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 Index to Guthrie County Surnames

 mentioned in the

 History of Guthrie and Adair CO, 1884

Surnames starting with Aa to Ann

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This index were transcribed by Norma L. Nielson from a private copy of The History of Guthrie and Adair CO, 1884

Surnames Starting With:AaAnn

Surnames Starting with APage
Abbott, Clara728
Abbott, James L.705
Adair, J. W. Rev.399, 400
Adams, Adelia (Barrett)380
Adams, Ben S.376, 379, 380
Adams, Benjamin S.734, 752, 755
Adams, Clare A.380
Adams, Howard411
Adams, J. B.364
Adams, J. W.695
Adams, John A.380
Adams, Loretta (Swope)379
Adams, Margaret L. M.380
Adams, Mary743
Adams, Mr.359
Adams, T. D.410
Adams, Thomas379
Agen, Patrick747
Ainsley, Charles305, 336
Albin, R. B. Rev.412
Aldrich, C. S.566
Aldrich, Loren564, 566, 591, 597
Aldrich, N. K.342
Alexander, E. (Ernest) L. Dr.390
Allen, B. D.679
Allen, B. F.283, 538, 732
Allen, C. F.766
Allen, Capt.266
Allen, Frank693
Allen, M. M.668
Allen, T. H. Rev.723
Altman, J.411
Alton, C.758
Ammons, A.598, 687
Amnon, A.470
Anderson, A.756
Anderson, Anna L. (Faust)645
Anderson, Clarence318
Anderson, Curtis P. 318
Anderson, Eliza276
Anderson, Elizabeth C. (Roe)481
Anderson, Etta318
Anderson, Harmon670
Anderson, Hattie R.410
Anderson, Horace318
Anderson, J. W. Rev.318
Anderson, James405
Anderson, John265, 250, 265, 477, 480, 481, 501, 504
Anderson, John A.645
Anderson, Kate318
Anderson, M. L.670, 679
Anderson, Margaret670
Anderson, Marqueretta318
Anderson, Mary L.686
Anderson, Nancy J. (McClaran)481
Anderson, Rachel276
Anderson, Ray318
Anderson, Roy318
Anderson, Samuel D.481
Anderson, Samuel Rev.243, 405, 724
Anderson, Sarah J.278
Anderson, Thomas481
Anderson, William274, 305
Andrews, Charles755, 757
Surnames Starting with AnnPage

Surnames Starting With:AaAnn

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