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Henry Winfield Kimm Family Photo

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Back Row Left to Right
William Henry KimmNov. 17, 1901Jan. 17, 1956Jan. 1, 1928Son h/o Clara Emily (Desper)
Silas Edward KimmAug. 11,1894Sept. 11, 1982Nov. 11, 1937Son h/o Letha Celia (Reinke)
Clarenda Alfreda (Kimm) MareanMar. 7, 1898Aug. 21, 1989Dec. 23, 1925Dau & Twin w/o Elmer Arden Marean
Clarence Alfred KimmMar. 7, 1898Feb. 27, 1978Abt. 1920Son & Twin h/o Eleanor (Tamburo)
Front Row Left to Right
Henry Winfield KimmJuly 7, 1868Sept. 7, 1952Oct. 3, 1893Father h/o Matilda Wilhelmina (Marten) s/o Silas & Katharina (Engel)
Dorothea Anna (Kimm) RuthJune 24, 1911June 13, 1978Oct. 3, 1935Dau w/o Roy Wilbur Ruth
Eva May (Kimm) MareanAug. 8, 1903Apr. 9, 1993Oct. 7, 1925Dau w/o Kenneth Huguet Marean
Matilda Wilhelmina (Marten) KimmMay 16, 1872Nov. 23, 19036Oct. 3, 1893Mother w/o Henry Winfield Kimm D/o Gottlieb & Dorothea (Falkenhagen)
Grace Estella (Kimm) MareanDec. 24, 1907Jan. 30, 2000Mar. 16, 1930Dau w/o Howard Oscar Marean

The Henry Winfield Kimm family li in Bear Grove Township, Guthrie County, Iowa

Source: Kimm family volunteer Email

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