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The Guthrie Co. Genealogical Society has inscription books for sale. For a single lookup visit the lookup page to see if your cemetery is represented there.

If a volunteer has walked the cemetery, that cemetery will be hot linked to the inscription page.  Click on the names that are underlined.

View Guthrie County cemetery maps

Cemeteries in Guthrie County
Cemetery Longitude Latitude Map Pictures of Stones on file in the IA Gravestone Project 

Inscriptions and/or Pictures of Stones on FindaGrave.com (not all complete)

Sometimes I have to hit refresh for them to view

Note: not all listed in the proper cemetery

Bear Grove Twp
41.646N 94.619W View Map Bear Grove twp pictures findagrave Baker
41.7164N 94.3667W View Map Brethren pictures Findagrave Cass
41.587N 94.554W View Map Dalmanutha pictures Findagrave Thompson
Dodge Center
(Dodge Twp)
41.819N 94.470W View Map Dodge Center pictures Findagrave Dodge
East Cemetery
41.687N 94.338W View Map East pictures Findagrave Cass
(Beaver Creek)
41.5989°N 94.4008W View Map Glendon/ Beaver Creek pictures Findagrave Beaver
Highland 41.824N 94.572W View Map Highland pictures Findagrave Highland
Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran 41.5111N 94.6422W View Map Immanuel Lutheran pictures Findagrave Grant
Maplewood (abandoned) 41.6389°N, 94.5224°W View Map Maplewood pictures   Baker
Menlo 41.532N 94.403W View Map Menlo pictures Findagrave Beaver
Messinger (historical) 41.7528°N, 94.2919°W View Map Messinger pictures   Victory
Moffitt Grove 41.767N 94.454W View Map Moffitt Grove pictures Findagrave Victory
Monteith 41.6311°N, 94.4346°W View Map Montieth pictures   Valley
Morrisburg 41.598N 94.319W View Map Morrisburg stone pictures Findagrave Jackson
North Branch 41.6461°N, 94.7222°W View Map North Branch pictures   Bear Grove
North Oak Grove
( Includes Friends)
41.515N 94.311W View Map North Oak pictures


Findagrave(both N and south together)

South Oak Grove 41.514N 94.313W View Map South Oak pictures

see above



(Orange Center.)
41.816N 94.684W View Map Orange pictures findagrave Orange
Pleasant Hill 41.660N 94.724W View Map Pleasant Hill pictures



Bear Grove
Resurrection 41.688N 94.455W View Map Resurrection pictures findagrave Valley
(Richland Center)
41.835N 94.366W View Map Richland pictures



Rose Hill 41.534N 94.405W View Map Rose Hill pictures findagrave Beaver


41.5125°N 94.5016°W View Map Stanfield pictures   Thompson
Sutton (abandoned) 41.8083°N 94.6114°W- View Map Sutton pictures   Highland
Thompson Twp
(Spring Valley)
41.5250°N, 94.5013°W View Map Thompson Twp pictures   Thompson
Tuttles Grove 41.813N 94.723W View Map Tuttle Grove pictures findagrave Orange
Valley Township 41.681N 94.489W View Map Valley twp pictures Findagrave Valley
Union at Guthrie Center 41.680N 94.489W View Map Union Guthrie Ctr. pictures Findagrave Valley
Union Township 41.7389°N, 94.6856°W View Map Union twp pictures Findagrave Union
Vandevanter (abandoned) 41.7250°N, 94.4252°W View Map Vandevanter pictures   Victory
VanOrder (abandoned) 41.7222°N, 94.4447°W View Map VanOrder pictures   Victory
Union Victory
(Victory Twp.)
41.728N 94.474W View Map Victory pictures Findagrave Victory
41.693N 94.378W View Map West pictures




(Seeley Twp.)
41.732N 94.615W View Map Wichita pictures findagrave Seeley
41.7686°N, 94.3585°W View Map Yale pictures findagrave Cass

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