, George W.

Coleman, Myrrl Robert

Coleman, Norval

Coleman, Virgil J. H.

Conklin, Charles Harold


Conklin, James Elwin

Conklin, William Orville

Conkling, Harville Richard

Conkling, Herbert Francis

Conner, William John

Cook, Zeno Anthony

Coon, R. L.

Cooper, Allen Richard

Cooper, Paul Eugene

Cordes, Anton Byron

Cordes, Kenneth William

Cormaney, Donald H.

Cormaney, Melvin Earl

Cornett, Kenneth Wesley

Coslow, Roy David

Cottington, Levi Ardean

Cottington, Lyle Perry

Coulter, Don Elwood

Coulter, Glen Roy

Cox, Arthur W.

Crabtree, Dwight Edmond

Craig, LuVerne Jennings

Cramer, Gordon

Crippen, Marshall Ernest

Croonquist, Bernard George

Crim, Halbert Peter

Crim, Vincel Alvin

Crosby, James Dennis

Crose, Estelle Carl

Crosley, Carlton Whitley

Crosser, Clifton Jasper

Crouch, Lawrence Dean

Crouch, Marvin Leland

Crouch, Donald Arthur

Crouse, Harold Engelbert

Crouse, Merlin Eugene

Crouthamel, Leslie R.

Culbertson, Frank Bertram

Culmer, Lyle Ervin

Cupp, Ernest Earl

Cunningham, Gerald Ashley

Curran, Thurber Freeborn

Currie, David Hume

Currington, Ernest Edward

Curtis, Gerald A.

Curtis, Leonard M.

Cutler, Howard Armstrong