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Welcome to the Guthrie County cemetery Map page. Clink on a cemetery name to get a map to the cemetery. Note These are all of the Guthrie County Cemeteries that are listed in the USGS Guthrie County Place names of Feature Class "Cemetery". To get a IaGenWeb linked map of the cemetery and its surroundings click on the name of the cemetery

Guthrie County Cemetery Locations

Bear GroveMenloResurrectionValley Township
Bear Grove Township/North BranchMessenger (historical)RichlandVan Ocker
BrethrenMoffit GroveRichland MemorialVan Order (historical)
DalmanuthaMonteithRosehillVandevanter (historical)
Dodge CenterMonteith MemorialSouth Oak GroveVictory Union
GreenwoodNorth Oak GroveSuttonWichita
HighlandOrangeTuttles GroveYale
Immanual Evangelical LutheranPleasant HillUnion
Maplewood (historical)QuakerUnion Township

Please, contact the county coordinator to submit additions or corrections.

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