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Oct 2018

 Menlo Yearbook

The Cardinal 1941 -1942

Record of Convicts from Penitentiary in Fort Madison
Book 1 1872 - 1907

Book 2 1907 - 1917

Book 3 1917 - 1928

Book 4 1929 - 1943

Sept 2018

Presbyterian Ministers in Guthrie County

History of Stuart Congregational Church

July 2018

Johnson/Johnston family page

May 2018

Boots family page

Directories 1854 -1950 Doctors

Treasured Family Records  The Thing  Minutes of the Club Meetings 1951 -1954

April 2018

Bloggers of Guthrie County and Neighbors

Online Stuart Digital Newspaper

March 2018

New History information for Stuart, Menlo, Adair and Casey

Families of Guthrie County Pages

New Casualties of War

35 New Bayard Obits

January 2018

New images for  Adair Bagley Bayard Casey Guthrie Center Menlo Panora and Stuart

October 2017

                 Township 1883 1888 and1894 maps of Stuart         

          Directories - 1870 - 2016 Guthrie County Inventors

September 2017

          Township -1875 HIstorical Altas Guthrie County

          Township -  1917 Plat Book Guthrie County

          Township -  1899 map of Guthrie Center

May 2017

       Social Security Death Index - Last residence: Yale

         Social Security Death Index - Last residence: Panora

April 2017

Updated the Surname - Registry

1904 - 1906 Births - Guthrie County

Social Security Death Index - Last residence: Guthrie Center

March 2017

Social Security Death Index - Last residence: Menlo

February 2017

Social Security Death Index - Last residence: Bayard

Updated the Cemetery maps to use IAGenWeb links - Cemetery Maps

Social Security Death Index - Last residence: Bagley

Historical Sketches of Iowa Baptists, 1886 - Guthrie County

September 2016

Updated the GPP Surname index. This is a complete record set of all of the Guthrie County Surnames that existed in the IGPP database on September 22, 2016.

March 2016

Replaced the locally implemented GPP Surname index with the IGPP Supported implementation.


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