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    1875 Illustrated Historical Atlas – Guthrie County
    1899 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map of Guthrie Center, Guthrie County
    Topographic Map 1904 of Guthrie County
    1917 Atlas and Plat Book Guthrie County
    1930 Plat Book of Guthrie County
    Township Map
    Abandoned Towns




    Townships & Some of the communities they held or hold

    Orange -- Tuttle's Grove, Ava
    -- Bayard, Wilkins
    Dodge -- Herndon, Jamaica
    Union --
    Seeley -- Wichita
    Victory -- Fansler (Fanslers/ Stringtown), Moffitt's Grove
    Cass -- Panora, Yale
    Bear Grove -- North Branch, Bear Grove
    Baker -- Linn Grove
    Valley -- Guthrie Center, Monteith
    Jackson -- Morrisburg, Dale City, Allen
    Grant -- Adair (part) rest in Adair Co.
    Thompson -- Casey, Dalmanutha
    Beaver -- Menlo, Glendon, Ridgeway
    Penn -- West Milton
    Stuart -- Stuart, Mackville








    Coon Rapids

     Guthrie Center







    Abandoned Towns

    ADVANCE - In the northwest corner of section 22, Richland Township. Post office, 1871-82
    ALLEN - In the southeastern part of Jackson Township .Post office, 1853-55.

    ALLENVILLE - A hamlet platted in 1882 in section 3, Highland Township. It has since become a part of the present town of Bayard.

    AVA - In section 35, Orange Township. Post office,. 1875-71..

    BEAR GROVE - A hamlet in the northeastern part of section 24 Bear Grove Township. Post office 1854-1910.

    BRUSHY VALLEY - In the western part of Orange Township. Post office, 1863-67.


    DALMANUTHA - In the central part of section 5, Thompson Township. It was laid out in 1855 and became a business place of importance on a main stage line. Post office, 1863-75
    DODGE - In western part of Highland Township. Post office, 1859-81

    ERASTUS - In the eastern part of section 26, Orange Township. Post office, 1885-1903.

    FAIRVIEW - The name by which the village of Morrisburg (which see below) was know for the first year or two of its existence.

    FANSLER - Coalmining town 1874

    GLENDON - Laid out in 1856, in Centre Township

    GOPHER STATION. See Wilmington below.

    GRACEVILLE - In the northwestern part of Baker Township, as shown on maps of 1887.

    GUTHRIE - The name of the post office At Menlo for the first few months of its existence.

    - In the southeastern part of Jackson Township on the overland stage route in the late 1850's and early 1860's.

    HARRISON - In the southwestern part of Union Township, as appears on maps of 1878.


    LEADVILLE - A post office in the southern part of Valley. Township, established in 1879 but discontinued when the village of Montieth was started.

    MACKSVILLE - A post office from 1862 to 1868 about two miles east of the present town of Stuart.

    MAIDA - In the western part of Seeley Township. Post office. 1863-65.

    MOFFITT'S GROVE - In the northern part of Victory Township, Post office, 1858-83.


    MORRISBURG - A village of some pretensions in sections 4 and 5, .Jackson Township. Laid out in 1855. Post office 1857-65.

    NELSON - In the southwestern part of Union Township. Post office, 1885-1903.


    PENNSBURG - Slightly east of where the present town of Stuart now stands as shown on the maps: of 1855 to 1857.

    RIDGEWAY - In the southern part of section 28, Beaver Township, about one mile west of where the present town of Menlo is located.

    SAFESIDE - In the western part of section 6, Thompson Township. Post office, 1897-1904.

    SEDALIA - The name first given the present town of Jamaica, but on being platted later in the same year, 1882, it was named Van Nest, but shortly thereafter changed to Jamaica.

    TUTTLE GROVE - In section 20, Orange Township. Post office, 1875-77.

    VAN NEST - (See Sedalia above.)

    WEST MILTON - In the southwestern part of section 10, Penn Township, A town was platted in 1855 but only a few buildings were erected. Post office 1856-61.

    WILKINS - In the southwest quarter of section 23, Highland Township, near the banks of the Middle Raccoon River. A town was laid out here but proved to be on a town on paper

    WILSONS - In the south section 9 of Cass Township, about two miles southeast of Panora, as shown on maps of 1857.

    WILMINGTON - A village platted in 1857 on government lots 1, 2 and 8, section 4, Thompson Township. Because of the appearance of its sod houses it was jokingly called Gopher Station, and the name stuck. Abandoned when Dalmanutha, a mile and a half southwest, grew up.


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